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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 9, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PST

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november 21. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. that is it for this special election coverage. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, mc for this year's boys on ice. it is with house boys and ice. if you are thinking of attending come early before they thaw. now to andy levy for a pre game report. an -- andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the gop presidential hopeful herman cain says all of the sexual harassment allegations are senseless. and budget airline ryan air thinks about a pay per view pornography package for its sad, lonely passengers. and bill clinton thinks the president should be allowed to serve more than two terms, but whether it should include
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foreign born ones. >> thank you, andy. >> here we go. let me guess, this is where you reference me being stupid? >> my plan is to tell an interesting story. seriously, the word dunce comes from a philosopher .'s -- philosopher. his view fell out of favor. it became synonymous with idiot. sigh seriously? >> yes and wearing a hat means a .y dunce cap. >> i thought you were going to make fun of me, but that is pretty interesting. >> told. -- told you. i wonder why you never heard that story before. >> happy dunce day. >> let's welcome our guests. she is cuter than a care bear tap dancing in a doll house made of puppies. i am here with fox newschannel patti ann browne. check out her boots. and he is so sharp he can chop wood with his thoughts.
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i would like to welcome a first time guest, larry o'connor. and failure wreaks of him. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so bright that the sun is told not to stair directly at him. it is tucker carlson. fox news contributor and editor in chief of "the daily caller." and he is a total fake who should drowned in a lake. it is our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> the bureau intends to report that the prime minister silvio berlusconi will be retiring very soon. a little advice for the prime minister. loosely translated that is the sooner you resign the easier it will be for you to acquire all manor of boobies without the evil press or unwashed masses.
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>> gio i didn't know you were bilingual. >> i am t ry lingual. >> he used a presser to address her. herman cain took accusations of sexual harass harassment head on the at a phoenix press n conference. i wonder if he tried to remember if he rec cog easy -- recognized sharon bialek and didn't. >> i tried to remember if i recognized her, and i didn't. i tried to remember if i remembered that name, and i didn't. the charges and the accusations are absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen.
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>> not enough flags there. and might he wonder, could these anonymous allegations by false and perhaps the democrat machine in america has brought forth a troubled woman to make accusations? >> the fact is, these anonymous allegations are false, and now the democrat machine in america has brought forth a troubled woman to make false accusations. >> anyway, is this becoming a game of harassment whack a mole for cain? probably now that a fifth accuser has popped up. she is a former employee of a government agency who allegesthat in 2002 -- did i say her name wrong? >> no, it is just a funny name. >> it is a great name. roll that down. i lost my track. she alleges that in 2002 following a speech cain made in egypt he asked her,, quote, could you put me in touch with that lovely young lady who asked me the question so i can give her a more thorough
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answer over dinner? when donna said she didn't wanna and suggested a group dinner instead c eight n agreed and ordered $400 of wine and stuck her with the bill. have to admire that. one thing herman cain left no doubt about was what herman cain thinks about the bhol -- the whole mess. >> a businessman by the name of herman cain stepped forward. i can't tell you what the motivation is other than it is to stop herman cain. some people don't want to see herman cain get the republican nomination. and some people don't want herman cain to become the president of the united states of america. that's one thing herman cain say a lot of the american people know. that's the person herman cain is. >> so greg gutfeld wants to know what you -- what's your -- i thought he did a pretty good job. >> can we just stop pretending? i like the whole fidel castro,
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third person thing. i don't know what happened with these women, the he said, she said, she said thing. he is not qualified to be president, and we are all pretending he is. he is a nice guy. i know him, i like him. he would be a better president than the current president, but he can't explain it in an economic plan. >> isn't that all we need is somebody better than obama? >> there are people better than obama. we all have to sit and pretend, herman cain would be a great president. he would be great at a lot of things, but he is not qualified to be president. we had to pretend he isn't. i wish we could stop and acknowledge this was a serious election. it is a crummy selection, but there has to be someone who understands the issues better than herman cain. >> i should coin this as a he said they said. i don't think anybody said that yet. no one said that yet. i am going trademark that. maybe i will make a couple of t-shirts.
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halvsie spirts and sleeveless. what do you make of this mess? it seems to be helping mr. cain. >> yes, he is getting more air time. that's for sure. newt gingrich is kicking himself right now. if -- he is saying "if only i would have played it smoother." here is what i think. i love the fact that earlier today on fox news he said he is outraged by the media going after this fearsome man -- mandego of a man. >> i saw that movie in the 70s. i don't have any memory of it except i liked it. who was in that movie? >> i don't know. but it was mandego tucker. >> is a mandego just ozzy costume play? >> no. >> pab, let's get back to the point.
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>> throw mandingo out there. >> call me. this woman filed for bankruptcy twice. does it matter she has been in court more times than a bailiff. she has been defending six lawsuits, i guess of don't know. does that matter in this case? >> you know, it starts to add up. cain referred to her as a troubled woman. and the more we hear about her, the more that seems to be the case. we don't have all of the facts , and i am not saying the accusations are not true. but this whole business of her going to see him speak a month ago at this tea party conference in chicago and this other woman who we had on fox earlier said she was determined to meet him. she kept saying, when is he coming? when he arrived she jockeyed for position. she got up to him and hugged him and grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear. she talked to him for awhile. there was nothing negative about it. she turned around and this woman said how do you know her? bialek said we met years ago.
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my boyfriend and i went to an after party at his hotel. she didn't say he is a creep. it was more like she was stalking him. >> i covered the monica thing for a year, more than a year. and i watched this unfold in pretty much the same way. >> almost every accuse inert monica story had uh -- accuser in the monica story had a -- i don't know if this is true. but the instinct to go after the chick and say she had bankruptcy -- who cares? who caresif gloria allred is a creep. are the charges true? did cain satisfactorily answer the questions? i don't think so. >> and the politics here. you say he is not qualified to be president. he is not running for president right now. he is running for the opportunity to run against obama. his team has fallen apart. they sent out a release saying she had the financial troubles. don't they realize the optics of that? they say who are you going to believe, the poor woman with
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financial problems or me? >> i like the guy a lot. but can you imagine given his behavior in the last week, can you imagine running the executive branch of the government? can we be honest? >> absolutely. >> can you imagine that? >> i kind of can. >> do you really? let's stop pretending. do we really think this guy is going to be a better president than the current one? may i finish? the current one got us out of afghanistan and out of iraq. we are on our way of being out of iraq. we have killed osama. we killed qaddafi. he doesn't know where this place is or where they are. >> i think you would be a better president than our current president. >> i would do it. but i don't have a flag lapel. and i get he likes america. we saw his lapel. but can we stop with patriotism when we are talking about another p-word. it is inappropriate. it is inappropriate.
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>> i just want to go back and say for a second that i wasn't trying to smear the accuser here, butt i do think it is relevant the -- but i do think it is relevant she went to see him speak and safer she cornered him and hugged him and stood there and watched his speech. to me that does go to -- that doesn't seem like the way you would behave if this man had sexually assaulted you. >> he wouldn't be on stage with gloria allred. i am not saying she is not. but i am saying that's not the point. that's just not the point. >> the fact she was on more morning shows than the "yo-gabba-gabba" cast is the point that she is looking for cameras. don't you think that cuts the deepest of all? >> there are several witnesses that they did hug and talk. >> i don't remember much of anything before 2004. >> this was a month ago.
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>> good point. >> he may have thought she was the manicurist from "legally blonde" and that's where they got confused. i want to move on because this story is more important. you were expecting a laugh, you should have gotten it. but we were just so tired. from a campaign to a frequent -- freckled chain gang, was lyndsay's stay in the pokey nothing short but a jokey? she said her custody was, quote, scary. but thanks to over crowding she served all four and a half hours out of her 30-day sentence for parole violation and never even mixed with the general population. or gen pop as i remember it being called. those were great times. in other lilo news they call it, quote, very classy, a classic tribute inspired by the original nude pictorial of marilyn monroe. hugh hefner said all of that.
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when i attempted to locate the leaked photos from the shoot without success, we turned to tom o'conneller our "red eye" sketch artist. a warning to all at home. these images are graphic. tom, good to see you. we couldn't get the actual photo spread, so after seeing them yourself you recreated them using the tools of your trade. this must have taken hours if not days, right? >> it actually took me all weekend. we were going to do this story last night, but i wasn't ready. but i think you are going to be surprised, pleasantly surprised, that it was well worth the wait. >> let's see the first one, please. >> the first one as you can is very classy, very comfortable. it is all about trust whether you doing a nude photo shoot. this was very classy. there was a nice diamond heart necklace. it was beautful and well done. >> that looks a lot like a primitive version of the picture in "the titanic" but
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drawn by a mentally disturbed person. are you sure this was in the magazine? >> the movie "titanic"? >> yes. >> never saw it. >> do you have more of the spread. >> i do. i have another one here. this one she wasn't feeling too well onset. so they called her priest in. unfortunately she got sick and vomited on him. >> tom, i'm sorry. that is a seen from "the exer cyst." that -- for one thing that doesn't look like marilyn monroe. >> i know the movie are you talking about, but i was born in 1981, and that movie was before my time. never saw it. >> i get it. you never have seen movies from before you were born. i don't believe that these were anything like the photos. do you have one you can convince me? >> i can definitely convince you with this one. as any ""playboy"" reader rec ognizes they went to the well for this one, a classic motif. "playboy" used it a thousand times before which is girl
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riding a tractor on the moon. >> you know what, you are absolutely right. this is a common theme that runs through all of the "playboy" play mates. they do it six or seven times a year. you got me. tom, great job as always. >> thank you very much, greg. >> take care. >> see you soon. >> probably not. sad man, pab. you are a huge lyndsay lohan fan. why would persecute thisscamp for liking to party? >> not a fan, i have to say. >> you know what, you are freck-lest. you don't like people with freckles. >> do you know how many i have under this make up? >> 438. i counted them. >> it is so tempting to say this she is getting off easy on her jail sentences which is the topic that i am more
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focused on. although the "playboy" spread will be very tasteful. but there is a jail overcrowding issuesand she gets out because the jails on overcrowded in california. >> it kills me, tucker because surely they could have found one nonviolent stoner in there that deserved to go home before her. >> she is a nonviolent stoner, greg. she is not a nasty nimph. >> it was in a nonviolent way. the story was in the associated press, and i am quoting now. she was given an additional week to turn herself in to lete her photo. that's a hire level of justice. >> i am using that excuse the next time i get pulled over. i can see you posing for any number of magazines, probably international mail the catalog. >> fox, are they going too easy on lyndsay or not easy enough?
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>> she was upset that she was only there for five hours. it gint give enough time -- it didn't give enough time for the pruno reference. breitbart is based in los angeles so we have people following the whole thing. >> with lyndsay you have to be on the ground. that's where she is. >> that's right. and we know for a fact that obama is be behind all of this. he is trying to get quick release of all celebrities when they get into trouble so he will have nobody to do fundraisers with. >> looking for quick release. >> bill, your "play girl" spread ruined your career. will lyndsay's "playboy" shoot help or hurt hers? >> it did nothing for my career. every time i gave them a submission they didn't return my letters. no one saw them. i love that hefner is saying that this is an homage to a marilyn monroe spread in the 50s and it was copied with lyndsay lohan already nude in new york magazine and now they
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are doing it again. basically classy means plagiarism with a side order of alzheimer's, i believe. that's basically what he is going for. better reft of ideas and bereft of anything in the magazine. >> bereft obama. >> i just want to make it to age 60 so i can see her at age 40. you know at 40 she will be like the third simpson sister along with patty and selma. she will be great, and she will have her own show. she will say, it is not in the constitution. >> are you right about the freckles though. this is not something you see in "playboy," not that i would know, but "playboy" you don't see freckles. there is something wonderful and intoxicating about the thought of a woman covering -- >> shut up, pervert. >> how many freckles do you have? coming up, should you ever look a news anchor in the eye when you see them in the hallway? we discuss patti ann browne's
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new book "don't even think about looking at me, you worthless sack of nothing. i will destroy you and your family before you wake up the next morning." wow, pab. we're not doing this story because we are going to do the other story we didn't get to. anyway, this looks like a porn film.
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i call it street carts, name defiled. it worked at the break. when it comes to food they are nothing but rude. that is what one eat reis saying of the occupy folks. the owner of panini bread across the street that protestors have been threatening her and her staff.
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she is cute, actually. anyway. -- anyway -- i lost my train of thought. she is looking at me like that. >> with that 80s rock look. >> they say the threats started after she asked them to stop using her bathroom as a place to bathe. after that her sink was broken and the bathroom was flooded causing $3,000 in damage. meanwhile in san diego, occupiers, the protesters there vandalized two vendors' coffee and hot dog carts. the vendors had been providing free stuff to the protestors when the occupy started, but when it stopped they turned against them. quote, both carts had items stolen, had their covers vandalized with markings and graffiti as well as one of the carts had urine and blood spattered on it." lucky cart. so this is just like the civil rights protest, right? elsewhere, tempers are flaring.
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>> wherever that is, i want to be there. you know what happened after they cutoff the tape? it is pretty amazing. people say oh you cherry pick this stuff, but now you have a barrel of cherries. *9 vendor has to be reported because it is a microcosm. when you give, give, give, the taker hates you more because they reseptember -- they recent you. when they stop giving, they come after you. >> it is a barrel full of blood and urine. those are the two words you don't want associated with your protest movement. >> or your food trucks. >> blood, urine, pushing the ladies down and assaulting our cameraman. if you were a bunch of right wingers writing a theatrical wall street movement and you
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submit that script people say that is too over the top. this is a parity of filthy, stupid, violent lefty. >> it is bizarre. howdy praifed do you have to be to throw urine in blood -- urine and blood? >> it is disgusting. >> it is a personal question. >> it is disgusting and a couple different crimes depending on where that blood and urine ended up. the comparisons between occupy wall street and here, there is nothing like this there, and they were hoping -- the critics were hoping for something like that. it has got completely out of control. >> we had a guy on last night who was very pro occupy wall street, and then he said if it ended in two weeks it would have been great. and it is in comparison to the guests that won't leave a party. is there anyway to salvage this? will it be romanticized ten years later? people will walk around going,
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i i was at occupy wall street. >> they have crappy music. in the 60s they had the same music. we have been cat tau logging these and he has a list. i think it is up to 190 items now, individual items. it is called the rap sheet of things that happen, sexual assaults, urine, feces. and the videos keep coming. we are getting complaints because we are putting so many of the videos up on the site. you talk about -- >> could you have a separate channel for this stuff. the problem with this phenomenon is it won't stop. for a show like this, it is not just that it is something that i find res nates with me is ta -- resonates with me, i believe this is how radicalism ends. it is interesting. it is fun fee stuff. it is weird stuff. >> we watch the live streams and i am hooked on them. but if you notice it is happening -- it really gets out of control only in urban centers run by a democrat
12:27 am
mayor or liberal may mayor -- mayor in the case of new york. >> only i can say that. >> the summer of love had the peace sign. the tea partiers had the tri-corn hat. shouldn't the sigh of the occupy wall street be a big roind mound of -- round mound of feces. >> what i want to know is is the the pure occupy yes,ccupie rz? >> i think what happened is and i said this yesterday or i think i did. there were a lot of good, serious people involved there. and the hard core people are the ones that -- >> there is one right across
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from my office. 15th and k street. i go through it all the time. they are morons. they sit and one person gets up and says, we are not going to take. it we are not going to take it say the monkeys in the background. >> at "the daily caller" you have reams and reams of this stuff. what is wrong with pinch? where are the "new york times" articles about what is going on. >> well, pinch can talk if we go to the camera. >> well, according to a late breaking news thing that happened, the new york -- the new york occupy yes, sirs were planning to go to dc. walking to dc. you are welcome, tucker. that was a side whether or not the people are being attacked by the occupy yes, sirs or the crack heads. the crack heads are only geting to jersey city. do you have a comment on the show in e-mail us.
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or direct line 212-462-5050. 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. >> tonight is sponsored by the vegetable pickle seasoned with chili, and the national food of korea. thanks kimchi.
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welcome back. we'll find out if we got
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anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> good. >> good. >> herman cain holds a herman cain press conference. first of all, you made fun of this woman, i guess who is now alleging that cain made her uncomfortable and stiffed her with the wine. she is actually one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> i don't believe that for a second. >> it is true. >> you know what, that is -- no. >> yes. >> no. >> if i say it, it is true. it is my job on the show. >> but she is not the one who was stiffed, right? she was the one who came out and said she wanted to meet this other woman, right? >> i think she was also the one who was stiffed with the bill at the dinner. >> she was stiffed with the bill. >> her and some other people. >> by the way -- >> that's not sexual harassment. >> no. >> i think that you can -- somebody like cain, they never
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pull out a wallet because they assume somebody else is taking care of it. they don't think it is you. they think it is -- >> we see it all the time. >> really? >> you asked if we stop pretending to see if cain is qualified to be president. i don't think we can, at least for a couple weeks or so. >> i like cain. >> a likable guy. >> there is an election coming. >> what is his foreign policy? >> he is afraid china may be getting thiewk clear weapons, and -- and i think they are true. >> other than the fact that he would let everyone in gitmo go if it would bring one u.s. soldier home, i have no idea what his foreign policy is. >> he doesn't either. >> it is not just me? >> no. >> i like that about him. >> you said there has to be
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somebody better that the republicans can run. who? >> that is a tough question. obviously it is governor gary johnson from mexico. >> i like to hear that. >> future "red eye" guest i might add. unless he watches the show and then changes his mind which has happened in the past. >> i believe boxer ken norton played mandego. >> i remember his name was mike. talking about the out back, right? >> no. >> also james mason and greg your favorite siewnz -- susan george is in it. >> i love susan george. one of the most under rated actresses of the 70s. >> but we are not going to talk about her anymore. pab, you said it is a little weird that cain said they have never met by y'all lick. when their witnesses were confirmed they hugged. you can meet hundreds of people and hug a bunch of them and then five minutes after you leave you have no idea
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what happened. >> that is absolutely true. but it because president just a ad -- but it wasn't just a hug. >> even more, it was happening at a hugging convention. >> it was a hugging and whispering convention. >> and it was a hug a stranger night which throws everybody into chaos. >> bill, the fact that obama has gotten us out of afghanistan and iraq is a pleasant surprise to our thousands of troops who were in afghanistan and iraq. >> there are troops still there. where we were even a year ago compared to now, wear out. and we are going to lose. >> tucker, you said cain has n answered the questions right. he said he never met her, so i would assume that encompasses no, he didn't. >> maybe it did.
12:37 am
there are a lot of women here. i give him the benefit because i think he is a good person, but i don't think we have answered the question. that's not even the point. the point is does he know enough about the world and the government? >> i think it is important to note that whether or not these women are telling the truth we have enough accusers to make a human centipede. a congress go line anyway. >> and we are back to mandego. >> lyndsay lohan, kudos to our guy for calling out "playboy" for the tacky over use of the girl on the track doing a moon shot. >> you know it is a december issue. they pull it out in december. >> larry, you said obama was behind lohan's quick release so she can fundraise for him. in 2008 she volunteered to get him involved in his presidential campaign including she said she would host a number of events for young people. it is not really the type of high-profile star who would be
12:38 am
a positive for us. >> i am surprised they turned that down. >> you would have never guessed that. tucker you called lyndsay a nonviolent stoner, but as greg eluded to, her original conviction was driving under the influence a second time. >> she shouldn't be driving. >> just take her license. >> grab her license. >> that's what i don't understand about rich people in l.a. why are you driving? >> my guess is she ain't rich anymore. >> it is a good question. >> and the worst drivers in l.a. are the ones who are paid to drive. i don't know if you ever noticed that. horrible driver. >> we are getting letters. >> don't worry. they can't write. >> occupy stuff. greg, i can't remember how badly you butchered the name of the owner of the panini and company. >> thank you for putting in the telement proker and not doing it phonetically.
12:39 am
anybody's name who starts with a t and a z you have to call somebody up and go what is the phonetic? >> it is actually what it looks like. >> she does look like the national tour of rock of ages though. >> i find her quite attractive. anyway, needless to say you should have pho net tau sized it no the prompter. >> i pushily didn't. >> i know. >> somebody took it out a couple times. we have fun like that. >> that's neat. >> pab, you said throwing urine and blood is disgusting. where do you get off? >> i am such a prude. >> this is not a judgmental show. we discuss the issues. >> i'm sorry. you are right. i was overly sensitive on that one. >> larry usaid the difference between these protests are the ones in the 60s have better music. the problem is they have better music now. crosby and nash i think. >> but if you play it
12:40 am
backwards it actually says mayor bloomburg is -- never mind. >> graham nash and david crosby. >> it is the usual suspects. >> neil young. >> he has too much class. bill, lastly you want to know if all of this disgusting stuff is coming from the pure occupy yes, sirs or from the homeless. anyway ns 99%. >> yes, but some believe in the cause and some don't know what they are. they are the 99%. >> you can't start saying it is us and them. it is the 99%, bill. >> when did i say that? >> i am saying they can't. >> some of them have been saying that and some of them haven't. >> they are not the 98% or the 97% or even the 98.9%. it is all of them. >> you annoy me 100%. >> back to you, greg. coming up, zach black is
12:41 am
dead, set against his new movie. first should bill clinton run again for president? no. away from angry husband? yes. good to see you.
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would th ry cree be -- would thrice be nice? president clinton would be allowed to serve a third term as long as they take time off after their second. he made the comment while sun bathing nude on the hood of a camero. actually it was something worse. it was called morning joe. >> shouldn't a president be able to serve two terms, take some time off and then run again? hospital americans have that choice -- shouldn't americans have that choice? >> yes, i do. i believe that should be the rule.
12:45 am
and as a practical matter you coobt apply it to -- you couldn't apply it to anybody served. but going forward i personally think that should be the rule. look at president reagan, 70 years old when he wasn't. john mccain was how old when he ran as president and he clearly had all of his capacity. >> let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooooouuuuuund. lightning round. >> tucker, why do you think he said this? >> because he is an incurable -- it is all about him. i am actually friends with the guy who asked the question, but imagine the suck up and don't you think if somebody as wundzful as you should be in office. and then the woman who is next to him who angles her head slightly. that's such a thoughtsful -- thoughtful question. so thoughtful. >> weren't there rumors about
12:46 am
them during the clinton administration? >> about mill bill and mika. >> to be fair, there were rumors about everyone and bill clinton. >> pab, do you think he only met democrats and not republicans? i know he brought up regan, but he meant only the people he likes. >> and won't you only prefer the presidents who are -- >> no, i am not an idealog. >> how do you accept that? >> we have built in term limits. they are called elections. if we are not happy with somebody we vote them out. if somebody is doing an exceptional job, you can let them stay. i agree with the break. if somebody stays too long they are entrenched and can consolidate their power. >> they should turn the term into perm limits.
12:47 am
you can stay so long if you have a perm. the i'm praf classes helping, larry. wouldn't a third term be awesome? >> for business. >> he would get into a lot of fan serks fun things. >> bill clinton was president after the advent of the cell phone with the video camera. >> first of all, kudos to you for opening morning joe to more people that have ever seen morning joe. it was sad to see it. what i think bill clinton should do is replace heff on the "girls next door" show. he caused more damage that way. >> bill isn't the real truth here is that clinton is a glutton for food, women and power, and this is his way of saying, i never want to leave the buffet? >> it is true. but i will go back to a quote that said, "what did you have a problem about the clinton president presidency, the pros prosperity and the peace, and
12:48 am
i am half serpent." there is a reason because roosevelt was incapacitated for the last few months. regan got alzheimer's very soon after his last term. >> no, he didn't. >> early 90s. >> not very soon. >> he would have gone into his third term. there is a reason we do this. >> you don't want somebody so engrained they will do anything they can to stay in it. >> it is time to take a break, but we will be back with something. stick around.
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welcome back. a french website, didn't know they had them there, but good for you. the report that president obama and nicholas sarkozy were caught on an open mic. i didn't know they did comedy. they were at the g-20 summit talking trash about benjamin netanyahu. obama was asking the french president to stop the palestinian effort to gain u.n membership when sarkozy told obama, quote, netanyahu, i hardly met him. netanyahu, i can't stand him.
12:53 am
he is a liar and a lawyer. and obama replied, you are sick of him, but i have to work with him every day. tucker, who cares? the big question is will this affect your relationship with netanyahu? >> i don't know. remember back three years ago, this was the president who was going to raise the esteem of america in the eyes of the world and bring us back to our rightful places. and here he is again embarassing the country. i would take a u.s. president's side over any other president. truly. >> per accept tiff. -- perceptive. you work at fox. has this ever happened to you? >> when ever i trashed you i made sure my microphone was not on. this came up during the wikileaks thing saying these diplomats and these world leaders say a lot of things
12:54 am
negative about the other world leaders that are supposed to be kept behind closed doors. and then they say, no i am with you. that guy is a jerk and they go back and forth. diplomacy is ugly and people say these things and it is best for us to just not know about it. i still think silence on the part of president obama would have been better than shining and piling on. >> isn't that what everybody does when somebody says something, you play along? >> reporting it, you know how everybody was giving herman caith foregoing on the show, they should go on "gossip girl." did you see what tie he is wearing? the it is the president of the united states. that's the thing you do when you are polite. i do it all the time when people talk about bill. sometimes i say it to myself. >> he does, and that is always on air. >> was there a question?
12:55 am
>> to follow-up with what tucker said -- >> go ahead. >> thanks. >> at this point we have -- america has lower ratings than egypt right now than when that evil george bush is president. and that can only be bill schulz's fault. >> and on that note we will close things up with andy levy. to see recent clips go to there is andy.
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i will see you back at 5 p.m. eastern time for "the five." and the politics channel at 3:00 p.m. eastern. coming up next time, we have allen cobert, business anchor lori wafman and allen combs. >> back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> tucker, are you starting a show at qt the daily caller."
12:59 am
don't miss it. >> i won't miss it. larry, special day. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> pab. >> oh crap, it is my anniversary. happy anniversary sabrina. thank you for reminding me. how did you know? >> did you marry your cat? >> she is a teenage witch. >> she is not a witch. >> where can people find you on twitter? >> larry o'connor with an or at the end. >> pab, what was your son for halloween? >> batman. he had the muscle suit and the cape and the mask and it was adorable. >> excellent. >> i need that back, by the way. >> the muscle suit? >> have to get it taken in before next year? >> yes. >> proud of yourself there, aren't you? >> back to you, greg. >> it is okay for me -- i made that -- it is called self-d


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