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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 15, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the judge saying the mayor is right. enough is enough. will it be? we're on it. we're on what could be dicey lower manhattan tonight. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino, with andrea tantaros, birthday boy bob beckel, eric bolling, and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." breaking news. a judge ruled moments ago against the occupy washington protesters meaning they will not be able to return to new york zuccotti park. more details coming up. the first three big intervuses everyone is talking about. more of greta interview with herman cain's wife gloria. then jerry sandusky says he is not a pedophile. gabby giffords. her story of survival.
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we hear more from her for the first time. "the five" starts right now. let's start with gloria cain exclusive interview with greta van susteren. last night, the interview aired and it comes at an important time in the primary election schedule. let's listen to what she said to say. >> i've always said when i have seen stories like that. i will not be would be of those people who will stand up on stage with a smile and knowing that you were wronged. i'm not person. >> dana: this is one of the first times that many americans have ever heard gloria cain give a statement or an interview. what do the think of the timing of it? is it good enough to help him climb back up? >> andrea: the timing is the question. why not have her come out sooner? this is her first introduction
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to the american people. right? why now? why in this manner? i would like to learn more about her instead of dealing with this problem. we're learning that she is actually a registered democrat. we're learning interesting things about her. look at the cloud hanging over it. it making me wonder why they waited. i think the american people love to see the candidates tose wives. they're such a plus, especially someone like her. >> dana: i thought she was dignified and gracious and steady. appealing. >> brian: very appealing, sincere and she has a relationship out there with her family. i don't know who the women were talking about but it can't be my husband. just for the record, happy birthday, bob. >> bob: thank you. >> brian: when you walk out on a set -- i'm just citizenning here. it's a thrill to be here. andrea looks at you and says, "oh, i forgot it's you." instead of greg gutfeld. >> bob: don't feel bad. >> andrea: i say it to bob every day. i gave you -- >> brian: i'm much more
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sensitive. >> brian: did you have a point? >> dana: yes. >> brian: i thought she was sincere. one incredible line that shows she has a healthy marriage. greta says you've been happily married for 43 years? she said no, i didn't say that. i loved each -- we loved each other for 43 years. at times he makes me angry and i go to another room and at times i make him angry and he goes to another room. >> bob: my wife brought out a five iron on me. >> dana: were you married 43 years? >> bob: six years. why don't we change it to it's 5:00 in new york city. dawns i can change it. >> bob: she's appealing and great presence. i couldn't agree with andrea more. why did you wait a week? he also said to her as she reported in the interview with gloria about one of the first, the first two women not the one who was the explayboy
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bunny one. gloria allred. but said it was no big deal. she was released. but that is not what he said in the press conference. he said something different to his wife than the press conference. >> brian: stop watching television. >> dana: i'm going to getter rick's thoughts on this? >> eric: she did a fantastic job. she could have come out early but i'm not sure when. early they pointed finger at perry and then at whomever. the democratic party. they were doing damage control. frankly, they weren't doing it well. >> bob: they were pointing fingers? >> dana: move on to another interview on a really happy note. one where if you needed to be reminded interviews can happen. interview last night, gabrielle giffords, congresswoman who was shot last year she gave to diane sawyer. take a listen to this. >> i will return. >> you can't say "i will return" without going.
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>> that's right. >> yeah. >> better. >> stronger. >> is there a word for -- what is the first word you think of? >> brave. >> thank you. >> brave. brave. brave. >> that's what i think of when i think of you, too. brave. and tough. >> tough, tough, tough. >> tough as nails. >> tough as nails. >> dana: it gives you goosebumps. aamazing. eric, i wanted to ask you, though, with this situation with an election coming up next year, of course, you know she was injured last year when jared loughner shot her. no one expected her to survive. many people did die. but now arizona has a decision to make. she has a decision to make. that people wonder can she make it. can she represent the people that elected her? >> eric: very heartwarming interview. you really saw the inside -- mark has been fantastic. he videotaped the whole
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progress. she is doing well. she seems to understand everything that is asked of her but has a hard time vocalizing because of the portion of her brain that the bullet passed through. at the risk of sounding callous, these are tough times. the economy is on its ear. we really need all hands on deck. for me, it seems like forget next year. maybe even now say hey, look, maybe they should hold a special election right away to see if he we can get someone capable and able to make the right decisions. >> dana: is that how the rules go? >> andrea: no, they don't. do you want to take this birthday, boy? >> bob: you have to have a special election. it's not appointed position. if you ask eric something he and i were discussing before the show started because it's better that i say it than he say it. if you look at it, it's remarkable. it makes me well up just thinking about it. that district is a very tough district for democrats. it was one of those districts that will be hard to hold on
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to. she has to ask herself and her constituents have to ask themselveses is this a possibility? can she really hold on to this seat? that condition? it will be a rough battle. republicans have to be careful how they take her on but they will take her on. a number of them are lined up to do it. i wonder for her own sake, few her future, they want to have a kid. i wonder going through a grueling campaign is just not too much for her. >> brian: the way i feel about it, play a man down in the house. anything to make her progress better, get chief of staff that people trust. introduce him, you know the staffers -- you know staffers do a lot of work anyway. if this is something she wants to do. the country has to support her. >> eric: let her staffer vote for her, though? >> brian: what i'm trying to say is if she formed a staff in her likeness, people who believe what is she believes, if they can do a lot of the work for her while she rehabs, if that is something she wants -- she took a bullet to the head for the country.
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at least she can finish her job if she chooses. >> andrea: anyone who worked for a member of congress knows exactly how the member will vote. the staffers know her very well. my boss could have left and i'd know which way they will come down on the issues. i will say this. it is her decision. you asked before does she have to step down? no, she doesn't. but out of the members of congress this is a woman with her head on her shoulders. she seems like she is not going to do it out of power lust and personal gain and only if she can. >> dana: she is so loved by her husband. >> andrea: she will make the right decision. >> dana: the other thing on the opposite end of the spectrum, jerry sandusky, the person accused of child molestation at penn. they gave an interview last night to bob costas over the phone. which is probably good because costas might have strangleed him. listen to that. >> what did happen in the shower the night that mike mcqueary happened upon you and the young boy? >> we were showering.
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and horsing around. he actually turned all the showers on. and was actually sliding across the floor. we were, as i recall possibly, snapping a towel, horseplay. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? sexually attracted, no. i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> dana: those are questions that bob costas never thought he'd ask in his journalist career. what lawyer in his right mind allows his client to go on and do an interview like that? >> brian: i thought about that. so many times the coaches are great speakers, and you listen
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to them and go wow! no wonder the teams are so good. i think he thought he is innocent and wants to convince everyone he didn't do anything. you heard him, sleepy performance, unfocused and had a problem explaining how innocent he was. i don't buy a sentence of it. i'm stunned a lawyer recommended it. unless it's beginning of offensive, offensive of seven more kids come forward and he says he never touched them. my adoptive kid and he has been a great dad and then the wife. this could be the beginning of a strategy. >> eric: we need to point out there were eyewitnesses. a coach saw it going on, who said look, i saw it. i didn't stop it then but i stopped it later. there is no offensive. he is dead in the water. >> dana: one thing i was thinking about today from p.r. perspective, in a court of public opinion he is guilty. but if you look at somebody like the casey anthony or a michael jackson years ago and o.j. simpson, people that were tried in the court of public opinion considered guilty actually ended up being let go
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or not charged at the end. >> andrea: right. all they have to do is convince them that there is doubt. there is some doubt in the jurors' minds. to your point, brian. that is what they're doing. going on the offensive now. bring out -- >> eric: there were eyewitnesses. >> andrea: i agree. this shows -- >> eric: no eyewitnesses to the o.j. simpson killing. >> andrea: how sadistic of this man to do this. he knows what he did. he knows he hurt the little boys yet he will fight it. >> dana: no campaign they could mount to turn this around. >> bob: you're right. this he is a motivational speaker i'm surprised penn state had a defensive team at all number one. number two, i thought they were going to put on insanity defense by putting him on the air. eric said, the court of public opinion, that is over. it's done with. why come out and fight it in the court of public opinion when you can't win? >> eric: one more thing, brian, at one point he was going to be the replacement for joe paterno in 1998.
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13 years ago he was one of the top-rated coaches in the country. >> bob: after people knew about it. >> eric: he hasn't worked since and there is a reason. >> brian: the thing that struck me is he said joe paterno never spoke to him about his behavior. >> bob: i find that hard to believe. >> dana: all right. great discussion. here is a question: why is washington forcing taxpayers like you to subsidize multimillionaires like scottie pippen, ted turner, jon bon jovi, and bruce springsteen? we have details on this. e-mail us at malia. bob would love your birthday wishes. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: the super committee is meeting this week to figure out how to get our financial house back in order. but before they even think about raising our taxes maybe they should stop using our tax dollars to subsidize millionaires and billionaires like bruce springsteen, jon bon jovi and ted turner.
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dana, billionaires. billionaires getting tax subsidiaries. at one point, they are $21 million went to millionaires who applied for unemployment benefits. >> dana: all of people that have money, you can hire a lot of accountants to help you comb through our very ridiculous tax code to find all the little things you can do to help save you money. everybody has been doing it on both sides for a long time. why are you laughing? >> bob: i'm not laughing at you. i'm laughing at eric. sorry. the last three months all you've done is become a one-man lobby for millionaires and billionaires. now you discover what i said. they're ripoff artists. the one that really got me is one that applied for low-income fuel assistance. that is your kind of guy. resourceful. >> eric: we talked about it this morning. jon bon jovi because he raises bees on a farm paid $100 total tax on the farm because it was -- why? >> brian: i don't blame the people on the board. i don't blame ted turner,
2:18 pm
bruce springfield, quincy jones or jon bon jovi. they are doing what the government offers. they say i own a farm, i'll get subsidies. >> bob: it's not for average people. >> dana: we don't have them -- andrea and i don't have farms or behives or whatever. >> andrea: all the big league accountants -- >> bob: the 1% of poor people illegally removed, we'll talk about it later. the 1%ers take advantage of this. they're the ones that the law is put together to take care of. take care of the rich people. >> eric: you don't think bees -- >> bob: do you know a low income guy that will buy a bee farm? >> i don't know what one looks like. >> eric: we need to buy the bee farms. sorry to cut you off. andrea, the "new york times" told us about the three companies who benefited from obama's green energy program.
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>> andrea: let's see which companies are those. >> eric: $3 billion. this one right here, this bothers me. green energy. they are getting tax loopholes to apply toward the other businesses, web searching and web browsing. but they are getting obama green. >> andrea: because the left believes in this. industrial policy, right? big corporations are good when they are doing the bidding of the very far left. i don't know. looking at the companies and then looking at the pictures of bruce springsteen and the others is a democratic donor list. that is the problem. people keep saying, well, every administration does this. this administration said they would be different. they made a penal not to do that. >> bob: wait, wait, wait. >> eric: dana said something yesterday, very important. an article by mark thiessen points out the numbers that were in peter switzer's book. 80% of the loans given out by the department of green energy
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loan had a tie to an obama donor or investor. >> bob: can i -- go ahead. >> dana: mark thiessen a friend of mine, writes for "washington post" and speech writer. >> bob: he's very tall. >> dana: he is very tall. and one thing that is both parties but it's been going on for decades. we built up a complicated tax code, which is why someone like herman cain comes along or rick perry or jon huntsman and says what we need to do is lower rate on the corporate, make it less on corporate taxes and make it less complicated across the board. i would be for, i think a lot of people would be for on both sides of the aisle getting rid of the loopholes and deductions. make it flatter and -- >> bob: can i say -- wait, wait, wait. wait a second. i can defend it. i'll tell you why. we have not spent money for alternative energy in the company. we are doing it one time and a lot of money. if you remember back when we had the space program, a brand new program. a number of companies were
2:21 pm
started in this country, paid for by the federal government. a number of them went under. you didn't complain about -- >> eric: no. >> bob: hold on. >> eric: solyndra. we find out today now -- >> bob: answer my question about the space program. >> eric: who cares about the space program? >> bob: because it's not obama. >> eric: we find out today the obama administration asked solyndra to wait until after the mid-term elections to lay off 40 employees and make an announcement they weren't meeting the numbers. by the way -- >> bob: you have got to see a therapist. steven chu said he knew about it and sent an e-mail back and left a message on someone's cell phone. wow! millions of dollars. >> dana: this was part of the stim -- >> brian: this was part of the stimulus package. this was to jumpstart the economy, not form agenda. >> andrea: to dana's point. she talked about fairer tax code. this is something that obama commissioned. the deficit commission. they gave him recommendation
2:22 pm
on how to stop it from happening and he ignored it. >> bob: republicans vote it down and automatically forced them to vote against the simpson-bowls commission. >> dana: democrats rejected the republicans' offer last week. >> eric: did you say i needed to see a therapist? >> dana: no, he did. >> eric: sounded like you agreed with it. herman cain has a oops moment when asked about libya. we show you what happened next on "the five." the "the five" has -- if you didn't see it, take a look at it today. obesitthank you for the bosses o put the ad there. we're proud of you guys. >> andrea: thank you! >> bob: i'll give you a name of a therapist. oh, are we still on the air? sorry. ♪ ♪ i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." g.o.p. has three contenders and i think herman cain is no longer one of them, especially after an oops moment. when asked if he agreed with president obama on libya, listen to this. >> libya. president obama supported the uprising, correct? president obama called for the removal of gaddafi. just want to make sure we're talking about the same thing before i say yes i agree or no, i didn't agree.
2:28 pm
i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. that was a different one. i got to go back, i got all of this stuff twirling around in my head. >> bob: that is a moment that make campaign manager goes to psychiatric wards. that was unbelievable. dana from a communications stand point -- >> dana: yeah, this is a relatively new thing. your editorial meeting for the print newspaper are having video cameras in. candidates are always on camera. the spokeperson said he had had little sleep. cain said he was being -- one of his weak points is considered foreign policy. last night, it could have looked like he was having an
2:29 pm
oops moment or couldn't pull it together enough. there wasn't anybody helping him. was there anybody to help him? >> andrea: no. they are warming him squirm. both are bad. >> eric: 3.5 million people and the other was in a small room that is -- >> dana: now in front of -- >> eric: here is the thing. >> brian: i believe this is worse than the sexual harassment allegations, because this is competence. libya hammet been in the news much except ii the brutal murder of the brutal dictator on camera for everyone to see. and the debate that raced on. what if you say what about the hundred of forces that went to uganda? i understand that. this is a six-month story that went on too long. long. >> bob: followed up with him saying he didn't know china had nuclear weapons. >> andrea: he was in favor of collective bargaining. as a conservative, we talked about this on the radio today. that is a real oops moment. but look, you want the
2:30 pm
candidate to answer the questions better than you can. i think a lot of us could answer that question very easily. herman cain should not be struggling. i know they're tire and grueling schedules. >> dana: consultants should say no camera in the editorial. >> bob: one thing is the cain support is beginning to evode. the -- evode. the poll is settling in. in iowa, it has shaken it up a lot. now we see as cain falls off who benefits from cain? >> this is a new bloomberg poll. >> brian: why is ron paul second? >> bob: ron paul has the votes always in -- let me talk about this. cain came down a ways in iowa. one thing about him, his
2:31 pm
supporters like when they asked ask who the second voice is, the second choice is newt gingrich. >> eric: you have been calling newt's rise for a long time. >> bob: you have proof? >> eric: we do. >> newt gingrich will be the winner or second place in iow iowa. >> brian: october 24. you were a kid! >> bob: october 24. i will say this, i thank you for doing that. last i'll hear about it. >> andrea: i doubt it. >> bob: analysts on the other said i was thinking about it back in october. you bum! >> andrea: but another poll. a ppp poll, democratic polling organization also. which shows that newt gingrich 28, herman cain 25. mitt romney 18. >> dana: i'm surprised at the rick perry number. i still think he could claw his way back a little bit.
2:32 pm
>> eric: you do? >> dana: i do not maybe not to the top spot but maybe -- >> bob: there are three chairs flet iowa. mitt romney, newt gingrich and somebody. either herman cain or rick perry. perry spent a lot of money -- i agree but rick perry spent money in the last week-and-a-half and he hasn't moved in the polls. >> eric: there is another poll that he is up to 12%. >> brian: the question that you need to know. will bob serve in the perry administration? >> andrea: he would never leave us. >> bob: president of the insane asylum. president obama goes to harlem to get election advice from a surprising source. we tell you who it is next on "the five." stick around. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the approaching deadline for the deficit reduction committee. tonight on "special report," we'll tell you about the prospects for a deal. the members of the supercommittee face a deadline in eight days for recommendations to cut more than $1 trillion from the budget. we have news tonight on the 2012 campaign front. there is a fresh survey out that shows a virtual four-way deadlock at the top. herman cain, ron paul, mitt romney and newt gingrich. we'll have the numbers and today's action on the trail. brit hume will be along with thoughts on the challenges ahead of newt gingrich as he continues to climb in the polls. we showed you last night the company behind the keystone xl pipeline project agreed to reroute it around environmentally sensitive area in nebraska. tonight, obama administration reaction. in the grapevine, a big surprise for hillary clinton. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues at "the five." ♪
2:38 pm
♪ ♪ >> brian: it looks like obama administration team got advice from bill clinton. but republicans shouldn't get cocky, because governor chris christie warns 2012 might be brutal. >> i think anybody who underestimates the president over the next year, underestimates him at their own peril. they will face a formidable incumbent president who will have a ton of money. and who will be willing to do manufacture he needs to do to get himself out there in front of the people of the country and make his case. >> it's so nice of chris christie to go on my facebook page for that interview. >> brian: is he saying something, the governor saying something that the republicans don't realize? >> andrea: no.
2:39 pm
>> brian: i like that it's chris christie but it's nothing new. >> andrea: anyone who thinks it's a lay sup just kidding himself. christie was being honest. obama will have the money. he has the machine behind him that got elected in the first place. he has a bully pulpit and he will be campaigning which is what he does best. i still think he has to overcome the staggering unemployment numbers. but christie is speaking the truth. he is telling republicans, too, don't get too cocky. you have to start lowering the bar yourself. really fighting hard. it's not easy. >> brian: i think when you look on taking on president obama i don't think anyone looks at him as not formidable. what obama doesn't have is lack of track record. he has a track record and huge resume now. a lot of decisions and might run from. >> eric: big one. 9% unemployment. christie did note that that is going to be, that is his achilles. no matter if he raises billion dollars or romney, romneycare and the other issues. i can't feasibly see a way he
2:40 pm
gets re-elected with 9% unemployment. 14 million people out of work no, way. you you can put bob beckel up against him. >> brian: he does it by blaming the do-nothing congress and republicans who left him a mess. that is going to be the theme. >> dana: they started that so early it's getting old. >> andrea: yes. >> dana: they are going to run out of steam. that message point they should have started it next february. instead we've been hearing it for four months, i'm over it already. chris christie is right. i don't think that any of the republicans are taking anything for granted. i they know how tough it will be. >> bob: obama has a record but it's been picked apart, lord knows on this show. the republican is fresh meat. incumbency is powerful thing. tough to beat incumbent president. not based on unemployment. all the studies we have done on this is disposable income. if disposable income is better next year they will vote --
2:41 pm
>> eric: of the studies how many presidents were re-elected with over 7.2% unemployment? give us a number. >> bob: there is not. >> eric: zero. >> bob: well roosevelt was, but leighing it aside -- you are talking about a small number of people. this is not tested over a long period of time. >> brian: andrea, to you. i think it shows a degree of disconcertiveness, if that is a word. if not, i'd like to make it one. >> bob: good point. >> brian: thank you. they have to go to bill clinton on november 9 in his office in harlem, higher-up, president obama and president clinton talk and go over strategy. that book that president clinton wrote resonates in the white house about things they've done wrong and things they should say. >> andrea: but clinton also took obama to task on big government. he reneged on a lot of policies that obama refused to copy. he has go to go in and kiss the ring. clinton is very popular.
2:42 pm
remember in 2008 when clinton went against obama, that is the last thing he wants. but he is trying to be like clinton in the small ball politics, the student loan, mortgage. you can't play small ball when the economy is the way it is. >> dana: remember the press conference and bill clinton took over. robert gibbs has a great story about this, how it went down. but the great thing was there was a holiday party going on over on the other, in the east wing for the press. and president obama was like okay, i'm leaving here with this and going to the party with mrs. obama. there is nothing president clinton likes more than campaigning. >> bob: but clinton is the only democrat since frank live roosevelt who re-elected to the second term. >> brian: and impeached. >> bob: but listen, he would end his re-election in '96 in the kind of shape that obama was in. beat up and low in the polls. he understands this. and he understands two groups
2:43 pm
that obama does not happen. is white male, blue collar workers and independent voters. bill clinton, there is nobody better to go to than in america than campaign strategy. the best strategist in the country. >> andrea: maybe he will tell obama to listen to newt gingrich. didn't clinton do that? >> brian: he could be back in. not to trump you, i don't think he beat you to the punch but clinton said look out for newt gingrich. he said he is a formidable politician. >> bob: i want to see it on tape. mine is on tape. >> andrea: you are a grumpy birthday boy. >> bob: i'm not grumpy. >> eric: how old are you? >> bob: 40. i'm not grumpy. do you know how hard is it to be as happy as i am on the show? >> brian: he just found out he can't sleep in zuccotti park. >> eric: reopened it. >> brian: can't bring a tent. >> andrea: where are you going to sleep tonight? >> bob: go to a tea party rally. >> brian: had to go there. >> bob: the buss the people
2:44 pm
hire. >> dana: they have air conditioning. >> eric: they were told to leave the park, leave the park. >> bob: get to the tee time. >> andrea: leave it clean. >> brian: five of us can talk but only one can say we'll be right back. that's me for now. >> bob: not necessarily. >> brian: don't say that. >> bob: why is hollywood and johnny depp insulting middle america? we'll tell you what he said. ♪ ♪ what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus. rewards with no blackout dates so you can redeem anytime. and it's easy to redeem your points online. already a gold member ? just select gold plus rewards in your profile and start rewarding yourself now.
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just go to to join. hertz gold plus rewards. journey on. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." after weeking of camping out in zuccotti park, bob's buddies have been told get the heck out of there. the man doing it actually who prompted all of this is mayor bloomberg, who has been quiet until now. take a listen to what bloomberg has to say. >> no right is absolute. with every right comes responsibility. the first amendment gives every new yorker the right to speak out. but it does not give anyone the right to sleep in a park or otherwise take it over to the exclusion of others.
2:49 pm
nor does it permit anyone in our society to live outside the law. >> andrea: okay, i give him credit for saying this. but he should have done it two months ago. if he is saying he can't do all of these things they were doing them two months ago. why say it now? >> brian: he is late getting in this fight. when he tried to clear the park ten days ago, the politicians leaned on the owners of zuccotti park or whoever was lose leasing it and leaned on him. the politicians' names should be public. in the subsequent two week they destroyed businesses, destroyed lives and made it a living hell for people who by the way have to deal with solid kettle drum, which is good if you are a music teac teacher in grammar school. but to hear it all day, and the restaurant'res who went to his office may have put him over the top. >> eric: they were threatening to occupy stock exchange. you don't want to shut that place down. a lot of income that comes in the city for that. but point something out, though.
2:50 pm
look what they did when they were asked to leave. told to leave last night at midnight. they started to protest and started to walk up the streets toward, who knows? businesses, all along fifth avenue and whatnot. they're against capitalists and establishment and against everything. their reimagine is loud and clear. anything to get our way. >> andrea: as you mention at the top of the show the real news here is the experiment with the first amendment they tried didn't work. because a judge just ruled that first amendment rights are subject to reasonable time, place and manner and they have been told no book bags, no tints. bob, are where are you going to sleep tonight? >> bob: laughing. first of all, bloomberg keeps getting me fined in hotels for $250 for smoking cigars. >> dana: follow the rules. >> bob: the rules say you are not supposed to run for mayor a third time and you did it anyway. i read this twitter thing. they got together for a birthday present for you. ticket to australia, one-way. thank you very much.
2:51 pm
>> dana: you want to go to new zealand. >> bob: that's right. i think this is close to being thuggery as i've seen. they have every fright be there protesting. >> andrea: stop. >> bob: what do you mean oh stop? i just started talking. you sound like my mother when i used to swing at my brother. "oh, stop." >> dana: i think that bloomberg could use a little governor chris christie. governor christie never would have read the speech. he would have told them like it was. remember he told people to get off the beach in the hurricane prep? he would have been strong. >> brian: rudy, too. >> dana: bloomberg would have stopped it two months ago. it would have helped mayors around the country who are now having to do the same thing. >> brian: what is tremendous you nailed a while ago that is going to be a trouble for any politician toed a he's themselves to. this -- to ahdhesive to. people are shot and in trouble in different cities. >> bob: send 101st
2:52 pm
airborne to get them out of there. like the cos last night. >> brian: make sure. >> bob: what did i do? >> andrea: you keep talking. i'll throw you a complement. your twin depp detch is bashing the american people -- your twin johnny depp is bashing the american people. saying we need to be appreciateive of foreign films. notorious liberal who resides in france with his girlfriend has a new film "the rum diary." he says the money issue doesn't matter to him. the united states, you know, we just don't have an appreciation for it. >> dana: money doesn't matter to you when you have enough it doesn't matter to you. that is the point. if they made good films i'd go watch them. i prefer to not go to movie theater that people are eating their popcorn. >> brian: eating their popcorn? >> dana: i can't stand it. >> brian: he had to put it in middle america. middle america doesn't understand intelligent films? so we don't go see "the rum
2:53 pm
diary." boy, you couldn't shut me up. hear about the "rum diaries?" how could it be interesting? >> bob: i tell you why. look at that guy, he reminds me when i'm drinking a lot, he's on rum. >> dana: he is very talented. >> bob: drunk but talented. >> andrea: "the rum diaries" sounds like your me memoirs. >> bob: a lot more than rum. >> andrea: "the rum et cetera diaries." does president obama have contempt to the american people? charles krauthammer our colleague thinks so. we hear from him next. >> bob: charles. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires more than wishful thinking. it requires determination and decisive action. i go to e-trade and get unbiased analyst ratings and 24/7 help from award-winning customer support to take control of my finances and my life.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." yesterday we showed you a clip of president obama calling americans lazy. charles krauthammer didn't think much of the president's comments and talked about it last night. >> no one is asking him to go out there and be cheerleader but when you call your country lazy when you're abroad and unambitious and soft when you're home, what you are showing is not tough love but ill-concealed contempt.
2:58 pm
>> dana: everybody loves charles krauthammer. but white house tried to say he's trying to be engaged in the region. >> brian: i'm not buying it. he called us unambitious and lack of imagination. there are parents grounding their kids with more positive use of phrases. we were the colts with peyton manning and without him we're winless. a bunch of losers. >> dana: you have to help m me. >> andrea: what? >> bob: it's the indianapolis colts. >> brian: did i call them baltimore colts? >> dana: that's why i didn't understand it. >> brian: but the bottom line it's like hey, losers, follow me or else. >> bob: the message is to the tea party, myself. by the way, charles krauthammer, i admit he is great but he is a little sanctimonious. c'mon, first, charles, you're from canada. >> dana: he is brilliant. you probably have to get the dictionary out every time you speaks. >> bob: that's why i call him sanctimonious because i don't understand him.
2:59 pm
>> dana: why do people love krauthammer? >> bob: you said women. why? >> dana: women do love im. >> andrea: he is brilliant and strong. points out things others don't. >> bob: that's why people love me. >> dana: people love you and it's your birthday so we want to spend a moment. >> eric: we fight a lot. we love it and bought you a present. >> it's legal. >> dana: what is the five for? oh, "the five." that's awesome! do you have a date tonight? >> bob: i do. >> dana: look at those! smoking. >> andrea: i bet krauthammer doesn't have a pair of those! >> bob: i bet he doesn't either. you could wear that to -- well, i wouldn't say it. around the corner. it's got a stage. >> eric: happy birthday, brother. >> bob: thank you. >> eric: make a wish. >> bob: i got it. >> andrea: we love you. >> bob: goodbye, y'all. >> dana: that's it for us on


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