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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  November 12, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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us that's it for the journal editorial report and thanks to my panel and for all of you watches. i'm paul gigot and hope to see you here next week. >> on fox news watch. it's the classic story of he said-- >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. >> then she said-- >> mr. cain had been very sexually inappropriate with me. >> then he said-- >> now herman cain in the court of public opinion has to respond not to admissible evidence, he has to respond to hearsay. >> and she said-- >> mr. cain inside decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. >> who are the media believing? rick perry has an a brain freeze at the last g.o.p.
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debate and the press pounces and the texas governor takes a spin in his favor. >> i want to help cake take the heat off my buddy herman cain. >> jon: and penn state, following the charges of charges, and leading to arrests and joe paterno's firing. media reaction was fierce and the media reaction just as strong. mr. obama and his french counterpart make candid comments about israel's main man and the remarks are heard by some in the press, but the press in the know decided not to tell. why was that? and covering the occupy protests. the growing dangerous-- >> and on the banks. >> jon: on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller and national review editor,
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lawrie, and jim pinkerton and jehmu green. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is upon right now. 6. >> at the suggestion of her boyfriend, a pediatrician she had dated for four years, she reached out to mr. cain for help in finding another job. instead of receiving the help that she had hoped for, mr. cain, instead, decide today provide her with his idea of a stimulus package. >> and now herman cain in the court of public opinion has to respond not to admissible eviden evidence. he has to respond to hearsay, he has to respond to rumors and speculation. he's not afforded the opportunity for me to cross examine his accusers.
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he's not afforded the safeguards that are part of our system of justice. >> first came the sexual harassment accusations in herman cain's past and now the lawyers are grabbing media attention to steer the story the way they would like to see it go. and a high profile attorney known for taking on a lot of clients who have been unfairly accused, people like, well, richard jewel, the olympic park first accused bomber, turned out he was a hero. parents of jon benet ramsey and high profile folks, i guess he defended the woman who had accused kobe bryant of raping her. what does his presence mean. >> three stories here, one is herman cain and what happens to him. two the accusers and what they do and appearances and they make and three is now the battle of the celebrity lawyers and i don't minimize
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at all mr. woods' achievements especially on the richard jewel case 15 years ago, but you're going to see some real head to heads in the media, directly or indirectly, between these extremely high profile lawyers, allred and wood and that will be another show aside from cain and the accusers. >> jon: gloria allred is on board and usually gets more media attention than her clients. >> see, that's part of her charm, as they say, look, this is, this is a very high stakes game, this man's political future is at stake, and she is representing women as she has in the past. i think that alexandra stanley in the new york times appropriately categorized the first set of stories, it's not a he said she said, it's now a he said-they said. so the bar for mr. cain is very high to climb up out of and he needs, he's going to
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need-- he's going to need, lynn will have to be as good as allred is. >> jon: some are saying it's a double standard here and whispers about john edwards when he was running for president, but none of the stories were brought to the fore until he was already out of the race. >> took the national enquirer banging and banging away to get the mainstream media to pay attention. >> there's not the pall and disdain that surrounded gennifer flowers and paula jones. >> what we learned from nthem. you be-- with a messy background. >> jon: what about looking into the background of accusers, gem mew. the ap looked at the most recent of the women to accuse herman cain and found there
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were, well, she is a sort of a serial lawsuit filer. >> here we go again blaming the victim. and in this case blame the victims, because it's he said, she said, she said, she said. and when we're looking at the cain casting couch situation as i look at it. why are we having so many stories about why did this young woman get into the car of a married man, versus why did the marry man upgrade a hotel room for a woman he didn't even know. and of course, mr. wood, he has to answer in the court of public aopinion. >> you didn't want to know anything about paula jones' background and took on her word that governor clinton insided her to his hotel room ap propositioned here grossly, which he did, he did, you didn't want to know anything else about paula jones and thought it was outrageous when james carville said she was trailer trash and all of that. i think it's important it look into the background, but-- >> there you go. but before any information comes ought, most of the
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attacks was actually-- >> that's not true. >> and robs the individual women and that's-- frnl most of the attacks was not lodged at the women. >> i think the fact there's been a double standard here, should not negate the fact that we have genuine charges here, we've had two settlements, this is not just a question of allegations, we've had actual money settlements and that this is a genuine news story and people who say that it's an anti-republican thing, are not being fair to the press, with we have every night to go after this story. >> 9 million dollars off of-- not sexual harassment, sexual assault. when you someone is out there, that's sexual assault. >> alleged, alleged. and how do you know it happened. >> after the press conference. >> now with confidence that he sexually assaulted her. i believe when a young woman tells two people what happened, many, many years ago. >> and gloria allred is not going in without some sort of
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fact and when they get involved-- >> there was an upgrade of a hotel room here. >> all right, jim. >> what we're seeing here is an illustration of the media's power and we know how powerful it is and we see maria bartiromo of cnbc, asked the questions of cain, and the audience boosted. the power to wreck somebody's life or at least try to and the public sense whoever is guilty or innocent, whatever is alleged or proven, the fact that the media can do that is creating a backlash. >> every reporter knows that herman cain is the emporer with no clothes and this situation has been created by-- >> that doesn't mean he's guilty of sexual assault. >> we're going to take a break, if you'd like to look at the media, the bias bash and the watch list section. up next, a tragic crime brings
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heated media coverage. . >> a shocking sex abuse canal rocks the penn state campus. details of child rape by a former coach getting national attention and scathing media reaction. did the intense media scrutiny fit the story. some pass on comments by two world leaders. is that allowed? details next on news watch. more colorful. ♪ and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. here's a bright idea. trade in any light string and get up to 5 bucks off the latest christmas led's. what's in the mail? well, it just might surprise you. because this is how people and business connect.
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0 >> i would hope and everyone that cares about penn state. our 95,000 students or hundreds of thousands of alumni, thousands of degrees at that get award or agriculture and over county of commonwealth, i would hope that everyone agree what we're doing is what we believe in our best judgment, it is the best long-term interest of the university which is much larger than athletic programs. >> the penn state board of trustees member and ceo of
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u.s. steel, addressing their members of the media following the board's decision to fire legendary head coach joe paterno and university president graham spanier and the decisions forced by outrage over a number of child rape by jerry sandusky and accusations after coverup. and judy, you said something about your experience this covering universities. >> i think that politicians understand that they have to be somewhat transparent, political campaigns understand that and the universities feel they don't have to be and i'd like to the-- and one who said that silence is not golden, the fact that no one from the university addressed this until the damage was not only obvious, but not deniable. the fact that they didn't even send out a communications person to talk to the president, and this is part of
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the arrogance of power, that has gotten this university in the terrible state that it's in right now. >> the patriot news in harrisburg, pennsylvania, wrote an extraordinary front page editorial in which they said in part, he should have done more, referring to joe-- a man who has spoken with such affection for 46 years about his kids failed real kids when they needed him most. they were out ahead of the scandal, that appeared before joe paterno's firing, appropriate? >> entirely appropriate. the media. we'll see something happen here, we'll see the media cover a story, and then frankly overcover it to the report that every reporter in the country is going to wind up there. it's a terrible scandal and i think that the pennsylvania authorities handled it well in firing paterno and the president, but we're going to see something the media do, do is overkill. we're just going to see it jo all right, what about the fact
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that it really took a while for this thing to gain some steam. there was a reporter mark madden writes for the beaver county times, a relatively small paper in pennsylvania, had a story about this thing back in april, outlining the 1998 allegations of improperly conduct on sandusky's part with an underage male and it seems that the media didn't pick up on it. >> honors to him and he had the story here and should have had the beginning of the feeding frenzy back again. judy is right, you had a program too powerful and institution concerned with its perceived short-term interests and coach paterno and university officials accommodated in an unspeakable evil and the problem with that editorial you read and asked jim about. it said that paterno should be able to finish out the year and require with honor which i find disgusting. >> what about victims and their families, you've seen a media push to try to find the
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kids and get them on tv and stories for the papers. is that appropriate? >> i do think it's appropriate because the power of the college football industrial complex is continuing to affect the story where the focus has been on oh, joe paternoen his long historied career and what it's going to do that to program versus the crimes, the moral obligation, crime at that committed. i'm a fan of the texas longhorns, but the sports journalist that picked that and power over-- their moral obligation. >> and the woman who was in the shot seen next to jehmu is the mother of one of the victims who appeared on good morning america. >> let's illustrate how the press dynamic is going to work. why do the reporters want to put kids on the television, is it because they care about the kids? is it because they think it will help the process of justice? or because ratings and eyeballs. i submit it's the latter and the authorities seem to be
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perfectly capable of prosecuting this and interviewing the children or adults by now, but i think sort of the somewhat opportunistic nature of the media, you want to tell your story and once the kids go forward, who doubts some other reporter will say, actually that kid, blah, blah, blah and the herman cain thing, same thing will happen and this is why. i'm not defending it, not defending it, the penn state students overturned the television truck, it's the rage that they feel the source in their life. >> every single one of those students should be expelled. >> the immediate reaction was to protect paterno. and ashton kutcher tweeted out why would you fire him and the people on twitter-- >> and people didn't realize how bad the story was and circulating and reading it and understanding the gravity of the charges. >> and the first instincts was
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to believe in joe paterno as a hero. >> football after all is another game. if you see something that you think shows evidence of media bias, e-mail us, news and press strives to keep a private moment private. was that the the correct thing to do. >> open mic, candid comments about a-- and why did the media ignore it. it's becoming challenging and dangerous, the reporters tried to uncover the dirty details of the occupy protest, all next on news watch. cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> in an exchange at the meeting between french president sarkozy and president obama were apparently complaining about another leader benjamin netanyahu while the mics were open and overheard by journalists who had their translation head sets on, but the french media citing tradition, kept it under wraps for several days. that is until a french media watch website released what was translated. here is that translation, sarkozy says, i can't stand him. netanyahu, he's a liar. obama says you're tired of him. what about me? i have to deal with him every day. so, judy, explain this french tradition not to report the news? >> there are traditions in france about what is off the record and on the record as there are here in america. and the french position was, the conference did not begin until the signal was given.
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i think that's absolutely ridiculous. i'm glad that they covered it and i'm glad that eventually the american press got around to it, too. >> it's a sign of the french culture as over deference to authority. if i heard that i immediately would have tweeted it, blogged it and down a touchdown dance and slammed my blackberry to the ground. >> it wouldn't happen in america. >> cns and nbc didn't cover it. >> and he's defending israel, completely left out of the story and it was translated we don't know what his inflection was, as you just said, rich, there are folks who want to run with this and define it in the way to have it be a hit on-- >> when reagan said in a live mic, we begin bombing in five minutes or bush and cheney talking unflatteringly about a new york times reporter (laughter) >> that was, that was days news day after day after day
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and a double starred how they treated even news sources for this one. >> jon: there are reports that those who heard these comments signed an agreement not to report them. a guy named arnold aller, what reporter in his right mind would sign anything presented something on a story not by sub ter rage or illegally, but the carelessness of two world leaders. when did a gotcha moment become off limits to the press? >> and even they said put the microphones in and want today hear and and report on it even though they knew they didn't do something wrong. once they put the microphone in. >> he was defending israel and going after sarkozy on their actions, but that's not what we're talking about. >> we have to take one more break, when we he come back, the dangerous and sometimes dirty job of covering the dirty job of covering the occupy protesters. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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>> jon: another week of news and another week of occupy protestors making news. between threats of violence against the media and questionable conditions in the camp the job of reporting on these people is something of a challenge. this reporter from eureka, california trying to get the bottom of what you might call a smear campaign. >> someone from the camp spread feces? >> i have no knowledge of that
11:59 am
happening. what i do know. >> you are not answering my question. >> are you saying they you are pooping on it? >> i am saying they poop on us. i don't know any idea what you are talking about. >> did you poop on the bag. do you know anyone that did that this one? do you knee in somebody pooped on the banks? >> no comment [ bleep ]. >> hold on. excuse me. excuse me. >> he tried to grab the camera. you just grabbed the camera that went too far. >> reporter: it is not easy to get some of those reporting assignments. that is go going to make a wrap. thanks to our panel.


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