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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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please remember, the spin stops right here because we are looking out for you. am >> i'm monica crowley in for sean for "hannity." the iowa caucuses are just 8 days away and republican contenders are pulling out all the stops to remain competitive. for michele bachmann, the stakes could not be any higher, as she has spent more time there than almost any other candidate. sean sat down with the congresswoman to take talk with her about her campaign for the white house and much more. joining us presidential candidate and congresswoman, michele bachmann.
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congresswoman, welcome back. >> always a pleasure to see you. >> i thought the debate that we had this week was probably the best debate so far. you're there. you are getting very passionate in these debates. and it seems that you want to create a distinction. that is that you are a conservative candidate. you -- well, you don't seem, you are saying that you don't think your fellow candidates are going to be conservative if they are elected. i want you to explain this to people, what you mean by that? >> i have been the consistent conservative throughout my life. i am 55 years of age. i have been very consistent as a fiscal conservative, national security conservative, social conservative and tea partyer. and there is a distinction between the candidates. we have candidates that have been for the individual mandate in helt care with obamacare, mitt romney, newt gingrich. we have five of the candidates that have been for the $700 billion t.a.r.p. bailout. five of eight that are up there. that's a big issue. that lays the foundation for the automobile bailout and the
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mortgage bailout and it laid the foundation for the stimulus. we have candzidates for the global warming cap & trade program. that's something that most of our primary voters aren't aware of. i think it's very important. this is, in my opinion, sean, the last exit on the highway to get this country back on the straight and narrow. if we don't get it right with this next election, it's going to be tough for our country. so we need a candidate that will represent our core values. and i am the candidate that has been doing that. >> are you saying that this is a convenient conservativism? or conservative of convenience? or political expediency? >> i am saying there is a difference in the candidates. there is nothing wrong with having the voters know with where we stand. i have shown up on the big issues of the day and on the fights of the day, i have been there. i have been there at the tip of
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the spear. >> i brought 40,000 people not united states capitol to fight against obamacare. i wasn't in praise of the individual mandate. do we honestly believe that candidates who have been for the individual mandates are going to have the oomph and the backbone to get rid of obamacare? that's the signature issue of this election. our candidate will be compromised if they stand on the stage with barack obama and he's for -- that's his signature issue, obamacare, our candidate can't be someone who has been for that issue, socialized medicine. the crowned jewel of socialism. that's what is wrong with the united states. we have too much socialism, we need more constitutional conservativism and free markets. i am the candidate who has lived that life, as a tax lawyer, as a job creator and as a fight or all of these issues. we're electing the person who will save this country because
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we near serious decline. i am the candidate who has that ability to be able to save this country. >> what do you make of the president's emerging strategy for re-election? clearly, he came out -- he can't run on his record. i don't see that he is trying to. the latest line that the republican plan is for dirtier air, dirtier water, class warfare is a big part of his strategy, joe biden went out -- do you support the new stimulus bill or rape and murder's going to go up. so if you are against tyou must be supporting that. what do you make of that strategy? how far does that get obama? is there a percentage of the population that might buy into that propaganda? >> well, it's pretty clear that his advisers have a very clear agenda. that's stay with their base. their base is far to the left. and so everything that you hear out of president obama is far left. that's how he's governed and
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that's how he's planning to campaign. he has no inclination that he will move to the center. so i have no doubt, sean, he will be a one-term president. i see it every day. i'm on the road, every day and cities across america. and i have a lot of disaffected democrats that are telling me, they are voting for me and disaffected independents. they want somebody they can believe in and count on, real and authentic, not a chameleon. they want somebody who has been the real deal. i have been that real deal. so i am getting their support. >> the thing that really stood out to me during this debate in michigan the other night was the reaction of the crowd when -- when the question was asked about herman cain, about the sexual harassment issue that he's been dealing with t. it was interesting to me because you have been through this -- it seems to be open season on conservative women, yourself, governor palin and many, many others, the things that have been said in the past about you and governor palin, now herman
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cain. and it seems universal that the crowd there is fed up with this, that conservatives are being attacked. did you feel that something has changed out there? >> well, i think that conservatives are tired of seeing us attacked. they have seen it happen. they know it's completely unfair. they know that the media's biased. that's why i think the media has lost the faith of the average american. that's why i really know that in this 2012 election, we have more than a chance to win. we're going to win. that's why we can't settle on anything less than a true core conservative. people are not going to listen to this biased media any more. you heard that last night. they are not going to listen to the mede i can'tia. people are very smart. like ronald reagan, ronald reagan spoke to the camera, but he went over the hearts and media and directly into the hearts of the american people. that's what we are going to do in this election. i know we are going to win.
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>> you know, it's interesting itch think it's a fascinating phenomenon what is going on now because there is obviously a threat for women that are... in politics that are conservative, it's open season. that would not happen to women with a liberal point of view. >> never. >> they wouldn't be judging their hair, attacking their children. and the same case for herman cain. if he had a different political position, as evidence by barack obama. there was no scrutiny about bill ayers. in that sense, i think something very -- there is a big threat that you represent, or that herman cain represents in as much as, i think the fundamental argument that liberals advance, the narrative they advance is shattered when there are conservative women, here in the case of herman cain, a conservative african-american and i view it very much the same. it shatters their narrative about conserveatism. do you see that bigger picture? >> i do because i felt that in minnesota. when i first began to come of
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age politically. it was a very liberal state. i destroyed that stereotype they had because they, just like the national liberals, believe that women belong to liberals. they believe the minority community wlrks it's latina or african-american, belongs to the democratic party because they see people in groups, not as individuals. that's not true. i am a strong, capable, competent women who is intelligent and very successful. and that defies their stereotype. they can only have one woman, it's hillary clinton. and they don't. any other woman on the stage because they want to own women. the fact of the matter is, they can't. women are independent. we are competent. we have our own voice and more importantly, we have our own mind and we use it. so women can't be contained by one party. that's why we are going to do very well with women, with minorities, with senior citizens. this is our year. we are going to win this thing. now we need to make sure we have no surprises. we need a candidate that we can count on and there will be no
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policy surprises for michele bachmann. >> always appreciate your time. thank you for your insight and for being with us. look forward to theigate saturday night. thank you for being here. >> coming up, as we honor our veterans today, there is growing outrage in california, after one town a mayor has decided to snub the vets, in order to attend an up on rally. but first, herman cain and rick perry find themselves in damage control mode. we'll debate whether or not they will be able to turn things around in time for the iowa caucuses. sit tight. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> every presidential candidate has encountered some bumps on the road to 2012. two campaigns in damage control mode are teams perry and cain. governor rick perry is reeling from his monumental gaff at the debate, when he couldn't recall one of three federal agencies he would eliminate as president. in an effort to turn the tide, perry appeared on the late show with david letterman, to give his top 10 excuses for dropping the ball. let's take a look at the final three. >> i want to give you on my favorite talk show, but instead i ended up here. >> hey, wait a minute! i'm right here. i heard that. thank you. >> number 2... i wanted to help take the heat off by buddy herman cain. >> okay.
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let's put this in the caboose. and the number 1. rick perry excuses... >> i just learned justin bieber is my father. >> the whole presidential thing doesn't work out for governor merry, i think there is a job in comedy for him. it's too soon to gauge how much of the campaign will be affected by his big brain freeze. but we have some received some indication that the sexual harassment allegations on herman cain. 51% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of cain and only 37% view him favorably. however, when it comes to republican primary voters, the news is much better. according to a cbs news survey, cain is the top of the pack with 18% and mitt romney and newt gingrich both received 15%. joining me with analysis of both campaigns' damage control
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efforts, radio talk show host hugh hewitt and steve murphy. gentlemen, great to see you. >> good evening. >> hugh, let me start with you, we did get a number of polls released today, cbs news and the maris poll and they show mitt romney with a slight lead or running even with herman cain. what's also interesting here is that the maris poll shows newt gingrich moving up into second place, a statistical dead heat among all three. do you think we are looking at a three-man race. >> okay a two -- i think it's a two-person race. rick perry did a great thing. turned around and let it get on your back and run with the humor. i think he is being very conscientious to show that it's a mistake. herman cain's problems are much more significant. the cbs poll had 328 republican voters. i don't put much stock in it.
6:16 pm
in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, people agree, it's a romny and somebody else scprais romney's pretty far ahead. >> steve, when you look at the race from the democrats' point of view, what do you think about the indecision that hugh pointed out, a lot of republican and conservative voters are looking for a conservative alternative to mitt romney. he has hit a ceiling at 20, 23% of the vote and hasn't much improved beyond that. when you look at the race, what do you make of what is happening on the republican side? >> first, let me say, i am stunned, but i agree with hugh's take on the race. if there is anybody who can make a run at romney, it's newt gingrich. but since you teed that other question up, i will answer it for you. the way we look at it is that the republican primary electorate, the tea party element that dominates the republican party today wants a nominee who is far out of the mainstream who, favors
6:17 pm
dismantling social security and medicare and getting rid of the safety net that prevents people from living in the streets in this country. >> hey, steve, don't you think that's a bit hyperbolic? the tea party and most americans, 50, 60% of americans agree with limited constitutional government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. kisee how those on the left might think of that is radical. but that's where most of the american people are -- >> what, me? hype? not at all. the majority of americans have a negative view of the tea party or a plurality, like a plurality have a negative view of herman cain. >> let's talk negative news, the cbs poll came out and the president's approval rating is down to 43% in the cbs poll. the decease approval is 47%. so i think the tea party is feeling pretty good where they stand, vis-a-vis a failed president. i don't think the numbers can be
6:18 pm
spun -- president obama has been rejected by the country. so you might want to paint the tea party as extreme -- they're not. i have been to a lot of rallies -- >> the number it's. >> they will take mitt romney. >> [overlapping dialogue] >> up 5 points in real clear politics. >> let me quote you -- [overlapping dialogue] >> go ahead, hugh. >> you are just -- you are just flat-out wrong. mark knoller tweeted two hours ago that the new cbs poll shows bam -- barack barack obama's apl 43%. >> you have to look at averages. >> i am looking at the poll this afternoon. >> we are, steve. the fact is that -- what do you -- >> this president is very vulnerable, indeesmd but we will have to see how things shake out. guy, great to see you.
6:19 pm
thank you. >> my pleasure. >> great to be here, monica. >> you too. >> coming up, the outrage story of the day, why a california mayor would rather attend an up on rally than honor the troops on veterans day. >> and the penn state child abuse scandal. could this all have been stopped in 1998? and what the mother of one of the alleged victims says her son told her about jerry sandusky. ( phone ringing )
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>> more details continue to emerge in the penn state child abuse scandal. the mother of one boy identified in a grand jury report who was allegedly sexually abused by jerry sandusky is speaking to abc news. >> when you had a chance to have a heart to heart with your son, years after the relationship first began. tell us about that? what happened? >> we had a discussion where, you know, i had said, you know, if, you know, maybe we should have -- you know, come to this conclusion earlier. you should have told me. and he was like, well, he said, i didn't know what do do. i didn't know what to do. and you just can't tell jerry no. >> but that's not all. there is a new interesting twist coming to light tonight that
6:24 pm
maybe all of this could have been stopped back in 1998. according to the grand jury report, ray griker, the prosecutor of center county, pennsylvania, whose jurisdiction covers penn state's main campus, launched a several-week investigation that year, after a parent notified police that her son had showered with sandusky. but charges were never filed. in 2005, he vanished. to this day, nobody knows what happened. i want to add that tonight, president obama gave an interview to westwood one radio and he called the pinstate child abuse scandal, quote, hrtd breaking. joining me with reaction, former lapd detective, mark if you rememberran and rebecca rose woodland. great to see you. mark, this case is so appalling and revolt sog so many levels. i want to take a moment to remember the victims in this case because we are talk about this alleged villains here, but we should keep the victims in
6:25 pm
mind. aboutlet me start with you. these incidents go back to 1995. they could have possibly continued through 2006 and even later than that. mark, as a former detective, how does something like this go on for so long, with so many people having knowledge about it? >> li think it's -- it's obvious that the football program at penn state trumped all young boys or the rape of young boys. they weren't as important as the football program. or people's personal positions. so when you look at this, it was something that they're going to kind of take care of, but kind of ignore in that the level of cowardice in that -- and to give you just an example. mcqueary -- he sees a rape of a 10-year-old boy by a man he knows to be a middle-aged man that is obviously not supposed to be engagedin this act and he doesn't even intervene.
6:26 pm
the best he can do is the next day, he tells the coach -- i saw this. where is -- where is there any courage at this entire system at penn state isn't faculty, the athletic department, the coaches? i just don't understand how you can let this go on and on and on! >> right. i mean, from a human standpoint, it's beyond belief. mark what kind of person commits child sex abuse? give us a quick profile here? >> well, you have somebody that is -- first, they're a pedophile. they are not interested in the opposite sex or even the same sex their age. they are looking for vulnerable kids. this has been going on in the catholic church 10 years ago, it rocked the catholic church. it still is. they look at vulnerable people that near some kind of distress, divorce situation. they need that -- that father,
6:27 pm
big brother and now he has a whole -- he develop this is whole program, specifically to find his victims. that's the profile and that's how he found its victims and then he had a place away from his home and away from the child's home to actually produce -- you know, the environment to have these sex acts with the children. it's disgusting. >> so unbelievable. >> rebecca, what do you make of the shocking revelation that we just heard that the d.a. that had a shot at prosecuting this case went back in 1998, vanished without a trace over 6 years ago, totally bizarre? >> totalsy bizarre. what happened here? this man, we understand, in 1998, people came forward and said, there are victims here that have been sexually molested, assaulted by this man. there was an investigation. apparently, he did an investigation in coordination with the penn state police. and -- declined to prosecute. what did he know?
6:28 pm
is this foul play? was it something he knew that no one wanted him to release to the public? or did he maybe say, i can't live with the guilt anymore? could be two things. >> where is he? is he alive? did he commit suicide? nobody knows. it's bizarre. >> bizarre. the mother of victim number 1 came out and we played a clip of this, telling abc news, look, what my child said to me when i confronted him. he said to me, you don't say noriega to jerry. this is a man who exploited his parental role, his role as a top coach for a top football team in the country. the exploitation thereof children is just unreal. >> isn't it horrific? monica, we are saying, this is not just a person, this is someone who is in a position of guardianship, teacher/student, of father/son. he took foster children and there is alleged abuse with the foster children. what has gone on?
6:29 pm
it's not only him, the other educators and coaches from the allegations seem to have swept it all under the rug because football is -- and i agree, football seems to trump everything at penn state. >> because it's such a lucrative business for penn state and so many colleges. >> money rather than a child's life? >> just really quickly, mark, where do you expect the investigation to go next? >> i think it's going to expand t. i think you are going to have quite a few more people that have some explaining to do. i think everybody would agree on this. you are not going to have any dispute. there is 10 times, 100 times as many people as we know today that knew about this and just turned their eyes away. >> just an appalling story. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. don't go anywhere. the great american panel is coming up next.
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>> tonight on our great american panel, he was a former pollster for president jimmy carter and an adviser to george mcgovern's presidential campaign, pat caddell is here. the editor of citizen jane politics and the contributor to the daily beast, patricia murphy. and a republican u.s. senate candidate in texas, ted cruz joins us. and your web site is ted let's start, just briefly with the penn state child sex abuse scandal because this is such a horrifying story. pat, your thoughts? >> i think it's just -- emblem emblematic of the colleges and the football programs, chasing after money. you know, this has spread throughout our society, lack of any moral responsibility when they see something wrong, if it
6:35 pm
will affect their job or their career or whatever. it's endemic -- epidemic in this country. it's awful. the people who let this go on should be -- >> i mean, that's the thing, patricia. we have seen numerous people having knowledge of this over many, many years and nobody report its to law enforcement? >> i don't know how many times this has to happen until everybody in the country happeneds, if you see anything -- if you hear anything, if you hear anything might be true, could be true, is in any way possible, do something. it is not okay to tell somebody and let it go. you have to tell somebody until you know how it torn turns out. when i coo saw the kids rioting over this, i understand their affection. >> they were rioting over the firing of head coach, joe paterno and taking disciplinary action on the president of the university. but they were rioting on the firing of the coach and not on behalf of the victims. >> and what has happened.
6:36 pm
some day, they will be parents and understand why it is totally inexcusable to know that something like this might be going on -- >> not to go in and intervene when youy saw it is beyond me. >> that's the part, if you are a parent or a father i. right, you are a father? >> vitwo little girls. >> as a man, walking into the showers, seeing the rape of a child -- what would your instant reaction be? pull the guy off i. deck him. >> that's right. >> look, i mean, there is a pattern of everyone saying, this is not my problem and washing their hands. sexual predators are a huge scourge. in the 5 1/2 years i was the solicitor general in texas, the texas a.g.'s office cretted a cyber-crime office that targeted pedophiles and they put over 1,00 pedophiles in yale. over and over again, you could go online, pretend to be a teenaged boy or girl and
6:37 pm
predators would approach you over and over and over. it's an enormous tragedy. >> where are we in this country where in a situation like this you would have a moral and a legal obligation to report a crime like this? -- the priority was the money-makingiment whatever it was, i swear to god, i mean, this is exactly how we see people get murdered. this is how people end up in gas chambers, when people won't take responsibility. this is a slippery slope. this is outrageous. but how any parent, grandparent, anyone with any affiliation with children wouldn't intervene, call the police! i mean, this is -- they should all be strung up by their thumbs. >> how big a credit to the governor of that state and the attorney general, knew the case was going on -- and it was him who went to the meeting and said, these guys are gone. he's he gets a lot of credit, i think. >> it's an awful lot like the child hit by the van in china
6:38 pm
recently. a lot of of said, you can believe what's going on there? what happened here is the same thing -- nobody took responsibility for doing what is right and stopping the crime. >> it's really appalling. as the president said, this should be cause for all of us to do soul searching about what we would do in a situation like that. >> more on our great american panel, coming up, straight away. sit tight. cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now.
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>> we continue with our great american panel. ted cruz, you were named as the next great conservative hope. congratulations. >> thank you. as the next great conservative hope of course we have this situation in california with the mayor of richmond, california, gayle mclaughlin, she refused to attend -- as far as we know, we haven't confirmed whether she attended the up on rally in her town, rather than go to the veterans day event. but that was her intention. she said, it was on my schedule
6:43 pm
to go to up on richmond and i am blowing off the veterans memorial. >> it is hard to know where to start. there has to be something in the water in california. for one thing, people on the left seem to think that the freedoms we have-- the bill of rights in this country, just appears magically. they don't understand that the men and women in the armed forces have spilled blood and the reason we have freedom, the first amendment, the second amendment, every aspect of the bill of rights is because of our veterans. the idea that a mayor would disrespect veterans day is shameful. that she would do it to be with the occupy wall street folks itch it's so disgraceful. >> here is a woman who is holding office in a representative democracy, thanks to the sacrifices of our veterans and by the way, occupy wall street around the country has the right to gather. and protest their government because of the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform and this woman is blowing them off. >> she's a green party member.
6:44 pm
the city passed a resolution condeeming the war in iraq. i think her constituents are very comfortable with this. she is very anti-war. i don't think they have a problem with it. i don't have a problem with it because i think as the mayor, you have a responsibility to honor all citizens, if someone was hurt in an up on-anything even, i think the mayor would see them in the hospital. so i think this is a dereliction of duty. >> pat, you are a democrat. what do you say? >> this is disastrous. yeah, i happen to really be one. i happen to be one that is not part of -- anyway... let's not get into what i think about the memory -- you used to unbelievable veterans. this notion -- i saw this in the anti-war movement. this is the kind of attitude, they are going to turn occupy wall street, democratic party is going to end up when this thing blows up on them, as what happened in the war. i was against the war. there was reasonable energy against the war. and the radicals took it over and did it -- and this kind of
6:45 pm
action is what led for two generations, people to leave the democratic party, not strong enough on national security and defense. thank god i left california -- they have lost their mind. this is ridiculous. i had a friend who was the mayor of richmond, it's not a crazy -- it's a much more blue-collar community fen this is unbelievable, though t. sends a message. in her action and i -- i just think it's politically not good. i think occupy wall street, there are a lot of sentiment against banks and fannie and freddie. but this thing now is in the hands of radical people. >> president obama is embracing occupy wall street. >> he raises more mon frewall street than all of his opponents combined. it's hipockcracy. >> i think he is embracing wall street more than occupy wall street. i think there is a political benefit to supporting occupy wall street. >> you couldn't draw a starker
6:46 pm
contrast between occupy wall street and the tea party. the fifty three tea party are supporting freedom. the occupy wall street people want free stuff. you look at the people i. no, no. -- >> also, let's understand what they are talking about. 76% of the country believes this country's rigged for the people in power. you know what? they are right. that combines people from the left to the right in a way we don't know. and the republicans, i like to call the corrupt party-- the stupid party wants to defend wall street and all of its successes, and even though the money to democrats, rather than being be the party of main street -- it's amazing. >> the tea partyers and the occupy wall streeters are against the bailout. so i think they have more in common than they know. >> here's the problem. you have occupied wall street, chucould argue started with legitimate beeves, right? now you have incredible violence and people being shot dead, where somebody showed up to a tea party meeting with a gun,
6:47 pm
right? with a permit and that was a huge story. people are getting shot in the occupy wall street protests. have you now, all of these camps being overrun by lice, diseases, tuberculosis in atlanta and you have the white house, nancy pelosi and others on the record saying, oh, yeah, we can get with this movement. this is great. what does this do -- first of all, to pat -- >> 1970, in terms of what happened because of '68. the movement became more radical and the democratic party became more associated, it cost them dearly. i am aphrased with this kind of action, not the issues, but the people involved, embracing it, is insane! >> pat. >> have you to draw a distinction between the protesters of occupy wall street, who are hooligans. my three-year-old knows not to poop in public. >> he is trained not to, right? >> and the distinction between that and what pat said, that people are fed up with a
6:48 pm
permanent ruling class in washington and new york, that the game is rigged because their pol cisions in washington just want to maintain power e.r. >> so when you get elected to senate you will change all of that, right? >> a shocking new book by a former navy seal commander. he interviewed the brave men who brought down bin laden, but their story contradicts the information released by the whites white house. the explosive interview, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] evy day, thsands of people are choosing advil®. advil® helps me do what i love. the job's tough, advil® is tougher. advil® never lets me down. [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®.
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>> i new book based on interviews with the navy seal who is conducted the osama bin laden raid is not sitting well with the obama administration. why? because their account differs greatly from what the white house said happened that night. sean sat down with the author of the new book, seal target jeron no, the inside mission of the story to kill osama bin laden. but here's a look at how the raid went down, as told to the author by the navy seals. >> at 10:00 p.m., in afghanistan, two stealth hawk helicopters, designated as razors 1 and 2 lift off and head for the pakistani frontier. the pilots fly with night-vision devices, clipped to their helmets. the ship calling out points of
6:53 pm
u.s. cities to mark their progress. locations in florida mean they have crossed into pakistan. at 56 minutes past midnight, precisely on time, razor 1 calls out -- palm beach. they are 3 minutes out. crew members throw latches and pull back the port and starboard doors. the hot, muggy night air swirls into the cabin. they are heading straight for the compound. osama does not hear the helicopters until they are right on top of him. at 5 minutes to 1:00, he is in bed asleep, the lights are off and then his bedroom fills with a buzzing sound. osama throws back the blank fret his bed, tries to put his feet on the floor as the house shakes. he has 90 seconds left to live. a door in the third floor hallway opens, osama sticks his head out, sees the americans and slams the door loudly. one of the operators hits the inner squad radio and calls out, jeron no!
6:54 pm
the first assaulter reaches the door and waits 2 successes to feel that another operator has joined him. kick its open and goes inside. one of osama's wives is screaming, she has been shoved toward then of the mattress, steadying herself on the end of the bed. she shouts in arabic -- osama is standing by the back wall. he dives across the king-size bed to get the rifle he keeps by the headboard. four suppressed shots are fired. two rounds and two rounds. the first round sails past osama's face and shod thuds into the mattress. he shoves his wife. a second bullet, aimed at osama's head, grazes his wife in the calf. as his wife crouches forward, wounded, osama's hand reaches for the weapon. but he never make its. two bullets slam into him, one
6:55 pm
strikes near his breast bone, and the other goes through his skill skull, killing him instant. they contact the join want operations command to relay the historic message. >> jeron no, echo, k.i.a. >> joining us is the seal target jeron no, the inside mission of the mission to kill osama bin laden. >> good to see you. >> this is a fascinating story. you describe a lot about seal team 6. you know a lot of these guys? >> it's my community. i have been a seal since 1981. it's something you never get out of i. you are always a marine. >> always a team guy. you are looking to cash a check. >> there are a lot of stories you say, reports in your book that are contrary to what the american people heard about the killing of bin laden. what are they? >> the helicopter did not crash on insert. it successfully inserted guys onto the roof.
6:56 pm
this operation-- the business end of this operation was over in about 2 minutes. they landed on the roof, they dropped down onto the terrace and this was done. >> these things are quiet but they are not silent. he could feel them landing on the roof. the 45-minute fire fight story, the story of the crash at insertion, you know, you pick which story -- for them to put together. it's -- none of them made sense. >> so they let the guys down out of the helicopter and it moved over to -- >> that's correct. >> 12 to 18 minutes bot mission, the helicopter was on the roof, it was moving to another position. something happened. non-optimal flight conditions. this thing, very slowly wound up in the livestock area, tail first. heard -- hard landing i. you are saying within 2 minutes of them entering the building, bin laden was dead. >> yes. >> explain that story. e >> in helicopter made it to
6:57 pm
successful insertion, the guys jump from the roof to the third-floor terathonly real optimal place to get into the building. think about the story of the first helicopter crashing on insertion. it places no sense. why wouldn't the second helicopter land on the optimal place for the operation? why land outside the compound, where they had to blow through wall, doors, everything else? i have conducted hbi operations myself. that isn't the way they work. one of the biggest problems about the floating story tdidn't metastasize into a really ugly tale of murder, that they entered, fought up three flights of stairs and shot a woman and killed a man in his bedroom. >> they went in there -- a lot of people were left alive. >> precisely. it shows the valor and the precision of these guys. the bad guys were mixed up with
6:58 pm
20 or more noncombatants, women and children. >> they didn't kill -- >> absolutely not. >> now, the wife of bin laden, one of many wives -- he is into polymaggie. -- polygamy. like his father. four shots are fired in the room. >> exactly. he was in the process of arming himself. guys landed on the roof, therein, as faff as i am telling you the story, they are moving down the hall. bin laden's son is coming up the stairways. >> shooting? >> i am not sure that he got off a shot. they have engaged his son, the door pops up, bin laden stick his head out. sees what's going on, slams the door. as soon as he slams the door, guys set up on it. they are in on him. so when he's in the bedroom. he pushes his wife forward between himself and the
6:59 pm
assaulters, diving across the bed to get the weapon and he doesn't make it. four shot, one a clean miss, which these guys don't do very often. the second shot struck her in the leg -- >> in the dark. >> they practice it. you know what? -- >> i am not making excuses. they got two kill shots. >> if they shot at index card, if you miss an index card, that's unsatisfactory. so that bullet that grazed her was aimed at his head. you could see it hit her in the leg, so they are firing down. sthoa ballistically matches up. he is going for his famous a.k. he didn't make it. >> terrific book. the inside story of the mission to kill bin laden. thanks for being with us. >> appreciate. >> it on a personal note, i want to thank the brave members of navy seal team 6 for their tireless efforts to keep this country safe. you are all true american


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