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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> harris: italy says areeve goodbye to prime minister. can that country come back from economic disaster. any round of bebait for republic candidates who want to be president in an important state. i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. captions by closed captioning services >> harris: playing football for the first time in the wake of a scandal violated most innocent victims. >> want to be here to support the players and the rest of penn state. >> harris: fox reports live from penn state on the latest from the child sex abuse case. and if it can happen to him,
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it can happen to anyone. now a professional baseball player kidnapped at gunpoint speaking out about his abduction. tonight, the dramatic rescue that set wilson ramos free. also, springing into action. >> that first instinct is like where is the -- >> a freak accident at a veterans day parade who answered the call in this time of need? we begin at penn state. game day. for a university scared by a child sex abuse investigation. the nittany lions marching arm in arm for their final home game of the season. they gathered with their opponents, the nebraska cornhuskers at midfield. a scene usually reserved for after the game. this game very different. first time in 46 years head coach joe paterno did not lead the team. this game was a lot more about football as you know. it was about picking up the pieces and carrying on in the wake of that, well,
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unmanageable scandal. last week jerry sandusky once considered paterno's heir apparent had sexually abused 15 boys. president obama weighing in on the case saying it should lead to soul searching by all americans not just those at that school. making first public comments last night. obviously what happened was heart-breaking especially for the victims, the young people affected by these assaults, end quote there was no victory for penn state on the football today they lost to nebraska 17-14. david lee miller is outside the stadium in university park, pennsylvania. david lee, what was the mood there today? >> there were a variety of emotions today. sadness, anger and, yes, harris, also a great deal of remorse. what happened today at beaver stadium here on othe penn state campus was really unprecedented in the world of college sports. the interim coach tom bradley entered the stadium to cheers and applause. he shoosk hands with some of
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the fans. he said he hoped that the healing process was now underway. he said that the pregame moment of silence you talked about with members of both teams kneeling down in midfield was, in his words, one of the most powerful moments that he has ever been a part of. there were 107,000 fans in this stadium, that is essentially double the number of people who live in this college town. there was also thousands more who were tailgating outside. we talked with some of the fans. some of them said they were concerned about child abuse. some of them said that they were concerned about coach paterno was not here today. some of them lashed out at the media for coverage of the scandal. here is a sampling of some of the people we talked about. >> first of all, our hearts go out to the victims of the tragedies that happened here at penn state. second of all, we love our team. we support our team entirely. and we're here to cheer on our team. >> are you a joe pa fan or not a joe pa fan. >> are you a joe pa fan.
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>> are you or aren't you. >> get the [bleep] out of this area. >> still a great deal of anger here as i said earlier directed at the media we also heard today from the interim college president rod erickson. he told members of the team that they played with a great deal of heart and character. >> harris: yeah, we are seeing. david lee those emotions are palpable tonight. you mentioned that joe paterno was not there today. so do we know where he was? >> we know that joe paterno was not at his home during the game. he returned home a short time ago. where he watched the game, if he watched the game, we do not know. he sent the team a letter telling them essentially they have to move forward and not to focus on him. and we also heard very briefly today from his son, jay paterno, he is a coach on the team. he was asked if he had the opportunity to spend any time with his father. listen. >> did you talk to your dad before or after the game? >> [inaudible] dropped off a handwritten letter did i not talk to him because i was
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going to get too owe emotional. >> another son said joe paterno would very much like to speak out. so far no press conference of any type has been scheduled. many believe perhaps the next time we hear publicly from joe paterno might very well be in a courtroom when is he a witness in the civil or criminal trial. harris? >> harris: all right, david lee miller with the latest there from the campus. thank you very much. joe paterno getting a lot of attention from all of this. his former coordinator jerry sandusky the one actually facing criminal charges. jerry sandusky accused of abusing eight children. he apparently met the boys through a charity he founded called the second mile. a program for troubled children. usually from broken homes. police arrested sandusky last weekend but a grand jury was investigating him for a year and a half. his next court appearance scheduled for december. and don't miss "fox news sunday." anchor chris wallace will talk with pennsylvania governor tom
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corbett. and with penn state legend and nfl hall of famer franco harris. he was the state attorney general in 2009 when the sandusky investigation began. harris as you may know played for paterno at penn state and said he is disappointed in the school's decision to fire the coach. must see "fox news sunday" tomorrow morning. check your listings. fox news is america's election headquarters and republic presidential contenders getting ready for the so-called commander and chief debate. set to kick off in less than an hour from now in the key early voting state of south carolina. g.o.p. candidates expected to focus on our nation's foreign and defense policies. a lot at stake for two republic rivals in particular. texas governor rick perry who spent much of this week explaining an awkward moment in the last debate perry forgot one of three federal agencies he says he would like to get rid of if elected president. herman cain still fighting to contain the fallout from
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sexual harassment accusations. campaign carl as we like to call him live in spartanburg, north carolina tonight. mitt romney might turn his background into a foreign policy asset, i understand? >> sure. mitt romney was one-term governor of massachusetts. don't get a lot of foreign policy experience with that he doesn't emphasize his political experience on the stump these days. all about job creation and business experience as a millionaire businessman for years in the private sector. that's what he will do tonight saying he has plenty of experience internationally when it comes to the global economy and the monetary system in countries like italy and greece with their potential economic meltdowns. he will try characterize himself as perfectly well equipped to be the nation's president under those circumstances. romney does have an awful lot of baggage to carry. he hasn't spent a lot of time in south carolina. entirely likely he will have a big target on his back from the rest of the campaign rivals in part because the polls suggest that he is by 45% the one that most republicans think will ultimately be the nominee. rick perry also has a huge,
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huge hill to climb tonight. that mistake he made on wednesday night in michigan when he forgot some of his own policy is something he has to live down. as the governor of texas, he does have the ability to claim foreign policy experience because is he a border state with mexico. and that could actually have him on defense. his rivals have criticized him for opposing a full border fence and suggested that texas has become magnet for illegal immigration because of his policy to provide education tore illegal immigrants. commander in chief in a difficult and troubled world. could find criticism from his rivals for policies in texas it relates to mexico. >> bumpy week for herman cain. tonight's debate focuses on what critics have said is one of his weak spots. particularly foreign policy. >> well, true. and, yet, herman cain himself has acknowledged that he does not have great deal of foreign policy experience. he has answered questions in previous debates saying i just don't know the answer to that but i will attack it like a true problem solver, analyzing
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the problem. figuring out the solution and moving forward. that's a difficult posture to take in a presidential debate to say i really don't know the answers but i will figure out a way to go forward on it he has to do something to turn the page and close the door on the sexual harassment allegations that have dogged his candidacy for the last two weeks. heading into the third week of this he really needs to put it away. strong performance on foreign policy could go a long way to do that the other person to watch tonight is newt gingrich. he has been telling people in south carolina and elsewhere that tonight is his moment. that this debate plays to his wheel house. that he can hit it out of the park because of his command of complex issues. international, forn policy. is he historian and been in the arena for so long. one thing people don't realize is newt gingrich has been a member of a very obscure organization called the president's intention advisory board back in republic administrations. made aware of classified intelligence and advising the president in various different eras on a whole host of complex issues. he has a lot of experience tonight.
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look for him to try to flex his intellect muscles and get a leg up on his rivals. >> harris: looking for that debate in 45 minutes to start. he is surging right now, a real quick thought on that? >> well, he has got to surge a lot and there is not a lot of time. the truth of the matter is we are now just seven weeks away from the first caucuses in iowa. when you take out the holidays and weekends which aren't very effective for campaign days. only about real 30 business days of campaigning to do. while newt gingrich has momentum in the polls and looks forward to a big performance tonight. he also needs money and he needs to work this time very economically. it's running out, harris? >> harris: and your light apparently is running out as well. >> running out too. >> harris: is he a shining star. we appreciate it, carl. thanks very much. now let's move on to europe, italy, a political standoff over there. silvio berlusconi giving into the pressure and stepping down. his resignation comes one day after italy's senate passed a new budget with critical
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spending cuts which ultimately helped that country dodge a full financial meltdown. investors likely to keep a close eye on italy in the coming days and weeks as the new government takes shape. no surprise there because, as europe's fourth largest economy italy's success could make or break a global recovery and impact the markets here at home. we have seen some of that already recently with greece. greg burke live tonight in rome with some the day's details. >> silvio berlusconi is a guy obsessed with image from the way he dresses, from the way his businesses are run. you can only think that he must really be terrible when he is thinking about the kind of exit he had to make tonight. he could have never planned something that bad. wild separations in rome. berlusconi is one of those politicians who people either love or hate. and left wingers who had been beaten so badly by him, so often over the past 17 years sort of getting their revenge
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this evening when he finally did resign. for silvio berlusconi a bitter pill. major player in this country for the past 20 years. while he did lose parts of his coalition over the past few months, also had these various trials and scan tells, -- can scandals. it was this economic crisis that took the toll on him and his administration. an economics professor a former european union commissioner for competition. he is he expected to get a mandate tomorrow to form a new government. what they are calling a technical government. now, that's interesting because in italy it's very hard that anything be really above politics. they will try to do that but in the end there will be a lot of political wrangling there. it will be an uphill struggle for monty, certainly. finally, harris, it's interesting. italy is certainly divided over berlusconi that you saw with those celebrations. a lot of people happy to see
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him go. people at home wishing he was still in power as journalists certainly we are going to miss him. there are not a lot of politicians who give you a chance to talk about bunga bunga sex parties. harris? >> harris: okay, greg burke, thank you very much. it sounded surreal. a major league baseball player kidnapped in venezuela way la, just a couple of days ago. new tonight, wilson ramos, starting catcher for the washington nationals is alive and home with an incredible story to tell as we learn more about who actually snatched him. and shoppers and sales clerks left in shock. police on the hunt for this woman captured on surveillance video. she is their suspect after some convenience store victims say she walked up to them and bit them on the neck. vampire style. they say they have the scars to prove it. stay with us. >> she started shaking like a pit bull that just got a piece of steak. how about making it b.
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>> harris: president obama in hawaii tonight, the first stop in a trip to asia and the pacific. he attended an economic summit earlier today but we are now just learning the north american leaders summit scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. is he in honolulu at this hour. ed, what is the reason for the postponement? >> harris, as you saw that tragic news out of mexico in the last 24 hours, a top official dying in that tragic helicopter crash. as a result president calderon from mexico will not now be coming to honolulu we are told. they are going to postpone the north american leaders summit which as you suggested involves leaders of mexico, president obama, as well as the prime minister of canada. but nevertheless, the apex summit, which is the primary reason for the president being here in honolulu does go forward. there, the president announced a framework for a new trade agreement. he is trying to build on that
4:18 pm
u.s./south korean trade deal that won bipartisan support a few weeks ago. is he trying to put together this trade deal with smaller countries, vietnam, asia. the president wanted to make sure while is he at the sum mits dealing with world leaders he has an eye focused on an issue for the american voters, harris, which is jobs. >> harris: i understand there has been controversy too. upset business leaders over a comment by the president. what was it. >> interesting. because the president as you know trying to mend fences with some ceos. he has had an uneasy relationship with some business leaders who think some the regulations and other things from the administration have been too tough on them. but the president had this to say about why he thinks the has not embraced enough international trade in recent decades. take a listen. >> you know, we have been a little bit lazy i think over the last couple of decades. taken for granted people won't want to come here and we aren't out there selling america and trying to attract
4:19 pm
new businesses into america. >> that follow as few weeks ago when american had suggested that america had gone soft. want to raise the game. the president wasn't trying to bad mouth anyone here. what he was trying to say is kind of urge everyone in the business community but everyone around the country to really raise a level of competition with china and some of these other emerging economies, harris. >> harris: on the story for us following the president today. ed henry thank you very much. the documents missed a deadline, got dumped just before the weekend and now we are starting to learn more about emails coming from the white house. lawmakers looking at the new docs related to solyndra. the failed energy company that got a half billion dollars of your tax dollars before going bankrupt. also, a message to occupy wall street. it's time to pack up and go right now. where police are telling the protesters to get out or else.
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>> harris: police preparing for a possible street battle with occupy wall street protesters set to go down just hours from now. new worries, a park eviction will turn violent in portland, oregon. where officials warn a group of anarchists may be planning an attack. despite a call for peace from organizers, officers reportedly seized wood and cement weapons from demonstrators. a similar deadline looming in oakland, california where we saw two iraq war veterans hurt in clashes with police a few weeks back. yesterday police handing out notices to protesters to get them out of the public park and take their stuff with them or face being arrested. and in salt lake city, utah, another showdown between
4:24 pm
police and occupiers who also are there to clear out or have been told, rather, to clear out by midnight. and it comes just a day after someone found a man dead in a tent there at the protest property. no word on what killed him at last check. well, new details now disorder in recently released emails from the white house related to solyndra, the solar energy company that got a half billion dollars in federal loan guarantees and went bankrupt leaving taxpayers on the hook. as you may know, the white house has subpoenaed or was subpoenaed by house republicans who wanted to see all of the documents related to the loan. the white house already released some and yesterday handed over several dozen additional documents. peter doocy has more from washington. >> back on march 14th of this year, then white house chief of staff pete roust forwarded some of his league g colleagues email from former obama campaign researchers and current clean energy activists dan carroll part of the
4:25 pm
initiative. this email route circulated cird from carol plan to demote energy secretary to research into a lab. secretary chu is a wonderful and brilliant man. is he not perfect for the other critical doe emission deploying existing at scale. someone else should do that and lead a new teal. roust's email said he wasn't interested in the chu critique. he wanted his colleagues to consider the rest of carol's message which dealt with energy policy. also predicted a wave of g.o.p. attacks over solyndra and other inside doe deals that have done with gone to obama performers and under performed. this is not eternal white house email. not evidence of political influence of contributors on decision-making with respect to the solyndra loan guarantee. this is his prediction about political attacks that will come about the loan guarantee program and he turned out to be right. and republics still want more documents issuing their own statement yesterday explaining that, quote: the white
4:26 pm
house's production includes a limited number of self-selected documents along with their own interpretation of what those documents show. we're hoping this is the beginning of an effort to finally make public these missing pieces of a process that left us all holding the bag for over $500 million. and energy secretary steven chu is going to testify before the subcommittee on oversight investigations this thursday. harris? >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. a crowd coming to the rescue after a freak accident at a veterans day parade. and some of those who served our nation became heros once again. plus, we have got a car chase. yeah, some guy thinking he can outrace police and the news choppers. maybe he doesn't know how these things usually end. and police looking to take a bite out of crime. after they say this woman opened wide and bit two people on the neck. vampire-style. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] one-hundred-nineteen data points.
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take away the dizzying 360-degree camera move... [ tires screech ] ...and take away the over-the-top stunt, you're still left with a pretty remarkable tale. but, okay, maybe keep the indulgent supermodel cameo... thank you. [ male announcer ] innovative medical solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. it was game day at penn state. in the wake of that child sex abuse investigation, let's look live right now. this is outside the home of former penn state head coach joe paterno where fans are gathering tonight after the game. remember, he was fired after his former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky was arrested on child sex abuse charges. the team losing today to
4:31 pm
nebraska cornhuskers 17-14 in very final home game of the season. first time in 46 years playing without paterno as their head coach. and remembering the victims of american airlines flight 587. a memorial service held in queens, new york where the plane went down 10 years ago today. everybody on board that flight was killed. along with five people on the ground. it was the second deadliest aviation accident on u.s. soil. and in italy, silvio berlusconi resigning as prime minister ending a 17 year political era. and setting in motion a transition aimed at bringing the country back from the brink of economic disaster. less than two weeks away now from the deadline, a major one for a decision about how your money is going to be spent. the super committee, 12 chosen members of congress who are supposed to come up with a plan to deal with our nation's mounting debt. will have until the day before
4:32 pm
thanksgiving to do that. that's november 23rd. if the group does not come up with a deal, we all will face cuts across the board. our molly henneberg is live for us in washington tonight. molly, the president had a warning to that super committee about those cuts. >> hi, harris, yes. he said he doesn't want the super committee or congress doing anything to water down the law to take effect if there is no deficit reduction deal. that law or enforcement mechanism as they say in washington would automatically implement deep government spending cuts, including $500 billion from the defense department. the president spoke to the co-chairs of the super committee, democratic senator patty murray and republic congressman general hencer ling on the phone yesterday. and press secretary jay carney said, quote, the president made clear he would not accept any measure that attempts to turn off part of the enforcement mechanism. we'll see what congress does. the white house says the law is meant to, quote, force a result from the committee. harris? everywhere. >> harris: meanwhile, i know
4:33 pm
that some republics are saying that it looks like through all of this the president doesn't really want to make a deal. >> the head of the republic national committee says no matter what the president says, he is, quote, hoping for failure on the deficit deal so that the president can use it to campaign against republics in congress. here is more. his plan is to roll the dice, take his chances and try to win re-election. and if there is no deal, guess what? that's just another box that this president can check off and go campaign on. >> the white house says the president is committed to a quote balanced deficit reduction solution which would require, as he says, tough choices from both sides. harris? >> molly henneberg, thank you very much. major league baseball player wilson ramos is free. thanks to a daring rescue by police commandos in venezuela. ramos born in that country home after his rookie season catching for the washington nationals. he was at his mother's house when a group of armed men snatched him two nights ago. police tracked him down into the mountains and yesterday
4:34 pm
swooped in to save ramos during a hail of gunfire. >> i'm quite happy with this rescue operation they did for me. i'm very grateful to the government, to the national guard, to the pdj. i wasn't expecting it at all because the place they kept me was well hidden. it was in the mountains practically in the judge government the only thing i asked god was to return alive to be able to see my family. >> harris: prayers answered. police arresting five suspects in that high profile kidnapping a common occurrence in venezuela. but this is the first known abduction of a major league baseball player there. >> hundreds of people packing the streets for a veterans day parade when a van suddenly swerved and crashes right into the crowd. it is our top story on a fox trip across america. alabama. witnesses say two women and a little boy try to get out of the way but they just didn't have enough time. the van slamming into them and
4:35 pm
overturning at this parade in huntsville. soldiers and civilians running to help, flipping the van back over. and the women and that child survived. >> a veteran myself from the persian gulf, first inticket inticket -- instincts is where is the trouble and let's help. >> no injuries reported. new york, holocaust survivors reliving a painful piece of history after vandals leave their neighborhood in ruins. cars burning in the streets and swastikas spray painted on benches. 73 years ago to the day nazis coordinated similar string of darks on homes in germany and austria. the nypd hate crimes unit investigating the ones in brooklyn. arizona. a traffic stop turning into a car chase in phoenix with speeds reaching more than 120 miles per hour. the suspect tearing across the freeway through city streets
4:36 pm
and neighborhoods. in the end he crashes just outside this tunnel. you can see him hanging out of the car and falling to the ground moments before officers arrested him. texas. a once in a lifetime moment on a once in a century day. this abilene family welcoming their baby to the world on 11-11-11 at 11:11 a.m. on the document the numbers considered lucky by many. >> we are like hurry, hurry, hurry trying to get it done 11-11. got it done phi seconds. baby weighing in at 11 pounds. give that mom an award and that's a fox watch across america. >> a mission to raise more than a billion dollars for the youngest americans affected by our two wars. the tens of thousands of children whose parents were called to serve in the days following the 9/11 attacks. some of their moms and dads died on the battlefield. others have come home with life changing injuries. that's why one organization is working to give those children
4:37 pm
new hope for the future. our julie banderas is in our newsroom right now with a story. julie? >> harris, since 9/11 an astonishing 50,000 children have either a fallen or combat wounded parent. one nonprofit organization called no greater sacrifice or ngs is trying to give those kids a 1.2 billion-dollar boost to achieve their dreams. ngs's goal is to keep up with the rapidly increasing number of children whose parents have paid the ultimate sacrifice by delivering scholarships and resources in the pursuit of higher education. started four and a half years ago, the charity has been able to so far provide 27 lucky children with scholarships. >> if you want to give a long lasting gift, the gift that will give back to generations to come and to the communities that they live and serve, funding an education seems to me to be a natural place to do it. >> one family whose burdens are being lifted is the strickland family. while serving, will he grand was deployed to afghanistan
4:38 pm
where he lost both legs after his humvee was blown up by an ied. now his two sons will be afforded the opportunity of a lifetime. >> there is almost so much you can take when you are already going through this situation. but to have someone come in and say you have been through a lot, you sacrificed for us. and we're going to do this for you. we're going to pay for your children's school. that is one of the biggest blessings ever. >> for more information on ngs or learn how to donate go to greater harris? >> harris: thank you. time is running out on the case of a missing toddler. dark reality for everybody holding out hope that this little boy is still alive. up next, his father weighs in on the latest word from investigators. plus, a new training facility giving marines a test run of a war zone before officially heading overseas. just ahead, a peek at an afghanistan battlefield that's
4:39 pm
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>> harris: grim words from police looking for a toddler in washington police. 2-year-old sky could be dead. the comments coming as officers expand their search for the little boy. his mother says he disappeared sunday when she ran out of gas and left him sleeping in the car. but police say the gas tank was not empty and the car was running just fine. they checked it out. sky's father telling reporters all he has is hope his son will come home. >> my hope he is coming back. that's where i find my strength that he is going to come back. and if i try to think what area he is, then i will find
4:43 pm
answer. >> harris: okay. that video was taken earlier. later today a local paper reporting that dad is also now saying he is losing faith his son will come home alive. well, a missing missouri's baby first birthday comes and goes with no sign of the little girl more than a month after she disappeared from her crib. friends and family releasing balloons outside the parent's home in kansas city as the search for little lisa continues. police have followed up on more than a thousand tips but still have no solid leads. lisa's mom says she drank several glasses of boxed wine the night her baby vanished and does not remember what happened to her child. >> time now for quick check on our forecast and one region of the nation seeing three very active storms. including, we're told now, a blizzard. some areas could see up to a foot of snow by tomorrow morning. meteorologist maria molina in the fox weather center. >> we do have three areas of unsettled weather. three storms we are looking at
4:44 pm
out west. one storm that really doesn't have a lot of snow with it and that's off the coast of southern california where we are starting to see batches of heavy rain coming on shore. of course you mentioned the blizzard warnings and they are in effect across the state of colorado where we are seeing very heavy snow coming down right now. really the highest elevations where you are going to start to look at those accumulations of a foot or more. gusty winds are also going to be a major concern, gusting up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. blowing and drifting will be a major issue along the roadways. otherwise new storm system, third one impacting part of the pacific northwest. some coastal rain falling down, heavy along i-5. heavy snow across the mountains. winter storm warnings across the northwest and also the rockies and we do have those blizzard warnings across parts of the state of colorado where we are going to be looking at some of the highest snow accumulations and the strongest winds. generally speaking again, highest accumulation will be a foot along the higher elevations, just a couple of inches of snow as you get into lower elevations the valley floor picking up a little bit
4:45 pm
of snow. otherwise, temperatures ahead of that storm system are very warm, 15 to 25 degrees above average across parts of the plains. we did have very chilly temperatures early this morning though across most of the east including florida where in tallahassee we broke a record early this morning, harris, 23 degrees. so very chilly temperatures out there. >> harris: winter is acoming. maria, thank you very much. the arab league taking stance on syria. member nations today voting to suspend that country from meetings if the government there doesn't put an end to bloody and nearly year long crackdown on antigovernment protesters. syrians president has until wednesday of next week to stop the attacks. after that the arab league might consider political and economic sanctions. >> iran's government, once again being accused of plotting a terror attack. this time the accusation coming from leaders in bahrain. they say security officials have uncovered a terrorist cell operating in neighboring cutter. four bahrainians have said to
4:46 pm
have links to iran now are in custody. investigators say the suspect had a laptop computer containing sensitive information about the site. such as the saudi arabian embassy and bahrain's interior ministry building as well. you may recall that recently our state department uncovered an alleged plot by iran to assassinate the saudi ambassador right here in america and d.c. iran says that is not true. an explosion in iran, speaking of iran, kills more than a dozen soldiers and the opposite of a wedding, a divorce celebration as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iran. thick smoke rising after an accidental explosion at a military base killed 15 soldiers and injures 10 others. it happened as military personnel were transporting some ammunition. libya. a tense standoff between rival
4:47 pm
militia groups. one saying he still falling followers of the dead dictator muammar qaddafi. that claim impossible to verify. the violence killing two people in the latest of a series of confrontations in the militias since the 8 month civil war ended. turkey. a 12-hour hostage drama on a passenger ferry. authorities saying a suspected kurdish rebel was wearing plastic explosives and threatened to set them off on the boat. security forces moving in and killing him. the 24 people on the ferry unharmed. japan. a couple choosing to end eight years of marriage in a divorce party inviting family and friends to hear the story of their union and why now they are going their separate ways. the event including a slide show of their life together, the signing of the divorce papers, and then the smashing of the ring with a hammer. that's closure. and that's a wrap on this fox
4:48 pm
trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> in florida, a boating championship and a deadly accident. in fact, just days after a crash took the lives of two racers in that same competition. and this may look like a scene from a war zone. actually though it is a classroom of sorts for our marines. we will explain next. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy?
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
>> harris: a power boat racer do do i buckeyes. a -- dies. he was killed when a super boat rolled over twice during the final lap of that race. racing partner not seriously hurt in that. two other competitors died on wednesday the first day of the championships.
4:52 pm
despite the triple tragedy. tomorrow's final event will go on. the u.s. marine corps bringing the battlefield to life here in the u.s. in an effort to increase mission success overseas and let our marines home alive. that's why they have transformed 32,000 square foot space into a war zone. while this quote, unquote afghan village is actually based inside a warehouse on the east coast marine base the mockup has all the sites, sounds of the real deal. let's get the story from elizabeth fran who joins us from our atlanta bureau. >> hi, elizabeth. when these marines step into the warehouse, they step into a totally different world. you can smell the scent of burning cedar and feel the gravel underneath your shoes. when they're training it's no vacation. it's a mission. >> faced with jarring life-like explosions. and simulated gun fight. >> advised the interpreter
4:53 pm
shot in the left arm. >> these marines are training inside a north carolina warehouse for what likely will be the real deal in afghanistan. >> before they come in here, they are not sure what to expect. don't really know what it is. after they go through it, it's usually oh wow. >> this emergent trainer exact replica of afghan village with sensory detail like the sounds of farm animals and the smells of roasting meat. >> back in the town because we wanted to check out individual houses. >> marines interact with villager who's react to every move they make. >> try to work with them culture wise and training wise and the actions of the people in afghanistan. >> accultural assent like drawing guns close to a mosque or school can turn locals against them and impact the outcome of their mission. >> if you go into a village, you know, and you be mean and you start kicking down doors and, you know, you disrespect their churches and mosques
4:54 pm
they are not going to want to help you out and give you any information. >> harris, there are 176 cameras inside that warehouse, so after every training mission. marines can go back and see what they did right and what they did wrong. what they tell us is really understanding the culture is one of the most important pieces of being successful in afghanistan. >> i know it's the point but it really does look authentic, amazing. >> we were there, harris, it is jarring, it is loud, and it is very real. they are getting some great experience in there. >> harris: elizabeth plan, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it is like a scene from a vampire movie. although this is real. this woman caught on camera, police saying she walked into a convenience store and bit two people on the neck. the charges she will face when police catch up with her. [ male announcer ] how are we going to make this season better than the last?
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
>> harris: police on the hunt for a suspect in bite attack. seriously. here is the woman they are searching for. it happened inside a convenience store in denver, colorado. we're told she touched a man inappropriately before reportedly sinking her teeth into his neck. police say she also bit a store clerk after asking her for a hug. >> i reached over and gave her a hug. and at the time she had her face right here. and i didn't think nothing of it. and then she had latched on. and she started shaking like a pit bull. like that just got a piece of steak. >> police saying she faces charges of unlawful sexual contact and assault when they catch her that is. recapping our top stories now. penn state losing home game,
4:59 pm
the final one of the season to nebraska. first game played in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal that has torn up that community this week head football coach joe pattern nor know fired this week after jerry sandusky was arrested on child sex abuse charges. in illustrationly, prime minister silvio berlusconi is out. he resigned today end ago 17 year political era. the move setting transition bringing the country back from the brink of economic crisis. on this day in 1954, the gateway to america shut its doors, ellis island opened. it was the entrance to a new beginning for more than 12 million immigrants at one point. located in new york harbor. it was used as an examination center for third class passengers arriving by ship from overseas to make sure that they were not bringing anything unwanted. they were given medical and legal tests. when ellis island closed, the
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