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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 12, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PST

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snowboarding championship and song for 2012 snowboarding championship in oslo, norway. you can look that online. >> got to go, mike. thanks to all. that does it for me, goodbye. >> bret: president obama observes veterans day and embarks on a major foreign trip. the u.s. sends high-tech weapons to the friends in the middle east. to send a message to iran. and new polls show a virtual three-way tie in the republican presidential race. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama is at this moment preparing to land in san diego, the first stop on a nine-day 10,000-mile trip to take him to hawaii and several spots in asia. before leaving, the president paid his respects on veterans day saying the tide of war is receding.
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the commander in chief takes aboard a special basketball game aboard an aircraft carrier. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports from san diego. >> a solemn day for president obama at arlington national cemetery. >> here, where the heroes come to rest, we come to show the at grude. sign to show them that the national security wild card next year. and the re-election is likely to be decided on jobs and the economy, especially since the white house is struggling to find a plan "b." after china and russia indicated they will not support the u.s. push for sanctions. >> the conclusion of the report draws are alarming and look for ways to apply greater pressure on iran. >> with the president pulls all u.s. troops from iraq at the end of the year. >> after nearly nine years america's war with iraq will be over.
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>> speculation building that the president may accelerate the timetable for bringing the u.s. troops home from afghanistan. he gives up on security games and may wind up with nuclear arms race in the mideast. >> we are walking away from both countries and that will give us both countrys and give us a weak hand dealing with the region. >> they push back noting the president is fulfilling campaign promises to eventually wind down both wars and redirecting resources to decapitated the leadership of al-qaeda. >> i can remember to the american people and the world that the united states as conducted an operation that killed barack obama. >> compared to the economy, the american people seem happier with the president handling of foreign policy. new poll shows 51% approve and 41% disapprove.
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even then senator obama running mate was raising doubts about the ability to rise to the level of commander in chief. >> it's six months before the world -- [ inaudible ] like they did john kennedy. >> now this massive aircraft carrier behind me the uss carl vinson is hosting college basketball game on the flight deck tonight. just in a short time, the university of north carolina versus michigan state. 7,000 fans mostly active duty military for veterans day and the commander in chief. we should note this is the carrier that buried barack obama a -- buriedusama bin lade. not so subtle reminder that obama passed the test that biden talked about three years ago. >> bret: fantastic shot there. friday afternoon sometimes we get document dumps. today, the administration late this afternoon dumps some documents pertaining to the solyndra affair. what can you tell us about that? >> well, that is right. bottom line yesterday the
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white house missed the subpoena deadline for noon to turn over more documents and they continue to incyst the subpoena is overly broad from the house republicans but they will continue to turn over other documents. they did that more than 100 pages today. that now adds to the 80,000 pages that have been turned over. no smoking gun in the documents. one interesting note that they are not including documents that show white house deliberation on restructuring alone. put the taxpayers at the end of the line. the white house is saying look, if the republicans will meet them in private, they will show the document and not provide copies. there has been no smoking gun. republicans say this is a good start. they have more conversations. >> bret: ed, thanks. enjoy the game. the pentagon will reportedly sell thousands of advanced weapons to united arab emirates to try to keep iran in check. correspondent doug mckelway looks at the deal and what it means. >> because it's widely believed that the weapons
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program is conducted in hardened facilities and mountain caves it's no secret why administration wants to sell bunker buster bombs to penetrate 20 feet of solid concrete to the uae. but 25-year c.i.a. veteran fred flight said the proposed deal raises questions. >> it is sort of curious, because the bunker buster bomb have to fly a great distance to iran to attack facilities. i'm not certain that the uad would have the capability to do that. >> the deal is the latest u.s. arms sales of the member of the gulf cooperation council. six nations that neighbor iran. a region whose stability would be threatened by conflict. that's why in 2009, secretary of state hillary clinton laid out groundwork for the gulf offensive umbrella. >> if we do more to support the military capacity from those in the gulf it's unlikely that iran will be stronger or safer because they won't intimidate and dominate as they believe they can once
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they have a nuclear weapon. >> if the statement suggests a foregone conclusion and reticence to attack iran, leon panetta may have reinforced it yesterday. >> you have to be careful of unintended consequences here. the consequences could involve not really deterring iran from what they want to do. more importantly it could have an impact on the region. >> all points to bolstering the gulf state defensive umbrella as motive for proposed arms sale. >> this is an effort by the united states to build a coalition in the gulf to stand up to iran. no one is expecting the uad to attack iran either by itself or in a coalition. but it does give uae an opportunity to respond. >> a senior iranian envoy discounted the threat of military attack on the country saying nobody would dare to provoke confrontation. given the tenacity of the
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eight-year long war against iraq in the 1980s. >> bret: thank you. politics now, a new poll shows three-way battle for top of the republican presidential candidate list heading to the next debate. correspondent molly line is following the action from boston. >> after a week of guests, lurid accusations and daniel control, g.o.p. race for white house is shifting. the candidate enjoying the latest surge in the polls is newt gingrich. quietly trailing the pack throughout his campaign. the former house speaker is now in a statistical dead heat with former massachusetts governor mitt romney and businessman herman cain according to the latest numbers from cbs news. >> people want substance because they think it's real. this isn't just politics. this is history and the future of our country. gradually, i am getting more and more rewarded by support very having serious substantive approach to how do we govern america? >> the cbs poll shows cain with a slight lead despite facing sexual harassment
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accusations but his support among republican women is dropping from 28% in october to 15% now. a new poll released today shows cain in third place behind gingrich with 19 and romney in the lead with 23% of the vote. debate tomorrow night in south carolina offers the white house hopefuls a chance to talk about national security and foreign policy. instead of the weak past. >> i can't. the third i can't. oops. >> it will give rick perry a chance to redeem himself. he has made light of the stumbling appearing last night with david letterman revealing the top ten excuses. >> you try to concentrate with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> it will take more than pretty face to win over social conservative and evangelicals. in south carolina. where today romney weighed in on the perry gaffe. >> we all make mistakes. i am more concerned about my own than anyone else's.
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i wish rick the best. we have a lot of debates. he and i both have plenty of time to get our message across in the best way we can. >> in 2008, mitt romney finished fourth in palmetto state after losses in new hampshire and iowa. a fate he is working hard to avoid in 2012. romney new campaign ad in iowa signals a fresh commitment to the state. he holds a commanding lead in new hampshire where a win could give him momentum he needs to win in the south. >> south carolina voters pride themselves on picking winners and they have an uncanny ability to do so. since 1980, no republican has won the white house without first winning the g.o.p. primary in south carolina. bret? >> thank you. we learned late this afternoon, the police chief in salt lake city ordered all of the occupy wall street protesters out of the city park. after a man was found dead inside his tent this morning. the latest in series of fatalities that raises corn certain about the occupy movement and safety of those
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affected by it. correspondent claudia cowen has more from san francisco. >> from coast to coast, there is a growing body count and spiraling p.r. problem. >> in oakland, a man was fata fatally shot at month-old encampment across from city hall. it appears it was related to the -- it doesn't appear it was related to the occupy demonstration, the throngs of people provided cover for the shooter to escape. oakland mayor kwon said enough is enough. >> i'm calling on them to please leave voluntarily tonight. i have city workers out there offering vouchers to homeless shelters. >> you instead, protesters dug in around tussled with the news crews, punching a camera man in the head. saying they don't want more negative media coverage. in portland, oregon, the mayor adams said they have lost control of their tent cities in two downtown parks and will face off against police if they are not gone by sunday.
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>> we have got to be as supportive as we possibly can. but i cannot wait for someone to die in the camp. >> that is exactly what happened at occupy encampment in burlington, vermont, where authorities say a 35-year-old military veteran killed himself with a gunshot to the head. campers have been banned from the protest site for now. spikes in shoplifting and other crimes are reported at the san francisco ferry building, aconnic attraction from the 24-hour demonstration. for weeks, small business owners have been calling the encampments the economic disaster. to no avail. it will take more human tragedies to convince the leaders to end the protest and reassure visitors they don't have to fear for their lives. in san francisco, claudia cowen, fox news. >> bret: when we come back in 30 seconds, the latest on in 30 seconds, the latest on the european debt crisis. [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. >> bret: italy has taken the first step toward addressing the economic crisis. senators approve reform legislation demanded by the european union. prime minister silvio berlusconi could resign as early as saturday. greece's new prime minister assumed the help of the interim government. papathemos will try to secure approval for the latest debt plan. stocks surged in the u.s.
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dow added 260 to go back above 12,000. the s& s&p 500 gained 24. the nasdaq closed 54 ahead. wall street trading company mf global says it is firing the entire workforce of more than 1,000. the company declared bankruptcy and is under investigation over billions in missing investor funds. it had been led by jon corzine who resigned last week. the latest turn in a hairy week for herman cain in the grapevine. first, the parents of a s
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>> bret: the parents of slain federal agent brian terry are laying the blame for his death at the feet of the nation's top law enforcement officer. correspondent william la jeunesse with the story of grief and recrimination. >> i'm on facebook and i was his friend. i looked at the people role and i look at the video, like closure. like he is still with me. >> i have trouble going to the cemetery. but he is supposed to be there. >> the terrys laid their son to rest a year ago, victim of a government program that armed mexico's largest cartel, they say. >> i cannot be expected to know the details of every operation. >> attorney general eric holder and criminal division chief lannie brewer both claimed ignorance about the operation. terrys don't buy it. >> i know they're lying.
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i know they're lying. nothing but liars. >> tuesday, lawmakers asked if holder wanted to apologize. he declined saying. >> i certainly regret what happened. >> if he lost his son he would think different. >> holder has since said he is sorry in an e-mail to the family. while the murder weapons are linked to fast and furious he testified it didn't lead to the agent's death. >> i disagree with that. i think they are. the brand new ak-47s recovered. >> if they would have never left the guns walk, maybe brian would haven't been in the desert. >> to some officials maybe he was collateral damage. to his parents he was everything. >> you love him very much. >> they want those who knew, executed and approved fast and furious held responsible. that means filing a wrongful death claim against the
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government and lawsuit. i'm told it will be big. william la jeunesse, fox news. >> bret: now to subject of prevents deaths. catherine herridge learn homeland security officials are trying to harden potential terrorist target in advance of the holiday season. >> they learned they target bus network more than any mode of terrorist interrogation. >> the bulletin says over 725 attacks documented from 2004 through 2009. this week, the head of the tsa acknowledged the new warning. >> it's something we're seeing and reporting over time that terrorists around the world are interested because of the accessibility. the open architecture of buses and rail. >> coming a week before the
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thanksgiving break, warning to law enforcement in the nation capital reads in part, "bus systems are considered attractive terrorist targets because they're relatively soft targets." ieds like this attack in iraq are common, the bulletin says al-qaeda in yemen through the online magazine inspired, "advocates the use of vehicle-ramming attack against crowds, buildings and other vehicles." >> we issued not just bus but mass transit. as what goes on around the world as we enter the busy holiday season. >> fox news learned intelligence from bin laden compound he used to use buss to ram the buss in to buildings. >> he felt he wanted to leverage the target. soft target, one he had access to. one that was spectacular. >> homeland security and tsa officials say there is no credible intelligence that the terrorists groups have plan to hit the bus network. increasingly the bill tin warns of terrorist group to
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recruit those in bus, train and airline industry. catherine herridge, fox news. >> coming up later, can the supercommittee make any difference even if it accomplishes the goals? straight ahead, not taking no for an answer.
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>> bret: trustees of penn state university today welcomed their new interim president and promised to rebuild the trust and confidence of the public. a child sex scandal has resulted in the firing of the previous president. several other officials. and legendary football coach joe paterno. the democratic chairman of the senate arms services committee is said to be unhappy with the results of a fourth investigation that clears the bush administration of some controversial accusations. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us about the
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charges and the findings. >> saddam has somehow nationalized a lot of thinking in that country. >> it appears a lot of the weapons were transited out of baghdad through syria. >> the iraq war made them familiar faces. retired generals and colonels providing the real-time battle analysis. then came a 2008 "new york times" expose, 7,000 words long, alleging the retired military offices are rmos proud veterans all, hawkish by instinct and training were in effect ferreting propaganda fed to them by defense secretary donald rumsfeld and his aides. what's more the "times" suggest tad rmos were cashing in on the new-found fame to hidden ties to private sector companies with pentagon contracts. >> it is an absolute insult. to all of the 19 of us that were on, many were on the other networks.
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>> it had a long-term effect on me personally and emotionally. i can't be bought. i resent anyone who suggests i was bought. >> the times story won pulitzer prize. though the investigation found no violation of d.o.d. procedures, dito for others. enter carl levin from the chair of the armed services committee who spotted serious flaws in the pentagon i.g. report. >> the report was totally inadequate. four months after it was released, the i.g. withdrew the report. >> levin complaint prompted a second pentagon i.g. probe of the rumsfeld era briefings and now the pentagon sources tell fox news that second probe is complete and it, too, concludes the rumsfeld era briefings did not violate pentagon rules. when fox news asked if he has been working behind the scenes to get the i.g. to revise his
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conclusion, senator levin said no. >> never tried to influence conclusion of any reporter other than my own. >> the next day, senator levin told fox news in a statement his aid peter levine met with the i.g. staff to urge them to address allegations of inpropriety. >> bret: thank you. joe biden gets a little more cash from you. that's next in the grapevine. herman cain loses the mustache vote?
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>> bret: now fresh picks from the political grapevine. at a time when international markets are watching europe extremely closely, the rating agency standard & poor's mistakenly announced that it had downgraded france's top triple-a credit rating. the embarrassing blooper has the french government and the european commission demanding a full investigation. joe biden has been vocal about cutting waste but not the $26,000 he stands to collect from the secret service over the next year in respect. we told you over the summer the vice president rents a cottage to the agency on his lake front property in delaware.
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they both say it helps them better protect the vice president. wim"washington report times" rea new agreement. we have found no other similar agreement between the agency and people it protects. while herman cain may not be losing significant ground in polls after recent allegation of inappropriate behavior toward women, politico reports he is losing endorsement of the american mustache institute. the group endorseded him in october saying he would inspire generation of good looking fearless mustacheed american leadership. while allegations concern them, they say, there is a bigger problem for the group. there has been a hairy debate over the legitimacy of cain's mustache some calling it theater quality. a mustache that appears full and convincing from afar but doesn't stand up to closer
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examination. no reaction from the cain camp. president obama called the leaders of the deficit reduction super committee today urging them to reach a deal. we are less than two weeks away from the deadline for $1 trillion in cuts. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports even if it's accomplished, it may turn out to only be a drop in the bucket. >> the super committee was created to rein in federal spending, raise debt ceiling and avoid the frequent political battles that wreak havoc in washington. >> the deal that came up with lift the debt ceiling and put in place, quote/unquote, super committee to come forth with a deal to bring the debt down by as much as they lifted the debt ceiling. >> a recognition we had to increase the debt ceiling limit because we were spending $4 billion a day, every day, more than we were taking in. >> the super committee was born and given the task of coming up with saving
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$2 trillion or more in ten years but the problem is the deficit this past year alone was more than at $1 $1.3 trillion. the administration is projecting deficit in that range long after it assumes the economy recovered and the u.s. largely pulled out of iraq and afghanistan. >> even under the best scenarios, the one the administration put out in january. they are running at $1.2 trillion. >> we're now running deficits higher than anytime since world war ii. >> it will grow faster than economy and economic stagnation if not disaster. >> the other nation werery about net problem in grease gree and italy. but the u.s. is in the same boat. >> if you look at fiscal responsibility, greece is 74, italy is 27. united states is 28. we are in a bad neighborhood. >> nevertheless, they are seeking to look for another
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increase next year to continue spending. >> it will go through unless congress disapproves it. the odds of congress disapproving it and them vetoing the disapproval are zero. >> analysts say all future requests should be different. >> we deal with it responsibl responsibly. a way with real strings attached to it. >> after the next request, future increase in debt could be political confrontations unless there are meaningful reductions in political spending in the meantime. jim angle, fox news. >> bret: join me tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern for a special look at the upcoming iowa caucuses. the fight for iowa explains how the caucuses are, and how they kim to be the first in the nation. the fight for iowa tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. spent more than a year on this hour special. it's worth watching.
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it's getting rough around the occupy wall street crowd. we will talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come back.
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in the past few days the balanced have tipped. we have experienced two serious drug overdoses where individuals required immediate resuscitation in the camp and has been widely reported police arrested a suspect in tuesday night disturbing molotov cocktail incident. crime, especially reported asoughts increased in the area and around the camps. this is in addition to the health and sanitation issues that the camp close quarters brought about. >> the mayor in portland talking about occupy wall street and the protests in
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occupy portland. occupy incidents happened across the country. in oakland a man was fatally shot at the month-old encampment there. other incidents are reported in different cities. meantime, you deal with the politics of this. embracing of it by prominent democrats. take a listen. >> god bless them for the spontaneity. it's independent people coming. it's young, spontaneous and focuses. it's going to be effective. >> the protesters are giving voice to a more broad based frustration. >> that is the core of what you are seeing on wall street. there is a lot in common with the tea party. >> bret: what about occupy wall street, where it's going and where is it? the panel, steve hayes for "weekly standard."
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kirsten powers for daily beast. syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. steve? >> it was occupy at the beginning of occupy wall street this is not a broad based movement and it wouldn't have support around the country. we've seen that. this is apparent it's small group, core group and as we said before the fringe of the fringe of the fringe. now you are seeing the potential blow back that made statement we heard from biden, pelosi and the president. the democratic congressional campaign committee asked the donors and supporters to sign a petition supporting occupy wall street. back three weeks a month ago. this was a full embrace of occupy wall street by the democratic party. the mistake the republicans made is sympathetic notes instead of saying these people are anti-capitalist. they are making arguments that they don't want to change
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america or improve america. they want to overthrow the current regime. this is not what speaks to vast majority of americans. totally unlike tea party. >> bret: what about the incidents popping up across the country and what does it do to the movement and the politics of it? >> i think it makes them obviously look more anarchist than most people would be comfortable with. people associate it with crime and disruption. if you look at elections moderates tend to not like this stuff. they may be simp thet wick the idea they're espousing, income disparity and greed on wall street, these different thing bus they don't relate to violence or the camping out. the mayor complaining. i agree with steve with the democrats trying to embrace this, this is going to scare off people deciding the
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election. >> bret: what about the coverage difference if someone had been killed to tea party rally as opposed to getting shot in occupy wall street protest? gest i tend to think that the. >> i tend to think the media comes without a bias against the organizations. what i'm trying to say is whoever is looking at it, and whoever is doing talking about it. >> bret: the prism. >> exactly. so people see what they want to see a little bit. it would have been the tea partiers are violent and if there is one racism sign, all tea partiers were racist. it's the same here. maybe the violence is exaggerated and associated with the occupy wall street people. when the violence is being done by people who aren't necessarily. >> i don't know. oakland got pretty violent. >> on the contrary. the media treatment of occupy was positive initially. as in distinction to coverage
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initially of the tea party. to demonize them or marginalize them. in terms of the substance in the future occupy doesn't have a future. i'm not sure it has much of a past. it doesn't have a core or philosophy or a program. this is big government anarchists. politics abhors the contradiction in terms. on one hand, these people declare liberation to extent the camps are off-limit to normal law enforcement. on the other hand, if they have any demands whatsoever, it's that the corrupt capitalism that they rail against ought to feed them, forgive their loans and provide them jobs. coddle them craid to grave. that isn't a coherent message. what will happen when the weather is tough in northeast and midwest they will scatter like leaves. on the west coast, in san
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francisco, portland, oakland, liberal governments tolerated them. the tolerance will run out and they will rather soon have to crack down and kick them out. >> bret: will there be this backlash against politicians that embraced it if not only the camps have more of the incidents but the businesses around the camps have been complaining and feeling it in city after city? >> probably not. in part i don't think republican politicians were as aggressive as they should have been at the time when they said hey, did you hear what nancy pelosi just said? she embraced this crowd. a time when eric cantor was on television. first he criticized them and then said no, i sympathize and i understand what they are saying. other republicans tried to soft pedal them rather than identify them as anti-capitalist and tie them with the democratic party. republicans tried to have it go well, we understand.
1:45 am
we understand the fears. the folks are fringe. it tells you everything they need to know. >> if the local government won't tolerate them, a lot of mayors say it is hurting the business. it will make it difficult to organize. the democrats should be concerned if they are at the convention. there won't be a lot of news inside the building. if you had them protesting it would put them on the spot to come out and say what he will still identify with them. >> bret: is this an election issue? 2012? >> i think if it goes away, it probably will. it's going to disappear in the east. and the midwest because of the weather on the west. it's impossible for any
1:46 am
government to tolerate this kind of lawlessness and disruption. it doesn't have -- look, it's been on for several months. i still hasn't come up with an idea, a program, policy. demand. if you can't do that, in three months you are done. >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round. stay with us.
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>> bret: the viewers vote for your choice online in the friday night lightning round, g.o.p. tax proposal won with 35% of the vote. we're back with the panel. this deals with the effort in the supercommittee to try to come kind of resolution before this deadline.
1:50 am
charles, it doesn't seem like it's accepted. you said the democrats don't want it to be accepted. what about the republican efforts to move that direction? >> senators toomey proposed what is essentially the core of a grand bargain, which is the republicans agree to a net increase in tax revenues. the democrats agree to cut in tax rate and you wake up the difference with cut in the loopholes. i think theteams are dismissing it. i think it's coming from on high. for the administration. and the leadership on the democratic side has no interest in a deal. agree? >> well, harry reid called the plan phony. they're not taking it actually as real. it's interesting because democrats feel that the republicans really don't have any serious interest in doing any kind of tax reform.
1:51 am
it would be a success for president obama and there is no reason to hand him that in an election year. they don't believe what is on the table is real. they also won't agree to cut marginal tax rate. it's down to 28%. no way the republicans will go along with that. they think we can win the white house back so why do a tax deal now when we could have republican president and get what we want. >> bret: where is give? >> there is a democratic perception they don't want to deal might be persuasive if it didn't clash with reality. the republicans have come forward in something i thought wouldn't be likely especially from the pat toomey. this is not original insight. itch don't think president obama wants a deal.
1:52 am
he can't afford a deal. he spent six months talking about how the republicans are objectionist and do-nothing congress. he can't afford a deal now. >> bret: solyndra documents are out. friday afternoon document dump again. we haven't found bombshells in here but the interesting point, steve, is that the documents that deal with the adjustment of the loan, the changing of the loan, they are going to let the congressman see it. the lawmakers see it. not hand over documents. >> why not? this was the most transparent administration in history and they are not providing the interesting documents. we have had something of a bombshell. i think jay carney having said that this, george kaiser this obama bundleer who is an investor in solyndra never discussed solyndra in his white house meetings. not true. we have an e-mail that says at
1:53 am
the time they were going to restructure it, they were handling the loan. they contradicted themselves we'll likely find more. >> i don't it rises to the level for jay carney making a mistake, probably given bad information. rises to bombshell. because george kizer in the e-mail that were released the shrekive release told the lobbyists to back off. pulled back because they pressure him too much. vy yet to see other than bungling, no question they bungled this. any proof to lead to us believe political influence on high pushing it through. because of a donor. >> bret: g.o.p. aide typing in through ed henry reporting
1:54 am
this is a start, but the white house has more in the system. the committee wants to see the documents. >> there is a reason administration is withholding. if you look at the documents. you discover that solyndra was protesting how much of a going concern it was. and supported by the energy department in the protest emphasizing how much sales were increasing doubling every year. except it was losing $3 on every panel costing them $6 to make. that is the kind of accounting that made the soviet economy a remarkable success. energy went along with it until the very end. >> bret: lightning, lightning round here, the last troubling topic. penn state story. what about this? thoughts down the road.
1:55 am
>> the reaction to the paterno firing is an example of how celebrity has distorted our moral compass. it isn't about a coach. it isn't about the game. it's about the crimes. the student protest and gaffes in the -- gasps in the audience when it was announced is example of a completely wrong focus. >> i couldn't agree more. if you read the affidavit and get in more detail than we know is horrifying. >> the adults were looking out for program, the coaches for their friends. for everybody but the kids. nobody was looking out for kids. >> that is it for the panel. they tuneed as a nation honors its best and bravest.
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♪ ♪ >> finally tonight we leave you with the sights and sounds as america honors its brave men and women in uniform on veterans day. thank you all, veterans, and the families for service and sacrifice. fair, balanced, proud and unafraid. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> all our nation's veterans, keep on for -- [ inaudible ] on behalf of a proud and grateful nation. we thank you. ♪ ♪ >> we're grateful for the veterans abiding devotion to duty. hummaled by their eternal sacrifice. ♪ ♪ >> god bless our veterans and our troops. god bless the u


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