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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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definitely looking out for you. >> brand new policy have mit romney and newt gingrich pulling away from the pack in the race for the gop nomination. but tonight former alaska governor sarah palin tells us which can date shouldn't be counted out for 2012. and energy secretary steven chu was in the hot seat today on capitol hill. being asked very tough questions about the botched taxpayer-funded lone to solyndra. and new shocking video of the occupy wallstreet demonstrations as the nypd clash with protestors during their so-called day of action. karl rove has the latest on the
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occupation. plus media mash, our weekly roundup of the mainstream obamamania media bias. we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here right now. >> and sending the defiant message they refuse to be shut down or shut up, the left spring protestors took to the streets all across the country today in what they call a mass day of action. here in new york city more than 1,000 demonstrators rallied near the stocks exchange chanting "all day, all week, shut down wall street." another group gathered at the park where protestors clashed with police, causing serious destruction, trying to lift barricades. at least 200 people were arrested. 7 new york city police officers were injured in the violence. five of them when a protestors threw an acidic liquid in their faces. but it wasn't just the big apple. from los angeles to washington the lunatics were out in full
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force all over the country today, marching to mark the two month anniversary of their movement's beginning but what did they accomplish besides mass disorder, if anything? here is former governor, fox news contributor, sarah palin. thanks for being with you. >> thank you. >> we see the violence but one police officer had 20 stitches and a gash, things thrown in their face. you see the violence. this is really just a culmination, though. we have seen rape, we have seen arson, destruction of property, sex, master bation in public, antisemitism, anti-americanism, drugs, and what do you make of this and the democratic party support for this? >> it is amazing president obama and vice president obama and speaker nancy pelosi and others have embraced this movement and patted these folks on their back as they have engaged in these
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really atrocious activities. i think it speaks to what part of that mission is on the left, and that is disruption, it is distraction. has very miss guided and either folks that are ill-informed, not understanding who or what it is they should be protesting. if they truly want free men and free markets in this country, then they should be, you know, making their voices known as 1600 pennsylvania avenue and letting barack obama know that they disagree with the crony capitalism that he has been so engaged in and allowed to perpetuate. these folks are miss guided and i think it's just atrocious what is going on. >> and the things, the president put his seal of approval on this, and nancy pelosi, thank god for them. in many ways do you see the connection with the president's rhetoric, in other words class warfare rhetoric, and what they are saying? do you think he has inspired them? because i believe he has.
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>> well, he has. this is perhaps barack obama is still not understanding that the office of the presidency, he has power within his words. and what he speaks and what he chews to embrace and engage in is quite powerful and quite effecting on our culture. here this is really getting out of control, this occupy wallstreet, these shenanigans and barack obama has not taken the time to reign them in, these people he encouraged. he's taken the time to lecture americans for using rhetoric that has been accepted and used throughout the history of the english language. he will get behind his platform and he will lecture us on the words that we should or shouldn't use, and yet he cannot see it within himself to take these actions to actually wash some of this actual violence. it's not just words and rhetoric
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that these people are using, but it's actual violence that he has not decided to try to quash. >> maxine waters told the tea party and conservatives that they could go straight to hell and actually said this is life. this is what happens. now the left was looking so hard for the tea party movement to do or to say something that they thought crossed the line. they didn't find it for the most part. the tea party police themselves, they were peaceful, they cleaned up of a themselves, and yet all these examples and still they are backing them. nobody has the morale courage to stand up and say the movement has gotten out of control, the violence has to stop, the antisemitism, the anti-americanism has to stop. do you think this becomes a big campaign issue? >> it could become a campaign issue. the hypocrisy here is so glaring and that touches many aspects of
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our government and our culture. that class warfare that barack obama is perpetuating, via us endorsement of the occupy wallstreet protestors is quite significant, as a campaign issue i wish candidates would start talking about the class warfare that president obama does perpetuate and more importantly, that they start talking about what the solutions are and what the candidates can do about it. they are talking about the crony capitalism that is a part of this white house and this congress today and how it is that they commit to reform, how they commit to cleaning up the corruption and waste in government. >> we had earlier this week on the program peter schweizer and he wrote the book and says throw them all out. and he describes in the book all the millions of dollars that congress is making on insider
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trading. for any one of us out here, if we are involved with insider afraiding we go to jail. it's legal for congress. or the initial public offerings nancy pelosi got, and solyndra, the green energy scam. why aren't these very same people that are against crony capitalism, against the billions of dollars that these guys are wasting and the millions they are making for themselves? where is the anger against them? >> right. well for shame they are not angry at what is going on. what is going on in our country right now is very, very significant, it's very important. it's much more important than the distractions that the media and barack obama and his coneys want americans to engage in, distractions in terms of gaffes or mistakes or potential the presidents, the candidates in the gop primary have made. what is going on in this country
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is this recognition finally, though, and a lot of it is thanks to peter, who is someone i work with, and he worked with me and my pack, his book "throw them all out." what he is revealing is the corruption. he is allowing americans to realize we are at a tipping point. we are going bankrupt. we can no longer afford this expensive, atrocious activity that we see in congress where they exempt themselves of the laws that the rest of us have to adhere to. >> unbelievable. >> now barack obama is the leader of the pack, sean, and this is why it is so important that these 2012 elections that things change, that not only the presidency changes hands, but those in the house, those 33 seats in the senate that are up for grabs that we get people in there that are committed to not just american exceptionalism but ethics being brought back into our government. that the waste and the corruption end. these 2012 elections are paramount as this country faces the tipping point.
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>> i think you are absolutely right. and otherwise we continue the decline that i don't know if we will survive. stay right there. we will continue more with alaskan governor sarah palin after the break. we will get her reaction to the changing policy and the gop field. and steven chu is grilled on capitol hill over the botched taxpayer-funded lone to solyndra. that, much more, karl rove, and our media bias segment all coming up. is for more than dandruff. how it gives ma healthy scalp and great looking hair. but who used mine up? it was hines. seriously? you lying fool. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders: seven benefits, every bottle. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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>> now the iowa caucuses are fast approaching and the race for who will take on the anointed one in 2012 is still anyone's game. just look at former speaker newt gingrich's rise in just the past few weeks. now it wasn't that long ago that the mainstream obamamania media was saying he would soon have to pack up his campaign and head on home. now, aorder to go a brand new fox news poll that came out today, gingrich is now in the lead with 23% of the vote. romney is a close behind with 22, herman cain with 15. and the of changing field, fox news contributor, former alaskan governor, sarah palin. did you of think now maybe i should have jumped in? >> no. i think i can shake it up from the outside. that's what we are committed to do as we shed light on the darkness what is going on in our
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government. i can do that from the outside. >> we have the fox news poll. gingrich has surged up, herman cain has come down quite a bit after two weeks of nonstop controversy. then we have the poll out of iowa, which obviously the caucus january 3rd, gingrich 23, romney 22 and herm pain. and whoever exceeds expectations will have momentum coming out of there. what do you make of gingrich's rise and what advice would you give him for what you and i both agree will be the coming attacks against him? >> gingrich's rise doesn't surprise me. he's done so well in the debates and people are recognizing and respecting his experience in congress, understanding that, you know, he helped balance budgets way back when under clinton and we certainly need that today. but this is a horse race. it's going to come down to romney versus the nonromney. right now we are seeing people kind of switching up position and taking turns being that
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nonromney. so still much influx, much that is fluid, and my advice to newt and to these other candidates is read peter schweizer book and understand how important it is as we are at this tipping point to start doing something about the killed you are of corruption in our government because we cannot afford it joan march and hopefully they will start talking about that in their dough baits, in their ads and in their campaigns. >> how do you interpret it, a lot of people characterize it the same way, romney, nonromney. and romney has stayed consistent pretty much throughout this race at the top. other people have challenged him and fallen back. newt is certainly the latest. how do you interpret romney versus nonromney? what does that mean to you? >> well, romney, with about his 22% of the supporters who will show up to vote in those gop primary processes, he's been
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steady. he has -- they have that experience as a candidate now for four or five or six years essentially running for president so he has recognition. >> i think he's done well in the debates. >> he has done well in the debates and he has even been able to explain somewhat some of his what is in lay man's terms flip-flops. how he chose to take one position as the governor years ago, and now has kind of shifted gears and flip-flopped on some of these positions. he's been able to explain some of those. in those terms he has done well in the debates. but, you know, people -- i don't think that voters have made up their minds yet. they want to know that we have a real go-getter, somebody who really will understand what it is going to take to defeat barack obama and his billion dollars in the campaign war chest. >> that's going to be vicious. >> and 90% of the mainstream media who will be on his side. so many things that he will have
6:17 pm
as perceived advantage. how important it is that our gop nominee is geared up, ready to go to take this on because he's a form mid-i believe foe. >> i think the process is healthy. i would rather we settle all these issues, whatever they are, about every candidate so they are stronger and they don't have to spend a lot of time defending themselves. is there anyone that you see you are leaning towards endorsing? do you support romney or, to use your words, nonromney or someone else? do you have a preference or could you support any of the candidates? >> i don't have a preference yet. sean, it is very important, yes, this process of vetting. we learned our lesson from barack obama was not vetted and now we have a president with basically an invisible past. we don't understand what his foundation is and why he leads us in the direction of bankruptcy that he is leading us based on being not vetted and
6:18 pm
not a known commodity when he was elected. we learned our lesson there. very important this vetting process. however, we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted. distracted with what the media, and obama's cronies in the media want us to be distracted by semantics and gaffes, and cain pausing too long before he answers a question. all those little things that are part of the ideosin chrissys of somebody's character as they are running for office. we need to concentrate on what is really important. >> anyone can get away three times in one speech saying navy corpseman, i think anything is forgivable. he said it three times in his speech. >> and these are his own military personnel. he is commander in chief. and, of course, during the campaign saying that he had visited the 57 states and the rest of us were thinking, wait a
6:19 pm
minute -- >> did anyone see it on this memorial day? i know. >> yeah. there's a list of them. >> all right. governor, it's great to see you again. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> and coming up, brett breaks down this week's best biases in this week's liberal media. and a day of occupy wallstreet continues to erupt across america. karl rove was the recipient of some of the protesters' rage earlier this week. we have that shocking video next. ( phone ringing )
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>> and the craziness continues as occupation day rages into the night tonight. property damage, hundreds arrested and several more needlessly injured. but what's it all for? my next guest knows a thing or two about the occupy movement's anger e got to experience it firsthand tuesday night when he was interrupted mid-speech by some shouting protesters from occupy baltimore. take a look. >> today, it's 70% of gdp. [yelling] >> karl rove! >> is the architect. >> architect of occupy iraq.
6:24 pm
>> occupy of -- architect of occupy afghanistan. >> here's the deal. free speech, you have a chance. if you believe in the right of a -- [in discernible yelling] >> you wait until the -- [applause] >> anything you want. [applause] >> you think you are the only person and you have a right to be heard. >> joining me now with his reaction to the madness, the insanity, the courage of the new york city best-seller, encouraging consequence, former bush advisor, fox news contributor -- you were great. i enjoyed that. well, look. let's put this in perspective. there were 700, 800, 900 people in the room.
6:25 pm
that were 15 people who were escorted out of the room for disrupting it. not a single one of them was a student at john's hopkins university, my host for the evening. instead they were a bunch of fascists from the occupy wallstreet movement that determined they had a right to speak and nobody else had a right this that auditorium. >> let's me talk about the politcams. we look at not only what happened at your speech but what happened all day today in new york. you have anarchists, a lot of people expressing antisemitism, and you have pampered brats a part of this group, you had seven officers, one officer i understand needed seven stitches today. and where is this all coming from? to what extent is president obama and his class warfare rhetoric do you think inspired this? >> well, look, the president embraced this movement right from the start. he was quick to go out there and say i understand their frustrations and applauded them.
6:26 pm
former speaker nancy pelosi said got bless them for their spontaneity. professor elizabeth warren, running for the united states senate in massachusetts for the democratic nomination, claimed that she gave them the, quote, intellectual foundation for occupy wallstreet. the question is are all three of those people quick to embrace the violence we now see on our televisions? is it spontaneity they were calling for, shouting down their political opponent, and the, quote, political frustration" for the mindless violence? they want destruction of the american system and they want to be in charge. they were chanting at john's hopkins, we are the 99. really? you are 15 people out of about 800 or 900. that doesn't work out to 99%. >> a lot of people wanted to hear the architect speak. as far as i'm concerned, the father of the occupy movement is the president. now all of these instances of rape and violence, et cetera, of
6:27 pm
that gone on, the drug dealing, the sex in public, masturbation in public, all this has gone on and none of the democrats have distanced themselves from it. >> right. >> not one of them. i think that speaks volumes about them. if it was the tea party i think we might have heard a thing or too, karl. >> and i wouldn't agree he's the father. somebody else came up with the idea but he's too quick to embrace it. he's the president of the united states. he ought to show some restraint. and after embracing it, and nancy pelosi and professor warren, you think they would have a morale responsibility to denounce the violence, denounce the antisemitism, denounce the -- this spectacle is so extreme in its nature and so out of touch with reality that the president of the united states ought to say, let's focus on, if you want to change the system, get involved and change the system. not block aid the brooklyn bridge and then, you know, pound the drums into the night so that
6:28 pm
everybody in lower manhattan goes insane. >> the reason i say father is because, you know, that's a pretty powerful position being president. when he goes out and says republicans want dirty air, dirty water, that the rich don't pay their fair share, et cetera, i think he's inspired a lot of the rhetoric because it's been shouted back at us. >> when he went after bankers and excoriated them and that they are undig anified and unworthy of any president of the united states. >> absolutely. we have two new policy out today. one newt in the lead by one point. he's at 23%. you've got mit romney at 22, herman cain at 15. then you've got this iowa poll which is amazing, gingrich 32, romney 19, cain 13. that's pretty amazing leap for newt gingrich. your thoughts? >> national polls i tend to see as having more, you know, at the national poll i tend to accept
6:29 pm
more. i think newt has been showing slow and steady progress. and then as the air has gone out of cain's campaign, you know, his campaign, we are in newtmania right now. the iowa one is an outlier. this one shows a huge drop -- excuse me, a huge jump for newt. and i have talked to people in iowa that says it just doesn't feel right. we give every poll scientific precision but sometimes there are what we call out liars and i think they might have overstated the changes in iowa because it's so different from policy that are literally days old. >> but there are policy that also show him close to 20%. >> right. >> so let's say somewhere in the middle it's still a great showing. here's what it seems to be coming down to because we are getting close. iowa caucuses are january 23rd we aren't that far away. mit romney has been steady and consistent and at the top of the pack for the entire time. we've had different people challenge him and fall back.
6:30 pm
newt is now challenging him in a pretty severe way. do you think he would be able to do what the other candidates have not been able to do, sustain it knowing that these aagainst news are going to ratchet up? >> well, the investigation in his record and his statements and his past actions is going to ratchet up. and we want it to happen because we want whoever the nominee is to be thoroughly vetted and no surprise necessary a general election that can be exploited by president obama and his group of chicago- style pals. this is a helpful process. unfortunately it's dominated by people in the media that have a left of center prejudice, even if they don't admit it. newt has one advantage here and that is thanksgiving. we are going to have a three or four or five or six days of attention here but by tuesday or wednesday of next week the attention is going to drop off and we will be paying attention to the turkey and family and football games. >> and then it's three weeks and then goes away again for a week. >> that's right. and then three weeks until the
6:31 pm
21 or the 22nd are december, and then it starts to go dead until just after -- we will pay a little bit of attention in the week between christmas and new year but then people will be going to vote in iowa on the 3rd of january and there will be drunks still nursing a hangover from new year's wandering into the caucuses. there is one disadvantage n iowa you have to have an organization. if you are in the policy at 14% or 20%, in order to get to 17% or 24 or 25% you have to have an organization that will turn out your vote. you can't rely on good feelings and momentum to get them out there. that is the question. does newt have an organization there? because he has been without staff and been without headquarters until very recent. the question is during this time of holidays can he gear it up? >> all right. appreciate it. the and one and only architect, heckled as he was, appreciate you being with us. >> you bet. thanks. >> let not your heart be troubled with our great, great, great american panel.
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cal1-800-medice or visit to learn re. >> welcome back to hannity. time for media mash, our weekly roundup of all the ways the mainstream of obamamania media try to put their spin on the news. to go through this week's material there's never a shortage. the president of the media center, brent bosell. welcome back. how are you? >> how are you, sean. are you surviving today? >> why wouldn't i -- oh, you mean occupy new york day in. >> yeah. >> i managed to stay away from the trouble and i hope to get home safely. >> there are bloomberg's water guns? that's all i want to know. >> i have ton honest. the fact the mayor has let it go on, i think in part he's responsible. and when he chicken the out the first time he was going to clean it up. but he's concerned about our salt intake. you can't get salt in a
6:37 pm
restaurant unless you ask for it. we will have to sneak in salt packets and i'll get a ticket for putting salt on my food. i like salt. i like a lot of salt. that's between me and my doctor how much salt intake i have. let me ask you this. we know obama said republicans want dirtier air, dirtier water and they don't pay their fair share. but three multiple choices for obama are republicans uninformed, out of touch or unresponsible? here's what i mean. >> last night at the republican debate, some of the hopefuls, they hope to get your job, they defended the practice of waterboarding, which is the practice that you banned in 2009. herman cain said, quote, i don't see that as torture. michele bachman said that, quote, it's very effective. so i'm wondering if you think they are uninformed, out of touch or irresponsible? >> that's a multiple choice question, isn't it?
6:38 pm
>> how about maybe right or how about just a simple objective question, what do you think of what they said? how is that? >> or why not just call them that while you are at it? this is a narrative. they can't defend barack obama. barack obama can't defend his record. they can only go on the attack. and you are seeing it. we talk about it every week and they are showing us every single week. now it's not just barack obama calling the american people lazy, it's the insults from the media. you are out of touch, you are irresponsible, you are not just not at enlightened as barack obama is. you are not as wise. what are you doing on the same stage as this man? that's what they want you to think about. they don't want you to think about the $15 trillion or 9 .1 unemployed or a disastrous economy. they don't want you to go there. they want you to think about how bad the republicans are and you will hear is every single week. >> we've had no many
6:39 pm
anti-semantic remarks at this occupy wallstreet, anti-americanism, filth, rape, you name it, it's unbelievable. i want you to analyze this next cut talking about burning new york city down and molotov cocktails in macy's with how the media covered the tea party. i want you to analyze this through that prism. >> on the 17th we will meet [bleep] the at the new york stock exchange and we will burn this [bleep] and down on the 17th. and on the 17th we are going to be [bleep], we are going to burn this [bleep] down. >> no more talking. they got guns, we got bombs, they got bricks, we got rocks. let's see what they have got. >> they have missiles, we got bombs. >> i want you to -- he want them to make that decision n a few days they will see what a
6:40 pm
molotov cocktail can do to macy's. >> molotov cocktail. they looked so hard the media but they couldn't find what they wanted on the tea party. >> reality here. >> why? >> reality. at a tea party event somebody allegedly used the "n" word once. that was nonstop media coverage and never mind it never happened. but when this is going on and it goes on all over the country every single day, just watch fox tv and you will see it all day long. go on the internet and look at the pictures of the rapes, the assaults, and it is getting really ugly out there. you said a minute ago to a certain degree you held bloomberg responsible, as do i. i'm starting to hole the national news media responsible for this as well because they are not telling the truth, they are not telling the american people what is going on and this is being allowed to continue. if the public, if the millions of people watching abc, nbc, cbs
6:41 pm
and the new york times and the washington post, if they saw and 23 they read, they knew what was going on out there, they wouldn't stand for this. i'm starting to hold the media responsible. >> let's go to the media and your study at mrc. these are the morning shows. you compare 2007 to 2011. one instance where they labeled democratic democrats liberal, 49 times conservative in that case. you've got 82% of ideal logical questions to republican questions. 18% that weren't adversarial. and in 2007, 72% of i had logical questions to democratic candidates from the left. it is the exact opposite. >> it's an incredible snapshot. look, there's nothing -- it's absolutely correct, i think, to put 49 conservative labels on the republicans, that's correct. but in 2007 with edwards, clinton and obama, you had
6:42 pm
absolute doctrineare liberals, and one label for them. gloom% hardball questions to republicans, and 72% softballs to democrats. >> unbelievable. >> this is the news media and then they call themselves journalists. this is a joke. >> one question on bill ayers. one question. >> all right. good to see you. a great american. >> thank you, sean. >> speaking of great americans, the great, great, great american panel is next. this is not how witness protection works!
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>> gretchen hamel is back, and michael players, and author of
6:47 pm
the next great bull market, a business expert, matt mccall. all right. solyndra, secretary chu it was and let's roll some of that tape. >> the lone guarantee to solyndra was subject to proper rigorous scrutiny and healthy debate during every phase of the process. as a secretary of decision the final decisions on solyndra were mine and i made them with the best interest of the taxpayers in mind and i want to be clear, over the course of solyndra's loan guarantee, i did not make any decision based on political considerations. >> no. just like they were told don't fire people until after the election. so big bundlers buy big access and they get in this case $535 million, others billions of taxpayer dollars and they bought the influence, they got the money as payback, didn't they? >> absolutely. the more money you have, the more money you can make. they have money to get to lobbyists and they got the loan
6:48 pm
gary tee from -- guarantee frome government. to say it wasn't a police cal thing, what is? green, green, green, you are pushing solyndra. you push any source out there, they were getting crushed out there. people don't want solar on their roofs right now, they don't want to go there. >> they have taken this money and poured it down the drain and the people got it because they are close to obama and raise money for his campaign. >> crony capitalism is one of the biggest problems we have right now in washington. it's created most of the problems we have, the crushing debt burden. it's just one of those things, and i believe this is really what the occupy wallstreet movement is misguided. this is what they need to be talking about. they need to be going after crony capitalists. >> and it's interesting all of this for a $500 million photo op on the part of president obama. ii have a question about the secretary. was he under oath? he reminded me of the attorney general of the united states
6:49 pm
when he goes to congress and lies and deceives. but everything about the obama administration, in my judgment, is pure political and politicized, including the double standards, and double -- >> how is it all these people raise money, they bought the access, they got the money, the money is wasted. he said due diligence. are you kidding me? honest debate? no. they were told the month and the year that it was going to be bankrupt. the first time the government of predicted anything accurately. >> but the point is that we understand what they are doing. this is double talk. this is desings. and they believe their own rhetoric but the american people do not and i hope and trust the congress does not. >> the government is trying to do something good because they are pushing greenishtive. which if you do something that employs a lot of people and keeps the economic system running it's bad to give them money. >> we give money to an electric car company in finland, we tell brazil we will give you money and we will be your best
6:50 pm
customer if you drill. we won't drill here. but he wants us to inflate our tires and get tune-ups to get better gas mileage. >> the government needs to get oat of the business of doing business. >> and giving. >> and being in business because that's not what government should be doing. they continue to make bad decisions and bad decision test cost of taxpayers and at the cost to future generations. >> but the cost of corruption here. they were warned it was going to happen. they did it anyway. a -- remember, this was denied by the bush administration as they were leaving. they force it had through as they did with sun power and a bunch of other companies, all big supporters of the president, big bundlers, and the question is now with the taxpayer on the hook, where is the anger? so much anger about rich people and wall street. >> it's not corruption when you are in power. only corruption when you are out of power and somebody else and decides they want to prosecute. >> insider trading is legal for
6:51 pm
congressmen and women, and the government made money off the money they length to major banks. they made money on that. they so are putting $535 million and losing money on a company that shouldn't have got money but they made money on investing in the system. >> do you think we will have another bull market? are those real diamonds on that thing, the watch? >> let me see. >> put that watch out. >> other than the watch, what kind. watch is that? >> it's a nice watch. >> it's a swiss watch. >> okay. we are going to come back. we will ask about the gingrich rise and we will talk a little bit about occupy wallstreet, as we continue. mike meyers is dying to speak. there's so much more insight to be stow on us. more of the great american panel straight ahead. ♪
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>> michael meyers just came in. he was hanging out with the occupy wallstreet crowd. >> that's right. teaching them what the first amendment really means. >> what is that? >> bloomberg blew it. he should have had a teachable moment. he should have told them from the first amendment really does and what is doesn't do. first amendment does not protecten campments. it gives you the right to free speech, including antisemitism, which -- >> wait a minute. >> which means we understand what they are because we make a
6:56 pm
judgment based on their free speech. but also the first amendment does not allow you to sit down in a public park and take it over. the first amendment has restrictions, limitations. >> you can't masturbate in public, you can't walk around naked? >> that's what i mean, bloomberg talks about their first amendment right and then 1:00 in the morning he goes in without telling them i've changed my mind. >> that was pretty bad. when it comes to occupy wallstreet, i really think it's misguided. it's miss directed. they are hating the player instead of hating the game. and the game is what washington has created. it's the system that washington has created. >> good point. >> you actually reward friends and give favors. and the 1%, it's about the maker and the takers and people who are profiting at other people's costs. >> what is the political fallout for the president and the
6:57 pm
democrats, i think obama has inspired them with his class warfare rhetoric. >> i think this will hurt him. the average american is not backing the occupy wallstreet as much as they were a month ago. it will begin to fall. today in new york, you were talking to the guy who worked on the new york stock exchange, they make $55,000 a year. he's not the 1%. suddenly he can't bet to work. he is trying to make the buck to get home to his or her kids and he can't do that now because there are people screaming at him, telling he's a bad person for working his butt off being a good american and you are going to lose that and obama is going to get hurt. >> let me move to presidential politics. the rise of newt in the policy. you were saying during the are break you don't support newt. why? >> i'm nonpart is san so i don't support any candidate for office. i will vote my conscious. i will say this about that --
6:58 pm
>> you sound like clinton now. >> the african-american poet had a great line. let america be america again and that's what i'm looking for. i'm looking for a person that's an outstanding american, good judgment, with knowledge. >> i know that person. >> you know in terms. the republican party? >> like cain? >> i think the competitive people in the race in terms of substance, knowledge, seasoning, experience, good judgment. >> who? >> would be romney on the republican side. >> so you like romney. >> i like romney. >> i like romney. he's a about good guy. >> i am going to wait for the other 500 debates to actually happen before i make my decision. but i think we've got some good candidates out there. it will be interesting to see how it plays out the next few months. >> do you think newt, for example, these poll scrubs have gone up dramatically. his debate performances have been great. >> that contributes. >> i think that contributed a lot. and romney has done well.
6:59 pm
i think santorum and michele bachman have done well, as well but they aren't as close in the policy. herman cain has taken a hit s it going to be newt versus romney? >> well, we've had others. i think romney will be there at the end so matter what happens. i personally think the run by newt right now has substance. i think he stays up there because he is so intelligent. and sure, he made a few gaffes in the last decade or two but i think people are overlooking that and thinking we need someone in there now like him. >> and he was the architect of the republican victory in '94. >> i think americans are look for a real commander in chief to replace the traveler in chief. the traveler in chief that's always bashing the america. i think that's the case. but if the republicans make a mistake they get the traveler back in as commander in chief. >> but they are looking for someone smart, new ideas and not


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