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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 17, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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chocolate factory. i i am megyn kelly. >>shepard: you have show music. >>megyn: you have the fancy studio. >>shepard: the orchestra. and the window on the world. >>megyn: what, fat lady singing and time to go? >>shepard: the machine that makes the music is broken. >>megyn: i have beautiful radio music and a christmas tree. >>shepard: the news begins anew, without music, hundreds of occupy protesters are marching through the city's financial district with the goal of shutting down wall street. so far it has not worked. an hour left in trading. police now disputing claims from an assistant penn state coach
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that he reported seeing this man sexually abuse a child. we will hear from a lawyer representing one of the victims. and a big parade for the military's most powerful weapons. are the new bunker busters a message for iran? that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." sound effects machine is working. first from fox at 3:00, thousands of protesters holing a "day of action," against income and inequality two months after the movement began and to days after police forced them from their home base in zuccotti park. the chant is "wall street closed." a large crowd left the zuccotti park this morning getting as close as they could to the corner of wall and broad but wall street was, in fact, open
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and trading day began as scheduled as always with the opening bell at 9:30 and most activists say the goal is to make further awareness of what the group calls a growing gap teen the rich and poor. >> not everyone is anticapitalist. some are. some aren't. what everyone has in common we don't feel represented. >> i participate because of the hypocrisy in the country. >>shepard: cops have made 100 arrests and dragging some protesters through the street into police vans. many demonstrators linked armed to keep workers from get dog their jobs. one bond trader joked he was "one of the bad guys," but a report for fox station here in new york talked with two men who held signs of their own including "occupy a deck." >> peacefully stop, we worked on wall street and cannot get to work because the people are here in our way. do you see what going on here?
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we are trying to stimulate the economy and we cannot get to work. we cannot get through. >> a live look at lower manhattan. organizers say the protests will continue through the wet day with a march over the brooklyn bridge this evening. that is what they will try. a planned occupation of the subway station is underway. and now, jonathan, it looks calm this afternoon. >>jonathan: it has been a day of intense drama so far and clashes between the protesters and the police. behind me in zuccotti park right now there are probably a couple hundred protesters still there, at least matched in numbers if not as matched by the numbers of riot police ringing the park. a short time ago a group of a couple of hundred set off from zuccotti park moving up broadway
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to another plaza in manhattan, union square, currently on their way there now. that march at the moment we are told is proceeding peacefully. police are keeping them inside barriers and trying to keep the traffic on that major thoroughfare at broadway moving. there have been some clashes throughout the day as this very spot where i am standing a few minutes ago, a photographer caught video of a bloody protester being led down the street by police. i am not sure if we can show you the video but he was bloody. we don't know what happened. a witness said he was pushing barricades at the police. they pushed him back and he fell to the ground and hit his head. that is just one witness. we don't know exactly what caused the injuries. he was put into a police van and taken away. just one of many clashes.
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there have been over 100 arrests. with all the civil disobedience plans to occupy the subway and do march from city hall to brooklyn bridge there will be many more arrests before the day of civil disobedience ends. >>shepard: thank you. now the child sex scandal at penn state. today, campus and city police disputing claims by a key witness in this case who now says he told the investigators he saw a former assistant coach rape a ten-year-old boy. they say he didn't. former defensive coordinator sandusky is facing 40 counts of abuse and the wide receiver coach told a grand jury back in 2002 he witnessed coach sandusky raping a boy in a shower. and he told the grand jury he asked his father for advise and told joe paterno but never testified that he told police. because of that coach mcqueary
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is a target of outrage. in an e-mail that surfaced yesterday he claims he did, indeed, tell police but the problem is, copscy they have no record indicating he spoke to any their officers or filed any sort of report. with us is jeff anderson an attorney representing two of the penn state alleged victims. he says many more have contacted him. yes anderson recognized as the most successful litigator of sex crimes abuse in the catholic church. your client's position on this witness? >>guest: well, the survivors with whom we have been in regular contact as they suffer through the revelations on mcqueary are that this is another dimension of denial. he obviously saw something. he should have done something. he decided not to.
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and didn't. and when scrutinizeed now is denying he really did something other than what he did. and that was nothing. and it seems to be the dynamic of denial that is present at the institution in the case of mcqueary he denies he didn't act and in the case of sandusky he denies he abused. in the case of top officials they are still operating in a mode where they are really not being transparent and open enough to taking up actions so we have institutional denial. so if in this climate we really see sexual abuse flourish.
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>>shepard: you mentioned a number of other people have come forward seeking your services. can you give us an idea of how many more victims are out there? how many more people say they are victims of the coach? >>guest: the numbers of survivors that have made contact with us and the folks working with us i don't have a presise number. >>shepard: three or four? half dozen? a dozen? ten? can you put two hands up? did you say ten? >>guest: i would say ten. >>shepard: so ten victims we we don't about yet. >>guest: well, then there are more. >>shepard: more than ten. i need presise numbers. more than ten victims of whom we have in direct knowledge? >>guest: we have had contact from approximately ten folks who have either broken the silence for the first time or have made contact with us. >>shepard: got it.
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tell me what it is that your client who will remain nameless, obviously, what it is your client seeks, now, in the way of justice? >>guest: well, the one that really caused me to come out with this his discussion, jeff, i know the work you have done, and i can't go public and i want to remain private and i said you can. but he said, i want you to give voice and volume to this fury i feel and the fear i have. >>shepard: the client said i want you to give voice and volume, those were his words? >>guest: those are the words i heard from his lips to my ears and i said i will honor your privacy and pledge to protect you as i will all survivors at all times and i also will carry your message from my heart through my lips and from your
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ears. >>shepard: counselor, i will bring in our legal panel in the studio. arthur aidala our criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor and on our staff and randy zelin along with him. jeff anderson will stay with us. it sounds like there are many mother if the words from the lawyer ring true. there are a lot more victims or alleged victims. >>arthur: that is no surprise until something goes this public it is hard to find the victims without having a public relations campaign looking for them. it is actually, i guess, i hate to use the word pleasantly surprised they had so many identified for the grand jury. what is crucial is weeding out, because you know there will be some jerk or moron who will say something happened when it didn't do get money. >>shepard: and the matter of mcqueary who alleged the abuse
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and now says he contacted the police and police say they have no record of his contact. is he if legal issues here? >>randy: to the extent he is changing his attorney and he either testified before the grand jury or gave a statement, yes, he could have a problem, but what is happening here now, we have lawyers who want to protect the privacy of their clients so they are not going to make them available to law enforcement. what do they do with a subpoena? witnesses are changing stories. this does not bode well for the prosecution's case. and this is where you start to build from a defense stand point and the walls crumble. >>shepard: to what degrees will the walls crumble around penn state? what do victims want from the university? >>guest: well, what the victims, the survivors want, first, to be believed; and, second, to have other kids
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protected. and they want from this university and this institution, and others like it, for them to step up to make sure they are trained and proactive in protecting children. >>shepard: what about money? >>guest: well, look, litigation can bring transparency and truth and in many cases going to litigation eventually. in the meantime --. >>shepard: what about money? will you seek monetary compensation from penn state university? >>guest: that is a possibility. >>shepard: just a possibility? just a possibility, counselor, you have nod made a decision to seek money from penn state? >>guest: we made a decision to protect the survivors, to work with them, to protect them. >>shepard: i'm curious about, because there is a big issue here, about whether penn state is in deep trouble and whether these victims will exercise their right to go after money
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from penn state and i would like to know. >>guest: i think they will and i think they should. and i think that's one way to get to the truth and to get to the transparency and to expose the systematic failures so they are not repeated in the future. >>shepard: there are concerns that penn state is in trouble. >>randy: certainly right now penn state is going to try to hide behind it and that is what they will do. you have sovereign immune. insurance companies are going to step in and say the best way for us not to have to shell out big bucks is to have sovereign immunity kick in but something else is going on here. if we remember back to the michael jackson trial, that case began to unravel when you saw the possibility the victims were being driven by money. and now we seeing money starting to rear its head. >>shepard: more from the lawyers in a moment but fox urgent from the white house. we reported on shooting yesterday and today the suspect is charged with attempted
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>>shepard: in pittsburgh, the suspect has been charged with attempting to assassinate president obama or his staff. and now, wendell, we few there was a hearing. this is a surprise to the lawyers around this table. >>reporter: well the charge filed against hernandez came at the initial court appearance at a direct court in pittsburgh the past hour. he was arrested 80 miles from there in indiana, pennsylvania, yesterday, carrying a maximum penalty of life in prison and the 21-year-old idaho man will
12:18 pm
be returned to washington to face charges. the president and first lady were not in the white house when the shots were filed friday. they were headed to hawaii for the summit, but their two daughters were here and the first lady's mother was here but neither the white house or the secret service will confirm that. one bullet went through a window on the balcony but stopped by ballistic glass inside the center of the first family's living quarters and before investigators found it police were uncertain the shots fired were aimed at the white house. hernandez is said to hate the president, and washington and society in general and the family reported him missing on halloween. some reports placed him at the occupy washington site but there was no cakes of that. police fund an assault rifle in a car they traced to hernandez on friday but they have not said if ballistics matched the slugs with the rifle.
12:19 pm
>>shepard: thank you, wendell. the lawyers are here. randy zelin and arthur aidala. >>randy: make as great sound bite but with a guy with his mental history, it is intent. how are they going to prove he knew the president was there when the whole world knew the president wasn't there? >>arthur: the whole world didn't know. >>shepard: the president or his staff. >>arthur: the whole world. do you know when the president lens to go on the helicopter? >>randy: he was in hawaii. >>arthur: he was on the way to hawaii. you shoot a bullet in a guy's window where he lives with the kids. >>shepard: i got the charging document and glancing through it, when you go to court for a hearing they put documents in and say these are the charges and the information that goes with it. can you get this? lock at this. several bullets and fragments
12:20 pm
were collected. lock at this. several confirmed bullet impact points on the south side of the building or above the second story. and a witness interviewed by authorities to idaho say this man has increasingly become more agitated with the federal government and convinced the federal government is condition expiring against him. we may have a bit of a crazy. >>arthur: where the president is and his daughters allegedly were. i have in problem with the highest possible charges. >>shepard: and referred to rebound and i quote, "the antichrist." this is a brand new story developing. more on it and breaking news from zuccotti park next. ♪
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>>shepard: charges leveled against a man for attempting to assassinate the president of the united states or his staff. i read the charging documents. the suspect is 21. a witness according to the charging documents, a witness interviewed by authorities in idaho said hernandez has become more average stated with the federal government and is convinced the federal government is conspiring against him and said he wanted to "hurt" president obama and referred to him as "the antichrist." another witness said the other witness, another witness said the other witness relayed that hernandez called obama the antichrist and said he needed to "kill him." a third witness said he believed obama is "the devil," and hernandez will not stop until it's done, a quote. and he has been prepping for something, according to the witness and said hernandez
12:25 pm
stated obama needed to be taken "care of." this sounds serious. seriously troubled. >>randy: you have right now a built in insanity defense. and the fact that he did not understand what he was doing, the nature, and the consequences of his actions you are probably going do see him committed to aa loonie bin. >>shepard: strong rhetoric. >>arthur: usually it is not people with this kind of disposition. again, what you read reinforces my position that they did charge him accurately and presently under the circumstances. now you have words proving or saying why he is shooting. >>randy: you do not know how reliable and we know this is typically reckless endangerment, you fire at a building it does
12:26 pm
not mean you are --. >>arthur: but you are firing the at white house, firing at the central part of the living quarters. >>randy: how would he know that if >>arthur: you can probably go on the internet. >>shepard: come on. >>arthur: obviously, this is a guy who should not be on the street. in my opinion. ever again. he threatened --. >>randy: he was locked up recently and someone let him out. >>arthur: but not for shooting the president's kids. >>randy: maybe they should have seen that coming. >>shepard: all right, randy. fox news is america's election headquarters. don't you forget it. the latest fox news poll of g.o.p. contenders shows gingrich surging ahead of the rivals and leads romney by 1 percent so it is tied. you account for the margin of error, gingrich has 23 percent
12:27 pm
and romney 22 percent and herman cain dropping like a rock and rick perry out of sight at 8 percent and way behind, ron paul. but you breakdown candidates based on likability, integrity, and expense, it is interesting. and republican strategist is with us, active in presidential politics since the 1980's and was deputy assistant with george w. bush. brad, starting at the top, the polls show fox news poll most likable candidate 2012: romney, kaine, gingrich, and rick perry, and michele bachmann. >>guest: likability means a lot in presidential races especially when you have a president that is unpopular. so, romney gets the benefit of be consistent and being likable. he was not mean at the debates or divisive. he was statesman like and he gets the benefit of being likable.
12:28 pm
>>shepard: and who would you trust most with nuclears, the survey says 30 percent would trust gingrich the most, governor romney, 17 percent, and cain and ron paul, 7 percent and rick perry, well, down at 5 percent. what do you make of this? >>guest: those with the most government expense are the ones that get the most trust. and we know gingrich being a former speaker of the house would get the benefit of his government experience and that's reflected. the good news for romney although he was a governor, he is number two and he is one or two in a lot of the crucial questions. helping understand this, this is an area where people rely, who has the experience, gingrich 79 percent, and romney 76 percent, and rick perry, 53 percent, and herman cain, 47 percent, on "experience." that is important, right?
12:29 pm
>>guest: it is especially in tough economic times, the american people goes bamboozled four years ago putting their trust in someone without experience. bamboozled by a candidate who did not have much experience, a state senator would ran for the u.s. senator and did not spend much time working for the president because he was running for president so the american people feel they will turn to experience this time. >>shepard: overall we are a long way away. we elect people state by state. as we move to new hampshire and iowa is it your sense gingrich whose baggage is bubbling again as it did when a candidate comes to the top of the polls is it your assessment gingrich can make it to that point as a front runner? >>guest: gingrich has a lot of explaining and although cain and rick perry have slipped quite a bit and gingrich is the recipient of their fall, he still has a long way to go. remember, in a national poll he could be doing well but how does this translate into fundraising
12:30 pm
and organization? in battle ground states? that is the next test. can he turn that popularity into money and organization. >>shepard: and $1.6 million he made from freddie mac or fannie mae and freddie mac, one of those damage things. >>guest: fannie mae. that will be something he will have to talk about. >>shepard: he could say i told you not to do this, but ... that is something. romney will be neil cavuto's live guest next hour on "your world," airing right after this at 4:00 eastern and 3:00 in oxford. now, we just got new information while we were speaking an update, thousands of activists want to shut down wall street on a rainy day in new york and update and reaction from the police. and the new part: police say mike mcqueary a coach at penn
12:31 pm
state who saw coach sandusky sexually assaulting a little boy and did not tell the cops but he says he did. he did like, 20 seconds or so on cbs news last night but david lee miller spoke with mike mcqueary moments ago. what did he have to say now? that is ahead.
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>>shepard: new details in the penn state, fox news spoke with mike mcqueary who told a grand area he witnessed the accused child predator sandusky rape a 10-year old boy. he never testified he told police. he never testified he stopped the rape or tried to stop the rape. now he says he stopped the rape and told police. cops say he didn't tell them. someone is lying. david lee miller is in pennsylvania, what did mcqueary say to you? >>reporter: he is speaking but he is not saying a lot. we talked for a minute on his front lawn and he was there with his daughter and wife and put them in a car and he told us what he has told other reporters and that is the time is not right for him to discuss the specifics of the case and one thing that struck me is he was wearing a penn state we sweatshirt and he, really, now
12:36 pm
is becoming the central focus of the story as the prosecution tries to,000 a -- to build a ca, more crucial than sandusky. we need to hear what he has to say about the inconsistency of the story. when you stand a foot away from him one thing that strikes you he has right red hair and it will be difficult for him to disappear. so he is trying to continue his life as normal as possible and going about business with his wife and child and he is under a great deal of stress, that was clear, and right now, he is not going to discuss this case. he made it clear to me he more than anything wants his privacy. and we backed off. >>shepard: and i am sure the ten-year-old boy who he witnessed being raped in the shower would like his innocence back. he says he stopped the rain, and he is a former quaterback, at opinion state, a big guy, a big
12:37 pm
man, right? >>reporter: not perhaps tall but, look, to there was a physical confrontation i would certainly be willing to bet on mike mcqueary. at the end of the day in the e-mail he says he stopped the sexual assault but he did not do so physically. exactly what this means we do not know. the inconsistencies remain and the grand jury report says that he left immediately distraught. how can he leave the scene immediately distraught and, at the same time, if some manner physically or otherwise intervene and stop the sexual assault? the to stories do not match. some say perhaps he said other things to the grand jury that would resolve this inconsistency, and i would like to hear that because there is little wiggle room. he left, according to the report, he left distraught. if he acted in any way, he had the opportunity to make that
12:38 pm
clear and the grand jury, but it is not if that 23-page report. >>shepard: if i had, for instance, taken a chair and broken it over sandusky's back i might have in the to mention that or if i got people together and said we must stopped this or if i pulled them apart that would be part of statement because it is germane but now he will not tell us and i am not prized. >>reporter: i will make another quick point, a newspaper here got hold of a written statement he gave authorities at the time of the grand jury investigation and according to this report, if this written statement, he never mentioned calling the police or anything he is putting in the e-mail so there are glaring inconsistencies. >>shepard: glaring inconsistencies, good work from penn state. the other big story is the occupy wall street movement, they call this the biggest day yet of protests. they tried to shut down wall
12:39 pm
street and thousands of people descending on the financial district and police arresting 100 of them they report, and now activists say though moving to the subway stations and later today during the afternoon rush hour, the brooklyn bridge. massive crowds in los angeles hundreds linking arms outside the building, and police arrested 20 people there they tell us, and protesters in portland, oregon, blocking access to the bridge, a major access, and more than a dozen were led away in handcuffs. i can go on and on and on happening in hundreds of cities across the nation. but the big story is clearly here in new york city where it began and now at city hall if lower manhattan. it was chaos this morning, and now, just you and the cops in this picture. very report a number of police officers at the base of the brooklyn bridge with hundreds of
12:40 pm
police officers waiting for the crowds to arrive. early it was chaos at wall street. 175 arrests now according to police. there were throughs of demonstrators, at least 1,500 or 2,000 and well over 1,000 police officers many in riot gears and demonstrators in many cases locked arms and blocked streets and that led to their arrests and an arrest in zuccotti park and a man allegedly knocked the hat off of a police officer and they went into the crowd and grabbed him and yanked him out of there and there were at least five police officers injured today, one cut on the hand by broken glass and several had some sort of liquid then if their face, vinegar, and we are toll the mayor and police commissioner are about to visit the injured officers in the hospital. until we get --.
12:41 pm
>> in october they had a big march and police arrested how people because they blocked traffic. the officers are gathered at base of the bridge. the demonstration is planned at 5:00 p.m. two blocks away and dewill march down broadway and around city hall which is right here and, then, come right back to where the officers are, and they want them to walk up the middle on the pedestrian side but it is not clear if they will follow the instructions. >>shepard: this is a big pedestrian wake walk and people walk it all the time. we have reporters fanned out everywhere and new chaos overseas as roasts are clashing with police over big budget cuts aimed at solving the debt crisis the cuts the experts say is necessary to prevent severe damage to our economy. this is italy where police are pushing back protesters with
12:42 pm
shields or did early today. some demonstrators threw rocks at the cops and some eggs and smoke bombs at banks. and in greece, more riots on the streets in athens. protesters hurled flaming garbage cans and observers heard demonstrates shout "european union get out." and the chaos appears to have rattled investors and markets in europe taking a big hit and our market down, what, 200-plus points and gerri is here from the fox business network. the european industrial bank tried to help out the markets here, right in >>gerri: it is not working. we were buying bonds and yields are going up here and yields on french and italian bonds obviously going up here and this is concerning because as the creams go -- as the yields go up, they are saying they think
12:43 pm
the countries are deadbeats and german chancellor merkel is saying, no bailouts you have to stop spending so much. and most interestingly the c.e.o. of general let says this will be bigger than the impact of the u.s. economic crisis. >>shepard: the impact of what is happening in europe will be bigger than the crisis this happened here in the united states. i feel like this story, this crisis, has become white noise. i don't think it is registering, no one asked me what is going on in europe but they ask about penn state. this is, maybe, one of the most troubling matters our team. >>gerri: absolutely. and all about debt. europe cannot pay debts and we have debts. where europe goes we could follow. that is a big problem. >>shepard: the whole world could follow. gearing up for more. >>shepard: and a man is
12:44 pm
charged with trying to assassinate the president of the united states and/or his staff. that is the news. and we will check on occupy wall street and judge napolitano will come in.
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12:47 pm
>>shepard: continuing coverage from pittsburgh, person, with the man accused of attempted assassination of president obama or his staff. and judge napolitano is here. we were talking whether there is evercharging. >>judge napolitano: they don't have any evidence to connect him with the rifle or with the bullet. normally a judge would say to the prosecution, before i remand to jail with no jail what evidence do you have he did it. the potential victim is the president of the united states and we want you to protect the president from him. so, it is not initial for the
12:48 pm
judgment to say no bail. but it is unusual for them to charge him with attempted assassination of the president of the united states when they have no evidence whatever to connect him with the bullet. >>shepard: did we tine -- find out how many have been charged with attempted assassination. >>judge napolitano: not that many. it could be nothing but reckless endangerment, doing something stupid and dangerous but never intending to harm minute and the bullets ended up in the white house where the president, of course, was 10,000 miles away and it could turn out this is the tip of the iceburg but the government should not charge and judges should not make a decision on the basis of what might be but, rather, on the basis of what evidence the government has that it presents to the court. >>shepard: disturbing stuff from witnesses. you heard that? >>judge napolitano: probably have not. >>shepard: witnesses say this man called president obama
12:49 pm
"antichrist," and said he needed to "kill him," and said he has to "hurt president obama," and said to another "i will not stop it's done, president obama is the devil," these are all quotes from witnesses. >>judge napolitano: all of that, although it is hearsay and the government has no obligation to bring them to the court at this stage, that is sufficient to induce a judge to say no bail. he is in western pennsylvania, in federal custody and heel be delivered to a federal court in washington, dc, where the matter will be litigated there from here on. >>shepard: that makes sense. we will find out more about this guy and hopefully the motives and why they charged him the way they charged him. >>guest: it used to be a state offense until the murder of john f. kennedy, and now it is a federal offense to kill or attempt to harm in any way the president of the united states. >>shepard: that is an assault on a nation be not on a man, an assault on a nation.
12:50 pm
>>judge napolitano: both. >>shepard: so we will get do that on "tree -- "freedom watch." on fox business network. and breaking news in los angeles with occupy wall street, they are on the move with live pictures coming in from los angeles and this is happening to hundreds of american cities from chest to coast today. nothing more dramatic than in new york city, where the occupy wall street protesters now vow they will shut down the subway stations or get their message out to the people in the subway system this afternoon and cross the brooklyn bridge en masse. should be nasa -- fascinating. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years.
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>>shepard: live in los angeles, california, several hundred occupy wall street sympathizers are moving in downtown los angeles. lines of officers forced the demonstrators to the sidewalks and businesses are closing their doors. and shutters. los angeles police arrested 23 people without incident. they sat down in a street during a peaceful rally by hundreds organized by the labor groups would had a permit so that is different. two other people arrested separately. the second march at city hall shortly after noon so about 55 minutes ago and headed down broadway before police topped them. one person has been arrested. and there are according to the reports of the occupy movement itself, on the web site, et cetera, there are 383 protest sites across the united states, 400 or more total around the world. all connected to occupy wall street. it began at zuccotti park in downtown new york, or lower
12:55 pm
manhattan and jonathan is there. i don't know to they have dispersed and are waiting for the afternoon activities including the subways and the bridges. do you know? >>jonathan: essentially what they are doing is splitting up and taking their message to various points all across manhattan. there are a couple of hundred protesting at the berth police of the movement in zuccotti park downtown manhattan and hundreds more marched north of broadway toward union scare and others are at various subway stations around the citying trying to educate others about the message they are trying to get out but the major flash point in manhattan, likely to come after 5:00 p.m. tonight when the protesters say they will gather in the thousands at city hall and try to march across the brooklyn bridge and you remember well a few weeks when they did that same thing there were hundreds of arrests. that is the me terrible -- that
12:56 pm
is the potential flash point. >>shepard: this is america. to express yourself in this way is a uniquely american tradition and we have embraced this sort of thing but when you shut down public transportation and shut down major arteries into and out of the city you can make the argument there is a health hazard, a security hazard, and there is a quality of life issue here. >>arthur: and a rights issue. i have a right to go do my meeting in downtown brooklyn and a right to pick up my son. the first amendment rights are not the overwhelming rights of our nation. but you are correct, they are spectacular rights and we should on them. the question is where is the line and the mayor has been tormented. >>randy: but the protesters are losing sights of your message gets lost when you piss people off. >>shepard: it does. if they shut down the subway
12:57 pm
system and people cannot get home or to the grocery, or to the drug deal, whatever it is, people are going to be mad. but neil cavuto is very happy and he will be with you next. what's better than gold ?
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