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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 17, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>>neil: out-of-control. now occupy wall street out to disrupt. they targeting new york city subway and 100 arrests so far. that number is expected to agree. forget the nightmare here. is this the bigger nightmare everywhere in welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. as the protests mount so does our debt. a lot. read it in red and weep. so is the divide between democrats and republicans and the brother spent of a debt deal not getting done at all. that has top g.o.p. presidential
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candidate romney pushing his own plan and if he becomes president a plan he will push day one. >> there is a lot to get done in the first 100 days and in the first year, frankly, we have a lot of mess to children up. washington has become too big. spending is too excessive. borrowing threatens our future as a country. and we have to rein in a last the excess and i will halt the obama regulations and i will open up energy sources for us to begin developing our own energy and i will make sure that china is recognized for the currency manipulateor and intellectual property theft and go after them for those practices. there is a lot that will have to get done. but america expects us to get things on track. >>neil: would america expect a possible trade war with china the first day in office? a lot critics have said calling him out on currency, you might be right, a lot of people agree
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with you they are fixing their currency, inviting a trade war at a time of running the huge deficits and piled on debt for which they are covering a good bit of the big but that may not get you off to a good start. what do you stay? >>guest: well, what i renice we buy a lot more from them than they bay from us so they are not interested in a trade war. they have more to lose than we would. that will not happen. what we are seeing is a kind of trade war where they take our jobs, our technology, they take our intellectual property by not following the rules that exist in a free trade society. by virtue of hacking into our computers and stealing intellectual property and by art officially holding down the price of goods across the world they gain market share and business and they put american businesses out of business. they kill american jobs. china wants to take advantage of
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every opportunity they v i understand. but you have to have someone say, look you have to play by the rules the don't play by the rules this are consequences. my guess is they would rather play by the rules than engage in a trade war with a nation buying more from them than they do from us. >>neil: i noticed you want to remove a lot of the problems and regulations that stop companies from repatriating money back, for example, almost a footnote in the plan, i notice that you want to try to avoid the creation of incentives for outsourcing. how would you do that? >>guest: well, you create incentives for outsourcing when you have higher tax rates in the united states than other countries around the world. because what happens people move their operations offshore. you create incentives for outsourcing when you put regulatory burden in this
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country that doesn't exist in the rest of world. we need regulation, of course, but you don't need to have such uncertainty in regulation that it kills enterprise here. i spoke with people at dow chemical and they announce add $20 billion facility in saudi arabia to take advantage of that will gas resources there. they would rather have the facility in the united states. but because of the regulatory blockade in had respects against using our natural gas resources, they don't have confidence in the future here in the united states so they have to building offshore. >>neil: i understand that, governor, but does it go so far to say companies that are seeking cheaper labor abroad would be a target in the romney administration? >>guest: no, i am not saying that. and, i have spoken with a number of companies that say, look, our reason for going abroad is because of the uncertainty in this country the regulatory environment and the uncertainty with regard to energy policy, it is not lower labor rates that take us abroad but the
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governmental impact that makes america a less attractive place for business. you her the chief executive of coca-cola saying china is more business friendly than america and that is terrible. we have to make america most attractive in the world for investment and growth and job hiring. i intend to do that. >>neil: you talked how you would, if you became president, would start disentangling a lot of stuff that president obama has done including the health care law that might or might not get shot down later this summer. to this point roar rival, herman cain, has said supreme court justice kagan when she was solicitor general and in favor of the health care law passage, e-mails emerging she was giddy, should recuse herself from that decision. what did you think? >>guest: i will look at her involvement. usually a justice must recuse themself if they have a conflict
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of interest. i don't specifically what her conflict might be. i'm sure there are different members of the bench this have differing view with regard to the law itself as to the constitutionality. that is a different matter. but if she or someone else has a financial interest or some other stake in the outcome of a case they obvious hi have to recuse themself. my view is this is a pretty clear-cut case where the federal government has intruded on the rights of states and this is one where the commerce clause is being stretched beyond the breaking point and you will see the court strike down this legislation and we will, instead, put if place legislation which returns responsibility for the care of health care for the poor to the states, where it belongs. >>neil: and the states, in massachusetts, this was a mandate, a different type of mandate to get insurance and folks in new hampshire were polled about that issue, 46 percent would rule out
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supporting a candidate would supported a health insurance mandate of any sort sense you had as governor of massachusetts something like that, maybe northeast at omnibus as what we got nationally, wouldn't that put you in a pickle there. >>guest: i am sure many people have calculated and perhaps correctly the health care plan i put in place in massachusetts is not good for me politically. and if i want to encourage my political future i should say it was a mistake and walk away and you see a lot candidates look at their biggest vulnerability and call it a mistake and ask forgiveness. in my case that would not be honest were i believe we did the right thing for our state at the time. it is not working perfectly. there are things i would change, if it hurts me politically that is the consequence the truth. i will not walk away from that but i can tell you it is right for states to come up with their own solutions. i doubt other people will try and follow the one we followed, we put together, they could
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learn from our experience and maybe come up with something better but the wrong course is to have the federal government through obamacare, impose its will on the entire nation and on day one as you mention, my first year agenda, i will make sure we repeal obamacare and i will put in place an executive order directing the secretary of health and human services to grant a waiver from obamacare to all 50 states. >>neil: you mention the polls and the lead in, in what you did in massachusetts, in what way are leading in new hampshire comfortably, and in one poll you boat the president if the election were held today but iowa governor said he is not happy with you have not campaigned were there and because you skipped a number of events you could finish 5th or 6th if that state. what do you think of that, you giving a pass to iowa? >>guest: well, i cannot tell you where i will finish in iowa.
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i can tell you i will campaign in all the usually states and i have been to iowa four times this year and i will be there next week and my wife was there two weeks ago and i was this two weeks ago. so, we make evens in iowa and do our best and we will keep that up and hopefully get a lot of support from the people of iowa. but i don't have a prediction where i will end up but we will get the support of people in iowa and work to that. >>neil: and the secretary of energy chu is testifying before congress, and he said white house did not raise issue or establish contact, and he threw himself under the bus and did not they the white house under the bus but a lot of those questions did not buy it. do you? >>guest: we will get a chance to look at the evidence. the decision by the white house to basically give massive loan guarantees, hundreds millions to
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various enterprises, some of which were big democratic contributors whether it is the automobile company or solyndra or others, it does not look right or smell right and people will get to the bottom of it and these things have a way of coming out but the whole idea of the federal government investing in the companies particularly when there is such a connection with democratic fundraisers that leaves a bad taste in people's mines and suggests a pattern of capital imwhich is something america cannot stand for. >>neil: should he resign, the energy secretary? >>guest: we will see what his involvement is and whether it was a politically met satellite and radarred contribution or just bad judgment. if he was following the policies of the white house in temperatures of making the lands, that is the white house that needs to be changed. but my view is this whole approach of massive federal money to individual companies
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like this is proven to be a very bad idea. >>neil: on this super debt committee, whatever they call it, they are going nowhere fast, but a number of republicans have advanced the idea of bridging the gap by being open to revenue and not raising tax rates but closing tax loopholes and norquist and the anti-tax groups have jump hot and heavy on them, and they say it is not if it closed off some people who are not paying taxes to pay taxes. what do you say? >>guest: well, we is to be careful to how we define "loophole." a loophole is when someone is using a provision of the tax code in a way that was not intended by congress. and i have seen those before where people call themselves a business and they are not really a business or where they say they are agricultural to nature and they are not. and those kind of loopholes are present to close at any time. but there are other provisions of code that are not loopholes and were intended to give a
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break to a particular activity they are trying to encourage and eliminating those things are increasing the tax burden on the american people and why favor raising taxes at a time when america is trying to get the economy going again. >>neil: very gad to see you again, be well. we will explore this a lot more tonight on fox business network the implication of what day win of a romney administration would be like. he wants to hit with a blitz of attest and a lost executive orders and there are a lot of people saying, wait, wait, wait, cool it on that. more ahead on that on fox business network. a day of action turning into a day of rage in new york as occupiers swarm the city. ♪
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>>neil: occupy supporters from new york to los angeles are trying to occupy the buyer nation. it is getting nasty and violent. my guest is demanding an apology from nancy pelosi forgetting way too cozy for a movement that is "a sham," from the conservative group project "21." they don't see themselves that way and they thing they have a a legitimate beef and the violent aspects are the exception. >>guest: they owe this country an apology for coming out and representing the lowest common denominator of society defecating on public property, urinating on people, showing vandalism and disrespect for america at large.
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these people don't care about america like the tea party, they are not for liberty and justice. stopping capitalism and preventing the people what have jobs from going for work so they can pay for the social programs. >>neil: some argue these are the ex-senses, not the rule and the incidents are more uncommon than common, but they do get a last attention. but you, then, are particularly angry at some prominent democrats for immediately becoming this cause after so quickly attacking the tea party cause. explain. >>guest: i am angry at the democrats, sure, and nancy people lows and axelrod saying, equating tea party to terrorists saying they were racists, affiliating them with the ku klux klan and people have seen the demonstrators come out and
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herald racial epitaphs and we not coming out and taking a stand and calling these people to order and to civility and saying if he believes this is the country where his story was not possible elsewhere this is not the america that made that story possible. he should come out and take a stand. they are supporting him and supporting his class where class warfare policy. >>neil: not all of them. i have been with some of them, and some in the i was hannity, but what has been raised, they don't like the way the system itself is broken down. regard recent of how they are sending that message and
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protesting that, is there something to what they say? that the one thing that unites them with the tea partyers is frustration with the system that seems broken. >>guest: well, the tea party was frustrated with is am is was broken down but any rested and people did to the want to acknowledge this, in many similarities as a civil rights movement, they protested in peace, they roasted in civility, and they translated protests into power, to the by being violent and disrespectful and block people's way and stepping on the little give. they difficulty in a way that was organized and civil and that addressed the real problems. i have not heard one thing that any of these occupy protesters that they are after. they are not there for the little give. so many street vendors in new york have actually lost business and lost money the last few months as they take up all of
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this space for what? so they can smoke president -- smoke pot around and be disgutting. that is not standing up for american rights but standing up to take our rights away from us. >>neil: thank you very much. the energy secretary trying to take the solar heat off the we white house but there is information that could put it information that could put it right back on. i'm consolidating my assets. i'm not paying hidden fees or high commissions. i'm making the most of my money. and seven-dollar trades are just the start. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. and i'm loving every minute of it. [ rodger riney ] at scottrade, we give you commission-free etfs, no-fee iras and more. come see why more investors are saying... i'm with scottrade.
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we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ >>neil: and now protests that have gone from occupy wall street to a good chunk of wall street on left and on right, if detroit they are disrupting traffic on a bridge, i don't
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know the detroit area well i apologize. but they said it would move from occupy to disrupting. a lost authorities in the key cities have chased them out of parks and the like. and they are saying you cannot do that and we will move to another place. in detroit, on right, on a bridge. and in manhattan, any large open space. that looks like downtown, gives, is this downtown new york, broadway off of wall street? we will keep you posted. >> it was from the white house, ever contact you to take action on the solyndra loan guarantee or restructuring for any reason other than the actual financial analysis? >> no. >>neil: who knew only chu knew? energy secretary chu said no one at white house was cabinetting him or questioning him or bothering him about what he knew and when he knew it about
1:25 pm
solyndra, the solar concern that went bankrupts but republicans were not at all convinced. and fox business network's reporter says they have every right to be skeptical. she has been looking into this medical down and traces it back to the stimulus. >>guest: when stimulus was enacted in february of 2009 the white house put a stimulus advisor at the d energy, a yes by the name of matt rogers and the mandate was to clear the red family and help peed up recovery act spending on green programs at department of energy. >>neil: so, this got the ball rolling, the stimulus, which raises the question, how many other balls got rolling that we don't know about that will blowed. >>reporter: this is the first time we have seen according to the report, stimulus so creditly connected to what was beginning on with the department energy loan guarantees because what came to light, too, was the fact that stimulus, in other words if
1:26 pm
you are a company, you go into the department energy and you want a loan guarantee, and this guarantee program was enacted in 2005, you, the company have to pay a credit subsidy if you go belly up or default. so, you would have to pay money which would incentivize you to make sure you pay the taxpayer back but stimulus basically paid to cover this amount instead of $6 billion for the green companies set aside for the fees for the credit subsidy and house panel said, look, that meant that the green companies didn't, were not watching, and did not incentivize to make sure they protected the taxpayer money and the other issue, the white house so-called stimulus, some call it, i call it a stimulus czar, the senior advisor, he worked with rahm emanuel, then the white house chief of staff, to see if there was any announcement value if solyndra getting the department of energy loan guarantee and solyndra would be the first ben factor of that credit subsidy covered by
1:27 pm
stimulus. >>neil: secretary chu said essentially today it is all me, and he threw himself under the bus. i don't what that means for his tenure as energy secretary, but republicans didn't buy it and they obviously will keep going on this e-mail hunt. but do you accept that the white house was not at least in some communication with him? >>guest: based on the house report, no, based on the panel report, no. the secretary had a difficult time and he essentially stuck to the party lean and that is that he was, the department was disappointed in the performance of the afternoon -- loan. we have a senior advisor sitting right this, sitting on credit reviews of loan guarantees and you have to ask, why? why was that person there to help speed up the spending of taxpayer money and the department of energy's credit,
1:28 pm
they knew early that solyndra was trouble ask they had analysis according to the report that solyndra could run out of money by 2012, when it collapsed. >>neil: wicked smart. wicked smart. wicked smart you are. wall street occupiers are meeting a lot of resistance, this time from the folks working there. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>>neil: downtown new york city workers banning together to block occupiers as they march on the horn stock -- new york stock exchange. you essentially said "enough already." >> a lot of business owners are saying "enough is enough," the protesters are out there for two months now, they have not one ounce of change other than everyone's quality of life getting to works going to lunch, vendors cannot get people to come. >>neil: what made you take them on? >>guest: we had 50 small business owners from new york city today ready on get behind the protesters, they were there spirit, and we thought, wealth, any good occupation can never be
1:33 pm
ended without some resistance and they have had run of the mill downtown, we are hard working guys and we said, we will show them for once a little resistance and see how they react. i don't if you saw but they never made it to the new york stock exchange. >>neil: it never got violent, though. never got nasty. >>guest: they were screaming at us. i don't know if you get this "occupy a deck," and my broad hat another clever sign that took us a lot of time "get a job," was kind of, what we thought were smart protest points to say, if you are out this trying to occupy a deck you would not have time to occupy our park. >>neil: represent they saying guys like you are hogging all the money. >>guest: whether we are in the 1 percent or not some of us are still hanging on to it but we
1:34 pm
are in 53 percent, taxpayers, paying taxes, going to work, and our tax dollars are going to police, emergency services, fire and sanitation, to take care and secure these people and clone up after them and the city is already bankrupt. why are we working hard so a bunch of bums can lay in the park and sleep all day and get free meals? at some point you have to draw a line in the sand. >> and they window to go from protest to disruptive, and we seeing them block bridges in detroit and i don't what else, elsewhere, and, then, them build and the movement, i think, downtown new york, where at love them are taking over the street and this will get bigger and maybe badder. >> when my brother and i were walking down the street i would say 80 percent of the people that we encountered made contact and said thumb's up, good jobs. not only guys like us, they are
1:35 pm
saying what is what i am thing i don't how to say it. when you are the silent majority and you have to go to your desk they don't know how to make the point and we said today we have a movement, they had 300 people there when they got to wall street and we had 50, so we are doing a lot better than 1 percent for protests and they never made it to the new york stock exchange is we did our job today and we are ready, growing, and we have wall street fighters is our face book page and we are getting we accolades from people and getting credit, from people what want to be part of what we are doing. >>neil: i don't thing other networks will feature guys like you. thank you very much. to another clash in washington, among the democrats, the conservative blue dog democrats breaking with leadership on a balanced budget amendment coming up for a big vote tomorrow, they hope. the first to make the break,
1:36 pm
pennsylvania congressman, good to see you. your leadership is saying the whole balanced budget vote, a waste of time and not going anywhere, so they say gays like you are just feeding the wrong beast, what do you say? >>guest: this is long overdue. is not a new issue, the first constitutional amendment was balanced in the 19 30's and 1995 was the last time we had a vote in the house of representatives and it failed by one vote in the senate, 49 of the 50 states are required to have a balanced budget and more importantly every family and every business to america has to make in's meet and they should expect the federal government to do the same. that is what this is about. >>neil: do you get a sense, though, that the democrat party is decided with the extreme elements in the party, attaching themselves to occupy wall streeters could regretting as it
1:37 pm
gets bigger and more violent or potentially, and now they want did dial it back, not the demonstrators but some of your democrats. what do you think? >> there is a legitimate difference of opinion on some of the issues and i respect the ability of every american to voice their opinion and i would suggest the way you go about your protest and the way you organize yourself and the way you use your voice is going to be directly proportional to the acceptance of the emergency you are trying to convey and i don't know that organization is accepted the way they would like. >> if it gets violent and so far it has not but if it were, do you think democrats might rue the day more attached to this movement than the tea party movement and they should have ignored the movement because it could go out-of-control. >>guest: with any group, any organization, whether they be politicians or otherwise, attach themselves to, clearly, something negative happens, then
1:38 pm
they will be tainted with that same brush. we hope that doesn't happen. this is a group that lacks direction and they need to decide where they are going to go and what their message is, and i hope it doesn't take a turn to the negative. >>neil: you and your fellow blue dog democrats have broken ranks with the leadership on a couple of key issues including incentivizing money and tax holiday for corporations to bring the $1.3 trillion back from foreign showers and, also, open to more entitle cuts or slowing rate of increase in programs like medicaid and medicare and that made you the skunk at the party picnic. that has calmed down or do you think the closer we get, if we get do a debt committee deal it will get nasty. >> there is a difference of opinion among democrats and republicans on the entitlement issues. but on the tax issue and on the balanced budget amendment the
1:39 pm
democratic leadership has chosen a different course. you mention repatriation i would rather the $1.5 trillion be spent in america than building plants overseas. >>neil: even if congressman, even if you attach no quid pro quo bringing the money back if you hire workers you didn't want to do that but, say, the c.e.o.'s handing out the money to shareholders would you be okay with that? >>guest: that is some of what happened when we did it in 2004, and give the state of the economy and the fact that is money that sitting overseas that will not find its way back to american shores it is present i think to do so and hopefully it will be used to create jobs and do medical and scientific research and the buy yes tech industry and all kinds of good ways that money could be spent but building a manufacturing plant in china is not the best
1:40 pm
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about aarp medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. >>neil: live free or die but for huntsman could consider "die here or it is over." ambassador to china, former governor, pulling out all the states for the first of the nation primary state unprecedented ad pushing moniesman near the top the g.o.p. and it is a pricey gamble. governor huntsman here on whether it will pay of 50. good to see you. >>guest: live free or die, that's right. >>neil: how is it going? usually reaction? i know the focus groups, what is the reaction? >>guest: the focus groups i do are townhall meetings and we
1:44 pm
celebrated our 101st public event in new hampshire working state like no one else when you do this many townhall meetings and how many parties and visits to v.f.w. you get a sense the message is resonating and you connect with people and more and more of get diagnosis know you and you go up slightly in the polls and get a sense that in the weeks it come when public opinion gels around the candidates you stand a good chance to pull this thing off. now, the numbers are where they today because we are still in the pre-season, and people do not coalesce around candidates until you are a week or 15 days away from the january 10 the primary vote. >>neil: you will have to do something quickly, presidents are all over the map but not friendly to you. you are right, it could change, but is it fair to say that new hampshire is the state where your fiscal conservative
1:45 pm
message, a little by more moderate social message is a perfect blend in a state that echoed that, and it would be a testifier sell if you did not do well there and take the same message to other states. >>guest: my record is what it is. it would play here. it will lay in south carolina or florida. >>neil: but you are making the big push in new hampshire. >>guest: because it is a level laying field. it does not matter how much money or the campaign organization, you have people by the name of clinton and carter, and joe john mccain who came through with little, but they had vision, leadership, and a message that resonatessed at that point in list and it took them on to win or come close to winning. and i say if you work the marketplace hard, if you are willing to meet with the good people of this state and they want to know your heart and soul and where you have been and what
1:46 pm
you believe about the future, you will secretary. that is the way the sale is made in new hampshire. and you have to work it hard, there is no such thing as artificialness getting ahead in new hampshire it is shoe leather. we are putting that to the test. i like where we are and what it means in the weeks to come. >>neil: do not dismiss being arts official i built a career on that. a lot of people you were a governor, and arch, and your own man but your father is one of the richest people on blanket he is giving it all away and i don't how that has gone down at family thanksgiving but that is a separate issue but before he does there has been talk that he is impressed with what he has seen and might commit through packs, a lot more money to your campaign but he hasment and you have not asked for it.
1:47 pm
is that true? >>guest: well, listen, he is not only a dad, he is my best friend, and we have a simple corporate philosophy and that is nobody came into which world with anything, and you are lucky enough to have a successful family business in the men while, you leave it all behind, and he is his own person and he can do what he wants but as tore me i, stay focused on a message that is resonating because we face two deficits in this country. >>neil: i know that, governor, but he has a lot money and he could be your joe kennedy and you could be his jack. is he ready to pull a i don't kennedy here? >>guest: he is his own person. what is permit to him is finding a cure for cancer. i'm not sure this is anything that will take him off his vision. >>neil: so he has not told you, son, i will make a big bet here, i will put some cash down and help you out. >>guest: listen, we don't have those conversations.
1:48 pm
here is the fact: when you go up in the presidents, fundraising will follow. when we started going up in the polls from zero, fundraising went up 250 percent. we will get more in the continue raising from expects in new hampshire and i can see it and i feel good where that goes. as for others, they will make decisions based on what they peel is right this this campaign including my dad who is a terrific guy. >>neil: he is that. governor always good to see you. >> i don't hate gym teachers but i don't think any parent who say gym is more important than biology. >>neil: did he pick a fight with the wrong guys, the guiltyness -- fitness buff who is exercised. zúosp@÷y d
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>>neil: they have gone to occupy to disrupt. this is near city hall in lower manhattan across from pace university, not too far from the wall street area. they have moved the occupy wall street crowd from a park they cannot be in to streets that they insist they will take over, they are disrupting traffic and a lot of folks and this could get touch and go here as the mayor has indicated, blockburg has indicated there is no way i can allow you to disrupt city services switching to detroit, that shot went in and out but they were dropping traffic on bridges and key streets. is a scene to detroit and this is a push by the crowd to disrupt everything and get their attention when you stop people from getting home and getting to
1:53 pm
work you get their attention. i'm not sure that is the kind of attention that will galvanize support for the movement but there you go. and do any of you remember this? >> you enough be the thinnest citizen guy this america you think that is a confrontational tone, you should really see me when i'm pissed. >> you don't have to do it. >> people go for it knowing what the pay scale is. >> this is who i am. and this is would the people elected. >>neil: attention, now you have this youtube. >> cut the crap, okay? you know i don't hated gym teachers but i don't think any parent would say that gym is more important than biology? >>neil: they ticked off not at pay for performance but pay for degree. the governor feel are more love for math teachers than gym teachers and says they should be paid more but fitness counselor
1:54 pm
thinks otherwise. you are not a fan of this, anyone else but gym teachers citizens more money? >>guest: i am not a fan of that at all, it makings no sense. look at the schooling they go through, it is the same as every other teacher. there is just no rationale for it. we need healthier kids and more physical education in school not less and i don't understand why separate out the gym teachers. >>neil: what he was trying to do, not saying whether the gym teachers are worth it but in a time and age and state in a country where the mat and science skills are decline rapidly, nationally we are rated across the globe at 36, he is saying maybe we have to incentivize and pay month for the expertise than a gym teacher. >>guest: what i would say to that it doesn't make any sense
1:55 pm
because what you have is basically a deep problem, right? if you can't attract math is science teachers, no one goes interest teaching for the money anyway. so, there is another issue tosses a little money at it. >>neil: some of them might go in for the benefits. >>guest: i just think that it's some sort of quick solution that he is offering, just throwing a little bit more money to math and science isn't going to solve the problem. look over all why are we lacking in math and science teachers not just, you know, singling them out and say pay them more money, you will have other groups asking for more money and what about music and art, it, really, is --. >>neil: you think it sets up a class struggle between teachers where those in the arts are paid less than those in the sciences and that is not good although we are falling behind in the sciences as a country. >>guest: well, i think we need to make sure we get quality
1:56 pm
teachers across the board. including math and science. i don't think that tossing some money will make a big definite friends but one thing if you want real change in the school what you can do for physical education teachers hole them more accountable like the other teachers to standards for physical health of our kids because we know that is lacking. >>neil: depth have to do the rope climbing thing that was a nightmare for me. gad to -- good to see you. in new york, it is going to be a nightmare getting home. this is easy to say.
1:57 pm
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