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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 19, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> the scene, iowa, and republican candidates for president talking about life issues like marriage and abortion. but two contenders are no show there. it is a disaster a tailgating party in one of the biggest schools rivalries in the country and now it is a man in custody. i am hars hars faulkner. this is the fox report. >> he became the public face was libya's brutal regime until he was forced to hide when it crumbled and now the heir aapparent is captured. what comes next for the western educated son. >> he left aboard the yacht
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and did not return alive. it is this boat that the focus of the death of natalee wood. the case is reopened. looking for answers owned by the power couple. where investigators tracked down splendor. >> unbelievable over sight leaves a family devastated. >> they are letting a murderer walk free from the courtroom. >> tonight, what went wrong. >> as we are live. it is crunch time for the super committee to come up with a plan with the money we owe. that 15 trillion dollar debt that must be trimmed in the next five-days. it is possible that everyone in america will feel the pain. this part sounds familiar. interest rate spikes and mort
4:02 pm
gage -- mortgage rates and car loans. negotiations described by me as tense. now continuing through the weekend to secure a deal before thanksgiving. here is a look at the debt clock over 15 trillion dollars. if that panel can't deliver a decision by wednesday, automatic cut to military defense spend social welfare programs will kick in. and according to standard & poor's there is a downgrade that could loom. molly in washington. >> a loft - lot of meetings back and forth. >> republicans held a conference call trying to figure out their next step and many phone calls and private back and forth conversations going on all weekend. wednesday is the deadline for the final vote by the super
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committee and the group is required by law to make the plan public and submit it to the budget office. that pushes it to this coming monday . many of the super committee members say it is not feasible. >> it is helpful at this point and obviously no one want to quit until the stroke of midnight as you can see by my presence. >> we are hopeful but i don't know at this point in time. >> if the super committee fails, it would trigger automatic spending cuts that go in affect in 2013 and defense spending taking the hardest hit and billions to medicare and other government programs on the chopping block too. some in congress will try to change the laww. >> it would not be fair oir true to say this is not a surprise. we have seen grid lock in washington before.
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what is the hold up. >> democrats are talking about the gap that existed day one. they can't seem to bridge. republicans say democrats are balking proposal for spending cuts. >> surely our democratic colleagues can agree on bloated federal program can tighten itself two percent over the next 10 years. >> democrats say it is over tax increases and the will not put more tax burden on the rich. >> all americans need to participate and we are still waiting for a revenue plan from the republicans that meets that test. >> president obama called the democratic and republican co-chairs on the super committee on the way out of the town and has not spoke to them sense. he has had update staff back
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in washington. >> thank you, molly. tragedy strikes a pregame tailgating party. a uhaul truck hit and kill would a 30 year old woman. it was carrying beer kegs and the driver accelerated right in a crowd. the driver is in police custody at this hour. it is not known if alcohol played a role in the crash. yale university will review the tailgating rules. >> a day of development penn state child abuse sex scandal. the nit any took to the field and they pulled out a win 20-14 over the buck eyes. two weeks ago, former assistant coach jerry sandusky was arrested for sexually abusing boys. the ncaa will investigate the
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school for a lack of institutional control related to thes. and fox news.comobtained financial records that showed that the university received $250,000 from the charity group that sandusky founded. it was listed as food and lodging. the charity second mile paid penn state for a series of sleepp over camps. david lee miller continue to cover the story live for us in university park in fen pen. what was sandusky's role in the sleep overs? >> according to fox, it is not clear if sandusky took part in the sleep overs. but in 2008, he was an active director of the second mile charity. it was latest that year that the charity cut all ties to sandusky after he alerted them to the fact he was under investigation. the sleep were held in penn
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state after sandusky was banned by penn state to take children to the campus. sandusky is keeping a low profile. we have not seen or heard from him in the last few days. >> one of the points of fall out, was the long time head coach joe paterno leaving the university. and news now, that he's health problems. any more reaction to that today? >> active and former members feel an emotion of sadness and shock in learning that joe paterno has lung cancer. his family said it is a treatable form of the disease. his son jay who is a coach with the football team described his father's reaction in hearing. >> don't worry about that. you worry about the game next week and don't worry about me. it is refer day i bug him and
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he said the same thing. he has a tendency to minimize things but he will be fine. >> the school's president issued a statement describing it as another sad day for the penn state community. >> ncaa investigation, i mentioned that moments ago, we know they are looking at how the school handled all of this? >> that's right. a federal investigation and board of trustees investigating and the ncaa is going to launch its own investigation and the school has said it is going cooperate with the ncaa, the president of the university said the interest of the school and ncaa are quoting him perfectly aligned in identifying what went wrong and preventing anything similar from happening in the future. and they will look at whether the ncaa by laws with regard to ethical conduct were violate punitive could place
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the school on probation and docking scholarship. the school has until december 16th to respond to the questions put forth by the ncaa. >> david miller, we appreciate you with that look and a more in-depth look at the child sex abuse scandal coming up. fox news reporting a crisis at penn state hosted by john roberts. it will air on fox news channel. don't miss it. cfox news is america's election headquarters and most of the presidential candidates will try to win over social conservative key early voting state of iowa. these are the gop contenders attending the thanksgiving family forum and they will lay out where they stand on faith, marriage and abortion. mitt romney and jown huntsman skipped the event and they are focusing on new hampshire .
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we are getting in new video of mitt romney stumping in the granite state. the former massachusetts governor speak nothing a town hall meeting in peterboro. we'll monitor his comments as we get them. >> final qaddafi family member captured according to officials in libya. what is in store for the dead dictator's son? you are looking at occupy wall street in oakland. they plan to set up tents in a downtown park. we saw that in new york. and it is a move that could set the stage for a confrontation in oakland between the protestors and police. we'll monitor it as the developments develop. >> and a different occupy demonstration. video showing a police officer pepper spraying protestors who
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snow, moving in to help firefighters in nevada. ed cold helping them gain ground in the wildfires in reno. thousands of evacuees will go phome some will see heart break when they reached the home. houses burned . 15 of them and 40 were damaged. one man reportedly died of a heart attack trying to get to safety. a fire man suffered first and second-degree burns as well. we are told power lines may be to blame but officials are investigating the fire. >> elections are coming, but there is violence this egypt tonight following the largest protest in month. in the cairo tahir square and
4:15 pm
we learned one protestor died overnight. yesterday tens of thousands of people gathered in the square to protest the document that gives egypt special ruling powers. the committee it is was supposed to be there only as an interim government. tahir square became a symbol of the uprising. and in libya the son of moammar qaddafi has been captured. saif al-islam was the only wanted member of the ruling family still at large. he had gone under ground and used the time in hiding to rally support for his dad . now he will go to trial for crimes against humanity. we have the story from the
4:16 pm
mittle - mideast news room. >> harris, he was only one of 8 children still on the run. saif al-qaddafi was captured. he was seeking to avoid the gruesome death his father faced. he faced many close moments and managed to escape a nato air strike the day before his father died. news of his capture brought celebration throughout libya. >> it is great joy to see the tyrant and his son to fall down one after another. libya believes that saif al-islam in public money remains. they found only a few thousand and a carhe of rifles. his future is uncertain and officials say they will decide
4:17 pm
where saif al-islam will be tried. westerners are worried that libyans will not hand him over and their fledging government is not mature enough to try him. he may be tried first in libya and move over to the criminal court. he will certainly face the death penalty. >> a food recall for the main ingredient in salad. 5,000 bags of lettuce contaminated with via colori and people in 15 could be affected. and plus, someone didn't bother to do their job and because of that a murder suspect is freed tonight and a heart broken family seeking justice. >> she drowned after falling off of her yacht and e natalee wood case reopened . focus shifts back to the boat
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[ bell dinging ]
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ma massive lettuce recall underway in the western part of the united states. it affects more than 5,000 cases of bagged salad with romaine lettuce distributed by ready pack foods. fda said the produce is contaminated with e-coli that is potentially deadly. the recall covers 15 stateses. they have a sell by date of the november 18th. the concern that they are on the shelves or in people's refrige traitors. there are no illnesses tied to
4:22 pm
the lettuce. and investigators tracking down the yacht where natalee wood spent the last moments was her life 30 years ago. investigators will travel to honoluluto board the splendor. they have reached out to the owner of the splenddor who purchased it in the 1980s. >> this is the only place she could have tried to get into the dinky because it is the only place water level. it is high on either side. this is where the dinghy was tied up to. >> wood when in a weekend boating trip with husband and actor. friend. investigatored ruled her death an accidental drawning. police did not name wagner walkin a suspect.
4:23 pm
>> in two days a suspected murderer will walk free in texas because the district attorney forgot to indict him. >> a massive mistake that robbed the family closure. christian cane has more in houston. >> christopher would have turned 26 but his life was cut short nine years ago. on november 7th 2002 he and his friend richard men dosa went hunt nothing an open field. men dosa that thought chris was flirting with his girlfriend and he shot him in the back of the head. >> going out and hunting and letting him get 10 feet in front and shoot him in the back of the head. >> no rest was mad until chris' bones were discovered in a field. >> we looked for my nephew for
4:24 pm
nine years. >> men dosa was arrested and thrown in jail. fort bend county da's office had 90 days to get an indict fail to do so. >> it is an unjustice. fort bend county made a mistake and they are letting a murderer walk free from this courtroom. >> i don't understand how that can happen. if it was their child they would not forgotten. >> district attorney takes full penalty. >> it is a mistake that shouldn't have been made it is a long road between now and the time the defendant will be in front of 12 citizens in fort bend county and we'll need that family to work together as a tome to facilitate which is a presentation of the evidence that will lead to the conviction of the defendant. >> so it is not over. >> heck no.
4:25 pm
it is not close to being over. >> even though men dosa is out on bond it is likely he could end up behind bars for good. that is not enough for christopher's family. they want to have him in jail so they can give him proper burial. >> i have to take it as promised. god helps with the burden. getting through the day. and that was christian cane of kriv reporting. >> we have seen tension building in middle east over iran's nuclear ambition and the u.s. said using military is the last report. the latest plan to hit iran where it hurts. russian prime minister put an is there anything he can't do.
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>> i am harris faulkner. it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the deadline inching ever closer for 12 lawmakers to come up with a deal to resolve the debt. for republicans and democrats on the super committee in congress holding separate talks and formal negotiations are stalled. they have a deadline on wednesday to find 1.2 trillion in budget savings. they have to do it by monday to get it going on wednesday. tragedy in a harvard-yale pregame party. a 30 year old woman kill two others injured after a driver of a rented uhaul carrier that had beer kegs accelerated in the lot and hit people it is not clear why the driver speed -- sped up. official in penn state
4:31 pm
complying with a investigation of the penn state sex abuse scandal. and in-depth look at the penn state sex abuse scandal hosted by john roberts who sat down with the victim. >> he thought mr. sandusky was not truthful and revictimized by mr. sandusky. he victimized him once and now mr. sandusky he felt was revictimizing him again through the process of making him relive his experience and not being truthful. >> how many victims do you think are out there, ben? >> i don't know how many victims are out there are more out there than the are contained in the grand jury indictment. >> it is hosted by john roberts and airs tonight on fox news channel. new reports coming in. the united states plan to put new pressure on iran in an
4:32 pm
effort to keep that countryy-- country's nuclear ambitions in check. the obama administration is threatening to cut ties with foreign companies unless they stop doing business with iran and the u.s. is not the only one to push for economic punishment. peter in >> iran's official new a agency said iran started a four day long air defense military exercise not far from the afghan border and this is coming out as reports are surfacing that the obama administration wants foreign countries from investing in the oil and gas industry and the international atomic energy agency said iran's nuclear program is not as peaceful as they claim. >> the information shows that iran carried out activities relevant to a development of a
4:33 pm
nuclear device. dick >> iran said not to believe any of this. >> these allegations are all fabricated in order to have a pretext of putting pressure on iran and more than that change the iaea to a united nation watch dog. >> they voted to deplore the iranian assassination plot here in dc. not one arab or muslim country voted with iran . tom don lanshows that iran is becoming more and more isolated. it indicates that isolation that iran is undergoing with respect of the choices they made on the nuclear program. china and russia are on board with the u.s. because we share a similar goal of not letting iran develop a nuclear weapon. harris. >> peter, thank you. disturbing new information about a suspected militant who
4:34 pm
blew himself up in a raid by pakistan security forces. it happened in the port city of karachi. the suspect was carrying a u.s. and a pakistani passport. he killed himself by detonated a hand grenade as troops stormed his apartment. pakistan investigators claim that documents used for acts of terrorism were recovered from the suspect's home. report in syria now. the violence is escalating despite the urgent plea for peace by the arab league. (chanting) we cannot independently confirm the contents of the tape you are watching because syria bars foreign journalist. but we are told that this was the scene in the hamas today. they are chanting down with
4:35 pm
assad. the soldiers are looking for activist who are trying to unseat president assad. word of the crack down comes one day after the president reported to let the observer sent to the nation. they want to implement a peace plan to resolve the deadly turmoil. more than 4,000 people have been killed in the past eight months there. >> dozens of cars involve in a pile up and a major election in one of europe a biggest economies. as we go around the world in 80 seconds. germany, a 52 car pile up and it was deadly. at least three people killed and 35 others injured on a highway with the border of the nether lans. the weather was foggy at the time. spain, preparations underway
4:36 pm
for a major general election and the socialist party that ruled for eight years expected to be voted out in favor of the conservative popular party. spain's economy is the fifth largest in europe. elsewhere in the country, antifacist protestors prepared to demonstrate in front of the mausoleum to mark the dictator's death. china, a dog guarding his late owner's grave. the pup turned up by the burial site refusing to leave. villagers trying to lure him away with food and he didn't budge. >> russia a former kgb spy and current prime minister. put an apparently can do it all even play ice hockey. here he is proving his prowess with the puck.
4:37 pm
he is promoting the winter olympics in his country. that is a wrap in 80 seconds. >> more than a dozen students take tone the hospital after a strange odorswept through the middle school. firefighters tried to figure out where the chemical smell was coming from. one of the students said it was in the labratory. but the school was closed for the rest of the day. >> after vuction vuction no one - evacuation no one was allowed to go back in. >> happy. i don't have to do it. >> no homework according to the kids. the school is running special air filters all weekend long to make sure they reopen monday. uproar over the video. a police officer pepper spraying a group of protestors. they appear to be sitting
4:38 pm
peacefully . police tell a different story and we'll tell you what is happening on the investigation. >> who wants a list of the chopper. >> for some it is more than a nuisance. concern in one city about too much chopper traffic in the sky. ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that ♪ hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings to me, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ [ ben harper's "amen omen" playing ]
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>> we'lltake you back to oakland, california. antiwall street protestors standing out in the street. this is brand new video coming in. we watched it life moments ago. demonstrators planing to set up their tents in the park, a move to set the stage for confrontation between them and authorities. five-days ago, the police removed an encampment and officials said they will not tolerate anymore tents. police saying in a statement
4:42 pm
they have a nonconfrontational strategy plan. again, we'll watch and report as the news come in. and occupy protestors pepper sprayed on the campus university of davis. she prayed the content on seated protestors. protestors were warned force would be used. 10 people were arrested in all that you are watching here. members of the faculty calling on the chancellor to resign. the chancellor called the video chill promised a full investigation. >> as you can tell by the police presence, the price for the right to assemble is not cheap. take for example the demonstrations going on in our nation's capitol.
4:43 pm
washington mayor said occupy dc protest cost taxpayers one million dollars. that includes cost of traffic control and trash removal . gray add that is his budget is not hurting as of yet. >> it is called the most intense period of military use in our nation's history. in los angeles. look up and you will see police, firefighters, tv news reporters. tour flights and paparazzi, and film crews. sending their own helicopter skies. many people who live there are fed up saying the crowded skies are a nuisance and a accident waiting to happen. laakers clear across the country and dc are getting involved. casey stegal is with us from los angeles. i know the laws are lax with choppers. >> a lot of people don't realize that. with an pilots have strict
4:44 pm
federal guidelines in terps of when and how high and things like that. but when it comes to a chopper there are not many rules. the industry itself is mostly self regulate that's why some are calling for change. california congressman howard burman called for the federal aviation administration to impose chopper restrictions over the city of angels. some homeowners have privacy concerns with these birds hovering over places like hollywood with high tech lens trying to snap the best picture of the celebrity and then there is the sound. the biggest problem is the noise, the rattling and this could be you know, 6:00 a.m., it could be in the evening. it is just complete disregard for the rights of the people who live in the homes below the helicopters. >> now the bill is currently
4:45 pm
in a house subcommittee. members of the press argue they almost never go below 1,000 feet covering the news and keeping the noise to a minimum. air pace andaltitude restrictions would create air track congestion plus a handful of operators who offer ariel tours of the city say the new laws would be bad for business. >> most operators, i would say 90 percent are good operators. it is going to hurt us. the news helicopters have a job they need to do and we have a job we need to do. and adding regulation to the mix puts us in a bad position. >> now, if this thing is passed, we should point out law enforcement aircraft would be exempt. we are talking about large fleets here. los angeles police department operates 18 helicopters and we understand from that agency
4:46 pm
there are two in the air at any given time. los angeles county sheriff's department has 15 helicopters that it operates and the fire department operates six. and so we are talking about a lot of congestion in the air space and some people say they want a good night's sleep harris. >> i understand that and safety first. can you imagine us capturing a car chase without a helicopter. >> it makes for good pictures. but obviously safety concerns are valid and some say it is part of living in a big city. >> there you go. casey thank you. >> and investigators trying to figure out what went wrong in the air after a small plane killing the pilot. it is our top story in the fox trip across america. california, it happened in the los angeles cooperate fair grounds which were closed at the time. the plane just missings the
4:47 pm
grandstand. the pilot died but no other injuries or deaths on the ground. illinois. two chicago men tasting freedom for the first time in years. they have been in prison after being convicted of rape and order. new dna evidence links another man to the crime although he is how if dead. originally they confessed, they claimed they were forced to. >> i would be lying if i told you, i was not angry i spent 17 years incarcerated for a crime i didn't commit. i am thankful to be free. >> how about a dinner with family and friends. >> washington dc. national catcher wilson ramos a week after kidnappers took him from his mother's home. ramos reunited with his managers and saying he will not forget the outpouring of support from his team and fans. >> i just want to say thanks
4:48 pm
and thanks for your prayers and support and i am happy to be here. happy to be with my family. see you in spring training. >> ramos headed back to venezuela to play ball. he will have better protection and safe guard and set to play with the nationals next year. >> and minnesota, this is gearing up for a white house appearance and received a free presidential pardon and took it as his cue . and good luck. that is a fox watch across america. an amazing story of perse verance and determination and iraq veteran after years of therapy. hospital stays and dozens of surgeries finally has a place to call home. we'll show you his happy
4:49 pm
homecoming and actress making good on the promise to a young marine. they went on a date. they grabbed the spot lightt on the marine corp ball . [ male announcer ] how are we going to make this season better than the last? how about making it brighter. more colorful. ♪ and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen.
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>> army sergeant is finally home. the iraq war hero lost his right eye and four fingers and suffered serious brain trauma. the group for heroes putting him in the new home. he is thankful by the work. >> they are forgetting about the soldiers and organizations
4:53 pm
like this one that have not forgotten. with this organization they give you a home and leave you there and that is it. but they integrate you in the community. a lot of people help. and it is like a family. god bless him. >> it took a year to get that home built. all . materials and labor donated from americans in the tampa area. >> a place of tradition. on the east coast. clean up where millions of people are every year. the stuffed animals as we call them in the american museum of natural history are getting care. julie has the story. people are paying to see them for seven decades and now they are getting much needed pampering. and wild life that is set in the natural habitat. and bright lights and general wear and tear faded the fur
4:54 pm
and dulled the nation themes they are in. soon they will don their sunday shoes again. the restoring the museum will take a year and half restoring them by air brushing color fast dyes and touching up the rocks and stones. >> getting the tones to be correct on the white material. we don't want yellow and don't want bright white. it should lock like that foreground is melting into the background painting. >> take that on scene. snowy peeks for the brown bear in the alaska wilderness. one of the first that visitors see and important to set the mood. >> when we stand before them we encounter wild life that we
4:55 pm
may never hope to see in our lifetime. but they are powerful influence and can shape our attitudes. >> the remainder are behind temporary walls and will be opened with less harmful lighting by the fall of 2012. >> game day takes a dark day for college football fans after a uhaul truck plows right in a crowd of tailgators. and it is a hollywood movie. meeting the military. a marine corp ball. actress kunis keeping her promise to go on a date. love, maybe?
4:56 pm
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a closer view. there it is. sprawling graveyard of tires so massive you can spot it from a million miles away. an estimated 1 million here. a florida company helping to haul it all away. one person facing thousands of dollars if fines and possible jail time for violating state dumping laws. you think? actress milakunas keeping her promise. here she is with sergeant moore. making headlines when invited her to the balance in a you tube video. her friends with benefits costar justin timberlake keeping his promise to attend a marine corps ball last weekend in virginia,. >> the supercommittee in congress running out of time to find ways to trim more than a trillion dollars over the next decade. a deadline of midnight wednesday. right now, negotiations we are told are stalled. tragedy at a tailgating party before a


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