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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 18, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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a to tell us what you liked, didn't liked and loved. o'reilly factor is next. good night from the nation's capital, washington, d.c.. race. good night. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel who is already laughing, eric bolling and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." a busy friday so first, what is going on, on wall street? occupy protesters are now terrorizing little kids on their way to school. we'll show you the tapes. plus, exciting news for bob beckel. donald trump may yet jump in the 2012 race. and what n.f.l. team made this little girl so upset? [ crying ]
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>> ] >> dana: poor thing. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: our top story tonight, rich liberal hypocrisy. a group of so-called patrioting millionaires went to capitol hill asking for their taxes to be raised but when push came to shove, they weren't willing to pay up. >> we should be paying more of our fair share. there is a lot of talk about shared sacrifice, but i haven't seen anybody asking the people who benefited the most from the policies that led to the deficit, the wealthy. >> okay, now is your chance. i have the department of treasury right here. would you like to donate a few thousand dollars? >> no, i wouldn't. >> would you be willing to donate to the department of treasury? >> individually? >> yes. >> no. we believe. >> i'mfy lon tropically active -- philanthropically active. >> dana: what is the point?
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you'd think with their money they could come up with a consultant the give them a better name. >> greg: i love it. it reminds me of a club i go to the city, you pay to get beaten up. you go down there and you chicken out at the last minute. how is it patriotic to feed your government all your money? that is giving heroin to a junkie, it's patriotic. a bad thing to do. it's hypocritical to be called patriotic. it's patriotic to stop the government from spending your money, bob. >> bob: it's called s&m club. >> dana: if you want to donate more money to the treasury department, you can do so, right? >> eric: you can. that is hilarious. here the paper you want. me? not me. collectively, jackass, yes. go for it. this is warren buffett epitomized right here. everyone should pay more. warren, you want to pay more? well, i would. warren, you want berkshire hathaway to pay more? not my company. just me personally.
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there it is, hypocritical. >> dana: one thing that -- go ahead. i want to hear what you say about that part. >> bob: you used a swear word and i'll get in trouble for it. here is my point. first of all, that little trap was laid by tucker carlson, the right wing rag, "daily caller" or whatever they call it. >> bob: >> greg: i thought you got along? >> bob: i do. we get along. >> andrea: that was not a trap at all. >> bob: i didn't finish my point. >> andrea: go ahead. >> bob: listen, here is the point. you can't ask them individually to give their money. they want people rich over $1 million to pay more taxes. they are right. you have the biggest free ride. people like eric have been running free for 30 years. >> eric: do you know what taxes i pay? stop it. if you want more taxes, start
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here. sign it. maybe others will follow you. >> greg: this is the beauty of collective sacrifice. every liberal mantra, when you approach them, their arms get shoulder. >> dana: if it's not about them paying individual taxes who are they speaking for? a lot of people inherited money or did well in business or hit the lotto when it came to stock options like aol. >> andrea: who are they speaking for? when you ask liberals how much is fair they never give an answer. how much is fair? they are already paying majority of taxes. >> bob: that guy wouldn't give $2,000. eric said c'mon, big shot, put it up. >> andrea: you and bruce springsteen and scottie pippen and jon bon jovi you don't have to take your deductions. you don't have to take government subsidiaries. you don't have to take any of
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that. >> bob: i won't take detoxes this year. >> andrea: there you go. then you will be a patriot. >> bob: these guys have something they said here. they are right. if you don't think this pomsy has favored rich people, you are kidding yourself. it's been the biggest run that anybody -- >> dana: then why aren't they willing to put their money where their mouth is? >> bob: they want collectively other people to pay it. >> dana: they want others to pay it for them. >> greg: that is the motto for leftism. other people do it. on the philanthropic side of things, people with money are able to donate. i think faith-based organizations do better job of taking care of the government. >> bob: there are organizations that give time and not their money. >> dana: you can give however you want to give.
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if you tax people more, it's not going to increase charitable contributions and it won't help the economy. don't just take it from me. president obama said that last december that the worst thing we could do is raise taxes in a recession. >> bob: that is because he was held up. >> andrea: why did he go after the charitable donations? >> bob: do you ever get tired of defending that? >> greg: do you tire of defending obama? >> bob: yes. as a matter of fact i do. >> eric: get tired of crashing job-creators? >> greg: do you get tired of purple suspenders? >> bob: no. >> dana: you never get tired of occupy wall street. yesterday, something happened i think is worth talking about. that was some of the protes protesters following kids home, screaming at them and terrorizing them. >> these guys are terrorists, yelling at little kids. >> for them, it's horrible. they're afraid, the crowd,
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they were not even able to get through. he is very afraid now. >> they're doing a parade. >> a parade? >> yeah. >> was it fun or was it scary? >> it was a little scary. >> how come? it was crowded at the school. >> it was really crowded? >> yeah. >> dana: nothing like a kid telling the truth. >> greg: here is the thing. the truth is no new york city school child could be terrified by your average gender studies major. those kids could take those protesters because the protesters are a bunch of wusses. >> andrea: they're thugs. >> bob: oh, i see. can i ask a question? the poor children who were terrorized today bay couple of crazy people, i grant you that. what about the other 50 days down there, we didn't see anything else about the kids. >> andrea: they were too busy terrorizing women then at this time. >> bob: they let the kids go for 51 days. >> andrea: this is obama's occupy wall street. and pelosi's occupy wall street. why don't you let them defend
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them. they have to defend it now. >> bob: happy to defend the people. >> eric: yesterday was the day of action and they were blocking the subway entrance. the kids weren't getting in limos going to school. they were trying to get to the subway. >> bob: that was badhing and i wish they'd get up and go to your beach house. >> andrea: a couple of crazies. there were 250 arrests yesterday in one day. >> greg: it's bullying. anderson cooper and lady gaga run a charge against bullying. why don't they speak out -- they are woefully silent. >> bob: why don't you mention the people down there that don't do these things. >> greg: they are running out. they got smart and went home. >> bob: there are probably a lot of crazies left down there. i understand that. if i was still drinking i'd be down there. >> eric: you'd if it right in. >> bob: i would. a crowd of people with a statement to make and wall street guys stated it. >> bob: it's no -- >> greg: no longer an indictment. the number of occupy wall street is small and infiltrators are large. this is now reflecting a movement. >> dana: i want to ask something about the reaction
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of senator tom coburn of oklahoma who said it gets to what do they want in occupy wall street? he said what they want to us do is massive distribution of wealth, i don't want to earn it. you have to give it to me. they are proposing the end of our country. do you think it's over the top or accurate? gest i think it's accurate. >> andrea: the greatest irony of all this is anarchy in the name of big government. that is what is crazy about the whole thing. i do wasn't want currency, they don't want to use the dollars anymore and now they don't want the kids going to school. >> bob: that is what you you think of the entire left? we don't want kids going to school. >> andrea: they are aided by the union thugs. the seiu that is down at the demonstrations are friends of the president. >> bob: did you wake up in a bad mood this morning? >> andrea: i didn't. >> bob: you keep cutting me off. tom coburn right wing republican.
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what do you expect? ask liberal what is they think. >> greg: but they are proposing the end of capitalism. they aren't hiding that. they aren't hiding it. ad busters started this whole thing. virulently anti-capitalism. >> bob: i'm anti-capitalism the way they see capitalism, 1% of the people get all the money. >> dana: good for some, not for others. >> bob: good for 1%, not good for 9%. >> dana: niz last words, eric? >> eric: they're against crony capitalism, but what is going on in d.c. is crony sociallism and a lot worse. they don't have a problem with it. >> dana: we'll talk about that in the hour. but up next on "the five," did you know that democrat jon corzine whose company went down the drain helped create president obama trillion-dollar stimulus. we have interesting tape on that. don't forget to elmail us at ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back. every wonder why trillion-dollars in stimulus we've blown under obama hasn't created jobs? maybe they should look at who is advising the clowns in obama land? >> jobs, corzine was at the forefront, he worked with me to develop the recovery act, but he is one of the best partners i have in the white house. we work together. >> barack obama and i were literally sitting at a desk in a high-rise in chicago. beginning to plan how we would try to get this economy out of a ditch. literally. the first guy i called was jon corzine. i literally picked up the phone and called jon corzine and said, "jon, what do you think we should do?" >> eric: nice job, taking financial advice that practically bankrupted everything he touched including a wall street bank. the entire state of new jersey
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and now mf global where they are looking for $600 million of questionably used customer funds. andrea, no wonder we are losing money over the stimulus package. >> andrea: 1%er. if this were republican you'd hear more about it in the media. he gave him credit for stimulus. they are both big government liberals and the correlation that believe in bail-outs. if you look at why m.f. global went down, it's because corzine bet it on big government european bail-outs to save his risky bets. >> eric: bob, another democrat -- >> bob: let me make a point. as far as making half a billion, did anybody else at this table make half a billion? i didn't think so. >> greg: we also lost $600 million. 100 in the hole. that is okay, it's other people's money. >> eric: can i point out something about the hat? i bumped in governor perry and he said nice hat, it's not $4 there.
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it's $5 trillion. >> greg: that is the bumper stick they're goes on the back of a car eric. it doesn't go on your head. >> bob: right. >> eric: the guy bankrupted new jersey. >> bob: is this beaten up joe biden one? we have run six hits. dabs that is classic. >> bob: he was campaigning for corzine. >> dana: he didn't figuratively call him. he literally called him. >> bob: i make the point over and over, if we haven't been for stimulus we'd be in a depression. what was wrong with the stimulus? >> andrea: wow! >> eric: unemployment went up. >> bob: it would have gone up to 13%. >> dana: corzine's approach to governing helped lead to governor chris christie win in new jersey. but i do think that the company that corzine lost control of, and now the question of did they use customer money when they knew it was failing in an
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inappropriate way, so there could be criminal problems going forward. it doesn't fit the narrative of the media of the greedy wall street banker on the republican side of things. if it had, i think a lot more of the mainstream media would have covered it. >> bob: y'all wouldn't be jumping on this guy, be before he became governor. he used $200 million of his own money he made in your capitalist system. when he was at goldman sachs i bet you thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. >> eric: i don't have a problem with a guy work manage the private sector not taking bail-out money, this is prior to that. no problem. he got paid. whatever. when he took the money and got himself elected, senator, then governor of new jersey. then buried the state behind -- >> bob: he buried the state of new jersey? >> eric: this is important. before he left when he lost, before he left he signed an agreement with the union saying that they would never lose collective bargaining. >> bob: good. >> eric: if they got rid of
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the collective bargaining, the numbers would spike. christie broke that agreement and went to bat for them. >> greg: what i love most about the story, joe biden called corzine the smartest guy he knows. which is a grea not a great endorsement. that's jeffrey dahmer calling you a great cook. i don't understand economic for i read the story on sine zune. took an hour to read it. he commingleed funds. that is violation, i don't know, he has to go to jail, right? i don't know enough about this. >> eric: he would go to jail if -- right now i have friends on the board of the company, full disclosure, right now it look like he may have done it solo. if the board said don't do it and he did it, then he may have. >> andrea: i agree with the way that m.f. global went down, though. he took risky bets, they were bad bets, stupid bets based on big government, european bail-out but it went under. investments lost their money. the firm went away. instead of what happened with goldman sachs.
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the taxpayers had to go and bail-out aig, goldman's insurer. that is not the way -- >> bob: because of years of republican support. by the way, you keep talking about this. remember, this great recession you keep talking about was brought to us by the free market system. >> eric: hold on. hold on. glad you brought that up. earlier today i was hanging out with the huntsman daughter no less, they had a few ideas -- ideas -- >> greg: did they like your hat? >> eric: take a listen. mr. robert beckel, liberal commentator from "the five." >> i'm blocking. i like greg gutfeld. >> really? changing the -- you're a fan? >> he brings spice. diversity. >> i'm going to block it, because i am going to talk about eric. >> there you go! >> dana: that must have been a hard segment. >> bob: is this -- >> dana: like to meet the campaign that suggested they come on your show. >> eric: that was fantastic. you should see what they did about kim kardashian. >> bob: i don't care what they did about kim kardashian.
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see what they did about me. >> eric: they love you. that was love. >> bob: that is love? >> andrea: you have a rough job, don't you? >> bob: please take the hat off. please take it off. >> dana: that is a good thing. >> greg: he twinkled. >> bob: i don't know what that is. who is queen? >> eric: it's a band -- >> dana: talk about that in the break. >> eric: coming up, 30-year-old hollywood mystery is reopened and witness says he knows who killed actress natalie wood. details next on "the five." ♪ ♪ if you've just signed up for medicare or will soon, there's no time like the present to consider all your health insurance options. does medicare alone meet your needs? would additional coverage be better for you?
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." talk about a blast from the past. 30 years after a coroner ruled that three-time oscar nominee gnatry wood's death was an accident, the sheriff offices decided to reopen the case. today at a press conference, lieutenant john corina had this to say about the investigation. >> we have several sources that have come forward with additional information. as i said, we have found it to be credible enough to go ahead and take another look at the case. what we're doing is saying we are not afraid -- if we get new information we deem to be credible, we are not afraid to go out and act upon the information. that's what we're doing. >> andrea: incredible 306789 years later, greg, not just saying multiple pieces of information, but saying multiple sources. people are asking what could they find now? are they going to exhume the body? probably not good chance of dna? >> greg: i don't know. don't we have enough crime? we have to go back three decades to find old crime? there must be stuff going on now that the police can deal with. this happened 30 years ago.
11:27 pm
i can't remember what we did on the show yesterday. so i just think, i don't know. i think this is a guy with a book out, right? >> eric: you call dana "andrea." >> greg: i don't even know who you are right now. >> bob: you know, i don't know -- the multiple sources here all come from the same jerk. captain davern. >> andrea: dennis davern >> eric: who is writing a book or proposing a book and trying to shop it out there to anybody who would take it for 15 years. now a bunch of people wrote to cops saying they are all loaded listening to this jerk go off and they send in a letter saying new information. from the same guy. he is a phony jerk. >> dana: he is probably dined off the story for 30 years. >> andrea: i agree in l.a., you think the l.a. sheriff doesn't have anything else better to do? >> bob: exactly. dabs but they want this, hollywood always needs a scandal or trial going on. two weeks ago we talked about michael jackson's doctor, he was found guilty. when we have that appeal to
11:28 pm
come forward. liz taylor on the tabloid papers every day. demi and ashton broke up. the world is spinning out of control. >> bob: if they want real serious to look at important crime, the great labor leaders of all time, jimmy hoffa, under route 10 in michigan. it'd like hi that pursued. >> eric: way back then they thought obama would be soft on crime? >> andrea: i cannot believe you brought the natalie wood case back to obama. only you. >> bob: you can't believe it? you can't believe he did that? bopsey twins bringing obama to everything? >> andrea: unabomber bashing bopsey -- the obama bashing bopsey twins? >> bob: yes. >> greg: this is a tip. don't drink on a boat. drinking makes you feel like you are on a boat when you are on dry land. going on a boat, drinking and
11:29 pm
going on a boat cancels out. you're sober. >> bob: whe i had a boat i was drinking on it. >> andrea: this segment -- >> dana: that's why you had a waterbed? >> bob: i woke up at the wheel of a boat and down almost to the bay, about 150 miles. dangerous. >> greg: a bad thing. always end the story with don't do that. >> bob: it was a sad story back then. i love to see pictures of her. great looking. don't exhume her. >> andrea: you brought up the captain who is in question. i will assume they take in to consideration that he has a book coming out. he came on "the today show" and we sound from it. this is why he is question. he has conflicting stories. told geraldo one and now another. listen. >> the fight between satly wood and her -- natalie wood and her husband robert wagner
11:30 pm
ultimately led to her death? >> yes. >> how so? >> like, i said, that is up to the investigators to decide. >> andrea: greg? >> greg: i love when they have a bad interviewer they put him in front of books. that will make his i.q. seem 30, 40 points higher. if we have him in front of books. >> andrea: wait, i did the o'reilly factor with bookcase behind me, faux bookcase. >> bob: for that guy they are going to spend millions of bucks in l.a. county to open up a cold case like this? are you kidding me? >> andrea: they are. more exciting news for you, bob. guess what? donald trump may get back in the presidential race. >> bob: oh, my heart. >> andrea: bob is so excited. same close. -- stay close. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: oh, yeah. welcome back to "the five." do we really have to talk about this? donald trump's wife says he may be getting back in the 2012 presidential race. my heart be still. i can't believe it. i'm ready to sign up. i just, a day without donald trump is like a day with strangers. what do you think? first, let me tell you something. do you know a little about politics. he has missed the deadline for half the state in the country. but maybe the donald could change it around. who knows? >> greg: i have it on good authority that donald trump will say something and later we will report on it. >> bob: exactly. >> greg: that's how it wor
11:37 pm
works. >> bob: you are a good friend of trump. >> eric: i am. >> bob: i think he is a funny nice guy. >> eric: he is a smart guy and made millions of dollars and employed billions of people. >> bob: billions? >> eric: hundreds of thousands of people and paid billion in taxes, what i mean to say. great guy. i don't think he will run. a book deal coming out and show coming up. they may want him to run. but listen, he -- >> greg: asked by the way -- >> eric: hold on. >> bob: seriously. he is just doing analysis like -- >> eric: you have to admit, every candidate wants donald's endorsement. >> bob: oh, yeah, they sure do. >> eric: why? he's respected. >> andrea: i penned a couple of columns supporting him before he pulled the i'm going to run and i'm going to run and then didn't. i wasn't endorsing him but i said let the man speak. he is an effective mouthpiece for the g.o.p. because he has the biggest megaphone out of anyone. if he wants to take shots at the president, let him do it. i think it hurts his credibility. he is saying he is going to
11:38 pm
run when he's not. >> greg: he was screaming about the birth certificate for how long. it didn't help anybody. >> eric: one day. >> greg: one day? one day? it's a long day. >> eric: please! i mentioned it one day, too. it's like -- it lives forever on the internet. >> bob: you are in the tank. >> eric: he is a good guy. brilliant guy. >> bob: i know you like the guy. nice guy. dana, help us here. did you watch him do that analysis? could you just serious analysis of donald trump running for president? with a straight face. >> dana: i could, yes. but i'm not going to do. because you are right. i mean it is a little bit -- it's beyond the deadline now. it's not possible. remember, we had all the people like sarah palin, and chris christie and others until the deadline were like should i run, should i not? it could be that he thinks none of the candidates in the current g.o.p. field are good enough. he does on my point of view
11:39 pm
help put questions to president obama's administration. [ laughter ] wow! >> bob: move on? what is next? >> help me. >> bob: christmas tree. didn't have it on the prompter. i'm sorry, i played football. >> dana: are you obama, you need a prompter? >> bob: a tax on christmas tree. and eric went off on obama trying to dump on christmas. i was all in favor of it for two reasons. one, supposed to promote and sell christmas trees. that would get rid of the horrendous phony christmas trees from new york and on "jersey shore" think it's good. you get my drift, right? >> andrea: if more people would buy christmas trees around christmas. santa needs marketing help. you're right. >> bob: we need to crush the elves' union. they're ruining the country. >> bob: do you not think the phony christmas trees are the worst possible things --
11:40 pm
>> dana: the white ones are. >> bob: terrible. >> dana: i kind of -- >> bob: they're in everybody's window. >> dana: i like the ones already strung up with lights. it's organized and easy to deal with. >> eric: you would be a great santa claus. >> bob: thank you. >> eric: right? >> dana: he could wear the funny hat thing. >> eric: didn't you say you played baby jesus? >> bob: i did. yeah. >> eric: right? >> bob: but i was a little kid. >> greg: aren't we going to take credit for this? weren't we the ones that first started yelling apt this fee? i think we should take credit for it. >> eric brought it up. >> dana: give the heritage foundaon credit for bringing it up but obama administration need credit realizing a p.r. disaster that it would have been and they killed in a 24-hour period. >> bob: we have to move on. >> andrea: another p.r. misstep. >> bob: this is why producers are so good here, i don't have anything in my ear piece and i can't do anything straight without one.
11:41 pm
>> eric: phone is ringing. >> bob: it's my bookie again. put it down. what was governor perry -- this is for you, eric. please put my phone down. >> eric: it's off. >> bob: governor perry, your guy, says that he announced he wants to have a debate. right? with nancy pelosi. >> eric: all right. all right. so he says, i would like to offer nancy pelosi a debate. >> dana: not a date. debate. >> greg: did they walk in a bar? >> eric: but she shot back saying i can't remember the third place i'm going to be. ha, ha. but perry shot back again. can we take a listen? >> bob: oh, we actually have tape? we do. sorry. >> i chuckled a bit when nancy pelosi, she may have forgotten all the reasons she can't debate me on overhauling washington, d.c., but american people sure haven't forgotten. >> what he did ask if i could debate here in washington on monday. it is my understanding.
11:42 pm
that such a letter has come in. monday, i'm going to be in portland in the morning, i'm going to be visiting some of our labs in california. and the afternoon. that is two. i can't remember the third thing. >> eric: she cease so funny. >> dana: i liked it. >> eric: i think she was going to testify how she made $250,000 in visa insider trading and also legislating on laws that would effect visa profitability. do that. >> bob: you are trying to take this seriously, too. this is the minority leader of the u.s. house. this guy wants to be president of the united states and he wants to debate the minority leader? >> andrea: i will tell you why. if you look at, 63% of likely voters view her unfavorably. there has been precedent. when hillary did not want to run against rick lazio runs for senate she ran against newt gingrich. maybe it doesn't make a lot of sense and i probably wouldn't
11:43 pm
recommend he do it. she is polarizing. >> bob: you know the last gallup poll had 91% negative for the republican congress. >> greg: beckel, we have to tease. >> bob: realize it's weird here today. coming up, we'll show you great moments from regis pilbin. the final show today? do we care? who is he? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." it turns out a former porn star read to kids at an elementary school in coftin, california. tmz got ahold of the pictures. my first story hearing this is why does stuff like that never happen to me? my second thought was i wonder if i could still pass as afit grader. some say it's about second chances. just because sasha gray once did porn doesn't mean she can't help kids. baloney.
11:48 pm
gray never disowned her porno past. she parlayed it to quite a career. neat trick. do porn first and then go main stream, knowing obscenity is the novelty that generates heat. that's how she ended up on "entourage" a show that is so dumb it's considered porn for rocks. this story was defined to make you feel intolerant. as an enlightened soul you are supposed to agree with people doing whatever they feel like doing. the goal of this exercise was to call you out for narrow-minded this. how dare you judge a porn star. honestly, if you asked a porn star if she would wan her own child to be in porn, she'd say hell no, which leads me to the final point. for boys the usual role model might be a fireman, cop or a dashing commentator who appears on two fox news shows but to inspire girls, the school nabs a porn star? be happy it wasn't show and tell. then all the dads would have volunteered to drive the kids to school. >> bob: you know -- >> greg: you got nothing
11:49 pm
against this, right? >> bob: nothing against it. >> andrea: shocker. >> bob: i think you are being, you are being nasty here. you're not usually nasty. >> greg: how am i nasty? >> bob: everybody deserves a second chance. you you made fun of that. that was one of my talking points, second chance. i knew you took it and made it your monologue. she is no longer in the business. >> greg: yes, she is. >> bob: she is not. >> greg: can you prove it? >> bob: i don't look at it. i can't prove it. last i heard she was not and trying to do something good with her life. >> eric: haven't you always been in the business? what do you call a governor that is no longer governor? governor, of course. >> greg: good point. >> dana: nobody here calls me press secretary and i wish you would start. we did research to the show and we send around articles and share information and things. never in my life did i think i would get an e-mail that says you should read this story. it was a link to dead porn stars. it was sent from greg. >> greg: my point was if you
11:50 pm
look at the length, the amount of people in this industry and how they end up, car crashes. drug overdoses. suicides. you can't have somebody teaching, reading to kids because you are sending the message it's okay to have this job. and still do this. you can't. because you end up sad and miserable. >> andrea: here is my issue with this thing. >> bob: you're saying she is in the matter -- >> andrea: a lot of parents are upset they weren't notified by the principal. my issue is a pastor would never be allowed to speak in a public school, god forbid. but a porn star can. it's about priorities. right now, schools are trying to ban potatoes. but they're going to let a porn star in. i think it's a little bizarre. >> greg: i want to address that point. part of her life, sasha gray's life is a balance between doing pornography and main stream stuff, being on "entourage." she is proud of the fact that she can go from one, one performance to another. so she still doing it. >> eric: can i ask why a
11:51 pm
porn star is even reading in a class? what -- >> dana: to prove she could. >> eric: why she wants to do it, but why did the school bring in -- >> dana: it wasn't brought in through the school because she was a former porn star. it was because she is an actor on "entourage." this is california. >> bob: just because greg doesn't like "entourage." >> greg: terrible show. i am biased. >> eric: would you have bob go in the -- >> bob: they don't let me go to anything. >> eric: go to the school and read? >> greg: i don't want to talk about a special day today, it was regis philbin's last day. after 28 years. he has done more than 17,000 hours of television. in a career dating back to 1960s. i just read that now. andrea, how did you spend your morning know it was the last day with regis? >> andrea: sobbing. i'm surprised i made it in to work and hair and makeup had to cover up the tears. i like regis. bob is over here making comments and sound effects.
11:52 pm
but you have to love him. so many women woke up to him in the morning. he has made a lot of people laugh. >> dana: i love the show. >> andrea: a lot of people don't have careers as long as him. bob, shut up. >> eric: you know, regis -- greg? >> greg: might be president obama when he loses the election. [ laughter ] >> bob: that is not going to happen. >> andrea: eric trying to get rid of you. >> bob: bet $5,000 on that. is he the guy that was with kathy lee gifford? >> andrea: yeah. >> bob: and the guy that had all the facelifts, right? >> dana: i don't know. >> bob: you can't be 85 years old and look like eric, who is 65 years old. [ laughter ] >> eric: did you really trash me on imus this morning? did it really happen? >> bob: you are so sensitiv sensitive. i was laughing so hard -- but listen, he called you the rick perry of "the five." >> bob: i thought it was
11:53 pm
funny. >> eric: you didn't stick up for me if it was andrea or dana you'd stick up. >> andrea: i don't know about that. >> bob: i wouldn't with andrea. beating up on you, but not badly. the thing is you are the last person left that supports rick perry. [ laughter ] >> eric: all right. >> greg: on that note. >> bob: sorry. >> greg: i love airing dirty laundry on live television. it's awesome. coming up, what is cuter than dana playing with puppies on a field of flowers? nothing. very good. except for this little girl crying over an n.f.l. team. why is she so upset? we'll tell you next on "the five." >> dana: am i cuter than that? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you love the taste of 2% milk.
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but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: the denver broncos tim tebow defied critics again last night, miraculous last-minute win against the jets michigan sister was there. walk us through it. >> eric: look at it. the man has a way of making things happen. watch. here he is, rolling out to his left. against the jets, close game. jets were favored. look at that. touchdown tebow. chop, chop, tebow. guess what time is it?
11:58 pm
it's tim tebow time! last thought right here. bill maher since you are trashing tim tebow t man is 4-1. you're still at zero. >> bob: all tebow fans that put jesus on the back of the phony jerseys. >> andrea: what is wrong with being religious? >> bob: it's demeaning. >> andrea: no, it's not demeaning. he is allowed to do that, just like muslims -- >> dana: it's his fans. heart-breaker. monday, green bay packers crushed the vikings, the score 47-7. one little vikings fan was very upset. >> why are you crying? >> because? >> why? >> because the packers won. >> the packers won? >> yes. >> who did you want to win? the vikings. >> oh! [ crying ] >> i'm sorry. >> and the packers won.
11:59 pm
>> yeah. you know, maybe the vikings will win the next one. [ crying ] >> we want the vikings to win, don't we? >> yeah. i don't want the packers. >> you want the packers to win? >> no! >> you don't? >> no! i want the vikings to win. >> dana: all right. just for you, i got it put on a dvd so you can take it home. >> greg: i totally symp size. i was just like that when mondo lost on "project runway" last year, the only difference is i'm a little taller than that. >> andrea: mondale.? >> greg: no. mando, "project runway." >> bob: the girl is upset she didn't make the over. get a better bookie. everybody said bob, don't say anything about the little girl


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