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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 11, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PST

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a real salute to those in battle. and also today i'lle on "the five." i'll be one of the five. for eric on "the five." >> gretchen: you get your training right here. we'll see you monday, have a great weekend. your. bill: thank you, guys on veterans day, good morning. fox news alert. a virtual three-way tie at top of the race for republican nomination a new candidate surging into second place. a brand new poll tying mitt romney and nearly even with herman cain. how about that? good morning, i'm bill hemmer. welcome to 11/11/11. on that special day. >> i ham heather childers herman cain still in the top spot at 18%. bill: margin of error plus or minus three points. you're looking for statistical dead heat for
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first place. here is "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. good morning to you. it was really in the heat of this mix of this cain story. what do you make of the numbers. >> i think there are three interesting things with the three candidates. both romney and cain are dramatically down. they were in the 20s in the last poll. now cain at 18%. romney at 15%. that is pretty dramatic they both dropped. conversely, gingrich, not a dramatic rise. he now is as you say part of a three-man race at 15% tied with romney. so he is really a player. this is not at two-hours race anymore with two of them in front. as you say right in the middle of all the allegations against cain, his support especially among woman has dropped dramatically. last month it was 28% among women. now it is down to 15%. we're talking about republican primariry voters. so these allegations have really hurt herman cain
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especially among women. bill: what about the, when the question is asked this way, chris? will sexual harassment against herman cain affect your vote? here is what the polling found, 61% say no. 30% say yes. what do you make of that? >> well, you know, obviously it is better than if it were reversed but still 30% of voters saying it makes you less likely to vote for him and among women, 38% women say makes you less likely to vote for him. that is big hit. a third of the electorate because of these allegations i am less likely to support herman cain. now it could change. bill: sure. >> one of the things in the poll, 70% of the these republican voters say they still change their minds. so this is a very fluid race. what it really says there is no frontrunner in this case. you know, that there is not tremendous indecision on part of republicans about which of these people they
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support. they haven't bought on to anyone. cain has certainly taken a hit. obviously this doesn't happen to what happened to rick perry after his debate performance on wednesday but i think the only conclusion you can come to that the republican presidential race is wide open. bill: fresh sample here. chris. thanks. good to see. we'll check in on sunday. chris wallace. >> you bet. >>. bill: header -- heather what is next? heather: his troubles not making a dent in his campaign war chest. herman cain reporting $9 million of contributions since october 1st. 25% came after he was first accused harrassment during his tender at the national restaurant association that is $9 million in about a month. his campaign raised only $4.7 million in the four months from may to september. bill: herman cain made a joke apparently about the accusations against him. joking about anita hill. hill is the one that accused supreme court justice
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clarence thomas of sexual harassment 20 years ago. it happened with supporters in michigan. listen. >> latest news today, anita hill will -- [laughter] bill: you can see the reception humor got. cain campaign was repeating what a supporter said in the audience. heather: you can hear more from herman cain. he is neil cavuto's guest today on "your world" at 4:00 p.m. eastern. bill: what do you make arguably of one of the worst flubs in the history of presidential debating? what do you do? you go on david letterman and have a little fun with it by doing the top 10 list. >> rick perry excuses. number 10. >> actually there were three reasons i messed up last night. one was the nerves. and two was the headache.
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and three, --. uh. uh. [laughter] heys,ries len you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> number one rick perry excuse. >> i just learned justin bieber is my father. >> oh, my god. bill: humor on late night. perry backed himself in corner from the debate he saying eliminate three u.s. government agencies but could only remember two of them on the spot. heather: got to make fun of yourself, right? newt gingrich weighing in on rick perry's brain freeze saying he is always worries he won't live up to the expectations on the debate stage and the flub could have easily happened to him. >> i'm very sympathetic to governor perry. he is a very smart man. he is longest-serving governor in the history of texas and i always worry when i go into these debates because now exaggerated
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expectation of how well i will do. i always have this fear that something will happen to me exactly happened to rick last night. my heart goes out to him. i wasn't gloating at that point. i was think, wow that could have happened to any one of us. heather: the former speaker also suggested perry should maybe hold more town hall meetings for practice. brand new details about to tell you about in the penn state child rape scandal. we're getting some reports mike mcqueary, the coach who reported seeing jerry sandusky assault a young boy is getting multiple death threats and will not be on the sidelines for saturday's home game. legendary head qoch joe paterno, he was just fired. there are reports he is hiring a high-profile attorney. a local reporter tried to get answers at paterno's house but his son was not talking. >> hi, jerry. >> yes. >> we want to see if there is any comment on anything additional? we're seeing a reports of an
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attorney hired. >> attorney hired? >> that's what we're hearing. >> you got me. >> you can't comment on an attorney being hired? >> no, i'm not comment on anything. >> is he doing all right? heather: surprise answer at the door. david lee miller live in state college, pennsylvania. what is the latest on the case, david? >> reporter: in the hotel and conference center behind me on the campus, short period of time, less than 45 minutes the regularly scheduled board of trustees meeting will get underway but there is nothing ordinary about this particular meeting. the governor is going to be in attendance. they have a full agenda. one of the things that they are going to discuss is the formation of a special committee to investigate the alleged cover-up regarding the sex abuse scandal here on campus. last night pennsylvania governor tom corbett met with reporters and he expressed his concern for the victims, he meant the children, not staff members of the school. listen to what he had to say.
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>> certainly every pennsylvanian who has any knowledge of this case, who has read the grand jury report, feels a sense of regret and sorrow to also see careers end. but we must keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of children there can be no margin for error. >> reporter: the governor also talked about expanding the scope of the investigation. he would like an investigation into specifically the relationship between the charity founded by jerry sandusky, the accused pedophile and the university. heather? heather: david lee, the campus is gearing up for their last home game. they are holding it. sounds like this will be unprecedented. >> reporter: it is going to be an extraordinary home game and for a number of reasons one which you discussed briefly a few moments ago. they have made a personnel change. in 2002, a graduate assistant went into the locker room and allegedly
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saw jerry sandusky engaged in a sex act with a boy as young as 10 years old. that graduate assistant has now been identified as mike mcqueary. he is a coach on the team but he will not be at the stadium this weekend. listen now to a statement the school put out. due to multiple threats made against assistant coach mike mcqueary the university decided it would be the best for all, not to be in attendance at saturday's nebraska game. if you look at this campus, there is very high level police profile. they want to make sure what happened a few nights ago does not happen again. back to you. >> thank you very much. david lee. bill: much of the attention is centered around joe paterno but it is defensive coordinator jerry sandusky charged with abusing at least eight boys over the course of 15 years, children he met through a charity that sandusky started. mike mcqueary a graduate
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student in 2000 when he witnessed one alleged incident involving sandusky and a young boy. mcqueary brought the claim to paterno's attention. he said he did not know the extent of the abuse when he brought it to university firms. it has led to the firing of the winningest head coach in college football. heather: i read the grand jury report. i don't know know how they did not know. what do you think. should joe paterno have been fired after 46 years at penn state? go to tell us what you think. more than 95,000 people, they have weighed in. 61%, bill, say yes. 31% say no., log on and check it out. bill: 95,000 votes. heather: yeah. bill: today we mark veterans day. a time to honor those that served in our nation's armed force. a look at arlington national cemetery outside washington, d.c. we're expecting
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president obama later today at the wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. the president expected to talk afterwards. in the heart of washington a wreath-laying ceremony getting underway at the world war ii memorial. the memorial honors 16 million that served in the conflict and more than 400,000 who died. all the veterans active and everyone in our military and the veterans who have served we say --. heather: thank you. bill: a big, big thank you too. there are new details in the "fast and furious" fallout. we're told attorney general eric holder sent a letter to the family of slain border agent brian terry apologizing for his death possibly caused by a gun from a botched gun running scheme. why dough the family claim they still do not have a letter? heather: today would have been baby lisa irwin's first birthday. with no sign of the missing infant. her two half brothers talked to the fbi for the first time. bill: here is a mystery.
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bill: 15 minutes past the hour. as europe seeks deeper into debt, world markets are reeling to see where europe goes next. that sparked new economic concerns here at home. republican front-runners herman cain and mitt romney both i say the best way to handle this matter for the u.s. to stay out of it. >> focus on the domestic economy first. there is not a lot of united states can directly do right now because they really way beyond the point of return that we as the united states can save them. >> there will be an effort to try to draw us in and talk about how we need to help italy and help europe. europe is able to help europe. we have to focus getting our own economy in order and making sure we never reach the kind of problem italy is having. bill: steve forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of forbes media. good morning to you. thanks for coming back to "america's newsroom".
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>> good to be with you, bill, thank you. bill: you just came back from europe and that's the reason we brute you on today. how would you answer that question. >> i think we're being dilutional if italy goes down we'll not be affected by it. we'll be affected enormously. europe goes into recession we'll all be hit by it. what exactly can be done that is in the hands of the germans and french. there is not a lot directly we can do. i hope in the next day oar two the countries will get off their duffs there is no good solution left. for the france, they will have to guarantee their banks and germans will in effect have to guarantee the italian debt. this is where the crisis is. that is in their hands. bill: how does this affect us, steve? >> it affects us in term of our own banking system which is intimately tied with europe and asia. our money market funds have hundreds of billions of dollars of assets in european banks.
6:17 am
in terms of commerce we do a lot of trading with europe and europe starts to go into recession that will obviously impact us. in 2008 we all realized in terms of finance if one major system gets in trouble it has a rick coshea effect own the rest of the world. bill: even if we get a turnaround at home, many argue we hit the bottom and starting to come back up however slowly, is europe going to take us back down the hole? >> if italy collapses most definitely. go back to the fall of 2008 and you can see what can happen there in terms of putting a screeching halt. businesses can't get financing anymore. banks are calling in loans. that's what you want to prevent that is in the hands of the germans and french right now. i hope thee deal with it the next 72 hours. i think they will finally at least short term we can prevent another repeat of what happened three-years ago. bill: are you seeing a turn around here at home? >> yes. it is like an automobile we're going 5 miles an hour
6:18 am
and now we'll get up to 20, 25 miles an hour. while on a superhighway we should go 70, 75 miles an hour. it will be better only because we've done so poorly before. bill: if we reached the bottom and we're bouncing back? >> sort of. bill: sort of, it is a slow climb back to where we were? >> unnecessarily slow, unnecessarily slow. bill: what are the policies then required to pick up that pace? >> one, stop trashing the u.s. dollar so we can be able to trust it again and get real interest rates for savers. stop the binge spending and start reforming the tax code which the republicans and the super-committee put out there. it's a first step in the right direction. and which this president won't do, suspend obamacare and start all over again. already now on obamacare we have 10,000 pages of new regulations. this is insane. bill: the super-committee has about 10 days to go. we're watching that deadline too. steve, we'll bring you back before the super-committee decides, okay?
6:19 am
>> terrific, we'll see whether or not there are. bill: we'll see whether or not there are solutions to be found by both parties. steve forbes in new york. >> thank you. bill: heather? heather: well a special college basketball game, bill. i'm very excited about this i have a feeling i know who will win this veterans day. it is not who is playing that is interesting, it is where they're playing. bill: also baby lisa celebrating her first birthday with still no word on what happened to her. the fbi conducting two new interviews in this matter. are investigators any closer to finding the answers they need for her? >> i miss her so much. [crying]
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bill: shooting hoops with a very special fan in the stands. on the deck afloating airport. check this out. warm-ups are underway aboard the aircraft carrier uss vinson. president obama, a big hoops fan, will attend the first-ever carrier classic. michigan state versus top-ranked tar heels of north carolina. heather: yeah. bill: look at that picture there. facing off on the portable hardwood later today. >> we're very excited. this is the first-of-its-kind and the crew is just abuzz with excitement and everyone that will be here, we've got big names coming on board. we're looking forward to a great time. bill: that is going to be a sight to see. heather: heels by three. bill: oh, yeah? spoken like a true carolina girl. after the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns, president obama will head for the vinson. later tonight tippoff.
6:24 am
heather: switching gears we have new developments in the disappearance of baby lisa irwin. an fbi specialist spent hours questioning the missing toddler's two half brothers. the boys are just five and eight years old. the family canceled the interviews you may recall several times over the last few weeks. all this is happening as the family marks lisa's first birthday today. let's bring in former fbi investigator bill daley who can provide a little insight for us. thanks for joining us, bill. >> good morning, heather. heather: talk to me about what investigators hope to gain from interviewing the 5 and 8-year-old? also, how do you deal with children that young when you are questioning them? >> that is a great question. that is one of the reasons why they brought in a specialist, when interviewing children it is very important that you have the right demeanor, right professionals when dealing with the situation. later on you don't want it to be suggested that the investigators were in some way planting a lead or indicating to them maybe how
6:25 am
they should be answering. we've seen in past cases where this can always be a problem, not just for investigators who are trying to find the truth but later on, should there be any testimony that is needed in court. so i think in this case they brought in the right professionals. it has taken a couple weeks hence. first request for the interviews by the fbi, but that has gone forward. that will bring light perhaps rule things out or rule things in as the case may be. heather: what i understand the parents were not present when the children were being interviewed. do you think they're taking a look at the timeline, whether or not the mother or father, their stories hold true? is that what they're trying to figure out with the children? >> i think they're trying to find out both that as well as anything they may have seen or heard. children may not really connect all the dots and really know what the meaning is of all the things they either heard, saw or felt but as we even know going back to the elizabeth smart case, when her younger sister was in the bedroom with elizabeth, later on came out she actually heard
6:26 am
someone. had even seen someone or shadow of someone. it is very important as investigators try to unravel now this mystery of a over a-month-old they get to really what these children heard or saw. again they're expecting them to come forward with the answer, but it may help piece together some of the pus sell pieces still missing. heather: thank you very much, we appreciate it, bill daly. appreciate your insight. would have been one years old today, little baby lisa irwin. bill: tragic. parents looking for answers. carolina, right? good luck with the game. put a friendly wager. i'll take michigan. give me three points? i'll take that. the vinson was the aircraft carrier where osama bin laden body was taken to sea. it is a special carrier for the u.s. navy. >> special game tonight. bill: good luck to your tar heels. heather: thank you. bill: it is a massive cross-country pipeline that has pitted environmentalists against business.
6:27 am
the white house making a decision on the shovel-ready project. will they go forward? the answer coming up. heather: key battleground states show president obama may be in for some tight races. we'll take a look beyond the numbers. bill: as we go to commercial and you head out for your day, make sure you take us with you right? at our website, you can download our app and get the latest breaking news wherever you are, on the golf course or --. heather: can't escape us. or watching a basketball game. bill: at work or watching that hoops game. do that while we have a break. we'll be back in two minutes how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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heather: the white house blinking in the standoff over solyndra. we're getting word that the obama administration is now willing to release more documents on the failed solar power company but there may be some strings attached. wendell goler is standing by live at the white house for us. so, wendell, what are the strings? >> reporter: heather, the white house is demanding the house committee be more specific about what it is looking for. the subpoena calls for all documents referring to or relating to any investor in solyndra. white house counsel said that is too broad. louisiana congressman steve scalise says it is hard to narrow the focus. >> we don't know exactly what we're going to find yet. that's why we're trying to get the information. in fact we asked the white house to give us the information to comply with the law, to comply with the transparency that president obama promised yet they have obstructed us at every turn.
6:32 am
>> reporter: some of the 85,000 pages of documents already released show some members of the administration felt solyndra was a bad bet even as long ago as last year. some felt it was going under, heather. heather: what does the white house say? >> reporter: officials here say they will continue to work with the house committee to accommodate what they call legitimate oversight requests and they plan a further response, probably meaning more e-mails to be released either today or tomorrow. solyndra was definitely the poster-child of the president's push for green energy. but press secretary jay carney says there is no evidence of political pressure to help the company and he suggests that the house committee is on a fishing expedition. >> i think most american people wish they would be relentless helping to the economy and to create jobs as they are trying to create a political issue out of something that is simply a policy decision and policy decisions that were made on,
6:33 am
at a, merit based decisions out of the department of energy. >> reporter: now solyndra certainly had friends in the energy department which said last year that the project was on time and on budget. that was in july. three days later the ceo was replaced. six months after that solyndra defaulted on its loan and the energy department rewrote the loan basically putting the government at the back of the line for solyndra's assets. heather? heather: what was that carney said, a policy decision that ended up being pretty costly. thank you very much, wendell. we appreciate it. bill? bill: brand new polling numbers showing a tight race may be shaping up for 2012. president obama and mitt romney now neck-and-neck compared side by side. in the three key swing states considered vital to win the white house. quinnipiac poll in florida shows romney leads the president 45-42. in ohio, it is switched president obama is up 45-42.
6:34 am
pennsylvania one point separating them. president obama 44-romney, 43. since 1960 no one has won the white house without carrying two of those three states. we bring in juan williams and ford o'connell. director of outreach for the mccain team and chairman of the pacific pac. welcome to you guys. >> thank you for having me on bill. always a pleasure. juan. bill: you're a newbie, you get the first shot. >> this is a good sign for the potential republic can nominee. can no republican nominee lose florida and win the white house. can they pick up one of the two other states pennsylvania or ohio. i think they have a better shot in ohio although the polls suggest otherwise. >> it is hypothetical for the moment because we don't know who the nominee will be do we, juan? >> no. bill: you can watch the way florida goes and watch the way florida goes and you can
6:35 am
figure out who will win this thing. >> oh, sure. as strategists on either side building their plans they're looking especially ohio is absolutely critical to mount the sufficient number of electoral votes. from the democratic perspective right now nobody is at 50%. the president really has not launched a campaign. you have the republicans out there launch all their criticism at him. so, you know, right now just an open field. i will say that given what happened in week in ohio where you saw governor kasich get his hand slapped, the gave democrats a lot of pump. they think ohio is really back in play where they were not quite enthusiastic. bill: that was on a union vote. but on the health care vote went other way. they were splitting baby. a little solomon after the vote. this is what the cbs numbers also show. the number one issue in florida, ohio and pennsylvania by the long shot is the economy. >> right. bill: ford, does that play
6:36 am
into romney's story? >> i think it does particularly the business executive. if people are standing at the end of the bread line looking for a job they will be looking for change. the question is whether or not mitt romney or the eventual republican nominee can make the sell they're better to handle the economy. if they can do that we may well have a new president in november. bill: juan, how does the white house counteract that? when the national unemployment mark is at 9%? >> i think, first of all, the numbers have been getting slightly better. they have got to hope what they see is a trajectory that has continually improving economy and that americans will say, this was a deep hole. you can expect the rhetoric about the ditching the car and the president has been slowly digging his way out. so that's the hope that they have there. i don't think they expect that the numbers are going to go down pretip -- precipitously. they expect they will see a trend line that things are getting better. if you look at numbers, gdp, wall street, take away the crisis in europe things do
6:37 am
look like they're getting somewhat better. bill: we wonder in these three states whether or not the voters feel that way. in the polling mitt romney when asked who would do a better job on the economy, florida, ohio, pennsylvania, mitt romney is a winner in all three states. ohio too close to call, within the margin of error. pennsylvania, plus or minus 2 1/2 percentage points. it is close there too, ford. voters at the moment likely see romney as a business guy and they're going to decide whether or not he is the right guy. >> well, that's exactly right and romney has to continue hounding the economy and discussing how president obama is not helping his case. if romney can make the business sell and sort of overcome the anti-romney voting bloc he can become the eventual gop nominee. based on how he is handling the debates right now, staying above the fray and keeping on president obama and does that and he is not pom me in the general election he could be the next president of the united states. we just don't know. i will say one thing about pennsylvania even though the polls are closer from gop
6:38 am
strategist it is lot harder to turn out voters in pennsylvania for republican cause than it is in ohio. gop strategist in the general election will have to figure out how to turn out voters in ohio and pennsylvania and not lose sight of florida. >> that is truth on both sides. turnout becomes critical. if you get voters who turned out in 2010 you get republican year. if you get voters in 2008 you get a democratic year. i will say if romney, you talk about romney's business experience. that is two-edged sword especially state like ohio. people saying hey, that is wall street guy. that is guy who closes factories. suddenly people react to him negatively. you don't necessarily want that in a time of occupy wall street and so much anger at banks and wall street. bill: to that point, they're screaming in my ear, juan, to that point you can see the white house playing this out now. >> sure. bill: as a president obama versus mitt romney campaign. >> they're look are forward, bill. bill: juan thank you,. ford well-done, man.
6:39 am
>> say happy veterans day to our vets. heather: deadly shooting outside an anti-wall street protest in california. they said this would happen and it has. it happened near the occupy oakland camp near city hall. the chaos in the moments that followed caught on tape. [screaming] heather: claudia cowan is live in our san francisco bureau with more. claudia, what happened? >> reporter: heather, as you just saw cameras were a few feet away when the shots rang out at the encampment across from city hall. take a look. [shouting] >> reporter: happened just before 5:00 p.m. local time after a fight got out of hand and the gunman is on the loose. neither he nor the victim have been identified by police. according to some reports the victim was named alex and lived at the encamp on
6:40 am
and off but was not related to protests. police say the throngs of people provided perfect cover for the shooter to escape. the mayor says time for the people in the encamment to go. >> i'm calling for campers to leave voluntarily tonight. i've got city workers out there, offering vouchers to homeless shelters. >> so far none of the 200 or so campers after pierce willing to leave. they say oakland is dangerous city where shootings are common. over 100 homicides in oakland so far this year. the mayor says the city is working on a plan to shut down the encampment but, heather, she wouldn't offer any specifics. heather: claudia, we understand some of the media got in the middle of the melee. how did happen? >> reporter: local media is covering occupy protest because things are so tense as both sides dig in. last night as one of the local cameramen tried to film the pandemonium the he
6:41 am
was assaulted. another local cameraman was punched as well. clearly indication the group doesn't want anymore coverage that taints the occupy protest in negative light. this comes as business leaders put more pressure on mayor kwan to get tough and kick everyone out of the downtown plaza once and for all. they say the month-long protest has been economic disaster for them. they fear things will only get worse especially if people start fearing for their lives if they come down to visit that area. heather: thank you very much, claudia cowan live in san francisco. thank you. bill: eric holder saying he sent a letter of apology to the family of a slain border agent but did the media get a copy of that letter before the family? heather: certainly hope not. new details emerging about the kidnapping of a major league baseball player. what has police confident they will solve the case quickly? bill: also? >> translator: the individuals first circled house and looked around and proceeded to take him at gunpoint of course. at this point they have not made any sort of contact with the family or the
6:42 am
police. bill: also a live look now at arlington national cemetery, remembering all those that made the ultimate sacrifice on this veterans day defending freedoms that we hold so dear. thank you. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. new v8 v-fusion smoothie. you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played sir. get the app.
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6:46 am
botched federal gun-running sting. reports say holder sent the family a letter saying he is sorry, offering to meet with them but the family claims they still have not gotten anything from the attorney general. arizona republican paul gosart member of the house committee on oversight and government reform. well back here to "america's newsroom". you are calling for resignation immediately of eric holder. you're asking for 38 other members of congress join you next week in a show of support. why is that important to you and will that happen? >> well, i think when you see and you are made aware of what transpired in this botched attempt plus the insinner isness and -- insincereness and coldness mr. holder showed in front of the judiciary committee last week it is very evident he needs to step aside or be fired. all of us need together. the numbers are increasing from both sides from the house and senate. we need to bring this to a
6:47 am
pinnacle to --. bill: what have you seen based on evidence that implicates him? >> when you look at the aspect we allowed guns to walk and this administration allowed them to walk into the hands of criminals without proper surveillance, without proper tracking, putting the at risk all of the american people as well as those in mexico, not telling the mexican government and then putting our law enforcement in our cities and towns at risk, it is just uncalled for. and if we didn't know about it, it is incompetence. if we did know about it we've been covering up and we've been lying. and either way the attorney general needs to go and he needs to be compliant with all the facts. bill: your issue is allowing the program to happen in the first place and being the head of the department while it happened? >> you're exactly right. we can not allow what occurred here to occur again. that is number one of the and number two, we need to know who allowed this, who was the highest up who allowed this and anybody involved with this and face a jury of their peers
6:48 am
because we have to make sure --. bill: it is perhaps one of the most e-mailed topics today from our viewers. we get this one too. because you -- wrote the following, do the actions of our government knowingly giving weapons to who have agents and military struggling cones statute a treason news act? does congress have the authority to remove the attorney general from office. back to the congressman for that. is this treason by definition. >> we're trying to get all the facts to make sure we have the details to go forward but i think it is very, very obvious that the attorney general needs to resign or be fired. does congress have the ability to remove the attorney general? congress has the ability to start the process of impeachment of any civil servant. bill: okay. we will see next week how many people show up at your call for the attorney general to step down. you're expecting 38. we'll see if you get to that number or more. paul gosar out of arizona
6:49 am
today. >> thanks, bill. happy veterans day to our veterans across the country. bill: well-stated. we've been passing those words to our audience. if you have a question, both lines are up because you asked, bya. we'll see where this goes next week. heather: here's what i want to know? what does brian terry's family think about operation "fast and furious"? listen. >> mr. holder knew about it, the president knew about it and i think anybody should be prosecuted for his death and the people in mexico, innocent people down there that were murdered with those ak-47's. heather: there you go. william la jeunesse sat down with the terry family. he brings us that interview just ahead. that's a recipe for failed investing. open an e-trade account and open doors, seize opportunities, take action
6:50 am
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bill: on this veterans day we want to take you down to washington, d.c., heart of our nation's capitol right now. that is a wreath-laying ceremony getting under way at the world war ii memorial, honoring 16 million that served in that conflict and 400,000 who died. let's watch. [ [inaudible conversations] november 11th, 2011. we say thank you. arlington national cemetery for the annual wreath laying with the president when that gets underway this friday morning. heather: such a sacrifice
6:54 am
veterans and their families pay. as the nation honors to veterans, one gold star mom pays tribute to those who served with a cross-country journey and ends in today's veterans day parade here in new york city. rick leventhal is live along the parade route for us with her story. good morning, rick. >> reporter: good morning, heather. a beautiful day for a parade. a little chillly in new york city but an hour from now on 5th avenue we'll see stous thousands of members of the service, family members, marching band and medal of honor recipients and a special gold star mom nailed cathy cross. here is here story. catherine cross calls this her tribute journey. >> how are you? i have a greeting card for you to thank you for your military service. >> reporter: traveling from her connecticut home across the country from maine to delivering hugs candy gifts and cards she illustrated
6:55 am
and wrote. >> it says in our steps we gather today. >> reporter: catherine's son tyler was training as a navy seal when he decide in an accident 10 years ago -- died in an accident. she says this is art of the healing process. >> this is hugs i can't have anymore and they share with me. this is absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: she and her friend and fellow volunteer have spent the past seven weeks visiting 19 states in 44 locations handing out thousands of cards and countless smiles. >> thank you for your military service. >> thank you very much. >> authentic and real. >> makes you feel good because there is no welcoming and no pressure shun when we came home. and this is like catching up for us. >>. >> reporter: how long do you keep doing this? >> as long as i possibly can. it would break my heart truly to have to stop. i love what i do. >> reporter: so cathy says her journey will continue, thanking servicemembers not just on veterans day but every single day. heather?
6:56 am
heather: collecting hugs. we love cathy. thank you very much, rick. happy veterans day to you as well. >> reporter: you bet. bill: want to take you live to college station, pennsylvania. this is the first public board of trustees meeting since the wednesday night firing of football coach joe paterno, now public the trustees go. we'll take you there live to find out what is happening on the campus. heather: that will be interesting, yes. the white house accused of refusing to hand over some key documents in the solyndra matter. are they ready to cooperate today? we'll ask a congressman investigating the scandal. >> they cherry-picked some documents and tried to make hay out of something that, when looked in its entirety only reinforces what we said. there was no political influence. [ horn honks ]
6:57 am
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7:00 am
now, america? brand new polling numbers on the republican presidential field and they include the latest voter reaction since wednesday night and the latest ratings released by rasmussen, mitt romney sits at the top as the candidate viewed most favorably by voters, texas governor rick perry sliding to the bottom and look who is sandwiched between them! brand new hour on a friday, and help veterans day. martha: happy veterans day! bill: thar ma -- martha has time with her family today. heather: i am heather childers, rasmussen, just releasing these poll numbers to fox news and who better to talk to than bill and scott rasmussen himself, pollster scott rasmussen, bill: and good morning to you this, is hot off the press right now and what this tells me is that some of the candidates have a lot of work to do, favorable impression of herman cain,
7:01 am
you found unfavorable, at 51 percent. explain. >> right now, this is among all voters nationwide, herman cain gets favorable reviews from 37 percent, unfavorable from 51 percent, by the way, that number matches the number who say it's likely that these recent allegations are both serious and true. clearly, in any way that we measure, herman cain has been hurt by the recent allegations, but not devastated by them. his support remains solid. bill: rick perry on the flood from the debate the other night, you find his unfavorable is even higher, 61 percent. >> and even worse for rick perry among republican voters. not among all voters. among republicans, a majority, 54 percent now have an unfavorable view of texas governor rick perry. very, very difficult for him to come back with numbers like that. bill: all right. romney is at 48 favorable, 42 unfavorable. is this the highest he's
7:02 am
been? >> these numbers are very good for governor romney. not only is he the most likable of the republican candidates among all voters, he also earns that honor among republicans, despite all the concerns you hear from conservatives, 67 percent of republican voters have a favorable opinion of mitt romney. we've also found that he is seen as the most mainstream of all the candidates. by the way, that includes president obama. and that he is the one republican candidate who runs consistently even with president obama in general elections. bill: also among republican voters on newt gingrich, you find 38 favorable, 50 percent unfavorable. has that number changed for him? >> those numbers, his positives are coming up, newt gingrich is enjoying a bit of a resurgence, still has a lot of work to do, especially with unaffiliated voters and he too is doing well. look, in the republican race for the nomination, we're at the same point we've been for a long time, there's the
7:03 am
mitt romney and i'm not mitt romney and we have two top contenders, newt gingrich and herman cain. bill: we had the cbs poll we led with last hour, seven in ten of republican voters still say they could change their mind. we've got a ways to go, scott. >> absolutely. bill: scott rasmussen. heather. heather: speaking of indecisiveness, this is a fox news alert, word there could be some movement within the supercommittee charged with cutting government spending in the form of a new committee, a breakaway group of six, a bipartisan group of three republicans and three democrats meeting privately. now, if the six can find a deal, they would only need one more member to achieve a majority and get it passed. the deadline, though forbes a deal, november 23rd. so bill, the clock is ticking. bill: that it is, but any deal on reducing the decifit is going to take billions out of our military budget, leon panetta warning that could be a very bad thing, he's the defense secretary,
7:04 am
saying if you chop the pentagon's budget you're leaving america defenseless. >> it's a ship without sailors. it's a brigade without bullets. it's an air wing without enough trained pie rots -- pilots. it's a paper tiger. an army of barracks. buildings and bombs without enough trained soldiers able to accomplish the mission. it's suffers low morale, poor readiness and is unable to keep up with potential adversaries. in effect, it invites aggression. bill: the pentagon is looking to cut spending of $450 billion over the next ten years. we'll watch and see what happens. heather: how about this? the largest civic bankruptcy in history, jefferson county, alabama is bankrupt, the county owes $4 billion, and anything that jefferson county is forced to repay is going to be put on the backs
7:05 am
of the taxpayers. officials say that the outlook is grim. >> i guess we're all going to learn. we're plowing new ground. >> we were charged with the responsibility of fixing it. we've got three years now to fix it. heather: what caused this, the financial mess, the result of years of problems, including an infrastructure project that was tainted by corruption. bill: back to this alert now out of pennsylvania, the trustees of the penn state university meeting right now in public, for the first time since they fired the university's president and the football coach of 46 years, joe paterno, the trustees expected to appoint a special committee to investigate these child sex abuse scandal allegations. much more on those developments with the coach, judge jeanine pirro has more on that a bit later. heather: to another story we're following, the search is on for a major league baseball player, kidnapped in his native country of venezuela. wilson ramos, he's a catcher for the washington
7:06 am
nationals, he was abducted by gunmen wednesday night, outside his parent's house. phil keating is live from miami with the very latest. phil, any word at all from the kidnappers? >> reporter: apparently some contact was made either late yesterday afternoon or last night, because as baseball stadium necessary venezuela, as well as the street and neighborhood around wilson ramos' house filled with supporters, having prayers and also wearing ribbons, all praying and hoping that he will be released alive and this all gets resolved peacefully. the sister of wilson ramos told everybody, my brother is alive and well. so clearly, that's been indicated by the kidnappers, although wilson ramos' whereabouts right now, unknown, at least unknown publicly right now. the car used in the kidnapping, that was found, and it is being combed over for evidence, any fingerprints, forensics tests, although the kidnappers did set fire to
7:07 am
the interior to destroy any evidence before they abandoned that vehicle. major league baseball has its own investigators on the scene in venezuela, working with venezuelan investigators, and the statement from major league baseball is, quote, our foremost concern is with wilson ramos and his family and our thoughts are with them at this time. and reportedly, that when the kidnappers actually made their move to abduct him with a 9-millimeter pistol pointed at his head, wilson ramos was signing an autograph for a little kid in front of his parents' house. heather: that beggings the question, did they talk to the kid, him or her, or was this a setup? >> that is certainly that police quickly examined, using a kid as a rosu -- ruse to distract the ball player. it's unclear if that was part of the plan. right now investigators are looking at three possibilities here. number one, this is a well org need and well established extortion gang in the business of
7:08 am
kidnapping people for hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom money every time, number two, it could be local criminals being opportunistic, or three, could be first-time extortionists. they were not wearing masks so sketches are being worked on to be distributed. heather: thank you very much, phil keating reporting live for us from miami. bill: what a mystery that s. mr. ramos, in south america's. >> on solyndra, the white house about to hand over documents. what might the lawmakers find out next? we'll ask one involved in that investigation, republican bill cassidy, on deck next. heather: it's a massive pipeline that would deliver oil to the gulf coast and the white house backing off plans to build it. is it purely a political decision, bill? >> bill: the parents of murder patrol agent brian terry speaking out for the first time in months. who they say is involved in a coverup over their son's death. >> i don't think they're trying to fix it. i think if brian, like i
7:09 am
said before, if brian would have never gotten killed, the gunmen -- the guns going over the border would still be going on.
7:10 am
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7:12 am
bill: foreign policy speech by michele bachmann, getting a bit rowdy in charleston, south carolina: >> >> bill: that's about 30 protestors from occupy charleston. who knew! heckling bachmann during her address, accusing her of dividing americans instead of helping them, the demonstrators left when bachmann walked off the stage. she did, however, finish her speech. heather: the white house now apparently ready to hand over more documented related to solyndra after allowing yesterday's deadline to come and go. the administration says it has already been cooperative with legitimateit mat requests, and accuses republicans on the committee
7:13 am
of being politically motivated more than anything else. >> in this case, when we hear the speaker of the house saying they will, the republican, be, quote, relentless in pursueing this oversight investigation, i think most american people wish they would be as relentless in taking measures to help the economy and create jobs as they are in trying to create a political issue out of something that is simply a policy decision and policy decisions that were made -- merit-based decisions out of the department of energy. heather: joining me is how's congressman bill cassidy who sits on the energy and commerce committee. thank you very much for joining us. >> glad to be with you. heather: tell me what have we discovered so far with the documents that have been released? >> well, just to bring everybody to point, in the stimulus package, the administration gave
7:14 am
$537 million to solyndra, a solar panel company which is now bankrupt. what we have learned is that even at the outset, there was concern about their business plan, but there are political appointees within the administration pushing for the loans to be granted, that at least the vice president's office was involved, and there were contacts apparently between one of the major investors, a fellow named george kaiser, who is also a major fund-raiser for the president, direct contact in which they were promoting solyndra. so it appears as if politics may have been trumping policy, and that's why republicans are interested in it. we've lost 500 million taxpayer dollars and it looks like there's at least the potential that the decisions were driven by politics. heather: you know, the obama administration, they campaigned on transparency. so that they would be a transparent administration. but now they're saying that the requests need to be more specific in terms of releasing more documents
7:15 am
related to solyndra. what do you say to that? >> the fact that they are releasing stuff, and the more they release, the more we find out, we can't know what they know. "the washington post" today reports about how inside the administration, there was skepticism about the viability of this company, and the department of energy continued to promote them. now, this wouldn't have been discovered if we had just said okay, administration, just tell us what you think you should know. no, because of a concerted effort to obinstruct these documents now "the washington post" is revealing the department of energy continued to promote this company, even after people in omb thought it was a dog. so we don't yet know what we don't know but we need to continue to ask for full transparency. heather: "the washington post" is reporting that. but but do you believe that the documents you're requesting will confirm that as well? >> well, i don't prejudge
7:16 am
guilt. what i prejudge is the need for transparency with the american people and when someone says oh listen, we need to move on, in this case, when the issue is losing 537 million taxpayer dollars and perhaps putting politics before policy, i'm not ready to move on. it hurts our economy when we waste that kind of money. it is an important thing for the american people to know about. i don't prejudge built. i do prejudge the need for transparency. heather: thank you very much, we appreciate it, congressman bill cassidy. they're calling it a bad bet. definitely a bad bet when you're talking aboutham half a billion dollars of taxpayer money. thank you. bill over the weekend, there's going to be -- going to be a major headline out of pennsylvania, penn state says they're trying to move on. questions remain, however, how much did joe paterno know about the child sex scandal rocking that university and will more people face charges. judge jeanine pirro on the
7:17 am
legal fallout that continues today. heather: listen to this, she said her son went missing and now her story drawing odd similarity toss a popular tv crime show. >> i've heard about the law & order sbu episode that has great similarity to this case, i heard that it aired saturday, the day before the disappearance of sky. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol?
7:18 am
honey nut cheerios.
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7:20 am
bill: about 20 minutes past the hour now, new developments in the case of a missing two-year-old in washington state. this two-year-old boy reported missing sunday by his own mother. she says her car ran out of gas, so she left him in an unlocked car and walked to a gas station. and then when she came back, she told police he was gone. police now appealing to the
7:21 am
mother for more information there. >> at this point, the issue of forcing her in to talk to us isn't even on the table. we're hoping sky is out there alive and well and we're conducting this in-person investigation, and wee feel judy can help us with that and we're hoping she will come in and talktous. bill: where is this boy? dan spring ser live in bellevue, washington. the latest this morning is what, dan? >> reporter the latest is that the boy also mother's story continues to fall apart. we talked yesterday about the fact that that 1998 acura did, in fact, have gas in it, so she didn't run out of gas as she told police, but then police said she wanted to test-drive that car that would have mechanical problems that caused it to break down. last night the local news crew followed the police as they did that test-drive and determined it looked like that car had no mechanical problems so, that part of the story also does not make sense. the tips keep coming in, but there's been no break in this case. a couple last night was
7:22 am
walking about four blocks away from where that car was sunday morning, where the toddler supposedly disappeared, they found a shoe, that shoe has been ruled out as not having a connection because the search and rescue dogs did not pick up sky's scent. meantime a close friend of the mother's did take a polygraph yesterday, she's been ruled out as a possible suspect, bill. bill: two things here, is the mom an official suspect, and was the car indeed out of gas dan, do we know that. >> reporter: new york the car did not run out of gas. it had plenty of gas to get to the hospital which is where the mother said she was going, so not only did it have gas, it did not have any apparent mechanical problems. the mother is not being called a suspect and we asked the question when does she begin the suspect. clearly police do not believe her story and the pio, public information office, paused and said you know, we'll have to talk about that. it was very odd. it was almost like they're walking this fine line between calling her a suspect or a person of
7:23 am
interest. clearly, they want to talk to her. she is not cooperating fully, although she is in a hotel right now while police have control over her apartment. there are so many strange things about this case, a law & order episode, sbu episode, is being talked about now the ex-husband says that was one of her favorite shows and there was one episode that has odd similarities between this case and that episode. so a lot of things happening here. but so far, no big break in the case, bill. bill: that sure makes that case strange. let's hope that two-year-old boy is okay. dan springer, live from bellevue washington, thanks. health e. what's next. heather: the family of murdered border patrol agent brian terry speaking out about fast & furious, that botched operation blamed for his death: >> i would like to see the owner step down, i'd like to see him step down, because they are lawyers and they sat right there, and never poll guide to us or nothing.
7:24 am
heather: an emotional and powerful interview you will not want to miss. bill: also the story developmenting today a. pipeline project that could have created thousands of jobs is now on hold, and that's sparking outrage, as the pipeline goes on the back burner until after the election of 2012. another live look at arlington national cemetary. we're awaiting the president to lay a wreath there, as we remember the millions who have given their lives to protect our country. what's better than gold ?
7:25 am
7:26 am
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greg: fox news alert, this the 11th dave the 11th month, veterans day awaiting the replaying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns at argue link national cemetery. what a scene it is today outside of the nation's capitol on this beautiful fall morning. leon panetta will have remarks
7:30 am
and he'll be joined by general dempsey. we will see the president in a matter of moments and he will make remarks in the next hour on this veterans day we remember and we will bring that to you. heather. heather: we have new reaction for you from the family of a border patrol agent whose murder is linked to operation fast and furious. for the first times in months the bench warrants of brian terry are speaking out and they have strong words for the obama administration, particularly over who knew what about the botched government sting operation that put guns in the hands of mexican drug cartels. william la jeunesse is streaming live from phoenix, arizona. >> reporter: from the very beginning, heather the family has not got even straight answers from the f.b.i., the justice department or homeland security. now they are speaking out on brian's before so the investigation does not die and justice is served.
7:31 am
>> i'm still on his facebook because i was his friend. i look and see what people wrote and look at his videos. like a little bit of closure, like he's still with me. >> i have trouble going to the cemetery. he ain't supposed to be there. >> reporter: the terry's laid their son brian to rest almost a year ago the victim they say of a government program that armed mexico's largest cartel. >> i cannot be expected to not details of every operation. >> reporter: eric holder and lani brewer both claim ignorance about the operation. the terries don't buy it. >> i know they are lying, they are just nothing but liars. >> reporter: tuesday lawmakers asked if holder wanted to apologize, he declined saying only. >> i certainly regret what happened. >> i bet if he lost his son he would think different. >> reporter: he has since says he's story. while the murder weapons are
7:32 am
linked to fast and furious he says the weapons did not directly lead to the agent's death. >> i disagree with that. i think they are. brand-new ak-47's they were carrying. >> if they would have never left those guns walk maybe brian won't have been in that desert. >> reporter: to some officials brian was collateral damage. to his parents he was everything. >> i can't sleep anything about him, you know, i love him very much. >> reporter: i was in the terries living room yesterday where news broke that eric holder had written a letter of apology. they were stunned that neither the attorney who was with there with me had received a letter, neither had the family. it appears the justice department and holder leaked the letter to the press before the family ever received it. there is a tprupbd razor tomorrow in scottsdale, you can get all the information at remember brian heather: thank you very much. william la jeunesse reporting
7:33 am
live for us from arizona. greg: the obama administration will delay a oil pipeline project. critics claim this will cost jobs, a lot of them. the proposed 1700-mile keystone pipeline it would deliver oil from canada, oklahoma, along the gulf coast crossing five states before it reaches texas. jerry willis is host of the willis report on the fox business network. postponed in all likelihood until after theee hrefbgs 2012. what are we to make of this? >> look i'm shocked by this. this is a shovel-ready project that could provide 20,000 jobs. we have 14 million americans unemployed. it seems to me a no-brainer to do this. it means we won't be buying as much oil there th from the
7:34 am
middle east, people who don't like it, but buying it close by. if we don't buy it who does? does it get sold to china? a hro*ft questions about this. serious questions that i think deserve an answer. greg: this would have run right through the middle part of the country, and you talked to the governor of north dakota. what is going on there. >> let's talk about what an oil boom looks like. unemployment at 3.5%. greg: north carolina north dakota is at 3.5%. >> that's because they have an ale shale boom. greg: give us more of north dakota. >> doctors make less money than oil field workers there. mcdonald's workers are making $15 an hour. it's astonishing to see what is going on there. we could have more of that if it came through the u.s. greg: the unemployment rate in nebraska is at 4.2%. >> because.
7:35 am
greg: i'm trying to figure out why he would be against this project. it tells me they don't need the jobs, and the concerns in the country and other states, they are on the east coast, on the west coast, in the american southwest and the american southeast. greg: not everybody feels the same pain that the coastal areas do, maybe they don't feel the impulse to do this. they are getting a lot of not in my backyard crankiness right now as people don't want to see the pipeline go through their backyard. a lot of environmentalists are piping and saying we don't want this to happen. greg: jobs have been sacrificed in the name of political exspeed kwrepbs see. the president has made clear that campaign politics are driving u.s. policy decisions at the expense of attorney jobs e. was influenced by the left? >> i think he was influenced by the lift. he makes environmentalists angry if he does it, if he doesn't do it people on the right angry. it's a tough box to be in.
7:36 am
the right is angry mad. businesses are angry now. people who would like to get a job are angry. greg: this pipeline would carry 700,000 barrels of oil a day, that is twice the capacity of a pipeline that is now being used at the moment. >> the "wall street journal" today says the ab the auqfer already has 25,000 miles of pipeline over it already. greg: that is the aquafer in nebraska that is at the heart of this. the decision has been made by the administration. we will see you when you make all of your decisions on the willis report at 5:00 today fox business network that is eastern time. thank you, jerry, have a good show today, okay? heather: it is veteran's day and on this day a group called homes for our troops will be donating
7:37 am
six memories. they were custom built in texas for severely injured veterans. today's also special because it marks the completion of the group's 100 this home. and more are being built right now all over the country. kris gutierrez is in el paso this morning for us. tell us about the organization, it sounds great. >> reporter: homes for our troops has been donating homes to some of our most severely wounded soldiers since 2004. later this afternoon the home that you see here behind me will be donated here in el paso texas. last night, take a look at this video here we got to meet the family of tan yell gask afrpblgts he and his family received the keys to their brand-new home. he's a father, a husband he has two young boys and he's a double amputee. while serving in iraq he lost both of hess legs when he and his fellow marines were hit by an aed. here is what he told me business home. >> it's my little mansion, it's
7:38 am
my place, it's not only my family's, my wife and my kids, seeing the kids grow up in my house, going to the kitchen, going to the closet, going to my kids rooms which i couldn't do before in my wheelchair. heather: all these homes h-r 100% handicapped accessible, right. >> reporter: you're exactly right. if you think about it homes on the market right now rarely if ever are handicapped accessible, these homes, take a look here the door frames are much wired than you'll find in normal homes. the showers, for example, are large. the counter tops are lower, everything is made just -- makes it simply for those who are in wheelchairs to navigate the homes. here is what the man who started homes for troops tells me. >> somebody like daniel needs a place that is really for him, you know, again, he fought for
7:39 am
our freedom and independence, this is a way to give it back to him. >> reporter: homes for our troops is a nonprofit organization. if you'd like to help out you can find their website online. heather back to you. heather: thank you so much for bringing in such a great story. kris gutierrez, thank you. greg: don't you get the sense in new york that veteran's day is a lot bigger than it normally has been. perhaps it's because of those numbers on the calendar. heather: absolutely, 11-11-11. greg: right on. apparently i heard a woman is going to give birth to twins today. she had a c-section scheduled for 9:00am. i don't know why she didn't do 11:00am. doctor's decision. a bomb-sniffing dog that spent 11 years in iraq is now back home. but his duty is not over, now he's still serving our country in a rather important way. we'll tell but that. live at article lincoln national sepl tear raoerbgs live with what will be the ceremon
7:40 am
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medicare guide and customized rate quote. heather: the board of trustees meeting at penn state. it is their first meeting since reports came out about the child sex-abuse scandal and the board now taking action. >> it has been truly difficult to comprehend the terrible nature of the allegations that revealed in the attorney general's presentment last week. we will form a committee to take a look at the circumstances that gave rise to the grand jury report. healing cannot occur until we understand how responsibilities to these children failed and how we can prevent such tragedies in the future. heather: this as there are reports that the famed former football coach joe paterno contacted a criminal defense lawyer. judge jeanine pier row is the
7:44 am
host of justice with gentleman jeanine. she joins us with insight into this case. i read entire grand jury report yesterday. to say it's troubling or disturbing, the words don't even do it justice. >> reporter: you're right, as a d.a. thinks the kind of thing i did all the time. what we don't realize is that predators are all around us. there were so many people in the cain of command, who knew and looked the other way, and now with paterno getting himself a high-powered criminal defense attorney you have to say u know, is there more coming out? and i can tell you from experience without a doubt as sure as i'm sitting here there is more coming out. there will be more adults coming out talking about the fact that this happened to them, and we will see civil lawsuits against paterno, against everyone in that chain, pwaug penn state. so you've got criminal issues, you've got civil liability issues, and this is just the tip of the iceberg because there will be many, many more
7:45 am
victims. a pedophile doesn't just start at the age of 60. what we do know is that from 1994 until 2008 according to the grand jury report there are specific victims that can be identified. it didn't start in 94, heather, it started a longtime ago. heather: and so many witnesses in that grand jury report, you know, from the assistant coach who is now currently the assistant coach, grad student at the time, to a janitor who walked in on something. people obviously knew this was happening, but just now the school is launching this investigative committee. i don't understand that. >> reporter: i think what the school is trying to do now is trying to get back on its feet and figure out what it's going to do and that is only if they survive the civil lawsuits. thinks going to be huge. even more significant, heather is the fact that in 1998 the sitting d.a. looked at a complaint by a mother, spoke to sandusky and he did say, yeah i did take a shower, yeah i was
7:46 am
naked, yeah i wish i to kill myself. when i was a d.a. that was enough to go forward. everyone knew about it, the da, child protective services, and the university. at the end of the day the da decides not to go forward and by the way he's missing and presumed tkefpltd the layers on this onion just keep peeling off. heather: they found his laptop of his computer but the hard drive was missing. >> reporter: he had researched how to get rid of information on the hard drive. he called his girlfriend and said he was taking half day off of work. there were cigarette ashes in the car. he was intolerant of the cigarettes. they found the laptop and the hard drive in the water. he was declared to be dead. i have a sitting d.a. who was a friend of his who will be on my show this weekend who will talk about the fact this isn't the kind of a da who would look the other way.
7:47 am
when we know what we know now why didn't you go forward? was there a reason not to? everyone knew what happened in 98. once 2002 came forward it was enough for them to say, you know what we've got to referred to to the police. heather: could joe paterno face criminal charges. >> reporter: absolutely. it depends on whether son comes forward and says, he knew about it and didn't report it to the chain of command. greg: drop that gavel, jeanine, go, girl. fox news alert on this veteran's day, i'll take you down to article long ton national ceremony. we'v article lincoln national arlington national ceremony, the event getting underway on this
7:48 am
november 11th.
7:49 am
♪ [drums] ♪ [drums ]
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[commands given ] [commands given ] ] commands
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given ]
7:53 am
greg: it is always such a remarkable sight. what a gorgeous day we have there at arlington national cemetery. we are awaiting the president. he will be there in about eight or nine minutes. we'll take you back there. there will be speeches to follow that in the next hour, on this november 11th, on veteran's day. heather has a really special guest skwraoeu was so excited for this segment, bill. on this special day a for legged hero to tell you about. he's a dutch shepard, he served in iraq sniffing out bombs and providing security. after 11 years of active duty in the u.s. army is still serving our country. joining are us is bino and his handler, deborah. hi, bino.
7:54 am
we are saluting our veterans on this day. an 11-year veteran of iraq. >> he served in iraq for 13 months and served in the united states army for almost 11 years. he retired at the ripe old age of 11 years and ten months. heather: tell us what he does now, he's still serving. >> he's like a typical warrior. they never want to quit. he helps me train service dogs for shoulders at force bliss in el paso texas who have pos post-traumatic syndrome. we needed a demo dog, so within the first month after bino came home he learned the public access skills set, which is the skills needed for a dog to successfully navigate in public with a handler. these dogs are making a huge difference. i've seen soldiers on the edge
7:55 am
of suicide and two weeks later turn away from that. i've seen marriages torn apart by this get back together. we are saving two lives not just one. heather: thank you so much for joining us on this veteran's day, and thank you as well, thanks very much, bino. greg: can you get bino to salute one more time for us. >> reporter: bino salute all our comrades. salute. good boy. greg: outstanding, well done, bino you are cool. every day we are grateful for the service of our men and women. we are moments away from the arlington ceremony beginning. you will see that in a moment when our coverage continues. [ male announcer ] all over the world, there's a battery
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bill: super special doctor. >> absolutely. 13 1/2 years old. bill: hallmark network you see the awards and show about bino coming up prime time. in arlington we're awaiting this ceremony to begin. this will be ultimate event for the veterans day ceremony at the arlington cemetery. we'll see the president in a matter of moments. we'll watch the wreath-laying ceremony. >> coming up at 11. thank you to all our veterans today. bill: "happening now" continues with our coverage with jon scott and jenna lee on this friday. jon: arlington national cemetery, arlington, virginia. the tomb of the unknowns. >> honorable eric


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