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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 22, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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report," fair, balanced and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services ring. dukes up. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> do you think it's all right for a speaker to accept a very preferential favorable stock deal and if you participated in the ipo at the time you were speaker of the house? >> bill: explosive new book an expose by 60 minutes puts nancy pelosi and john boehner on the spot. we will have the rest the story tonight. >> all the occupy movement starts with the premise we all owe them everything. >> bill: newt gingrich slamming the occupy wall street protesters and why did he that and whether it was a smart move. >> need to reassert something as simple as saying to them go get a job right after you take a bath. >> shepard: also.
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>> bill: also tonight the embracing failure of the super committee and new evidence in the drowning death of natalie wood. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. congress insults the american people. that the is subject of this evening's talking points memo. it's really embarrassing, the federal government now so inept it cannot represent the good people of the united united states. it simply can't. let's walk through it last august congressional leaders deadlocked over the budget agreed to name a super committee to cut spending and possibly raise taxes because the nation is bankrupt. the committee made up of six democrats and six republicans and from the beginning few pundits believed these people would agree on anything. we were right. right now, 80% of the american people disapprove of congress just 12% approve.
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8% don't know what congress is. we the people well understand the chaos in washington. the democrats generally speaking want to spend. they often get elected by promising entitlements from minorities to unions to special interest groups. the republicans want a much smaller government. they want to strangle what's in place now by denying it revenue. g.o.p. also wants president obama out of there so they are not likely to compromise much. in the meantime, little gets done. the debt gross larger, the economy weaker. where is president obama on leadership? he should have laid out his vision for spending cuts but he didn't. in fact, he is mia. running around with the indonesias, having fun in bali. meantime, washington is collapsing. mr. obama should be showing leadership. demanding trillions in spending cuts. we can do that by revising the tax code so more money does flow into washington because we need more revenue to defend ourselves to keep our commitments to the poor and elderly. this tax the rich reuse is a
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disgrace. raising taxes on the business and affluent could not solve anything and very well make the economy worse. you have to have a consistent revenue flow that comes from tax collection not punishing american business. stock market down another 24 points today. you guys better get on it in d.c. or the voters will throw all of you out. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. a new book called "throw them all out" by peter sweitzer. it chronicles the huge problems in washington in very specific ways. recently 60 minutes spotlighted the book with steve croft confronting nancy pelosi. apparently she and her husband have made money trading on stocks, ipo's. >> do you think it's all right for a speaker to accept a very preferential, favorable stock deal. >> well, we didn't. >> and you participated in the ipo. >> i have many investments. >> you don't think it was a conflict of interest.
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>> no. >> or doesn't appear to have a conflict of trnchts only has the appearance if you decide you are going to elaborate on a false premise. it's not true and that's that. >> bill: mr. croft also challenged speaker of the house john boehner about pretty much the same thing. >> you made a number of trades going back to the health care debate. you bought some insurance stock. did you make those trades based on nonpublic information? >> i have not made any decisions on day-to-day trading activities in my account and haven't for years. i do not do it. i haven't done it, and wouldn't do it. >> bill: mr. boehner then called the "60 minutes" report idiotic. here now peter croft and sweitzer. what's the headline of the book. >> the headline of the book is we have in washington permanent political class enriches itself to information taxpayer dollars. part of the reason we are not
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getting much movement in washington or there is not much of a sense of urgency is they are doing very well and they like the status quo the way things are. >> bill: the status quo is going to change. everybody knows that. i found it interesting, steve, when you confronted pelosi and boehner they both denied any wrongdoing at all. you poss it a a question. you didn't make it an accusation. are you on based on the 60 minutes research are you convinced that mrs. pelosi and mr. boehner did something wrong. >> well, they didn't -- it's not illegal. it's not wrong under the way congress operates. the question is whether it should be. i personally and i think a lot of people were upset about the fact that the speaker took a very lucrative ipo from somebody who had a major piece of legislation moving through the congress that would have affected that would have affected the credit card company. >> bill: explain to the folks, were you offered the ipo? was i offered the ipo? >>. no well, you might have if you knew about it in advance and
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you wanted to fill out a lot of paperwork, chances are the normal ordinary person couldn't get it. >> bill: she and her husband more likely. >> right. >> her husband new this ipo initial stock offering was going to be released and her husband bought it and you believe that mrs. pelosi knew about it? >> well, this is my position. it's not my position. it's the reason i raised the question. is that if you are speaker of the house, you should not be in a position or taking money or participating in a situation that's going to raise you money if you are facing a potential conflict of interest in the house. >> bill: doesn't matter whether it was a husband or whether it was her dog or chamber made, if there is an appearance she should not do it. >> look. congress pass laws. conflict of interest laws, guidelines, against the federal judicial system. you couldn't do this kind of stuff if you were a federal judge. and against people in the executive branches. but somehow the law doesn't
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apply to them there is a gap. >> bill: unlike mr. croft, you don't have to be objective, you can give your opinion. boehner flat out says i haven't bought a stock for eons of my own. my managers. >> essentially that's who buys it. why are you bothering me and this whole 60 minute report was idiotic. i have nothing to do with it and you say? >> i say the problem is a double standard. the rest of america has to abide by insider trading laws. congress does not. they don't have to worry about conflict of interest. >> bill: he didn't know. i don't know what my accountant swiftie is buying. i just tell him keep me out of jail. >> speaker of the house. >> bill: that's true. i should be but i'm not. but i'm going to cut these guy as little slack because if, indeed, boehner has people investing on behalf of him and his family how we know? >> here is what i would say if it was john boehner ceo or nancy pelosi ceo and the sec sought a pattern of trades. >> bill: did you see pattern of trades? >> in boehner's case he bought
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five health insurance company stock as few days before the public option was killed. numerous other examples of other members. >> bill: that's not good. >> yeah. my point is is this. if they were a ceo and the sec saw a pattern. >> bill: they would be in on it. >> the sec would investigate. and if the ceo said my broker did it the se crncht wouldn't say move on. they would investigate it. >> nail it down. should -- do you want the speaker of the house or anybody in congress voting on health care legislation when they have a direct rule on the outcome? >> bill: put their stuff in blind trusts and have nothing to do with it while they are in office. one of the wealthiest members of the senate, you got him doing bad stuff. what is he doing? >> in his case it's mostly his wife's investment funds. they have a management team. his position is similar to bay n he says he has no involvement with the investor decisions. again what we saw is a pattern of heavy trading on health
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insurance company stock during obama care debate when he was helping to shape that legislation and also in 2003, during the prescription drug benefit plan. do i know for a fact that information was transferred from him to the investment advisors, no, i don't. but, again, the question is the standards. >> bill: the appearance of it is not good. >> would be disconcerting, yes. >> bill: face of everything that's happened, bad he economy, 15 trillion-dollar debt and these guys are, you know, making good money, and you just -- do you just give example after example after example. >> yeah. there is numerous examples in the stock trading and also in land deals where they will buy a piece of land. they will put an earmark to literally build a road right next to it and sell it this is all legal and ethical according to the standards of congress. >> bill: we need a total revision of financial laws pertaining to congress is what we need? >> we need something. i think that one of the things that we focused on this story is this thing called the stop gap. >> bill: i think we need a total revision. all right, gentlemen. thanks very much.
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newt gingrich lashes into the occupy wall street movement. later, police at the university of california pepper spray some of the occupiers. did that go over the line? megyn cli kelly will have analysis and we are coming right back.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, newt gingrich giving the occupy wall street folks no quarter. >> all the occupy movement starts with the premise that we all owe them everything. they take over a public park they didn't pay for. to go nearby to use bathrooms they didn't pay for. to beg for food from places that they don't want to pay for. to obstruct those going to work to pay the taxes to sustain the bathrooms and to sustain the park so they can self-righteously explain they're the paragons of virtue to which we owe everything. now, that is a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed as a moral system in this country and why you need to reassert something as simple as saying to them go get a job right after you take a bath. [ applause ] >> bill: wow. joining us now to analyze radio talk show host janine turner in fort worth, texas and our pal juan williams in washington this evening. juan, was the speaker too harsh. >> you can't throw too much red meat to lions bill.
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he was playing to the base in a big way. you can hear from the applause it was a hit with the far right public audience he was talking to. once you get into deriding and making fun and mocking people who are homeless. people who may be emotionally troubled. some of the veterans who have come home and can't find a job at a time of high unemployment, i think to much of the country it looks like, you know, you are the heartless lion. newt has a roar but he doesn't have a heart. >> bill: what is it that he said is wrong about this movement? i tri he described it pretty accurately, did he not. >> wait a second. didn't you hear him say get a job after you clean up or something? >> bill: get a job and take a bath. i think it was in that order. it was probably get a bath and get a job. >> did he miss that we have 9% unemployment and lots of young people are having a hard time? >> bill: yeah. maybe. but there are help wanted signs all over new york city. they are not white collar
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jobs. they are cabs. >> exactly. >> bill: exactly these jobs beneath these people out in the park, juan? >> no. >> bill: get in a cab and drive around until a decent job comes across. i did that. i did that. >> we all hustled. >> bill: no, we all didn't, juan. you and i hustled but we all didn't. some of us free loaded and that's what you have got over there in the speaker's opinion. janine, what say you about this? >> well, i think you can't get a job sitting in a tent. and i think that newt was correct. and it wasn't just playing to the base. i believe that the majority of the people aren't with the occupy wall streeters. i think they have become the 1%. most americans still believe in true grit determination, independence, they are out there looking for a job. the occupy wall streeters are disgraced actually with their behavior with drugs and rape and a killing and hypodermic needles and screaming at kids trying to get to school like paris. they are a disgrace to the majority of americans out there trying to get a job.
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>> are there any occupiers in texas. i haven't seen any occupy texas people. >> yes. >> bill: where are they. >> i was driving in downtown dallas here they come with their pamphlets and they handed me one. i rolled down the window i said i would take that if you take five of my bumper stickers say constituting america with the american flag. >> bill: why are the occupiers running in front of the capitol now? because obviously the super committee didn't do anything and the stock market down again today. and, look, i don't know whether they understand this, they being the occupiers, but if the whole system, the whole capitalistic system collapses, jobs are going to be even more scarce, juan. it's going to be 15% 16% unemployment. they will be at the back of the line with the tattoo on the neck. that ain't going to help them. okay? so why aren't they saying to our legislators you pinheads can't do anything. you can't sustain a 15 trillion-dollar debt. so why aren't they there?
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>> god bless. that's exactly where they should be. because now they should hold these politicians who are absolutely dysfunctional, accountable for not taking care of business. >> bill: you are with me on this one? >> absolutely. >> bill: your reputation is in shatters now, you know that. don't try to go out to dinner tonight. your reputation is in shatters. you disagreed with me on that. >> no, no, no. >> bill: in front of the wrong people. >> they should go after these do-nothing politicians the american people, by the way, republic, democrat, liberal conservatives say listen, this is not a difficult issue. make a compromise. do a deal but don't put the entire so economy at risk. >> bill: this the is biggest disgrace i have seen in a decade these people. can't even get 1.2 trillion out of this budget out of 47 trillion-dollar play and they can't get 1.2 out of it? come on. >> they are stupid. >> bill: janine, i will give you the last word so people aren't so upset with juan. go ahead. >> well, i think the problem
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is with the government and the majority of the problem is with the government. i believe that it actually starts at the top and it's interesting that obama just been absolutely missing from this process instead of trying to kind of coalesce and he has just been out and about at college campuses campaigning. that's a shame we need a leader. >> bill: i would like to see more vision put forth by mr. obama as well. >> i agree. >> bill: ron paul continues to compete, especially in iowa. brit hume will amize what exactly his appeal is why are his supporters so fervent? and then new information about the natalie wood drowning. a woman has come forward who was apparently there the night she fell overboard at catalina island off the coast of l.a. megyn kelly with the details. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: hume zone segment tonight, congressman ron paul has to do well in iowa for his candidacy to continue. over the weekend, mr. paul was grilled on a cbs news program. >> your statements over the years postedden your web site and elsewhere, some of the things you have said in the debates suggest that you believe that 9/11 happened because of actions that the united states took. is that correct? >> well, i think there is an influence. that's exactly what, you know, the 9/11 commission said. that's what the d.o.d. has said. >> aim correct that your idea of how to discourage iran from building nuclear weapons is to be nicer to iran's leaders? is that correct? >> well, no. i think to be -- you know, we have 12,000 diplomats. i'm suggesting that maybe we ought to use some of them. >> bill: here now to analyze mr. paul's appeal and other
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campaign issues brit hume is in washington this evening. you know, the ron paul people have very, very devoted to him. they give him a lot of money. what is it about his message that has captured their loyalty. >> there is a certain category of conservatives in this country, bill who are libertarians. while you saw ron paul doing a little trimming with his interview with bob schieffer on his policies on 9/11 and the rest. is he about a pure as libertarian as you will find active in american politics today. at least certainly one who holds a seat in office as he has held a seat in the house of representatives for years. he then is the air to a certain core of loyal supporters who have sort of stuck with him over the years. they were with him the last time out and they are with him now. >> bill: it doesn't make sense to me because i'm not a i'm not an idealogue. i try vote for the best
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person. there is no way on the earth going to respond as mr. schieffer put it somebody being nice tore them if that somebody is an american. not going to do it. yet, mr. paul continues to put this out. not only does he put that out. he makes moral equivalency between iran and israel while israel has atomic weapon. they have nuclear weapons. so iran should be able to have it as well. this is dangerous stuff. i mean. if you have power. it's not dangerous if you are not going to have power. we don't believe mr. paul will win. it's dangerous stuff if you have power to think that way, is it not. >> arguably so, bill. bear in mind that libertarians are deeply distrustful on governmental action on many levels. not least of them far military undertakings and the positioning of american troops around the world and foreign military involvements and something that libertarians are sort of for a long time have on oopposed to. so you are seeing him are a continuing particular could you laght these views that are consistent with that. >> bill: the essential point is that you believe a slice of the american electorate would
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be, you know, not concerned if a country like iran had h. a nuclear arsenal. that would not concern them? >> they are not going to attack us. no need to worry about it. that's the way he looks at it bill, i'm not here to defend his views. >> bill: based upon iran's actions in the past, and their fostering of terrorism all over the world to make a statement like that just seems so incon grew ant that it snaps my head back. >> some people are. look at the polling. one poll in iowa, one of three current polls in iowa i believe that has him at 19%. the other two have him at about 10 or 11. i think 10 or 11 is about right. sort of at the upper edge. nationally the polling average is out to about 8 points and he is not in double digits in any national poll. he commands a loyalty of a certain relatively small slice of the republic electorate and that's about it. >> bill: okay.
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there are all over talk radio today, there were theories about why the super committee didn't get anything done. the theories are that the democrats don't want to get anything done so they can blame the republicans for the recession. and on the other side, that the republicans don't want to get anything done so they can blame president obama for a chaotic government. do you buy into either of those positions? >> not really. look, i think this battle is right along the fault line of the deepest divide in american politics. you have the -- you have to understand how deeply democrats believe in the entitlement spending, which is the big driver of the deficits. they -- these really are in their view the crown jewels of what they have done to make america a more just society. >> bill: let me stop you there. you are saying the democratic party is willing to see the entire country collapse economically because you can't sustain a 15 trillion-dollar debt growing at $4 billion a day. >> no, i'm not saying that.
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>> is there a philosophy. >> no. what i'm say something they want to protect those sphwittlement programs. >> bill: at any cost. >> to the greatest extent possible and they would like to see the deficit closed by a combination of tax increases and cuts in military spending and perhaps some cuts elsewhere. that is their main line of defense. >> that's impossible. >> i don't dispute that on the other side you have republicans that believe just as deeply that increasing income tax rates including and especial solid on the rich is politically dangerous. if these people had a sword that could cut. immediate emergency i think they could compose their differences and come up with a package. what we have of the cons sequence of failure here is a set of spending cuts that won't go into the effect year after next which gives them time to fend them off next year and i just think that they consider it to be a problem but it's not as sharp a sword as need be.
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>> bill: get another downgrade and the dow is down another 1,000 points. they are playing with america's money and playing with our future. no doubt about it? >> i don't dispute it for a minute. we are right where the parties -- i'm not saying this is partisan. this is ideological and it goes very keep and it is where the divide lies. >>' time for it to stop. >> plenty amore ahead at the fact for moves along this evening. megyn kelly whether police occupy protesters. we hope you stay for those reports.
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>> bill: in the campaign to 12 seeing want tonight as you may know governor jon huntsman not doing too well in the polls as he seeks the nomination for president. not giving up. >> i'm going to start with something you never hear in the debates. governor huntsman, the first question is for you.
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[ laughter ] isn't it true that nationally you are currently polling in the low single digits? >> it is true, seth. but only a few months ago i was polling at margin of error. so to have any digit at all is a pretty big deal. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. since the governor is being a good sport about things, we started to feature him tonight on the factor. so, governor, you are basically running behind a little bit, right? >> a little bit. >> bill: you are still competing. >> of course we are. >> bill: one of the ways you are competing is going after mitt romney some polls he is the frontrunner. i want to show the folks one of your latest ads, go. ♪ ♪ >> he has not appeared on this policeman or any sunday talk show since march of 2010. we invited governor romney
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this week. his campaign says he is still not ready. >> bill: for the record romney has been on this program a few times and this is a pretty tough venue. why do you want to get across there. >> getting elected president is means you go out and talk to the american people. don't shy away from american people. get out there when there is limited trust toward institutions of power and politicians. >> bill: what does that say to you that mitt romney won't do a sunday show or hold press conferences what does is t. say to you. >> you are afraid to get out there and be questioned on your positions. >> bill: is he not afraid of me and i come in tough on ever one of you guys thrnches are other shows out there that i'm sure want to have him on there. >> bill: maybe he has very good taste and wants to come on this program. >> no doubt. >> bill: say folks buy the commercial that mitt romney is being very cautious and i don't think that's not true. i think he is being cautious. he feels he is in a very good position right now. he let's everybody else go up and down and blow each other up.
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say they buy what you say. should they just dump mitt romney then and not even consider him? >> well, this isn't about ads like that that we're putting on. this is about jobs. i mean, let's get right to the bottom line. this election is not about personalities. this is about issues. >> bill: i think romney and you and gingrich and bachmann and all of you guys are the same on jobs. i think you are pretty much the same on jobs. >> come on, that isn't the case at all. >> bill: you don't think so you want smaller government, don't you. >> look at my record. >> bill: do you want smaller government. >> of course i do. look at romney's record and gingrich's record. compare and contrast. that's what the voters have got to do eventually. make informed decision on that. >> bill: you want smaller government, right. >> of course. >> bill: you don't want to raise taxes do you. >> we have the largest tax cut in the history of the state. >> bill: in utah. they all agree with that they want smaller government. they don't want to raise taxes. you want. >> stimulate the private sector. so they create jobs. not the government.
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correct? >> of course. >> bill: but they want that. see, i don't see a big difference between you and romney. >> if you raise taxes in state as romney has $750 million. call them fees, taxes, whatever. they are increases. they are a burden on on whoever is paying it deliver a one size fits all health care solution that has seen prices go up for the average family, 2500 bucks. quality go down. emergency room visits go up, that's not free market. we delivered a free market solution for health care reform. >> bill: romney is 22%, 23%. you want to take from him. you want to take from people considering him to come over to you. that's what i'm getting about this. >> elections are about comparing and contrasting records. >> bill: you are not going to get the herman cain people. they're 23409 going for you. >> why not. >> bill: just too conservative. >> just beginning to look. >> bill: as soon as you say you consider global warming the herman cain people are out the door. >> so at the very beginning they might say all right let's go to the next person. you know what? they have been through a whole lot of people and coming
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around to that huntsman guy and saying he is still there. >> bill: huntsman guy, that's you. let's take a look at his record. largest tax cut in the history of the state. number one in job creation. pro-life, always has been. pro-second amendment. second voucher bill in the entire united states. health care reform without a mandate. pretty conservative record there that people are just beginning to lock on to. if they do i like our chances. >> bill: thanks governor we appreciate you coming on. >> in thanks bill, a pleasure. >> bill: coming right back, megyn kelly about new information on the natalee holloway drowning. >> whether the police in california overreacted by pepper spraying
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, on friday occupy wall street people demonstrated at the university of california davis where they refused to leave the campus. after a standoff police broke
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out the pepper spray. [shouting] [booing] >> bill: now the chancellor of u.c. davis and police chief there are both being called upon to resign. here now and attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly see her 1:00 p.m. each weekday. pepper spray just burns your eyes, right. >> it's like a derivative of actual pepper. food product. a lot of experts are looking at that is saying is that the real deal or been diluted. >> bill: they should have more of a reaction than that. >> that's really beside the point. something that was obviously abrasive and intrusive. went to the hospital. >> bill: they wanted them to get out of there and stop blocking what they were blocking. >> this was on the chancellor's orders. the chancellor ordered the
2:41 am
police to go in and order these students to disperse. >> bill: that's linda. >> it's a crime. 10 of them were charged with unlawful assembly and failure to gers because they were sit in student protest. you can do that. very american. it may break the law. >> bill: they wanted to get these people off the campus. they didn't want to lay hands on them. two ways to do. this do the pepper spray or the -- you know, can you physically drag them out of there. >> they then did lay hands on them. >> bill: you don't want to lay hands on them. >> no. what i'm saying is the police would respond by saying you pepper spray first to allow the hantdz on part to be less confrontational because you are going to get less resistance when you get somebody who just got pepper sprayed. i know the tape looks gadd bad. all i'm saying from a legal standpoint i don't know that the cops did anything wrong. we have to learn more about the facts. cops are allowed to use reasonable force to effect compliance with an arrest. it does look like these students were failing to disperse and were in some
2:42 am
cases unlawfully assembling and perhaps even resisting arrest. you can see it on the tape where the cop goes to grab one of the students and she puts her arm back she is not letting him grab her. it looks like these cops have room to argue this is not excessive force. does that mean they should have affected the arrest in this way? that's a moral decision. >> bill: i don't think we have the right to monday morning quarterback the police. particularly at a place like u.c. davis which is a fairly liberal exution and they are not running around. they came to the point where you said as you said the chancellor said look, have you got to get them out of here. we can't operate a college like this. so get them out. now, the police chief has been placed on administrative leave, right? >> yes. >> bill: for obeying orders. isn't that nice. >> the chancellor is refusing to step down. meantime, she is the one who gave the order go in and get rid. >> bill: police chief on leave. >> i think this woman was overseeing the police who did this first and foremost. >> bill: chancellor to do it? >> secondly she came out and defended her officers by saying, look, there is a
2:43 am
little bit more to her story. look, they felt surrounded. the students were around them. they felt under threat. i don't know that the tape shows that does it feel like the cops feel threatened right now? really? does this guy look like he feels threatened? we don't know. >> bill: we can't see what's behind and what's being said. >> here is my instinct that she felt the need to say something in their defense. she just made something up. rather than sticking with the facts, which is you are allowed to use some reasonable force to effect an arrest. and pepper spray is, even though it looks shocking allowed. >> bill: we're going to follow the case and find out what happens to the police chief and to the chancellor. now, over to natalie wood. do you know who natalie wood is. >> i do. i was just a baby but yes. >> bill: she was a very big star. >> three time academy award nominee. >> bill: big name and really very few people bought what happened. i don't follow this stuff closely. i didn't buy it for a second. dingy, going here and going
2:44 am
there. >> when she come out and said her greatest fear in life was dark sea water. >> bill: she fell overboard. now whether she was pushed or not nobody could possibly say. she wasn't going -- >> -- somebody knows. >> bill: now comes a woman who says she was in a boat more near the boat ms. wood was on and that she heard all of her screaming. i'm drowning. i'm drowning. are you buying any of this? >> i don't know. not really. she says now all these years later that she heard somebody say "i'm drowning, i'm crown drowning." >> bill: 30 years later. >> a man dismissive of the woman drowning. the man i suppose would be robert wagner or somebody else. >> bill: captain, wagner and walken. >> she claims she brought the information to police and they didn't do anything with it she also claims she was given some sort of a note saying shut up. you are in trouble. >> bill: she doesn't have the note. >> no. and i question her story. i question why the police are opening up this case after all this imtoo. it appears what they really
2:45 am
have is the boat captain very sketchy. admits to being drunk on the night in question. >> bill: i'm playing devil's advocate. if you are the sheriff of los angeles and a boat captain and a woman come to you, you have got two now, all right? >> um-huh, yeah. >> bill: they say what, it wasn't accidental drowning here is what i know and what i know. >> they are not even saying that they are not going that far. even if they did go that far, the statute of limitations has run on every crime but murder. that's what they seem to be making out here is a manslaughter case at best. >> bill: the sheriff playing it both ways we don't have any suspects we are just taking ache look at it? >> as far as i can see they got up up up bupkus. >> many words you say to me. the park service is mad at me for defending my book "killing lincoln." later is taylor swift a
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pinhead or patriot? we will tell you upcoming. pr
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. >> bill: back of the book segment reality check. and sometimes things get very, very strange in this segment. check one. you may remember last week police arrested 21-year-old oscar ortega charging him with firing shots at the white house. well, in response, some of occupy san diego protesters did this: >> i think we should have a moment of silence in solidarity for the person that they said was from the washington d.c. occupy that maybe why did he feel need to shoot the white house window today? so i think we should hold a moment in solidarity for the white house and for the guy that shot at the white house today. i don't know if you heard, but
2:50 am
someone shot at the white house window. >> bill: solidarity with the guy who shot at the white house. solidarity. the word loon doesn't even begin to cover it check two, here is an interesting question. who benefits more from the election cycle? e factor or "saturday night live"? it's close. here is snl on mitt romney. >> you don't hear much about me in the news because the other candidates like herman cain and rick perry are hogging all the headlines with sex scandals and whoopsie daisies my staff and i decided too boring 15% to 17% more edgy. so tonight mitt romney is going to really let loose. get ready for mitt romney raw and up leashed. >> bill: on and on. check three far left "new york times" columnist paul krugman giving absurd. >> ideology mitt romney oozes
2:51 am
in sincerity. all the others are fools and clowns. >> bill: fools and clowns. mr. krugman the economist who want even more federal spending in the face of the 15 trillion-dollar debt. fools and clowns? check four, updating killing lincoln big full page ad today announcing more than a million copies of my book are now in print thank you for everyone who made this possible. that headline is too big. that even offended me on cnn howard kurtz weighed in. >> now, you may be aware that bill o'reilly wasn't too pleased when the "the washington post" ran a story headline ford theater bans o'reilly lincoln book forerers and quoted experts as saying the book "killing lincoln" had plenty of mistakes. >> in 325 pages there are four minor misstatements all of which have been corrected. there are also two type setterrers one involving a d. now, that's a pretty good record even for nitpicker who's want to hurt the book. >> the mistakes were pretty minor the post had to run a
2:52 am
correction. the book is available in the ford's theater gift shop but not in its basement bk shop. i have to side with o'reilly on this one he got a bum wrap. >> mr. kirtz was gutsy for saying that the force there has now reordered copies of killing lincoln. the national park service is still holding firm to its bogus attempt to diminish the book. david barn the chief spokesman wrote to me, quote: mr. o'reilly you seem to divide the world into pinheads and patriots. i have served patriotly for 37 years in six federal agencies. when i was honored medal honesty and integrity. unquote. i appreciate your service to our country but you made a major mistake and you should correct it. one of your historians slammed killing lincoln an honest book. she herself made major mistakes and we can prove them. so when i asked for her and you to come on the program, the factor, you turned us down. that's simply not fair. you guys can't attempt to
2:53 am
damage a worthy project and then hide. my offer remains open. and that is reality check. on deck, pinheads and patriots starring taylor swift. p and p moments away.
2:54 am
pinheads and patriots starring taylor swift. but first restore the usa. our gear is flying out of here.
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hat, shirts, pens, mugs, all with a statement that people will notice. so we would like you to check out these great gifts on >> federal government is set to spend 47 trillion over the next three years. that's a greater threat to the nation than all the foreign threats combined. and from cape town, south africa. and from thailand. i love this. so what should i have done, andy? should i have grabbed the governor's tie, messed up his hair? i challenged him and he said what he said. i don't understand this let him get away with it stuff. i don't have powers of arrest
2:56 am
here. phyllis marshall from georgia. janet cometon. and betty more, west view, pennsylvania. we don't lay off anyone, betty. we askedhe governor to explain the penn state charity deal, he declined. i report it. and from new jersey. >> i will be there tomorrow night at seven and they are giving the free bracelets out during the day. also the show in atlantic city saturday nearly sold out. and at the landmark theatre on
2:57 am
friday, this coming friday night. if you want to see us, you better get on it. laura from alaska. >> first of all, i would not want to inflict that on ms. ripka, who is a very nice person. secondly, i believe my days co-hosting anything are over. been there. and finally, pinhead or patriots. taylor swift, last night she was asked about her status as a role model. >> you are a role model and you know it. >> i think it's my responsibility to know it and to be conscious of it. and it would be really easy to say, you know, i'm 21 now, i do what i want. you read your kids. but it's not the truth of it. the truth of it is that every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation. so make your words count. >> very impressive.
2:58 am
ms. swift is a patriot. you can contrast her success and point of view to miley cyrus, who has taken the opposite path and is paying a commercial price for doing it. sometimes it pays to be responsible in the usa. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. different from also we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' word of the day, do not be a bulkateer. it is obsolete in a dictionary but it is a real word. bulkateer is a person who overlooks meritorious behavior. but they have banished the word. it's gone. not fair, don't be a bulkateer.
2:59 am
i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> top of the morning to you. 4 it's tuesday, november 22nd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your morning with us today. this super committee super flunked. can congress avoid the consequences now? drastic cuts at the department of defense, for example. >> any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts domestic and defense spending. >> are there any options left or will america's national security pay the price? >> meanwhile, they already blew through half a billion taxpayer dollars. now, 1100 solyndra employees might get a couple thousand more. that's right. we're talking about bailing them out. details straight ahead. brian? >> all right. a catch of a lifetime. but he cannot cash in. big government is taking away


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