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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 10, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: a 53-second brain freeze throws cold water on the rick perry campaign. can he bounce back? president obama gives in to environmentalists delaying a decision on a major oil pipeline in the u.s.. the white house refuses to comply with a subpoena over the solyndra affair. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. it's pretty hard to turn on the tv today and not see texas governor rick perry. from early morning news shows to late night talk shows. the republican presidential candidate is in full damage control mode following a major slipup in last night's debate. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at perry's fall and the fall out. >> rick perry appeared on every network he could today.
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trying to put behind him his admittedly embarrassing inability to recall the third agency he'd cut as part of his own plan to shrink government. >> i stepped in it last night, that's for sure. there are agencies of government i'd like to forget and i forgot one last night. >> reporter: it was the most awkward 53 seconds in televised debate history. >> three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education and the -- what is the third one? let's see. i'd do away with education, commerce. and let's see. i can't, the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> perry appears on letterman tonight and will attend saturday's debate in carolina. newt gingrich got raves for mitigating the media question and debate rules. >> would you like to explain in simple speak to the american people what you would do after you appeal in
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president's healthcare legislation? >> in 30 seconds? >> take the time you need. >> they'd get on me. >> here we focus on character and judgment. you have been a ceo. [ booing ] >> the american people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion. based on unfounded accusations. >> over the last nine days, the voters have voted with their dollars. and they'll say they don't care about the character assassination. >> he raised $3 million since the allegation surfaced. $9 billion i$9 million in the lx weeks. a cain supporter joked about anita hill who accused kairns thomas about sexual harassment and cain joked back. >> the latest news today, anita hill is going to come -- [ laughter ]
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>> the lawyer for cain accuser karen kraushaar says he has not yet been able to arrange a news conference with the other women who complained about cain's alleged behavior. no major gaffe about mitt romney but he slipped on a little grilled on his record of flip-flops. >> i think people understand i'm a man of steadyest in and constancesy. i have been married to the same woman for 25 -- excuse me. i'll get in trouble. for 42 years. [ laughter ] >> if that is the worst kind of trouble mitt romney had, that debate may be the best night he has had on the campaign trail all year. bret? >> carl cameron, live in troy, michigan. carl, thank you. the perry story shows again how important the debates have become. if you like that, good. if you don't, correspondent doug mckelway reports on events that can now virtually make or break a candidate. >> when he announced this fall he visited all 99 iowa counties in his campaign for
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president, rick santorum was betting on a tried and true formula of retail politics. kissing the babies and pounding the pavement supplanted like this. >> welcome to dartmouth college in hanover, new hampshire. >> get to it. >> less than eight weeks until the first primary votes are cast, 13 debates are scheduled between now and april. even candidates who prefer face-to-face politicking find there is little room for it. >> what i think is happened is that the debate helped to nationalize the contest and have reduced at least for now the importance of person-to-person contact in the early voting sates. iowa and new hampshire. >> state republican party chairs complain that candidates are visiting less. senator charles grassley who visits each of iowa's 99 counties every year says it may come back to haunt candidates. >> if a candidate wants to win iowa based on doing well in the debates and the number of debates they have, as opposed to retail politics, i think they are making a big, big
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mistake. >> others suggest the value of retail politicking is overstated. >> frankly, rick santorum wouldn't see the light of day except for exposure he is getting on in the debate. >> the sheer number of debates up-ends another tried and true portion of politics that number equals exposure. >> mitt romney is capable of writing a check for $30 million himself has chosen to be spend less money than he did four years ago. >> newt gingrich has been rising in the poll despite very little money. >> all candidates are keenly aware that debating is risking. >> sorry, i can't. sorry. oops. >> the bigger risk may be choosing not to engage in the debate. many analysts think the grueling intensity has a darwinian component ensuring that the only the fittest survives to challenge the sitting president. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. >> bret: for the first time, election 2012 is coming to google plus. on november 15, join me in the first in a series of google
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pollution hangouts with governor mitt romney. we are looking for three participants to join in the chat. if you have a g-mail account and want to participate in the hangout, go to the google plus plag to tell us why you think we should select you and what you would ask governor romney. now a story involving two potentially explosive issues: energy and environment. we learned this afternoon that president obama will not make a decision right away on a controversial way to increase america's supply of oil of the senior white house foreign affairs has specifics. >> after week of pressure from environmentalists over a proposed oil pipeline from canada to gulf of mexico, the obama administration decided to delay the process. late today in a written statement, the state department announced it needs to undertake in-depth assessment of the potential alternative routes in nebraska. yesterday, 26 house republicans urged the president to approve the
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pipeline route in a letter saying your decision is crucial for both american job opportunities and energy security. environmentalists say the original route of the pipeline threatened nebraska's sand hill region and the aquaer if that supplies water -- abou aqur if. >> issue of public health. climb change. >> the american petroleum institute called it deeply disappointing and troubling. president obama took office firmly committed to put it on a low energy future but congress refused to go along with the carbon cap and trade system they feel would make renewable systems more competitive. in addition, solyndra half billion government back loan loss hasn't helped the public relations effort. the center for strategic and
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initial studies say an economic downturn and a period of high energy prices that threaten the u.s. and global economic recovery have moderated mr. obama's actions. would-be republican contender newt gingrich is ducking the issue. >> in the middle of 9% unemployment he is doing what he used to do as a state senator. voting present. >> some think the year to year-and-a-half delay of the keystone pipeline project effectively kills it. whether it does that, it puts it on the other side of the 2012 election maybe all the folks want. wendell goler, fox news. >> bret: application for unemployment benefit dropped and is the lowest since april. the average interest rate for 30-year fixed loan is 3.99%. the dow started strong today, then leveled off a bit,
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closing 113 points ahead. the s&p 500 gained 11. the nasdaq was up 3-1/2. the prospect of a former european union official as prime minister of italy helped calm market jitters today. economists mario monti has broad support to take over from silvio berlusconi who has promised to resign after economic reforms are passed. greece already has a new leader. senior bank erwas chosen after four days of power sharing talks. he will run greece's interim government as it seeks to cement a new european debt deal and stave off national bankruptcy. some members of the occupy wall street movement are not that opposed to using a wall street bank. that's later in the grapevine. but first, a horrible scandal and sudden end for legendary coach. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪
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>> bret: republicans in virginia have gained control of the state senate. to go along with the house and the governorship. democrats conceded a loss to republican bryce reeves this afternoon. margin of 222 votes is close enough for a recount if he wishes. the obama administration today refused to produce subpoenaed documents relating to the solyndra case. which wendell goler referred to earlier. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports the president spokesman says enough is enough. >> reporter: a noon deadline for the white house to comply with the subpoena on solyndra came and went with officials insisting they've turned over plenty of documents. >> we have been enormously cooperative with legitimate oversight in this area and others. in this investigation alone, we turned over 85,000 pages of documents. >> house republicans charged the administration produces lots of pages of energy department documents. but are asking congress to
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trust them, they aren't holding back any damaging white house memos. >> the white house doesn't really want to cooperate with our investigation, they appear to say as long as they everything is okay, it's okay. what we say is give us documents, give us the facts. >> facts uncovered this week may bunch a hole in jay carney's september claim in multiple visits to the white house, obama campaign fundraiser and solyndra investor george kaiser did not lobby for the company. >> he was involved in a lot of charitable efforts. and it's our understanding that while we haven't looked in to every meeting and that he might have had here, that that was the focus of his conversations. generally speaking at the white house. >> house republicans reveal that e-mail kaiser wrote to a solyndra board member in march of 2010. 2010.
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>> today, carney noted that e-mail was written months after solyndra had already gotten the loan. although was also months before the company got the original deal restructured so that taxpayers were moved to the back of the line in case of default. >> what i can point you to is george kaiser himself with the committee reaffirmed in his words he never lobbied this administration. >> white house officials also note republicans did not play up other documents. such as the kaiser e-mail in october 2010 saying, "i doubt whether roush browner would intervene." in reference to two top white house officials. >> despite what jay carney said at a briefing today about there being nothing to lobby on because the loan had been long approved the "washington post" reported that in fact, solyndra sought a second loan from the government. aren't the time in 2010 that
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george kaiser wrote the e-mail. officials insist the energy department quickly rejected the second request for money. bret? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. he spoke at a town hall event, a rarity for the top man at the central bank. but bernanke that he was campaigning for anything. tonight for the first time, in almost a half century, penn state university has a head football coach not named "joe paterno." a shocking child sex scandal has unseated the coaching legend and university president and thrown a huge shadow over the place that's long been called happy valley. >> angry and frustrated penn state students in the streets learning that head coach joe paterno had been fired along with the school's president to not do more reporting child abuse on campus. blocking traffic on downtown state college, students overturned a tv news van and
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vandalized property. police in riot gear used tear gas to disburse the crowd. but the controversy remains. spokesman said the decision to fire paterno who hours earlier announced his retirement at the season's end was unanimous. >> in consideration of all the facts. it was in the trustees' view it was in the best long-term interest of our university to make the change. >> according to the board spokesman, paterno was fired over the telephone. hundreds of students showed up outside his home to demonstrate their support. >> some students blame the coach for notting hillfying authorities after a graduate assistant in 2002 reported seeing a former member of the coaching staff sandusky in the
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showers with a young boy. he reported it to a school administrator but says he was never told what specifically took place. local radio host troy craig says he met sandusky at a summer camp when he was 11 years old and looking back said sandusky's behavior was inappropriate. >> the one thing that stands out most to me was of consistent right-hand on my left thigh as we were driving. as he is driving and i'm in the passenger's seat. it didn't matter if we were going 10 miles down the road or 30. brief car trip or long one, his hand would be on my thigh. >> at a news conference the governor said he endorses the board's decision to oust paterno. the scandal caused the highest level of attention in washington. one day after the department of education launched its own investigation. the white house said if the allegations are true, obama
3:19 pm
believes what happened here is outrageous. >> bret: david lee. thank you. another troubling sports story. police in venezuela are looking for a major league baseball player who has apparently been kidnapped wednesday night. they say ramos who plays if for washington nationals was taken from his home. in the town of santa ynes by four armed men. ramos was in venezuela to play for a local team in the off-season. police report they have found the vehicle used by the kidnappers. wednesday's first ever nationwide test of the emergency alert system had hits and misses. it was supposed to be a 30-second test and it was longer in some places. up to four minutes longer. non-existent in others. media reports say some viewers got lady gaga music instead of the alert. >> still ahead, nixon on weath gate. straight a -- water gate. straight ahead, why china is
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>> bret: other headlines five suicide bombers attacked an office in afghanistan today. it left three afghan police dead and two others wounded. three others blew themselves up at the entrance to the compound. remaning two killed by police. activists in syria say security forces killed 21 people today in raids and clashes with defectors. one of them an 8-year-old girl. iran supreme leader is warning the u.s. and israel of harsh response to strike his country
3:24 pm
over the nuclear program. he threatened a strong slap and iron fist from the iranian armed forces. russia and china today came out in support of iran. in the diplomatic quest for weapons. china is one of iran's few remaining friends as the isolation grows. senior correspondent eric shawn looks at why. >> next stop, iranian nuclear program, united nations security council. it willing, if anything, is expected to happen there with china largely in iran's corner. just today, chinese and russian dip low malts announced at a meetin meeting in moscow they won't support new sanctions on iran. both are seen as protectors of tehran, watering down the hardest hitting sanctions in part because in china's case it's iran's largest trading partner. estimated $40 billion this year alone, enough to block meaningful in action.
3:25 pm
even obama administration allies are calling on the white house to try and do more. >> what china is doing as i understand it is avoiding the kind of economic squeeze we want to put on iran that could force it not go forward with nuclear weapons. that is a disgrace. we ought to be tougher than we have been. >> countless chinese firms are accuse of of secretly helping iran build the knick program. in new york, a chinese company was indicted on 118 counts of providing missile and nuclear technology. others have been sanctioned by the u.s. and its allies. >> chinese companies are found supplying iran with critical parts like carbon fiber for the centrifuges. in addition, china has been involved in the iran ballistic missile program part of a nuclear weapons program. >> security council resolutions appear to have little effect. >> we have had multiple sanctions against iran. yet, it has not resulted in a change of behavior.
3:26 pm
>> china denied any dealings with iran. we asked for interview with china officials in the u.s. but told they were unavailable because they're attending the asia-pacific economic cooperation meeting in hawaii. president obama will be there, too. in new york, i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> bret: marine corps is celebrating the 235th birthday. created november 10, 1775. captain samuel nicholas was authorized to form two battalion of marines to help in the fight against the british. happy birthday to the marine corps. semier phi. the 890% -- 90% solution for the gulf oil spill up next in the grapevine. the 99% crowd from the occupy wall street join the other 1%. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus.
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3:31 pm
up. some occupy members are uncomfortable using wells fargo. but the group calls it a time sensitive issue. >> gulf coast residents say clean-up from b.p. oil spill is not finished. even though the government says the company is no longer responsible. as we told you wednesday, b.p. only has to pay for oil that come ashore. if it is proven to be from the deep water horizon spill. the "new york times" reports the company admits it will be harder to establish that link as time passes. estimates are that 10% of the oil remains and residents are still spotting tar balls and mattes of weathered oil in the sand. a louisiana fishermen says, "it may be the end for them, but we're at the end of our rope. we can't catch a fish to save our soul." finally, how much is too much when it comes to media coverage of the herman cain sexual harassment scand? that was a question posed by the "washington examiner"
3:32 pm
which noted that in the first five days after the scandal broke before any accusers had come forward or been named, politico had already published over 90 stories. the current count is 157. which represents about 13% of politico stories in that time frame. such coverage is evidence of politico's liberal bias according to news busters, a conservative blog that notes the entire 21 months leading up to the 2008 election, politico published 158 stories. one more than the cain coverage allegation so far about president obama's ties to jeremiah wright. 78 articles about obama's ties to domestic terrorist bill ayers and only 51 pieces linking the president to convicted felon tony rescoe. now to another story about another president. the only one who left office in disgrace. tonight, we are hearing from richard nixon in historic fashion. our own resident water gate
3:33 pm
historian, chief washington correspondent james rosen reports on secret grand jury testimony that is secret no more. >> reporter: it was june 1975, when expresident richard nixon spent 11 hours over two days in a coast guard facility adjacent to his san clemente home fielding questions from water gaters and two drand jurors from washington. "i am not going to be loose with my tongue and try to cooperate with you in a vendetta." he scolded a young prosecutor, don't put words in my mouth and make he lie about something. >> i had no knowledge whatever of the water gate break-in before it occurred. >> nixon repeated that to the grand jury. it learned about the break-in florida. i saw the chief of staff and we rode back on the plane together and discussed this to be terribly wrong and utterly stupid activity. nixon was determined to cover other subjects like predecessor lyndon johnson. he told me emotionally the greatest mistake he made was
3:34 pm
after his election in his own right in '64, in not firing all the people or virtually all the people he inherited from the kennedy administration and getting his own people in. here also are nixon's most extensive comments six pages of them still redacted about yeoman charles radfer, the stenographer found to have stolen pages from the office and deliver them to the pentagon and sendcated columnist. it was vitally important he be tapped to see whether the mania he developed for leaking was continuing. the expresident added, does open that can of worms because there is more. he was a direct channel to the joints chiefs of staff. >> i suppose it has occurred to you to have check mcnamara bland trust. >> also released were 45 minutes of the dictabelt recording. and one where an aide discussed with the colleague role of white house counsel john dean in the paint of hush money to men arrested at water
3:35 pm
gate. >> i took 40. >> the grand jury testimony which nixon gave voluntarily unsealed by a federal district judge this year following a petition by historian stanley cupper and the group public citizen. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> the son of news corp. chairman rupert murdock told british lawmakers he was kept in the dark about illegal reporting methods at now defunked news of the world tabloid. he blames two sub boardnants keep information from him. several members of parliament accused murdered more of conflicting stories in the testimony. they're the parent company of fox news. we'll talk about rick perry lapse in concentration and the rest of the g.o.p. field when the fox all-stars join me after the break. ♪
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i stepped in it, that's for sure. matter of fact, i think still some of it stuck on my feet,
3:39 pm
but you know, the fact is there are a lot of americans out there that were not unlike me they think about federal agencies they'd like to forget. i certainly had that agency of energy stuck on -- it wasn't even on the tip of my tongue. >> governor perry on fox today. he has been on and will be on a number of shows throughout the day about his debate performance. one particular segment and 53 seconds that caught everybody's attention. caught attention of governor romney or it appeared that way. he was telling a story today in michigan. and caught some reporters by surprise. >> when i was a kid, my mom read from a book. it was called men to match my mountains. the title of the book "men to match my mountains" was taken from a poem, from new jersey
3:40 pm
poet. i learned the first four lines. and even i can learn four lin lines. >> bret: didn't know if it was a direct jab or not. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." charles layne editorial writer for "washington post." syndicated columnnist charles krauthammer. about the perry situation. charles? >> i was watching it live and i was dying like everyone else watching it. everybody has had an incident. i once was at a holiday dinner, large number of people, at the end of which i decided i was going to do a toast to the hostess. as i launched in to it, i realized i could not remember her name. i had known her for 20 years. the more i tried to remember it, the more i panic. i realize a thelma and louise moment, going over the cliff. it pull a parachute and raise my glass to the splendid lady of the house. everybody looks at me as if
3:41 pm
i'm extremely strange and of course i am. i think i escaped. on the way home, my son younger at the time, says, "hey dad, you couldn't remember her name, could you?" i said absolutely not. if i had been a texan, i would have said oops. this is a moment. everybody understands and has had. the problem it's perry. there is an anecdote or incident that reinforces a previous stereotype. it really sticks. that is why it is going to stick to him. he hasn't done well in debates and he didn't look as if he was intellectually nimble. it's hard to escape. >> bret: if he wanted attention today, chuck, he got it. he was on every morning talk show. he is doing david letterman tonight and on fox and on greta's show tonight. can he bounce back from this? >> he is doing the only thing he can. to show a sense of humor about it. try and joke. at his own expense. you know, gets credit for that. but let's face it, charles is right.
3:42 pm
another candidate for whom this is a one-time event could shake it off. this is the fourth or fifth and by far the worst time rick perry stumbled in one of the debates. my gosh, he stumbled over something he's saying on the stump repeatedly over and over again. no, i don't think there is any way back from it. although, i guess the other irony, of course, all the people who quit gingrich campaign to come over to him. must be feeling silly. because their guy gingrich from before is now rising. taking the people leaving perry. >> bret: there is a contest within the broader contest. the contest for the conservative folks who are not signing on the romney, at least not yet. the who is the standard bearer for those folks before the bigger contest with the front runner mitt romney? >> you're right. in some ways the next month will be the most important, culminating in a debate we've got december 15.
3:43 pm
because it's exactly the playing out of that contest. you seeing newt gingrich obviously rising in the polls. he was second in a poll that came out late today. in key battleground state. you have own him do better in national polls. he's making arguments, people respond to the things that he is doing. debates certainly helped him. so he is now once again surfacing. you've got herman cain who seems to be weathering this controversy reasonably well. >> bret: in fact, his campaign is saying he has received $9 million in contributions. in recent weeks. and much more in recent days. >> sure. you have seen some slip knowledge select polls but overall, you haven't seen his numbers go in the tank. so, you know, i think this battle will continue. i expect mitt romney to engage in this. i don't think he has given up on winning over conservatives. we saw it with a tea party group last friday and he took a bolder step on medicare
3:44 pm
reform than before. i think this next month we'll know a lot more in the middle of december than we know now. >> bret: charles, when it comes to governor perry and we know he has a lot of cash on hands. ifs of dollars raised $17 million from the beginning. how he deploys that cash if he is staying in. if he attacks mitt romney or if he does continues to do positive ads as he has been airing in iowa now. considering what happened in the debate last night and moving forward. >> i think he has to stay on the positive side and rebuild his image. he will now attempt a third first impression. i'm not sure the money will make a difference in the end because this is, this is a primary season driven by debates. it is less retail than it ever was. money counts less like in the case of gingrich who has non-and rising. what was overlooked because nobody remember any element of the debate except the perry moment. i'm disappointed nobody here
3:45 pm
offered a confession the way i did. was that cain, apart from the problems of the accusations, answered every question he got. whether it was china or fluctuations in the stock market. with 999. at one point drew laughter from the other candidates. i think that probably in the end may hurt him to an extent we're underestimating. >> bret: congressman paul continues perform in all the debates. rick santorum has visitsed 99 counties in iowa, chuck. he is hoping for surprise there. and michele bachmann continuing to tout what she says is anecdotal evidence on the trail that she is still doing well in iowa. what about the next tier of candidates? congressman paul polls in really the tier by newt gingrich and governor perry recently. >> bret: i think ron paul will always. >> i think ron paul will get his 8, 9, 10% and top out there.
3:46 pm
dedicated cadre of libertarians. the others i see as competing if the slice that used to belong to perry. a lot went to cain. maybe some of it will flow to others. gingrich to me is interesting because he has kind of sneaked up on us again. last night there was a bomb planted. freddie mac story. he took $3 million from freddie mac. he said not to lobby but if not to lookby then what? what was he getting $300,000 from the organization for? that brings us back all of his washington insider stuff. all of his -- >> bret: he said consulting last night. and he also said that they didn't listen to what he told them. >> well, you know, i guess then they really didn't get their money's worth. that is a lot of money paid for a couple months of consulting when he was being paid to lean on other conservative in washington to lay off freddie mac. >> bret: i want to play a quick sound bite from speaker gingrich and what has happened in a number of the debates happened again last night.
3:47 pm
>> my colleagues have done a terrific job of answering absurd question. to say in 30 seconds. >> you said you want to repeal obamacare, correct? >> yes. let me finish if i may. to say in 30 seconds what you would do with 18% of the economy, life and death the american people, a topic i worked on since 1974, about which i wrote a book called "saving lives and saving money" in 2002. >> bret: it always get ace plod from the audience. steve, is it working, the going after the media effort in the long haul? >> look, nobody is bigger media critic than i am. i find it very tiresome. obviously, the audience doesn't. i think it's resonating around the country. when he makes the argument, people love that he is not answering the question the way it's posed. he challenges the premise of the question every time because i think people like that in general. when conservatives challenge the media. >> bret: quickly. >> except that -- >> bret: quickly. 30 seconds or less. >> it's effective, except that
3:48 pm
he has a hard time avoiding a tone that is not just world weary but somewhat condescending. >> bret: that was quick. next up, the president's decision not to decide on the keystone xl pipeline. [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes? but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bret: a decision by the white house today not to decide after weeks of pressure from environmentalists came this statement about the keystone xl pipeline. from canada to the gulf of mexico. they decided to delay the project, -- >> bret: that quickly got a
3:52 pm
response from the house spea speaker. who wrote in part more than 20,000 new american jobs have been sacrificed in the name of political expediency. but punting on the project, the president made clear white house policies are driving decision at the expense of american jobs. "back with the panel. touted by environmentalists groups left and right. charles? >> on the merit, a terrible decision that won't have any effect on the climate. the canadians will develop this oil and ship it over to china if not us. it's all the excuses are focused that it would reduce dependence on unstable regimes abroad. but the process is amazing. the "new york times" has this story. not in the nation's section but the politics. it reports, it says that for
3:53 pm
days the administration has been looking ways to postpone the decision. not explore it or make it better but postpone it until after the election. the "washington post" said political arm said had they approved the pipeline it would not have gotten them one vote. it reports the head of the wildlife organization say they and those opposing the project will now support obama 2008. this president accuses republicans every day of putting the nation over party. politics over national interest. this is egregious example of that. the most egregious the administration made yet. >> i have no idea whether the pipeline is a jobs bonanza or environmental disaster or what. i'm pretty sure that two things can be said. one, it's awfully long time to make the decision.
3:54 pm
even if it had been made now, 18 months to go through this thing. what couldn't figured out in that opt of time? no two. the president is transparency caught between parts of the party. labor unions and environmentalists on the other. he has an enthusiasm gap problem. it looks like unions are enthusiastic but environmentstists are not so much. that may have tipped the balance. >> bret: speaker gingrich said in middle of 9% unemployment the president is doing what he used to do as a state senator, vote present. coming under attack for the nondecision. steve? >> it's clearly a puppet. ed a much ideological as political. they're related. if i's political decision it's
3:55 pm
short-sighted because he will be beat up for a week by republicans and others for doing something that is in effect a job-killer. whatever merits are, 100,000 plus jobs potentially down the road. >> bret: according to the. >> according to the people that want to build the pipeline. he is going to be beat up about this. this is going to be thrown around. if you look at the gallup poll or pew polls about what the issues voters care most about, number one is jobs. number two is the economy. together they total 76%. on that list, which is an open-ended question, the environment rates as an asterisk. so it gets less than .5 of 1%. if this is a political play, it's a pay off to please his base. i think a response to threats to environmental groups they would sit out if he didn't do this. >> bret: chuck? >> this issue goes wider. it's an issue of tremendous time it takes now in the united states of america to do
3:56 pm
any large building project. whether it's a pipeline like this, whether it's even a big solar energy panel out in the desert that the president wants. red tape is crazy making. it takes months and months. what happens is people can jump in at any point in the process and short circuit it. >> it's not red tape issue. political decision. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a president who is internalizing a little bump in the polls. these dogs wake up too early!
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