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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 11, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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now more at 7:00 eastern in the fox report and 4:00 in the west. and now neil cavuto in "your world." >>neil: the cain train still full speed ahead. next station stop? "your world e actually, a bus. glad to have you. herman still is humping after the charges, still charging. new poll showing the former pizza king far from boxed out of this republican presidential field. in most of the samplings he is leading but it is close. which hasn't exactly dented his cash hall which is now off the charts. $9 million just since october. a big chunk of that coming after being hit with the claims of sex
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i'll -- sexual harassment more than a decade ago. one accuser putting off a press conference after others failed to come forward. so, today, herman cain coming to new york and a couple big fundraisers and a chat with yours truly with herman cain. now the front running president candidate. it is a mouth full. when you started i wondered highway it would go. >>guest: a lot of people felt that way. we knew it was a long shop. but we saw something beginning on before i even put together my exploratory. we saw something in the american people out there that the people in washington, dc were missing, the professional politicians were missing. they were open to a businessman straight talking problem solver and we picked on it before i made the final decision and we just continued to build on that. >>neil: but the whole cain
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train ... thought to be derailed with the harassment allegations and they are weighing on your support with women. depending on the survey you have last about half their support since the allegations first came out. you are still resilient and the key straights the frontrunner and nationally you are ahead of romney but do you think this is costing you? >>guest: absolutely. we are not surprised that some people are spending to this cloud as if it were true. but the good news is most people are not bying it because i basically addressed all of the issues that no facts to substantiate the claims and i believe most of the people are beginning to put it behind them. we were in michigan, for example, yesterday, and we stopped in five locations with rallies and they were herman cain rallies standing-room only at all of them.
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and it was snowing in one of the locates and people cannot get in and the message of 999, the message of energy independence, the message of problem selfing in washington is resonating with people. >>neil: you must be concerned since you hired this big lawyer, it raised concerns especially when he warned any of the other women would would be considering coming forward with harassment allegations you should think twice. maybe it wasn't his intent but it sounded like a threat. >>guest: it wasn't a threat it was putting people on notice that you cannot continue to attack my integrity if you don't have some facts or basis. i will tell you who first suggested we do that, my wife, gloria. >>neil: how does she feel? >>guest: it has been harder on her than me. i am out there in the ring
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punching basically doing things and sticking to the schedule and the message, we didn't cancel one commitment for the last couple of weeks because we were not going to be distracted. >>neil: you have been married 43 years. and the settlements came when you were head of the national restaurant negotiation. >>guest: one agreement. >>neil: did you talk to her at the time? >>guest: 1999, yes, i did, and i told her it was baseless and after they went law the process we said it was baseless and no truth and she knew about it in 1999. >>neil: did you know of others at the time? >>guest: no, nope, no idea. no idea about the others that supposedly . >>neil: did you know about settlements at the time? >>guest: i knew about an agreement because it turns out to be a typical employee-employer severance
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agreement. that was no legal settlement. and so when i was first questioned about this on the day that the story broke from "politico", i interpreted it as a settlement to mean "legal," and i knew there were not a legal settlement, the words we use in business are "agreement." >>neil: but later there was a settlement? >>guest: no. >>neil: but money was exchanged not from you personally but from the association. >>guest: the agreement as i recall there was some sort of severance agreement and some sort severance amount. i never --. >>neil: and you were head of the association and knew nothing? >>guest: no, it was a routine personally matter. >>neil: but you are the big cheese? >>guest: but the big cheese is not involved unless they are over a certain amount and because of the amount that was dealt with, the general counsel, of the sew, with our human resources they put that together and they executed it.
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>>neil: but you are a hands on guy. >>guest: i am. >>neil: you are very hands on, i would imagine you would be aware of a lot these intricate agreements. >>guest: but it wasn't intricate. that is the point. it was a very simple straight forward thing which is why my people didn't think i needed to get directly involved. they had the authority. because one of them was an officer of the association. to basically commit the association to something that didn't need my attention. >>neil: years later, then, when the issues come up all over and there is gloria, she put up with you for 43 years and she is hear this what is she saying? >>guest: she is saying to me that the family has your back, not going to let them continue to -- never doubted me. never, ever, ever doubted me.
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in fact, as . >>neil: so, did she say figure to you? >>guest: she did because i called her right after that press conference that they had and i said to my wife, i said hello sweet heart did you see that interview and she said yes. i said, what did you think? and she used some language i've never heard her use before. >>neil: not so much to belabor the point as much to raise a bigger issue that the loyal supporters have raised. you run for past the united states you knew this was out there and could have just been noise or an agreement, one of the many things that comes up one of the most press technologious -- the most prestigious associations. you should have none it was out there. >>guest: i met with my staff.
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when we started the campaign we did opposition research on myself. in terms of asking questions. now, it wasn't a formal document so i have not seen the formal document and i sat with my people and they asked me questions and i told them about this restaurant association incident. >>neil: what did they say? >>guest: not important because i said here is what i recall and i said if you want to talk to the trust association but they have a policy of not breaking employee and employer confidentiality. >>neil: but they did, in a way? >>guest: they gave permission for her and that surprised me. i didn't care whether they did it one way or the other but what i wasn't going do do was to try and encourage them to break a policy they have had since the organization started when they have a confidentiality agreement between an employer and the association. >>neil: you think that association three you under the bus because they were poised to
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back you for president and this dust up came and i think they are looking at the new mexico governor. my point is you are not on their list. what happened? >>guest: well, as an organization i don't know but here is what i do know. a lot of the members of the association, the past officers, they are supporting me in a big way. one of my dearest friends who was the chairman of the association right around the time after i was, he has backed me individually and a last overs. >>neil: so you do not feel bitter. >>guest: no, not at all. >>neil: you are a serious presidential candidate and all this comes back to whether you buy the allegations or not, that his staff fumbled. did you, did you fumble on this
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on handling this? >>guest: no, here is way. we were contacted by "politico" who was trying to bait us into saying something when they didn't identify the individuals. they didn't have any documentation. and, association as a businessman, it was my decision to my staff, wait-and-see what they put out there. that's like negotiating against yourself. they had not identified who the woman were and we were supposed to respond? no. so we waited. they put it out there and i went on tv that pend basically recalling what i remember and, yes county at going of the day i did not recall as were as i did by the end of the day and people say because of that we mishandled it. that may be the case. but i would have rather gotten
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out front the next day so my supporters will know i had nothing to hide and although i may have not precisely stated everything the way it should have been stated at the beginning of the day versus the end of the day the last interview that i did with greta basically laid out all of the facts and that is when we clarified the difference between settlement and agreement and recollection of everything i could relative to that. from that stand point rather than wait two days so we could get herman ready to spend, no, because that might have suggested that i had something to hide. or we were trying to spin it. if we witnessed that would have been a 48-hour news cycles of herman not saying anything. >>neil: who do you thing released this information? what give it to "politico"? early on you were looking at rick perry and then you disavowed that. others are saying maybe someone
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not white house. who? >>guest: we don't know for sure but when we look at all of these coincidences that my senate political consultant now works for leadership, i'm not, at first i said it could have been him and the fact that the have pac that supports governor rick perry, the head of that pac, used to do work for the restaurant association but then >>neil: so you still stand by this idea it is rick perry although --. >>guest: simply saying there are too many coincidences. here is with we believe but we don't have facts so i not accuse anyone. people who did not want me to get the nomination or become president, i don't who these people are, probably a network of them, are behind this because they knew just what you indicated at the beginning of the interview, they knew that some people were beginning to believe the accusations whether
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it was true or not, take a little bit of shine off of herman's star and see whether or not it will help to reduce the enthusiasm people have. they knew that. they achieved that objective. here is where it backfired. more people believe me than the accusations. and they have demonstrated it not only with their verbal support, people wanting to volunteer, they have democrat separated it with their dollars. >>neil: so there is a passion to your fans and supporters, so, why not a lie detector test? you offered that in the press conference the other day. put it there, take the lie detector test and pass it with deploying colors. >>guest: why negotiate against yourself, if someone comes forward and will take a lie detector test i will take one. i will not take one against
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anone must, no documentation, that is not go business. and there is a private investigator from atlanta, georgia, who has some sophisticated technology that a lot of people may not have heard of and he took my statement from my press conference, ran it through the software, and was willing to go on record because company law enforcement ages use this software and said herman cain is telling the truth. he did the same thing for this woman who accused me the other day when she was with gloria gloria all red and he said there were a lot often truths in that statement. >>neil: the bottom lean you are surviving so far. we mentioned you lost a little bit at the outset, support among women, key independent women, it is greater but it can come back, but, nevertheless, national presidents, you still very, very popular, very high. on the financial front in new york city, very hot. and i noticed at the shindig the
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9-9-9 team is a big team, 100 people, raised a lost money, and there was a time when you could not get 99 cents. so i noticed the cast of characters at the event, you got j.p. morgan and g.e. capital, the fat cats. >>guest: these are people who see that i will bring some leadership and business principles to the leadership of this country. >>neil: i thought a last the guys would be in romney's camp. what happened? >>guest: what happens is romney has not gonen all of them because he has a reputation of being a wall street guy and i have a reputation of being a main street guy.
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and they want this economy to get back on track. and, so, yes --. >>neil: they have not expressed resignation. >>guest: no, no, no, its has been the reverse. it has been the reverse. they believe me because i've been telling the truth. speaking of romney, i spent yesterday in michigan saying i got michigan, romney was saying. not is fast. not so fast. >>neil: you get the bum rap and rick perry has hit a bump and maybe gingrich is rising but he is the sort of tough line go. >>guest: well, you know, in football they call that play not to lose and sometimes teams lose when they play not to lose. the reception i got in michigan yesterday was overwhelming. we made five stops on this herman cain bus.
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every stop was standing room only. it was snowing in traverse city, michigan. and people were outside and they could not get in. and this is in michigan! time after time, people in michigan came up to me and said, don't assume mitt romney has michigan locked up. >>neil: if you do not get the nomination would you support romney? >>guest: it would depend upon a discussion that he and i would have prior to making that decision. >>neil: but it is not a given. would you thing of supporting president obama over him? >>guest: absolutely not. it would depend on the discussion we would have to have. if i did not, i happen to believe that is a big, big "if," remember the godfather, if you can't turn godfathers and do you want a franchise from another chain? no. i went there focused on turning it and. we would have to have a discussion because several
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things i would have to be assured of, if that happened, if i have --. >>neil: you would want the running mate --. >>guest: i would want someone would shares my ideas or close enough on the major issues of how we approach it. right now he doesn't. >>neil: and if rick perry got the nomination? >>guest: i don't think we are close enough in terms of ideals. >>neil: ron paul? >>guest: want to talk about rick perry? rick perry, the flat tax i call it flat tax lite we are too fall apart. >>neil: you are saying that because he ripped off your 9-9-9? >>guest: no, he collapsed the brackets and knocked them down. >>neil: ron paul got a lot of gulf freeway when he suggested he can go the third party route. >>guest: i believe ron paul and i are probably further away
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on ideas than 1991 on that stage. new new you would never entertain the third party route? >>guest: no, that would be a mistake. if you do that you hand an advantage to the democrats and president obama and the last thing we need to do is to hand an advantage to president obama. so, it depends on who and what role they want me to play. >>neil: and what does herman cain have to say ahead. stay tuned. ♪
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>> did you hear the latest news today, anita hill is coming? (laughter) >>neil: you got a lot of heat for that. were you joking? >>guest: i found the comment from one one of the attendees te hilarious and my response was, with the question, is she going to endorse me? that was funny. it was hilarious because i would never if my wildest dreams
1:24 pm
expect her to endorse me. they got a laugh out of it, i got a laugh. >>neil: when i interviewed when you first started the race and you looked like you were a joke, no offense, but we talked about that and you are then for your sense of humor, and running the restaurant association and your big things with working with kids, fast food restaurant, and smiles and that is in your d.n.a. but you made a compensate of princess nancy, trying to be funny and the electric fence along the border, trying to make a point, but stuff you said when you were in single technology -- single digits, did you think you have to be more cautious because people are looking and saying he is not a quack he could be president. >>guest: i have to dial it back a little bit on a scale of
1:25 pm
1 to 10, with 10 being not dialing it back at all, i'm going to move it to a 9 because herman is going to be herman. that is all i will do. i never mean to offend anyone, it is my natural personality and if i ever get to the point that i have to not be me in order to run, i'm not running. what people like is herman is being herman. >>neil: but presidents have to show discretion, >>guest: i know how to act the presidential image if this is what they want and bore them to death like a lot of other people that speak political speak. people have connected with me because it is plain talk. >>neil: it is like the pressure ronald reagan was under when he called the soviet union evil empire or the off the cuff remark about we begin bombing now, he could be flippant and he pulled it in, because, i guess, people felt you have to rein it
1:26 pm
in. >>guest: true. i will dial from a 10 to a 9. >>neil: 9 will still attract people. >>guest: i will dial back to 9, because of 9-9-9 and $9 million man. >>neil: what came up with 9-9-9. now you got the $99.99 event. who came up with you? >>guest: me and my senior economic adviser. this is a true story. rich, from cleveland, lowrie, not the guy with the publication, we have been working on this and we worked on the plan and he was doing the analysis explaining it and because my background is mathematics i could understand it. so when i understood it, rich came and said, the number we need to basically replace those five taxes that is the revenue neutral in terms of getting the same amount of revenue is 8.75,
1:27 pm
8.75 and 8.75. and i said, rip, who in the world is going to run and talking about 8.75, 8.75. we will call it the 9-9-9 plan and he said, okay boss. >>neil: interesting. here you have one very nice guy here today, and we have had other presidential candidates they have, we have a swat team and they come in, and their people have people, so here you come in, and i am wondering, this is weird. do you need, now, to get up to speed to get an organization going because if you hit grease lightning you may not have the backup and support and structure to go as governor huckabee experienced. he did not have what john mccain had. >>guest: here is what some don't know because they are not on the inside of the campaign.
1:28 pm
in the last 3 days we have doubled the size of our staff. >>neil: up to 12? >>guest: 9. >>neil: nine. dumb question. >>guest: we were at 30 before the campaign started and now we are close to 70 people and that includes full time people we have always had. sometimes i listen and sometimes i don't. my leadership style and they know this, they can suggest and recommend but i will make the decision so i have to be the one to take the hits if it doesn't come off right. so, no, i love, my people know they can suggest anything. they are not afraid to tell me what i peed to hear and i listen. >>neil: a lot of good stuff, more from the interview with herman cain tonight at 6:00 p.m. who, exactly, writes herman cain's speeches? what do you think?
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>>neil: ahead of the super committee deadline a last ditch push by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, 100 of them, urging the panel to keep all options on the panel if a deal is to be met. they will hold a press conference on tuesday, and robert andrews is a member of the coalition. congressman, what is the reaction you have gotten? >>guest: well, there is a conscience us to do it but it will take some leaps from both sides. on the democratic side, people are going to have to be willing to embrace more entitlement reductions and i'm ready to do that. on the republican side, people are going to have to embrace some tax revenue increase that
1:34 pm
would help plug, maybe, $1 trillion of the $4 trillion goal. they have to do that. >>neil: weren't you among the handful of democrats would signed the no tax pledge and --. >>guest: i did in 1992 i signed a pledge promising not to vote for tax increases for the next two years i understood, i honored that pledge and i never renewed it again and, i always say, i only made one promise if my life, to my wife, tomorrow is our 18th wedding anniversary, my promise on that tax pledge was not 'til death did us part. >>neil: he is ticked. he is ticked. the tax pledge is a promise to oppose tax hikes as long as one is in congress not until you change your mind. what do you say? >>guest: i didn't see that fine print and, frankly, that is
1:35 pm
not my understanding. the promise is between me and my constituents and i honored the promise, and i frankly take a different position since then, and the judgment is up to them whether to re-elect me. >>neil: congressman fiscal year we go back and forth with the republicans who share your view we should put revenues on the table, the devil is in the details, but on the bigger point here, that, say, you believe that you are going to get a concession from the spenders to cut back, and george bush sr. had the same type of agreement with democrats in 1990, and he had the same type of argument, i will renege on my no new tax pledge if you keep to your promise, democrats, to cut spending. they did not. he looked like a fool. and he was held out to dry. and you could, too. >>guest: i would really argue
1:36 pm
that is a mischaracterization of what happened. the rate of spending slowed down considerably after that 1990 deal and, in fact --. >>neil: but it wasn't two-for-one, $2 in cuts for every $1 in revenue. >>guest: because of that and the 1993 clinton plan we balanced the budget by 1998. we were in a position by the end of the decade with a projected surplus of nearly $3 trillion in pregnanted surplus, maybe more than that. look, we can do the country a lot of god and put a lot of people become to work if the markets saw a $4 trillion cut in our deficit. this would be a burst in confidence. a burst in investment. and a rise in employment. >>neil: but $4 trillion over ten years is a drop in the bucket. >>guest: but it is 40 percent of the projected debt. a big deal.
1:37 pm
what history has shown is when you do one of these deals, the actual deficit reduction exceeds the face value so the clinton plan, for example, in 1993, was going to cut the deficit by $500 billion over five years and it cut it by $2 trillion. >>neil: well it didn't do that we had an internet boom, right, you cannot lay it on that. >>guest: the internet boom happened because bright creative entrepreneurs could get capital that previously was soaked up by uncle sam. >>neil: you are sticking to your guns. we will see what happens. >>guest: when uncle sam borrowed $400 billion a year that was money that the interpret entrepreneurs could not get and when they got it they grew, the economy grew. >>neil: we can dough back and forth. be well. and an inspiring story of an army captain who did not live long enough to tell a story
1:38 pm
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>>neil: on this special treat on veterans day remembering and honoring the men and women who sacrifice and still sacrifice to help us. my guest wrote a captivating book about an army captain's story in iraq. sadly that captain will never be able to read the book. he died after a roadside bomb exploded under his humvee but the book is called "a soldier's dream," and you did not know this kid, i am telling you he died way too young, but william doyle brings him to life and bill, this is phenomenal book, staggering. never heard of this kid, a
1:43 pm
captain not army. but he was immersed in the iraqi people, their culture, tell me about him. >>guest: travis patrick was a junior officer who spoke arabic, he studied the koran intently and spent time in arab countries on special forces missions and he was put into the worst difficult in iraq at the worst moment of the war as the tribal affairs expert and suddenly iraqis started saying, what part of iraq are you from? >>neil: he knew the slang? >>guest: street iraqi arabic and some would say, are you from the north of iraq or the south. >>neil: he looked iraqi. and he was proud of that thick mustache. >>guest: he grew it as a sign of respect for iraqi culture. this pan plunged deeper into the iraqi culture than most any other american who ever did, and iraqis told me they adored him, and he was the strongest ally
1:44 pm
they ever had and he helped turn things and in that moment with his we commanding officers who i know you know, and their colleagues helped town the war around in the most important city in a have it california moment of the war. >>neil: it was an al qaeda stronghold and jim was here a few years ago and he was telling about the environment in the whole region and it was lick the fear was not a factor. this is jim. >> how are you holding up? >>guest: well, i am doing great. i am honored to senator. i love high job and my prowlings and i'm happy for the opportunity and especially you put in the contempt of the kind of battle we are fighting against al qaeda, i am happy to go and do that. >>neil: he was the commanding officer of travis. he was in the caravan that was leading, he caught the metal plate on the ground, right and
1:45 pm
told the driver to get away but unfortunately captain's --. >>guest: i got did big lessons. the highest form of patriotism as americans can be ability to connect to other cultures, very deeply, to learn from them, to be humble with them and together with other people around the world, inspire them to do great things with america. that is a tremendous lesson of american patriotism. and, second, he thought that islam was our greatest ally for crushing al qaeda. >>neil: he would get mad as those who criticized islam but we see it through the eyes of extreme im. >>guest: this is a spiritual lesson i beginned he was a devout catholic, a very christian man who refused to believe that his religion was
1:46 pm
right and others were wrong and he saw islam as a brother religion to christianity and to the jewish culture. >>neil: but he had do yous even to the war, he said we came to this country to fix it, to plan to occupy or put it on the road to democracy and we are fighting this war the wrong way. and as long as bush is running this war, we are never going do get anything accomplished. we are not going to do anything right. but he was just as doubtful of new leadership coming in. what was his view? washington was disconnected? >>guest: he had contempt for people who did not understand the reality on the ground. he thought the way to success in iraq was to deal with the legal power players, the sheiks. and the sheik was a rough
1:47 pm
gangster, like right owe of hollywood, like tony soprano, but pad trick and mcfarland and his captain saw the possibility for transformation, he was sick of al qaeda as most sunnis in the province and together any threw al qaeda out from that province and that set the stage for the surge the following year. >>neil: and russia -- that sheik died and now we are pulling out. i wonder, you know the region well, and the region in an bar province is more stable but now we are pulling out. >>guest: we are pulling out and the governor of the province was nearly assassinated by a bomb. it is a tinderbox. it could blow up at any moment but i think now that the training wheels or off, the
1:48 pm
iraqis could step up. >>neil: you don't think al qaeda will come back. >>guest: they will. but i think the iraqis could keep a lid on it because they are a great, proud, brilliant people and his relationship with them is proof of that. >>neil: what is real proof he is the only american for whom a treasure is named. >>guest: in all of iraqi one building is named after an american, the iraqi police station, and it is his tribal name. >>neil: if you do not know the stow of his kid, you did not know what he sacrificed you thing of big time generals four and five star heroes this is one guy who loved what he did, died for his country and took know bows. thank you. 's more real than reddi-wip.
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>>neil: and look at this the dow and s&p are back in positive territory for the year because of what happened in europe today. the italian senate approving a budget bill that could put it a step closer to getting continues in order. and giving prime minister silvio berlusconi the boot.
1:53 pm
and to fox business network on what it means. >>reporter: well, investers certainly cheered on the latest news from europe as the passing of the bill paves the way for berlusconi's departure and the yield on the italian ten year bond fell below the key 7 percent level and fell to 6.5 percent and the euro strengthened, the dollar was welcomer and good news on consumer confidence at home, also, boosting shares and you can see 2 percent gain across the board and the dow climbing 26 points and nasdaq gaining 64 and s&p 500 rallied 24 and s&p rejoined the dow in positive territory for the year so the gapes today are taking us into new territory and the dow on a weekly basis closing above that key 12,000 mark for the first time since october. disney pacing gains today encouraging results from disney gay another reason for optimism reporting 30 percent jump in
1:54 pm
quarterly profits because of the theme park and tv divisions and oil had a huge week, oil rose nearly a four month high as the fears over in europe are key. a huge week for the market across the board and a lot of investors bying gold, as well, and the stock market was up and oil was up they were seeking out the safe haven and bying the gold. >>neil: did you see what imus had the nerve to say and do about dion? you are about to. don, pay back time. >> 1939, my parents ran across an ad for a hotdog cart and my mother said maybe we ought to buy it and set it up someplace and my parents went do bank of america and they talked to the branch manager and said we have a hot dog carton, cart and it
1:55 pm
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in one simple step, get tones and highlights built into every shade with nice 'n easy. >> neil: apparently the iman is not a fan of mine. i want you to look at this. >> well, fox business network. something, what is he doing? >> well, demand it? >> temple of -- a skull. [ laughter ] harrison ford thing >> went away the demand it. maybe you could bring something more dra matt tic to the table. >> would you like to be interested in purchasing gold, neil? >> neil: no. >> no. you didn't know we'd give you this much time, did you? >> i did not know that. >> neil: if you don't get fbn. >> demand it. >> neil: it belongs in a museum. >> so do you. >> that will do it. >> that was -- i'm just
1:59 pm
curious as to what the purpose of that was. >> well, he used to do the thing at the end of the show, every day he'd say if you don't get the fox business network and the whole crew would yell out "demand it." >> apparently that didn't work. >> this is the evolution of that process. >> okay. >> neil: yeah? >> ahh, ahh. >> neil: who are you doing? >> ahh, ahh. >> neil: he doesn't find this funny. [ snoring ] [ laughter ] >> neil: he is on fbn. hours and hours.


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