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tv   America Live  FOX News  November 22, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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mig speaking of weather, fox news weather alert, we are getting new forecast details as millions of eyes turn to the weather radar. just in time for thanksgiving travel. several big storms, barreling across the country, just in time for one of the busiest travel days of the year. right now, we are seeing serious activity in the east and pacific west, which could mean trouble for millions who are traveling this thanksgiving on the roads and in the skies. we're closely monitoring this, we will have a detailed report for you moments away. and this alert from the battle ground state of new hampshire, where an outburst from protestors made for some interesting drama at the start of president obama's event focusing on the economy. the president not just facing pushback from demonstrators because new political ad attacking his economic polices just as the 2012 election kick spwos gear. welcome to "america live"
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everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the president twoepbt new hampshire promoting a jobs bill and the extension of payroll tax cuts, which he wants, and even before he could speak a showdown between some sort of protest group, some reporting that they're affiliated with occupy wall street. we've not been able to confirm that. and obama's supporters. >> that's okay. okay, guys. >> [chanting] >> okay. that's okay. it's all right. listen, i'm going to be talking about a whole range of things today, and i appreciate you guys making your point. let me go ahead and make mine. all right? and then i'll listen to you,
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you listen to me, all right? >> [applause] megyn: well, that wasn't the only drama today. republican hopeful mitt romney turning up the heat on president obama in a new political ad that hit the air waves before the president's arrival in the granite state, this is just one of many attacks. mr. romney has launched on our president in advance of his visit to new hampshire. here's some of the ads. >> mig the white house is slamming the romney ad as a, quote, distortion of what president obama has said. and it feels very much like the 2012 gloves are coming off, with about 50 weeks left to go. pw*ub cusack, managing
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editor of the hill, it it's starting to look like a match between president obama and mitt romney and that's exactly what mitt romney wants. >> that's right, exactly, megyn. we're going to hear a lot about the economy, about tax. the time for legislator by in large is over, the campaign is now in full swing, especially in the wake of the supercommittee's failure. so mitt romney wants to say hey, he's the only one who can take out obama, we've seen newt gingrich in recent days say the reason why he's gotten a lot of support is because he can beat obama, but it's going to be nasty 2012, no doubt about it. megyn: mitt romney has written an open letter to president obama, to be published in new hampshire's three largest newspapers, saying the evidence is in and it's unequivocal, i will be blunt, your polices have failed, and going on, saying how his polices have actively hindered economic recovery, far from bringing the economic crisis to an end. that's a theme we can expect, mitt romney in particular, to keep hammering president obama over and over on, the
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economy, because i do believe the campaign thinks that's mitt mitt romney's strongest suit, bob. >> that's definitely right. mitt romney has said that president obama is a likable guy. polls do show that people like his personality. but they don't like his policy. so that's the needle that romney is going to be trying to go after the president, where he's saying hey, unemployment was at 7.8% when he took over, now it's around 9 percent, attacking polices after polices and president obama is going to be pushing his payroll tax extension idea which tkwaoeupbdz paul ryan, call thank a sugar high, but pulling back, mitt romney is going to hammer the economy again and again and again and try to get some type of advantage in the polls right now. they're neck and neck in a general election matchup. megyn: now, he is -- that ad that we just watched is getting hammered by president obama's reelection campaign. i said the white house early, i believe it was the reelection kpeupb, that complained about the ad as a deceitful and dishonest attack, because in the ad,
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they play quote from mr. obama, saying if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. and obama -- mr. obama's reelection campaign has come out and said that's a clip of president obama, then senator obama, mocking john mccain for saying that, the romney campaign is standing by the ad. let me ask you this, does the president's team lose by even engaging in this with somebody who's not even the nominee yet? >> well, a deceitfulness in politics, who would have thought! there's going to be nasty politics on both sides, both the president's reelection team and mitt romney's or newt gingrich, whoever wins the nominee, they're going to be engaged in this. politics is a blood sport. you have to pick your spots when you go after the other side for being too nasty and some are assuming -- are saying why fight it now, because there's always going to be dirty tricks played on both sides. that's part of the game. megyn: we'll continue to follow it, bob, thank you very much. >> thanks megyn. megyn: here's the deal, the president is hitting the gop
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hard on protecting millionaires, that's how the president puts it, while mitt romney is going after the president for, quote, failing america on the economy, these two going head to head in new hampshire, which is a critical not just primary state but election state, and coming up we'll take a closer look at who is likely to win in this fight. plus we also have a brand new poll out now, putting newt gingrich on top of the gop leader board. according to a quinnipiac national poll, the former house speaker, more than doubled his share of votes, coming in with 26 percent. mitt romney, trailing behind, 22 percent, herman cain appears to be fading, now down at 14 percent. rick perry, ron paul, each with only 6 percent in that poll. back now to our top story and fox extreme weather alert. a tornado watch and warning, just going into effect in the area around jackson, mississippi, and hold on, because that just one of the early stories in what appears to be threatening some very rough weather over
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the next two days. this as several storms push their way across the pacific northwest and east coast. heavy rains, strong winds, even sleet and snow. meteorologist janice dean has that story. j.d. >> reporter: megyn, you said it. we already have delays across the airports. let's move right in to where we are concerned with the threat of tornadoes this. is the cold front associated with this low pressure system that's going to affect the eastern seaboard overnight tonight into tomorrow, the busiest travel day, okay? so there's our tornado watch, good until 5:00 a.m. local time and a tornado warning that is just expired. however, these are severe thunderstorm warnings just outside of that watch box. watch, meaning that conditions are favorable for tornadoes, so that's going to continue throughout the afternoon and then you've got this wall of moisture across the ohio river valley, moving into the mid atlantic and northeast. so the severe threat today, including large hail damage winds, even tornadoes continues across the gulf coast states, into tonight,
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overnight tonight. we're keeping an eye on severe weather and already seeing travel delays for newark, chicago, philadelphia, two-hour delays for philadelphia and we haven't really even seen the storm move in yet. so let's look ahead to our busiest travel day on tuesday. for today, expecting delays through texas and the ohio river valley as this system moves eastward. we are expecting strong storms to move into texas, mississippi, alabama, and georgia, and for tomorrow, unfortunately, megyn, the busiest travel day all up and down the east coast, northeast, mid atlantic, southeast, the good news is for thanksgiving day, once we get there, hopefully, skies will clear across the eastern seaboard. as you mentioned, we so have a storm across the pacific northwest that's going to be a trouble-maker heading home from thanksgiving over the weekend. megyn: thank you for that! appreciate that! >> reporter: i know. just come to my house. megyn: i'm there! see you in a few, my friend. >> >> reporter: okay. megyn: dramatic developments out of egypt today, the country's military rulers announcing they will speed up their handover to a
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civilian government by july july 2012. tens of thousands of protestors continue to fill kay re's tahri reufplt square, with some even calling for a second revolution. why? reena ninan, live in jerusalem with more. reena. >> reporter: megyn, it was really powerful. just a matter of minutes ago, the head of egypt ruling council saying they finally addressed the protestors in tahrir square. take a listen to the reaction from the protestors after they heard that speech: >> they are chanting, there is irhal, in eric, leave, leave, the exact words in arabic they chanted to form president hosni mubarek just days before he was forcedst step down. what they told the people, was the parliamentary elections will begin on monday and that they're willing to hand over military rule to an elected
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civilian power by the end of june, and also, that there will be elections for president by next june as well. remember, kontawi was the defense minister under mubarek. the protestors equate him as being the exact same as mubarek and they want him out. it doesn't feel like these protestors are going anywhere, any time soon, that the goal for the military council was to clear them. not going to happen. meanwhile we're learning about the americans, three american college students picked up by egyptian police today, from drexel, indiana and georgetown university, between the ages of 19 and 21, derek sween gentlemen, gregory porter, and luke gates were able to make contact with their mothers and their schools, but there's no word as to what will happen next in this procedure. egyptian state tv is claim thank some of the boys were hurling fire bombs into the crowd, egging on the protestors, and attacking police, but we have yet to see proof of that. megyn, it's interesting, these elections set to take
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place on monday, the police and military council are expected to safeguard these elections but the protestors, the people out on the streets don't trust or like them so it makes for an explosive and interesting combination come monday morning. megyn: reena ninan, thank you. # hundred billion dollars in cuts are now coming to the defense budget, supposedly. what does that mean for our military? colonel oliver north has some answers, three minutes away, plus a look at how this impacts the 2012 campaign. new revelations in the penn state child sex abuse scandal. coming up, why it took almost three years to bring charges against jerry sandusky. what took the attorney general so long? plus, a new poll shows a growing number of americans are now losing faith in our culture. we'll take a look at what that means for our country, just ahead. my sinus symptoms come with a cough
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>> military chiefs have said these cuts would be totally devastating, we live in a dangerous worblgsd as we should know, so the president, again, has disregarded the strong recommendations and warnings of the secretary of defense and the leaders of the military. megyn: senator john mccain, sounding some serious warnings today about what will happen if $600 billion in automatic cuts hit the defense budget, as they're now scheduled to, with the failure of the supercommittee. defense secretary leon panetta says the cuts will reduce our ground forces to pre-world war ii levels, reduce our navy strength to where it was in 1915, and leave the air force with the lowest number of tactical
10:16 am
forces -- fighters in history. oliver north is host of "war stories" and colonel my guest now, now being with us. john mccain and others are saying this is going to be devastating, we can't let it happen, leon panetta, the second among them, rand paul, a republican from kentucky, senator, backed by the tea party, says there will be no cuts to military spending because we're actually only cutting proposed increases, if they do nothing, military spending will go up 23 percent over ten years, if we do this plan it's still going to go up, it's just going to go up 16 percent. why should americans be concerned about that? >> first of all, let's dot real numbers here, notwithstanding with what senator paul has to say. the reality is we've cut $350 billion to add to that, the $600 billion, there are over a trillion dollars in cuts over the next ten years, the president has said he's going to veto any off ramp that would preserve this and it is as john mccain said a devastating,
10:17 am
catastrophic cut, the largest defense cut in the history of the country, to include what we did after world war ii and cree kwrafplt you're going look at 10 percent cuts in the military and civilian strength of the military defense services. military construction cuts. you can't build 3/4 of a building. you can't build 3/4 of a ship. there's weapons systems that are going to have to be cut. not just the new ships, which by the way we'll be down to 230 by the time this is done, the joint strike fighter. research and development for new air to ground missile systems, and, of course, upgrades in improvements to the m1 tanks that we've worn out all over afghanistan and iraq. no new combat vehicles for the marines and soldiers who have to fight on the ground. i just point out these things, because things aren't going to get fixed just because all of the sudden in 2013 you have a new commander in chief and in congress, and a missile defense that grinds to halt
10:18 am
to protect american cities like the iran -- from things like the iranians and chinese and you can't turn those all back on again in 2013. megyn: but they say the cuts are going to take place over the next decade. couldn't we work on it out over the next decade to minimize the damage, some of which you just recounted, or no? >> that's why buck mckeon, the armed services committee, says no, you can't just start an aircraft carrier and put it in a building and wait for the next tranche of funding to come in on that, you can't do that with major weapons systems in this country, so buck mchune wants legislation next week. if the president was serious about protecting the american peeled he'd call the house back in on thanks giving day to pass it, instead what he's doing is threaten to veto any prospect of ameliorating the effects of these cuts, a trillion dollars from last year's budget to what they're going to have over the course of the decade. it's deaf staeugt.
10:19 am
megyn: who is to blame for this, if you have an opinion on it? the president says there's no off ramps, i have to keep the pressure on. it's a deal that the democrats and republicans agreed to, not to mention the obama. the president can cry foul all they want now but both sides agreed to this. >> you know, i had the great blessing to work for a president who came to washington promising to build america was defense, ronald wilson reagan campaigned on the promise of building a 600 ship navy. it took eight years to get there. the war we fought in 199o. gulf war i, or desert storm, was fought with the equipment and people who were recruited and acquired during the time that ronald reagan was president. it takes that long to rebuild defenses from when you've got jimmy carter as president, now we've got jimmy carter on steroids because there's no leadership in this white house as commander in chief. megyn: i want to ask you before i let you go, you have a special bracelet on today. >> i do. megyn: tell us about it. >> this is a bracelet from
10:20 am
the national league of pow and mia family, for sergeant bobergdahl, seized in the '30 -- 30, 2009, he's held by the haqqani network in afghanistan, and i would say at this holiday time, this is a time for prayer for a young american whoheree is, we do know he's alive. we hope he gets home safely. megyn: amen to that, colonel oliver north, thank you very much, my friend. >> thank you megyn. megyn: see you soon. a florida mother appears in an of "the peoples court", trying to settle a dispute over a $5000 engage mentoring. that was this past thursday. on friday, she went missing. why a former homicide detective mark furman says this ring could be a key piece of evidence in this case. plus a brand new warning for pet owners. the common treat that doctors say has led to the illness and even death of at least 70 dogs.
10:21 am
plus, president obama, in new hampshire, challenging the gop on taxes, while mitt romney hits the president on the economy. who wins this fight? we'll debate it, ahead. last throw, prce.
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megyn: a new warning is out for pet owners from the food and drug administration. chicken jerky products may be causing illness and even death in some dogs. the fda claims at least 70 dogs have been sickened so far this year, after reportedly eating chicken jerky products that have been imported from china. it's not been able to find a cause for the mysterious illnesses, saying extensive testing has failed to turn
10:25 am
up a specific contaminant. so far the fda has not named any specific brand, but you might want to switch to just like a piece of cheese until they figure it out! a michigan congressman is now pushing back against some disturbing allegations. just days ago, democrat dale kelde --kldee was accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old relateive. he strongly denies the allegations and says he is now considering legal action against his accuser. doug mckelway has the latest from washington. doug. >> reporter: good afternoon, megyn. fox news has now confirmed long time michigan democratic congressman dill kildee is now exploring legal options stemming from allegations that he molested a second cousin more than 50 years ago. the 18-term congressman who has three married children and ten grandchildren told his home town newspaper, the flint journal, quote, i'll angry, it's outrageous.
10:26 am
i'm 82ers use old, i'm not going to be around that long but those kids are going to be around that long, long time. i'm not going to let that name be besmirched by people who first of all suffer mental health issues. kild -- the accusation -- the asaucer has a lifetime of mental health problems, he maintains the congressman molested him when he was 15 years old after spending weeks in the accuser's home. the affiliate wmbm, patrick kilbee -- kildee described a meeting he had years after the abuse occurred. >> i get in the car, i said dale, i got to tell you, you have no idea of what i've been through because of what you did to me. and he said patrick, he says, every year i make a general confession, and he said that's the first thing on my list, every year. i keep confessing it, every year. he says you have no idea how
10:27 am
much i've suffered for what i did to you. >> reporter: congressman keufplt lde, set to retire at the end of this session of congress believes the motivation for the charges may be blackmail. he says he made a formal report to the fbi years ago when the accuser's family approached him and threatened to release the bombshell accusations unless kilde gave him money and social security disability benefits. megyn. megyn: wow. doug mckelway, thank you. a big winter storm is brewing as folks are hitting the road and skies for thanksgiving. are you travel something when are you leaving? i'm going tomorrow afternoon. in three minutes, how the weather -- weather delays could affect you and your family. >> new information on the missing mother of three who vanished after appearing on "peoples' court". we'll speak to foreclosure furman who says this is not a random crime. >> and mitt romney saying the president has tanked our economy. a new look at the battle of 2012 in three minutes.
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call up, find out if your flight has been canceled. if the answer is yet, bag it. they are not going to get on another flight before tomorrow, are they. >> it's likely you are not. exactly. if there are major cancellations across the country you'll see a lot of the hotels right around
10:34 am
the airports will fill up quickly. it's important to make accommodation plans, if you do need to stay overnight. megyn: you stay home, swing by boston market. i'm telling you you won't not difference. at least i won't from my kicking. thank you. last year my husband and i tried to cook a turkey dinner and caused a fire in our kitchen. it was a sign from god, it wasn't meant to be. president obama targeting republicans in new hampshire today a cushion the gop of again protecting millionaires while the mid class struggles. republicans hitting back, a new mitt romney ad hit the air wave going off the president for failing america on the economy. look here. >> i am after dent that wwe
10:35 am
need a plan for the mid class. we need to provide relief for homeowners. megyn: according to the latest gallop poll only 30% of americans approve how the president has handled the economy. we have a guest from a left leaning think tank. it's on between mitt romney and president obama. romney has done an open letter to president obama. he's come out with his ad campaign, three letters in major newspapers out there. this is all advance of president obama showing up on the ground and offering remarks on jobs. does it matter? is mitt romney making a difference with this. rich? >> it's vicinitying, yo interesting. you see this shadow boxing already where he aims at one republican candidate, and that
10:36 am
is mitt romney. megyn: we heard that was a strategy months ago, kill mitt romney. >> they are calculating that any other candidate would be weak tpher a general election. weaker in a general election. now you have mitt romney targeting president obama. you have a preview of the general election. in new hampshire even though it has a handful of electorial votes it could be very key to barack obama's map to getting to re-election. megyn: what is interesting to me, simon is to see the president engaging in the economy, which everyone would agree is not necessarily his strongest suit. there are defenses for him, it's not necessarily his strongest suit, as opposed to saying romney high school n romney has no soul, he is a flip-flopper. do you think he should engage with somebody like romney. >> he's got to engage informant tally. he's been talking about the economy every day for the last six months. this is the issue. if he loses this issue with
10:37 am
romney he's not going to win the election. i think -- i think he's confident. i think they feel good about where they are. if you look at the poll data 65% of the country is in favor of his economic plan. the republican numbers -- skwraot job megyn: the jobs act. >> mitt romney's first ad today was full of distortions, untruths. if he was so confident his arguments were going to work against the president why didn't he use straight up economic data, this is what is going to happen, this is where we are today i they didn't do that. they had to make up stuff because their argument wasn't strong enough to carry the day. megyn: we talk about it on fox news and we did at the top of the hour. do you think the average person will know there was any issue with that ad? >> i don't know why they included that line. i don't think it's particularly necessary. in the scheme of things it's not important. if you're the president of the united states, simon is right, on the key issue in front of the nation you're at 30% approval,
10:38 am
that is a problem. president obama has made a little bit of headway banging away on his so-called jobs plan. if he's still at 30% approval on the economy he's going to have a hard time. megyn: president obama is hitting the gop on the failure to support that portion of the jobs act that would extend the corporate payroll holiday, which helps the average american. they say if you make $75,000 a year it's worth $1,500 in your pocket. he's saying the gop favors the millionaires but not the regular folks. is he making a good point politically on that? does that speak to the american people? do the republicans need to worry about that? >> politically i think it is a pretty good point to make. i'm in favor of any tax cut pretty much on principle. i favor the payroll tax cut. what republicans are thinking is here we'll have a temporary tax cut that will be paid for with permanent tax increases. he's saying a temporary tax cut is wonderful for the economy and
10:39 am
a permanent traction increase to pay for it in january 2013 is going to be fine for the economy, that doesn't make sense. megyn: i looked at the president trying to sell this extension of the payroll tax cut. he was talking about how it doesn't make sense to raise taxes in the middle of this kind of economy, but he is proposing to do that on some. >> i think it's smart economics and smart politics. i think when you ask the public, how do you want to reduce the deficit, they say we have to raise taxes on rich people, cut defense and deal with healthcare and medicare. i think the president is in the right place like this. it's the smart thing to do economically, give average people a little bit more in their piggy bank for next year and start to do a down payment on reducing the deficit. i think it's a smart place to be. megyn: the battle is unfolding in new hampshire, it's no accident. it's a preview of the general election. we haven't even had the first primary in the nation state, but they are both going there, and mitt romney is going to sort of flank the president in new
10:40 am
hampshire. they clearly care a lot about new hampshire. is the president right to be so focused on that state? >> yes, i think as rich said we are already in the general election in some ways. we are a year out. mitt romney still though has to win his nomination. >> tee tails, just details. [laughter] megyn: act like it's yours, it's mine, i don't know who these other guys are on stage. >> he's still not polling over 25, 26%, in your poll newt gingrich is aeu heard. there is is a head. it's not clear the republican party feels that mitt romney is the strongest candidate. megyn: i have to leave it. thank you very much. after congress announces it has failed in its effort to cut our debt america's credit rating inks issue a warning. a mother appears on people's court to settle a dispute over a
10:41 am
$5,000 diamond ring. the next day she disappears. why mark fuhrman says it could be a key piece of evidence in this case. >> a beautiful, beautiful girl. she does not deserve to be treated this way. i don't know what's happened to her. i don't know if she was carjacked, dumped out. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. reddi-wip us real dairy crm. nothing's more real than reddi-wip.
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megyn: new details now in the search for a missing florida woman who mysteriously disappeared the same day her case aired on the tv show, the people's court. michelle parker, a mother of three has not been seen since thursday. she and her exfiance appeared on the show in a heated dispute over a $5,000 engagement ring. now her family is pleading for her safe return. >> every dumpster, you're like, oh, michelle, i hope you're not in here, baby, i hope you're not in here, and you get up and you crawl on top of stuff, and you
10:45 am
look and you're like, okay, this one is eliminated, you're not here. >> something you're not used to every day. you don't want to wake up and figure it would be your sister you'll be going to look for. it just hurts. megyn: mark fuhrman is a former l.a.p.d. homicide detective and a fox news contributor. he's going to phone me by phone, he lost his feed. thank you for being back with us. this case is very mysterious. some are looking at the exfiance because he's the one she was arguing with on the people's court, but it seems like her family doesn't necessarily believe she has anything to do with it. they think she may have randomly be carjacked and gone mission. what do your antenna tell you? >> well, megyn i don't believe in the coincidence occurrence. you look at the carjacking scenario, if there is a carjacking there's got to be a purpose for the carjacking, a robbery, a rape, murder, or the
10:46 am
vehicle. the vehicle has been recovered. you need to do a forensic search of her life electronically and socially, and find out just exactly what is missing from the house, clothes, toothbrush, personal items, any activity in banking shortly before she left, any money she has, credit cards. if there is no activity you start to wonder just exactly what is the motive here when it comes back to the most unusual things in her life to date is finding over an engagement ring on tv. megyn: she talked about -- on the people's court she said her exfiance was, quote, pretty malicious and vindictive. she says he has pu put his hands on her in the past and he shouldn't have done that to her. she claimed he left her three times in the past year,
10:47 am
including cheating o her with seven different women. the police say he is not a suspect or person of interest, but can we assume they are taking a hard look at him, mark? >> i think they are not only taking a hard look at him, they have to clear them and move on. in all these cases you have to clear the victim who knows the victim and is closest to the victim and knows the victim and was with the victim when she disappeared. past insurance policies they might have had together, possibilities that she was actually meeting somebody where the vehicle was found and she got into another vehicle. do we know? we don't. look at this. it doesn't matter if the exfiance-boyfriend has an alibi, you can always have a coconspirator, or cosuspect in these cases, you see this all the time, that are hired to do things. megyn: the family said they became concerned when the brother texted her and said,
10:48 am
where are you? and she responded waterford. i guess that is in florida. the brother said, or the police said her phone was never actually in waterford. they searched the towers, they said that with us a decoy, so it does suggest that perhaps either she had her phone and lied, or somebody had the phone and wanted for some reason the family to believe she was some place other than where she was. >> it's a great clue, megyn, and the great clue is, anonymous suspects don't answer texts or phone calls, nor do they care what the family thinks, knows or suspects. but somebody that knows the victim, that would be a key item that you would focus in on, because obviously there is somebody that interacts with the people and know and are related to her. megyn: the boyfriend came out and talked about -- this is before she went missing, she might be bayh polar.
10:49 am
she's been all over the map when it comes to being with the boyfriend or exfiance and so on. her mother said her daughter was humiliated by the show. could it be, mark that she pulled the runaway bride, she was humiliated, maybe she is bayh polar, who knows and for some reason that show put her over the edge, and she got out of dodge. >> it's possible, megyn, of course, but once again you have to have means to run, means to live, eat, stay somewhere. she doesn't look like the type of woman that is going to be living on the street. so you have to have some cash, you have to have the wherewithal, you have to have a friend, you have to have a way to transport yourself. there are pieces of evidence in this day and age, you know, now after 9/11 you do not get on any public transportation and leave the country without somebody knowing, you know. i don't see her as a type of person that is going to have
10:50 am
multiple identifications or passports so she could plan this. if she was going to plan this she wasn't have gone on tv. megyn: right, it seems an odd thing to do the day before you're planning on leaching. an on leaving. she has three small children thank you, mark. more alabama residents are finding work since the controversial immigration law went into effect. are jobs more available since illegal immigrants have started moving out of that state? we report and you decide next. and tough new questions in the penn state sex-abuse stand cal. comin scandal. coming up we'll investigate why it took the now governor three years to bring charges against jerry sandusky.
10:51 am
10:52 am
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10:54 am
megyn: forget six degrees of separation. it turns out the world is a bit smaller than we thought. a new facebook study has shrunk the numbers claiming even fewer people separate each person from every other person on earth. the idea stems from a popular game six degrees of kevin bacon in which players attempt to link him to other actors in film they starred in. that number used to be six because he has been in so much. thanks to facebook's growing popularity the distance from any one person to any other is apparently just 4.74, not even 5, never mind 6. we did a little research and figured out my own six degrees of separation from kevin bacon. i interviewed kid rock who was also a tprefpbltd he was i a friend, he was in biker boys, he was also in exmen with kevin
10:55 am
bacon. i have my own four degrees of separation between me and kevin bacon. he's been here at fox, arguably we are only one degree removed. even though i've never been in a movie. do you have a degree of separation? email us at students are pitching tents and reclaiming their post near the site where campus police used pepper spray on a group of occupy protestors at uc davis, and hours after the police chief was placed on administrative leave. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: the tents are back, they are not as plentiful as they were. a lot of the students instead of pitching their tents they are bringing sleeping bags and calling this thing a pajama party, but they are still calling for the chancellor to resign, because they say they do not feel safe with her as the chancellor of that university. i want to show you some more
10:56 am
pictures of this actual pepper spray to give you context. it's important not to show the video over and over. this thing happened a while. they were on scene for several minutes. we froze this video. you can see police shaking the pepper spray canisters, they were actually about 15 yards further back when they pulled these things back. one officer walked up to a person, one of the protestors and had a conversation, warned them that this would happen, and they refused to leave. as you play the video you'll see the police officers actually go over and try to grab, physically and remove the protestors, and they refused, and then you'll hear them in the background saying, protect your eyes, protect your eyes. the lieutenant then steps or and that's when he begins pepper spraying. some police agencies have said they believe after looking at the tape that they think this may have been the safest way to remove those students from in front of that road without having to use batons or physical force. others clearly believe this was
10:57 am
excessive force, and the uc counselor -- the uc president has warned all the chancellors to allow the students to protest. megyn: thank you. coming up next new warnings our credit rating could be downgraded again. . see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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megyn: fox news alert, new rnings of a possible second downgrade to america's credit rating, after congress fails to reach a deal on cutting on $15 trillion credit card bill. brand new hour of "america live", welcome, everyone, i'm megyn ka*ely -- kelly, warnings from moody's and standard & poor's, both saying the u.s. is at risk for another credit downgrade and any effort to roll back the automatic cuts set to take effect in 2013, we talked about those with ollie north, $600 billion to defense spend, $600 billion to domestic spending, they say doing that would increase the risk of a another credit downgrade. s&p was the first to lower america's aaa credit rateing in august, sending markets
11:01 am
into a tailspin, causing a national backlash. peter morici is an economist at the university of maryland, former chief economist for the u.s. international trade commission. peter, what is the likelihood of this? the president is now saying it's not going to happen, he would veto any attempts to stop those cuts, and yet, already, there's talk on capitol hill about introducing a bill to do just that. >> the fact is the president really doesn't want those cuts. he's already slashed defense in august, and he needs the resources to deploy in asia and to meet the promises he made during his last trip. he can't really afford to reduce the fleet, et cetera. however, he's not above playing the game of letting the republicans propose it and then seeking, you know, other concessions. what is likely to happen is democrats in congress say all right, we'll roll back some of these defense cuts, but you pay for it some other way, give us revenue enhancers or cut some place else, much as the republicans have played that game on stimulus spending,
11:02 am
they're going to have an effect. martha: they're -- megyn: they're going to have the back and forth branchesmanship again, not even round two, i don't know what round we're on, but that's what worries the average joe, you've got standard & poor's saying don't roll back the cuts, you've got moody's saying the nation's rating is still on a negative outlook, s&p says it's not going to immediately downgrade the nation further but suggested it's possible, and now, they're saying they're going to look to see what washington does. what would happen? i mean, as a practical matter for the average person sitting out there, if we get another downgrade from s&p or a first downgrade from moody's or fitch? what will happen if that happens to america? >> reporter: immediately, there will be some disturbances in financial markets, as there was the last time. but then they will calm down. the reality is it won't much affect the borrowing rates of the united states, because u.s. treasuries are the asset of last resort, we can print money to cover them, and with what's going
11:03 am
on in europe, the flight to u.s. treasuries and the dollar is going to continue. also, what's going on in china, for the first time, china is aborting capitol because folks are worried about their -- about its accounting system. if people buy u.s. bonds, they'll be safe. megyn: do you take the warnings seriously, do you believe this is saber rattling by these credit agencies because they don't want to see the cuts roll back? >> no, this is normal operating procedure. they're also warning france if it doesn't get its finances in order it will lose its aaa rating and it's quite appropriate. u.s. finances are out of line, the united states should not have the kind of debt it has, or the decifits it's running. however, with the united states printing the world's money, it doesn't have quite the same meaning. the united states, at the end of the day, can print money, and there really isn't an alternative to holding dollars for their bonds that are denominated in dollars, because what
11:04 am
other asset can investors go that central banks use to back up their currencies? so it's a mixed game. megyn: peter morici, thank you sir. >> take care, happy thanksgiving. megyn: and to you. looking to the near future, tomorrow is the official deadline for a supercommittee deal but the committee called it quits yesterday, on december 16th, the stop gap budget bill, funding the federal government right now will run out. that will likely force congress to pass another temporary measure. december 23rd was the deadline for approval of supercommittee registration, but that's irrelevant now, and december 31st is the big date to watch, a wide range of temporary tax cuts will expire. the current tax holiday for workers, business expensing for equipment, alternative minimum tax relief, and a long list of other benefits like extended unemployment. one of the big parts of debt talks was what to do with entitlement programs like medicare and social
11:05 am
security. according to brand new survey just out today from rasmussen reports, 55 percent of likely voters say they are not sure social security will pay up as promised when it comes time to retire. scott rasmussen is an independent pollster and president of rasmussen, he's with us now. scott, so the fate in social security being there to help folks when they need it is dwindling. that's how it looks. >> dwindling. there's a huge generational divide on this. three out of four seniors think that they'll get their promised benefits for the rest of their retirement years, but among people who are in their 50s about to approach retirement, they're about half and half. then when you get to people under 40, only one out of five, 20 percent, say they think that social security will pay all of their promised benefits. so the younger generation, no confidence at all. megyn: so the ones who don't have confidence, do they care, scott? do they care or are they saying i knew it wasn't going to be there, i don't care. i expected it. it's not great but it's not an issue i'm going to vote on. >> they do care.
11:06 am
59 percent have a favorable opinion of social security, they would like to see something done, and for younger adult, the challenge here is they're not expecting it, they're planning their financial future without it, but they're also paying 12 percent more or 12 percent or more of their income of taxes into the social security system, they're saying why am i doing that if i don't expect to get the benefit? megyn: because we have to help nana! our money pe put in helps people receive the payments now, does it not? >> it sure does. we have a social security trust fund that has $3 trillion in it but it doesn't really exist, only 12 percent of americans recognize the federal government is not required to use that money for social security. they can spend it on whatever they want. that's not what people want to see. but that's the way the system works today. megyn: do you think social security is a good deal for working americans today? 48 percent say yes, 33 percent said no, 20 percent said they're not sure. what do you glean from that, scott? >> first, again, we have a generational divide.
11:07 am
seniors and those who are over 50 tend to say yeah, it's a good deal. younger workers aren't sure. and again, it gets right back to that point, we're paying a lot of money in taxes, they're not sure they can get the benefits back, they recognize we have to support the system because nobody wants to throw their grandparents out on the street or take away those social security benefits but it's a much tougher call than when the social security system began and you were paying 1 percent of your income in taxes. meg mig one question, do you have any degrees of separation from kevin bacon? >> i don't know about that, but i do have 1 degree of separation from paul mccartney. megyn: you do, how's that? >> a radio guy that i know actually got to interview him once upon a time, so that to me was pretty cool. megyn: that is pretty cool. our own james rosen actually met pat mccarthy ner and as he put it to me, the -- my hand touched the same keys of the hand that wrote hey jude, something like that! kr*eupbging at me right now. >> that was pretty cool, you you know. megyn: nice. we're taking e-mails on it
11:08 am
now. >> i bet there are great stories. megyn: thank you scott. folks, speaking of social security, republican presidential contender newt gingrich, rolling out his new plan to overhaul the massive entitlement program yesterday in new hampshire. his big idea, allowing americans to opt into private 401(k)-style accounts instead of the current system. take a listen: >> if you are dumb enough you prefer to get less money with less control while relying on politician, that's your prerogative, you're an american, you're allowed to be dumb. you know. you were never required to be brilliant. but actually, most people will talk to each other, sort it out, and our guess is we'll get between 95 and 99 percent of the country joining the program over time. mig gingrich says his plan could increase the size of the u.s. economy by as much as $20 trillion. more now on the top story last hour, now weather worries for one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. serious storms are moving
11:09 am
across the southeast today, tornado watches for parts of mississippi and here's a look at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport, a major travel hub. what's in store for there and elsewhere? meteorologist janice dean knows. she's live in the fox weather center. j.d. >> reporter: we still have delays at parts of the airports in chicago and philadelphia and newark, already and the storm hasn't even arrived. so we want to make sure everyone is going to check their air carrier and keep on alert. we'll be keeping you up to date from the fox news weather center throughout the evening and into thanksgiving. there's the tornado watch, conditions are favorable for tornadoes. thankfully no warnings but several severe thunderstorm warnings and you see the rotation, we could see the potential for tornadoes throughout the evening. then you've got the rain moving across the ohio river valley in towards the mid atlantic, the storm is going to move eastward. let's check out your future
11:10 am
radar. i want to point out we have unsettled weather across the pacific northwest. we'rewe're going to watch that storm move eastward over the weekendful moving to tuesday, tuesday overnight, still seeing that rain lingering into wednesday morning, and look at snow across portions of upstate new york i through new england. the good news is by thanksgiving, much dryer conditions but we've got to get everyone to thanksgiving din e. don't we? there's our precipitation accumulation, a couple of inches of rain across portions of pennsylvania, upstate new york, in through new hraepbgd, then upwards of a foot of snow in the mountains of new england, new hampshire and maine. a quick look at your thanksgiving day, megyn, everyone needs to get there, and we'll make sure they do, but looking really good for most areas, except los angeles some rain for them. but they're used to great weather all the time. megyn: we'll make sure they do. don't make promises you can't keep! you're going to replaying that tape, crossing out janice dean! >> reporter: cross my fingers? see you. megyn: you can get the
11:11 am
latest travel info across the country by going to, enter your zip code and get up to the weather specifics for your home town. well, he was arrested last week and charged with 40 counts of sexually abusing children. but it turns out former penn state coach jerry sandusky could have been arrested years ago. he was arrested a couple of weeks ago. an attorney for one of the victims -- no, an attorney who's been consulting with some of the victims on why the state's top prosecutor waited so long to actually file charges against this guy. and you watch it all unfold, live, on america live yesterday, the story behind a wild chase on california's freeways. plus her former fiance took her to the peoples' court over a $5000 engage mentoring. we told you this. the day the episode airs, she vanished. our legal panel takes a closer look in kelly's court. >> i pray to god not. who would want to hurt the mother of their children? i don't see how in any way
11:12 am
that he would benefit from it, so we're not looking at just one direct thing right now. we're taking in all -- anything that's possible right now. so in my opinion, nobody is ruled out.
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
megyn: major developments in the penn state sex abuse case. an attorney consulting for one of the alleged victims, speaking out, raising questions about how current pennsylvania governor tom corbett had the power to arrest former penn state football coach jerry sandusky three years ago, almost, but did not. he was state's attorney general at the time. instead he pursued a grand jury indictment, a process that took over two years. shane inspector has consulted with one of the alleged sandusky victims. i want to ask you about this. it was actually sandusky's
11:16 am
attorney who went on the morning shows, i think it was "good morning america" and started pointing at this soleil in the arrest of his client, he said look, the investigator takes nearly three years. what kind of case does that suggest they have. and he's making hay in this but meantime others are taking why did it take the attorney general so long to alert the nation, the community, that they believed this guy was a child molester? >> well, i think that the comments of mr. sandusky's attorney are really an attempt at a distraction. he's got a difficult job ahead of him to defend mr. sandusky, and so he's looking to point fingers in other directions. he's making this argument that because there was a multi-year investigation, that must mean that his client is not guilty. and i don't think that one follows from the other. there's no relevance to the fact that the investigation took a couple of years, to
11:17 am
whether mr. sandusky is not guilty or guilty. megyn: he's trying to say it suggests a weak case. putting that aside, why did this attorney, now governor, let's just call him the attorney general for our purposes, this attorney general wait so long, why didn't he at least when he got the allegations against sandusky -- because he says he had at least one case but he wanted to get more, so it's not like he thought it was weak but there was nothing there. he had one accuser, apparently. why wouldn't he as we saw, for example, with presidential candidate john edwards, let it leak that there was a grand jury investigation, an investigation at least, so that people would at least have a red flag on this guy, rather than, you know, parents still letting their children go out with this guy to public events or events that ultimately became private, unfortunately? >> well, we don't know what the exact timeline was. attorney general corbett's investigation of mr. sandusky. we don't know precisely when he had probable cause to
11:18 am
arrest sandusky, how many victims he had come forward, at what points along the spectrum here. and i would not leap to a judgment that tom corbett did anything wrong here whatsoever. i think that the commentary about what his office did or didn't do is the wrong focus. the focus ought to be on mr. sandusky, who is accused of 40 counts of child sexual assault and related offenses. megyn: there's no question that -- the facts are that sandusky is the bad guy here but it's a legitimate inquiry to find out whether the attorney general should have somehow alerted parents because according to reports, he didn't even try to shut off sandusky's access to the penn state facilities, and in fact, when he was asked did you try throw out signals to people, did you try to sort of let anybody know that this investigation was going on, as you can do, you can let it be known there's a grand jury investigation, he said no, he didn't, he said
11:19 am
we had to be careful not to tip where theises was going and he said a story in the patriot news outlined the existence and scope of the sandusky investigation. his response was this is an interesting story. is anybody looking at this? i mean, s -- shanin, talking about the ongoing abuse of little boys, allegedly. can't you do more? >> well, i think that you just quoted tom corbett accurately defining some of the other factors he has to assess in determining what he's going to say publicly about the investigation. he's got to put together his case. he's got a variety of folks coming forward, offering information. he's concerned about prejudicing the ongoing investigations by publicly leaking grand jury information which in and of itself would be improper. so as i said a moment ago, i think that this is the wrong focus. we ought to be focusing on mr. sandusky, who is accused
11:20 am
-- we ought to be focusing on the victim as well. megyn: and we are, but for today's purposes, this is what has been in the news and the governor came out and spoke to us at a public press conference yesterday so it is very much news and fair game for the press as the governor acknowledged himself in the press tkproepbs by asking several questions on it, including this one where he tried to explain the delay. listen: >> given the nature of the charges against sandusky, why not simply arrest sandusky without a grand jury and then proceed to a grand jury to investigate a coverup? >> the grand jury, as you all know, takes quite a while. it doesn't necessarily take quite a while but in a case like this, it does. once you arrest somebody, particularly if they would have arrested mr. san difficulty if the very beginning when the case was first brought to us with one witness, you know you have times that have to be met under the criminal rules of procedure. the one thing you do not want to do as a prosecutor
11:21 am
is go on one case at the very beginning until you have documented everything. megyn: is that a fair descent? >> it may be -- a fair defense? >> it may be a fair defense. he says the case was brought with one witness. one witness is often not enough to obtain a conviction in a child sexual abuse case. it is often the case that you need to have more than one witness. so i would not fault the governor for want to go go forward and trying to ascertain if he has more witnesses and more victims before bringing charges. megyn: yeah, people have been asking those questions, indeed. he is now answering them, but somebody else will pursue the case and see if the -- and not the commonwealth governor. shane. shanin, thank you for being here. a poll shows a growing number of americans are losing faith in our culture. we'll look at how we got here, just ahead. >> retirement just not in this guy's dna. meet the oldest soldier
11:22 am
currently serving on the front lines. a live report from afghanistan, next. >> why did you reenlist at your age, in your experience? >> i thought testify the right thing to do.
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
megyn: followup now on a story we brought you on "america live" yesterday, it started just before 2:00 p.m. eastern time, a man and woman stopped inside hungry valley state park in southern california, suspected of driving a stolen vehicle, but they managed to give park rangers the flip, jump going the park rangers' suv and taking off, speeds topping 100 miles an hour and the suspects hit at least two cars in the process before finally stopping on the 210 freeway. >> the cars shot between the four of us, and rocked the car, and went through the intersection, and then the
11:26 am
pickup truck hit him and he kept going. >> in the middle, he crashes, but he was going very fast, so he kept going all the way to the freeway. megyn: the driver appeared to be wounded and was taken away, cuffed, in an ambulance. we've now learned that he was injured by a shot fired by the park rangers before he even got in the car. he's the oldest u.s. soldier still on the battle ground, staff sergeant don nicholas fought in the vietnam war, after 9/11, reenlisted in the army. since then he's done multiple tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan and now is near 60. the pentagon says he needs to leave the army by next year. but nicholas wants to stay, and do one more tour. conor powell spoke to him and he is streaming live to us from afghanistan. conor. >> reporter: megyn, at 59, most people are preparing for retirement, but staff sergeant don nicholas is not most people. here in the kunar province, one of the most dangerouses in afghanistan, satisfy
11:27 am
sergeant nicholas is proving not all soldiers simply fade away. >> another day, another patrol. sergeant don nicholas is just like any soldier, except for one thing: according to the army, he is one of if not the oldest soldier serving on the front lines. but at 59 years old, he's anything but ordinary. >> why did you reenlist at your age and with your experience? >> i don't know. it of the right thing to do. just simple as that. >> reporter: back home in his native ohio, sergeant nick was a podiatrist but joined an army psychological operations unit hoping to be sent to a war zone, and he was, first up, afghanistan, then to iraq, and now, again to afghanistan. >> i just didn't want everyone else out there doing things that i think i should be doing. >> other >> reporter: his
11:28 am
enthusiasm and dedication inspires his fellow soldiers. >> he pushes me to make myself push harder because i know he's like twice my age. >> after three wars and six three-month necessary combat zones, he says sergeant nick must retire next summer when he turns 60, something he isn't looking forward to. retirement, it seems, scares him far more than the enemy. >> you want to be out there? >> i want to be out there, yeah. as long as i'm able to do it, i'll do it. >> reporter: megyn, because of sergeant nicholas' medical training, he is trying to get a commission in the army medical corps. he will find out later next summer whether or not that's possible, megyn. megyn: we salute him and his service. conor, thank you. new claims today that alabama's controversial immigration reform law is actually putting people to work, and driving down the unemployment rate. we'll investigate that in three minutes. plus, it's a long way from leave it to beaver, to keeping up with the
11:29 am
kardashians. according to a new poll a growing number of americans are now losing faith in our culture. that's next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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megyn: some dramatic new
11:33 am
claims about alabama's new immigration law. supporters sthaeu employment in that state is now up, and they give the credit to the fact that the new slaw pushing illegal immigrant workers to leave the state. trace gallagher investigated that claim and he has the details now. hey trace. >> reporter: support respect say, megyn, that law, or the numbers show the slaw working. that if you do not hire illegal immigrants, that alabamians will take those jobs, and if you look at numbers it does show that in october the unemployment rate dropped by a full half percentage from nine -- 9.8% to 9.3%, but it's also very important to point out that unemployment numbers in alabama have now gone down four-months in a row, and three of those months, the law was not in effect. and experts also point out that seasonal hiring has begun and fewer people went looking for jobs in october. that also lowers the rate. and unemployment rates in
11:34 am
surrounding states have also gone down. but it is surprising that the unemployment numbers in alabama were down in every single county in the state, even in the counties where the rate is at 19 percent. and over the past two months, alabama has ratcheted up the pressure on companies not to hire illegals. but the labor experts point out to us look, it's going to take at least five or six months to decide and see if this, in fact, is because of the alabama immigration law, or it's just because of the economy. remember, unemployment was down nationwide. and critics say, megyn, it's also hurting field labor, which they say will in essence hurt the economy overall. megyn: t.g., thank you. are americans losing confidence in our culture? pew research asked the following question: agree or disagree, our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others. nine years ago, 60 percent of americans said they agree with that statement.
11:35 am
four years ago, it was 54 percent. today, only half of those responding agreed that american culture is superior. it shows a real loss of confidence in just a decade. where does that come from? richard larimer is president of lrpr, author of "2011, transspotting for the next decade,"" and author of define america and fox news contributor and colby hall is with mediaite. a site we frequent often. even when i was growing up, back in the day when i was growing up, you look at television, culture, you look at socializing, boys and girls and so on, and it is like light years away from where we are today. do those things, facebook, kardashians, real housewives of beverly hills, so on, have something to do with the decline in the faith people have in this culture? >> i don't think anyone is going to look back at this time in the future and say that this was a golden age of pop culture.
11:36 am
we live in a time where kim kardashian has more followers than the president of the united states? >> there is a coarsening of american culture but i don't think pop culture is to blame. i think that's been sort of an escape and effect. the issue is how that sort of black and white, instant gratification has led to the political discourse the frankly i blame the media. all of us, myself included, as seeing things very simple black and white terms and we live in a gray world. megyn: i don't know. i feel like how did we get to this place. remember when you were little and you'd play kick the can or jump rope with your little friends, or if you wanted to see somebody, you'd call them and see them. today you facebook somebody, and kids are starting to date by facebooking one another, they're not actually speaking and the family dinner table used to be a place of socialization and now it's not for a lot of families. how much does that erode the confidence in our culture?
11:37 am
>> technology and media have absolutely changed the way we communicate with each other, how we share our opinions, and that is all contributing to i think some of the these numbers that we saw in this poll. but i think the beautiful thing about american culture is that it is constantly evolving, it is constantly growing. it is because of the diversity of our -- >> megyn: are we growing in the tkebgs we want it to go in? >> i think there's always going to be a generational perspective where it's like your music is different than mine, and -- >> megyn: rock and roll, so loud! >> i don't know if that's true, though. i think parents and kids today do listen to a lot of the same music. i think that has changed. megyn: but what's happening? why do people feel less positive about the country? i mean, the most generous country in the world. >> but we've had a tough three or four years. i think that people are just down on what we have to offer. this election is just really taking everybody aback, because there's nothing positive coming out of it. it's just a lot of name throwing, and you brought up kardashian before, but
11:38 am
people forget that stuff like that is happening all the time. people got popular and then in ten years, we'll be like car, car -- >> megyn: but was it happening back -- >> there was somebody before kim kardashian, there's always been someone you can point to. >> who you can make fun of. >> but it's not to say we have to return back to the 1950s way of looking at things. >> megyn: family values, house -- >> we're -- >> megyn: and now we have x-rated nudity on daytime tv. first amendment. >> that said, i think that one thing to point out is that we're living in a brave new world. it's cliche, but there was a time where the digital revolution was among us, there was a time in the '70s, where a lot of shows of the future, it was like what was it going to be like in the year 2000. we don't do that anymore because we're living in the tpuflt we're brand new to facebook and twitter, so there's no real sense of where this all is going. and --
11:39 am
>> megyn: let me ask you this: do you still talk on the phone with kwaour friends? >> i do. you know why? they force me to. my friends, we lived together for 20 some odd years or 30 years, and i think we look at facebook and go yeah, guess we're on here, we're going to share stuff, we have information but we're also going to get off of facebook. i think what's happening, we have this opportunity now where we're totally networking, the most networking we've ever been. megyn: quick hits. >> i actually don't talk to my friends as much as i used to before facebook. but i also know that i know more about some of my friends and people that i care about than i did before we had these types of communications. megyn: but they're little quick bits. i feel like people are more isolated have been though their circle of friends is getting bigger and bigger. >> that's a good point. particularly in this time, people are content to watch tv, and even though there's this charade they're
11:40 am
connected to facebook and twitter, and it's true they have better communication, but the contact in this information is america is going downhill. the only thing we keep hearing by watching news and jog -- going skwhraoeupb is that the other side is making america worse, so that the only thing we keep hearing is that america is getting worse. megyn: on that point i want to ask you, because some of president obama's critics have said he needs to lift us up, stop saying things like we're lazy and gotten soft and so and fits true, we look to our leaders to sort of buoy us up when it comes to american exceptionalism. >> and he needs to say we need to do more, we need to be involved more, we need to stop being sedentary. if you look to the fire side chats online, you can hear that he says the same thing, he would say we can't just let things happen to us, and that was a time when like today, when people were relatively unhappy. megyn: look at what happened when bomb obama was talking about american exceptionalism and it was completely taken out of context by folks in the
11:41 am
republican primary to say that he was saying that americans are lazy. so this goes back to colby's point, there is a response --y culpable. the media is absolutely responsible for changing the narrative when you have the president trying to lift up american businesses and say go out there. megyn: but it's the fault of cable news? >> cable news that doesn't believe in american exceptionalism. >> americans are consuming it as well. americans need to get outside. maybe we are being lazy and we need to get out. >> get outside! >> i say if you have two babies in two years, you do a lot of naval staring. how else are you going to know what's going on down there? appreciate it. michelle parker vanished hours after he was featured in the peoples court. now her mother just revealed new surprising information.
11:42 am
this happened moments ago. we'll have that for you right after the break in kelly's court. >> every dumpster, you're like oh michelle, i hope you're not in here, baby, i hope you're not in here, and you get up and you crawl on top of stuff and you look and you're like okay, this one is eliminated, you're not here. allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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megyn: today, mother of three, gone after an appearance on national tweurbgs michelle parker taken to peoples' court by her former fiance, an attempt to settle their dispute over a $5000 gauge mentoring she threw off a balcony when they were fighting. a day after the appearance she vanished. her humvee was found later abandoned the next day. police say the father of her twin boys is not a suspect, but just now, parker's mother said she expect, quote, something big to happen today in the search
11:46 am
for her daughter. joining me now, criminal defense attorney joey jackson and mercedes cohen. she says she knows that something spweug going to happen today. according to her, i want to get the exact language, quote, there's a lot of stuff going on that we can't tell you. she believes something is going to happen today. i don't know what that means, other than you, you know, it sounds somewhat hopeful, i would say, joey. is there any chance in your view that we could be dealing with a runaway bride situation? remember our viewers say, they thought she was missing but it turns out she chickened out from the wedding. >> you know what, that would be a wonderful thing if tkwe and if we were dealing with that situation. i think it's a person who was apparently distraught, there was this peoples' court episode and as a result of the episode, she feels like she was wronged by her boyfriend, i know they're involved in a tumult uuse relation -- tumultuous, she's upset about the fact that it red and potentially about the entire relationship, so it would be
11:47 am
strange, you know, if it were just a random crime or something like that, that she would be abducted along with it. megyn: want to take to you about that point. furman was on saying he doesn't believe in coincidences. do you believe, as you investigate this case, mercedes, going to you, that it would be sheer coincidence she would go on national television in a public dispute with the ex-fiance and the next day go miss something. >> statistically unfortunately those murder victims, 85 percent of the tpurd victims know who killed them, so it might be. even though he's not, the ex-fiance is not a suspect, just that the coincidences alone, and certainly, look, she's a mother of three, three-year-old twins and a 12-year-old, she suddenly vanish, there's no history of being a bad mother, certainly no child protective services history whatsoever that the children were abused and neglected. this is virtually a good mother and the mother has been looking in dumpsters because there's the expectation her daughter may be in one of those
11:48 am
dumpsters. megyn: what mother voluntarily leaves her three-year-old twins and 11-year-old other child? it just is very rare that that happens. joey, they have to be looking at the ex-fiance, that doesn't mean he had anything to do with it but on the peoples' court, she talks about how he gets malicious and vindictive, especially when he's been drinking, that in the past he put his hands on her, that's why she threw the ring over the balcony, he shouldn't have put his hands on her, he left her three times over the past year and a half and cheated on her with at least seven different women and they argued about visitation rights with their twins. with that kind of history obviously police are going to look at him. >> of course, and he should be looked into, as everyone should be, but it's worth noting here, also, that the mother of the victim or alleged victim, hopefully runaway bride, as you suggest, is supportive of him and said look, he's been a great father, he really cares about the daughter. they just don't get along. so they have the disputes,
11:49 am
their disagreements and differences but they're not at this point prepared to deem him or brand him a murderer or say he's been involved in any way, so let's be hopeful that she just did, perhaps, she was psychologically traumatized as a result of the airing of this episode and her past history with him and potentially and hopefully she'll be back. megyn: they found her car on the other side of town, mercedes, they say they did find some phone. they did find cell phones but did not find her cell phone. what does that mean? presumably the cell phone is still with her or whoever took her. we know about one text, the brother tried to text her saying where are you and one response came, waterford, down in florida, but the family is saying she wouldn't have texted back a one word thing, nor did the phone ever aware to have gone to waterford, according to i think it was a police officer who tracked it, saying the phone didn't go there. >> unfortunately there are some murderers out there,
11:50 am
they have mementos from the murder, sometimes they keep the cell phones and do do the talking with the family. we've seen that unfortunately when we've covered cases for you, just that is correct the murderers out there do these type of sick things talking to families and it could be. god forbid, maybe she's live, i love to be hopeful like that but frankly it doesn't add up and certainly airing of that history with her ex-fiance and airing it in a public form, folks that are actually watching television, watching it all, i'm sure it inflamed the controversy. >> mercedes, what does make me hopeful is the coincidental nature of this. if this was going to happen why would it happen on the very same day, why would she go hissing at the point this episode is aired -- missing at the point this episode is aired. >> they are suggesting she was so human -- humiliated she decided to check out for a while. >> but three kids? and especially the little ones, alone, without the child care? i mean, these kids are --
11:51 am
i'm not sure -- i can't imagine. megyn: we've got to leave it at that. joe, mercedes, thank you very much. >> thanks megyn.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
megyn: now to an incredible story of healing and the power of social networking. a swedish man force to fight his own government for surgery he desperately needed, that is until his friends turned to facebook. alysha acuna live in denver with more. >> reporter: hi megyn. we'd like to introduce you to christopher olefson, for 2 1/2 years he suffered the kind of pain most of us will never experience. >> so it's like on fire, 24 hours a day. >> reporter: despite the fact that his spinal spinal cord was served in an accident, nerves began sending false signals to his
11:55 am
brain, neuropatic pain. >> on a scale of 1-10, 10 being suicide level pain, his level was a 15. >> in hisotomy country of sweden, doctors tried everything, and failed. >> here's the scarring. >> dr. scott fauche at craig hospital in denver is two in the world performing the type of surgery chris needed. bureaucratic red tape in sweden's socialized medical system prevented him from traveling there to operate. >> so the politicians are the ones that actually have control in my fate now. >> a decision by chris' swedish doctors to send him to america for surgery was denied by the elected officials who controlled the funds. >> they are ready to send christopher over to the united states. it's like 4-6 salaries for one year, so that's how much my life is worth. >> chris mortgaged his house and sold everything he could but still came up short
11:56 am
until his friends started a collection on facebook. >> and the swedish people have contributed, with $120,000. >> >> reporter: in two surgeries, totaling 27 hours, dr. fauche search out and destroyed 3-4 cell groupings that were sending the false pain signals. >> he saved my life. >> reporter: and even though he returned home, basically broke, megyn, chris says he has hi life back. back to you. megyn: alysha -- aleash kwrarbgs thank you. keeping an eye on the skies coast to coast as you get ready for thanks gig, we're watching the trouble spots and the forecast. stay with us. ♪
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