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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 8, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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their economy is in the tank. i'm shepard smith and become don't for the fox report at 7:00 eastern, and 6:00 p.m. in oxford. "your world," starts right now. >>neil: thank you. in one hour herman cain will finally have his say. but what, what, what will he say? welcome, everyone, we have heard from the accuser and now the accused. herman cain helping to put to rest a media fixation that has dogged the campaign for the better part of a month. and re-ignited all over today when a fourth woman was making the media rounds including this exchange with our own reporter. >> i put myself in your shows would i go to visit this man, stay in a hotel overnight, would i have cocktails with him in the lobby and go out for dinner, no, no, no, i would send a letter and say may i meet with you in your office.
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or, maybe, lump, but cocktails and dinner seem as strange way to have a meeting. to me. >> i am glad you brought that up. first of all you have to understand i had an opportunity along with my then boyfriend to meet herman cain dug the convention and we spent a last time with him. i had nothing but utmost admiration for him. >> when he upgraded your room and you thought that was odd, and that's your report, he upgraded your room, maybe, you could say i want to make sure we are on the same page. >>guest: no, no, no, again, he, i thought he was being kind. >>shepard: herman cain is set to respond to all of this but the campaign hardly set to implode. the former businessman still holding up quite well in polls neck and neck with romney but republican fundraising says cain is not doing so well with the party money types so either he hits it out of the park at the top of the hour or the cain
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train stops at the top of the hour. good to see you. it is that much on the line, right? >>guest: well, like i told you, he should have come out with this damage control a lot earlier, so, whoever is advising him did not give him the best advise. >>neil: so, he has to put this in perspective, obviously, this woman is not among those who entered interest legal agreements with the stunt association, so a bit of a different case but there are those other cases, alleged cases, and, now, he has to straighten identity out. does it matter at this point if he is doing well in the polls, what does he risk by saying, this is not true, moving on and they will say what they will say and i will say what i we say. >>guest: well, pray that no one else comes forward and they can put it to bed. what i noticed which i thought was dynamic looking at herman
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cain's brand i think he has a teflon brand. have you noticed that he still is up in the polls. this is a big deal. this is a doing in the armor, and john edwards had the same thing and he is gone. but like bill clinton, he is teflon. he had tons of women. >>neil: what does that say about herman cain? >>guest: he is still in the running. he took a hit and he keeps on going. what i have noticed the big money types, a lot of people i handle, big bundlers and have pac's they are not on board the cain train. >>neil: are they on board the mitt train? >>guest: more and more. >>neil: as more come forward and in support financially of romney since this exploded? >>guest: no, this has not caused anyone to leap off whether they were weighing,
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should i support herman cain or maybe go to mitt romney. these people are already coming forth can they wanted to support romney. i don't think someone was thinking about supporting cain and they heard the allegations -- i had dinner with a donor last evening and we were talking and he is like, well, the herman cain thing, i was thinking about writing him a check and this is not that big of a deal, i like the 9-9-9 policy as a business person. so, i told him about what she said about him putting his hand up her skirt and pulling the head to his crotch and his eyes got as big as saucers and said, well, i didn't know that, i thought there were some exchanges. so, it did make a difference. >>neil: but these are only allegations. you think with the allegations and the noise is enough to be a drain, >>guest: he should have come out a long time ago.
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>>neil: but it is not hurting? >>guest: not hurting the fundraising right now or in the polls but long term people are going to be questioning what herman cain is about. do we really know that much about herman cain? we already dealt with a president with president obama who we didn't know much about. not comparing the to but saying they don't have a political history on herman cain. >>neil: so the money bundlers would rather go for what they perceive as the sure thing? >>guest: you vote with your head and pairing up romney against obama it is showing romney, and romney has stayed steady. he stayed steady. he has not again down much. gone up much. he is steady. and people fowl like they know mitt romney. he has a political and business record. >>neil: thank you. cain is doing just fine at least with the little guys raising $2 million since the scandal broke.
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and that is about did thirds of what he raised in all of the third quarter coming in $5 or $10 or $20 so impressive grass roots agoers reporting the uptick, and now, my guest joins by the phone. you heard what my guest said about the big money guys and you are saying a different sentiment expressed by the small money goes. (inaudible) >>guest: herman is not running for mayor but the presidency. and what he has proposed or bold solutions to replease the tax code. if you understand that, you have to grapple with the fact how many billions of corruption is embedded in that tax code. there is vested interest. people went to take herman out and how are they going to do it? people are seeing beyond that, and we have seen a tick in our people, if you go, there is a
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little red circle on the web site, and in 12 hours that is people from all across the world, frankly, that have been visiting the site and signing up and wanting to get involved and we over the past year, which has been kind of an undercurrent, we have had over 30,000 people sign up through the site and get involved in the mobilizing of the g.o.p. operative. (inaudible) the average rank and file people. truck drivers. you name it. >>neil: is there more of them that are coming on board since the allegations, not despite them? >>guest: shoutly. it has ticked up. we have always had a steady stream but since this came out --. >>neil: but if, if, if, if any of the alleges are proven true would it make a difference to supporters? is it ain't then history? water under the bridge? what? >>guest: frankly the reason they didn't come out, i have
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known herman for almost a decade and this is a man that is decent, i have stood with him in the darkest hour. >>neil: no doubt but a lot the allegations are prior to the 10 years you have phone him? would this surprise you if they were true? >>guest: it would be very alarming because you don't change your personality in a few or so. cain being who he is, and i think we are going to see things go along and i think this will be put to bed and there are other political operatives out there trying to trip him out and when all the dust settles that is what you will see, people have gone and to different campaigns, republicans and democrats, and they want to trip the go up. you cannot deny the impact this man has had on the electorate.
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>>neil: no denying that. we will see what he says. very good to you have. thank you. you are going do hear from herman cain in less than an hour but that will be the last time he raised cain because he will be a special guest on friday on "your world," we will go through all of this, and the other issues that are so near and dear to him and whether any of this could have derailed or slowed the contain -- cain train. in the meantimes, say it ain't so, silvio. plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. >>neil: silvio berlusconi is leaving and investors are celebrating. airport that a kick in the meatball. but there is a method to the madness and my reporter is in chicago to explain. >>guest: markets bounced back
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after silvio berlusconi said he would resign after a 2012 budget vote is approved with the dow ending up 102-point gain. oil also taking a cue, and it subjected on the news hitting $96.87 a barrel, a fresh three-month high. and all eyes are on the euro zone where they race to stem the debt crisis threatening italy, the third largest economy. berlusconi revealed he would resign after the passage of a 2012 budget deal after learning the majority support and then hopes were raised this could lead the way to reforms necessary to keep the debt from spiraling out of control but even with the resignation the country still is facing a tough situation account yield on the benchmark ten year note spike above 6.8 percent, a fresh euro
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high and it could need a rescue, need i say greece, and analysts say the borrowing costs are "clearly unsustainable." >>neil: thank you. and first solyndra and now new calls for investigation into a $70 million government listen going to a michigan plan owned by a russian company, two senators pushing for that probe, republican from indiana, senator coats. senator, what is the deal? >> well, here is one of those situations that does not pass the sniff test. pat toomey and i are trying to get the inexpector -- inspector do a full investigation. is the loan on the up and up or needed? we don't think it is. >>neil: the russians are the
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last that need special treatment making money hand over fist and they could almost buy and sell us, why would we do anything that would even have a tax advantage for them? >>guest: well, i don't understand that, either. and the fact that this is a russian company, it is located in michigan, the steel they are producing is a special strength steel that is produced at u.s. privately held and publicly held businesses, steel making facilities so we don't understand why they need the loan in the first place. >>neil: i am sure the administration is arguing, we have not heard this, jobs are jobs, securing more in michigan is well worth it. what do you say? >>guest: well, these are part of the facts we want to understand. we think it ought to go to an american corporation. the other question is, if we have a surplus there, why do they need a loan? why can't the energy, why can't
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we just provide this steel that is already available in the stockpile rather than give them a loan so they can produce steel which is available elsewhere? there is a cost issue here, also. and, frankly, it sniffs of political favoritism. when government is in the business of picking winners and losers, usually the taxpayers are the losers. we saw that with solyndra. >>neil: and chuck schumer is a loser in the super committee thing, and they are not going to come to an agreement. what do you make of that? >>guest: i hope he is dead wrong. we had a lengthy meeting about that today and i am on the way to another one. we need to address this problem. the super committee must report out what i hope is a very credible, substantial plan on how to get . >>neil: what if they don't? what if november 23rd or november 24th, no agreement and automatic cuts kick in, can you live with that? >>guest: i don't want to live with that because they are
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unfairly bias to cuts in national defense and security, and, second it does not address the real fundamental problem and we pushing it down the road like they are doing in europe. we have a serious problem here we have to address and failure is not an option. >>neil: good to see you. who says he has to wait to see what happens in 2012 what if i said by 8:00 tonight you will have a sense of where we are going. the white house wants the chief of staff to kiss and make up to business. and home depot says it takes more than talk. how about a plan with my name on it? can we start with realistic goals, please? show me how to keep more retirement money in my pocket. now and down the road. those are my terms. then this is your place. td ameritrade, where millions of investors
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ >>neil: to virginia where election day polls close in less than three hours and democrats
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are fitsing to control half of state's legislature and republicans trying to take absolute power. in 2008 president obama won virginia but if the g.o.p. wins big today and turns all branches of the government over to republicans today, is the president in big trouble in 2012? my guest things so, former virginia governor, former senator, and now a candidate for the senate again in 2012, george allen. good to have you. >>guest: folks fired up. i've been to the polls in prince william and fairfax counties and i am optimistic that republicans will get a majority in the state nat and win a lot of local races, as well. >>neil: how many seats would it take? >>guest: two to tie, three to take out right control. what i am hearing from people, they are frustrated, and upset and worried about the future and they see this administration in washington, and president obama and his allies are putting our country in the wrong direction
1:22 pm
and today in virginia, where virginians i have heard from the coal fields, the energy to power america, president obama said no, to virginia in shoulding down our eastern seaboard and our coast from producing safe oil and natural gas and that, whether it is coal, oil, natural gas, those are good paying jobs and we keep our money and our country and he said yes to the state owned oil company of brazil and lending them $2 billion for them to explore off their coast. >>neil: do you think that is resonating with virginia and they ticked off and if the election were held today he could not take virginia? >>guest: that is my view. it is not just energy. it is the economic direction of our country. young people like our daughter who graduated last year, college students are having a heck of a testify time fining work and there are young and middle age people who are underemployed not
1:23 pm
using their talents and americans want to save our country and the opportunity to achieve the american dream. >>neil: i talked to a political strategist and you know how it goes, a lot of the guys get it wrong but i hear them and their predictions and one is something like this, guys like you could succeed at getting elected to the senate and there is a good shot the senate turns republicans but just to keep that balance of power in check, the president keeps the white house, so, the senate and the house are republican, and the white house stays democrats and nothing gets done. >>guest: what i say, if that happens, and i hope i am elected to be a voice for the people and values of virginia, to we have president obama in there, we can de-fund obamacare. i would like to be the deciding vote to repeal and replace obamacare but we could defund it and stop funding for the czars. we can put forward a positive
1:24 pm
energy policy unleashing our resources so we do have more jobs in our country and more affordable reliable energy and keeping the money in our country and, by the way, the federal government gets revenues from our resources without raising taxes. so, i'm running on what i call our blueprint for america's come back and if we all run on positive ideas the american people will want to us get it done and hopefully whoever we nominate as president will have equally compelling ideas. >>neil: governor, maybe a senator again, good to see you. >>guest: great to be here. >>neil: we did call the opponent and is far, no response, but help springs it technology. if you were looking for christie, is mitt now it? he is campaigning for the republican presidential front
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1:29 pm
because this is part of the back and forth in the republican race. co-founder of home depot and backer of mitt romney. what do you thing of the cain charges? >>guest: well, i think without regard to the merit, it has been handled terribly and whoever advised him, to stonewall, was dumb. when you run for president, everything is on the table. that's part of the deal. that you accept when you decide to jump into the pool. to say i will not talk about it, and think it would go away, only heightens the curiosity of people. >>neil: is it too late? >>guest: you know, i can only think back to the bill clinton era, anything is possible in america. right?
1:30 pm
and you would have thought when bill clinton had to go on television and add pit -- admit he lied that he did not have sex with the woman, and he came back and he is a popular guy in retirement. >>neil: but herman cain's poll numbers look stable. what do you make of that? >>guest: there is a lot of sun termty in the republican field. the fact that perry ups in, goes to the ahead. cain jumps in and goes to the head and i am supporting romney. >>neil: you really wanted chris christie of new jersey to run. >>guest: you cannot have what you can't get. >>neil: did i work him over hard, please, run, run, run. >>guest: you call a governor and ask how hard i pressed, i did everything but it is on his chest and he said that he felt like he had an obligation to new jersey and what he had accomplished so far was fragile and it will take the full four
1:31 pm
years and in the spirit of candor i said there is no certainty you would will elected in 13 and he said i understand but i have to make this decision and i said the reason we want you is exactly for the way you are acting right now. that was your attraction to us. honest. direct. you know where he stands. >>neil: but you had to revert and you went back to romney. so he feeled like a second class citizen. >>guest: no, we had a nice visit and i was forthright and christie had not decided and i said governor i want to be honest i am trying to persuade governor christie to jump into the race and if he does i will support him. if he doesn't i want you to know i will do everything to help you get elected and that is where who are. he appreciated that and thanked me. >>neil: did he say you would be treasury secretary?
1:32 pm
>>guest: you know the great thing, i am 76, i am too old. >>neil: you don't look a day over 75. >>guest: look, there is nothing in this for me but one thing thinking about two or three generals out, what the hell are we doing to the kids if we don't fix this mess now. thing of the future of these kids, you look at greece, italy, spain, ireland, and portugal. guess what? it will be here. we have to learn to have fiscal discipline. >>neil: the republicans are hardly showing it. >>guest: i will not it is here and issue an apology for the 2001 to 2009 spending rate. >>neil: you were critical of it then. >>guest: back then i said, you know, representative ryan now
1:33 pm
has religion and hue is for spending restraints and i said how many spending bills did you vote against when bush was president? and he voted for every one of them. where are we enjoy? why do i like romney? why do i support him? i like him. his wife got up last week at the fundraiser we had and she said i assure you one thing, he is an honest man. and there is nothing in his past that will come out that will embarrass any of you or me or his family. he is a good man and a decent man. start with that. >>neil: i don't wish anyone ill ... is that important to you? >>guest: no, but it's noise
1:34 pm
that diverts you from the big issue. there is only one issue. not iraq. not afghanistan. jobs. jobs. jobs. >>neil: you think mitt romney is the best for that. why? >>guest: he is a businessman. there will be more input from the business sector if he is president to figure out how we create jobs not in the public sector but in the private sector. the public sector jobs only exacerbate the issue, you have to race taxes. this number came from him. we bought 1,000 ships a year during world war ii. and we had 1,000 people in the bureau of ships. in the 19 80's we bought 17.2 ships a year and we had 4,000 people in the bureau of ships.
1:35 pm
today, we buy 9.2 ships a year and we have 25,000 people in the bureau of ships. before the stimulus package we had one person in the department of transportation making $170,000 or more. right after the stimulus package was passed we have 1,149 people in the department of transportation getting paid more than $170,000. this is why the stimulus didn't work. it didn't, the whole idea of a stimulus, it is pump priming. stimulate. get it going. it didn't do anything like that because none of it worked its way into the public sector. the gang downtown, you want to see trickle down economics work.
1:36 pm
those people working as waitresses they depended on the people that work down around there to be able to get in thoseships. gone. gone. >>neil: and speaking of the corner of wall and broad look at the numbers we are putting up, another big gain for the dow today. is this actually ironically the president of the united states best friend? even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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♪ we're centurylink... a new kind of broadband company committed to providing honest, personal service from real people... 5-year price-lock guarantees... consistently fast speeds... and more ways to customize your technology. ♪ >>neil: now the wall street fat cats could be his best friend with the dow's gain today and the s&p 500 and the nasdaq doing well, year to date, maybe this is the wind at the president's become, the co-founder of home depot, one of the savviest business guys i know. that would be ironic.
1:40 pm
>>guest: more than just the market. what about the people out of work? and not the 9.1 percent but the 15 percent or 16 percent or 17 percent or 18 percent out of work. >>neil: if this continues, the argument is it could be the wind at his back and it could improve prospects. >>guest: i think the surge in regulation the last three years has dramatically changed the underlying structure of job creation in america. look at wall street. at the banks. they are laying off left and right. profits are way down. goldman sachs lost money last quarter. >>neil: if you guys could do today what you did with home depot when you got it going, and your buddy bernie said you could not do it. what is different? >>guest: we believe every person that worked with us, no one worked for us, they were our associates, should own the stock. directly or indirectly.
1:41 pm
auctions today you must expense. when we started the company we had two stores and then four stores, those people got the options we would have had them immediately experienced at 40 percent. guess what? we never would have had earnings. and it was foolish because if the options expires out of the money, the expense we backed never really happened. >>neil: but why i don't buy that you would have found another way to make it work and you guys and steve jobs and bill gates, the one common theme is, in a tough environment you made it work. >>guest: we started in the roughest of times, 1979. we probably did not know any better so we didn't know what fear was but you are asking me if we could do it again, we could probably have succeeded but not on the scale that we did. keep in mind --. >>neil: what does this president have do do?
1:42 pm
two things he has to do right now. >>guest: he needs a sentiment transplant, to go from looking at business as fat cats and saying, this is what brought america to the party. i will tell you right new, the biggest threat to our democracy in my mind is unemployment. people who have a job who educated their kids and going do a movie, who are paying off a home, people who are bying a car, they are in the game. they are in the game. and they are happy. but you take people who are out of work and all they see is despair and he talks about the widening gap between the rich and the poor. the reason is not that we worked harder or smarter and made more money, the reason is we are not bringing education into the lower legal. i am where i am today because my parents were adamant about my having a quality education. and i went to a public school out on long island and i had
1:43 pm
great teachers. and i learned. and i was eligible for college. it wasn't hard for me to jump into the mainstream. >>neil: but you see their point, a way to close it is to tax guys like you more, to narrow it. >>guest: you could tax us 100 percent and it won't move the needle. why not accept the biggest barrier to close the gap are the quality of teaching in the public schools. lock, there is a direct correlation. look at the performance of the kids and look at the ... you bring someone to home depot that can count, can read, can communicate, that does a great job, and we have a guy, named joe, and he started with us at the very bottom. he now runs 700 stores! he is probably got, i would guess, 125,000 employees under him. >>neil: who came up with the home depot idea?
1:44 pm
because neither you or bernie were handy. >>guest: bernie and i were walking a store one day and it was handy dan and we were in kansas city and opening a new store and i opened 16 percent of the company and i was being my usual stuff which is, if you are playing poker play with me because when i have a great hand i whistle and clap, and bernie said you better be careful, there is something out there that could wipe this industry out, and i said tell me what it is, and he said no, it is so profound i will not tell you so when he called me and got fired and called me for a jobs he had no money, no insurance, and he had a family, and he caused me and blue to morning and he brought a lawyer with him, a go guy and i said, to bernie, who says to me, that he wants to put
1:45 pm
me in jail, and he said he didn't know why, so, i said to the lawyer, whatever they did, he is not going to jail. i said, fine, let's start a company, and i said remember you told me there was a thing that if somebody did it it would change the industry, and that was it. >>neil: you were not handy then and you are not now. >>guest: i have the original plan if my office before we opened our first store. >>neil: i want to see that. you will join us on fox business. >>guest: i can't go back to my office and get it. next time. next time. >>neil: just show up. we will see more of the learn end at 6:00 p.m. >>guest: only if my own mind am i am legend. >>neil: herman cain will speak at the top of the hour to address the sexual harassment claims and he will be here on
1:46 pm
friday and why the subject says what happens here could change confidentiality agreements forever no matter your opinion on the subject. ♪ [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree wl see. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ed to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring yr challenges. .
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>>neil: and in arizona, herman cain is set to speak, and judge napolitano on what he will speak about, the confidentiality agreements which are now open season. that is weird. >>judge napolitano: it is weird. and the law takes an ambiguous approach. in one respect, here is what a judge says. two people are suing each other. they resolved the case and agreed not to tell anyone. so i will wash my hands of it. the other approach, wait, you filed a lawsuit? you engage the government, you engage the joy -- judiciary and
1:50 pm
the public has a right to know. if these cases, there were lawsuits filed or complaints made and they were resolved with settlements. pieces of paper. which the petroleum settles agreed to do certain things and not do other things. >>neil: the national restaurant association, not an individual. >>judge napolitano: from reading between the lines herman cain was a party to the agreements so if the agreement says the settling party shell creep the agreement he is not bound by that because he was not a party. so it may be true he did not know of the dollar settlements. >>neil: but he knew about the entering of the agreement. judge mathis: it would be inconceivable he did not know the indicate was settled. in when case he left, so since the settlement had secrecy, both sides had to be secret about it and they could not tell him the temperatures and he may be telling the truth. >>neil: but that calls into
1:51 pm
question the idea of confidential agreements. >>judge napolitano: it does, it does, it does because the lawyer for one of the women in one of these cases is dancing around the agreement and teasing the media with bits of it and bits of that and he cannot get to the heart of it or he will violate his part of the confidentiality. >>neil: why, then, doesn't everyone ignore it? >>judge napolitano: its value is only as strong as whose hand it it is held and who believe it. if a person swear dozen remain silent that is only as good as the organization behind it. >>neil: so he does not control the women who are behind it.
1:52 pm
>>judge napolitano: she would have to give the money back. >>neil: but they do not now? >>judge napolitano: we have not heard anyone who signed the agreement but for the one who does not sign any agreement. >>neil: when muhammad ali was sick with parkinson's disease his lifelong nemesis convinced him well probably thought amount li would leave first, and gentleman was wrong, and custody, muhammad ali is not feeling right. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
1:53 pm
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an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ >> neil: there are those in life who are forever defined by the company they kept in life. also one half of a unsplittable hold. even after it splits. lewis and martin. abbott and costello. ali and frazier. the last one not so much a tearing as a box set. or in this case, boxer set.
1:56 pm
hardly close. more like hardened combatants. charismatic muhammad ali versus the quiet puncher they called smokin' joe. one a darling for a stance outside the vietnam outside the ring. the other a not so media darling because he preferred ding all of his talking inside the ring. but it was outside stuff that you could tell just makes joe stew from the inside. ali stuff about joe. >> why do you say that? >> calling me -- >> neil: frazier speeds and ali soared. until a fight in madison square garden when frazier did something to ali no one had done. >> heavyweight champion of the world! >> that first bout considered one of the greatest and most watched events in sports history. a pay-per-view first.
1:57 pm
there would be another. ali would win. then perhaps the most brutal sanctioned combat between two men ever. they call that one the thrilla in manila. so it would be written of these men three violent exchanges. ali 2, frazier 1. the multiple champ getting the better of the guy ali once brutally called a chump. a sting that never subsided over the many years that joe frazier and i talked. >> it got nasty. >> yeah. >> how do you get along today? >> the way i look at it, you know, i mean, some things got, you know, you let slide. duck it. you know what i mean? get away from it. because you know the truth. i know the truth. and the people see what is really going on in a better world. i'm just hoping that he will be able to live long and happy and change his ways. i think he has.
1:58 pm
lord, bless him. the main thing about it, he is doing fine. let's go on with it. >> neil: he said that neither of you would have been as great as you were without the other. he said by far you were the toughest opponent. tip of the hat by muhammad ali. >> i put something on these guys' minds. >> neil: for frazier, past was past. he wish parkinson played muhammad ali well. rivalries die hard. ans noties harder. frazier would train his daughter jackie to challenge ali's daughter leila. leila won. another boxing best. but by then in 2001, boxing was pretty much done. from single champions everybody knew, to an ounce of the title holders today most people can't remember. frazier lamented passing of an era. >> they're making our girls
1:59 pm
men. that's what they're doing with the men. making girls of them. >> neil: how are they doing that? >> cutting down the roles. scored 15 joys -- [ inaudible >> 12 tops, sometimes ten. >> 15 rounds. better men. we're smarter, better men. why cut them down to make them look like they can't do the job? >> neil: in the end, always the gladiator looking for more time in the ring. no shortcuts, no excuses, no time for nonsense. less time for words. save these today from the man who forever taunted him in life. muhammad ali offering this simple praise for smokin' joe in death. "the world has lost a great champion. i will always remember joe with respect and admiration." ali is not alone. not by a boxing longshot.


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