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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> that's all the time we have left from new hampshire. as always, thank you for being with us and we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> tonight breaking news. the supercommittee says no deal. the bipartisan panel fails to come up with a plan to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal deficit. the impact now triggers automatic across-the-board spending cuts starting in 2013. who is going to take the blame? let's check in with karl rove to see how it all breaks down. karl, good evening to you. i want to start with a poll that's just come out. assigning blame, basically and how voters feel about who is going to pay the price here. who is going to take the blame if the committee and the president can't come with a deal? gop, 44%, president and obama and dems, 38% and unsure 18%. what do they do with that number? >> they have to engage and point out that the president failed to lead on this issue.
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look, it's not going to advantage the president, even if these numbers stay where they are today because at the end of the day they will say you are the guy in charge, why didn't you get something done? keith, a colleague of mine from the white house, had a very interesting blog post this evening in which he point the out at a news conference, the secretary said the obama administration was very engaged with the europeans on settling their debt issue and yet was completely unengaged with the super committee here in the united states. >> well, you have heard this president say that if he has to he will run against a do-nothing congress. not to be cynical but was there some motivation all along on one side of the ticket or both for this thing to fail? >> well, the president has not been invested in this at all. keith hennessy's blog post pointed out there's five opportunities he had to tackle
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entitlements and he whiffed on every one. they did nothing on entitlements or reducing the debts. simpson bolls came out in the fall of 2010 and the president stiff-armed it. he attacked congressman paul ryan of wisconsin for suggesting indictment reform after a couple months earlier saying it was a serious effort. this summer when we got close to a big deal, the grand bargain, the president at the last minute backtracked and said he wanted $400 billion more in tax increases before he would agree to anything. then we've had the supercommittee, even a spokesman today said at the beginning of the process we laid out a proposal and that was the closest they got to being engaged. and i would add a six the one. the president did not address this except for less than one paragraph in his state of the union speech this year. you would have thought if this was a big pressing issue, the state of the union would have been devoted to it rather than
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high-speed rail, high-speed internet and count less green jobs that doesn't look particularly good in the aftermath of solyndra. >> karl you mentioned the boll-simpson commission. that was a committee created to find solutions to the massive problems that everyone agrees is coming, they are happening and laying out right here in the u.s. there have been senators from both sides of the isle that spoke up today after the committee announced they failed, let's get a vote on boll-simpson. would the president endorse that idea or harry reid? >> he had a chance to endorse it when it came out and he stiff-remember ad it. thank you for your report and don't expect me to say anything in favor of it ask thank you and he disappeared from the scene. don't expect him to change now. but let me step back. we are attempting to get a grand bargain, like simpson-boll which has lots of controversial provisions. even the grand bargain this
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summer which we came this close to getting had lots of big controversial items jammed into one gigantic package. maybe our problem is found in how big the package is and how comprehensive we are attempting to make it. you may remember from history, 1850, they threatened to stave off war by having five measures that he think will be the north and south forever. he proposed as one big package five items and it went down to defeat. yet following that steven douglas step forward and took each element of the grand bargain of 1850, the compromise of 1850 and passed them as individual pieces of legislation. different majority voted to admit california as a free state, there by guaranteeing the north control of the united states senate forever and then voted for the fugitive slave act that the south wanted, but none the less, all five passed. i wonder if there weren't
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elements of the super committee or in simpson-boll that people could agree on but not try to get it all done at once. but move some and end of the day, miles an hour majorities vote for all the items to be found in simpson-bolls or in the near deal that appeared to happen on the super committee. >> we will talk to one of the members of the super committee in a 58 we will try to get a little more detail now that they have called an impasse. maybe we can get more scoop. but we know some of the sticking points for the republicans, they wanted are entitlement reform and the democrats were adamant that's something we wouldn't talk about, but some did say they ultimately put it on the table. and the democrats blaming the republicans saying they were not willing to get rid of the bush tax cuts and in their language they were protecting their millionaire and billionaire friends. so with those issues blocking everything else, could they find
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some common ground? >> democrats, look at the heart of it. the democrats say we won't cut a dollar a future spending unless you give us big tax increases on the tune of trillion of dollars. rep cans came up with tax reforms that generated more revenue that were in the hundreds of billions of dollars but the democrats said we will not cut a dime in spending unless you give us billions of dollars in tax increases. and look, here's what is going to happen as a result of the democrats unwilling to make any deal whatsoever. the automatic cuts fall on defense. $456 billion. that's the smallest part of the budget that we are going to talk about and the biggest cuts go there. $294 billion from nondiscretionary. most found in mandatory spending and the automatic cuts that come in 2013 come in the mandatory programs. $123 billion for medicare and $47 billion from other
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mandatory. and the medicare cuts are disproportionately deduction necessary the amount of moneys we pay doctors and hospitals for providing the services which means we will have fewer doctors and fewer hospitals available to do these things for medicare patients. >> and you mentioned the things that will kick in with sequestration. that's what happened if they didn't reach a deal. we heard the president say today if there is any effort to go around sequestration, to go around the painful cuts that kick in, he's not going to go for it. he said there are no easy off-ramps here. what do you think? do you think that effort will ramp up on capitol hill? >> i think they will examine all their possibilities. again, let's go back to if we want to try to get to $1.2 trillion, there's two ways to get there. one is to cut 1.$2 trillion all at once in a package that neither the republicans -- have offered one but the democrats won't go for because it doesn't have enough tax increases, which means more future spending, or you can go at it a bill at a
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time and i think that's what will happen. the house up cans will start taking elements of simpson-bolls and others that were laid out in the super committee meetings and start to move it through the house and send it to the senate so if there's no progress on this it's on harry reid and the democrats. where it really belongs is on president obama. he's the president of the united states. he should be leading this process. he should be -- he says he's very engaged in helping settle europe's debt problem. maybe he ought to be engaged each a little bit in trying to solve the debt problem in the united states. >> all right. so karl, moving ahead to the 2012 race, how will the gop, whoever the eventual nominee, take on this issue? we know they will say this is the republican fault because they are protecting their rich friends. >> well, what you do, you go back to what the president said in the 2008 campaign. there's lots of campaign footage of him talking about how he's going to stop the deficits and how he's going to bring spending
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under control and how he is going to right the financial house of the united states. and those are on camera and it's his voice and his words. what i think the republican presidential nominee ought to say is here's what he promised you and aren't you disappointed? don't you have some regret? he spoke beautifully but he didn't deliver on what he said he would do. that's the point. this president has failed to leave. he's been absent without leave on this issue. he criticized the bush years but has run up more debt in three years than what happened in the 8 years combined. we are on a fiscal path that's unsustainable. while he said the right things in 2008 he seems completely unconcerned or unable to act today. >> i want to ask you quickly, what do you make of the polls that show newt gingrich the last week or two has risen up to challenge mit romney at the top of the race? >> well, we've had a series of candidates rise and most of them fall. and newt is the latest one. you can understand why.
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in these debates he's been the most informed person on the stage. he is, you know, got -- have taken an opportunity to rise up as others have fallen. now we will see how well he does in building this in the early states into something that will matter on january 3rd when they go to vote in iowa and shortly after this in new hampshire and south carolina. we will also see how he survives the media scrutiny. one of the reasons the others have fallen is they have gotten the bright light on them and they aren't used to it and they have wilted. we will see how he does. >> and the white ford, we are excited it made an appearance tonight. >> not only that but i've also got my -- oops, no, i don't have any ipad with the new scribble function to be an automatic white board. >> you are going high-tech? >> i'm going high-tech. >> there we go. >> thank you, karl. president obama point to go
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republicans as being the main stumbling block to reaching an agreement. what really happened behind doors? senator joins us live. thank you for your time. we know you have been on a bit of a roller coast are the last few days, what happened? >> well, i'm terribly disappoint the. i really am. this was a huge opportunity for us to do something really meaningful, thank that would lead to strong economic growth and job creation and again to put our federal government on a sustainable fiscal path that we certainly are not on now. but at the end of the day, and you touched on this in your earlier segment, it just wasn't possible to get there. the democrats absolutely refused to agree to even one dime of spending cuts if there weren't huge tax increases attached to them. the number that preoccupied them was a trillion dollars. can you imagine that in an economy like this? and it was just the
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insurmountable obstacle. unfortunately this shouldn't have been about taxes. what it was supposed to be about is reigns in the out of control spending that got us here in the first place. three years in this administration and a mostly democrat-dominated congress that has taken spend to go unprecedented levels, growing it in absolute terms relative to gdp by any measure. spending has exploded in recent years. what has meant to be about getting the spending under control unfortunately became the democrats search for a trillion dollars tax increase and we just weren't able to bridge that gap. >> senator, at one point you offered something up that would have would have actually raised a lot of revenue through basically reforming the tax code. >> right. >> that wasn't enough after bridge to reach agreement. but you took critics some heat about they called that raising taxings. how do you react? >> yeah.
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that was a difficult decision for me and my colleagues, but we felt like if both sides were in their respective foxholes without looking for any opportunity to find common ground we would surely fair. in an effort to break the impasse we suggested, look, we are facing the biggest tax increase in history in just 14 months. we have one of the world's most ridiculous and counterproductive tax codes. what if we made this code pro growth and simpler and lower marginal rates and offset the rates in elick nation of loopholes and special interest favors. this is exactly what every bipartisan commission that has looked at this has strongly recommended. we put it on the table and said we will design this in a way that the revenue coming from shrinking the. >>-offs would be greater than the revenue lost from lowering rates so there would be a knelt quarter of a trillion dollars for deficit reduction. i felt that was so pro growth and pro job creation, and by avoiding the tax increase that's
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right around the corner, i thought it would be worth doing. shouldn't have to do it but if that was the price we have to pay to get democrat support, i was willing to do it. unfortunately the democrats said no, that number doesn't begin with a t, it's not a trillion dollars so they were never really very interested. you mentioned repeatedly the democrats wanted a trillion dollars tax height. they said it would come from the people who could most afford it, the highest earners in the country. it was a sticking point. i want to take a look at a poll that came out friday. this is asking people out there how they would feel about trying to solve the deficit problems through raising taxes. this is tax increases for higher earning earners. 67% of the people said they would take it. so why is it not an option for republicans? >> well, if you actually explained a little bit about the levels of taxes that are coming, the fact that an awful lot of the small business owners, the job creators in america, the
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entrepreneurs we need to get out of this economy will soon be facing combined state and local tax rates of 50%, when people think the federal government, together with federal and state governments will take half of a person's earnings, they will reconsider whether we need to go going in that direction. i don't think they do. when presented with the option, you know we put a deal on the table with the least possibly controversial items. things like a very modest savings of some of the least defense i believe agricultural subsidies that democrats and republicans on the committee said they could establish, ending some corporate subsidy, asking banks to pay something closer to a market rate from the guarantees they get. and we got up $640 billion worth after the democrats reject the our bigger proposal. and even that they rejected
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because there wasn't a huge tax increase for individuals. so i just think there wasn't the motivation to reach an agreement on the other side that i had hoped would be there. >> what do you think was behind that lack of motivation, if you can speculate? >> it's hard to say. certainly someone suggested that certainly there are many democrats have always wanted to dramatically cut defense spending. well, that's exactly what the see quester would lead to. many of them in washington are passionate about a huge tax increase. that's where we are heading to. and i haven't seen any leadership, certainly not from the white house or from elsewhere in congress, with very few exceptions, for making the reforms to the big entitlement programs that the president himself have acknowledged are driving this problem. so unfortunately we just never had that commitment from the other side. >> senator, toomey, thanks for your time tonight. we appreciate it, sir. >> thanks for having me.
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>> straight ahead, the future of the u.s. military now at stake. will automatic cuts put our troops in jeopardy? find out how tonight's news might set up a new battle. and before the super committee gives up, how will the failure to come up with a deal affect your money? fox business network dennis neal is hear. and plus representative michele bachman tells all. which can date got her first vote for president? how did she meet her husband? how did she meet her husband? she talks with greta what's going on here? hey, whats up guys? this is not how witness protection works! when we set you up with that little hardware store we didn't intend for your face to be everywhere. but fedex office makes it so easy. not only do they ship stuff, they print flyers, brochures -- everything i need to get my ne out there. that's the problem. now we need to give you a third identity. you're paul matheson. and you're gonna run your business into the ground. erik gustafson would never do that! there is no erik gustafson. hey that's erik gustafson!!! there is no erik gustafson!!!!!
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now that the super committee has failed, automatic spending cuts will target military and other programs. some are trying to desperately block those cuts. some are already writing legislation to prevent what they call devastating cuts to the military and they aren't alone. michael crowley joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> they said if these happen, the automatic cuts kick if, it will tear a seam in the nation's defense.
10:22 pm
those are strong words. >> they are strong words and particularly coming obviously this is a democratic defense secretary speaking. i think it carries more weight because stare typically people expect republicans to be defending military budgets and democrats looking for ways to cut them down and pennetta has been very outspoken in saying these cuts are not tolerable. the other perspective you will hear is the military budget is quite large, has ballooned quite a lot since september 11 and the cuts would really only bring us back to 2007 levels. but it helps a lot when pennetta is out saying that for poem like mccain and others who want to defend the budget. >> and they are already looking at cuts of $450 billion other than that and this would add another $600 billion. he said that would take us down to the smallest force since 1940 and the smallest navy fleet since '50 and the smallest
10:23 pm
amount of fighters in their history. can we do that with all the conflicts we are involved in around the world? >> the other side of the coin is we are drawing back our engagement, we are winding down in afghanistan, and this would bring us down to a 2007 level of spending, and we still are spending about three times from china is spending and more than about the next 17 other countries combined. however that's correct doesn't mean these cuts would be easy to make. it doesn't mean there wouldn't be programs that would have to be shelfed. and pele believe america needs to have a superiority so great no one can even threaten it. so if that is important to lawmakers making the decisions, yes, these are real cuts. that debate will be happening in the coming months. >> in addition to senators mccain and graham, we've heard from buck mckeen who heads up the house services committee. saying they will all try to come up with legislation to stop it. if they are talking about the
10:24 pm
automatic cuts in some way, the president made very clear today he will not go for it. he said there would be no easy off-ramp and he would block any effort to allow that to happen. >> yeah. we have another showdown on the way. seems like it never ends in washington where you have people who are just dug in and you don't know where the room for compromise will be. it's striking obama has taken this position. i know republican leader john boehner has also said he feels bound by the trigger. i think there will be a lot of political pressure to undo this. one reason a lot of republicans were able to go along with the deal when they first set this plan up in the summer was they felt like it would you be untenable to have such deep military cuts and they would have a shot of undoing them. one important point is i think the supercommittee was really will finding a way to increase the debt limit back in the summer. i think everyone knew these were problems you could hash out over a longer period of time but when the moment they came up with the plan they wanted political cover to increase the debt limit.
10:25 pm
in that sense they succeed bed they still have to figure out the second part of it. that doesn't have an imminent deadline. >> these cuts would kick in in 2013. congress can still do something to find the cuts they need, do you think there's any appetite i have a after the i am lows of the supercommittee to get that done on the hill? >> i think there's an abstract appetite. i don't know if it will be feasible. we are going into a big election campaign. i think we will hear a lot of arguing about it in 2012 but i just don't know who is going to budge. everyone has dug in now, and as you get into election season, what people want to draw a contrast with the other side, they like a good fight. i think we will see more of the fighting and i don't see a solution around the corner at this point. >> it will keep you busy covering it as the bureau chief in washington. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. oh, we gava promotion. >> deputy. i don't threaten my boss on tv.
10:26 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, the super committee's road to failure leads straight to wall street. the stock market plummets. so should you take your money and run? fox business correspondent dennis neal is here next. and why did congresswoman michele bachman first run for office and why did her husband think it was an april fool's joke? we get a sneak-peek at her new [ child ] it's so cool! you can put a force field on him and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature.
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>> the supercommittee waiting until after the market closed today to announce its failure but justify the threat of defeat apparently scent wall street into a slide. dow jones plunging more than 300 points at time, closing down 249 points. what will the debt deal collapse mean for your money? let's talk to senior commandant dennis neal. he joins us live. good evening. >> that was an ugly day in the markets. clearly while congress waited to announce until the end of the day, the tradeerts were out in front of that and anticipated failure. this is the same type of thing that happened in august that led to a downgrade and stocks down and worldwide panic. are we in store for more? i don't think so this time for a couple key reasons. already u.s. stock futures tonight are up. that means people are thinking maybe we oversold on monday.
10:31 pm
and asia markets are down barely at all when you would expect asia to be panicking about the supercommittee to come through. even if it did lead to some downgrade, but it won't because two major ratings agencies came out tonight, s&p and moody's, said we aren't going to downgrade you based on the flop -- that's my words, not theirs, but even if there was a downgrade, what that means is u.s. bonds might not get paid back and they are riskier. that means you have to pay higher and to get people to buy them. after the last downgrade bond interest rates actually went down, not up and that's because so much panicked money went into bonds that it made the actual interest rates go down and that means they didn't believe at all that the u.s. was some kind of credit risk. furthermore, can we talk about he's automatic cuts? one reason ratings agencies aren't going to reduce our credit ratings again because the
10:32 pm
automatic cuts, $1.2 trillion, shannon, and now you are here and everybody talked about how terrible it is, right? >> let me ask you this. there are a lot of unfinished things because of what happened in this committee that will roll out over the next few months that will start concern. things like the payroll holiday. >> and extending jobless benefits. a lot of cabooses were kind of locked on to this train and now that that is gone what are they going to do? that's a problem, they will have to figure it out because that's obama's top priority is keeping the payroll tax cut in place makes him look like a tax cutter and the other things. in terms of the cuts, the wall street journal said the other day, the defense budget, which is some $658 billion, in 2013 the defense budget will be cut by only $60 billion or so. if you were going to spend $685 on christmas, you can't cut $61 from your spending?
10:33 pm
is that really that big of a crisis? i don't think it is. our domestic spending. in 2009 when obama came in, we had a $300 billion increase in domestic spending. so if you cut it now with these draconian cuts, you are going to cut less than a fifth of that increase. so this is not a big crisis. and i think the markets are beginning to say that. we always find a way to work it out, shannon. we can go ahead and create panic and the professional traders are creating panic every day. they are so bipolar. but long-term investors with money in retirement acts, i think they can sit back and watch them panic and watch them come back the next day and decide they over panicked and now they have to buy into the market. >> if i hear you correctly it sounds like you echo the thoughts of other economists who say the markets aren't going to be crazy one way or the other because nobody expected the
10:34 pm
supercommittee to get the job done. >> isn't that sad? already we already discount that guys in washington can get the job done. president obama taking a very big risk here. i think he almost wanted this flop. he wants to blame the republicans for the failure and the blame game started within moments after the official news announcement but we will have to see how that lays out. it will be fascinating to watch and the markets will gyrate all over the place around that. >> we will be tuned into fox business network all day tomorrow to see exactly how it lays out and in expertise explaining it just like you have. thank you receive much. >> thanks for the plug. have a great night. >> you too. coming up next, congresswoman michele bachman gets personal from her family life to her critical career. find out what you don't know yet about the gop candidate. congresswoman bachman goes on the record next with greta. and will wall street tumble?
10:35 pm
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the child sex abuse scandal at penn state is sparking a congressional investigation. this comes two weeksar the arrest of former assistant coach jerry sandusky, accused of sexually assaulting eight boys. the senate has schedule aid hearing next month to determine how well the country's protecting children. at the same time, penn state has appointed former fbi director louis freeh to conduct an independent investigation. the egyptian cabinet resigning just days before the cairo first election after hosni mubarak was ousted in february. protesters are upset over the
10:40 pm
delay in handing over power to the civilian government. at least 20 people have been killed in clashes with police. the white house is urging restraint. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record." thanks for watching. >> from the presidential campaign trail to a new book tour, congresswoman michele bachman wants to make sure voters get to know her. she's revealing both her personal and political stories in her now book, "core of conviction-my story" and it was just released today. she sat down with greta for an interview with the book. >> good to sigh i. >> good to see you, greta. >> you are in iowa and you have a new book out. i want to start with probably one of my favorite parts and you had a share period of time. this was the share period in your life? >> no one could be as beautiful as cher and i certainly wasn't. that was eighth or ninth grade. actually my hair was so long it was past my rear end. i think i had the longest hair
10:41 pm
of any girl in school. >> were you a hippie? >> i had hippie looking hair. >> did you read hair or head bands? >> no, but i did have cher hair. >> and you were a democrat before you were a republican. >> i grew up here in iowa in a democrat family. i had a grandmother that read the wall street journal in time magazine but she was blue-collar and worked in a factory but she was well-read. we thought like republicans but voted democrats. when i was in college my husband and i worked on jimmy carter's presidential campaign. >> so your first vote for president was -- >> was for jimmy carter and walter mondale. we were so proud they won. jimmy carter was a born again christian and my husband and i were born again christians. we were so proud of walter mondale, he was from minnesota. we went to the inaugural ball and danced and then afterwards we saw the carter presidency and
10:42 pm
we were so extremely disappointed, my husband and i became ronald reagan republicans and never looked back. >> before you became a ronald reagan republican was there another republican you supported? >> no, no. >> it went from jimmy carter to ronald reagan? >> that's right. 180 degrees difference overnights. >> you were born in iowa? >> yes. >> i lived here until 12 years of age. my dad was in manufacturing and he got a job with honeywell in the twin cities and we moved up there probably in about 1968. >> in about 2000 your family was going to a wedding and you decided to go to -- >> oh, dear. >> oh, dear. first of all, where were you going? where did you end up going? you didn't go to the wedding, right? >> mow in, my husband went up to brainerd and took three of our girls up to brainerd with some friends of ours. that morning was the republican convention and i decided out of a sense of duty should go to our republican convention. i asked my husband would you
10:43 pm
mind taking the girls and going to the wedding if i go to the convention? >> you were not in office at that time? >> no. >> how were you dressed. >> i was a mess. you would do that of this to me. i hadn't taken a shower, my hair as a mess, i had a pair of jeans on and white shoes and hair was a mess. >> why did you go out-like that? >> i wanted to go and do my duty and at that time i didn't spend a lot of time on makeup and hair and all that and went to do my duty. >> what happened when you got to the convention? >> i got to the convention and we had the longest sitting state senator in our district. we were sitting there and people said this guy doesn't vote our way anymore. he always votes for the democrats, he votes for tax increases, he's voting for all these liberal things and why do we crown him king? he doesn't represent us. they said somebody should challenge him. somebody should challenge him and started pointing fingers and
10:44 pm
said i should challenge him. i said look at me, i would look like a fool. usually you have signs and committee is all the rest. but i said if it would get a debate going, and if it would challenge him to maybe vote more in line with our way of thinking, maybe it would be a good idea. so i said what do i do? and they said write your name on a sheet of paper and give it to the guy in the front of the room. there were like 300 people in the room. so i went up and said here's my name and his eyes bugged out and he said what are you doing? i said i'm giving my name to run for senate. >> state senate? >> state senate. i said what do i do? he said give a five minute speech. i said okay, and i went up on stage and gave a five minute speech and i spoke about freedom. >> according to the book. and you went home. and mark hadn't heard about it. you are upstairs and hear the family come home from the wedding where you were supposed to be, and you hadn't picked up the phone messages and what happened? >> well, i was upstairs hiding because i was a little nervous about marcus coming home.
10:45 pm
and marcus came home and his habit at that time -- >> we didn't have cell phones and that was the old answering machine days. and marcus hit the answering machine like he always does and one message that came out michelle, congratulations on your endorsement. and another one came through, congratulations on your endorsement and another one. and it was april is 11th. it was april 1st, 2000. we have a lot of crazy friends that would do something like this, an april fools joke. he thought it was hilarious. then after the fourth message, and the people who were leaving them, he thought, is this true? and so he called up the stairs. michelle, where are you? and i was hiding upstairs in the bathroom. he came upstairs and he said is there something you have to tell me? and i had to confess and say, you know, i looked down, and i was just embarrassed and i said, well, i'm the endorsed candidate for state senate. so anyway, it took about three days for us to kind of work this out. he's a loving man, but he was
10:46 pm
shocked. >> all right. marcus, when did you first meet him? >> i was 19 and i work my way through college. it was one of my two or three jobs i held. i was working at an elementary school and i was supervising elementary kids in a lunchtime. the same day i got assigned to this elementary school, he was always assigned to this elementary school. so we met in a lunchtime with elementary kids supervising them. and it's mill layerious because it's been the story of our life. our story are kids are us. everything we've always done is children. that's how we met, supervising kids. >> did you like him immediately or lukewarm or head over heels or didn't like him? what was your first impression. >> it was neutral. very neutral. i saw him. i wasn't looking. he wasn't looking. and it was just neutral. >> he was okay? >> etches okay. >> nothing more? >> i was okay, too. i don't know. but i should ask him that question, what he thought. but when we left the school, we had to walk the same way to go
10:47 pm
back to the university to go back to class. and so we started talking and conversing. and we actually were just friends and eventually he became my best friend on campus. he has a fantastic sense of humor. we just had a really good time and he was also a strong commit the christian and i was too. we were in bible studies together. and we just got to know each other. he's just a kick. he's always so much fun. >> straight ahead, rush limbaugh says don't blame the supercommittee for the market plunge. so who should you blame? rush will tell you next. also, fantasy meets reality. a popular video game comes to life. see how you can take part. plus, it was quite a scene on the side of a road. dozens of bunnies on the loose. see how the rabbit tale ends next. welcome idaho, where they grow america's favorite potoes.
10:48 pm
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>> you have seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest. the supercommittee deadlocks, the europeans have plenty of reasons for the stocks to take a nose dive but rush limbaugh has a different explanation. >>. >> the reason the market is down is because obama is back in the
10:52 pm
country. it has nothing to do with the couper committee because nobody thought the coupe committee to amount to a hill of beans. and especially the last two weeks, the people on the market is not stupid. they know his campaign is based on a do-nothing congress. that's what he is based on. i never heard of it because that's who obama is running against. >> never short on opinions. lind because went on to call the supercommittee all smoke and mirrors. you won't see this at every auto show. nintendo has built two life-size cars based on the video game mario cart 7. they are replicas. the red go-cart comes complete with a glider attachment in case you want to take it out flying and luigi's cart has a propeller for underwater driving. they will be on display on the loves auto show through november 27. and camels racing in china. more than 500 camels took part
10:53 pm
in the events in inner mongolia. goal was to set a guinness world record for the largest camel race. the animals trained for six hours before the race. the 555 camels set a record. and a huge rabbit rescue in colorado. someone dumped more than 60 domestic rabbits on the side of the road. shame on you. the bunnies were stranded until a group of good samaritans came to the rescue. they collected all of those rabbits and took them to safety. they are being checked out by vets and they will very soon be put up for adoption. and a warning, if you are walking the streets of london you may run into the largest 3d art work. it looks like an outdoor workout space but is includes plunge water falls and cliffs. it's more a thousand square meters. it's set two guinness world book records.
10:54 pm
it's the longest and the largest street painting in the world. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, your last call. the campaign trail leads to saturday night live once again. see which can date takes a turn at comedy this time. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that ♪ hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings to me, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana... they came see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose...
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash the lights in the studio. that is right. it's time for last call. governor takes a campaign to saturday night live. and seth myers. >> isn't it true you're currently in low single digits? >> sit true, seth, but only months ago i was polling at margin of error. so it's a pretty good dee.. >> now, you're -- you seem to be putting your eggs in one basket in new hampshire. are you worried you might
10:59 pm
alienate the rest of the country? >> serjs i love all of america, from texas to new hampshire. from rocky mountains to new hampshire's scenic lakes. and to outlet malls in north conway, new hampshire. >> i can't help but you mentioning places in new hampshire. >> well, it's not on purpose. i would never tie myself to one state. i like to spread my wings and fly, like the purple finch. >> which is the bird of new hampshire? >> i'm from new hampshire. >> that makes sense. because you're kind, good looking and classic. >> the pride of new hampshire. i can't tell you we do not fall for easy compliments. >> that is because you're wise like a dartmouth professor. >> and that is your last call. lights are


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