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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 21, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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until then i am bill hemmer. thank you for watching. >> this is a fox news alert. i am geraldo rivera. we will have the latest on the terror arrests in new york later in the program. first to politics. the national polls agree newt gingrich turned to the head of the gop pack. they had him 23 to 22 over romney. even increasing his lead by a point to 24 to 22 percent over the former massachusetts governor. among likely primary voters nationwide. even conservative iowa where a tuesday bloomberg poll that estate poll had cain in the lead on tuesday even then gingrich was closing the gap. as republicans continue the search for anybody but romney, now comes the hard part for the
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former speaker of the house. newt girng rich has be-- gingri around forever. he has the baggage to prove it. >> hang on to their hats because next in line is he for that intense media scrutiny that comes with those who have the momentum. >> i do not believe the president is above the law. i do not believe the american people should be subjected to a cover up by washington democrats conspireing to avoid the truth coming out: >> this is about law breaking this is not about sex this is not about gossip it is not about soap operas it is about law breaking. >> the rumors were true that you were in an affair with a woman obviously who wasn't your wife statement that bill clinton and monica lewinsky were having their escapade. >> the fact it the honest answer is yes. >> my advice as a historian when they walked in and said to me we are making loans to people with
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no credit history and have no record of paying back anything. i said to them at this time. this is a bubble. this is insane. this is impossible. >> i think he has been disingenuous about his answers about the healthcare companies and drug firms did not pay his consortium money because of his history. freddie mac didn't pay him 30,000 an hour for visit because of his history. >> there are some republicans out there talking about a possible gingrich candidacy who say they don't think it could happen you have too much personal baggage. >> i think it depends what the american people want to focus on. if you think the country is in trouble if you think we need to go back to first principles in terms of contribution. people say gingrich has been around a long time he's the guy that can fix it. >> can the survivor fix it in can he survive the heat?
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let's talk to conway on your left there. he use to do work for gingrich for a time. aft after ten years he was one of the staffers that walked out on newt back in june and provide the family values tip for three times de versed leader perkins. welcome everybody. tony may i start with you? what do you think about gingrich? is it a nonstarter because of his divorces? >> i don't think so. i think what you see happening here is what you said. you have seen romney competing against pawlenty head to head pawlenty faded you had michelle the media drove her numbers down. then it was rick perry. then it was cane. now we see romney and gingrich in a head to head. i think there are two issues here two assumptions we can make safely. one is voters conservatives in particular who dominate the primary states are looking for
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anybody but romney. secondly the second assumption is it's not a safe place to be to be that alternative. >> you are not answering my question specifically about these three divorces. with the values oriented christian evangelical voters -- >> it is -- >> be specific would they ever vote for newt gingrich? >> i think it will be problematic for him. but here's the thing. it is known. he has been out there a lot of this stuff go newt gingrich and his personal life is known and yet he is still surging in the polls. this shows the distrust for romney more than anything else. rick santorum is the only one left on the bench who hasn't had his day on the bench. >> thanks kelly what do you think? can he gain momentum? >> he can. there is political baggage you leave behind and luggage you take with you. he has a ton of luggage packed. he understands washington. people when they realize as much as they don't like washington
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geraldo you need to understand how the place works if you want to transform it. this is a 68-year-old newt gingrich grandfather of two great relationship with his daughters jackie and kathy. it's a hum beller gracious newt. people were accustomed to falling in place. what he said is really pofrnlt everything is known. there are no skeletons in newt's closet. the skel fon is hanging from trees. everybodying see him. look what sunk herman cain. it was a lot of the y chromosomes but it was also the x factor it was the unknown. you don't have that with gingrich. they walk with him see him as a leader. they have expansive big brains from 94 but a more humble newt gingrich. >> you quit on him once do you think now it is this new and improved version of the former speaker? >> i think newt gingrich survived through persistence. the only thing not known about
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newt gingrich is they balloted the budget cut taxes and reformed the major entitlement program. i think he solidified himself as a nonromney candidate. i think in large part because of what kelly said. he was inok rated fr -- inocula from the candidates listed pawlenty fox and perry and cain. >> would you go back to work for him? >> i am t going to rule anything out but i am not going to announce anything. people who follow politics feel we can lose perspective. he h we had an avalanche fall on the campaign. i took the short view and thought terp dead. newt took the long view and started to sis descend the mountain again. >> i have 30 secondsleft because of this terror bust i am short on time. do you think he can sustain the momentum with the press ma'amering about him every day about the divorces the hypocrisy about making the money from
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freddie mac? >> it may em bold enhim a bit. the candidate that the grass-roots feel is being put upon unfairly they tend to rally around them. that is sarah palin as well. where she was attacked and grass-roots. here is the thing with newt. he would answer the question this way. if up can't take the heat and scrutiny running for president you can't take the office of being the president. i think it's a fair test. the thing is newt has a key word you just mentioned which is momentum. romney has no momentum. romney's best bet people care about the economy and believe he is truly economical. they want ideas. >> we will see how long they last. they may go all of the way. rick thank you. let's continue this discussion. thank you kelly ann. the big exclusive is coming your way tonight. casey hannon knee fighting mad about what prosecutor jeff ashton says about him and his new book. craig found another molester
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woing the penn state campus. we probed the video games bigger than movie. did she fall over board or was she pushed? nataliewood exclusive. stand by.
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>> they spent their weekend on the boat the splendor on catalina island. somewhere in the night she ended up in if the water and drowned. her death was ruled an accident. recently we have received information which we felt was substantial enough to make us look at another case. >> the la sheriff reopening the investigation into the death of one of the most famous woman of her time gnatted leawood. the captain of the yacht splendor to which she disappeared after a night of hard drinking and gel louls
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tensions on board. their guest the actor christopher walken on the right. the actor's comments are essentially the same as he made during my 1992 probe of their mysterious death. watch. >> he came back to the phone and they were sitting together, you know, and it just started. rj got madder and matter and madder. he raised his voice took a wine bottle and smashed it right on the table. christopher went outside christopher came back in cooled off a little bit and natalie went to her state room. i stayed with rj. christopher went below went to his state room. he wasn't seen or heard the whole rest of the evening. >> wagner spent half an hour searching the boat for natalie.
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>> he said she probably went shire. i know natalie wouldn't voluntarily step in a dingy and leave the boat. i fired the uniscope on the boat turn the flood light on and look. he said no let's wait. he did say something that he did not say to the police. what happened in the half hour that r and j went down looked for natalie they got into an argument. i don't know if i can tell you that. >> it's okay. >> in a prime time exclusive meet the lead detective on the case. thank you for coming on tonight. i really appreciate it. he's saying there was a fight between natalie woods and robert wagner on the back of the boat. did he ever tell you that? is he lying now or was he lying
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then? >> i think he is exaggerating now. there was a heavy weight discussion. he discussed there was some kind of a fight. at that time nobody told me there was a fight it was an argument. >> did any one tell you anything about robert wagner being so mad at christopher walken the actor flirting with his wife that he smashed a wine bottle. >> i questioned him because i saw the broken glass i was aboard the ship. the wine bottle fell off the table and left it. that was their answer to me. >> did you believe that then? did robert wagner duane as you look back on it, is it possible hee and christopher walken got special treatment? >> no, there was no special treatment. each one told me the story. i interviewed them individually
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and they told me the basic story. between the three of them i had to believe them. >> did you have reason to suspect maybe robert wagner was so jealous, so furious at natalie woods maybe by accident he pushed her and she went into the water? >> nothing indicated any of that. if i had an inkling of an idea like that i would have worked the homicide case. >> isn't it clear to you that the captain of the yacht tried to minimize if what he is saying now and 20-years ago if what he is telling you now is that there was this big fight and it's not what he told you originally, what are you going to believe?
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>> i would choose to believe the first time as far as his activities. there wasn't month for him to prepare. he wasn't righting him a book. >> why do you think the sheriff's department lee bock is not a flamboyant publicity speaker. why is he reopening? what does he have that we don't know? >> as far as i know the only thing he has is the statement. >> they called me several times earlier in the investigation and we talked to him. i was friends with him in a sense. >> up now --
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>> did the captain lie with authorities in 1981 or is he lying now to sell this book? why did the
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>> i heard a woman calling for help. help me, somebody help me. i am drowning. >> we called harbor patrol. at 11:25 call for help ceased. that was the beginning of the nightmare. >> that's marilyn wayne the witness on the 48-hours mystery last night. >> there is only two he explanations of how natalie woods ended up in the water. she tried to go ashore on that dingy or somebody pushed her
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over board. we may know which of those is the real life story. certainly never told the cops. in our interview he refused to going to the captain directly. the producer and crew left the captain alone with rule lee. she is the woman who coauthored the book. >> saying it to protect ourselves still. >> i don't want to state -- >> he should chill i know. where is cal go? what did she go with them for? >> i think she is talking to them. >> good. i think she should. we could walk out of here right now. >> i don't want to tell them.
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>> >> if we tell them we don't have nothing. the captain is a liar. he lied to the cops to protect robert wagner at that time or he lied now implicating wagner to sell the book that took almost 20-years to get published? which do you think it is? >> it is a promotion a opportunity for them to sell books and make money. the words you used are the words you used in the courtroom.
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tell me sir when were you lying? are you lying today 30 years later or the night it was happening to the security tifr. you look at the summation folks the judge is going to charge you on the law. you can presume he's lying about everything. the case goes out the window. >> that is me, you or everybody watching tonight. why then the la sheriff's office reopening. the accident happened in catalina 26 miles from los angeles. >> with the exception of thousands of dollars it costs to send detectives over there i guess it can't hurt. you s it's the only crime in the nation with no statute of limitations. they put out this book all of this publicity let's make sure
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we didn't miss anything. they would have to come up with dna or somebody has a video for them to think about these charges. >> rebel without a cause, splendor in the grass. >> west side story. i was baby john when i did it at polly prep. i was so into it. forget about it. it was a tragedy. it was a national tragedy when it happened. if this captain did know something and he withheld it well then he's a captain of a ship. he's not even a citizen. he should be held to the highest standard. there is no law against it. there is a calling after this he will pay the price. >> maybe. >> the original -- duane it's the original homicide detective on the case you had never any doubt in your mind once you began your preliminary investigation that this was an accident. >> no, not once i got over
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there. got the investigation from the sources there. >> natalie was so afraid of the water she would never step into a dinghy on her own. she didn't have a life jacket on. she had a heavy down coat. the coat paied 50 pounds soaked with water. she obviously didn't want to get in the water. oar's were still in place the keys weren't in the engine to start it up. what do you think? >> i go back to my original thinking. my investigation is that she was trying to retie the dinghy. they came back aboard they did their activities. she went to bed. she was planning ongoing to bed she was in bed clothes. she heard a sound or something she went back to retie it and they retied it my wife would
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never in a million years go tie up a dingy that had come lose. particularly when you have her husband on board, when you have the captain on board, she is the least capable. >> i think they should reopen it. >> however they are unreliable. >> the scenario is the wine bottle broke because we knew that's not true now. maybe she slipped and fell and a little wine was p
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channel. >> it's in complete and it's over. penn state on the road with someone other than joe paterno as hid coach since 1965 they win this one for joe's staff. >> this is a fox news alert. i am craig rivera. it was victory for penn state in saturday's game against the ohio state buckeyes a welcome respite for the university tainted by child sex abuse allegations that costs joe paterno his job. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys? >> am i attracted to young boys? >> he was accused of abusing 8
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boys over a 15 year period. it resulted in a violent backlash against him. >> leaving the home of jerry sandusky the assistant coach charged with 40 counts of child sexual abuse. apparently the front window to his home smashed in by vandals. two pricks were thrown through the windows. shaking a loyal fan base to the core and unleashing more dark secrets from its past. i was sodomized orally pal tated. >> his shocking claim that in the late 70s and early 80s a university professor and his neighbor sexually abused him between the ages of 11 and 15 years old fell on deaf ears when
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he complained to university officials. >> oo when they started talking about joe paterno i needed to speak up and let them know sandusky isn't the only faculty member at penn state that was sexually abusing children. >> you are saying you were sexually abused as a child on the penn state campus? >> numerous times and numerous locations on campus. >> tell me about it? who was that person behind it? >> professor john king. >> you were molested by these people including nysworth on state college campus? >> yes. >> did you ever tell any one about it? >> no while the abuse was occurring, no. there were threats that they would tell my friends that we were gay or i was gay, that they
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would have me taken away from my parents things of that nature. >> paul has flash backs to the abuse in 1999 and tracked down his abusers including the professor of special education and well-known author of books on early childhood development. >> i contacted the dean of education david monk i contacted him and told him i made a taped recorded conversation with the professor and he had abused me and in the taped conversation he admitted the abuse he committed against me. >> what twas the response? >> it was hearsay. he had an impeccable record in no way would or could he do that type of thing.
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>> he contacted the university president dismissed last week for failing to notify authorities of suspicions raised about mr. sandusky. >> when i contacted him it seemed to me he had already heard about this. he had already spoken with david monk. >> is this within the same time period of the allegations of the other victims of sandusky? >> it was within two or three weeks one way or the another either before or after. >> the response was? >> they didn't want to hear it. they didn't want to acknowledge my existence much less what i was telling them. >> he sued nieys worth they reached a confidential settlement in 2002 another in 2009. criminal and civility gages could not be filed in pennsylvania because the statute of limitations expired when he said he came to terms with the abuse. >> how are you doing now?
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>> this has been real hard. i don't know of any other victims who have allowed themselves to be interviewed particularly on camera or whatnot. as long as i am helping other kids, it keeps me going keeps me motivated. in response to paul's statement this week the dean admitted in an e-mail quote he was a professor during the time of the incidents that have been reported. at the time we learned of this we immediately made sure they were at the campus did not involve children. we considered other actions as well. the court cases were ongoing at that time and ultimately the charges were dismissed against him that prevented the university from taking any other action. sound familiar geraldo? >> it certainly does, craig. thank you for that report. >> is penn state eights action or interaction a sufficient response to the facts as we know
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them or is this another example of protecting the university at all costs? let's welcome congressman admiral joe sestak and jeff andersonnterviewing some of the victims in the case. does this sound familiar to you? >> it does. we have been working with survivors of sexual abuse whether it has been institutional failure or cover up of the catholic church or other institutions for two and a half decades. what we are seeing here reveals that penn state is tragically familiar. >> hearing that this is tragically familiar and is a pattern emerging? is penn state still protective of its reputation that it would cover up child sex crimes? >> it piers so. that is what is most disconcerting.
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penn state did a review not just of the other departments but of other areas. it appears with this renowned university not just in football but is what you stand for and how do you be accountable for that? that principal is lacking through out this university. as we go on there is another example i might speak about. >> what do you mean by that another example? >> look, we have a public university. it gets more public funding than any of the other public universities in panennsylvania. we will go into court and it will argue the bank should not be passed by the local county because it's a public university. at the same moment it has another set of lawyers into another court arguing it's a private university and should not reveal that 20 salaries for
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25 top employees. in fact it is opposed and is given exemptions from the open records law of pennsylvania. what are we teaching them go into court stand for one thing and then another. >> talking about accountability you have had how many calls from penn state and jerry sandusky specifically? >> i am not talking about that other than the fact that we are engaged to help. but what i really think the question that needs to be asked and answered here is why for so long did so many men fail to protect these children and instead choose time and time again to protect again the institution. that's really the question that needs to be asked and answered here.
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i don't think penn state itself is capable of answering that question or getting to the bottom of it. it is going to require scrutiny and reordering of priorities priorities that protect children the way they desire to train athletes and football games. if they devote the resources and commitment to doing that that is a strong beginning. that is going to require a change of policy. we have to repeal the mandate charge reporting laws so children are peter protected and penn state needs to reach out to the survivors immediately so they can come forth to an outside agency for health health and some healing can begin. >> what craig's case and with the reported molester the professor what do you think? >> in 201 he is on tape he
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admits they had oral sex. he admits it was fierce and he says well i was 12 or 13 years old there's no denial. >> it is not admitted, why? >> in certain states both parties need to know there was a recording for it to be admitted. >> how much is this costing? >> 40 percent of the money coming in not counting donations coming there and athletes. >> listen to what jeff said. >> admiral i hear the music. we are getting a fox news alert the u.s. super committee co-chairs to issue a statement on monday declaring failure to reach a deficit reduction plan. failure to reach a deficit reduction plan.
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that is not really that surprising. jose biaz comes out swinging.
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>> i credit jose for always fighting for his client. i question how he did it sometimes but he was always fighting for him -- her. there was never a time i got the impression he wavered in that. i am assuming like everybody else he looked at the evidence at some point and saw what everybody else saw.
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>> that is the nice stuff he said about jose. even there though is the casey anthony lead defense attorney said he had to know his client was guilty of killing his 2-year-old girl but he tried to persuade his 25-year-old client to accept a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. welcome to the program. did you desperately seek a plea deal? >> that's not true at all. the way it has come out recently is that we try to start and initiate plea negotiations in the middle of a trial. that's not a bad policy for defense lawyers to have. she approached me. >> the lead prosecutor. >> unlike jeff ashton who is not the lead prosecutor. >> that is correct. we spoke about it. it was basically her bleeding to
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count 3 and we would have a conference with the judge and he would tell us what he would sentence her to. all she had to do was consider it. casey looked us all in the eye and said i am innocent i am not pleading to anything and i won't consider it. that is why they had to stop trial to ensure she was competent to proceed. >> arrogant and swarmy he says jose was a sadistic liar. >> the most egregious example is what he did to cindy anthony. when he knew the casey story was going to come out to us he scheduled a meeting with cindy only. >> he went further and told her that the state was investigating george for some involvement in the death and disappearance of caylee. it was absolutely false. 100 percent false.
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to me that was not only a huge lie but was just cruel. >> is it a cruel lie jose bias. i didn't welcome you. thank you for coming on. >> i don't know how it could be a cruel lie when it was absolutely true. law enforcement asked her to wear a wire on two different occasions and have conversations with george about the duct tape. they had on several occasions done search warrants in the home and exceeded the scope. there was you a time when they left one of the cell phones in his car. any one looking at the case can see this. that came out in a pretrial hearing during -- actually during the trial outside of the jury's presence.
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>> i was shocked the psychiatrist reports, what casey told the psychiatrist is in this book. for instance casey telling the shrink she had been molested by george. casey telling the shrink her baby died on the 16th. >> those are sealed. i can't go there and i won't. i have a professional obligation to follow the rules. >> you are saying he did not follow the rules. >> i am sure he has had council in writing his book. >> why don't you write your own damn book? >> i would write one. the only thing is i would want to dedicate a significant amount of time. there are a lot of things people don't know about the case. if i were to do it the situation would have to be right.
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>> what do we get to see your client on television? >> i don't know. that's totally up to
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>> once the campaign began they would fight jihad here. he indicated he was a loan wolf. >> that's the good news in the fox alert al qaeda sympathizer arrested tonight whofdz planning to bomb post offices returning gi's with pipe bombs was operating alone. he is a naturalized u.s. citizen
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born in the dom minute con republic ail cording to mayor mriek el bloomberbloomberg. oh this is live. he is being arraigned right there. he got all of the information from one or more of the terrorist web sites one of the terror plots. why is he charged with conspiracy? >> they are reach ago little bit. he has his own web site. he is on his own web site. he's working with al qaeda. he embraces all of their whatever their agenda is. >> perfect. i advise all al qaeda sympathizers to have your own web sites and all of your nightmare dreams we want to see your web sites and have a return address. we are exhausted ladies and
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gentlemen after a decade of war and video games about war have never been more popular. that's at 60 bucks a pop. there is a soldier in all of us. that's the tag line. is that the explanation? editor and community manager for ign. >> play the game as you talk and i will question you and they are amazingly real life, but why are they so popular if people are sick of wars? >> just like any other entertainment aspect everybody likes to partake in. it is rated m for mature. >> they will or they wovent. do you think women are actually good at it? you are, you are killing
2:56 am
everybody. >> 175 million sold within the first five days alone in dollars, by the way. >> say that number again? >> 775 million. >> three quarters of a billion dollars? >> crazy. >> the twilight saga movie opened. did it do 60 million? a fraction of what his video games are earning. i guess is occupy wall street saving up? >> i don't know. i want to get back to your earlier question. my dad raised me playing games with my three younger sisters because he had no boys. >> are you talking to me? start it again. >> it is like watching football
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some women love it. some will tolerate it and watch it in the background. >> did any one have an idea it would be this big? three quarters of a billion dollars. that's like avatar money. >> it's more than africa. i am sure activation is very happy about it. i am happy about it because i love these games so much. i think it grossed 6 billion since it started. >> i guess it's not going anywhere even when we pull out of iraq and afghanistan this will be going on. one of
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>> good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 21, 2011. thanks for sharing your time with us today. this is what he wanted to do to american citizens. an al-qaida sympathizer busted in a plot to kill police officers and members of the u.s. military. how this american citizen got caught and why he decided to go rogue. >> meanwhile, the super committee not so super after all. the debt panel on the verge of admitting failure. to top it all off, they're just pointing fingers at each other. the blame game has started! >> first, she was named country star of the year but then taylor swift got the shock of her life at the ama's. and this time, it's got nothing to do with kanye west.


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