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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 7, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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about tonight's "on the record". o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. and tomorrow is big election day z tomorrow night, 11:00. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> bill: i'm really rather reluctant to criticize negotiations that i didn't participate in. >> bill: condoleezza rice not real happy with the iraq pullout and also defending herself from fire directed by dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. dr. rice will be here. >> why are you putting in harm's way. why would do you that? >> police only one that harmed them. >> bill: now occupy wall street protesters are bothering children in public places, trying to close down burger king. and doing all kinds of lunatic stuff. we'll have the latest. ♪ sleep at night. >> bill: capitalism at its lowest. they are now selling off john
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lenin's body parts ♪ give peace a chance. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. condoleezza rice coming up shortly. first, the talking points memo. the occupiers fall in disfavor. over the weekend the occupy wall street movement tried to interfere with the defending the american dream summit in washington, d.c. that is a peaceful meeting attended by conservatives and some tea party people. but the protesters made it a target. [shouting] >> hey.
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>> ma'am, are you okay? [bleep] >> excuse me. are you okay? [bleep] >> bill: that protest got scant media coverage because it is embarrassing to the occupy wall street movement. there was no reason why those people were there. but even worse, some of these irresponsible protesters even brought their own children. [shouting] >> why are you putting children's in harm's way. >> they are my children. >> why would do you that. >> police are the only ones that harmed them. >> why do you do that? >> police are the only ones who harmed them. >> you put them in harm's way. why would do you that? >> bill: they would do that because they are out of control. in oakland, these kooks are even protesting burger king a chain that provides low cost food to the folks. there is no question the occupiers are now on a lunatic fringe.
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>> elections to put the stamp of legitimacy on the crimes and the horrors that america commits around the and the millions of people whose lives it crushes and graves and murders. that's what this is. no good can come of this. nothing positive. you know, i'm a communist. you know, look, nothing positive can come about unless you get rid of america -- >> bill: all we all in agreement here the occupy wall street protest has been hijacked by loons. new rasmussen poll says 33% of likely u.s. voters now hold a favorable view of the protests. 43% unfavorable. folks know what's going on. but that doesn't stop the left-wing media from continuing to support the occupiers. on saturday the "new york times" editorialized, quote, as their numbers grow the protesters seemed to be increasingly welcomed or at least tolerated, by their fellow citizens, unquote.
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of course, that's not true. all the polls say the american people have turned against the occupy movement. all the polls. this whole exposition is an important lesson in american dissent. in the beginning some protesters voice a legitimate beef. there is too much corruption on wall street. the markets are being manipulated and honest people are getting hurt. that's all true. soon the loons begin to erode any legitimacy. the sincere protesters did not speak out about the violence and crime. finally, even observer liberal mayor of vancouver, canada is calling for protests to be shut down in his country because of the rampant drug use killed two protesters with overdoses. maybe the media should take notice of the real story and report it accurately. that's the memo. bernie goldberg will have more on this coming up as well. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from waghtd mary katharine ham and juan williams both fox news analysts. juan, you said last week the
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protesters, quote, have the power to change the national narrative and elect not only president obama but to elect democrats in this country, end quote. now, while we all make mistakes, even me, all right? that was obviously a mistake. i mean, based on seven days of reportage showing just insane things happening all over the country. so, you want it retracted? do you want to modify it? what do you want to do? >> i will modify it because you in the talking points memo talked about this lunatic fringe become associated with occupy wall street. i agree with you. these people are anarchists. the american people would occupy wall street with the news on a daily basis have a daily reminder of anger at wall street and excess is being committed by wall street, the too big to fail people who are now making more money than ever. and they are reminded that republicans are most often in the position of being the party of the rich when the republicans are likely to nominate a former hedge fund manager mitt romney.
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>> bill: wait a minute though. number one, no one has to be reminded if they are sincerely angry about something about their anger. they know they're angry. number two, what these people have done, mary katharine, remember in the beginning president obama sympathetic. now the only one sympathetic is juan. if president obama comes out and says i like those protesters, he drops another 10 points. down to 39% approval now. goes down to 29 if he says that. i think they their usefulness in a political arena is gone. am i wrong, mary katharine? >> i'm not sure it's gone entirely. let me tell you. this the numbers that we are seeing about them right now are about the same as the tea party in march of 2010. now, the tea party, i think, was hammered unfairly by the media and made to be what a lot of what we are seeing on these videotapes, frankly, as about to explode into violence and all this sort of unfair coverage for a long time before you got those numbers. but the point being that they were allowed -- they were able to actually change the course of an election in 2010, from
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march to november. they have changed the course of an election. so these folks can have power. but i think they are becoming far, far more dangerous to democrats than the tea party was to republicans. >> bill: do anything violent. >> this is what i am saying. they were covered as if they were violent which is why you saw the numbers were down. these guys were being covered as if they are benign. and i have tried to be nice about this. >> bill: they didn't. right now we have a situation where, juan, you know this, americans, they honor dissent and protest. >> yeah. >> but they don't want this kind of stuff. they don't want little children in the middle of this. idiot patients bring their kids to that no reason for the occupy wall street protests to be there anyway. this group that had their convention in washington has nothing to do with wall street. then they are attacking burger king and attacking the cops. there is drug overdoses in vancouver and crime all over the place. i mean, this movement, i wouldn't say it has to be shut down, but i think the cops have really got to clamp it or
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somebody is going to die as i said last week, juan. >> look, you know what you? can't blanket an entire movement by talking about people who are crazy, lunatic. >> can i say that the crazies have taken over the asigh asylum. have you ever heard that statement? of course they have. they dominate the news cycle now. not the protester who's have a legitimate beef. youner hear from them. >> you have people who do crazy things. remember, bill, i stood with you when you were saying that the mainstream media is unfair. they want to say the tea party is racist because somebody sent a racist email and all of that. it was wrong. it's wrong to say that because there is some anarchists out in oakland or some rude people in washington at a conservative convention that's the entire movement. >> bill: the movement is driving the train now, juan. >> i don't think so. >> bill: you don't think? do you think these pictures are made up? >> if you focus on the extreme, you get the extreme. >> bill: that's what's going on, juan. there isn't anything else going on. this is it. >> most americans today, today
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bill o'reilly. most americans 55% say there is too much income inequality. the rich should be taxed more. that's what these people stand for. >> bill: it's not these people. i think most of the good people have left. they are so appalled. mary katharine give you the last word. >> both bill and i have stipulated there are grievances that are real within this crowd. we don't discount that systematically in oakland, the entire group of protesters was planning a confrontation with police. it was not -- it was not as if it was a fringe group it characterized the movement. enough to you have got -- they have got these alternative reality going on in these parts where they have got arts and puppet tri committees, how many do you need to make up that you need a rape prevention committee in your park? i'm serious, this is actually going on and at some point if you are ignoring it you are actually not helping with that problem. >> these are a bunch of college kids and they are going to act up, mary katharine. >> some of them are but there is a problem here. >> bill: hard dose with real
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hard core criminals. the bottom line on this is the violent people always, always emerge because the other people are afraid of them. that's what's happened here. these violent kooks -- >> -- there should be no disagreement on this panel about it. anarchists and violence and criminals get them out of here. >> tea party raising their voices is the real problem. >> bill: next on the run down, condoleezza rice objecting to the iraq pullout and what about the dick cheney donald rumsfeld criticisms of her? rumsfeld criticisms of her? the secretary will motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry.
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what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ] >> bill: condoleezza rice has a new book out called no higher honor a memoir of my years in washington. in support she is on a media blitz and iraq is a frequent question. >> we need to find a way to help the iraqs sustain themselves through this period and to deal with their somewhat medalsome neighbor in iran. i'm really rather reluctant to criticize negotiations that i didn't participate in but it would have clearly been better to have a residual force. >> bill: here now is dr. rice. so, dick cheney wouldn't come on this program. he wouldn't sit in the chair in which you are sitting even though he had a book. and the reason he wouldn't because he knew i was going to ask him about this sound bite. roll the tape. >> i think things have gotten
8:14 pm
so bad inside iraq my belief is we will be greeted as liberators. >> bill: but we weren't. does that catch you by surprise. >> that we weren't greeted as liberators? >> i knew iraqis are tough people and didn't much like foreign intervention. i thought we would be welcomed by some who had suffered under saddam hussein but frankly i didn't expect flowers to be felony 00 our feet, -- to be throne at our feet. >> there lies my problem. i believe dick cheney when he said that i believed colin powell when he said weapons the mass destruction. i made my editorial decision based on what those two men said and what i read in the "new york times" of all places on the front page that confirmed that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. i told the people who watch this program we have got to go in there and, you know, cheney is right that once we overthrow saddam, iraq will cooperate with us, we will try get a democracy up and
8:15 pm
running. i was wrong. i was wrong. and that hurts me not only with the audience but personally because iraq didn't greet us as liberators and you say you had some misgivings. i never heard those misgivings. >> no. look. some iraqis did greet us as liberators. >> bill: not many. >> let's review why we went in iraq. we did think through the intelligence briefing we were getting and intelligence briefing through the congress he had violated the biological. >> bill: you believed. >> absolutely and so did colin powell. we thought he might be as little as a year from a nuclear weapon. remember, bill, saddam hussein and weapons of mass destruction was not a theoretical proposition. he had used weapons of mass destruction. >> bill: no doubt if he had that stuff it could have wound up any place. >> he had used it before. >> bill: it turned out to be false. it under out not to be true it? >> turned out that he had d. not have stockpiles of weapons
8:16 pm
of mass destruction. >> bill: he didn't have any delivery system at all. >> what he was the cacket through scientists, through an infrastructure and i'm really glad today we are not talking about an arms race between iran's ahmadinejad for nuclear weapon and saddam hussein's iraq for nuke already weapon. >> bill: the blood and treasure we have expended a trillion dollars and all the people killed and maimed over there, it seems to me that it wasn't worth it in the since that our military performed heroically but right now iraq could dissend into chaos as early as next year, easily. >> saddam hussein in the middle of the middle east was a security threat. we have been to war against him a couple times. still shooting at our aircraft every day as a result of this. >> bill: could have handled him differently though. strangle him. >> we tried to strang gil gel out of him. he was breaking out of those constraints. he tried to assassinate george h.w. bush. we tried to strangle him and he continued to threaten kuwait. yes i wish we had been right
8:17 pm
or the intelligence agencies had been right about the state of his intelligence program. a chance at a more democratic middle east is a much better place. >> bill: what are you going to say to the moms and dads and husbands and wives whose loved ones are dead or maimed if this time next year iraq is in a civil war, which is absolutely possible, because president obama is withdrawing all the american troops now, and then it's just a mass chaotic situation? what are you going to say to them? >> well, i'm not going to deal with n. a hypothetical because right now we have an iraq that is. >> bill: shaky. >> it's shaky but all young democracies are shaky, bill. >> bill: this is a civil war that happened over there. >> we have an iraq, bill, that isn't in contra distinction to the iranians, for instance, seeking weapons of mass destruction. we have an iraq that is about to be the ninth largest purchaser of american military equipment in the world. fourth largest in the region. we have an iraq that has a
8:18 pm
chance to stand up to iran because. >> bill: that's what you would say even if it goes south. >> you know as well as i do the iraqis hate the iranians. that will be a good buffer against iranian power which is the real problem today. >> bill: have a shiite presence that doesn't hate ahmadinejad and the mullahs and that can cause. >> spent exile in syria because he hated the iranians so much. >> bill: do you understand or acknowledge -- i haven't finished your book entirely that the iraq deal ruined president bush's presidency? that american people turned on him? in fact, when obama announced that he is -- i don't think he had any choice because they wouldn't indemnify american troops from prosecution over there and you couldn't leave american troops in there with the iraqis are going to try them. that was the tipping point. but do you understand why most people want out of iraq and why bush got hurt so bad when that went south? >> i certainly understand why americans want wars to end. remember, president bush was reelected also in 2004 after
8:19 pm
the iraq war had been prosecuted. because i think the american people do understand that when there is a security threat, you need to deal with it now, as to the immunity clause, we actually did manage to negotiate an immunity clause with the iraqs so that our forces could stay. >> bill: they wouldn't give obama the same -- was he lying. >> i have no idea. i wasn't inside the negotiations, a residual force would have been preferable. >> bill: no doubt but he said he couldn't do it? >> for all of the reasons that we needed an iraq that was not going to be saddam hussein's iraq. an iraq that can stand up to iran and iraq that can fight back against al qaeda terrorists. but, i will tell you something, the bottom line, i'm very, very regretful for all the life that was lost. you can't help but be a part of that. >> bill: if we had a -- i wish we had done it another way. >> i'm also not regretful that saddam hussein is gone. sometimes you only have choices as to how can you do something. saddam hussein was leaving no other way.
8:20 pm
>> bill: i want to talk about dick cheney and donald rumsfeld and you, all right? you guys will be forming a rock group soon and going out on a road. more on that with dr. rice in a moment. bernie goldberg on hysteria. news busters have compared the coverage to president obama's campaign problems. wait until you hear this. coming right back. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil
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>> bill: continuing with now with dr. condoleezza rice "no higher honor a memoir of my years in washington." dick cheney was critical of weapons of mass destruction africa the yellow cake thing. saddam hussein was trying to buy stuff and bum bum bum bum bum. didn't turn out to be true. cheney writes she you.
8:24 pm
>> bill: cheney referring to a difference of opinion you guys had because you said we shouldn't have included that into the president's speech when he was explaining to the american public. so were you crying in his office. >> no. billion why he thought i was crying. maybe the tears were in his eyes. >> bill: this is hyperbole on the part of the vice president. >> i have cried. i cried when i saw wounded soldiers. i cried a couple days after september 11th. i cried when i was sitting with the victims of rape in darfur who had been raped some of them by u.n. peace keepers. but in the vice president's office because of a press report, no. >> bill: he didn't like you because you didn't agree with him on a lot of things. north korea, terrorism watch lists, you wanted them off, he didn't. then there was the controversy over shake mohammed, khalid sheikh mohammed. you wanted to stop the
8:25 pm
waterboarding at that point. >> no. i wanted to bring khalid sheikh mohammed to guantanamo out of the shadows. tell the people we had the mastermind of 9/11. the united states doesn't disappear people. >> bill: he didn't want that. he wanted to could it secretly. he thought i would get more al qaedas. >> khalid sheikh mohammed was past his intelligence value we were told. >> bill: why didn't cheney in your opinion when you in this difference of opinion i'm sure you listened to his point of view? >> did i, of course. >> bill: why didn't he want a public exposition of what mohammed had done and what he was doing. >> i don't know. >> he never told you. >> his view was once you started down that road you would begin to unravel the entire operation. we still had some of these people that we needed for intelligence value. but my point to him and the president ultimately agreed is that we had done nothing to be ashamed of. >> bill: he didn't want any exposition of what the u.s.a. was doing at all. >> that's my recollection, yes, right. >> bill: all right. now, is he a hard guy, cheney. he is a tough guy.
8:26 pm
he wanted north north korea to n that terrorism list. you wanted to engage them with the hope that you could bring them into some kind of rationale. >> rationality and north korea should never be in the same sentence. >> bill: all right. >> what i wanted was inspectors on the ground. i wanted the north koreans begin to dismantle their nuclear capability for plutonium bomb. and i believed we were going to learn more on the ground than sitting in washington, d.c. and doing nothing about the program. >> bill: another disagreement that happens all the time. >> it's a disagreement. and those things happen all the time. not personal, substantive. >> bill: it was personal in cheney's book and rumsfeld's book. he talked down to you. said you were an academic. you wanted to have meetings. you said your joint appearances with the secretary of defense were disastrous. so what was the beef there? >> well, don is kind of a was cybil grumpy guy. sometimes don had trouble with the fact that we were now in a position of -- he had been my
8:27 pm
mentor. someone who championed my career. but, again, we had substantive disagreements. not personal disagreements. >> bill: don't you think that both guys were a little torqued off that you were challenging them? that you were intrigued on their turf. >> oh, i think both of them understood that i was a national security advisor with a close relationship to the president. i think sometimes don thought i was putting the president's words or my words in the president's mouth. that absolutely wasn't true. >> bill: was this just a powerful thing like who can get the president's ear and they thought you were a threat? >> no. that's washington all of the time. >> bill: i think that's what it is. >> that is washington all of the time. fortunately we were able to mostly make it work. i had my job to do. when i was secretary of state. broker. coordinate them. make my own views known. i think from the vice president's point of view he didn't like that i won most of those arguments but i did. >> i can't imagine that he would like that.
8:28 pm
from reading the book it seems to me you are glad you are out of it? >> i am. awfully nice to be back at stanford university i have been there 30 years. >> bill: watching the football team go for the national championship. >> i'm a big football fan. one step at a time oregon ducks. >> bill: oregon ducks are tough. >> they are tough. >> bill: it's a fascinating book i appreciate you coming in and taking fire. "no higher honor" a memoir of my time in washington. you should be a no spin dr. rice here and come in and have a chat it wasn't too painful. >> it was great, bill. >> bill: appreciate it john lenin still a big draw. they are now selling his body parts. wait until you hear this story. bernie goldberg analyzing the herman cain madness. cnn in particular going wall-to-wall with that story. wall-to-wall with that story. hope you stay to be more environmentally aware,
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>> bill: our pal brit has been listening to the condoleezza rice interview. he joins us from washington. so you know all of these guys, and dr. rice, a long long time. i assume you are familiar with all their books. >> i am. >> bill: what disturbs me about this whole thing is that i believe that iraq is in trouble. i do. just from the reports that we're getting out of there. i think when the last u.s. soldiers get out in december, bad things are very likely to happen in that country. what do you say to the military men and women, the families who lost and have people back with no arms and legs? what do you say to them? and you know, that's where i'm going with all three, rumsfeld, cheney and dr. rice. and you say? >> well, i say that's one area where you would find those three people who had many disagreements in agreement. i don't think there is any doubt about the fact that they all will be of the view that we should have done everything we could and could have done a much better job of doing it and getting a residual force
8:33 pm
of americans there to make sure that the situation didn't fly out of control upon our departure. i think that worries all three of them. that's a point of agreement, actually, between the three. >> bill: they couldn't really do that if that lick can i and the government said we are not going to identify you as troops. they are going to be tried under sharia law here if they get out of line. didn't leaf the president a lot of wiggle room. maybe they could have negotiated around it. >> they were able to negotiate around the agreement in the past. my sense about that is that the president and this is what i am sure they think that the president was of two minds about. this he understood the general's feeling that we ought to leave a force on the ground there on the other hand, he promised to get off iraq. criticism of the iraq war was a corner stone of platform in 2008. this would be a promised redeem to a political base that is rested these days. i'm not saying that wouldn't -- that's his only reason but that's a factor. >> bill: that had to enter into his thinking and the
8:34 pm
polls that show most polls show us we want out of there. sick of it most americans agree with me it wasn't worth the blood and treasure you could have done it another way. hindsight, i don't want to cheap shot anybody here. as i said, i was wrong. i relied on these people. they were wrong human beings make mistakes and that's that. we just made a mistake. an intelligent mistake. >> you are skipping around the fact that the surge succeeded. that the course of events in iraq that seemed to be underway was reversed and the situation ended up much more happily than or at least came to be a better situation than it appeared it was going to be and that those gains are what are at risk now if the pullout proves to be too soon. >> bill: absolutely. it's a balancing act. >> it is. but, remember this, a peaceful iraq allied basically with the united states in that part of the middle east is an
8:35 pm
important strategic asset. and the presence of american troops there would be a triage asset as well there is a lot at stake here and a lot to be lost despite the fact that you may feel, as others do, that the whole thing wasn't worth a candle. that doesn't mean it's a good idea to throw away what was gained. no if it's true that president obama could have gotten a deal, that the iraqis wouldn't try any u.s. soldiers that got out of line or trumped up charges against them. he should have stayed. we are never going to know that are we? we are never going to know it. >> history does not disclose its alternatives. that's always try. >> right. very difficult and emotional. i always look at it from the families of the people who lost loved ones and, you know. >> how are they going to feel if the whole thing -- >> bill: that's what i said to dr. rice. how are they going to feel if the whole thing goes crazy. seems to be compounding our mistake after mistake after mistake. >> that's the worry. >> one more thing about. this despite the fact that much has been made among the
8:36 pm
disagreements among these three people. there were some. cheney mostly with her policies as secretary of state, rumsfeld more with the way she ran the national security council. these were generally substantive disagreements. i don't think there was a lot of personality conflict. interesting to hear her say she does in her book that, you know, that rumsfeld had been one of her big boosters. and those two had worked together in the -- cheney and rice had worked together closely during the first bush administration. so, they had a lot of history together here and they did have some substantive disagreements but it's unlike books in the past. we have got to find out about these. >> bill: there is pretty heavy duty sniping in those books against her. >> i say it's more argument than sniping. >> bill: all right. brit hume, everyone. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on cain troubles. getting down with i carlie or something. verdict in michael jackson case upcoming. tltltltle emotional here?
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♪ >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, the conservative media watchdog group news busters has annualized our coverage on cnn as opposed to how that news agency covered barack obama's campaign troubles stuff like reverend wright, bill ayers, tony rezko. joining us have bernie goldberg. headline from news busters six days cnn ran more stories about herman cain than they did in the entire presidential campaign with wright, rezko, and ayers. >> right. >> bill: look, i must say that i have no beef against cnn at all. none. you know, when breaking news happens, i think they do an
8:41 pm
excellent job. but this is disturbing. i think it's disturbing. >> you know, look, let me start out with the obvious. i don't know what herman cain did or didn't do, and i'm willing to accept that at some point this may, in fact, be a legitimate, serious story. but i also thought that barack obama's relationship with a former domestic terrorist was a legit, important story. i also thought that his relationship with a racist minister for 20 years who was also his spiritual advisor was an important, legitimate story. but the media were late to those two stories and they can't get enough of the her han cain story. i think, bill, i think the reason is fairly obvious and fairly simple. they like barack obama and his politics and they don't like herman cain and his politics. barack obama was young, liberal, black, and cool. and herman cain is only black. so, i really think sometimes the answer is simple. and i think that's why they are treating the two
8:42 pm
differently. >> bill: do you think that the vast majority of the american public, not just fox news watchers, because i think most people watching tonight will agree with you. i certainly do. but i look at cnn and msnbc's ratings every night. compete against them. all right? and for 10 years, 10 years a decade, they haven't moved an inch. in fact, they are worse now than they were 10 years ago. all right? >> right. >> bill: both of them. i'm saying to myself, you know what? we, goldberg and o'reilly, we cover this media stuff every week. we point it out every week that it's not fair. the reportage is not honest. okay? the folks get it. there is no other reason on earth for the low ratings that our competing cable news networks get other than a lack of credibility. >> two points. i think you're right that the folks do get it. but i am -- it constantly
8:43 pm
amazes me that the people who run these news organizations, whether it's the cable news organizations or the networks networks -- i'm constantly amazed how clueless those people are they are smart people but they are clueless. they just don't get any of the stuff that we're talking about. as far as why those two particular cable networks, why their ratings don't improve, i think it's for slightly different reasons. i think people tune in to political opinion shows largely to get their own views validated. america is a center right country. so, they are not going to get a lot of their views validated with hosts on msnbc who aren't really liberal but are left wing. it's the same reason that air america went under. americans don't really want to hear that kind of stuff. i think cnn is slightly different.
8:44 pm
they are a legitimate news organization as you suggested. but, and i don't mean this to not be kind. i really don't. but in an entertainment culture, they are dull. they are just plain dull. there is no pizzazz over there i don't think people want to tune in. certainly not in prime time to watch something that's dull. >> bill: there are 20% of the american public that identify themselves as liberal. you would think that those 20% would then want the product that our competing networks turn out, which is largely a left wing products. msnbc much, much more so than cnn. but as news busters and they do a nice job here by the way, as they pointed out, cnn in their hard news reporting, very selective on what they do. and then when they latch on to somebody in the conservative precinct who may be going down the drain, here comes the hammer, bang, bang, bang. >> exactly. >> bill: where on the other side if somebody is going down the drain, weiner, somebody
8:45 pm
else like that, yeah, we got to give it a little coverage but not like this. and i just think the people, the unfairness of it, i think, is hurting both networks. i will give you the last word. >> well, they did go after weiner. it was more than a little bit. they went after gary hart years ago. but when paula jones came forward and said that bill clinton, when he was governor of arkansas exposed himself in front of her in a hotel room, the media virtually ignored that story. >> bill: and attacked paula jones. they attacked her. >> yeah. they said "newsweek," evan thomas said she was sleazy woman with big hair. they slimed her. when yuan net that broderick said she was raped by attorney general, bill clinton, the media virtually ignored that. when kathleen willey came forward and said she was groped in the white house by bill clinton the media
8:46 pm
virtually ignored that too, herman cain is a totally different story. >> bill: i think it's very obvious to everyone at this point. >> bill: in a moment, reality check selling off john lennon's body parts. you won't believe. this liz cheney whacks bob schieffer on sunday morning. schieffer on sunday morning. also the michael jackson i'd ls and some coffee. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. reddi-wip us real dairy crm. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. some vehicles sacrifice luxury to improve fuel efficiency. but the jeep grand cherokee uses advanced technology. like the quadra-lift air suspension that lowers the vehicle at highway speeds to improve aerodynamics and deliver a more than 540 mile driving range. so you can raise your standards while lowering your fuel consumption. ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. reality check breaking news today in check one. dr. murray accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson found guilty today by a jury of seven women and five men in los angeles. this is no surprise to us. murray was in charge of administering drugs to mr. jackson. jackson killed by overdose. so murray takes the heat. he will be sentenced on november 2h. he faces up to four years in
8:50 pm
prison. check 2. liberal actor ben stiller promoting a new film talked a little politics as well. >> i feel like we have inherited a bad situation over the last eight years and obama in a very tough position. >> i'm disappointed that we haven't seen more bold decisions from him and a willingness, i think to maybe stick to more what he had in his campaign had said in terms of what he was willing to do. >> bill: check three, the political season is prime time for "saturday night live" where little is sacred. >> i say governor, it actually seems you might be a little drunk right now. >> i don't drink. drinks are for dinks. what i drink is coffee. i drink coffee. >> i'm sorry. governor, but if you weren't drunk, you want to explain what was going on in new hampshire? >> okay. right before the speech,
8:51 pm
herman cain shows up with a godfather's pizza and he is like, hey, man, do you like pizza? and you know me, i love pizza. and it wasn't until after i ate it that i realized the peperonis were ambiens and the tomato sauce is beer. [ laughter ] >> bill: check four in real life congressman ron paul still hoping to be friends with iran. >> would president paul do anything to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon? >> only by a change in foreign policy and treating them differently. but the one thing that i would caution is some type of a overreaction. >> how are
8:52 pm
random dancing with icarly star carcass grove ♪ [cheers] >> we do that here on the factor after every program. you don't see it of course but that's what we do. >> finally check six and this is unbelievable. one of the late john lenin's teeth sold for more than $31,000 at auction. canadian dentist bought it. >> put it in my pocket and walk around with it so i know where it is. i show a few people. and later on i'm going to have it mounted and have it on display in our office for a few weeks and maybe arrange a john lenin tooth tour.
8:53 pm
>> bill: my question, pardon the pun is that in good taste? the answer is no. the tooth was sold by a former housekeeper for lenin who says he gave her the tooth. why? why would anybody give you a tooth? that is relation check. pinheads and patriots up next. liz cheney schooling bob schieffer. p and p moments away. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps.
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first, once again this year we are going to send books to our troops overseas for the holiday season. if you my publisher will co nate a corresponding copy to the troops overseas. very nice of them. we've been doing this for years. a very successful program. operation shoe box out of florida makes it all possible. i've given them a nice donation. they're sending lots of stuff to the troops this holiday season. you can check out operation shoe box on bill o' once again, thanks for making killing lincoln the number one non-fiction book in the country. we appreciate that. now to the mail. bonnie in hawaii. you got it right. sharpton and jackson would be defending herman cain if he were a liberal. goes to show what they aren't made of. justin of indiana. i'm stunned that anyone could argue that sharpton and jackson are interested in al african
8:57 pm
americans. i don't understand why most of you and the republican party are defending wall street ceos. they subverted the law and wrecked the economy with those derivatives. have you watched the program, jim? i've lashed the greed heads and i'm a registered independent. you and others are pretty tough on the country and what they haven't done right. are you forgetting the crux of the global economic crisis started in the usa. i'm not forgetting that at all, harold. we've been aggressive in reporting that. greece has been out of control long before the current recession began. the riots you guys are having now demonstrate what irresponsible entitlement spending and the culture it leads to. todd jackson, plano, texas. if san francisco legalizes publiize publicnudity, the shirl have to read no shirts, no pants, no service. the upside of public nudity is left shoplifting. can't argue with that. we watch the factor here, but a
8:58 pm
day late. the other side of the international date line. i watch the factor here and it keeps me close to home while i work in west africa. i bought two copies of killing lincoln and gave one to my father. that gesture helped us reconnect. you know, that makes me happy, craig. tell your dad i said hello. bill, will a dvd of the shows be made available? i don't really know that, john, but you can check out some of what miller and i are doing on bill o' we have some of it from the hoe hmohegan sunday concert. you should come see us in virginia on friday, november 25th. you're within that range. details on bill o' you don't want the dvds. you want to see us live. tonight, you may know liz cheney, the vice-president's daughter is a very feisty woman. she confronted bob schieffer about the cain situation. >> i find this all pretty
8:59 pm
frustrating. this country faces huge, huge challenges and frankly, watching a morning show like this one where first we're talking about herman cain allegations and then we're showing a youtube mash up of the campaign. >> but the issues are what matters, bob, and with all due respect, you know, the american people are out there afraid. >> all right. so speaking her mind. we believe miss cheney is a patriot. with all due respect, does she think she took that from me? that's it for us tonight. please check out the factor website which is different from billo' it's a shocking voice member mow tonight if you came in late about the occupiers. also, we'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine, the word of the day, not the obsequeious when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. please always remember that


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