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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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[ laughter ] >> there you go. cut and dry. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, across america, a day of disruption. blood, tears, and arrests. as supporters of occupy wall street mark two months since the start of their movement. [cheers] >> shepard: hundreds of protesters flooding the streets. >> get back! [chanting] >> targeting the new york stock exchange and the nation 's busiest subway system. tonight wall street's day of action. plus, a new showdown over solyndra. the solar company that went under and took a half billion dollars in taxpayer money with it. >> senior officials in the administration put politics
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before the stewardship of taxpayers' dollars. >> did i not make any decision based on political considerations. >> now, a new prediction about whether we will get any of that money back. and investigators say he was obsessed with president obama. the suspected white house gunman faces justice. but, first from fox this thursday night, they promised a day of disruptions and man, did they deliver. [chanting] >> occupy wall street. >> all day all week, occupy wall street. >> shepard: occupy wall street demonstrators marking the movement's two month anniversary with a so-called day of action. thousands blocking the streets. crowding the subway station and some getting into violent confrontations with police. though it was mostly peaceful. in all, we're told cops have arrested close to 200 people. let's get a live look at the crowds right now in lower manhattan. thousands demonstrating.
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thousands demonstrating and marching across the brooklyn bridge. the last time protesters tried to cross that span, cops arrested more than 700 people. earlier today, police clashed with protesters trying to get to the stock exchange. you can see the crowds pulling up the barricades there and blocking folks to try to get to work. all while chanting shut down wall street. but some frustrated workers had a message of their own flashing signs at the protesters that set get a job. and occupy a desk. >> we work on wall street. we can't get to work because these people are here in our way. do you see what's going on here? we have jobs. >> well, they aren't the only ones fed up. one lawmaker who represents parts of our city calling the protesters low lives. u.s. congressman michael grimm saying, quote: the people i represent are the hard working 99% who simply want to go to work. it's time for the occupy protesters who pack up their tents, buy a bar of soap and head home. organizers say in two months
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the movement has spread to every u.s. state with protesters holding rallies in some 400 cities around the world. today in los angeles, hundreds upon hundreds of protesters marched today through the financial district. aiming their anger at downtown banks. again, that's los angeles. now to detroit where protesters stopped in the middle of a bridge. they shut it down. a crowd trying to block traffic to cross through to the motor city. and in portland, oregon, protesters defying officers' orders to stay off the city's steel bridge. and some of them sitting down right in the middle of the street. let's get to rick leventhal to kick off our coverage from the foot of the brooklyn bridge tonight. rick, if you would, set the scene for us. >> a very large crowd down here tonight, shepard. thousands of people estimated to have filled folly square and have now made their way up into the area around city hall and at the base of the brooklyn bridge and are, in fact, now crossing the brooklyn bridge. the crowd is unified, excited and loud carrying signs and
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doing a lot of chanting. there were this afternoon a reported 177 arrests. there are dozens more that have been arrested this evening though. several of them camped out on the street on center street, would not move off the street. so police arresting dozens more people this evening, shepard. >> shepard: rick, we're learning about some officers who were hurt today; is that right? >> yeah, one officer had a bad gash on his hand cut apparently by broken glass that was thrown police say by protesters. he required about 20 stitches. several other officers had some sort of liquid thrown in their faces by a demonstrator according to police. they were also taken to the hospital for observation. we heard about mayor bloomberg about the rights of protesters and the rights of regular people in new york city. >> we will ensure that everyone has a right to exercise their first amendment rights as well as the right to go to work, go to school, ride the subway, and go about their day. but make no mistake about it.
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if anyone's actions cross the line and threaten the health and safety of others, including our first responders, we will respond accordingly. >> and there were clashes today, shepard, between people trying to go to work down on wall street and people protesting. most of the crowd here tonight peaceful and, again, they are now crossing the brooklyn bridge. >> shepard: the cross is on and we will follow it throughout this report. rick, thanks very much. well, federal prosecutors today charged a man they say opened fire on the white house with trying to assassinate the president of the united states and/or his staff. he is oscar ortega hernandez. this afternoon, he appeared in a federal courtroom in pittsburgh. officers arrested him yesterday in pennsylvania after a hotel clerk recognized his picture. according to the charging documents in court, the suspect was convinced that the government was conspiring against him. authorities interviewed a witness who says that this man, ortega hernandez referred
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to our president as the antichrist. according to the feds, he told another witness that, quote, obama needs to be taken care of. officials say that last friday night the suspect wore all black, as he he drove close to the white house. then they say he opened fire with what they call assault rifle equipped with a large scope. according to our own andrew napolitano prosecutors could have an uphill battle here. >> it is unusual for them to charge him with the attempted assassination of the president of the united states when they have no evidence whatsoever to connect him with this bullet. >> shepard: what about those bullets? well, the secret service says several hit the white house, including one that reportedly hit a bullet-proof window in the first family's private quarters. doug mckelway with the news. he is live in our washington newsroom tonight. what more do we know about this, doug? >> well, shep, we know from police charging documents that oscar ortega hernandez last known address was idaho falls,
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idaho. he abandoned his honda accord a rifle with with a large scope on it they also recovered an aluminum baseball bat, brass knuckles and wal-mart receipt. interestingly, they also have surveillance video from a wal-mart store. in addition, the white house did a thorough search of the area yesterday and found several confirmed bullet impact points on the south side of the building on or above the second story which suggests he was taken pretty careful aim, shep. >> shepard: doug, there was word that he might have some mental issues. >> a witness interviewed by authorities in idaho said ortega hernandez had increasingly become agitated with the federal government. convinced that the federal government was conspiring against him. the witness said ortega hernandez wanted to hurt the president as you suggested. others said that he needed to kill h you have heard it all right now, a very, very dangerous guy. he had been stopped by police in a virginia suburb of washington just before the gunshots were heard. but police let him go, shep. >> shepard: doug mckelway live in washington tonight.
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thank you. a lawyer who represents some of the alleged victims of the former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky says there is a climate of institutional denial at the school, which has allowed sexual abuse to flourish. on "studio b" this afternoon that lawyer told us that he represents at least two of sandusky's alleged victims and that about 10 in total have approached him. that would mean there are many more alleged victims than the 8 listed in the grand jury report. prosecutors accuse coach sandusky of abusing 8 boys over a 15 year period along with coach sandusky, the lawyer today directed his ire at the assistant coach mcmcqueary. actually, he was a graduate assistant turned coach who according to the grand jury report walked in on sandusky raping a child and, quote, left immediately. mcqueary over the past couple of days has changed his story. he has reportedly sent emails to friends saying did he stop the molestation and he did contact police. there is no evidence of that and the lawyer doesn't buy
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that. >> he obviously saw something. he should have done something about he chose not to and didn't. and when scrutinized, now is denying that he really did something other than what he did. which was nothing. >> mcqueary the assistant coach which is said to have witnessed all of this has yet to clarify his apparent inconsistencies in the story other than saying he tried to could the right thing. david lee miller is at penn state tonight. david lee spoke with mcquery briefly this afternoon. david lee. >> that's right. we caught one coach mcqueary in the drisk of his home. we could say is he a stale nittany lions supporter or dressing like one. is he wearing a fleece jacket when we met with him outside his home. you could clearly see the nittany lions logo on it he did make it abundantly clear.
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he is not interested in talking about what took place at this time. in fact, there was a sign on his home that said do not ring the doorbell. another sign that said do not even bother to knock. can he not say when if ever the time would be to reconcile the version of accounts he told the grand jury and version of accounts in the email that has been distributed to former classmates. shepard? >> shepard: we are, david lee, getting more information about how this whole investigation began. >> there was a report in the "new york times" today that said one year ago they believed that he was, jerry sandusky was a serial molester, what they then looked at was an internet site dedicated to following sports on campus. the site said that there was a coach that knew about a bad incident, an ugly incident. and then through the process of elimination they narrowed that down to mike mcqueary. they talked with them and then he told them what he saw that day in the locker room, shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller at penn state tonight. fox news is planning a special on this case, fox news reporting the crisis at penn
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state. it is scheduled to air this saturday night 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central here on fox news channel. we have nothing to hide, that's what the energy secretary steven chu is telling congress about solyndra. but no lawmakers say he should have known that the company was in big trouble before he handed over a half billion of our tax dollars. we're live with that in d.c. from the journalists of fox news on a very busy fox report. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent.
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>> shepard: the question in washington today, did the white house ignore warnings from its own experts before it gave away half a billion dollars in taxpayer money? that's what the lawmakers were asking on capitol hill, some of them, at a showdown over solyndra. that's the solar power company that went bankrupt after getting a government loan guarantee of more than $500 million. today, the energy secretary steven chu telling lawmakers the white house never pressured him to approve that loan. >> the loan guarantee to
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solyndra was subject to proper, rigorous scrutiny and healthy debate during every phase of the process. as the secretary of energy the final decisions on solyndra were mine and i made them with the best interest of the taxpayer in mind. >> based on the rate he was burning through cash and other troubling issues, the truth is the expert staff were indeed concerned that the company was bound to fail. >> shepard: as for how much of that half billion dollars we taxpayers might get back, secretary chu says not very much. expwrams rosen live in -- james rosen live in our d.c. newsroom tonight. you heard secretary chu say the buck stops with me which has led some to believe on capitol hill the white house is making him the fall guy on. this that came from joe barton, shep who says he believes chu is culpable in the chain of decisions private investors would be repaid before taxpayers. in his five hours of testimony, chu also claimed to be unaware of warnings by his own staff about solyndra's shaky finances.
4:16 pm
>> question is, are you aware of any of these documents that were communications between doe and the white house? >> i'm not sure what communications there were between ooe and the white house. certainly we did not communicate with the white house on whether we should approve a loan and especially the solyndra loan. >> afterwards, chu told reporters he has nothing to be ashamed of. a key republic congressman called on him to resign, shep. >> shepard: and the chairman of this committee, james, took some return fire, if you will, from the white house today. >> that's right. the white house today circulated documents showing that house energy and commerce chairman, fred upton, republic of michigan himself sought the energy department's assistance on behalf of a now failed solar company in the great lakes state. >> i feel almost the need to sit here and remind all of us
4:17 pm
in this room this hearing today is not about solar power. the hearing today is about the possible abuse of executive power and of the taxpayers' money. >> fbi agents raided solyndra's offices in september. that investigation by the justice department is also ongoing, shep? >> shepard: james rosen in d.c. james, thanks. opponents of same sex marriage in california got a big boost today after the state supreme court ruled that they have the legal right to defend california's ban on gay marriage in federal court. as you may know, a district judge last year struck down the so-called proposition 8. it defined marriage as a union of a man and a woman. jerry brown and that state's attorney general refused to step in to defend the voter-backed law. and now prop 8 supporters can legally go forward with a case on their own. new questions tonight for mitt romney. not about his presidential campaign but something his top aides reportedly did when he
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>> shepard: fox report live. and you are looking live. portland, oregon where we have gotten word that the pictures from our station there, a number of arrests in the occupy wall street movement there. as many as 17 protesters went inside a wells fargo bank in downtown today. part of the occupy thing there. they are moving from bank to bank. they have lowered and raised american flags. and the disruptions continue. even as we speak. continuing coverage next on fox report. but, first -- fox news is america's election headquarters. and mitt romney does not have to worry about the media getting ahold of any of its
4:22 pm
emails from the time he was a governor of massachusetts. his top aides reportedly erased all of them. according to the reporting of the "boston globe" today, the staffers bought their government computers from the state just before mitt romney left office, bought all of the computers and erased all of the email there on. mitt romney campaign spokeswoman tells the globe that's standard practice and the aides did nothing wrong. campaign carl cammeron live in our washington newsroom tonight. any sense of how big a deal this could be? >> well, the democrats would certainly like it to be a big deal. romney's opponents would like it to be a big deal. official records have to be preserved for the state archives as you say the romney campaign has argued they did not violate the spirit of the law. so, so far mitt's rivals seem health care policy he implemented as governor rather than the office equipment as he left office. romney has been dealing with
4:23 pm
his health care plan in massachusetts which so many have called the model for the affordable care act passed by the president last year. he was defending it again today on "your world" with neil cavuto. >> i believe we did the right thing for our state at the time. it's not working perfectly. the things i would change in, if it hurts me politically, that's just the cons sequence of the truth. >> again, the romney aides insist they did nothing improper with all that data and it recent really done much to silence the criticism. the absence of the email certainly hasn't muted attacks on romney for health care plan. >> shepard: new poll out in iowa and man, an astounding change has happened. >> this is one of those outliars. we haven't seen one of the over polls say this. a tie. latest rasmussen survey in iowa first caucus is just seven weeks away puts newt gingrich on top with 32%. romney has dropped out of the 20's at 19% into second place. cain has slipped considerably now. 13%. and he is just barely ahead of ron paul at 10%.
4:24 pm
all the rest of the candidates have fallen down to single digits. it seems any time a candidate crests 20% they deal with that bright, private spotlight of scrutiny and most of the others have faded. it's now newt gingrich's turn in that light. >> shepard: carl cameron live on capitol hill tonight. while you were at work today doing your job. 12 men and women in washington were supposed to be doing theirs. trying to figure out a way to figuring out the national deficit. were you better at your job than they were at theirs. countries across europe deal with their own budget whoas. fewer americans will be flilging for the holiday weekend over thanksgiving. what does that mean for your driving plans straight away. [ male announcer ] just how many appliances
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>> if you are planning to drive somewhere for thanksgiving you are in good company. a.a.a. reports increase in the number of americans heading out of town for the holiday. 42 pulp 5 million of us planning to travel at least 50 miles from home. that's up about 4% from last year, the most since the recession started. according to the report, more of us will be getting around on the roads since the airlines have raised fares and reduced the number of available seats. big changes coming to major league baseball as early as next season. team owners voted today unanimously to add one more wild card team to each league for the playoffs. so now there will be two wild cards in each. i guess the regular season doesn't mean anything anymore. according to the commissioner, those two teams would play each other in a one game do or die to move forward. league officials say it will
4:29 pm
add incentive for teams to win their divisions because they won't have to deal with that wild card game. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report," it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. there is breaking news now in the occupy wall street protest. these are live looks at the municipal courts building in st. louis. you can see those occupy banners hanging from the roof up there, right? there is word that protesters have been breaking into that building and that they have gotten in and we're told that police plan to arrest them. and in new york city the arrest total has climbed to close to 200 as they are still on the move over the brooklyn bridge. these are live pictures there. thousands upon thousands of protesters making their way from manhattan to brooklyn. would you look at that the scene tonight mostly peaceful. in fact, almost entirely very different than what we saw just hours earlier. [chanting]
4:30 pm
demonstrators with police two months to the day after movement began. two days after cops forced the protesters at their home base at zuccotti park. several officers reportedly injured in one way or another. one getting around 20 stitches to his hand after somebody is said to have thrown a jagged piece of glass at the officers. the nypd ha has added an extra thousand officers to every shift proper the protesters so-called day of action. organizers say their movement has spread to 400 cities around the world with an occupy chapter in every single state in the country but it seems none has drawn kind of crowd where it all started right here in new new york with that go to our chief fox report correspond they take a live look at the brooklyn bridge. thousands streaming on it and
4:31 pm
all around it, their aim has been to rain shower traffic. they have some success, police are largely keeping the main parts of the bridge open to the traffic that flows every night at this time. earlier in the day protesters had gathered here at zuccotti park seller hundreds of them moved north up broadway in manhattan to union scare. it was a largely peaceful protest at that point although it was not always as mayor michael bloomberg pointed out that way today. listen to mayor bloomberg. >> we have always said that everyone has a right to exercise their first amendment rights as long as they do so peacefully and abide by the law. unfortunately, some protesters today have deliberately pursued violence. >> shepard: clearly -- >> and with those protesters still on and around the brooklyn bridge, shep, there
4:32 pm
may be more violence tonight. shep? >> shepard: jonathan, there were some injuries today, some to officers and some to demonstrators there, right? >> yeah. absolutely. shep. right here in zoe cot at this ziewt cot at this park. several were injured today. one of them treated at the belleview hospital for stitches to a cut on his hand. others had to be hospitalized briefly for treatment when they had some sort of stinging liquid thrown in their eyes. we also saw right here caught on our cameras protesterring bleeding profusely from a head wound. pushing pair cadz toward the police. they pushed back he fell and hit hesitate head. we cannot how that particular protester was injured, shep? >> shepard: jonathan, thanks. fewer americans fresh out of work last week so reports the labor department in its weekly report on jobless claims.
4:33 pm
it shows the number of people filing their first claims for unemployment benefits dropped by 5,000 last week to the lowest level since way back in april. and most americans apparently do not believe the economy is getting better. in a new fox news poll close to 70% of registered voters say we have started to turn the corner. fewer than 30% say the worst is over. dropped a pint last month now at 42% approval but still doing some better than congress. its approval rating actually up a notch all the way to a whopping 12%. a fox urgent just in now moments ago the senate passed a bill to keep our government running for another month. take a live look at the senate floor there. the house has already signed off on the measure to once again prevent a government showdown. at least until next month. economic protests turning violent today in grease.
4:34 pm
masked demonstrators throwing bombs and bottles at riot police. cops responding with tear gas and stun grenades. but they tell us they had no reports of any injuries. the protesters say they are angry over deep spending cuts to reduce the country's massive debt. and in italy, some folks threw eggs and oranges at the cops as the countries new prime minister unveiled new economic plan. gerri willis at the fox business network with with us. world's problems. >> absolutely right. here is what he had to say. he wants to cut welfare and pension. most importantly, he wants to get his arms around the country's tax evasion problem. it is big. 80% of people unemployed don't pay their taxes. you think our numbers are big in this country, have you got to look at this. one in eight italians does not pay their taxes. men don't pay at a rate twice women. surprised? i wasn't.
4:35 pm
>> shepard: careful. [ laughter ] >> shepard: the european debt crisis really brought our markets down today. >> right. brought our markets down big time. take a look at this. the dow down 134 points, nasdaq down a 1. s&p down 20. european stocks were down hard as well. you might have noticed that fitch ratings agencies also had more comments today. saying that italy is facing a crisis of confidence. their worries that italy will go into a recession and be hard for monty to put in place his reforms if the economy there is doing poorly. >> shepard: that would make it difficult. gerri willis her program the willis report airs eke days afternoon 5 eastern 4:00 central on the fox business network. conflicting reports today about the progress or lack thereof that the so-called super committee is making in congress. less than a week before the deadline to come up with a plan to reduce the deficit by more than a trillion dollars. first we heard from the democratic co-chair of the committee senator patty murray saying that the democrats were compromising with the republicans on tax levels. >> we have made it clear that
4:36 pm
we are willing to meet their offer but it has to be in a way that is fair to working families and puts our country back to work. >> but the republic co-chair congressman jebb hensarling said i'm unaware of any offer or any not include tax increase. mike emanuel on capitol hill. sounds like usual all stuck. absolutely two and a half hour meeting of bipartisan group. aide says no progress was made. reforming the tax code according to sources is the central sticking point after that latest two and a half hour meeting. we caught up with massachusetts senator john kerry. take a listen. >> i will talk and work until, you know the last dog dies as they say. >> if he sounds down and tired, i can tell you a lot of these super committee members
4:37 pm
have a meeting all hours day and night. we understand there may be more meetings tonight and there are discussions of weekend meetings, shep. >> shepard: i just read crossing on the wires there is now talk of restructuring how the rules -- the way the rules are now in the event they don't come up with something new. we expecting anybody else to try to step in and resolve the situation? >> well, today, of course, this was a creation of the united states congress to avoid a government shutdown this summer. and so with six republics, six democrats, some people say it was set up to fail. today, speaker john boehner challenged other congressional leaders to step up. >> the leaders created this. and, frankly, i think the leaders have some responsibility to help the committee succeed. >> it's not clear whether even the leaders stepping in will be able to help it succeed. six republicans, six democrats, a very polarized situation here on capitol hill. it's not clear that they will be able to get to that
4:38 pm
$1.2 trillion in cuts before thanksgiving, shep. >> mike emanuel at the retundra in the senate. thank, sir. thousands of folks are picking up what's left of their homes after another deadly storm slams into the southeastern united states. survivors say it looks like something out of the wizard of oz. update from the fox. three girls stuck inside elevator shaft seconds before a car comes crashing down on them. the frantic call to 911 is next. >> hello? >> we're stuck under an elevator. >> i'm sorry? oh my god. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪
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we are out. what was that? they told me it's the most dependable midsize sedan and they ran back into their little box.
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>> shepard: at least six people reported dead violent storms and tornadoes tore through the southeast overnight. it's the second time this year that deadly storms have hit that region. one man says he just -- he had just sat down to dinner with his family when he looked out the window and saw a tornado headed straight for his home.
4:42 pm
the devastation spans six states. crews digging through the wreckage for survivors. thousands of people are without power. so far meteorologists have confirmed tornadoes in alabama and louisiana, authorities in north carolina say they discovered the body of a 3-year-old girl buried beneath a pile of debris. there are also reports her grandmother also died. and in south carolina, search and rescue teams have been using thermal imaging equipment to find possible victims. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the studio with us tonight. man, thousands of people still without power. just how bad was this? >> really bad. you think of tornado season in the spring. do you have another little peak in the month of november. take a look at the maps here. you can see exactly how widespread this was. areas even in texas we had one report of a tornado. anywhere you see those red dots. shepard, it's been such an active season or active year. we are going to break all kind of tornado records. keep in mind everything we have seen back in april and may of this year. that's going to make our numbers so high. but now we are seeing
4:43 pm
november, another little peak here of it and unfortunately we still have more time. probably not done the fatality numbers this year unfortunately breaking all the records as well. >> shepard: it really is what's coming up next. >> this storm is mostly done at least the severe weather side of it back on the maps the rain is still there across parts of the northeast. now the cold air comes in behind it now big lake-effect snow we have for a couple days. go out across the west though and series of storms moving in here look very much like this last one that just brought us the severe weather. so, big snow across all the pacific northwest the next three to five days. feet of snow again. that storm is going to be another severe weathermaker come monday. >> rick reichmuth. thank you. three oklahoma city girls are recovering from their ordeal after finding themselves trapped 12 and 13 years old. entered through the door you see here. and when another student closed the door it locked but the girls then realized they were actually at the bottom of the shaft and as one of them
4:44 pm
called 911, the elevator car started coming down on them. >> hello? >> we're trapped under an elevator at >> shepard: lift it up, she screamed. paramedics rescued them 40 minutes later. one girl successfully used her combat boot to push back against the car so it didn't crush them all. school officials are investigating. this the elevator door is supposed to be locked. a rocket attack near a national assembly on the american military's future in a war torn country and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. afghanistan. authorities say insurgents fired two missiles in kabul. one landed near that meeting where afghan leaders are discussing the long-term presence of u.s. troops. police say the attacks hurt
4:45 pm
one person. thailand, hundreds of volunteers working at a temporary kitchen at bangkok to help distribute food to flood victims. it's difficult for people to shop and for stores to get supplies. heavy flooding has hit nearly a third of the country's 77 provinces since late july. at least 567 people have died. china. an unmanned space craft touching down in northern among goal la after it docked twice module. all part of preparations for china to launch its own space station by the year 2020. officials say they plan two more space docking stations next year. one of them manned. india. hundreds of people gathering to celebrate the final day of a traditional chariot festival in the southern state. the 10-day event takes place every november and draws lots of tourists. hindu devotes coming together
4:46 pm
to pull the enormous temple chariots through the city streets. we're told they have been holding the festival for centuries now. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: a pilot's trip to the laboratory leading to terror scare on commercial jet and at the time it seemed very real. a broken door, a foreign accent, a panicked co-pilot. the details ahead including the tape of what was said and this is breaking right now. just reported, allegations of sexual abuse against another college coach. this time the sport is basketball. this time the university is syracuse. this time the coach is still employed as he has been for 35 years and this time the victim is now 39. accusations of rape,
4:47 pm
molestation, again, syracuse university. the details are next. congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon. bass pro shops has great deals on great gear during the fall harvest sale, like...
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>> shepard: breaking news in college athletics, another accusation in coming in just a minute. big scare on board a new york city bound plane after passenger tried to get into the cockpit. as it turns out, he was trying to let the co-pilot know that the pilot was trapped in the bathroom but nobody knew that it happened last night on a flight from asheville, north carolina. the passenger said he was following the captain's orders when he headed back to the cockpit to tell the co-pilot what happened. listen to the co-pilot's reaction here. >> the captain has disappeared in the back and i have someone with a thick foreign accent trying to access the cockpit right now. i have got to deal with the situation. >> shepard: we're told the passenger even offered up a
4:51 pm
secret pass ward to get inside. no luck. trace gallagher with the rest of this story. is he live in our los angeles newsroom this afternoon. trace, flight attendants involved in this? it sounds like it was pretty scary at the time. >> yeah, it's a regional jet, shep. only one flight attendant. when the captain leaves the flight deck the atten don't goes in there the co-pilot and flight attendant are inside. the man starts banging on the door says the captain is stuck in the bathroom and gives them a pass ward. the captain is not supposed to give out the password. the co-pilot was clearly skeptical. >> what i am going told is he stuck in the lab. someone with a thick foreign accent is giving me a password to access the cockpit and i'm not about to let him in. >> not about to let him. in our cousin publication the "new york post" said that man had a thick middle eastern accept. we called the airline but they have not called us back yet to confirm that shep. >> shepard: then when the pilot got out of the bathroom. >> the pilot had to scramble to calm things down because, remember, the co-pilot had
4:52 pm
already declared an emergency. the lines of communication were left open. the radio contact and fighter jets had been put on alert ready to scramble. so the pilot broke out of the bathroom, got back in his seat and got on the horn with air traffic control. listen. >> i want to >> trace: all because of a busted latch on the bathroom door. the fbi did interview the passenger who was banging on the door. turns out he was just trying to help, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. thank you. apple's i tune store now has serious competition with the launch of google's new online music service. it's open for business on that search giant's poplar android
4:53 pm
market. while the pricing is similar, some of the fierce could be game changers we are told. including google's try before you buy feature which actually allows users to share entire songs and albums with friends compared to the 90 second song preview available on itunes. so are you tired of the same old taxis? well, there is something new hitting the road that could replace those old town cars. we're live in los angeles with the future of taxi rides. but, first, our next report will come to us from syracuse university where there are stunning new accusations about the longest serving assistant basketball coach in all of athletics. allegations of molestation of little boys. two of them have come forward. police are said to be investigating. it's breaking news and it's next.
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
collegiate athletic program. this time the sport is basketball. and this time the university is syracuse. according to the reporting of the espn series outside the lines, two men have come forward claiming that the syracuse university assistant basketball coach bernie fine molested them for more than a dozen years. bernie fine is the man on the right of your screen sitting next to long-time coach bay heim. he has been a are the pa of syracuse basketball for 35 years. he is a coach there today. one alleged victim claims the abuse started in 1983. and that it continued when he became the team's ball boy the following year. and that a decorative told him the statue of limitations had run out when he went to report it to police. the alleged victim claims bernie fine abused him at fine's home, at syracuse basketball facilities and even molested him at the final four basketball tournament in 1987. at the time the police chief at syracuse was a former
4:58 pm
syracuse basketball player under this same assistant coach accused of this abuse. the second victim claims is he a relative of the first victim. he tells espn he was inspired to talk about this child sex abuse by the scandal at penn state. the syracuse university police department confirms to espn they are investigating. we're working for independent confirmation on a scandal now rocking syracuse throughout the night. auto show time in los angeles all the big car makers are in town to show off models and future his stick and our casey stegall is live at the convention center. hey, casey. >> hey, shepard. you know the lincoln town cars you see hanging around at metro areas not for much longer. meet its replacement. looking live at the newlin con mkt. it was just unveiled today. you can see it it is a crossover much bigger than a sedan. new body style causing controversy.
4:59 pm
listen. >> but to be told this is it, take it or leave it they will find out meaning lincoln is going to find out that most of us are going it leave and it find something else to look at or use. >> but i think when people see the vehicle and particularly when the drivers get a chance to drive it and their passengers really get a chance to really experience the comfort, they are going to come around, i think really really fast. >> very cool stuff. there you go, shepard. >> shepard: thanks. and on this day in 1869, one of the world's greatest feats of engineering the suez canal. build did he vert from the mediterranean to the red sea. when it was finished it would eliminate the need to sail all around africa. first year only 500 vessels sailed through the canal. since become one of the most important shipping lanes in all the world. drew a line in the sand 142 years ago today. now you know the news for this thursday, november the 17th, 2011. initing coverage of the new accusations of sexual abuse at


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