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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 12, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do his job, and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> i am geraldo rivera. in south carolina, 1980 have picked the eventual republican nominee every time was host for the latest installment for the top rated realty show. it happened as rick perry struggled to survive the last debate and newt gingrich surged and herman cain's support shrirchings and focusing on foreign policy they were asked if they would support water boarding. >> i have agreed it was an enhanced interrogation technique .
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>> you would return to that policy. >> i would return to that policy. >> i don't see it as torteur. >> if i were president i would be willing to use water board it wasective and gain information for our country and i would like to say that under barack obama, he's allowed the aclu to run the cia. >> water boarding is torteur and any other illegal under international law and under our law and immoral and very impractical. there is no evidence that you get reliable evidence. we diminish our standing and the values we project including liberty, democracy and human rights and open markets when we torteur . we should not torture you and water boarding is torteur and we dilute ourselves down and lose that ability to project values that a lot of people
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are still relying on the united states to stand up and do. the perfomances. and and and polster in philly tonight and from his perch on the jersey shore. kelly ann and romney was competent and con cane hesitant and newt was smart but who won. >> if i had to pick winners or losers, i put newt in the winning category and romney held his own . they have to look at a series of commander-in-chief . no one flubbed their lines and seemed to be unworthy on the stage. and it is water board conspicous for one reason.
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it was a rare area of disagreement among the contenders and tonight is a good opportunity for them to show why it is in contrast with barack obama. no one lost as much at this point you don't need to say anything stupid to pull out of the race and gaining ground make sure the facts are correct. >> and scott, if i go to karl came ron first and set the stage more and ask intelligent questions. >> thanks, geraldo. the candidates held their 10th debate on foreign policy. and this was unquestionable the most cerebral and devoid of the attacks and they talk about complex issues facing the nation from over seas. michelle bachmann had the controversial line of the night when she suggested that
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there is a world wide nuclear war planned against israel. >> the next commander-in-chief has to understand the intricasees in the middle east. iran and syria and hezbollah and hamas, the table is being set for world wide nuclear war against israel. if there is anything we know. president obama has been more than willing to stand with occupy wall street but not with israel. >> and ron paul was the only candidate against doing anything militarily from stopping iran from getting a nuclear weapon. all of the other candidates would prevent iran from doing so. there was great discussion about afghanistan and resounding criticism for the obama administration for pulling out troops too soon. >> and i take a different approach on afghanistan. i say it is time to come home. i say this nation has achieved
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its key accountives in afghanistan. we have had free elections in 2004 and dismantled al-qaida and killed osama bin laden. i say this nation's future is not afghanistan. this nation's future is not iraq. this nation's future is how prepared we are to meet the 21st century in the challenges that is economic and education and that will play out over the age. and whether we prepared or not. i don't want to be nation building in afghanistan when this nation needs to be built. >> mitt romney does not have a lot of foreign policy or national affairs experience. he concentrated on iran and took a tough stance and newt gingrich agreed with him there is no way to get iran nukes. >> the credible threat of military action and made it clear that the united states
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is willing to take military action to keep iran from having a nuclear weapon. one thing to know if we reelect barack obama iran will have a nucleart me they will no. >> comparable to what ronald reagan and margaret thatcher did. every aspect of breaking the regime and breaking it down. i agree with governor romney. if in the end the dictatorship persists you have to take whatever steps necessary to have the nuclear weapon. >> they had a rough debate in michigan and herman cain had an opportunity to close the door in sexual harassment allegations. and rick perry who had the oops moment and unable to remember the energy diameter
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used humor . it was a good night for perry and they portrayed them as they would like to are perceived. >> our wonderful panel and next to me, on the upper right. that is governor mark san ford and the polsters scott rasmussen and kelly ann convey and on the side of the screen in an area she doesn't usually nab it. governor san ford. if anybody is following up on what karl cameron said. if they asked herman cain with that crowd they would have been booed to beat the band. can you describe what the atmosphere was like tonight. >> it was interesting. you had at one point a couple of boos. and the romney response . other than that a number of accolaid and a lot of it is for ron paul .
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a packed auditorium and a lot of energy. and the former governor, you know that state better than anyone. and you think anyone sounded resonant in south carolina tonight? >> well, you know. i would say as kelly ann suggested. there was a lot of great base hits and no strike outs . in that regard, everybody spoke to south carolina . oddly enough. jim diam mint. a televised hour and an halfap hour that was not televised. they were asked questions our senior and junior senator and he asked a question on speppeding in washington. and the degree to which that might be a foreign policy issue. >> and as you know. admiral mike called that a bigger threat to america. and that is probably one of
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the more interesting mostems to the south carolina vorts and jimment's question on spending n governor scott. the polls are all over the place and it seems like the sports illustrated jinx. once they hit the cover. they go in a slump and they spike in the polls and then all of the sudden, they hit a wobble and they crash down. can you say that the poll you had a couple of days ago holds today . herman cain is fade mitt romney -- is holding his own . gingrich is surging. >> the race is same as it has been. and i don't think anything tonight changed it. mitt romney versus i am not mitt romney . different people auditioning. herman cain and newt gingrich are even in that. and in fact if we poll
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head-to-head. romney versus cain. and gingrich it is a toss up either way. and what i looked at the debate tonight. and the people who exceeded expectation was herman cain because the expectations were so low he didn't embarrass himself as some thought he would. and rick perry got someone to follow along with him on his foreign aid idea . governor huntsman came up with a unique niche. and they are evenly divide about pulling troop in afghanistan . hardly anyone want to go along with hunts man on that. tonight will not change the polls. three people we are talking about. mitt romney, herman cain and gingrich. >> and you are forget the third one for a second. >> that is. stand by. and we'll have more in the half hour . on tap later tonight. con cane's nempisis.
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gloria alread here to tell us what her and her client. and herman cain's pit bull attorney told them to think twice. and the da who investigated the penn state pervert sandusky. and pushing the long shot bid for the gop nod. we'll be right back. research i think the hardest transition as you get further into the military is... you know it's going to end one day. and that's why i'm doing the job i'm doing now at chase, helping them hire veterans through the 100,000 jobs mission. because chase understands if you want an organization that's going to grow, that has a basis in ethics, and get the engine running again in america... why wouldn't you want to hire the veteran? chase is proud to help 100,000 veterans find jobs at home.
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governor perry you advocate the department of the energy. >> glad you remembered it. [laughter] [applause] >> i have had time to think about it, sir. >> me, too. [laughter] >> i was going to say that was delightful and charming. he did well there. but what unites the people on the stage. only their hostility to
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president obama. mitt romney is not loved by the gop base. he's been around forever . the tea party seems unable to pick a candidate that lasts longer than a week or two. and the gop nod is wide open as it has been . governor san ford and political analyst and scott rasmussen. kelly, i hear what scott said. herman cain didn't step on his tie talking about foreign policy. but he referred everything to whatever my military commanders say. you can have a sixth grader say that. that didn't seem insightful or intelligent and reminded me that this is a guy with zero foreign policy experience that used to be the cornerstone of the gop run for the white house. >> yes, it is still a very important part of the foundation. look as commander-in-chief and
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there is a thin line between delegating and abdicating and i am not sure mr. cain had a solid approach. he mentioned hostility to barack obama. it is more with earned criticism. these people are all pro israel and you have a fair constitiency that are for israel. president obama never been to aceeral as president. he went to oslo to try it get the olympics for chicago and last for a nobel peace prize. can he go retool air force one to tel aviv? in addition to what he did the day before binge benjamin netanyahu did. he hasn't been to visit israel. >> if that was michelle bachmann saying what you said. it would have scored points and that was not said by any
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of them today. governor san ford when rick perry said that zero foreign aid. every country is zero foreign aid. what about israel. israel we'll start with zero and become substantial. it was like herman cain not saying 9-9-9 but 9-0-9 and it was became complicated. you see the leader that you have confidence in. i am not asking you to endorse. who has the 3:00 a.m. button which was the man or woman that you said was the one based on tonight's conversation? >> you are asking for a near endorsement. i will not go to that. and one, i think newt gingrich stood out given his broad experience in government. i think his answers were
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pointed and it is one confrontation with the moderator was interesting . i thought he stood out and i think huntsman stood out for the way he differentiated himself. i haven't seen polls on it. and i suspect the water boarding issue would be popular with the republican base and he stood alone and gave a very articulate answer as to why he didn't think it made sense made him stand out as well >> i totally agree with governor stanford and why huntsman is not getting traction. and you can answer that on the other side of the commercial break and i want to ask whether herman cain is confronting an immovable object with gloria allred to the white house. what's going on here? hey, whats up guys? this is not how witness protection works! when we set you up with that little hardware store
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we should have a training requirement for all unemployment compensation so no one gets money for doing nothing. that saves money and enhances the human capitol of the united states and makes us more competitive in dealing with chynna. >> i agree with the former speaker on that. before gloria joins the conversation in the upper left hand side of the screen. and prior to the commercial i asked why former governor hunts man is getting zero traction and artuckulate and great resume and i don't know why would not like the guy if you are a traditional gop republican. maybe not a tea party person. he seems consectative. but why is he not moving that
7:23 pm
needle. i know you collect the numbers, but what is behind it? >> first of all he had a good night and trying to carve out a unique niche. but jon hunts man tried to compete in the establishment primary and there is it establishment and outsider's wing. and mitt romney just ran a campaign jugar naught. he wrapped up that vote and anything huns man can do mitt romney does better and there was not enough oxygen for the hunts man campaign and hard to see what would change for that. and geraldo, there is not a big ceiling for mitt romney. his support stays about the same. >> and it stays kelly ann 1-5th of the republicans that are polled and he's not moving despite the expenditure of
7:24 pm
millions. >> he spent millions and in addition to his own campaign. the stories show the sheer happens of thousands in checks that he wrote. 5,000 to the state legislatures and particularly to in florida and south carolina and new hampshire and nevada. all of the kings horses and all of the kings men . establishment versus outsider dichotemy is a important one. and they repeat the three words that are true. he can win. and the man is running for president for five years and stuck in the mud 20s and high point of 31 a month ago. and in fairness to romney. he should won in new hampshire and he doesn't win in new hampshire that is at story. somebody like newt can win the contest because they are not winner take all. there could be a surprise and
7:25 pm
mitt romney will have to fight. >> they have issues once they claw him apart as they will. and now to gloria allred. you know the defamation lawyer by herman cain said think twice and it seemed to me that the statements from the purported victims of sexual harassment, by herman cain were muted by that admonition and that threat in a sense. will you continue to pursue your case against herman cain? >> i can't speak for the other women geraldo because i don't represent and had no contact with them directly. i can speak for sharron and she will not be intimidated or deterred. she will continue to speak out. and i wouldn't be surprised if there were more developments. >> don't give us tantalizing hints there. what do you mean?
7:26 pm
you mean more women or sharron will come up with proof or what do you mean? >> we'll have to wait and see. all of i can say a presence of a lawyer along with mr. cain will make no difference whatsoever in what we have to say or do. >> just 15 seconds and i will have the panel stay on past the commercial if we can. i don't know if we can with the satellite. are you promising more revelations about herman cain? >> it wouldn't surprise me. >> does your client have more to offer. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> oh, go on. >> football at penn state . what a game . ♪
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president obama welcoming italy and greece's new government. the president speaking in hawaii that both countries are showing a commitment. and mr. obama warning that if the european debt crisis continues it will dampen the global economy and urges support of all 17 euro zone members. and two weeks away from a major deadline and tax dollars are spent. super committee and chosen members of congress are coming up with a plan to deal with the nation's debt.
7:31 pm
they have two days before thanksgiving to do it. and if they don't come up with a deal they will face across the board cuts. latest headlines go to fox welcome back live. this is fox news alert. gloria allred will return in a minute. penn state loss to nebraska 17-14 today. and it was only a football game. but one painfully analyzed for all of the wrong reasons. the disgrace of the nitny lions coach jopaterno and humiliating student roy u riot that put football over humanity. penn state should be ashamed of that. and jerry sandusky the serial child predator who started a charity to have his own supply
7:32 pm
of victims. >> the opportunity for me to have been touched by so many great people who volunteered time and energy and opportunity to see some young people overcome challenges in their life. and go on to lead a life of excellence and an opportunity to throw out a rope to kid and they grab hold and be a champion. >> one thing that stood out to me, was a consistant right hand on my side. >> since he's drive i am riding the passenger seat. >> penn state was in denial about the alleged pervert sandusky. hear no evil and say nothing to threaten the cascading cash of the football program. >> in sharp contrast to the
7:33 pm
riotous conditions on wednesday night when legendary coach paterno was fired from the coaching job. students here on the eve of the last home game are having a candle light vigil in support of the victims of the alleged sex abuse scandal. >> i am proud to be here as a penn stater. but what i am not proud of there is a lot of important people that we look up to and i believed in and what they represented negativity and they took the light away from children. i believe that because i was abused when i was little. >> emotions are raw . the loss of joe paattorneyo angered the college community. embarrassings that a code of sileps allowed a child hurt in their midst. >> i don't know if i could
7:34 pm
have anticipated anything that is more disgusting than the allegations that occurred. >> the scandal led to a widespread housecleaning that cost jopaterno and university president and finance head and athletic director to lose their job. >> never again some anyone in penn state regardless of the position feel scared to do the right thing. it will take time to come to the grips of the magnitude of all of the damage that has been done on game day. >> tailgators tried to forget and continue a tradition that spans generation. >> my son and a senior and distraction and what occurred this week devastated the entire student body and faculty and staff and at the same time they truly believe in the mission and goals of the university and committed to make right. >> death threats had mike mcquery the,a cyst apt coach
7:35 pm
who reported the coach by coach jerry sandusky kept him away from the game and he was put on indefinite leave. rich payton is a penn state alumwho worked security for the school. >> we have information that there are bomb threats and they secured the stadium and it has been locked down for a consider amount of time. jerry sandusky stands charged with molesting eight boys he preyed on second mile, the foundation that he tabed to help underprivileged faces investigation on who knew what, when? >> you spoke to numerous alumni and boosters. >> they are reacting in disbelief. they can't believe it happened and how it is it proceeding. and no one knows what to
7:36 pm
expect. >> penn state was in denial with jerry sandusky and what about second mile. did they know this guy was taking victims from the charity and bringing in more kid and using them. according to authorities, other parties that might have known manage and did nothing. they did know. they knew that there were at least three investigations in the past 10 years and they say when they learned jerry sandusky is the investigation to jerry sandusky allegations against him, they immediately removed him from any kind of contact and that is from the 2008 investigation and the investigators say that it goes back to 1998 when the initial investigation in jerry sandusky took place and they knew about all of those and they are in denial and are in
7:37 pm
denial now. i spoke to a member of board of trustees. they called an emergency meet they were told that the allegations all stemmed from a 2008 allegation and none of the children from the second were involved. thilearned differently with the grand jury report. >> absolutely. it is 10 years of a scummy man doing this to children and charity turning a blind eye just like penn state did. joshua miller, now with fox gloria allred who does victim's right system still with us. and josh, i mean, isn't there a sense of real outrainfall and isn't this blowing the bubble on the legend smedgin. i care about his eight victims. it could be 10 times that. >> this has rocked penn state. it should have. >> and as you know.
7:38 pm
this goes all the way back to 1998. that's when the first alleged acts took place and he retires in 1999 and he has acess to the school up until 2002. so there is a spin there and then all the way up to 2008. you are talking about a decade where this man was preying on boys at the school allegedly. >> people knew about it, too. >> they knew about it. >> gloria. this is, this is so aggregious. it is not that uncommon. but for esteemed gentlemen to be willfully ignorant and in denial of theds of their eye. and mike mcquery and saw the man raping a 10 year old.
7:39 pm
anybody would have called 911 or beat him up. he tells the coach and then the coach works it slowly up the food chain it is -- >> i have handled a number of cases against the challenges and institutions and awn they don't do what they should do to protect students and others who are on campus. it appears that sandusky was able to use the offices and use the facilities of the college even after he left the college and that means that he had authority, that somehow he was connected to penn state and if the university trustees or agents of the university knew that he was there and charged with or accused of molesting a child, then he continues to be able to do it, it is a sense they are arguing
7:40 pm
or ratifying sexual abuse. and that is a liability. >> taxpayers of pennsylvania beware. this is going to be your headache. this is a bit hit on pennsylvania. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineeamazing. ♪
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7:44 pm
former da chose not to charge of the coach when the charges of child abuse surfaced. we may never know. the da chose not to prosecute. we'll ask his nephew and family spokesman from columbus, ohio. why didn't he prosecute? >> i can't imagine he would be able to prosecute with the evidence they had. it is different than prosecuting it. and those are the guys to ask about it. but it doesn't seem like on what i saw and talked to people about there was a -- >> and what about his disappearance. you think he knew something and was -- >> if you would have asked me last week, he was declared dead this summer and if you would tell me we would be
7:45 pm
sitting here now with these circumstances. i would say you are insane. we are involved in this again. so who knows. just like the other main circumstances or possibilities raised in the suicide with foul play. we don't have evidence to support the things to have a sandusky connection. >> that is rough on you. it is worse than knowing. >> and you knew ray. >> i did. >> you think he knew something and was kill to keep him quiet. you think there is a connection. >> i don't think there is a connection in this case. i think there was a connection with another case he was involved and i don't think there was accident or suicide. i think there was foul play. i don't have a lot of evidence . but folks in law enforcement
7:46 pm
spoke he had some evidence but probably not enough. or did that affect his decision. they have a neutral panel on the jury and from his perspective. he would want to do the investigation and unfortunately was not able to conclude it by the time he died. it will be further investigated. thank you. we are out of time. but i think that all of this attention will reopen ray's case though he is officially declared dead. up next. governor hunts man. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take thibridge over here.
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>> you are about to meet the huntsman girls working to get their parent elected. y clinton a shy girl growing up in the white house. working later to make her mom president. >> i support my mom and i believe she would guarantee every american affordable health care and get our economy back on track. >> to megan mccain who helped her dad stay relevant. >> what can your dad do? >> he can work hard and get out the message. i think that everyone coming together and getting out the vote. >> and long before he was engulfed by scandal stutching for john. >> the most important thing
7:51 pm
right now is for them to get out and encouraging them to vote for my dad and john kerry. >> bush twins spent time on the road. >> my dad is leading america with the same values. strength and compassion and integrity. >> if you have an idea of how america should look. today and tomorrow. you have to get out and vote on november second. >> sometimes that election road is bumpy for the kids. >> in the 2000 presidential election. too harsh by critics. >> and she was a decade of joanne colins' dynasty. and did the widening gap. >> and remember ron reagan who refused to campaign and instead taking the stage at saturday night. >> how many people here think i was hosting the show because
7:52 pm
my father is the president of the u.s.? [cheers and applause] >> and those occasionally stumbles. they are all right. ♪ i am america. ♪ we are unite to stand. >> when rick perry's brain freeze and herman cain sexual harassment epidemic many republicans are frustrated in the search for a candidate who is not mitt romney consider jon huntsman. he is best known as the father of my next guest. his three eldest daughters. mary ann who is 26 . abby 25 and libby 23. >> libby, your dad left office with an 80% aprouval rate had no traction in the republican
7:53 pm
primary contest so far. does it frustrate you? >> it is frustrating, but i think the american public is getting a chance to look at him and we have put the games aside and trying to find substance and people are looking at him. >> you are having fun with it? >> we like to do what we do best. i work in finance . libby works with young professional and age. and media stuff. >> making fun of herman cain's chief-of-staff. >> actually, funny you asked. it was libby's idea and she woke me up and said, this is a great idea. we'll do a spoof. and it could be very, very funny. >> what do you think of your dad? >> i think he's the best. >> it is a trick question. he's on the phone. >> i was listening carefully.
7:54 pm
>> i have a b plan, dad. and you ruined it. >> i was taking names. >> hey, dad. >> hi, dad. >> hey, dad. >> what a treat to be with three very special people and an extra special person on top. >> i wondered if you were leaving me out. >> you must feel a tremendous sense of love and affection and great vibe from your daughters. >> i do. a lot of the political folks do not include families for all kinds of reasons and that can present a barrier at home when you have the kind of family that is enthusiastic and gooda the what they are doing. y anded initially.
7:55 pm
and stumble and rick perry incomprehensible. and you sense an opening? >> absolutely i sense an opening. and the timing, as we stare down the new hampshire primary and the timing couldn't be more to our advantage . and that is everyone in the race . i am getting whip lash for watching people go up and down. and and with draw in the race. and by way of a strong showing or doesn't. >> we achieve nothing else . >> it is what the family can doment >> let me run through .
7:56 pm
and first abby. and i am standing and we get to it. and so full of spontanity and humor and again mischief most personly. and every family has a good mischief maker . who kind of dreamed that up. and did you short cheat your -- >> that is a relationship was toast after thamp and it is find what every family needs. and i have news for you governor, my 19 year old
7:57 pm
authorized and endorsed you in the young republican click there. and tell them to wear their mustaches. >> they are going on dogood luck to you. >> bye girls, love you guys. >> bye dad. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. good luck to you. final note. i was honored last night by the gi -- and returning to a good job. and my daughter sim money was out at yankees stadium. and it is unfortunately twen12 and higher returning. good night. [ courier ] the amazing story of whether bovine heart tissue
7:58 pm
can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise. ♪ but if you take away the dramatic score... take away the dizzying 360-degree camera move... [ tires screech ] ...and take away the over-the-top stunt, you're still left with a pretty remarkable tale. but, okay, maybe keep the indulgent supermodel cameo... thank you. [ male announcer ] innovative medical solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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