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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 10, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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time slot. now, go to greta we're putting up an open thread. tell us what you thought about tonight's show. o'reilly factor is next and i'll see you monday night it. this belongs in a museum. >> so do you. that will do it. ♪ >> greg: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. 11:0:00 p.m. in kashata. i'm the pocket sized pontificator, greg gutfeld. with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and greece's only worthwhile export andrea tantaros. we have more on our plate than alec baldwin's shrink. let's do it, america. "the five" starts as long as i stop sending kimberly keeppy photos of my teeth. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: a rick perry moment is now officially part of the english language. last night's republican debate had more highlights than david beckham's hair but it's known for one sad thing. for once, it's not jim kraemer who really is crusty the clown without makeup. >> it's your fault. it's your fault. it's your problem. but if this goes, the world banking system could shut down. doesn't it involve our banks, too? >> greg: a hernia in human form. the words, the freeze that brought rick perry to his knees. i know you have seen it 400 times already. >> i would do away with education, the commerce. let's see. i can't -- the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> greg: wow! was that bad or what? i got to say, i've never seen anyone look that dumb. >> i stepped in it last night. that's for sure. >> i was thinking about the number of federal agencies
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that were coming to mind but the one -- >> greg: we are going to have ed asner out there running counterinsurgencies of the mountains. in the mountains of somewhere. >> well, let's move on. despite pile-on, perry got his smile on. >> i stepped in it last night. that's for sure. i was thinking about the number of federal agencies coming to mind. the one i wanted to say the department of energy would not come out. i do. mind saying i stepped in it last night. >> greg: how much of us have been in rick perry's shoes? i tried them on in memphis while he was jogging. should we december miscandidates simply because they're not as glib as brian williams? his mistake came down to three things making a promise, list toog many things and -- it will come to me.
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he showed us he is human. knowing in the big scheme of things nobody got hurt. what is the big deal? he still has his hair. dana, you ran in to mr. perry today in the building. how was he? >> dana: he looked good. he did a lot of interviews. he was on megyn kelly's showed on on greta's tonight on fox news channel. what i think was impressive he got up off the mat and flooded the zone interview wise. he knew they'd talk about the gaffe. he said if you are looking for debater in chief i'm not the guy. i think he recover today. >> greg: what did you think? >> andrea: there is a rule in politics. if you're explaining you're losing. he tried to turn a negative to a positive but tough to come back from that.
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i do it every day. we have rick perry moments all day long. but the country picks presidents with the best line in debate not the one with the best record. rick perry has had to deal with thorny budget stuff in texas and created jobs. yeah, did he forget something? obama give him a teleprompter and he will promise you the moon. we're being too hard but in essence the gaffe, after gaffe, after gaffe. >> kimberly: why not? how unbecoming the rest of them didn't try to hem him out. >> dana: ron paul -- >> kimberly: he couldn't name three. how will he name five, ron? rick perry looking for his legs tonight. he gave them the e.p.a. he's like yeah, but i need -- the moderator was tough on him because he said you can't do it? you can't do it? c'mon. >> bob: good try on all of your part's. here is the problem.
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if rick perry had not had the problem going on of being seen as a bad debater, that's where his vulnerability was. he had a bad debate so this maximized his weaknesses. i think frankly there is no recovering. not just from this. i don't think he was going to recover anyway. this will make contributors and others say good try. too close to iowa. ain't going to happen. >> greg: the next debate is saturday. what should he do? continue to self-deprecate? to me it was endearing. i saw on twitter, oh, man, he's done. i watched it and i thought it didn't seem that bad. he rolled with it. it was awkward. >> dana: he rolled with it. the best strategy for him in the next debate do what bob
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said, hit a home run. a foreign policy debate. it can't keep up with all of them. saturday night, a tough night for a lot of people that might watch. if you have a gaffe, that's what people see more of the next day. >> bob: the problem here generally is perry was viewed skeptically before this and will be viewed more skeptically now. hitting a home run, he has to hit a babe ruth style home run. >> kimberly: grand slam. >> andrea: he said he did one last night. >> bob: he gave us one, didn't he? in the wrong stands. look, i give him credit. not many people watch these things. self-deprecating humor and the rest of us. most americans go to vote and don't look at hit the way. >> andrea: this is part of his economic plans, what agencies would you cut. he has to know this stuff. i see if he made a small gap but coming off the heels of trying to aplain to the
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country he wasn't drunk in a speech. >> bob: his point not being a great debater to does it mean you're not going to be a great leader? >> bob: yes. >> greg: that simple? >> bob: presidential debates turn votes. they have for a long time. if you are not a good debater -- barack obama is a good debater. put your best foot forward. has anyone ever in the history of politics seen a weaker field of candidates at a time when you have an incumbent in so much trouble than this crowd? seriously. >> mondale. >> bob: there were solid candidates in '84. >> dana: not true. but the question is does being a bad debater mean you are a bad leader? no. i don't think it's true. does it mean you might not get elected? yes. but i don't think it means
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you're a bad leader. >> greg: herman cain in response to a question about obama, he called pelosi an unusual name. we have this, right? >> it's already been written. hr3,000. the previous congress it was hr-3400. it's already been written. we didn't hear about it in the congress because princess nancy said at the committee and it stayed there. it never came out. >> greg: princess nancy sounds like a disney film. with a plastic face. he had to apologize. do you think he should have apologized for that? >> andrea: no, it's stupid. grand scheme of things it doesn't matter. they give nicknames all the time. king so-and-so. princess so-and-so. >> kimberly: i love being called a princess. >> greg: was it awkward for him to say it in light of the stuff he went through in the last nine days? >> kimberly: yes. the guy is walking on gigantic
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shards of glass trying to navigate it like a mind field ready to blow. so he could have said anything. you can't say sweetheart or princess. >> dana: i was really uncomfortable with it. >> greg: really? >> dana: yeah. i was. i think your presidential candidates -- a lot of people can call her a lot of things. she called george bush a lot of things. he never retaliated in kind. when you are a presidential candidate you hold yourself to a higher standard. she earned the title of speaker. i might disagree with her on every single policy but she earned it fair and square and lost it fair and square. >> bob: the other thing to say about this, if you listen to what cain was saying leading up to the comment it was substantive. he talked about legislation and had numbers right. then all of a sudden out of nowhere comes "princess nanc nancy." my question is he is talking about nancy pelosi or -- do we know for sure?
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>> andrea: nancy grace? >> dana: stop it, bob. >> greg: i got to say, it depresses me if you have to apologize over something innocuous like this. our country is becoming a nation of whiners and cry babies. >> bob: but this is the presidency you are talking about. you don't see many people use stuff like that. if you are in the house of representatives or the united states senate. >> andrea: typically you have the surrogates do it. sling the mud. >> bob: listen, herman has taken over the moniker of newt gingrich, which he never had an unspoken thought. that is part of his problem. >> andrea: neither have you. >> bob: i'm not running for president, obviously. >> kimberly: i thought he did well last night. >> greg: we have to take a break. coming up, newt slams the money, honey. maria bartaromo last night. we'll play for you. bob is looking for kittens to adopt. if you have ideas, e-mail us at ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." that could have been bob's song. there is a debate yet that newt gingrich didn't get testy with the moderators and last night was no different. >> i'm sorry, but what is the media reporting inaccurately about the economy? >> what? >> what is the media reporting inaccurately about the economy? >> i love hue mar disgoesed as a question. that's terrific. i have yet to hear a single reporter ask a single occupy person a single rational question about the economy that would lead them to say for example who is going to pay for the park you're occupying if there are no businesses making a profit? >> dana: shazam. maria asked the question. i like about her style when the camera flashed to her right after that, she was like good point. she wasn't testy back. >> kimberly: she asked a question and she was tough but took it when it became about at her. she had a good attitude and i
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liked her tiger stripe highlights. >> dana: has a trend going. every debate has tweaks of reporters a little bit. >> andrea: the audience loves it. the g.o.p. primary voters love it. he is clearly the smartest guy on the stage. you know what? he doesn't get enough credit. his congress passed clinton achievement. clinton initially rejected it but his congress gave him the victories. his resume is fantastic. >> kimberly: you are having a newt moment. >> andrea: you caught me. >> greg: he is newt. he is newt. he rubious the wrong way. when you tell someone the shirt is great so they keep wearing it over and over again. someone told newt that attacking the media in the debate was his good shirt. now he does it every time.
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>> dana: like bob's suspenders. >> bob: i like the suspenders so lay off. if i arrest in that tie, i wouldn't shoot crap at anybody. >> bob: this is purple, too. >> bob: but 1950 purple. there is sanity on newt's part. he decided to take on the press and that is something that goes well with the g.o.p. primary caucus voters. he kept it up consistently. and he is being remembered for that. among the g.o.p. caucus voters i know and follow in iowa, they can't stand the press. the "new york times" is their biggabiggest single, that's what they want to make garbage cans out of. he does in a way, he says something and comes up with something substantive. he was saying newt, people around new york and washington know newt for all this time. and all this. most people out there introduced to newt for the first time.
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is it but it's good. >> dana: he had a really rough start to his campaign but he hung in there and his debates have been his life blood. >> bob: he exceeded expectations. >> dana: last night they talked about the housing policy. the debate focused on the economy. herman cain has raised $9 million. let's listen to him and the great line about the dodd-frank bill. >> i agree with some of the others who said we have to repeal dodd frank. there are three big things wrong with dodd frank so it needs to be a top priority to repeal. number one, it doesn't provide oversight for fannie mae and freddie mac. we all agree that is a catalyst for melt down in 2008. other problems with dodd-frank is dodd and frank.
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>> greg: they got to switch it to frank and dodd and it sands like frankenstein. it's truly a monstrous act. >> bob: what is monstrous about a bill that protects consumers from the dragons on wall street? the idea it's a regulation on the big bad banks. to hell with them. they ought to be regulated more. i have known chris dodd for years and one of the most decent respected legislators in the world. cain who knows nothing, can't name a president of any country to say that is ridiculous. >> andrea: he is also a crook by the way. that is a different story. >> bob: he is not a crook. don't say that. >> andrea: dodd frank, you said it's a monster. it is. it's strangling like a monster small community banks. you know it is. >> bob: i'll give you a chance because i love you so much. don't say chris dodd is a crook. >> andrea: too late. >> bob: if you say it, that
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is the typical republicans you drop this around like democratic thing to get at herman cain. >> andrea: you're critiquing me on my language, lecturing me on my language? >> bob: no. i don't like people dumping on people like dodd and frank when they have decent -- freddie you dump on people all the time. >> bob: i don't call them crooks. >> greg: yes, you do! i've heard worse things from your mouth. >> dana: i lost total control of the segment. i'll talk about who had a shot to tange at romney but we'll move on. coming up, remember when candidate obama said he'd go through the budget line-by-line to save money. how much did he save? not too much. we'll tell you about it next. ♪ ♪ 
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♪ we are going to go through the federal budget as i promised during the campaign page-by-page, line-by-line. >> andrea: all right. that was candidate obama three years ago. here we are approaching $15 trillion in debt. he is just getting around to doing belt-tightening. >> thought it was appropriate for the government and agencies to root out waste large and small. it directs agencies to slash spending. in each of the areas. travel, printing, "it." >> i mean, dana, you said something while it was rolling. you said, "i can't believe he's still in office." >> dana: i have a few things to say about this. similar executive order signed in july that does the same stuff over and over. i love the split story today reporters called the communication offices of the different agencies and asked them about the swag they had. they didn't have any. /worked at the white house
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7-1/2 years and i didn't even get a lousy t-shirt. remember, president obama wants to run against a do-nothing congress. three weeks ago they passed a free trade agreement on bipartisan basis they have been trying to pass for five years he canceled the signing ceremony. instead he had a signing ceremony about this ineffective, executive order if they don't talk about entitlements or the healthcare bill. they do have a signing stat statement. >> bob: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> andrea: it's dishonest after decreasing the deficit. he ran for office and promised a balanced budget. he has been spending an spending and spending. in december he came out and said we need to make the strong deficit cuts and criticized paul ryan for his really good budget plan.
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then he proposed another stimulus. >> kimberly: at what point do we blame him only and what about the advisors who are saying here is a good time for a photo op. >> bob: i can't take it anymore. i cannot take it anymore. if your can't get an anti-obama segment on the show we'd all die. the fact of the matter, there have been more regulations by obama done away with the federal government than executed by the federal government. >> bob: it is true! once again, go in the brain room to check this out. how much it costs to run administrative side of executive branch is less than it was under bush. less than under bill clinton and less than it was under george w. bush. you just want to dump on obama. >> kimberly: we're not. bob, we're not. >> bob: name me one thing besides the stimulus that wasn't already -- >> greg: bob. >> bob: name one thing he spent money on. >> andrea: obama care. >> bob: not a dime out for obamacare. >> dana: wait until after the election and he's re-elec
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re-elected. >> greg: the cutbacks are laughable. i don't think using double-sided printing makes a dent in -- >> bob: name something he spent money on besides the stimulus. >> greg: first lady vacations. >> bob: look at all the other first lady's vacations. >> greg: you were asleep for half the show. >> kimberly: i have something 'ive to to say. here i go -- positive to say. the executive order is placed in strict limitation on transportation of top administration officials in the capital. what about that? he will save money on travel. that's positive. >> bob: that's good. congress doesn't do it well. i think if you add it together it will add up to a lot of money. he has done away -- what do you mean? if it's not $100 million --
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why do we have the big deficit today? entitlement programs. it had nothing to do with barack obama. the law way before he got in. >> andrea: why hasn't he done anything to fix it? >> bob: he did. >> andrea: wait. even his own deficit commission came out and said free salaries. what about federal salaries? >> bob: he froze federal salaries. >> andrea: has he cut them? >> dana: how about cutting the personal videographer that the taxpayers are paying for. >> bob: george bush didn't have a vi videographer. >> dana: he has a documentarian following him around. >> bob: that's different. >> greg: they need to sell the white house. he should move in a condo. >> bob: next door to you. you keep saying that it's $15 trillion. you keep blaming it on barack obama. give him some odd trillion on the stimulus. you said it's all bad. even though $300 billion was
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for tax cuts for small business. you say it's all bad. that's what he has done. the rest is all president supported. >> andrea: you admitted before the only reason he doesn't take on entitlements is because of politics. >> bob: he took on entitlements. he and boehner. and tea party shot down boehner for his part of it. >> andrea: created a new one. >> bob: get out of here. let's ask 40 million people on the street with no insurance. >> kimberly: i like this campaign. it's good. charge enough money. $3 million by disconnecting 2,648 wireless lines that have been inactive for three months. there is a lot of waste out. let's trying to do the right thing. i applaud him for that. >> bob: see the last president that did waste reduction. >> kimberly: nobody does it. >> andrea: he is not getting his mug. >> greg: i had my heart set on a white house tote bag so i could carry my obama litogr litographs. what are we going to do? >> andrea: i got your heart
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rate up. i apologize. i love you and i don't like when we fight. >> bob: i like to fight. >> andrea: i should haven't said it. he didn't go to jail. there has been reports in the media calling him these things. i was echoing them. i don't mean to get your heart rate up. >> bob: that didn't get my heart rate up. my heart rate when obama does something, anything that is decent and make sense we turn it in a negative. hand him $15 trillion. >> andrea: all right. joe paterno is out at penn state. does he owe the public an explanation? we'll discuss it in moments. ♪ ♪
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colleagues in new york with "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: drop kick me, jesus, to the goalpost of life. welcome back to "the five." former assistant coach jerry sandusky charged with assaulting eight boys. if that's true, he is the villain. but the actions are felt throughout the penn state community. >> effective immediately, dr. spanier is no longer president of the university. in addition, joe paterno is no longer the head football coach effective immediately. [ chanting ] >> we've still got things to do. i'm out of it maybe now. put me out of it. but we'll go from there. thanks. pray a little bit for those
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victims. >> bob: i'm glad to see it happen. it should have happened. the penn state students ought to understand the seriousness of this thing clearly. they're more concerned about a football game than young boys being molested. it's true, sandusky is the villain here. but the implications for this for not just penn state but it's a state university. when the people sue, and they are all going to sue for a lot of money, it will sue the state of pennsylvania. right? >> greg: yeah. >> bob: don't you think? >> andrea: as a pennsylvanian, yes. pennsylvania is not in a good budgetary situation. this is the last thing they need. recent rumors out there floating around today in the news psychoare true, i think they are really going to get scandalized. >> greg: good news joe paterno is young. i'm sure he will find something else. >> dana: another way it will hurt them is recruitment. if you are a young student right now might -- let's set aside football and you decide penn state is your school, that's where you want to go.
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maybe your dad and your grandfather went there, there is a family tradition. they will hurt for high-quality students. i also think some of the students who were upset last night, some ways because joe paterno has been a grandfather figure to a lot of them. they were upset thinking he didn't get due process. the right thing to do. >> greg: i think they should cancel the game. >> kimberly: the rest of the season. >> greg: these kids, they should rename happy valley to stupid student valley for a week. >> bob: but the athletes have a right to play. paterno does not in my view have a right to be on the sideline. look at what it means for the contribution to the school. remember, penn state is the jewel of that whole penn state university. there are a lot of small schools associated with the penn state system that will suffer as well. more than likely penn state will not have the money they normally will. so the legislature will probably give them the money they need which means smaller
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schools will be hurt. >> dana: too big to fail. >> bob: not just students. athletes making a choice between ohio state and penn state are probably going to choose ohio state now. >> kimberly: why would you go there? this school is supposed to be about honor and integrity. thatvy a black mark on them because of this. if one of them showed moral and ethical leadership they would be in a different situation. more importantly untold numbers of young boys would not have been molested. >> andrea: what is ironic if you look at the football team and the way that paterno had it, no name on the back. no stickers on the helmet. he wanted them to operate as a team so individual players wouldn't get the glory. like the team, that well-intended, you know, action, somehow everything about the team got bigger and the man got bigger. >> bob: give penn state credit. they haven't done the ridiculous things, the glow and the socks, two did that? oregon, the ducks.
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>> kimberly: quack, quack. >> bob: the thing that occurs to me, greg gets upset with me talking about this, but this reminds me of the catholic church scandals because -- >> kimberly: you said it already. >> bob: do you mind if i expand it? >> kimberly: you can. but it won't go over well. >> bob: no, i won't say anything. >> greg: you can say something. >> dana: what is your point? >> bob: the catholic church suffered so much financial damage because they covered it up, a lot of parishs had to close down. a lot of places in the inner city had to close down. i have not said it before. >> kimberly: you did not. true. >> dana: some of the catholic schools are the most -- >> bob: the schools had to close down. penn state is going to cost the university system an enormous amount of money. people will suffer who had nothing to do with it. >> dana: what about justice for the children? right? where do you begin? >> andrea: penn state should do a couple of things from communications perspective. they need to get everything
11:42 pm
out on the table immediately. bring in somebody, well-respected pennsylvanian like tom ridge to handal the development. it seems like they fired their bullets already. maybe hold daily press conferences keeping us updated. you are right. they have to make good out of bad here. they have to do a big philanthropic effort make right by victims. >> bob: have you thought about one other thing? what you need is to have a very good solid well known president. new president come in. can you imagine how hard it will be to recruit a president to take that job? >> dana: they can find somebody. >> bob: you do? >> dana: i do. i think they'll find -- >> bob: somebody -- >> dana: go through the list of alumni. say who is willing to come back and steer us through this? >> bob: the president of the university that can handle a university that big and say you got somebody from colombia or something like that. i wouldn't go to university of virginia for example and get somebody. but i would do it, you know, if you -- >> greg: joe paterno is
11:43 pm
free. >> bob: there you go. >> kimberly: very good thought. >> bob: i said university of virginia because i was taking a shot -- >> kimberly: but what bothers mu is you said you want the president, the president is gone now, too. the football, the frad assistant mcqueary has been identified. he should go, too. he saw the incident in the shower and told paterno. >> dana: who does that? >> kimberly: why didn't he report it to the police. >> dana: it's on my to-do list but it fell off. >> greg: it had to be known by so many people and accepted. that's the sick part. >> andrea: in fairness to paterno, we still don't know what he was told. >> bob: there ought to be a bottom line rule, anybody who knew it or heard about it should have said something. >> kimberly: he said he had deep somewhere reand admitted he was told. >> bob: coming up, have you seen the video of the right wing kookie congressman yelling at people? he's republican, of course.
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it's ridiculous. we'll show it to you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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♪ >> kimberly: all right. welcome back to "the five." heavy metal five. we have two crazy pieces of tape to show you, started off with the first piece of tape. comedian chris rock, funny man on what will happen if president obama gets a second term. >> [bleep], the first term, man. always running for the second term the whole time, >> kimberly: he makes a great point, actually, right? do what you need to do in the second term. you get re-elected -- >> greg: this was like politically astute observation. >> kimberly: yeah! >> greg: the thing is, what he was really saying he couldn't a liberal enough. if he is re-elected he will be
11:49 pm
way more liberal, because that's who he truly is. progressive. so he is going to -- he doesn't have to worry about popularity anymore. in a way, that was a warning to republicans if you are worried about a second term. and -- >> kimberly: wasn't it also maybe to his supporters deliver progressive stuff that aren't happy with him. found fault with him. like matt damon and others, sarandon, mike moore. >> greg: put off to the second point. >> dana: substantive point. >> kimberly: don't give up on barack obama. he still is adhering true to the principles of the policies he said he would when he was elected. but you just got to wait for it. >> andrea: i can't believe that chris rock believes with michele bachmann. she said he runs a gangster government. if you be a gangster, you need to know what you are doing and be effective. he is not being effective. 'canes i have a couple things on the second term. president bush after the second inaugural, he embarked
11:50 pm
on two major pieces of legislation that should have been successful. and tried to be bipartisan. one was social security reform and the other was immigration reform. both of them flamed out. interestingly, the past week, president obama on the keystone pipeline, oil and gas from canada to the united states, going through many states. a lot of jobs, 50,000 jobs. last week on north carolina television, key swing state for president obama he said, "soon i will personally make the decision on the keystone pipeline." guess what happened today? actually, they are going to punt that decision until after the election. this is dereliction of duty. leading from behind, bob. >> bob: that is a shocker. i don't know of a single president that signs a controversial bill -- >> greg: but it hurts the country. made a political decision and hurts the country. it costs jobs. >> bob: you think every decision obama made -- >> greg: that is not true. >> bob: before we do that, can someone get my cough
11:51 pm
drops? >> greg: i got one. >> kimberly: here we go. >> bob: bring up the whacky republican right winger. >> kimberly: here is the wacky video. joe walsh on a little bit of a rant who said he was a little hypoglycemic, too much coffee and made for crazy. >> don't blame banks. and don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in right now. i am tired of hearing that crap. there are already messiness in place. you know what pisses me off too. many people don't listen. there are already mechanisms in place to do that. are they doing their job in no. quiet for a minute. or i'm going to ask you to leave. >> bob: you should leave and go to psychiatric institute. first of all, that rant, itself, was ridiculous. actually, not supposed to use these words but i won't. the word he used and how it blanked me off, this
11:52 pm
congressman has very little respect. a back venture not much. the problem he had too much tea. that's what it was. >> greg: joe walsh has really changed since he left the eagles. [ laughter ] >> dana: oh, boy. >> bob: do you know this guy? >> greg: no. >> greg: you are lucky. >> andrea: you can rant because you're bob beckel and you get paid to do it i'm used to it. >> bob: i didn't rapt. it didn't say dirty words. >> greg: you made dana cry. >> bob: that is ridiculous. i'm not a member of congress and not in front of my constituents. >> you can't lose your cool like that. >> dana: he has monthly coffee things he goes to coffee shop and holds court and gets to rant if he wants. >> kimberly: good idea to
11:53 pm
reach out to community but don't bite their hands off. >> kimberly: more wacky moments. coming up, alec baldwin on another rampage. this time against ronald reagan. oh, no, you didn't! wait until you hear this. on "the five." we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation,
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." big news. eddie murphy dropped out of the oscars. he is being replaced. they said they'd shake things up and bring in someone exciting and new. who do they get? billy crystal. the same person they use year after year and it sucks. >> no one else will do it. >> greg: there are two people they need. matt and trey from south park. that would be perfect. >> dana: they are a cartoon. >> greg: beefs and butthead. >> bob: you shouldn't have used that word. >> greg: do you think billy crystal is a good choice? >> bob: no, i think he sucks, too.
11:58 pm
>> kimberly: that is the word! >> bob: i don't get it. eddie murphy was a good idea. >> greg: he didn't want to do it. >> greg: there has to be somebody else. >> greg: guys by "south park" make great musicals. >> kimberly: they're too controversial. hello. they behave in inappropriate ways. >> bob: inappropriate ways giving out oscars to the movie industry? inappropriate ways? >> kimberly: they'll say something bad. >> andrea: in all of hollywood, in this whole country nobody is funny enough? they're not creative enough? >> greg: i want to talk about another entertainer. the supersmart, amazing actor, established political mind. did i mention ridiculously rich. alec baldwin decided to trash one of the greatest presidents in american history. >> he was a failed actor who in my business you become ripe and you fall from that tree. you go and you went in the other feel-good role for him to play. what reagan was to our society was if it's a choice between
11:59 pm
you having a swimming pool and you worked really, really hard and some poor person getting some public entitlement or going to school, what have you, damn it all, you should have your swimming pool. >> greg: what an unmitigated chucklehead. you mow what is worst than being failed actor? successful actor in "it's complicated." >> dana: apparently he didn't get the memo from the current white house. all the liberals supposedly love ronald reagan. he is revered now. alec is behind the -- >> greg: he just bought a $12 million pad in new york. >> kimberly: that is the point. >> bob: i'm not going to defend this at all. wish alec would be quiet. i still have a hard time understanding -- i granted that reagan did interesting things but to suggest that this is the greatest president on, one of the greatest presidents in american history. taken on a stature here that is very, very big. we'll see how history -- >> greg: all right. we've got to


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