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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> as one university tries to heal from a sex abuse scandal. word tonight, another college is admitting to abuse allegations on campus and developing right now, a stand off between police and some of the occupy protesters. aim he harris falkner, this is the fox report. >> and against the occupiers, and now, they're coming down and at least one city. >> occupy has had a time to share its messages, with the public, but it's lost control of the camps it created. >> harris: not everybody is going quietly though if at a all. is this the breaking point for
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the occupy wall street movement? and ten days and counting, a deadline looms to rein in our nation's spending. six democrats, six republicans, must reach a compromise. if they don't. we'll all feel the fallout as members of the super committee speak out. and also, it's the return of layaway plans this holiday season. before you put your money down you bet her find out what's up with the fees. one lawmaker with a warning. >> and breaking news now in portland, oregon, we're monitoring the situation at a public park where police from other cities now we're told have joined portland officers to put up fence lines to keep protesters from returning to a park they have been occupying. and we could see a push to stem the tide of demonstrations building as authorities in dozens of cities across the country issued eviction noticing, sending a clear message to occupiers nationwide, go home.
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this week in showdowns between police and protesters seem to be marking a shift where the movement could be headed from here on out. right now, you're looking at portland and the pictures freezing up a little bit and we're going 0 try to take a live look and the demonstrators met at midnight, a deadline to get out of a public park with defiance, a few hundred officers in riot gear, and con bining a crowd of nearly 3000 at one point and the standoff ended in nearly two dozen arrests earlier and not one officers, we're told was hurt in that chaos when something hit him in the leg. hours later, crowds took down their tests and packed up their belongings and moved out. that didn't last long, because in just the last little while, they have come back, and challenging riot police again. officers stood guard of the park, and the infuriating crowds there, it's one of many crackdowns at camps across the
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nation that we're monitoring, in recent weeks some of the places have become a breeding ground for violence and crime and drugs, and rape and overshadowing what they're called a peaceful resistance and 99% say this thing is far from over, our casey stegall on the story for us at west coast. >> the situation in portland is fluid, one they're monitoring extremely closely at this hour and the layer mayor saying that the wall street movement in world is now attracting drug addicts and thieves, which is why more than 200 police donned reut gear in that city last night and today. and working to clear out the downtown park, where demonstrators have been gathering for more than a month. but they were not going down without a fight, using old furniture to create makeshift bar yers to block traffic. about two dozen people have been arrested and mayor sam
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adams says it's time for these people to move on. >> crime, especially assault increased in the area and the camps, in addition to the house and sanitation issues that the camps close quarters have brought about. occupy has had considerable time to share its movements messages with the public, but it's lost control of the camps they created. and i've got to say that same sentiment being echoed in other cities across the country as well. last night, a woman was raped here the occupy camp in philadelphia. we understand that a suspect is in custody. and two police officers hurt in san francisco trying to clear the crowds there. one was cut on the hand with a knife and the other on his face by being shoved by a demonstrators and then up the road in oakland. cops trying to evict demonstrators from the park in city hall after a man was shot
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and killed last week near the encampment, but despite the growing reports of violence, some of those demonstrators say, they are not going anywhere. >> and we have no intention of leaving, and if we do get evicted, we'll be back. >> and we're getting reports of other arrests at occupy movements across the country this weekend as well, and in cities like denver, salt lake city, utah and st. louis, harris. >> harris: you know, casey, it's interesting in some areas you're seeing the pushback against the protesters and what some might call a tipping point in all of this then you have a situation like the east coast right now where occupiers are getting a free gift tonight? >> yeah, absolutely. still plenty of support for a lot of the protesters, in fact, 99 doctors and nurses, volunteered their services to give free flu shots this weekend to the protesters gathering there in downtown manhattan, and of course, the 99 doctors and nurses representing the 99% of the population that is protesting
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these big hikes on wall street and ceo salaries and things like that, so, free food and now free health care in some of these cities, harris. >> harris: all right. casey stegall, thank you very much. let's stick on the east coast for just a second here, there's a reason why it's called occupy wall street. it is where the whole thing started back on september 17th. a group of protesters showing up in new york city's financial district. and digging in for the long haul. and just three weeks after that, the call for sosh equality and end to what they call corporate greed spread to cities nationwide demonstrations in chicago, and boston and it went global and 99% you heard casey talking about, no longer americans fighting for a cause and occupiers setting up shop in london, and paris just to name a few cities and it's a movement we have been tracking for nearly two months now, organizers claiming supporters occupy more than 500 sites worldwide.
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we're awaiting a news conference right now from president obama. he's currently in hawaii meeting with world leaders to talk about creating jobs and introducing business in foreign markets saying today the asia pacific region is critical to u.s. growth. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live for us in honolulu and ed, met with canadian prime minister harper, what did they talk about? >> they had a whole lot of issues to discuss, let's not forget this was supposed be to be the president calderone joining them as well and he had to postpone the three getting together for the north america leader summit because of the helicopter crash killing top mexican government first and meeting one-on-one with the canadian prime minister. and talking with the economy of course, and cooperation between the u.s. and canada on libya and the keystone
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pipeline, and the department saying a few days ago, saying they're now going to delay any of this movement forward as they review this under heavy pressure from environmental groups and don't like the idea of the pipeline, going from canada right now through the united states, interesting statements from the white house a short time ago saying that the during the meeting, the president's announcement recording the need to seek additional information about the keystone pipeline proposal to ensure that all questions are properly addressed and all the potential impacts are properly understood and you know, the troops in u.s. and others and very upset and think it will have a big economic impact to delay this, in fact, the canadian prime minister is quoted earlier, saying he's disappointed by the u.s. decision though he did ask if he thinks eventually it will move forward, but likely be, if it does move forward after the 2012 election, this was too much of a political hot potato for the obama administration, harris. >> interesting, we've seen the
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criticism, in the united states and now you're saying they're talking about it in the summit and i understand another focus has been jobs and training. >> there's nothing concrete except for the fact that the president has now a kram work, with several asian economies to move forward on the trans pacific economy. and a trade movement building on what the president was able to steel in recent weeks with the republicans in the house and it was ratified and the south korean trade agreement opened up, for example, south korean markets for u.s. automakers, something they've been wanting to do for a while and now believe that months down the road when they finalize this trade deal, about to be finished here in honolulu and open up markets for the u.s., in vietnam, singapore, malaysia, et cetera, some of the thriving asian economies and the president's bottom line in honolulu if we're going to revild, it's not going to be europe with the debt crisis weighing things down, it's going to be some of the asian economies, a trade with them and bring some jobs home here to the united states. >> and the president expect
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today share what he considers some highlights from that, i would imagine, ed at the news conference he has planned and you're going to stand by for that as well and you'll rejoin us when we cover that live. thank you very much much and again, fox news will have live coverage of the president's news conference tonight scheduled for 9:45 p.m. eastern. so watch for that here on fox. another big topic at that sum hit. iran and concerns that country is secretly developing nuclear weapons and president obama pushing leaders of china and russia to help curb the nuclear ambitions. >> and we discuss iraq and reaffirm the work to shape a common response, and so that we can move-- international obligations when it comes to its nuclear program in iran. >> harris: so far neither china or russia giving indication this'll cooperate after the watch dog agency
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reported iran has taken some critical theft toward building an atomic bomb. our steve centanni is live with this from washington, steve? >> there are reports that israel has refused to reassure president obama it would notify the u.s. before taking military action against iran. and this, as israeli prime minister netanyahu says the world needs to come together against iran, quote, before it's too late. and one former israeli official warned of possible military action. >> and israel is certainly capable of handling this, has the capability, range, technology to take care of iran and make sure that this rogue regime with its lunatic president who denies the holocaust, will not get a nuclear weapon. >> now, in tehran, some lawmakers are calling for iran to reconsider its support of the international atomic energy agency and one key
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lawmakers warns that stakes are high. >> the iranians have been developing a nuclear weapon and the whole region will want a nuclear weapon and march the road down to armageddon. >> he says he will support military action if necessary. and a key g.o.p. debate, the candidates criticized president obama's approach with iran. >> look, one thing you can know, if we reelect barack obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. and if we elect mitt romney, if you elect me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> romney supports military action against iran as a last resort and ron paul and herman cain both oppose it. >> harris: thank you. this coming into the news room in a raw form and working to put this together to bring it to you. there's breaking news in the penn state sex abuse investigation. we know of eight little boys involved in that over a 15 year period allegedly abused by an assistant coach.
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and apparently new information having to do with the judge in the case as wii work on this, we'll bring it to you on the fox report. and italy's financial and political upheaval playing out like an opera. will anybody be applauding by the end of this? the traumatic last ditch effort to save one of the world's largest economies and keep it from falling out and spreading here. stay with us. [ ben harper's "amen omen" playing ] we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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[ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better for xerox to help manage their finance processing. so they can focus on keeping the world moving. with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> word tonight the penn state child sex scandal could grow larger. and more victims might come forward. he's very close to this case. you may know he was the state's attorney general and launched the investigation in 2009. he was on earlier, on fox news sunday. >> when the word gets out, and people understand that authorities are actually doing something about this, that they may be believed, then
4:17 pm
more people come forward in other investigations. >> corbitt says the state needs a new law that ensure that people report accusations of sexual abuse and now the breaking news we're working on about the you judge in the case, correspondent david lee miller is live for us in university park pennsylvania. and david lee, some questions about the bail that was set for the man at the center of all of this, that defensive coordinator, jerry sandusky. >> that's right, harris, it's now being widely reported, based on a story that first originated on the website, that the judge that set the bail, was once a volunteer at some time for the second mile foundation. and that is is the charity founded by jerry sandusky, now, the judge set bail the $100,000, unsecured bond and that meant he did not have to put up anything to guarantee that bail. he would forfeit $100,000 if he does not appear in court
4:18 pm
and the attorney general's office wanted a much higher bail as much as half a million dollars, they also wanted him to be on some type of electronic monitor. the judge set the bail at $100,000 unsecured and the attorney general's office was not happy about that bail, and just for purposes of comparison here, the two administrators at penn state accused of perjury and failing to report the allegations of child abuse, had their bail set at $$7 $$75,000 and the accused $25,000 over the penn state administrators. this does not suggest anything improper took place, but some might argue na the judge might have wanted to recuse herself so there would be no appearance of any conflict of interest. we expect to learn more about this in the next hours and days, harris. >> yeah, and if this college thought the focus would not stay on this university, they were wrong about that. we know that they let go their
4:19 pm
head football coach, joe pjoe paterno and any word from him? >> he keeps a low profile and spent the day at his home, but he did have a number of visitors, among them some cheerleaders from penn state and they visited joe paterno for about ten minutes today and they left the home in tears and they themselves, you might say, he needed some cheering up after they left the home and also today, the former pittsburgh steeler running back franco harris paid a visit, before going in, harris said-- franco harris says he's the highest moral caliber and paterno when it comes to claims of sexual abuse does have some regrets. >> joe says he wished he had done more and joe, that's his character, he would not say, hey, why pass it on, should
4:20 pm
have done their job, they should have done it. and he takes it upon himself. >> harris said paterno in his word is creating unfairly and unjustly and still others are arguing na joe paterno had a moral responsibility in 2002 to contact the authorities when it looked like further action was not being taken defense jerry sandusky. >> david lee miller on the story and the breaking news part of it as well. david lee, thank you very much. another school now admitting it invested sex accusations against an employee, but took no action and officials at the citadel military college saying in 2007 a summer camp counselor was accused of inappropriate conduct with children and separate charges of molesting boys, and the school regrets it did not do more to intervene. it can seem like a great way to give the perfect gift and worry about your wallet later.
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now one lawmaker is speaking out about layaway plans, and the fees that go with them. with a warning for retailers and shoppers. and killed in the line of duty, a new tribute tonight to the life of border agent brian harris. >> et claritin clear for strong, non-drowsy relief of all my alleres like dust mold pets and pollen. looks good. thanks. i ve claritin clear. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent.
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>> well, this is probably stating the obvious, but italy, not the only country with debt trouble. we have our own problems here in the united states. take a look at our nation's debt. tick-tock. 15 trillion dollars. that's why, as you know, a super committee was formed. six republicans, six democrats in congress, to find 1.2 trillion dollars in savings over a decade. and be it by cuts to services or tax increases, the only problem, well, they're having a hard time coming to an
4:25 pm
agreement. with ten days ago until the deadline, they're running out of time. beater doocy with the news from washington. >> reporter: today is november 13th. november 23rd is the super committee deal for a deadline and if they don't shall the same laws at that brought together in congress will 1.2 trillion dollars in automatic cuts including 600 billion for the pentagon and in case they fail, some on the super committee are talking about changing the law, so the cuts will be easier to swallow. >> i'm the not giving you on getting something done, but in the unfortunate event that we don't, i think it's likely that congress would reconsider the configuration of that sequestration and figure the best way to do it. >> president obama told the super committee co-chair not to dilute the cuts and he'll veto anything that gets rid of the the triggers and both sides have a ways to go for a compromise and how much to raise taxes and cut spending and how big the final deal
4:26 pm
should be. >> we should go through a big deal. and that way, we could do enough job creation in a resolution, and that would allow us to do some i call surgical fixes to entitlements. i would love to see us put together a big deal that would, that would increase the possibilities of the insolvency of social security and you cannot do that with a deal. >> with ten days to the deadline, the congressman says he's hopeful a deal would be made, but not ascertain as he was ten days ago. >> peter thank you. minnesota congresswoman michelam michele bachmann calling out for why her campaign is on the attack and abraham lincoln's tomb raided by thieves. what was taken from the
4:27 pm
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. the bottom of the hour, and top of the news. arrests as they crack down on
4:31 pm
protesters in portland. in riot gear, officers surrounding demonstrators in an opportunity park after hundreds were defiant. the mayor had ordered them to leave the area earlier and now, they have done so with police putting up fences to keep them from coming back. miss in north carolina looking for a group of gunman they say robbed students in their dormitory rooms at fay yetville, and shots were fired, nobody was hit. the students were injured in the confrontation and the gunman getting away with cash, a debit card, computer and clothes and police searching for a missing toddler in washington state, gathering about a dozen new tips today and officers setting up a roadblock for five hours to talk with people passing the site where little sky's mom says he was last a week earlier in her car. we want to take you back now to hawaii where the traditional photo has just been taken. president and world leaders there posing for the class
4:32 pm
photo at the summit there and beating with the foreign counterparts for discussions about improving business with the united states and matters, including iran as we've been reporting tonight on the fox report and much anticipated was the question about whether or not they would get together wearing the native hawaiian shirt and as you can see, they chose their suits. the class photo and now they are he' walking out of it the president and other world leaders at the summit. again, we're awaiting a news conference from the president, when that comes go later this evening, we'll bring that to you live on the fox news channel. republican presidential candidates now one step closer to primary season and a possible nomination. the latest debating wrapping up in south carolina, the focus, foreign and defense policy and for some, an opportunity to do some damage control. here is campaign carl as we like to call him. carl cameron with more. >> thanks, harris, 52 days
4:33 pm
from now, the first caucus votes in iowa and a couple weeks after. south carolina will get the first chance as the southern primary, last night the palmetto state was center stage for the 10th debate focused on foreign policy and international affairs, but energy is very much a foreign policy issue and allowed rick perry an opportunity to do a little cleanup from last week's he debate in michigan and forgot one of the three departments he's to cut in the policy moments was the energy department. a lighter moment and an opportunity for the government to get back. >> governor perry if you eliminate the department of energy-- >> glad you remembered it. (laughter) >> i've had some time to think about it, sir. >> me, too. (laughter) >> for businessman herman cain there weren't opportunities to talk about the 9-9-9 tax plan or yet
4:34 pm
again to deny allegations of sexual harassment that have dogged him the last couple of weeks and he's headed into the third week of this controversy and says he's going to start ramping down media appearances and increasing his policy briefings, including with ambassadors and members of the reagan administration and newt gingrich able to flex muscles on the foreign policies. he's been surge you, but doesn't have a lot of time and cash and needs to turn on the jets now. for michele bachmann, foreign affairs is an opportunity for her to make one of the most articulate defenses, some thought perhaps the u.s. should zero out foreign aid to pack stn and distance itself from the country and it's taken add very sar yal roles, he she accused cbs of cheating her out of time, citing a member hoe her campaign
4:35 pm
received from folks at cbs. she and her campaign manager complained vociforously, cbs claims no bias or attempt to muzzle her and then there's mitt romney, considered by most republicans 45% most likely to win the nomination, more than any of the other candidates combined and romney talked about his business experience as a way of sort of communicating with the international foreign policy issues of the even and no major gaffes from mitt romney and went in as the quasi front runner and comes out. but there are 12 more debates and meant last night is just the beginning of what is now crunch time in the final sprint toward actual voting. harris. >> indeed, thank you, carl. as the candidates campaign across the country with the hopes of becoming the republican nominee, be sure to watch tonight. bret baier takes a closer look at iowa and what it will win to win in the very first
4:36 pm
caucus state. the fight for iowa 9 p.m. eastbound only on fox news channel. holocaust survivors today striking back in new york and remember, we reported vandals piece of the past and left their home. at least 100 protesters marching through the brooklyn neighborhood covered in swastikas and answer semitic messages and the hates crime and all of this, rather, coming on the 73rd anniversary of a similar attack of nazis against jewish communities in germany and we learned joe frazier, a tribute, and a plane crashes into a field. two stops on this fox trip across america. texas, five people on board when the plane hit the ground near an airport northeast of
4:37 pm
dallas, tearing apart the nose and ripping off a chunk of the wing and paramedics had to pull two people out of the wreckage, everyone will be okay, except one hospitalized this critical condition and investigators say a combination of wind and issue with the landing gear made it difficult to bring the plane down safely. >> washington d.c., the capital's national cathedral reopening after two disasters, hurricane irene and a rare east coast hurricane damaged them. and for months they've worked to restore and stabilize the church, but the job is not over yet. and repairs expect today continue for some time. pennsylvania, heavy weight champion joe frazier drawing a crowd, even in death and hundreds of people lining up in philadelphia for a public memorial viewing of smokein' joe days after he died of cancer.
4:38 pm
among the fans, mike tyson and long time rival muhammad ali. that's a fox watch across america. >> thieves have raided the tomb of abraham lincoln in illinois. police saying that bandits took part of a three foot long copper sword from a statue of a civil war, the same sword was sto bronze. overnight guards used to be stationed at the tomb, but recently let go because of budget cuts. officials say they'll repair the statue. with the olympics coming and drug related crime running ram nant something has to be done. in a future site of the games, people will watch. rooting out the crime that might scare away tourists and he died protecting our u.s. border with mexico, remembering agent brian terry. [ men grunting ]
4:39 pm
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andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ >> the latest developments now in a story we've been covering on the fox report. the death of u.s. border agent brian terry and family and friends gathering to pay tribute to him in a memorial and fundraiser in his honor. he was killed nearly a year ago in arizona when he got into a gun battle on the border of mexico. the two weapons, fast and furious, the government gun operation that sent guns into mexico to trap the movement. cartel members. the death leading into an investigation into that program. our julie banderas is live with more. >> among the more than 300 people who attended saturday night's event was his mother josephine and says the government is partly responsible for her son's
4:43 pm
death. the former u.s. marine and expolice officer was killed last december when his border patrol tactical unit got ambushed by mexican drug cartel members. and the two guns as you mentioned were traced to the controversial federal gun running program operation fast and furious. it was supposed to track illegally purchased weapons sold to criminals in mex. instead, three quarters of the nearly 350 guns sold were lost. ten months after brian was gunned down his family received a later from eric holder saying he was sorry for their lost. some say it's too little, too late and some say the government owes them much more then a describe, it owes them the truth. >> in one small way that we can honor his memory and honor your family is not only to never forget, with you to ensure at the end of the day, that there is justice.
4:44 pm
>> at last night's memorial ceremony in arizona, brian's family and friends wore these t-shirts to remember. and brian's family was indeed honored. >> it's a brotherhood. any law enforcement agent or law enforcement officer will tell you it's a brotherhood and it's an honor for them guys to tell the truth and speak the truth. what they're doing, it's very brave. >> now, the proceeds from that event will be used by josephine for all the travel expenses that she has wrapped up relate today her son's death and this is not over yet and there are signs that she will go forward with that lawsuit, harris. >> harris: all right. julie banderas, thank you very much. new signs it italy is ready to step back from the the brink of disaster. whirlwind three days. and passing a budget plan and a year later silvio berlusconi stepped down and today a crowd of supporters cheering on
4:45 pm
berlusconi whose resignation saved the way for a new government to take shape. we're now learning the party will likely name economist mario monty as interim prime minister as early as tonight and we'll see what it means for investors when markets around the world begin to open. thousands of protesters hitting the streets of the european nation work, to fix the financial troubles and it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. seconds. >> the demonstrators marching through madrid. chanting and carrying signs and protests a week before the voters elect a new government. more than 20% of people in this country are unemployed. >> and brazil, police in the red light cracking down on drug gangs in rio de janeiro's largest shanty town.
4:46 pm
about 100,000 people live here, the government vowing to continue fighting the gangs to make the cities safer. and 2016 olympics. >> the u.k. >> queen elizabeth playing the first week in london at a ceremony honoring british soldiers who have died in the war. remembrance sunday takes place each year to the november 11th, the anniversary of world war i. >> and a market officially open in vienna. making it a tourist attraction and 3 billion visit each year and more than 100 shops from trinkets, to booze and drinks. and news that it's a disease that could soon affect one in ten people across the globe. a new report for your health
4:47 pm
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>> a new report into fox news, the number of people with diabetes showing one in ten adults develop the disease and life long disease as now and high levels of sugar in the blood and projected rise blamed on aging, not obesity. and that's the head of the world health organization saying the number in the latest study is credible, but
4:51 pm
no way of knowing if it's correct. and well, a new warning for shoppers looking to buy now and pay later. new york senator charles schumer saying the back in style layaway plans can end up costing you more than using your credit card. . >> the layaway programs can be nothing more than hide away for sky high interest rates consumers would never tolerate with a credit card. the holiday season is supposed to be about giving, but all too many of the layaway programs are about taking advantage of people and charging them outrageous interest rates under the guise of being more affordable to shop. >> harris: schumer is asking retailers to be more clearing about details of layaway fees. brenda buttner senior business correspondent and bulls and bears with more. >> harris, for many holidays means layaway. if you don't have enough credit or cash to buy a gift
4:52 pm
outright. one is to pay bit by bit until you own it, as you just heard, senator schumer says laying away is really giving away. and to the store. he believes your a giving a big present to retailers, one that isn't fair to consumers. and he warns when you pay a layaway fee and a down payment that often acompanies it, you're getting hit with interest charges far beyond those with typical created cards, double and even higher the highest card rates. and he wants major retail organizations to get their members to list the costs in terms more clearly to customers, but at least one industry rep says it's not fair to even compare layaway and credit cards. the retail industry leaders association claims for people who can't get credit, layaway may be a clear option, with simple terms which don't change, unlike credit cards. and senator schumer may go all the way to the federal trade commission if stores don't
4:53 pm
cooperate and he'll ask that watch dog, if layaway charges increasing is deceptive business. stars say they have to keep the items until they're paid off and if they're the not paid. take them off the shelves, there are no changes planned yet, but it's always worth knowing the bottom line of anything you pay. harris? >> isn't that the truth, brenda, thank you. well, it could be a major conflict of interest in the penn state stanley now. a news report with breaking news earlier. we're following it. racing questions about a judge in the case, plus, police in portland oregon tell the occupied protesters to get out of the street and stay out of a public part. an update on the fox top stories. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery?
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>> a rally on the gridiron in philly, and it wasn't the home team that came out on top. peter is here to give us the details. the eagles simply could not contain the cardinals. >> and the eagles as the dream team, with all the big name free agent acquisitions, well, the star receiver deshon jackson slept through a team meeting and live up to the dream team moniker and the rest of the team followed suit sleeping through the game. and they lived in philadelphia with the cardinals backup quarterback. not a huge household name and the eagles are 3-6 the bottom of the standing and sleeping through a meeting, and there's a dreaming team? >> there's the dreaming. tim tebow how he's doing with
4:58 pm
the broncos. >> unbelievable, only two passes, but the broncos won 17-10 in kansas city and to give awe idea what the game was like, the broncos can't attempt a pass until the 34th play. >> come on. >> this is random and people don't like to say it, but tim tebow wins games and it's a cliche and he gets the job done and he's a starter and they're now a game out of first place in the afc west. >> to his credit. somebody has to give the runningback the ball. >> there you go. >> and all right. and the nba commissioner david stern today saying that you know what, negotiations are over with the players and i have read he's upset because he thinks the agencies are actually stepping in and keeping the negotiations from being what he would call good faith. >> absolutely. tomorrow seems to be the big day, and i say it every week, tomorrow is the big day and final offer if they approve this deal, and 50-50 splits of a lot of income coming in and 72 game season starting on
4:59 pm
december 15th and a lot of skepticism out there, i'm not sure if, we're going to have a nba this year. >> harris: thousands of people who work in concessions and other areas are out of work. and got to have time for tiger woods. >> working on the game in the australian open and he's in the president's cup and controversial pick not in the top 50 a, but fred couples put him on the top 15 and we'll see tiger next weekend and maybe he's on the up swing. >> harris: oh, thank you very much. recapping top stories now, new information about a judge who set bail for jerry sandusky accused of sexually abusing eight boys and that judge volunteered for the charity organization that sandusky founded. police in riot gear arresting wall street protesters and officers putting up fence toss keep people out. and there's word police agencies from other cities are arriving tonight to help them


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