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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 21, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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instctor and sai it was one of the most moving experiences of his life. good for them. so many stories ripping on hollywood, not all bad, is it? thanks for watching. here's mr. shepard smith. >> shepard: thank you. the news begins anew on studio b. american man accused of plotting to attack police and military personnel. what the cops say he was doing when they arrested him. >> plus, new report says the militant group hezbollah has captured more than a dozen americans. we'll talk with a former cia about the dire straits, a hezbollah target himself about what we could do and what could happen to them in enemy hands. >> plus, this little boy's mom told police he disappeared after she left him alone in her car on the road. now she is reportedly blaming her husband. that's all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. first, the congressional super committee has reached a
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stalemate. that's the word on capitol hill where the bipartisan group of lawmakers has failed to agree on a 1.2 trillion spending cut. the deadline is today to present a plan of some kind to trim the budget or face a series of automatic cuts. of course washington doesn't work and it doesn't today. there's still time for a last-ditch effort to make a deal, barely. sources say it is highly unlikely. an official announcement expected today after the markets close. the deadlock has already sent stocks tumbling. it means more uncertainty over federal spending. the dow down 262 points on the session. it has been down more than 300 during the course of the day. after two months of talks, republicans and democrats are stuck on taxes. >> we are stuck because we do not believe that the wealthiest people in america ought to get a huge tax cut when we're supposed to be doing deficit reduction.
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not tax cutting. >> one reason we've been so much against raising taxes in this process is because we do not want the economy to suffer. >> remember, without agreement in theory, automatic across the board spending cuts to military and domestic programs are set. automatic cutbacks designed to be brutal in order to force the lawmakers to reach a compromise, but they haven't. they are all but out of time. mike emanuel on capitol hill. there has been a flurry of activity what do we know about this or is it just optics, if you will? >> reporter: we've seen a number of small meetings on the hill. what i've heard from republican sores that senator kerry offered another late proposal but this republican said, one, it appeared to include a trillion dollar tax hike which is a no-go for republicans. two, did not appear to have the support of the other democrats on committee. senator kerry trying to make a
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last ditch offer. all indications are it is a no-got. at this point, it seems -- extremely unlikely that they will get a deal and we expect some kind of announcement later today. >> shepard: what is the president saying? >> reporter: interesting, he's kept an arm's distance from the super committee perhaps recognizing the odds of failure. he did have a message for congress. then a republican senator had a message to the president, if you will. take a listen. >> the president: my message to every member of congress is keep going, keep working, keep finding more ways to put partisanship aside and put more americans back to work. >> democratic members would have come across with the kind of negotiations that would have been successful. he did not want -- he wanted a political issue and it is wrong. >> reporter: senator sessions making the case the president should have been more involved if he had democrats may have wanted to cut a keel. obviously, the president
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believes that -- cut a deal. obviously, the president believes the republicans had been dug in too much on taxes so he's pushing congress to get something done, soon. >> shepard: good luck. mike, thanks. analysis now from the associate editor of financial magazine barons's owned by the parent company of this network. back in the case they told us they will have to get something done, if they don't all these cuts will go into place. now maybe not. >> these cuts by the way, 1.2beyond in so-called cuts 1.2 trillion in the rate of anticipated increase in spending over 10 years. that's not been arrived at. the reason this sort of detonation device that was put into this plan, automatic cuts starting by the way january 2013 s that it was done by an act of congress, congress can find a way out if it wants to. while the stock market has been uneasy today because of europe, other things going on,
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i think there weren't high hopes for this process because it wasn't always a good faith effort on either side. >> shepard: to cut through the clutter when the two sides the republicans and democrats, when they put people up who would be adverse to compromise. and they knew from the beginning, no matter what they told us, they knew from the beginning this is not something they were going to do, didn't they? >> there was a chance they could come up with a fudged answer that was using maneuvers within the budget that could nominally say yes we got to the 1.2 trillion. i don't think everyone thought with election less than a year away, either side was going to surrender whatever ammunition they perceived to have. >> shepard: in a world where you need 60 votes to get anything done in the senate which means congress can get anything done. and in a world where do nothing seems to be the order of the day. why should we have expected they would have done this? what they did in the first
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place was make a decision not to do their jobs and now they've not done their jobs again, is that wrong? >> no. it was a way to defer the big decisions. i think what is building toward a series of more climatic arguments about the budget with you are going to have bush tax cuts expiring, debate about alternative minimum tax if you do nothing on any of those things we save more than the 1.2 trillion just by those things not being changed. doubtful it will happen that way. it shows you the stakes are not today, later on. >> reporter: mike, thank you. stunning. other news and important news that happens to generate in new york city where officials say they've bust add al-qaeda sympathizer suspected of a plot to kill police, blow up servicemen, homemade bombs. police arrested 27-year-old jose pimentel as he was
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building a pipe bomb on his own mother's couch. he his mother. he was using instructions from an infamous article called "how to build a mom in the kitchen of your mom" from the al-qaeda magazine online called "inspire." police say this video shows the suspect building that bomb. police commissioner kelly says police had to move quickly because the suspect was ready to carry out his attack. apparently he could have been an hour. jonathan hunt is with us. what else do we know? sometimes these things are more i wanna do it. sometimes it is like i was about to do. this seems like the latter. >> reporter: depends who you talk to. this guy was born in the dominican republic. he's an american citizen. he was a late convert to islam, unemployed and apparently inspired by radical clerics such as al-awlaki. you remember he's the u.s. born yemeni-based cleric who
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was killed in an american missile strike september 30th, this year. mayor bloomberg of new york said yesterday that while this man was inspired by the wider jihadist movement, he was acting entirely alone. >> the suspect was a so-called lone wolf. motivated by his own resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and afghanistan. as well as inspired by al-qaeda propaganda. he was not part of a larger conspiracy emanating from abroad. >> reporter: of course, many security officials say that is our greatest threat right now, this kind of lone wolf attack. >> shepard: there's the fbi. we are hearing from the fbi today they didn't think there was an attack planned or a threat at all. >> this is the strange thing. fbi officials were twice approached by the nypd to get involved in this case. apparently, both times they said no, we do not believe
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this man is a real threat. we believe he is simply mentally unstable. not so, according to the nypd and mayor bloomberg who showed a video at that press conference yesterday showing the kind of bomb he was trying to build, according to them. and the damage it would have done. which you see there. we have two very different views on this. >> shepard: not surprising. jonathan hunt, thank you. jonathan will be chatting about this story and others throughout the hour. >> coming up we talk to our legal panel about the suspected plotter and where this case guess. remember when investigators said financial brokerage firm mf global lost 600 million dollars in customer money? well, it appears the company headed by the former new jersey senator and governor jon corzine may have lost double that. it is nine minutes past the
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>> shepard: more now on the arrest of suspected new york city terror plotter. our legal panel is in. police say he spent much of his time on the internet maintaining a radical website called true islam one. here's the panel. mercedes cohen and randy zelin. >> i don't want to say much ado about nothing but it is very much over blown. it seems to us that they haven't made out the criminal complaint which we have here, doesn't really make outer rich. first, he's targeting soldiers. and the statute in new york state doesn't talk about soldiers. it talks about civilians. how far did he get as you said earlier, great point, was he talking about this? how close was he? did he even get there in terms of a weapon? then of course you've got this
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notion of so often local law enforcement they jump in too soon. the feds wanting nothing to do with this. that tells me something. >> this was a loan wolf. contained, regional, new york. let's go through the facts. he was scraping 700 matches and the explosive material into a ball. drilling holes into a casing. he had done all of the shopping for making the bomb. he had the website that said how to make a bomb in your kitchen. he was trailed for 12 months by law enforcement. they didn't pounce the first month. they waited until thoughts became action and the confidential informant with him the entire time there's a videotape after his arrest he starts to admit to law enforcement officials i was going to attack civilians. not well articulated certainly the affirmation from law enforcement that supports it says specifically that he made these admissions. that it want just law enforcement. he's going after civilians as
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well. >> shepard: randy your point is that he wasn't acting as if he was doing something your point is he was over charged? >> under the new york state penal law the state says we really need something. the feds have something, we want something too. but it is very specific in its intent. here i agree, i think they could have charged straight weapons possession. >> shepard: but that wouldn't have made the news. >> exactly. and i think it would have been stronger. all the terrorism statute does is make everything more serious c felony becomes a b, d felony becomes a c. >> shepard: c felony becomes a b felony, under new york state that's a more serious charged with more penalties down the road. >> how often do we have these circumstances and someone says you had all this information and let the violence erupt. what do we have to do wait until there are car bombings,
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he was talking about putting bombs that the post offices. where do you stop? [ talking over each other ] >> he was drilling into casings an hour away -- >> that is going to come back. stay tuned that's where you see entrapment defense start to develop. this guy was working for the government. let's see how much he did to -- [ talking over each other ] >> shepard: they lower the charges down to something more like what you spoke of that wouldn't have made the news and been a distraction from i don't know occupy wall street. >> if it is more serious the feds will jump in. >> there won't be sympathy from that jury. they will convict on that alone. >> shepard: thank you. a few weeks ago it looked as if newt gingrich's campaign had run out of steam. now a new poll shows he's in a dead heat with romney and in some areas way out in the
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lead. it comes after he picked up new endorsements. where is the gop race today? that's our topic, next.
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>> shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. six weeks before voters in iowa begin to pick their preference for the gop knoll knee. another poll shows newt gingrich is in a tie -- in a tie with romney. a u.s.a. today/gallup poll showing gingrich leading romney 22% to 21% among registered republicans only. cain third 16%. analysts say the sexual harassment allegations surrounding cain have hurt him in the polls and that has lead
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to a big bump for newt gingrich. campaign carl cameron is live in washington. gingrich just introduced a new plan to deal with entitlement programs. >> reporter: across the board he would shift a great deal of the responsibility to the states with bloc granting federal money to the stays. medicaid he would offer private alternatives to medicare and specifically on social security let younger workers invest in private accounts which most conservatives say would be worth more. >> make the whole thing voluntary. you don't want to do it, don't do it if you are dumb enough you prefer to get less money with less control while relying on politicians that's your prerogative, you are an american, you are allowed to be dumb. >> reporter: vintage newt gingrich. he says so many people would have private invery muches of their own with real equity for
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the long term. -- >> shepard: new hampshire next week polls show romney is leading. newt gingrich on the rise. >> reporter: both are campaigning in the state today. romney ignored gingrich. instead he was focusing on president obama and that super committee in d.c.. he said that it is a good thing they failed to avert the huge cuts to the defense budget by not trimming the 1.2 trillion. he said the president has been essentially absent from the discussions and needs to more involved. >> i would call in the president and do call on the president to immediately introduce legislation which says we will not have a 600 billion dollar cut to america's military. we should not cut any funding from our base department of defense budget, that should not occur. [ applause ] >> reporter: one of the things all republicans agree on is president obama is not dealing responsibly with the debt and
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national deficit. romney is going to put surplus on the air tomorrow spending moneyxfsi debutting his ad campaign in new hampshire. not a lot of money but the beginning of romney's ad campaign this time four years ago he had spent millions. right now the only candidates on the air in iowa and new hampshire are perry and paul. >> shepard: carl cameron thanks. let's bring in karen hen pretty. -- karen hanretty. karen good to see you again. big endorsements for romney. in the state of new hampshire over the weekend. >> important endorsements. he has senator judd gregg well-known in new hampshire who has endorsed his campaign. now he has the latest senator from new hampshire. this is a good, important
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endorsement. he's fighing his position as front runner in -- he's solidifying his position as front-runner in new hampshire. spending a lot of time and money he did open an office and if he could come in second i think it would surprise people and i think that would give him a lot of momentum. he doesn't have to win iowa he needs to win new hampshire. if he could have a surprise showing in iowa that would be very good for him. >> shepard: iowa first. i've enjoyed listening to brit hume give analysis as to what has happened to the flavor of the month. it has been brit's analysis it is an unenviable place to be. >> well, the problem is, when you are the flavor of the month, as they say, you get all the scrutiny. herman cain came under a great deal of scrutiny. some of it self-imposed.
12:25 pm
>> shepard: with newt gingrich it is a trip down memory lane for many conservatives it may not be a pleasant trip. >> that's right. he was in office for a long time. he has a long record. the longer your record the more there is to dig up. you see people now talking about '94, what was his role in earmarks when he was speaker of the house? was he doling out earmarks to vulnerable freshmen had who had tough races? you see his work with freddie mac and fannie mae and was he in fact a historian earning over a million dollars or was it something more along the lines of lobbying without having to register? what are his conflicts of interests? that's what happens. that's reasonable so he has a long history we are going to start looking at that now. i would assume he will come down in the polls a bit. the question is does that mean romney goes up?!:c8ñ as each of these flavors of the week or of the month as they fall from grace, the
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baton gets passed to another candidate it doesn't necessarily help romney. we'll have to see where newt gingrich stands two weeks from now for instance. and does that help romney? is he able to gain momentum? >> shepard: karen, thanks. the iranian-backed terror group, hezbollah has reportedly dealt a major blow to our cia. we'll talk to a former cia official about what may be a breach. >> plus, one worker at a major retailer says the company's black friday plans could ruin thanksgiving. now nearly 200,000 people say they agree. the black friday backlash is coming up.
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>> shepard: this is studio b bottom of the hour. new details about the trouble at that now bankrupt brokerage firm mf global the one time new jersey governor and senator jon corzine ran it until it went bankrupt last month. the trustee overseeing the firm's bankruptcy says a lot more money is missing from customers' accounts than originally reported. 1.2 billion dollars. that's double what firm officials first told the government. investigators say they are looking into whether mf global took money from investors to
12:31 pm
cover trading losses. fbi is also investigating whether it violated any other laws. adam shapiro from the fox business network is live in new york. at this point, how much money can customers, the individual customers expect to get back adam? >> reporter: that's the key question. jon corzine when he resigned from mf global there was the 600 million dollar figure people were saying this is sloppy book keeping and accounting problems. they've had a team in there the trustee in bankruptcy court today when he said 1.2 billions was missing, dub the original amount. he also said it looks -- looks like clients could expect to get at best, 60 cents on the dollar back. there are going to be a lot of angry people. >> shepard: are we expecting any criminal charges against anybody? >> reporter: at this point nobody has been charged with anything. the fbi is investigating. when you have this much money missing, as you have the potential for that kind of mixing of funds which is not supposed to happen.
12:32 pm
almost a sure bet someone going to be in trouble. >> shepard: adam, thanks. >> petition again the retail giant's plan to open early friday has green to nearly 200,000 signatures. -- has grown to nearly 200,000 signatures. a target store in nebraska started this petition. he said a planned midnight opening would force employees to spend thanksgiving working instead stead of spending time with their families. now there's a similar campaign against best buy. gerri willis is with us. we are dealing with a national unemployment rate what is going to happen. >> anthony hardwick isn't paying any attention to that. he filed this petition on the web. he says a full holiday with family is just for the elite he have this nation all americans should be able to break bread loved ones and get a good night's rest. target says maybe not. they say our guests, meaning our clients have expressed
12:33 pm
they would prefer to kickoff their holiday shopping by heading out after their celebrations rather than getting up in the middle of the night. they want to stay open, be there this is a big season. they are slashing prices 50% on electronics and other items. >> shepard: it is not as if nobody works for thanksgiving we are open around the clock, a lot of businesses are. if they don't want the jobs i'm sure there is somebody ready to take them. >> obviously, target isn't saying that publicly. this is the season, last year in november target had sales jump 5.5%, 212 americans were out on black friday last year they spent something like 45 billion dollars. the numbers alone would show that everybody but grandpa and the dog were at the mall. this is the season, november and december, 25% of all retailers sales. they got to make it now or they don't at all. >> shepard: we'll see what happens, gerri, thanks.
12:34 pm
>> word today of a major blow to u.s. intelligence networks in the mideast. officials are telling the associated press and for that matter abc news that hezbollah militants have captured more than a dozen spies working for the cia. the united states considers hezbollah a terrorist organization. according to the reports, hezbollah has tricked or i should say tracked down paid cia informants working in iran and lebanon. former cia operative says the captives could face execution and some may already be dead. the cia women not comment on this story other than to say and i quote, the cia does not as a rule discuss allegations of operational activities. bob is with us, a former cia agent. he has also been targeted himself by hezbollah. you don't think the odds are good here, do you bob? >> no. if in fact they caught some of their members that had betrayed hezbollah they will execute them, they will
12:35 pm
torture them, they will break them and execute them, no doubt. >> shepard: what does the united states do? >> well, i think we have a problem in lebanon. the country is controlled by hezbollah this is an iranian-backed paid for organization. they've got tens of thousands of missiles faced at israel. they are in ray poe i to target the cia and effectively close them down, we've got -- got some problems there. >> shepard: the head of hezbollah is saying that they were targeted properly is how things like this work. people from their country are paid by the united states this is exactly what we would have done. of course, i don't know about the execution part. >> yeah but shep he was behind the marine corp in 1983. he was behind attacks in argentina. i could go on and on. this guy has blood on his hands. this isn't another government closing down the cia this is a
12:36 pm
terrorist group. >> shepard: what about the cia answerjes said to have been in iran? >> -- >> that's more sources. they are talking about getting into websites. the iranians are very sophisticated too. these are not backward countries when it comes to intelligence. they are very, very good. the cia trained the iranians under the shah. they've advanced beyond that and they are coming back at us hard. >> shepard: we have to do something. the united states has to make a statement. is it your assessment this is part of the proxy war against iran? >> i would start by why are we giving lebanon hundreds of millions of dollars and they are attacking us? they are flushing the money down the toilet. get the government to close these people down or don't take our money. >> shepard: bob baer, former cia officer targeted by hezbollah, thank you.
12:37 pm
another major outbreak of violence in the streets of egypt. today there is a . this time the protests are directed at the number formed government which kicked out the old government. >> new potential evidence in the search for a missing 2-year-old boy in washington. remember this? it comes as the boy's mother has reportedly and for the first time broken her silence. little boy missing and a family at arms, just ahead. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers
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>> shepard: 2010 i minutes before the hour. the mother of a missing 2-year-old boy in washington state may now be speaking out. a person claiming to be the mother contacted abc news in a series of e-mails over the weekend. nobody has been able to confirm the source. her family is telling abc the e-mail address does belong to the mother. in one message whoever is doing the writing, attacks the boy's father. my former husband is a sadistic muslim pakistani. no one has any idea.
12:41 pm
this is all too difficult. kindly, julia. abc news reports the person denied knowing what happened to the toddler and claimed the boy's father had something to do with it. police said the mother's story doesn't add up. she claims she left her son alone in a car earlier this month after it ran out of gas. investigators say the mom lied the car had plenty of gas. this happening as investigators say they found several ups of interest in a nearby park. -- several items of interest in a nearby park. trace what did they find in the park? >> reporter: they won't say exactly. whatever it was, it was big enough to bring in a full friend s team to nan light and keep that search going all day and well into the night. -- all the ups they've pilled out of the park have been sent in for further analysis. this park is two miles from where the mom lives they went with shovels and rakes. when you are looking for a
12:42 pm
2-year-old boy is always a grim sign. the cops say it was standard operating procedure. they clearly believe mom is involved. >> i have to resist the temptation to put a label on julia in regard to a person of interest or suspect or anything else. but i can tell you that my statement stands about her story falling apart. >> reporter: we are told they should have results on those items they found in that park hopefully sometime next week. >> shepard: in addition, it is my understanding we just got new photographs? >> reporter: yeah, surveillance photos just sent in to us from our seattle newsroom. they just got them from the cops. these are surveillance videos or pictures of the mom. she was in a local market. you can see she does not have her son with her. the cops have been releasing some of these videos, leading up to the disappearance of sky these in the days and hours before he disappeared.
12:43 pm
nobody reported seeing the boy in the weeks before he disappeared. but cops do point out that in some of these surveillance videos, the boy is seen with the mom. it is unclear if this will lead to more evidence. they are clearly releasing these so they can get help from the public. >> shepard: trace gallagher, live in l.a., let's take this to the legal panel again. the mom, supposedly has written some e-mails, maybe she did, maybe she didn't. i don't know who the hell would listen to this mom. she told a story the cops say state bunch of hughey which. -- hooey. the whole story lies according to the police. >> as a mother, you are going to say here is a list of folks, here's what the baby was wearing, take a polygraph, do everything in your power to exclude you as a suspect she has done none of that she hasn't cooperated doesn't want
12:44 pm
to give a polygraph her story has been the same i ran out of gas and walked an hour. shep i stayed in a hotel in miami there was a duck there and i'm sure it was a duck, it walked, quacked, this woman is a duck. >> maybe it was a goose. >> shepard: it might have been. you know what i'm saying. why would you ask so much like a damn duck if you are not a . she is not acting like a woman looking for her child. she acting like a woman who has something to hide. >> do we really know what this woman is doing? >> reporter: no. you are annoying ran but i like you. but you are annoying throw, go on. >> what i find so fascinating the police have almost learned from the media they send teases, we are looking for stuff, not going to tell you what it is, not going to he will you if it is relevant. >> shepard: they want to keep the pressure on.
12:45 pm
>> but on whom? >> they want to smoke her outran they are not going say we found this x, y and z. >> 2009 was it just mom who had a problem leaving the child alone or was it daddy as well? >> it was one time. but, here the dad was nowhere to be found the night sky disappeared he didn't leave car where the story doesn't sound right, please. it is pointing to -- the investigator came this close to saying you know what she is the only suspect we have. >> but, he didn't. and for good reason. what i find equally fascinating dad has all this interviews why isn't he wearing out the soles of his shoes? >> he took a polygraph, unlike her. >> which is inadmissible. >> i'm looking for kid. >> where are you going to start looking on the side of the road where she did, but
12:46 pm
didn't run out of gas? >> anywhere you can. i'm looking for my kid. >> randy he's cooperating. let's take a polygraph, forget this i'm not going to hide. i can't talk to you because my lawyer is saying i can't talk, please. she is a mother, do everything you can to find your child. >> our job as a lawyer is make sure the target isn't already drawn on the person and shoot at it. you are supposed to figure out who did something by deductive reasoning not determining she did it and let's build a a case around her. >> you don't continue to be in the mix and she continues to be in the mix. >> as defense lawyers we don't permit that because this is what happens. >> reporter: there's a lot of quacking, waddling and washing yourself off, that's all i'm saying. new developments in the penn state sex abuse scandal. we'll tell you which former fbi director is heading the investigation. plus, have you seen this?
12:47 pm
have you seen this? would you look at this. that is a police officer spraying in the face pepper spray on students who are sitting doing nothing, at least in this video. captured on video and the man is now on leave. it doesn't end here. details, next. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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>> shepard: penn state now bringing in former fbi director to head the investigation into the alleged sex abuse scandal. jerry sandusky charged with sexually abusing at least eight boys over 15 years. facing 40, counts denies it all. the board of trustees has
12:51 pm
hired louie freeh to investigate all aspects of this case. earlier today, louie freeh promised a fair, thorough review. >> during the course of this independent investigation, we will immediately report any evidence of criminality to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. if our investigation identifies any additional victims of sexual crimes against or exploitation of children, we will immediately report this. >> shepard: any additional victims of sex abuse. freeh plans to expand the investigation beyond the details the grand jury report released. he's going all the way back to the mid 70s. more details from the legal panel. you've done this sort of thing before? >> brilliant move by penn state. >> shepard: they've gotten good at the pr part now. >> they are going to bring in
12:52 pm
this independent party. all of those documents he can say is attorney/client privilege, i can't send it off to law enforcement, can't bring it over. >> shepard: what you are saying under the guise of transparency they are able to withhold? >> absolutely. >> shepard: randy that doesn't sound right. >> it is a brilliant move. if i'm the prosecution these are pennsylvania local prosecutors who typically don't get involved with the form areer -- former fbi director and former federal judge. lord only knows what they are thinking. he's going to do his own investigation he may create impeachment material, find things that are exculpatory that get people out of trouble. who is his client? >> he's going to distance the institutions. shep i wonder how the heck penn state can play in a post-season football game they though are going to qualify and i wonder how they are going to play football next year. a much less important matter but worth millions, we'll see.
12:53 pm
a little more news. egypt have you heard what is happening there? that country's cabinet submitted its resignation. the death toll from three days of violence grows to who are than 30. a live look at cairo's tahrir square where earlier this year, protesters rallied for the fall of president mubarak. >> shepard: deadly clashes comes a week before the egyptians are scheduled to voterf1gjz their first free elections in decades. let's turn to our jerusalem newsroom. what is going on here? >> reporter: shep, people are fed up that's the bottom line. for three days they've been clashing with military police, police tried to get rid of them that didn't work. they are demanding the resignation of the prime minister. that's what they got. we are waiting for the group
12:54 pm
that rules egypt and has presidential power to address those res s. not clear whether they are going to accept them or not. -- we are waiting to see what happens. >> shepard: rena, thanks. new fall-out after campus police hit protesters with pepper spray this weekend at cal davis. the university of california davis. two officers and the police chief there on administrative leave. the president of the university or the chancellor says he was appalled after seeing these images. officers in riot gear doused students with a caustic chemical agent and they say they sat on the sidewalk showing no visible resistance whatsoever yet they got pepper . the chancellor promising to speed up the investigation. over the weekend protesters gave her the silent treatment. listen to this students sitting all around, watch.1c> that's the reaction that the
12:55 pm
students gave to this woman. they want her out. she reportedly stayed inside for two hours with the crowd outside she believed was hostile. but listen. no hostility there. the silent treatment. the students believe their fellow students should not have been pepper sprayed. we're told there were several hundred students there solidarity with the occupy protesters. the chance already has so far resisted calls to step down. back to the legal panel. you saw that video. if you can vinny, roll that video of the pepper spraying again and let's watch this. they have to cue it up in the computer. what we see is students seated, seated there. doing nothing, at all. and an officer, look at this! just on glance of this, all i can think is, are you out of your mind spraying these
12:56 pm
students like that? >> great caption of what took place. they have no idea what took place before that a full investigation should be held. good they put these officers on administrative leave they will investigate and see what happened moments before. >> shepard: randy? >> i'm always the first one to come up with an explanation. but my god even if the officer somehow in his mind was justified, how could you as a matter of common sense knowing %0nfju+ját> maybe he didn't think he was wrong. [ talking over each other ] >> have a little common sense. >> who knows what was taking place right before, we don't know. i pepper sprayed myself -- >> shepard: that was dumb. here's what we know what was happening then. stew are seated -- students are seated, quietly protesting something. this has been going on in america, thank god forever. they were being good boys and girls in that video. we don't know what happened
12:57 pm
before. >> exactly we don't know what happened before. >> you have a first amendment right this is the greatest country in the world. >> shepard: i have no right to go over the commercial break. thank you both. ,
12:58 pm
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