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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 19, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PST

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at penn state" anchored by john roberts. and tomorrow at 1:00, the exclusive interview with gop presidential candidate rick perry's wife. thank you so much for watching. make the a great day, everybody. >> this is a fox news alert. libyan officials are reporting that muammar gadhafi's son saif al-islam has been captured in southern libya last night. take a look at this. this is new video that's believed to be him in libya, however the u.s. state department is still saying that it cannot independently confirm reports of the capture. now, he's charged with crimes against humanity for his role in gadhafi's bloody crackdown. we'll have more on that in a live report coming up. >> we're certainly following those developments. hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright.
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>> i'm jamie colby. great to you have here. this is a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." topping this hour, no deal in sight for the special congressional super committee. they've only got days left until they have the legally mandated deadline. they're asked to slash more than a trillion dollars from our national deficit. republicans and democrats already talking about the possibility of a grim endgame where there would be a bottom line of harsh cuts to military and entitlement spending. >> and we go now to molly live in washington with the very latest about all this. molly, are we seeing progress from the super committee so far? >> hi, kelly. hi, jamie. you never know what's going on behind closed doors in washington and inside conversations, but both democrats and republicans on the super committee are talking about the gap that existed from day one for this group, that they just can't seem to bridge. republicans say democrats are balking at gop proposals for spending cuts. >> surely our democratic colleagues can agree that a bloated federal government that
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has grown by about 25% in the last few years can tighten its belt by 2% over the next 10 years. >> but democrats say the divide is over tax increases, and say republicans will not agree to put more of the tax burden on the rich. >> all americans, the wealthiest among us, need to participate. we're still waiting for a revenue plan from the republicans that meets that test. >> both sides say they're hopeful the super committee can reach a deal by wednesday's deadline. will that actually happen? democratic senator john kerry said yesterday "i don't know at this point in time." kelly? >> molly, has the president weighed in on this debate during his trip to asia? a lot of people are saying he needs to show some leadership. >> president obama called the republican and democratic co-chairs of the super committee on his way out of town, but have not talked to members of the group since then according to the white house. the president's spokesman says
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he's been in regular contact with staff members in washington who are monitoring the super committee's progress, and the white house says the president continues to hope that the group will do its job and come up with a proposal that is "balanced and fair" in terms of spending cuts and tax hikes. kelly? >> four days away, certainly crunch time for the super committee. molly, thank you so much. >> and as the clock is winding down for that 12-member bipartisan panel, what happens if the super committee fails to come up with a deficit plan? will both parties pay the price? joining me now for a fair and balanced debate, fox news political analyst angela mcclowen and fox news contributor doug shoen. angela, are you suprised there's still such a huge gap on this super committee? would you have expected at this point with so little time left they'd be tweaking a plan they
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had sort of compromised and cobbled together? >> i'm not surprised. let's remember why the super committee was created. it was created because of the debacle out of the debt ceiling debate. the problem with this super committee is boehner and reid, they're inserting themselves, so partisan politics are played now by leadership. so i don't think they'll be able to come to a type of agreement. >> that's discouraging. doug, we made a full screen to help all of us follow along. the actual cuts that will automatically come in to play, if they don't reach a deal. walk us through. >> well, what we're going to see is 50% coming from defense and 50% coming from nondefense. and you're going to see, i think, about 100 odd million in medicare and about $290 million in state spending discretionary, and about $450 million in
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defense. this trillion dollars in cuts, according to the cbo, or thereabouts, would happen in january of 2013. that's a huge cut in defense. it's a cut in medicare. the congressional leadership will undeniably try to jigger with that in the course of the 2012 election. but that's really taking a meat cleaver to the budgetary problems we're facing. angela sadly is correct. both parties have plenty to blame for being in a situation that could be calamitous. >> jamie, if you look at the gop proposal, the gop proposal on the table right now that boehner sent to reid, it does not cut entitlement programs. it doesn't cut medicaid, medicare, but what my colleague doug is talking about, will we cut dollars from the deficit? then you have a cut in medicare. so it's a lose-lose situation. >> let's move away from the
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specifics of what happens, doug. let me ask you, as we look at the 2012 elections, if an agreement is not reached, will the voters actually -- will this resonate with them? and how much of a benefit would it be, and to whom if an agreement is reached? >> sure. well, look, i think there's a plague on both your houses. angela's right to say that. at this point the republicans are seen as more intransient than the democrats. we began in the spring with a grand bargain of $4 trillion. we got down last week to $1.2 trillion from pat toomey, and yesterday only $600 billion from speaker boehner. and we're going in the wrong direction from the republicans, a party that's seen at intransigent. president obama is stang away from it. this will ultimately wrong to the democrats' advantage. there's no glory to be gained from anyone. >> what if they ask, they come back, the super committee, and
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they say we need an extension of the deadline? what's the impact? >> if they get an extension of the deadline it would help them. they need to come to an agreement. i think if they don't, if they don't ask for an extension in 2012 you are going to have an anti-incumbent raid on these members of congress. doug, it's going to hurt republicans and democrats. the american people are tired of the blame game. the american people are going to blame congress as a whole. >> it sure sounds like there's a lot at stake, not only for our economic future, but their political careers. we'll watch and wait. thanks to both of you. angela and doug, always great to talk to you. >> thank you, jamie. >> kelly? >> breaking new developments on the u.s. reportedly getting ready to slap tough new sanctions on iran. the latest response after a report from the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog group, accusing iran of developing nuclear weapons. peter ducye live in washington with more.
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peter, this could be tough on iran. >> new sanctions against iran are on the way, according to reuters. the white house and state department are tight lined about the report this morning that says the obama administration is going to try to keep foreign companies from investing in iran's oil and gas industry. this report comes as you said not long after the international atomic agency said that iran's nuclear program is not a peaceful one. >> the iaea information shows they've carried out development relative to development of a nuclear device, and some activities may still be on going. >> iran is defending itself saying their intentions are good, and the iaea gadhafi is wrong. >> these allegations are fabricated to put pressure on iran, but more than that to change the iaea to be a watchdog
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to dictate from washington and new york what to do to vienna. >> the u.n. voted to deplore the assassination attempt against the saudi arabian ambassador. the national security advisor says that vote shows that iran is becoming more and more isolated. >> back to the choice they've made on the nuclear -- on the nuclear program, and the degree of isolation really is unprecedented. >> and while we don't know yet for sure if the obama administration is in fact going to call for these new sanctions against iran, we do know that yesterday republican senator mark turk introduced legislation to sanction iran's central bank. kelly? >> we have to keep in mind the president also said earlier in the week at apec that all options will remain on the table. peter, thanks for the report. >> thanks, kelly.
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>> well, this is a fox news alert. right now crews are making headway against a massive wildfire they've had in reno, nevada, thanks to calmer winds and spreading snow today. the wind whipped flames nearly 50 feet high, forcing 10,000 people from their homes yesterday. the dir fire damaged up to 25 h, killing at least one person and injuring 16 more. fire officials are saying police and national guardmembers are now patrolling the streets to protect the area. they're really worried, kelly, about vandals. >> we're getting breaking news as well right now, i don't know what it is about today, but we're learning now of a deadly crash outside the yale/harvard football game in massachusetts. police say there saying someone driving a u-haul truck into a tailgating area. you know how crowded those areas can be, accelerated, smashing into three people, killing one woman and injuring two others. police tell us one of the injured are seriously hurt, but in stable condition.
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they say the third person has minor injuries. local reports say the driver of the u-haul is in police custody. we will bring you any breaking details as soon as they come in to our newsroom here. >> an assistant basketball coach, this time at syracuse university, is denying he molested two young boys. there was a statement released by his lawyer, bernie fine, and he called the allegations patently false, adding that he's confident his reputation will be restored. his accusers, bob davis and mike lang are both adults now, and both claim fine molested them when they were ball boys for the university basketball team. the ncaa announcing an investigation into the child sex abuse scandal going on at penn state, and now it will focus on the university's control of its athletics program, the, or inaction of key penn state personnel. david lee miller remains live at university park, pennsylvania,
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following all the developments for us, david lee, and they do develop by the day. >> i think they develop by the second, but this development actually began on thursday. this letter from the ncaa was sent to penn state on thursday, made public yesterday. specifically it says that the ncaa is going to take a look at the school's exercise of institutional control over its athletic programs, that is a quote. the consequences here could be severe. we are told that the ncaa could decide to ban the school from bowl games as well as docking scholarships at the school. the school has until december 17th to answer a number of questions from the ncaa. school officials say they are going to cooperate. in another development, the school is still reeling from a report released late yesterday that joe-pa joe paterno the ford coach has cancer. he was hospitalized last week for a bronchial illness. penn state's president released
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a statement, saying "this is unfortunate news and another sad note for our penn state community." meanwhile paterno's son jay, still on the coaching staff, described his father's reaction after receiving the diagnosis. >> he just waved me off. said, oh, don't bug me about that. i'll be fine. you worry about coaching the football team, worry about the game next week, don't worry about me. every day i've gone by the house to bug him, and he says the same things. he has a tendency to minimize things, but he'll be fine. >> reaction from current and former players ranges from sadness and shock. one former player, though, did say that joe paterno is fighter. jamie, back to you. >> thank you so much, david lee miller live on campus. thanks, david lee. tonight be sure to tune into fox news reporting. we have a special "the crisis at penn state," hosted by our own john roberts. you'll only find it on the fox
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news channel. >> new warnings out, if the super committee fails to reach a deficit reduction deal. we've been talking about it, that america could face another credit downgrade. >> sure hope not. >> it is possible. what will it mean to the markets, our economy, and our standing in the world. >> plus, new video coming in on the violent protests erupting again in egypt. military police and protesters clashing for control of cairo's tahrir square. we've got a live report coming up straight ahead. >> and new developments in the search for a missing washington boy. police now releasing new photos and video they believe could help crack this case. that and more coming up. >> our investigative efforts have led us literally around the globe to try to find answers about this disappearance. so far we don't have any reason to believe that the answer lies any further than our own backyard. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
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>> in the second largest city in the nation, they are dealing with a problem that you may not even think about. it's noise pollution. there are folks in los angeles who, well, they see a lot of this. they've got helicopters buzzing overhead, police and news choppers, even paparazzi.
10:19 am
the city says it's gotten so bad they're calling on the federal aviation administration to step in. caseyy segal joining us live from los angeles. i guess they're not just talking about kim kardashian's wedding here, right? >> no, jamie, they're not. a lot of people say it's gotten out of hand. you know, with an airplane, pilots are obviously held to very strict federal guidelines on where and when they can fly, but a lot of people don't know this when it comes to helicopters, there are very few regulations. the industry itself is mostly self-regulated. so california congressman howard berman has introduced legislation called on the federal aviation administration to impose chopper restrictions over the city of l.a. critics of the bird says the airspace has become so packed with paparazzi, sightseers and other media hovering over neighborhoods at low altitudes with hopes of getting the best pictures and video.
10:20 am
>> the biggest problem is the noise, the rattling, and this could be, you know, 6:00 a.m. it could be in the evening. it's just complete disregard for the rights of the people who live in the homes below the helicopters. >> but members of the press argue they almost never go below 1,000 feet to cover the news, keeping the noise to a minimum. the professional helicopter pilots association saying that airspace and altitude restrictions would actually create air traffic congestion. plus a handful of operators who offer the aerial tour of hollywood and the city of angels say a new law like this would be bad for business. >> most operators, i would say 90%, are good operators. it's going to hurt us. i think the news helicopters have a job they need to do. we have a job that we need to do. adding regulation to the mix is just going to put us in a bad
10:21 am
position. >> now, we should point out that law enforcement aircraft would be exempt from this bill, a bill that's currently in a house subcommittee. jamie? >> of the three types, that's probably the most important. thanks, casey. >> that's right. >> see you soon. >> all right. beyond the dream now. you know, many of us are indeed familiar with that saying, behind every good man there's definitely a good woman. the wife of bishop t.d. jakes fits that description. not only does she help her husband and children, but she's involved in helping women and dealing with children in need. >> i was born a coalminer's daughter, and a very meager beginnings, attended high school, college, all in west virginia. >> syreeta jakes, remembering humbling beginnings.
10:22 am
they were also time of conflicts. she remembers living in a home different from the kind of happy home they maintains today. >> a lot of domestic violence occurred in the community that i lived, and to make it even more personal in my own home, and my aunt and uncle were at odds every weekend, and i was a 5-year-old standing in between their knees, trying to stop them from fighting. >> serita has never forgotten the early years. themes of domestic violence and post-traumatic syndrome are in her new book "the crossing" a fictional murder that takes place at a rail crossing. it reflecting what happens in real life, bullying, and how it affects those who encounter it. >> the reality is happens at columbine, our college campuses, virginia tech, just to mention just a few headliners, in our
10:23 am
malls and food courts, bullying is at an epidemic proportion. so we have to talk about it. >> serita and her husband, bishop t.d. jakes, the senior pastor of the potter's house in dallas, texas, have always used all forms of media to people in need everywhere. serita's early childhood exposure to domestic violence filled her with a desire to help women and children trapped in abuse. >> after sitting across the desk in counseling sessions with moms whose daughters have been gang-raped at football games, and the bullying epidemics, and domestic violence, and now the shelters in texas have waiting lists for women to get into shelters because they're being beaten by someone that loves them, i had to take off my cute dress and my cute shoes and go in the trenches and become a
10:24 am
rescuer. >> serita has launched many programs to help women, and she's also helped her husband reach thousands of women in need through their successful conferences, a program designed to empower women aroun around te world. >> i don't think that our dream can be fulfilled until we arrest the nightmares that others experience. >> serita jakes add that she and her husband are involved in missions around the world. they're even involved in a campaign to stop the slave traffickg of young girls from mexico. she comes a long way from her beginnings as a coalminer's daughter in west virginia. hats off to her for what she's doing. >> major developments we're following at fox in the penn state sex abuse scandal. more alleged victims come forward against jerry sandusky. and we'll tell you what's next for the former assistant coach, as well as penn state university. >> plus, tragedy at oklahoma
10:25 am
state university. what federal investigators are saying about a shocking plane crash there that claimed the lives of two beloved members of the school's sports program. that's next. >> about 4:28 p.m. we had a hunter call 9-1-1 stating he saw a plane, looked like it was struggling. it was spitting and sputtering. it started taking a spiral nosedive and nosedived into the woods up here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] ohhat fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho!
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10:30 am
capture. the 39-year-old facing charges of crimes against humanity for his role in his father's bloody crackdown. this is a developing story today. we're following it live from jerusalem. what do you think? can they confirm it's him? >> they seem to be certain in libya that this is him. a lot of surprise that he was apprehend, but not killed. libya's justice minister said he will in fact face the death penalty. saif al-islam gadhafi was the only one of gadhafi's eight children still on the run, and libyan officials announced today that he was captured in the rugged desert. saif al-islam didn't face the horrible fate that his father did, something he was worried about, we're told. the 39-year-old was captured by libyan fighters. he's faced many close encounters. he managed to escape a nato airstrike on his convoy the day before his father died. his future isn't certain.
10:31 am
officials at the international criminal court will decide next week where saif al-islam will be tried. libyans would like to try him first. meanwhile breaking news at this hour. tear gas appears to be covering that here square in egypt. more than 500 people are believed to have been injured. this comes after security forces tried to stop activists from launching a long term sit-in to protest egypt's ruling military council. this latest round of violence comes a little bit more than a week before egypt is expected to have its first democratic elections since the ouster of egyptian president hosni mubarak. >> thank you. >> on to the penn state child sex abuse scandal. more people coming forward now, claiming to have been victimized by former defensive coordinator
10:32 am
jerry sandusky. the pennsylvania district attorney's office has charged sandusky with 40 counts of sexually abusing young boys. now he and the school could face a long line of civil lawsuits as well. joining us now is former trial attorney, ellis cannon, publisher of the "pittsburgh sports report." thanks for joining us today. as david lee miller was reporting earlier in our program, this story changes by the second. having said that, it does appear likely that some sort of litigation will be coming toward sandusky, and possibly the school along the lines of a civil lawsuit. do you expect it to be one by one or could it be a class action? >> it's going to depend on how things unfold in the criminal phase of this. there's a school of thought that says you jump on these cases as soon as you can. there's another that says let's see how the criminality is apportioned. i know this, that for about 10 of the last 14 days i've been on with fox, and we've talked a lot
10:33 am
about the major themes, like tentacles, institutional control, we've talked about this going on for a decade. all of these right now are central to where we are today, including what might happen with respect to civil litigation. one thing we know for sure there will absolutely be civil litigation. this is going ultimately be a 10-year process before everything is shaken out and taken care of, so to speak. now we have this ncaa investigation, which is part of it. kelly, think about this. we have obviously state ongoing investigation, we have pending and developing federal investigation, we have the university investigating it, and now we have the ncaa. one of the things i've said from the very beginning is the ncaa focuses a lot of times in their analysis on the issue of institutional control. >> right. >> typically we see that in a run-of-the-mill case. this is not run-of-the-mill. the burden of proof is on penn
10:34 am
state to prove they had institutional control from. that we'll see ultimately how it plays out, particularly in the civil end. >> let me ask you that, on that point, then. how does penn state protect itself from this kind of litigation that could come as a result of the ncaa looking into the matter to find out if they could have exercised better institutional control over the sandusky child abuse allegations, or did they just turn a blind eye? we don't know yet because the criminal case not taking place, but what's the likelihood of penn state protecting itself? >> there's the ncaa investigation, a multipart quiz, so to speak, in the letter sent by the ncaa regarding did they uphold institutional control? how did they do it? how was that enacted? again, the burden goes to penn state right there. that is something that is going to have to be established by penn state affirmatively as to what they've already done in the past. now, what they could do to protect themselves civilly, well, again, that's the type of thing where you start obviously
10:35 am
with your investigation, you understand you'll need legal protection, and you're seeing that now with the number of parties. and ultimately you're going to see certain defenses raised. it depends on who we're talking about. but broadly speaking, kelly, we're talk being the statue of limitations, potential application of sovereign immunity, what you would use for perjury. >> you talked about the statue of limitations. let's go to the fact that these allegations stem from the alleged abuse of eight boys some 15 years ago when then defensive coordinator jerry sandusky had launched his charitable campaign, second mile. does that exceed the statue of limitations in he -- statute of limitations in the state of pennsylvania? >> that's an area where there's some contention. most lawyers agree that's not a problem right now. sovereign immunity, most people looking at it legally don't see penn state being able to use that as an effective defense. not to say they would not try. now, when you start talking about the statute of
10:36 am
limitations, you have to go back to a critical moment in the legislature, 2002, and that in effect says that if you were under 18 at the time of the abuse you have until 30. now, we don't know all of these victims. again, you pointed out, david pointed out, jamie pointed out, we're starting to see more and more people come forward. we have to basically sort that out as the process goes on. >> we'll have to win know out all those people coming forward. the second mile program was not to to try to help at-risk children. what's going to happen to that program? they too could come under the gun in terms of some sort of civil action. >> well, they could. part of that is the investigation. perhaps the more immediate concern, we start talking about the collateral damage, legal, academic, financial, and so forth, and you have to look at them and ask, not necessarily only the issue about what they could have done, or what they did, who they protected, were funds being used, records preserved, but ultimately where they go from here.
10:37 am
the need is not going to go away. do the programs in effect get shifted to another charity. do somehow they survive it or will they have to close up shop? that develops over time. >> you have to think about the kids at risk, where do they go from here. thank you so much, ellis cannon, sharing more insights in terms of what's happening with the penn state child abuse allegations unfolding. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> police in washington state releasing new photos of a missing toddler. take a close look. they say these pictures more accurately reflect what 2-year-old sky metawala looked like when he disappeared. that was on november 6th. police are also releasing some new surveillance of the boy's mother julia. they haven't been able to interview her since the day she reported her son disappeared. take a listen. >> i have to resist the temptation to put a label on julia in regard to a person of interest, a suspect, or anything else, but i can tell you that my statement stands about her story
10:38 am
falling apart. >> now, remember, they're saying they can't pin any crime on her, but they say they've received about 1200 tips so far. if you have any information, please call authorities. there are a wide range of cool new cars that could soon hit showroom floors near you. gary always gets the early look. check out this week's car report. >> practicality and performance are getting along just fine at the 2011 los angeles auto show where a mix of cars is on hand that will suit just about any taste. chevrolet proved that opposites can attract, debuting the spark microcar next to a camaro zl1 convertible with a 580-horsepower super-charged v8. while ford unleashed the latest shelby gt 500 with 650-horsepower and a top speed of over 200 miles an hour. plus a new escape crossover packed with high-tech features and touting best in class fuel economy. >> when you look at our vehicle
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from a design standpoint, this kind of stands out on the road. when you look at technology that we have, we think it's going to appeal to consumers. >> it will be facing serious competition when it goes on sale early next year as honda unveils an updated version of its perennial bestseller the cr-v, >> high compression engine almost equal to a formula 1 car, but burns regular fuel, which is key. we're excited about it. the drive dynamics are perfect for what mazda embodies in terms of great zoom zoom. >> this cadillac has luxury with modern features, including motion sensors. while it doesn't look different from the first one, the seventh generation porsche 911 is the latest take on the sports car
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classic sure to keep drivers busy with an industry first seven-speed manual transmission. if you're looking for something different, this is it. it's a sports couch, the first sports car ever built in mexico. well, actually that's really it. a croatian electric car with three seats and wing doors, only in los angeles. >> well, those are different, gary. if you want to check out more of the los angeles auto show, just go to selle? >> the super committee has just days to reach a debt deal. some economists warn if they fail the u.s. could face another credit downgrade. what will it mean for our economy as well as america's standing throughout the world? that's coming up next.
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>> they're working the weekend just like us. the congressional super committee. they're racing to craft a deficit reduction deal. they have till wednesday. now, many economists are predicting dire consequences if they fail. there's no indication that they're even close to an agreement. if they don't have one, there could be a u.s. credit downgrade. another one. what will that mean for the fashion, for our economy, and our overall standing in the world? joining us now to talk about it, oliver portia, president of gary goldberg financial services. great to have you with us, oliver. >> thank you very much. >> the thing is, if they do agree, and they fix -- or at least reduce the deficit, it's a small amount of gdp actually that would get reduced, but it could have a huge impact on domestic markets, overall markets. yet if they don't do it, will
10:46 am
there be a downgrade? >> no, there won't be a downgrade. congress has proven its ability to come down to the wire and get things done in a dramatic fashion at the last moments. we think this is likely the case here. otherwise you get what are called the default cuts, which is across the board some $550, $600 billion in defense, and $550 billion, $600 billion in nonmilitary, including medicare. i've heard from washington insiders saying, we're pulling troops out of iraq, reducing troop levels in afghanistan, and that could account for some $400 billion worth of savings. i've heard numbers as high as $600 billion. the credit agencies and the markets would look at that type of math as very suspicious, because they're not cuts. they're just talking about lowering future spending that wasn't even accounted for yet. so that's the risk. that's, i think, where the
10:47 am
markets could look at that as very poorly and the credit agencies could potentially downgrade the u.s. if that's the type of thing that happens. we don't think that's going to happen. we think they'll come down to the wire and come up with a last moment, pat ourselves on the back, look at how hard we worked over the weekend resolution. >> i love your optimism, but if they don't have new revenue coming in on top of this -- the cuts that they agreed to, our economy is still so fragile, we see that our economy -- you're shaking your head no. i'll ask you why. we react to foreign markets. will foreign markets trick-or-treat our situation? >> right now the markets are primarily focused on europe, the big crisis that's going on there. here's the bottom line problem, even if they come up with $1.2 trillion to $1.3 trillion worth of cuts, by conservative estimates the debt and deficits will tro by $10 trillion over
10:48 am
the next decade. it's really just slowing down the rate of growth of the debt. we need more revenues, which tends to mean more taxes, and we need to cut some of these entitlement spendings that are destructive to our long-term prospects. >> is the whole world watching? >> to some extent they are. they're very much distracted by europe right now, but if there's any progress made over there, or when markets get tired of paying attention to europe, they're certainly going to focus on the u.s. that's going to mean volatility for investors no matter what. >> oliver, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> big weekend, kelly. >> we're keeping our eyes on that one for sure to see how it goes. in the meantime how is possible that a person with my blood pressure or high cholesterol stands a better chance of surviving a heart attack than someone with a clean bill of health? really? it's a new study in our medical a-team segment coming up next. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
10:49 am
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here's important information now. doctors want patients who avoid high blood pressure and high cholesterol to prevent heart attacks, but a new study out there has found eople with these conditions stand a better chance of surviving a heart attack. here now the chief of the
10:53 am
division of robotics at new york's mount sinai hospital, a member of the fox news medical a-team. how is this possible. i mean, if someone has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, how can they do better than someone in great health when it comes to a heart attack? >> it's counter now t counter c. those with high-risk factors did better than those with no risk factors. the question is, how do we make sense out of this? the answer is, a lot of these guys at high-risk, they were probably taking beta-blockers, statins, aspirin, and that saved them from having terrible consequence. that's one theory. my own theory after reading this, as a fashion when w physie have patients coming to the hospital, we look at two patients completely differently. someone has diabetes, high blood
10:54 am
pressure, high cholesterol, that's a red flag, and we want to bring that person immediately for an angio cath, a stent, whereas someone that's healthy we may assume they have chest pain that's not related to a heart attack. it could be mixed reasons why we see this. the other reason, when someone has risk factors, their arteries are probably not as patent or as open, so they may have chest pain to alarm them to see the doctor more often, under more close surveillance than somebody's that's healthy and pass a blood clot and have a horrible heart attack and not do as well. so what's the message? >> exactly. how does someone protect themselves? >> the answer is not to have high cholesterol, high blood pressure. that's not the answer. we know those are high risk factors. the answer is make sure that you stop smoking. smoking is number one risk. exercise 30 minutes a day. make sure that you eat healthy
10:55 am
food, low in saturated fats. if you're under stress, work hard, have no symptoms, see your doctor on a regular basis. what did i do? just got my calcium score test recommended by one of my doctors, and i'm -- >> you knew what to ask for. a lot of people go to the doctor, they don't know what to ask for. there are certain tests out there to test your cholesterol, high blood pressure. i mean, you always get screened for the my blood pressure when you go to the doctor's office, but if you're not asking for those tests. >> why don't we do this? go to the doctor first. i know that the definition of blood pressure is not only one blood pressure. you need to have three blood pressures that are elevated to say that you have the diagnosis. so i think going to the doctor first and making sure that you're under close surveillance. i'm not advocating getting these kind of cat scans for your heart. all i'm saying is that you need
10:56 am
to make sure that you test it. we may have some underlying heart disease without knowing and end up having severe heart attack. so following those regimens would really help everyone. >> we've now learned that it can teach us something. doc, thanks. we'll see you tomorrow, right? sundays you're making us healthier, too. allow me to introduce folks to romeo valentine. this is his last show. not only is he an incredible cameraman, like alour crew, he's one of the nicest people i've worked with. he's moving to the left coast. if you're out there, you need someone with -- >> they have the technology. how close is iran to building a nuclear bomb? we expose the real threat exclusive coverage and jaw-dropping evidence. iran's nuclear secrets sunday.
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