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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 7, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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record". o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. and tomorrow is big election day z tomorrow >> eric: this is a fox news alert. michael jackson's doctor conrad murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. it's 5:00 in new york city. i'm eric bolling with dana perino, andrea tantaros, bob beckel, greg gutfeld. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: the big story right now coming from los angeles where the jury has just reached a guilty verdict in the case against dr. conrad murray. the jury deliberated for less than nine hours. jackson family was also at the courthouse. prosecutors argued murray gave jackson a lethal dose of
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propofol. he will be sentenced 29th and faces up to four years in prison. you have been following the case and all eyes are on the courthouse. it has a lot of our attention. >> andrea: the whole country has been following the case because he is such an icon. i don't think it was that surprising. there was ample evidence. two moments that stuck out for me when i was watching this, one, the evidence when jackson was dying, murray was calling his girlfriend instead of calling 911. secondly, two of the witnesses, that the defense brought in to help conrad murray's case when they were cross examined admitted one was a nurse and one was a doctor said we never would have self-administered propofol in this setting. they say he will appeal it no now, but he was hauled off today. we'll see what happens. ample evidence to convict him. >> greg: a good call. michael jackson was once a
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gorgeous healthy black man and ended up a white transvest tite. >> eric: did you say gorgeous? >> greg: yes. we should defeat obamacare. >> eric: you can vacillate to the jury's final decision. >> dana: i stick to what i thought throughout this case. that there is an element of personal responsibility here. his family must have known what was going on. if you look at the celebrities that end up in trouble, the families know and the trends know, but it's like they are powerless to do anything to stop it. the doctor was being paid $150,000 a month. there was speculation maybe he was worried about not being able to keep the salary. if he said no to michael jackson. now that the doctor will appeal oh,, good, we can do it again in a year. >> bob: this was many years
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ago but elvis presley's doctor was charged giving him too many prescription pills. it's amazing to me how many celebrities die of overdoses that have been administered by physicians. nobody is going to say no to the celebrities, obviously. you make a good point about the jackson family. knew he was getting stuff. difficulty sleeping. they used a drug normally not given in a home but in a hospital. somebody refused to step in or didn't want to step in. that is not to say he's not guilty. the evidence apparently he is. but it's amazing to me how celebrities get doctors get this stuff. >> eric: by the fact that the doctor ordered four gallons of propofol, that alone, you are telling a drug user, junkie, here is enough to kill yourself. >> bob: first, that amount is incomprehensible, even for me. i have seen a lot of drugs before. but that is the thing i don't
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get. how you stockpile that kind of -- this is a powerful drug. >> greg: the real loser in all of this are people like me. how am i going to convince my doctor to give me drugs? >> andrea: you don't have $150,000 a month. >> eric: who do you order it from? a hospital isn't the one ordering -- >> it's a business out there of ordering massive amounts of this. right now, there is a national ban, production ban on aderol and ritalin. it's abused badly. people who really need it can't get it because it's sold to doctors who have the right to buy it but they are doing it out the back door and making money on it. >> greg: people trying to buy allergy meds at pharmacies. claritin, you have to get a coupon and go up to the pharmacist and hand it. then they ask for my i.d. they type the i.d. in their
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little machine and ask me to leave because i was shoplifting. >> bob: you know why they do that? they use sudafed to make methamphetamine. you are exactly the guy that comes in i think probably the kind of guy that might have a cookout somewhere. >> andrea: have you ever made homemade crank? >> bob: no. i've seen it. >> eric: how come greg has to use an i.d. and get a week's worth of claritin. >> dana: he has terrible allergies. >> eric: but people are stockpiling gallons of propofol. >> bob: look on the internet. not that i order viagra by the case, but you can order any of this stuff. if you have a doctor's license, there are doctors who wholesale it. they have the right to buy it. sorry, many ear piece fell out again. >> dana: this is a guilty verdict in this case. if he has to go to jail and serve time is it a deterrent for other doctors, maybe celebrity doctors to not -- >> andrea: i don't know if he will serve time for this. for the maximum of four years. if you look at the supreme
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court ruling. we get to this later when we talk about lindsay lohan, but the supreme court ruling in may said california needs to not keep all the prisoners in. the prisoners are at maximum capacity. that law was created for cases like conrad murray, where he is not a mass murderer. this is the case where the judge might say you don't have to serve time. >> eric: does it bother anyone that one of the -- unless, i'm mistaken in this issue. conrad murray, doctor paid by michael jackson and by the concert company. does that bother anyone? >> greg: it doesn't bother me. i look at the jackson family and the doctor. reprehensible people. they are doing each other's favors. what bothers me are the people outside on monday afternoon holding signs. that scare me more than occupy wall street. people who aren't at their job. but instead are standing in front of any kind of court case. >> eric: are you sure they
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weren't the occupy people? >> dana: there is a crowd. i better join it. >> greg: the other thing that scared me if he is guilty, he is a doctor who performed poorly as a doctor, what about people like me who give medical advice who aren't doctors? >> bob: that is right. you give me medical advice. in florida, they budgeted a bunch of doctors overprescribing medication. that is one way to get a lot of this stuff. the other way people call prescription shop. go to different doctors. pick it up over a wide range of pharmacies. it is getting after hand. certain legislators are cutting down and they should. >> eric: isn't there $5 billion of medicare fraud out there? if they tied that up, wouldn't we go through the discussion? but there is so much fraud, waste and abuse.
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>> andrea: we made a third of the economy through obamacare. greg brought it up, probably in jest. >> greg: i was deadly serious. >> eric: look at the fraud with the stimulus. >> andrea: there will be a doctor shortage with obamacare. someone like you who has been editor and chief of "men's health," i -- >> bob: i still don't believe that. i think that is a scam. the truth is right now i could leave the building and in 15 minutes walk around to pick up the drugs you want. >> eric: not propofol. >> bob: i'm not so sure. >> dana: medical marijuana. >> but you won't do that. >> bob: i won't but i could. >> greg: you don't have to go outside? >> bob: oh, you have some? >> eric: we talked and medical marijuana on friday. dana's comment got so much activity on twitter, unbelievable. fantastic. >> dana: they didn't like my football commentary. >> eric: your medical marijuana commentary. >> andrea: they just want to see her talk. >> eric: coming up a poll out this afternoon has herman
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cain tied with mitt romney for the g.o.p. nomination. we have the numbers and e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i wouldn't do that. pay the check?
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." another accuser came out against herman cain this afternoon and she said cain made advances toward her in 1997. the cain campaign issued a statement and said allegations were completely false. so far, the allegations aren't doing serious damage to cain in the polls. one came out today that has cain tied for the top spot with mitt romney at 21%. it's interesting that the poll was taken last week when all of this, all of the accusations were coming forward. he has done better in fundraiser and better in the polls. >> andrea: it hasn't hurt him. i said this last week. this is a g.o.p. primary. whether you like it or not, if you look back historically, bill clinton changed attitude culturally about sex in
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politics because he told everyone it's a private matter. in the g.o.p., there is a lot of suspicion out there because of what happened to clarence thomas when these things come up in political context, people go ahh -- then they see gloria allred and go ahh. i have a hard time believing this is really going to damage him. >> dana: what do you think of the press conference? >> greg: it's the gloria allred effect. they tend to side with the person she is attacking or go like this. ♪ la, la, la, la, because she drives you nuts so it ends up harming the woman's cause to have her there. >> bob: she must own an ambulance service. cain does defy -- they asked the question of the g.o.p. primary voters and a lot of people just don't believe he did this. >> andrea: 53%. >> bob: the other thing is i think that the real important part is forget herman cain. mitt romney 21% today.
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24% a month ago. he cannot break through the barrier. this tells me again that there is a resistance to him among primary voters. he may be the most electable. but they about ready to say that. >> eric: he is not the most electable. he will be a g.o.p. mitt romney is losing ground and herman cain is picking it up. perry bumping up a couple notches as well. the whole field is evening out. this time last election, a year out, 2008 election. cain was in fourth place. he went down to fifth place before he ended up winning the nomination. >> dana: president obama at the time was in third place. >> bob: let me point out who is gaining ground rapidly? i don't know. someone made a prediction on the show about newt gingrich. >> dana: gloria allred. no, not her? >> bob: no. >> greg: i have a theory about why mitt romney is going to be the nominee and why he is the most electable. the boring guy theory. being boring is good.
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they can't tag you with anything. so you just hang out in the background. you're often the last guy picked because everybody else disappeared. amazing fact out of the 97 presidents of the united states we've had, we only remember 44 of them because the rest of them were boring. >> dana: i want to ask about something in regards to that. some people have criticized, a lot of the candidates for and in particular romney not being bold enough. one of the things he did last week that didn't get a lot of attention he went to washington, d.c. he met with the house g.o.p. and adopted the paul ryan plan regarding the budget. isn't that something that you could get behind? >> eric: i can't get behind mitt romney hanging out with john boehner and not coming up with anything new that is slinking the size of government. >> dana: you don't like the ryan plan? >> eric: i do, parts of the ryan plan. i like the part where the entitlement reform.
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point this out quickly. i am watching the lsu-alabama game. simultaneous to that was the debate. the herman cain-newt gingrich debate. it was fantastic. i have to point one thing out. every question that was hard, a tough question herman cain said newt, you go first. he ended up with a long explanation -- >> dana: newt briefed cain on the debate. i want to ask what did you think about how smart is it to get those current congressional republicans behind you if you are romney or perry or gingrich or santorum, that you go and get them behind you? or bachmann, for that matter. >> andrea: very smart. he needs their support. he will be campaigning in a lot of their states. look -- ryan plan is popular amongst conservatives. that is romney's achilles heel. do i think he is the most electable? there is a poll stating that he is. i think he flip-flops on abortion and climate change are issues that obama is going to have a field day with. the left is going to use them
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against him. independents also don't like a flip-floper. that makes it vulnerable. it reminds me of reagan-bush when they were running against each other in the primary. everyone said well, now, 41. 41 is the one that is more presidential and the one that should get it. it turned out once reagan started campaigning in new hampshire because he didn't campaign in iowa people said he was the one. he had the big ideas. that is because the country was in dire straits. >> dana: do you have the gingrich piece? one of the things that newt gingrich said during the debate was that he said basically president obama compared him to bernie madoff and said this president is as candid and accurate of bernie madoff of what he tells the american people. newt gingrich is good to get a headline but don't you think it goes too far? >> bob: newt gingrich is, here he is, he is on a roll.
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he starts to move up in the polls. one thing about newt i'm not impressed he never had an unspoken thought in his life. he shoots his mouth off. it's a funny line but it's something that doesn't go with a guy that is trying to be a serious guy in a debate. >> greg: as an expert in analogies, this doesn't work because at least madoff responded to the subpoenas. >> eric: very good. and accurate. >> greg: thank you. you were surprised, too. [ laughter ] >> eric: news of the day. >> dana: very good. >> greg: do i get a doggie snack? >> dana: we can talk about 2012 in this block so ron paul. on "fox news sunday" yesterday. i apologize i don't know if we have it. do we have it? let's go ahead and run that and have bob react. >> if they believe in expanding the wars, if they don't believe in looking at the federal reserve and don't believe in real cuts, if they don't believe in deregulations. and a better tax system, it would defy everything i
11:20 pm
believe in. so therefore i would be reluctant to jump on board and tell all the supporters that have given me trust and money that say all we've done is for naught. so support anybody. >> dana: significant statement. >> bob: there is fear he might run as third party. i don't believe that. if he stays out, he has a committed 7% of the voters in this country who believe him. if he sits on the sidelines they sit on the sidelines. >> eric: this is what is wrong with ron paul right there. everyone else in the field says look, if i don't win, i will support the republican, conservative or not, just like i'll be out there if it's romney -- >> dana: huntsman said he would. >> eric: i said conservative or not, republican. i wouldn't characterize him at -- >> dana: fair point. >> eric: he is saying if it's not me, forget it. >> andrea: if he is not going to support the republican take him out of the republican debate. if he's so antiparty.
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>> eric: great point. >> dana: more to come on 2012 all week long. coming up, sarah palin. she explained the difference between tea party protesters and the occupy wall street protesters. you will hear from what she said moments from now. ♪ ♪ =
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." that song is dedicated to greg. i don't think sarah palin is a fan of the occupy wall street protesters, nor do i much care. listen to what she said. >> they say wall street fat cats got a bail-out. now i want one, too.
11:26 pm
and the correct answer is no one is entitled to a bail-out. the american dream, our foundation is about work ethic and empowerment. not entitlement. >> andrea: is that endangered species? tiger? >> greg: great jacket! >> bob: sarah palin is back in the news because she can't stand to be out of it. >> eric: i watch it and saddened by the fact she is not in the race right now. given that comment right there, what she said right there embodies everything. the tea partys are about smaller government, fixing the company and the country, not about entitlement. that costs more and makes government bigger and bigger. i think she would head all gasoling.o.p. polls. >> bob: i will carry on that she is not running. >> dana: but be encouraged because she is at the fundraiser to show she will be
11:27 pm
out there and try to help the republicans or tea party vote to congress. i assume she will support the nominee. >> bob: 65% negative -- >> eric: play off of what dana said. she will support whoever it is. >> dana: has she said that? >> no. but i guess even if it's romney, not conservative the way she is, she'd support romney. >> greg: we are talking about sarah palin. we should be talking about what she said. the thing that is interesting i said this before. the tea partiers are makers and occupy wall street are takers. you will find occupy wall street agree with her, it is about taking. they're not disagreeing. they are saying yeah, that's what we want. when you talk to hard core activists they want to take your wealth. >> andrea: you heard bob and his buddies talk about well, her negatives are so low. listen to what she is saying -- >> bob: high. >> andrea: excuse me. high. majority of the country
11:28 pm
whether they like sarah palin or not or vote for her for president would agree with the statement. do you agree with the statement? >> bob: no. >> andrea: why not? [ laughter ] >> bob: the tea party people you talk about, i wonder how many of them have take an home mortgage deduction or taken pel grants for their kids. government entitlement. i am suspicious that tea party people are straight on all of this. >> greg: you could be suspicious but you would be wrong. >> bob: you don't think they take deduction? >> eric: it's there. one of your liberal heroes lately, warren buffett. does he fight for lower taxes on the corporation? of course he does. fights for it. >> bob: food stamps are there. g they are not asking for bail outs. >> andrea: news that came out, new york state is now facing a budget shortfall.
11:29 pm
why? all the wall street millionaires and billionaire lost their job, had the salaries slashed and we can't support the welfare state. the wall street guys come in handy sometimes. >> bob: 40 some states are at deficit. wall street hurt your welfare state. >> bob: wall street is not hurting. they have had the biggest profits they have ever had this last year. >> greg: thanks to obama. >> eric: right. thanks to obama. under obama, this is convenient. you said this last year. under obama, wall street banks and wall street made $77 billion in 2009/2010. under bush, they made $55 billion. >> bob: thanks to the bail-out. not going back to beat out george bush but the bail-out of bank began with george bush. >> dana: with support of senator obama -- >> bob: the fall of -- >> dana: yes, but president bush got the deal done because
11:30 pm
senator obama at the time and they came together to support it. >> bob: paulson sold bush on it. under $10 billion on average. under obama we are talking about $40 billion. >> bob: think banks should have been pailed out? >> eric: no. >> dana: you could take a pot down there and tell the occupy wall street people guess who gets the most contribution from wall street? president obama. why? because he is in power. >> bob: wall street gives money to people in power. >> andrea: that is no big deal, right? >> bob: let's change -- >> dana: yeah, change the subject. >> andrea: now he wants to change it. >> bob: the national organization of women are reluctant to talk about this. none of the conservatives are
11:31 pm
talking about herman cain. up next, greg will beat up on hollywood celebrities who have dared to criticize big oil. i can't wait for this baby! ♪ ♪
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that starts at 6:00. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." so you are fell thy rich or haven't had a hit in years? what do you do? why not oppose a pipeline. here is julia luis dry us if drs opposing a pipeline. >> remember when obama said let us be the nation that ends the tyranny of oil? man, that was great.
11:37 pm
but i just checked and right now big oil is still pretty much running the show. an international pipeline like this one is a permit directly from you, the president of the united states. the commander in chief. big cheese. >> greg: i learned so much just then. did she just say "big oil"? i don't think she gets around on a solar powered windmill. where do they think it comes from? it will go from canada to the gulf coast and providing fuel and jobs. dreyfuss doesn't care. the need to feel important trumps the feeds of our country. worse, her many millions allow her endless time to read wikipedia and lecture president obama like she is the expert. you know she never heard of the pipeline until leo dicaprio tweeted about it. all it takes is one of them to find an anti-consumptive cause and they fall in line. the actors never care in the
11:38 pm
lean year when they focus only on making it big and making bank. back then, oil got them to every audition. now famous the brain stunted in adolescent romanticism and embrace causes like fendi bags made of coke. the actors have to find work again just to shut their damn faces. so i came up with a compromise so you can have the pipeline and environmentalists can be happy. paint the pipeline green. >> eric: that's it! the actionen pipeline they were worried about the caribou not accepting the pipeline. they warm up next to it. it snuggles up to it. julia luis dreyfuss, she just -- >> andrea: whoever. >> eric: last time i checked under obama price of a gal listen of gasoline went from buck-83 to $3.40. >> dana: they want that. they think, they believe the higher the gasoline price that people use it less and all of a sudden we'll ride around on
11:39 pm
magic windmills. >> greg: but she can afford it. she can, we can't. >> bob: $3 hadn't 40 under obama, his responsibility. nothing to do with big oil or oil traders. the thing i find interesting about this, i happen to support the pipeline. but the conservative governor of nebraska is against it. not just hollywood lefties. the state department is supposed to give the final okay. white house is taken inside. they are asking for more fud sky, more review, which means that the decision will happen when? after the election. >> dana: last week in north carolina when president obama did local interviews he said i personally will make the final decision. i thought that was a bad process. i i do think hollywood folks will go down, this helps president obama. it makes him look reasonable. >> what is interesting is the
11:40 pm
dem on dem violence going on over this. he will likely punt it until after the election. that could make him look like he can't take a stand on anything. the unions back this pipeline. so he has this infighting, what is he going to do? puppet it. she shouldn't create $50,000. >> bob: the largest number of decisions made in white house in december. they all come out because they're put off for election year. >> eric: i think he is going to help him. >> greg: help him if he did it. >> eric: that is not what the pipeline is. this is taking canadian oil and running it through america, creating jobs and dumping it. >> greg: but they're nice people. it's friendly oil. >> bob: is it the most caustic oil you can get.
11:41 pm
>> eric: thick. >> greg: but it smells like bacon. >> andrea: another reason for hollywood elite to hate it. g speaking of oil, talk about iran. the iaea. set to issue a report with details intelligence pointing to research and experiments in iran that they may be developing nuclear bombs. what do you make of this, bob? >> bob: the, i -- no, i will tell you what they found. centrifuges to make plutonium have been increased in much more sophisticated. the most important finding that the help is coming not from thennens but from the pakistanis. supposed allies in that part of the world and they ability to do that. one thing iranians are also doing is moving everything under ground and developing a missile that can hand the nuclear warheads. complicated part of a nuclear
11:42 pm
bomb is how you trigger it. they have trigger capability. >> eric: there is a huge story. i agree with most things that bob said except the centrifuges make plutonium. that is okay. this is going to tell, change rhetoric of dialogue where we stand with regard to israel bombing iran. >> dana: foreign policy of the united states through all the administration i know of have been the same on the port of israel. one of the problems is you can't bomb a country. when israel bombed syria, the facility that they work on with the north carolinae north e
11:43 pm
said a world. >> bob: the bombs can only be dropped from the b-1 bombers. the united states may plug it in. >> andrea: this will also require leadershipment this is not something he lead from behind. but him findly defending israel might help him with the jewish vote. >> bob: he defended israel for three years. >> andrea: up for debate. >> greg: the solution, is send julia louis dreyfuss to negotiate this. >> andrea: elaine? >> dana: hard to take her seriously. i thought she'd make a joke. >> bob: george? >> greg: george would drive them nuts. do it. >> eric: kraemer. >> greg: coming up -- this is mine. coming up, justin bieber, a baby daddy. i thought we looked similar. is he my father? or is he? that's what we call a tease. at tease university. b d d0e(ll now and get your own
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." as you may have heard, 20-year-old fan of justin bieber is saying that the pop star is the father of her baby. bieber says it's bunk. >> none of those allegations are true. i know that, i know that i'm going to be a target but i'm never going to be a victim. it's terrible to make false allegations, but none of is it true. >> andrea: he hasn't had that much stress since he went through puberty, but that was a couple days ago. he is going to take a dna test to prove he is not a father. smart to prove she is wrong? >> dana: because he will be a target for the rest of his life, he will have a long career. he is talented. this type of allegation could come up over and over. does he want to take a paternity test when it comes up over and over? or they could say he has been through it once.
11:49 pm
they better hope it's negativ negative. >> bob: i think you buy a dna unit to carry around with you. i sat next to him on african-american friend -- nexti said what do you do for a living? my daughter loves that guy. and the producer said that is justin bieber. i said who is justin bieber? but anyway, he was nice about it. >> andrea: he did it to lady gaga. >> andrea: he is saying he will sue the woman, too. he has to prevent what dana said, bieber gave me my baby. >> bob: you get sued all the time by young women. >> eric: i don't want to take any steam out of the segment, but what about justin bieber again? >> greg: what are you talking about? this is a huge story.
11:50 pm
justin bieber did not have sex. he is an angel. sent from the heavens to change this world. how can you besmirch the perfect creature. but if it's true and he had sex with that woman, all my posters, all my posters will coming down above my bink bed and i am burning the bieber bean bag baggy buggy i made out of clippings. >> bob: supposedly in a bathroom, in a stall. who does that anymore? >> greg: anymore? >> eric: he should say -- >> andrea: you have never done that, bob? >> greg: moving on. >> andrea: moving on to the next segment, another celebrity, onslow county, favorite of yours --another cely lohan. another favorite of yours. she was released from jail after a few hours. >> greg: they released her because of overcrowding but they let her stay out of jail because she had to do a photo shoot for "playboy" magazine that means anytime we get arrested that's what you do. >> dana: i thought that.
11:51 pm
imagine this weekend you are driving down a highway you get pulled over and you don't know what to do or so. don't have an excuse. but i have a photoshoot with "playboy" magazine. >> andrea: no one will believe you if you say that. >> eric: you ran magazines. how about this for i.d. photo shoot in the jail cell. >> greg: i don't think she would go for that. >> dana: she never has to go to jail. >> andrea: that is right. same with conrad murray, because of the supreme court decision, is he going to face jail time? would you rather have charlie manson in jail or lindsay lohan? don't answer that. >> bob: put it this way. lindsay lohan has been charged any number of times. >> andrea: look at the rap sheet. we have it. >> bob: she has gotten out of this because she has money. what they are doing is hurting this woman. she needs detox and put away for a year. very good rehab. maybe save her life. all this stuff of letting her out is just danger to her and
11:52 pm
anybody around her. >> greg: she tried to get in a party premier, leo dicaprio thing. >> andrea: hold on. her rap sheet is up and longer than bob's. it is longer than yours. >> bob: now this woman you say should be walking. >> eric: can i point something out. it has nothing to do with who she is. >> bob: what? >> eric: we pointed this out before she was convicted. l.a. county jail was so overcrowded he'd likely not put time there anyway. sign in and get released. >> bob: this is a sick woman who has addiction problems and dangerous to herself and other people. she should be put away. >> andrea: no one around her to help her. >> bob: they are all in denial. most of the people give them whatever they want. eventually it killed her. >> dana: the friends use her to get in to a party. you were saying something about the party? >> greg: she went to a
11:53 pm
go-away party. she was sitting next to me drinking. i didn't know who she was. >> bob: did you try to pick her up? >> greg: no, bob. maybe. i was a perfect gentleman. >> bob: denial plus. >> greg: denial at this table. >> bob: i have no denial about it. she needs to be locked up for a long period of time. >> andrea: comedian bill maher doesn't like tim tebow because he is a christian. ridiculous. owe won't believe what he said moments away? ♪ ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep.
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♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." bill maher doesn't care for conservatives or christians. he has been on a mission to trash denver broncos quarterback tim tebow for being conservative and a christian. listen. >> they should just go ahead and nominate tim tebow. [ applause ] that's right.
11:58 pm
take denver broncos' quarterback tim tebow the fan fifth christian who is in over his head on the football field and put him somewhere that fan favorite christians in over his head are welcome. the republican presidential race. >> eric: sorry. tebow turned the broncos around bringing a team back from the big deficits and winning games. you might consider booking tim tebow for your show. both of your viewer it might learn a thing or two. dana? >> dana: i don't think i would tell tim tebow to waste his time on bill maher's show. he should be getting ready to win. i talked to my sister, angie in denver, and she a big tim tebow fan. they are pulling for him. >> greg: i don't know who tim tebow is. i imagine he plays some sort. bill maher doesn't bother me. the audience applauds without listening. they're brain dead seals. he shows an obvious dislike for his audience when he
11:59 pm
applauds. you are really laughing at that joke? >> eric: the broncos were 1-4 before tebow. now he wins one and turns it around. >> eric: i just wish for those of us who have to defend the left that bill maher should shut his mouth. >> andrea: we agree. he said in the comments, too, that tebow is cuckoo for christianity. maher is. as an atheist why does he care? >> dana: if the quarterback was muslim he wouldn't talk about him. >> eric: he'd love him. i don't know. >> bob: i don't think he is that good of a quarterback. >> eric: fantastic. he motivates the team. 2-1. >> greg: what college does he play for? >> eric: gators. >> greg: got it. >> bob: broncos. >> eric: that's it for


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