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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 8, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> bret: i'm bret baier in washington. this is a fox news alert. republican presidential candidate herman cain in a vigorous defense insists not only did he not act inappropriately, with anyone, including his latest accuser, he says he had never even seen sharon bialek before monday on television. cain emphatically defended himself against all the allegations. moments ago at a news conference in scottsdale, arizona. chief political correspondent carl cameron has details. >> reporter: herman cain knew as soon as sharon bialek went public his denials would have to come at public news conference, too. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. period. i don't even know who this
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woman is. >> reporter: cain and his aides brought all-out attack on the accuser's reputation. >> the accusations i absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen. as far as the accusations causing me to back off and maybe withdrawal from this presidential primary race, ain't going to happen. >> reporter: bialek admits meeting cain at a tea party rally a month ago. a witness said they hugged like old friends and bialek whispered something to cain. she insists she's not motivated by profit and has no deal to profit from the story. on fox news she has not ruled it off. >> that's so far off the radar. right now my main goal, it was initially, too, to get herman to speak. >> reporter: earlier today, cain camp released a list of bialek's financial and legal
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problems raising questions about her character and motiv motives. reading -- with the blogs and gossip columns in a feeding frenzy, bialek suggested today if cain does not come clean, more accusers may surface. several candidates weighed in before the news conference. >> it's important to recognize that a number of women have come forward with concerns. this woman's charges are particularly disturbing. and they are serious. >> when you have somebody come out in the open and identifiable person he has to answer the allegations. he has to be prepared to answer the questions. >> obviously, they are very troubling. but these are things, i mean these are allegation. herman has his opportunity to tell his side of the story. there one of the accuse tears settled a complaint with the national restaurant association in '90s and
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received payment for her silence has been identified by her brother-in-law in the daily, ipad company owned by the company. they identify her as karen kraushaar in the past was spokesperson for internal re-knew and immigration service in bush and clinton administration. in his news conference cain today reiterated that kraushaar's complaints were investigated by the national restaurant association in 1997 and found to be, "baseless." kraushaar today said since her identity has become public, she is now prepared to talk. but she hasn't said how much. she told the "new york times" and "washington post" through the lawyer she is prepared to hold a joint news conference with other accusers, so it doesn't look like this story is close to being over yet. >> bret: carl, more on this with the panel. thank you. coming up, republican
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presidential candidate newt gingrich will be in the center seat and he will take questions from the all-star panel. he will also stick around for "special report" online. and take questions from you. so you can log on. it will be up before the end of the show. engage with questions on the candidate. voters went to the poll today in special states. special congressional election is being held in oregon. there are a number of state legislatures that could turn based on voting today. polls are open another hour in virginia. and two more hour hours in new jersey and mississippi. residents of mississippi voting for governor and also on two big ballot initiatives, personhood amendment, and one on eminent domain. in ohio, voters are deciding on a ballot measure dealing with president obama's healthcare law and another on collective bargaining. correspondent doug mckelway tells us what is at stake. >> in the most crucial of swing states, today's two ballot issues could offer taste of the electorate move
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before the election. they would undue john kasich signature achievement, to limit public bargaining right of public sector union and requires them to pay significant portion of health and retirement benefit. as many private sectors do. since the passage last march are union protest, the law has grown unpopular here, as kasich. who remains undaunted. >> if you lose 600,000 jobs in the last ten year what is are you supposed to do? sit back and make everybody happy? democrats and the national union leaders who have thrown millions of dollars in the fight over issue two are savoring the chance of defeating it. >> this isn't going to be the end of the fight. frankly, after tonight it will be the beginning of the fight. we'll still have to fight against other attacks on workers and we'll still have to push back and join with those politicians that want to create jobs. i don't care what side of the aisle they come from. if they want to create jobs we'll work to create job and put ohioans back to work.
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>> polls show trumka's optimism may be well justified republicans believe they can counter union momentum with ballot issue number three to effectively bar any ohioan from buying health insurance against his will. republicans are convinced that issue number three has struck a nerve over ohio's conservative voters. >> we made over 1.3 million contacts by phone. we have knocked on over 100,000 doors. we have volunteers all over the state fired up and full of energy and making sure that we run through the finish line not just coast. >> early indications are that turn-out has been extremely high in an off-year election year in ohio. many political analysts believe that this could be a wash. a union victory for issue number two and conservative victory for issue number three. a result that may set the stage for how the nation turns in the election year 2012. bret? >> bret: doug mckelway live in columbus. thank you.
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now to mississippi where john roberts looks at the big issues on that ballot. >> jobs are the number within concern for mississippi voters. the most talked about issue here is the ballot initiative to declare life begins at fertilization and it could end abortion in mississippi almost overnight. both candidates for governor support it. >> i am voting for it because i believe a human being becomes human being at conception. >> i believe that that child has basic human rights. >> the vote could go either way. the recent poll show razor-thin margin. state is eroding because of concerns over unintended consequences. randall hines, ibf specialist opposes the argument. >> we think it represents a new level of government involvement in medical decision-making we've never seen before. >> if it passes, personhood
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amendment could put abortion front and center as national issue in 2012. supports in six other states hope for similar initiatives next year. less controversy on the mississippi ballot. one to limit power of eminent domain, one to require voters to show photo i.d. both are expected to pass. >> the race for governor here is historic. hattiesburg mayor dupree a democrat is the first african-american major party candidate. he is trailing republican lieutenant governor phil bryant in what has been campaign marked by glaring absence of negative campaigning. >> i want to be able to say i got elected governor without sending out attack mail piece or a negative commercial without saying one bad thing about any opponent. >> my mom said if you talk about me, i talk about you and we sling mud and we're both getting dirty. the message is lost in the mud. >> model for national
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election. both candidates hope so. the big election news what happens in the house? democrats have had control since reconstruction. republicans need to pick up eight seats. while they are optimistic about their chances many analysts believe they'll fall short. bret? >> john roberts checking in throughout the night. thank you. we'll have election u updates at top and bottom of each hour and complete wrap-up at 11:00 eastern for a full hour. republican presidential candidate newt gingrich will be in the center seat shortly. but first, the attorney general on the hot seat. over operation fast and furious. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made?
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the one element that changes everything is the human element. ♪ >> bret: the nation's top law enforcement official says the failed gun trafficking investigation known as operation fast and furious should never have happened. and while senate republicans agree with that, correspondent william la jeunesse tells us they found plenty in holder's testimony to disagree with.
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>> you're not suggesting, are you, general holder, that it's not your responsibility to have known about this operation, is it? >> well, there are 115 ,000 employees in the united states department of justice. >> and it stops with you. >> i have ultimate responsibility for that which happens in the department. >> using charts, pictures about and home mows, republican senators john cornyn and grassley tried to pin down exactly when holder knew about operation fast and furious. >> memos were your name on it addressed to you referring to the operation fast and furious. are you saying you didn't receive them? >> i didn't receive them. they are reviewed by my staff and determination made on what should be brought to my attention. >> holder defended himself clarifying what he knew and when. >> i first knew about the tactics and the operation fast and furious in the beginning of this cheer when it became a matter of public controversy. in my testimony before the
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house committee, i did say a few weeks. i probably could have said a couple of months. >> asked why the justice department wrongly claimed the whistle blowers lied when they told congress about gun-running, holder said. >> the information shared with you on february 4 in that response, it was information that that letter that was inaccurate. the left could have been better crafted. >> things got heated when cornyn asked holder about two fast and furious guns found at the murder scene of border agent brian terry. >> have you apologized to the family of brian terry? >> i have not apoll jazeed to them but i regret what happened. >> have you even talked to them? >> i have not. >> neither cornyn nor grassley says holder should resign but neither rules it out. >> i'm not there yet. but my confidence in attorney general holder is quickly eroding. >> this is not over. investigators say they haven't received e-mails of holder's
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staff and it appears the leading sacrificial lamb is lanny brewer who withheld information in this case, holder faces a much tougher grilling next month in the house. >> bret: we'll continue to follow it. thank you. investigators found remains of u.s. war dead were not always handled properly at dover air force base in delaware. the site that receives the bodies and repairs them for burial at the u.s. military. there were whistle blower reports of lost body parts and other problems. the former mortuary commander and other senior officials were disciplined but not fired. federal appeals court in washington upheld president obama's healthcare law as constitutional. the panel dismissed a lawsuit by a christian legal group saying it was violation of religious freedom. decision whether to take up appeals over the healthcare law is expected soon. there is a bit of a shuffle in terms of job descriptions going on at the white house
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tonight. president obama chief of staff is handing off many of his duty. the big story is why? here is chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> in the battleground state of pennsylvania, president obama visited a school to focus on circumventing conditioning, this time on education. >> backstage drama at the white house where chief of staff bill daley is scaling back some duties. ten months after the president suggested daley was the cure for his post 2010 myth term election blues. clinton veteran to bring centrist background to shift this administration to the middle. >> i am convinced he will help us in the mission of growing our economy and moving america forward. >> after trying to win over independents with this mantra. >> we can't wait for congress any longer. >> daley's playbook fired up the liberal base but left the president empty handed. >> trying to get congress to
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pass the jobs bill now. telling fox that reid has been irked with series of strikes. continuing recently with the chief of staff giving a blunt interview to politico where he suggested that both parties have given the president fits. >> i think bill daley knew he had to do repair and upgrade of the relationship with capitol hill. >> daley is turning over some day-to-day responsibility to the man he replaced. former acting chief of staff. a one-time senate aide. lynn sweet, chicago veteran who has known daley for a decade says it's not a shakeup. >> he is the ceo of the operation to use corporate analysis. but sometimes it's mark of leadership to know where leadership is and bring in someone to strengthen the operation. >> some say it will be a
3:18 pm
corporate structure. daley has more the big picture ceo and roush the more daily chief operating officer. if they can stabilize the economy, all of this will be trivia. but it is a big if. >> stand by. the u.n. nuclear agency says it suspects iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. the latest report as we've been reporting on. now in detail. it outlines the evidence. including high explosive tes testing, modeling of a warhead. preparatory work. developing and mounting a nuclear payload on to the intermediate range missiles. are they buying into it? >> the white house is exciting because some of the previous
3:19 pm
hit tehran autonomy but has done very little to stop the nuclear weapon program. so more sanctions may not be the answer. the second big concern is what does israel do here? speculation they may launch a strike against iran and take out the nuclear efforts altogether. face it, the white house is reaching out to israel. they don't have a good relationship with israel right now. it could blow this up to a different state. >> bret: sure. we'll follow this. stale a -- thank you, ed. still ahead -- newt gingrich answers our questions and yours from the center seat. next up beware of the open microphone especially when you are talking trash about another world leader. we'll explain. so benny, i'm proud of you. welcome to the 21st century.
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>> bret: in world headlines, italian prime minister silvio berlusconi said he will resign after lawmakers pass reforms demanded by the european union. berlusconi won a budget vote earlier today but most lawmakers refrained from voting denying him parliamentary majority. the dow in the u.s. gained 102. the s&p 500 was up 15. the nasdaq finished ahead 32. we learned a short time ago mortgage giant fannie mae wan wants another $7.8 million in federal aid to cover lawsuit. last week freddie mac asked for more tax money. for decade they both received billions in bonuses this year despite the losses. time after time, we have shown you clips of politicians saying something when they thought no one was listening. we have another one tonight and it includes president obama and his counterpart from france talking about another major power.
3:24 pm
>> the statesman has become a staple of modern summitry. the most recent example of last week's g-20 gathering where french president sarkozy could be heard israel's prime minister. netanyahu i can't stand him, he is a liar, he told mr. obama. mr. obama said you are sick of him butvy to work with him every day. >> it really is indicative of the attitude and policies that this administration has had toward israel. >> the tension between president obama and netanyahu was hard to miss six months ago but today the white house wasn't acknowledging it at all. the president's position has been quite clear said press secretary jay carney, both sides israelis and palestinians need to take the steps that bring them closer together. >> what they need to do is be serious and stop doing this. >> at the g-8 five years ago, george w. bush was caught cursing with tony blair days after condoleezza rice engaged in 20 minutes of open might
3:25 pm
testiness with her frequentermenter lavrov. he many sat on the exchange citing that press customs a paris correspondent for "new york times" accent of geography. >> if it happened in america it would have immediately leaked. once they published it, of course, all bets were off. now even the french press started to cover their own story. >> not talking about this so far at least not near a microphone is the israeli prime minister. but an aide to mr. netanyahu had been quoted downplaying the ips dept saying everyone talks about everyone. that, bret baier, is indisputably true. >> bret: thank you. no grapevine tonight. gingrich joins us in the center seat in a few minute. but first, the fox all-stars with their take on herman cain's news conference today. [ wind howling ]
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i saw ms. allred and her client yesterday in that news conference for the very first time. i tried to remember if i recognized her. and i didn't. i tried to remember if i remembered that name. and i didn't. the charges and the accusations i absolutely
3:30 pm
reject. >> bret: herman cain in arizona earlier. we're starting the panel discussion early tonight to make room for center seat with newt gingrich. the panel line-up this evening, steve hayes for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist for hill and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. before we begin, another of herman cain's accusers coming forward with these allegations. one of the two women who settled with the national restaurant associations she was anonymous up until tonight. she has come out. karen kraushaar. she just moments before the show started released a statement saying, "the reason sexual harassment is so difficult to prove is that workplace sexual predators try to make sure the victim is alone when the harassment takes place. the incident in question occurred many years ago. corroboration may still be possible with some of the incidents and in some cases it may be possible to find witnesses. for 12 years i honored the confidentiality agreement by
3:31 pm
required by law. only after media pursued a tip confronted me with it. reliving it is painful it's no longer private matter but matter of public interest. if my employer will allow it will appear with a press conference and our attorneys to present what happened and the court of public opinion can consider allegations as ad be of evidence. she does work for the government, the u.s. treasury department, i believe. back with the panel. steve, put it in perspective and herman cain's news conference today. >> nobody other than herman cain and his accusers know what transpireed. nobody knows that. as you watch the coverage of this and listen to people on all sides of it, it's fascinating to me to hear people who are in favor of herman cain and those who believe the women speak with
3:32 pm
certitude they know what went on. you can't know that. all you have to go on is claims of the women, and what herman cain said in the news conference. the only way to judge this is how he has handled it and what he has said since being accused. ill's imperfect way to judge it but it's the only way we have. in the press conference today he tried to put an issue to bed and he failed. i didn't happen. i think he raised many more questions than he answered today. >> bret: juan? >> i thickeners cain cleared the waterfront. if he is lying in any way, he has exposed himself greatly. he says this simply didn't happen. and he said that he doesn't even know this woman. >> bret: he said he would take a lie deck techor test. >> he said this is a troubled woman. he has put himself if a position if you want to take shots right now and you have any evidence to the contrary, he is wide open. he put himself in a vulnerable position but it's also a haily
3:33 pm
credible position. he is staking the entire game, his entire candidacy on this. as far as dropping out, he says it ain't going to happen. >> bret: he did say he didn't remember sharon bialek at all. didn't even remember her name. there are people who saw them talking. >> correct. >> bret: at tea party event a month ago. >> he said he had no memory of this woman. with regard to kraushaar he said again that this allegation was looked into and found not to have any basis. personnel matter between her and the national restaurant association. if people have another story to tell, he is sitting there. but he cleared the deck in my opinion. he put himself and his character back in the middle. >> bret: one thing he did say today that raised some eyebrows is the point of who may be behind this. take a listen and listen to his chief of staff on this show a week ago. >> these anonymous allegations are false. now the democrat machine in america has brought forth a troubled woman to make false
3:34 pm
accusations. >> rick perry and his campaign owe herman cain and his family an apology. both rick perry campaign and politico did the wrong thing by reporting something that wasn't true. to anonymous sources. >> well, it is unfortunate that herman cain who was claiming to be the victim of unsubstantiated accusations should himself accused the perry campaign and now the democrat regime of something without any evidence whatsoever. in kraushaar's statement herself she said the tip came from the nra, implying it wasn't political operatives. i would say that the person in cain's position and i'm not doubting his defense. i'm simply saying not good if you are the victim of accusations that you say are baseless to be making the same
3:35 pm
thing against others. >> bret: he is running for president. and after the break, he will sit down and answer our questions and yours. former speaker of the house newt gingrich in the center seat next. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster. there's so many choices... the ts love it! [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. as much as you like any way you ke, all for $15.99. offer ends soon. my name is angelarapp, and i sea food differently. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only with berty mutual auto insurance,
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>> bret: tonight we welcome to our center seat former house speaker current republican presidential candidate newt gingrich mr. speaker, thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> bret: well, listen, there are some in the washington pundit arena who in the summer said your campaign was all but dead. some of them may have even been sitting on this panel. now, you look at national pol polls. "usa today"/gallop, you are at 12% in third place. in the des moines register poll, you are at 7%. although anecdotally in iowa you are doing very well from the crowd size. what is the path? what is the path to the nomination? what do you tell supporters to through the who are
3:39 pm
questioning whether you have the support staff and the ability to make this happen? >> first of all, this summer we came close to not survivin surviving. i think there was a period there when it was reasonable to wonder what was going on. we built a campaign of solutions. if you go too you will see a proposed 21st century contract with america americans, pretty elaborate and the most substantive of any campaign in recent times. we are now methodically doing better and better. people both from the debate and the various speeches are responding strongly. there were three major speeches in iowa in the last ten days. i think in every news story said we won all three events. that were multiple candidate events. we see it in the fundraising. we have raised $2 million in five weeks which is almost as much as we raised, almost as much in the rest of the campaign. it's accelerating. largely online. we are opening offices in iowa, new hampshire, south
3:40 pm
carolina. we already have offices in georgia and florida. i think we will continue to accelerate. >> bret: do you have to win iowa? >> we have to be in the top two or three in iowa and competitive in new hampshire, that may be his strongest state in the country, either that or massachusetts. our goal is to win south carolina. to go on and win florida. from that point on be a very competitive environment. >> bret: on "meet the press" you were asked about paul ryan medicare plan. this is what you said. >> i don't think right wing social engineering is any more desirable than left wing social engineering. i don't think imposing radical change from right or the left is a gad way for free society to operate. >> bret: charles? >> the radical engineering in that case i suspect was the fact that the ryan plan would substitute existing medicare for a subsidy with the government, will give the subsidy for individuals to buy
3:41 pm
private insurance. romney has come out with a plan that incorporate what is ryan is doing but would add the alternative of keeping immediate care as it is. is that your position and is that not radical social engineering? or is it less radical social engineering? >> you should go back and play david gregory's question. david gregory said if there is a very unpopular plan, he said ryan. >> bret: that was the plan on the table. >> he said if something is very unpopular should republicans ram it through? we just lived through obamacare being rammed through. my advice having successfully passed welfare reform successfully reformed medicare in '96, balanced the budget for four years in a row for the only time in your lifetime. my advice is you ought to make sure people understand what you are doing and they support it. now i do think romney has
3:42 pm
improved. i suspect paul would agree. romney improved paul's proposal because he does allow you to say you can take money and stay in current system or go over to get brand new. >> is that your position? >> that is not, i wouldn't object to that. that is a piece of it. it is a much largeer question if you talk about healthcare. but there is another part to that. i would make that offer next year. fine, if the choice is let's allow people to have a choice of private sector insurance plan, which they buy. and i also as congressman tom price does allow them to pay more from their own pocket if they want to. you can go to a voluntary premium support plan this next year. that is assuming you think people want it. now -- >> do you think people want it? >> i think some people will want it. a lot of people will be very cautious. but i think imposing it is a real gamble. >> that is the radical social
3:43 pm
engineering. giving no alternative? >> i think when you impose on people no alternative, about a plan they don't understand, that they think is at the center of their life, it's very dangerous for any party. >> bret: juan? >> mr. speaker, you started the drill here, drill now movement through your group solutions now. over the weekend there were several hundred protesters protesting against the pipeline. there have been spills, accidents. and do you have any reservations about backing a pipeline or more drilling given the bad track record? >> first, there isn't a bad track record. i don't think alaskan would suggest to close the pipeline or any texan would suggest you close pipeline of texas. if you look at map of u.s. and pipelines around the country it's astonishing how much natural gas and oil we move around in this country.
3:44 pm
extraordinarily safe record. most of the allegation against the keystone pipeline are baloney. they involve a supposed threat to the aquake for which is gee lodge -- aqua forewhich is geological impossible. the president doesn't want to make environmentalists mad and he doesn't want to infuriate everyone who wants a job. in the middle of 9% unemployment he is doing what he used to do as a state senator. voting present. >> you think what happened on the gulf, no problem? >> i don't know of anyone in louisiana who isn't angry that the president crippled their economy and cost over 100,000 jobs. basically, forced the major big deep drills to leave. when a company issues a report that says because of political instability we're moving to the congo. there is something profoundly wrong with obama administration. >> i want to stick with energy
3:45 pm
play. and start with an ad you started a couple of years ago. >> we don't always see eye to eye, do we, newt? >> no. but we do agree the country should take action to address climate change. >> we need cleaner form of energy and we need them fast. >> that was striking that from me. striking ad for a lot of republicans around the country. is the earth warming? if so, why is it warming? and what is that urgent action we need to take? >> first, that is probably the dumbest single thing i've done. it is inexplicable that somebody used to say, you know, there aren't enough "a" wagons to stand on to get people to understand that. you just need to relax and go that was dumb. >> were you held hostage? >> no. that was dumb. i was trying to do something i failed to do. i do think it's important for conservative to be in the middle of the debate over the environment. it wrote a book with terry maple called contract with europe, outlining a promarket,
3:46 pm
proentrepreneur, innovative environmentalism. let me say first of all, this will probably get me in interesting arguments. i don't know whether global warming is occurring. vast majority of science says it is, minority says it is not. science is not voted on. it's a function of truth. what i do know is that if you look at exactly what was said in that ad, finding innovative new ways to get cleaner energy ought to be something most americans feel comfortable with. i testified against cap and trade. the same day al gore testified in favor. we fought to defeat it in the senate. i don't think you should have a gigantic central government model of solution. >> did you back then? or no? >> back then i said look, i'm an amateur paleontologist. the earth temperatures go up and down over geologic times over and over again.
3:47 pm
as recently 7,000 years ago the gulf stream quit for 600 years. there was no warm water. then it started up. nobody knows why it quit or started up. i'm agnostic. but i say to all of my conservative friends don't assume automatticly the national academy of sciences is wrong. say to the national academy don't assume that vote by renowned scientists is nestle true. >> bret: speaker, we will have more with you and the panel after quick break. don't forget to log on. your questions on "special report" online.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: we're back with former house speaker newt gingrich in the center seat. now to foreign policy. charles? >> bret: be speaker, the iaea will deliver a report in a couple of days to show that
3:51 pm
iran is clearly on a path to acquiring a nuclear weapon. could be on the threshold. if you were president today, what would you do about that? would you threaten or would you carry out a military strike? and if you didn't, and the israelis were going to, would you give them a green light, yellow light or a red light? >> well, if the israelis decide as matter of national survival they have to eliminate the iranian nuclear anatomy support them. i don't think the united states has a moral right to say to the country whose people have done through a holocaust. two nuclear weapons is a holocaust. i think to ask them to take that risk is unconscionable. now let me go back to the united states. we're vastly more powerful than israel. i think this country, i said this as always since 2001, this country should have as its policy with reagan, thatcher and pope john paul ii
3:52 pm
did in the 1980s. we should be for replacement of the current regime. we should apply economic real sanctions. cost case blockade flow of gas to the country and cripple their economy. actively subsidize the group in the country and help them with communication groups and other things and make it clear we're replacement of the regime. anyone who sustains the regime and engages in about of violence of human rights should be expected to be tried as criminal. break them down as rapidly in possible in north korea and iran. we keep trying to find ways to deal with regimes that are outlaw regimes in. in the iranian case they have a leader overtly calling for destruction of israel and defeat of united states in a country consistently fought us since 1979. we keep pretending that there is some common ground. >> if regime change is over
3:53 pm
the horizon, and they are on the threshold of acquiring a nuke, would you consider, would you carry out a military strike? given that our capacity is more effective. >> in a hypothetical circumstance. >> it's not hypothetical. >> it's hypothetical in the sense you have to be in the room and make your best decision at the moment. there are ways to take out things and start with covert operation. i favor covert operation and also support them taking out the only refinery in the country. you can bring the country to a halt in 30 to 60 days. >> last week, major general pete fuller was dismissed in afghanistan because of comments he made criticizing hamid karzai after karzai hate he would side with pakistan in a war against the united states. do you think he should have been fired? if not, why not? >> look, i don't think it's
3:54 pm
generally a good -- i don't know what is going to happen to his career, as opposed to being reassigned. but i think it's generally in the a good idea for two-star generals to pick arguments with presidents. i once went to see a great commander don starry three-star at the time. i wouldn't see him. i was writing a book. before i got to congress. he had been sent back because he had given a speech at a high school where he explained the real likelihood of war was between russia and china. the carter administration thought the three star general commander of corps shouldn't be speaking like this. they talked sincerely, got a fourth star and i worked with him for years. but i do think it's fair to say generals ought to be relatively cautious about public speeches and probably shouldn't take on the host country president. >> bret: juan? >> mr. speaker, you know, whether we like it or not, the voters and the media are very interested in your personal life. >> okay. >> and your daughter wrote i
3:55 pm
guess back in may trying to clear up an episode that has become sort of legendary about you and your wife and first wife in a hospital. serving divorce papers. it wonder given the personal baggage and it's so widely discussed that this is too much baggage and would prevent you winning in the primary or the general election. >> well, the number of nonnews people who ask me about it is remarkably small. jackie cushman is my daughter and has a website. you can look her up. she wrote her experience as my daughter. you will find it's thoroughly explain and that particular story is false, a lie. >> what about the baggage? >> bret: we will follow up on this question and many others online. more substance and viewer questions as well. special report online. mr. speaker, thank you very much. stave tuned to see one way
3:56 pm
speaker gingrich apparently deals with some critics on the road. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. ford fusion has now been named the most dependable midsize car by jd power and associates. we go to kimberly. any thoughts on this news? i have no idea what's goin on. we are out. what was that? they told me it's the most dependable midsize sedan and
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>> bret: finally tonight, occasionally candace are confronted on the road by critics of opposing ideologies and sometimes those kit particulars critics do interesting things to get attention like throwing a pie or sprinkling glitter. apparently speaker gingrich tried something different in iowa. >> stop the hate. ♪ ♪ want your bad romance ♪ >> bret: i didn't know you had the moves. >> check it out. >> bret: we looked long and hard for that one. it wasn't reality tv. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," f


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