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tv   O Reilly Quiz  FOX News  November 24, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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for shepard smith. happy everything for you. we're back tomorrow 12 pacific, 3 eastern with "studio b." >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight, a factor phenomenon. >> are you okay, maccallum? >> i'm good. >> bill: try to get one. just for the women out there watching. >> bill: it's the great american news quiz. >> we hope you are smarter than maccallum. >> steve doocy, martha mccallum and you compete for bragging rights. >> bill: mccallum very interested in villains and bad people. [ laughter ] >> bill: she anchors with hemmer. >> bill: you can hold your own against doocy, maccallum and me? >> smells like bacon to me. >> bill: steve doocy, everyone. test your knowledge on the great american news quiz factor style. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin
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zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this very special news quiz edition of the factor. it's going to be fun. it is time to test your knowledge of current events. culture, entertainment, see how you measure up against the quiz kids themselves steve doocy and martha maccallum. let's kick things off tonight with the rich guy edition. roll the tape. >> we have one woman in the rich guy edition. >> i'm so glad. >> it's not her. >> no, it's not. >> who else could it be? >> bill: question number one, net worth of more than 190 million bucks, mitt romney, if elected, would be one of the richest presidents in american history. >> what do you consider rich? is half a million dollars rich? a million dollars rich? at what income does someone reach your definition of rich? >> according to forbe's
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magazine when adjusted for inflation who was the number one richest president in history? >> bill: cards up please. the answer is a, george washington. >> really? >> bill: he owned half of virginia. >> and he couldn't afford good teeth? >> bill: they didn't have a lot of dentists back then, doocy. do you know what i'm talking about. >> no bright smile. >> bill: question number two, donald trump known for being one of the flashiest guys around. >> when a precious metals dealer said to me would you rather have gold or the dollar, i think quite intelligently i said i really want the gold. and so they hopefully i won't be saying that. sometime hopefully i will be saying i want the dollar. >> bill: okay now trump's nickname was the donald or is the donald. it was coined accidently by whom?
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>> bill: the answer is, correct. ivana. billionaire mark cuban seems to love the media spotlight. he recently played himself on what poplar tv program? >> bill: cards up, please. roll the tape. >> i have got to tell you i really hate to lose you, turtle, have you been a asset to this company. >> you think? >> not really. i like you and you did bring me -- i hate you to miss out if i take this thing public. >> bill: you both were right. the "entourage." it's tied with two questions to go. >> yeah. >> bill: very exciting. >> let's make them-million-dollar questions. >> good idea. >> bill: why is he interrupting you. >> i will smack him around. sorry. >> bill: question number four the movie citizen cain
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featured a man charles foster cain. >> bill: cain is widely believed to be what real life mogul? >> bill: the answer is correct, william randolph hearse big castle out in california. i was there and i was ejected. all right. now, question number 5 will tell the tale. and it's an easy one, unfortunately. i have to come up with a tie breaker. 19 0s real estate mogul leona helmsley was the butt of jokes for her per sown. >> that i'm leona helmsley welcoming you to the helmsley spook house. right away you notice the little things. things like real skeletons, never plastic.
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now granted an evening at the helmsley spook house is never but the best seldom is. >> bill: she died 2007 leaving $12 million to whom? >> bill: the answer is a. >> bill: it is tied. george washington question wrong and then you got all the rest right. in a moment the great american news quiz, the war edition. how much do you know about america's conflicts? the quiz is next. smany great ps before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start.
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>> bill: the great american news quiz, the war edition. here they are fox news anchor martha maccallum and "fox & friends" guy steve doocy. war, children just a shot away. question number one, before his various meltdowns, mel gibson made a poplar movie about the revolutionary war.
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[gunfire] >> bill: that had who-to-hurt. gibson's character was partially based on the real life american general frances marion. what was his real name? >> bill: cards up, please. the answer is c. you are both dunder heads, walt disney thing way back about the swamp fox. here is question number two. the hbo series the pacific won eight emmys for the japanese during world war ii. >> move, move, move. go, go, go. [explosions] >> come on! >> bill: which pacific battle was the deadliest of the entire war with more than
5:09 pm
12,000 american troops killed? >> bill: the answer is b okinawa. o for two both of them. >> i thought it was iwo jima. >> canal. >> bill: they were all vicious. president obama commemorated memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> bill: memorial day started in the 1860s as a way to honor the civil war dead. what was the day originally called? >> bill: the answer is c, decoration day.
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doocy lurching to the lead. are you okay, maccallum? try to get one for the women out there watching because maccallum is a role model. >> i'm glaring at you. i wish had you a tight shot of me glaring at you. >> bill: the movie saving private ryan you both saw that critically acclaimed for depiction of the world war ii d-day invasion. [explosions] [shouting] ♪ >> bill: private ryan was favored to win the best picture of the year oscar but lost it in a surprise upset to which film? >> bill: the answer is shakespeare in love. >> i thought they were different years.
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>> bill: you have one more chance to get one right. there is war. mash followed a wacky bunch of doctors bra. play with dolls. my last wish to be married in my mother's wedding gown. i'm nuts. i should be out. >> horse hockey. >> bill: okay. the tv show mash lasted 11 seasons. about how long did the actual korean war last? look at them. all right. maccallum is out of the gate. b. >> bill: three years. i knew this was -- didn't i say to you before we started this. >> are you happy? >> bill: you know i'm not happy. you know i root for you. when we last left quiz kids martha maccallum didn't get any of the warhings right.
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>> that wasn't me. >> bill: i any you pay attention to that we are very optimistic. here is question number 1, in the 2009 film public enemies johnny depp portrayed notorious gangster john dill jerry. >> what is it exactly you do for an evening? >> i'm john dillinger i rob banks. >> why did you tell me that? that's a serious thing to a girl you just met. >> >> he wasn't a pirate yet. the real john dillinger was killed. what city did he meet his demise? the answer is, a, maccallum, i knew it i knew she had that crime gene. >> crime gene? >> bill: before his murder trial o.j. simpson had a very successful or fairly successful acting career. >> norberg it's me. frank, your buddy.
5:13 pm
[shouting] switch on the bed. >> it's me, frank. >> bill: just before the murders, simpson taped a pilot for nbc that was never released. he starred as the leader of what group? >> bill: the answer is navy seals. >> never got a chance to see that i'm surprised. >> bill: question number three mark geragos the attorney made his name representing celebrities such as michael jackson, scott peterson and winona rider. >> any violation of this protection order is a violation of your probation. your attorney has has appeared in front of me many, many
5:14 pm
times. he knows i will take that very, very seriously. >> geragos also is a political connection. he helped secure a pardon from president clinton for which of his clients. a mark rich. susan mcdoogle. d roger clinton. geragos got a pardon from bill clinton and the answer is susan mcdougald. so it's a tie, correct? >> bill: i hoped that wouldn't happen don't gloat doocy. >> bolster his ego once a week. >> for his book "it" steven king wrote about a killer clown. >> i georgey am the dancing clown. you are georgey so now we know each other. >> i guess. so i got to go. >> go? without this?
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>> bill: that is not steven king. that's an actor. >> stay away from the clown. which serial killer in real life is famous for dressing up as a clown when he wasn't murdering people? >> bill: the answer is of course john wayne gacy. doocy is ahead with one question to go maccallum. you still have a shot unless you get it wrong. >> okay. let's go. [ laughter ] >> bill: in the late 1960's, charles manson directed his cult followers to commit a series of murders. >> choo choo, i know my mind. and i trust the very same person that you do. and the very same person that you do. [ laughter ] >> bill: man son later said he had been inspired by which beatles song to do his dastardly deeds?
5:16 pm
>> the answer is helter skelter. the answer of his book written by who? >> wamba. >> bill: that's wrong. extra crecket credit. >> vince baluci. >> bill: you win, doocy. you hear the applause. >> yea! >> bill: coming right back with the great american news quiz, the natural disaster edition ahead. people love our potpourri parties. it's a smell of a good time. this is the juniper! oh that is magical. [ male announcer ] some parties need a bowl of queso. made from creamy velveeta and zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles. it makes any get-together better.
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bill political back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz, the natural disaster edition. ready for the natural disaster edition, doocy, are you? >> i'm a master at that. >> bill: you haven't won this in about 18 weeks. >> i hit a dry patch.
5:20 pm
[ laughter ] >> bill: here we go. question number one the plague known as the black death killed up to 100 million people in mid evil europe. that didn't stop monty python from making fun of it. >> i'm not dead. >> he says he is not dead. >> yes, he is. >> he isn't? >> he will be soon he is ill. >> i'm getting better. >> no you will be stone death in a moment. >> bill: mocky death. scientists believe bubonic plague was spread how? >> bill: the answer is correct. fleas and rats. there you go. question number two, in 1989 during game three of the world series the candle stick park in san francisco an earthquake struck on live tv. >> man, went like this, man. >> i was just walking in from the parking lot and i saw the car shaking and alarms going off. >> i will tell you what,
5:21 pm
pretty wild. >> bill: it was. i was out there. it was wild. they cancelled the series if you remember that. >> um-huh. >> bill: who were the opponents of the san francisco giants in the series that year? >> bill: the answer is b oakland athletics. pure dumb luck. >> it was the bay area -- >> bill: had you no clue. >> bill: you got 25% chance of guessing correctly. number 3 the 2004 tsunami devastated an entire region. >> oh my god! oh [bleep] >> bill: what was name of the famous model who got caught in the tsunami. i believe she was in thailand
5:22 pm
at the time, almost losing her life? >> bill: cards up, please. that is correct. petra nemcova and her fiance or boyfriend was killed. >> didn't make it. >> photographer. >> bill: that was tsunami where everybody got warnings in south asia but some people didn't take them. all right. here is question number 4 of the great american news quiz the national disaster edition. the movie 2012 showed the world being destroyed by a series of natural disasters. [car horns] >> bill: that doesn't look too pleasant. >> no. >> bill: movie was base on a prediction that the world would end 2012, next year, a
5:23 pm
prediction allegedly made by which ancient civil occasion? >> bill: that is correct. the mayans. very good. did you read the original my myans scroll. >> i got it on my kindle. >> bill: you can do that now. you can order ancient inscriptions on your kindle. >> downloading now. >> bill: there you go. so next year 2012, that's it, ladies and gentlemen, that's the end. everybody should start spending now and get out of the recession before the world ends. >> that's not possible. >> bill: if you believe the mayans. here is the last question. do we have a tie here. >> she is ahead by one. >> bill: i'm old and can't keep track. you have to keep track for me. number one i'm really not interested and -- no, that's not true. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's a lie. many christians and jews believe the biblical story of
5:24 pm
noah's arc. >> like many people he believes the bible tale of god's wrath causing a great flood with a handful of humans led by noah many species floating them on a great ark. >> the ark came to rest in the mountains of ararat which are believed to be in what country? >> can i ask moses on the crew? >> bill: no, you can't. >> the answer is turkey. >> bill: so you win mccallum so you didn't win going away. >> what are you talking about? >> bill: doocy said the inside joke. asked moses the answer. nobody would know that, doocy. this is, you know, millions of people watching. >> he looks just like him. >> now you are his favorite. >> bill: why he is on this program, i have no idea.
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>> bill: in a moment the great american news quiz comedy edition. we have great clips coming up next. capital one's new cash rewards card
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[ woman ] i think a lot of people, when they look at a jet engine, they see a big hunk of metal. but when i look at it, i see seth, mark, tom, and people like that who work on engines every day. [ man #4 ] i would love to see this thing fly. it's a dream, honestly. there it is. awesome. that's so cool! yeah, that was awesome! dollars i wanna see that again. ♪ >> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz comedy edition. liz claman in for martha mac doocy. nice to see you. >> you are the caesar reena on the fox business network.
5:28 pm
>> bill: watch old clips. number one "saturday night live" premiered in 1975 immediately made stars of previously unknown cast. >> i value couple of eggs and a couple eggs, sausage. is that the link sausage or patties? >> links. links. link sausage. eggs over lightly. a large orange juice and coffee. >> cheeseburger? >> bill: who was original first cast member of snl quitting after one season. >> bill: the answer is chevy chase. >> c. as in chevy chase. >> bill: liz is too young to remember that. >> i was about 12. >> i was thinking of the suburb in washington, d.c. >> bill: here is question number two.
5:29 pm
doocy breaks on top. the emmy award started 1989. which sitcom is the most deck core rated program in any history winning 37 awards in various categories over the course of its run? which sitcom. cards up, please? >> why does lilith tag along anyway. >> bell of and shock wave meeting the coldest would crack the earth in two. >> bill: liz scores. very good. >> i went to high school with the creators kid. >> bill: did you really? >> name dropper. [ laughter ] >> bill: here is question number three. johnny carson didn't have any guests on his last show before he retired. on the second to last program he had two of his favorite guests bette midler and which other comedian?
5:30 pm
>> bill: cards up please. come on, doocy, get the card up. roll the tame. >> i brought you a little something. >> you got to be kidding. >> a little something from the elvis estate. a little something here it's nice. >> can i -- >> please, sit on down and we will give you a pena colonic. >> bill: robin williams. you both got that wrong. >> pinacolonic? >> bill: still tied with two questions to go for the funny news quiz. jim carrie broke out as a huge star in the mid 1990s becoming the first actor in history to earn $20 million for a single movie for which film did carrie first earn this record breaking payday?
5:31 pm
>> bill: cards up, please. >> ♪ when the truth truth ♪ over the within you dies ♪ don't you want somebody to love ♪ don't you need somebody to love. >> bill: channeling gray slick. the film wasn't even funny. for 20 million it should be but it wasn't. >> it was scary. >> bill: i didn't happen to seat cable guy. >> you are the cable guy. >> you are the man. >> bill: i resented being made fun of in that film. it's still a tie with one more to governmental i just got that right. >> bill: you got it right? >> i got it right. >> bill: i didn't know know that. i wasn't paying attention to you. >> pay attention cable guy. >> bill: question number 56789 the marx brothers film duck soup contains one of the
5:32 pm
famous of all time ♪ ♪ >> bill: contains one of the funniest sequence. that wasn't it. [ laughter ] the three main marx brothers appeared what was his name? >> even doocy wasn't alive. >> >> that's right. zeppo. doesn't mean you don't know it george washington, we are not alive. >> we know it all. >> bill: you were pretty formidable opponent. >> bill: very good. i think we should give her and harassment coming right back with the great american news quiz the republic presidential edition. we have some great questions moments away.
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>> bill: the great american news quiz, the republic presidential edition. next time we will have the democratic presidential edition because the quiz is fair and balanced. >> absolutely. >> bill: here now the quiz kids martha maccallum and andrew levy in for steve doocy. middle of the night. >> i'm nervous. >> bill: 1970 elvis presley traveled to the white house to visit president nixon and asked for a federal narcotics badge for his collection. this photo famously captured the moment. what famous rock band did elvis tell nixon was spreading anti-american spirit? cards up, please. roll the tape, please. ♪ all my loving ♪ i will give to you
5:36 pm
♪ all my loving ♪ darling, i'll be true. >> bill: elvis bad mouthing the beatles, a little jealousy as they were coming on strong. you both got that right. i'm very impressed. now the hard ones. bob woodward and karl bernstein revealed to the world's president's involvement in the watergate scandal. >> therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. vice president ford will be sworn in as president. >> bill: in 1976 a movie based on the book all the president's men under the same title. bernstein was played by dustin hoffman. who played woodward? >> bill: robert redford, that's correct. i wanted to break him in easy. he was up all night. during the gerald ford
5:37 pm
presidency "saturday night live" often lampooned him and portrayed president ford as accident-prone. [ laughter ] truth is ford was one of the most athletic presidents in history. what sport did railroad is ford play in college? >> bill: the answer is football. all right. now, what position did he play? >> he was -- >> bill: no. what position did he play? >> center. >> bill: levy, still tied. >> i got to get some kind of extra credit for that. >> only if you need it. you can save it. >> bill: that's a joke. question number 4. >> he was recruited by two pro-teams. >> bill: everyone knows ronald reagan was a movie star before he was elected president. >> sometimes when the team is up against it, breaks are leading the boys, ask them to
5:38 pm
go in there with all they have got. win just one for the gipper. >> bill: what major league baseball team did ronald reagan call games for on the radio? what team? >> bill: very good. chicago cubs. >> illinois guy. >> >> an illinois guy, that's correct. st. louis is fairly close. >> it is close. >> bill: across the mississippi river. >> he went from illinois to l.a. >> bill: we have four for four on both candidates. now the tie breaker. president bush and vice president dan quayle were critical of two sitcoms they felt set bad examples for the country. quayle critical of murphy brown because the title character decided to be a single mom and bush was critical of what program? >> bill: cards up, please.
5:39 pm
roll the tape. >> a, and -- good memoirs. good not great. now, that's outboards. rattle a few windows down ken bunk port. >> hello, mr. bush. >> bill: it was d, the answer was d, levy wins. >> very intimate knowledge. >> bill: the simpsons it was good. it was spirited it was very competitive. >> wasn't even close. >> bill: you okay? you know where you are? all right. you got them all right. >> gutfeld is under arrest. >> finally. >> bill: he might be there tonight free if we can get the bail up. >> i hope not. >> bill: great american news quiz democratic presidential edition great questions for you this evening. here now quiz kids themself dagen mcdowell in for steve
5:40 pm
doocy and martha mccallum. a commandeer commanded pt 109 was sunk by a japanese destroyer while weighs in office hollywood made a movie about the incident. which actor played jfk in that movie pt 109? >> the answer is roll the tape. >> you can get out of here in no time. >> i'm sorry, i am afraid i will use all our glycerin to get down here. >> you negotiated your way out of here. >> that's right. >> you put in a fix to go the wrong way? >> right. >> mr. kennedy, they are fighting out here. >> bill: all right, the late chris robinson c is the answer. he passed away last week. very good actor. question number 2 democratic president harry truman won re-election in 1948 won shocking upset in american history. >> all of the election signs point to a dewey triumph. president truman votes in his hometown, independence,
5:41 pm
missouri. he has been campaigning against heavy odds. the suspense of a close election until it is evident that victory has gone to truman. >> bill: which newspaper screwed up by printing the famous headline "dewey defeats truman?" >> bill: that is correct, ladies, "the chicago tribune." dewey lost because of his mustache and, number two, i actually have that newspaper in my office. you can come up and take a look at it? >> thank you very much. >> bill: we will do that bill. we will be up. just wait for us. question number three, barack obama was elected in november of 20008. >> if there is anyone out there who still doubts that america is a place where all things are possible, who still questions the power of our
5:42 pm
democracy, tonight is your answer. >> bill: all right. now, mr. obama became the 15th president from the democratic party. who is the first? who was the first democratic president elected to the party a andrew jackson. you went with van buren do you know who. >> he was shortly after that. >> bill: yes he was jackson's vice president. so he was the next one. >> jackson was two term. >> bill: how much time do we have can i educate these ladies? the term o.k. came from martin van buren, did you know that? >> yes. >> he kissed jackson's butt. that's all right. his old name was kinder hook. van buren ok. some conservatives still mad as democratic president woodrow wilson. >> you talk to anybody about woodrow wilson, they don't know anything about him.
5:43 pm
he is he neutral at worse. the guy was a racist monster. >> bill: woodrow wilson. >> a monster. >> he was. >> bill: one of the main goals of wilson's second term was trying to get the u.s.a. to join what international organization? the answer is league of nations. mcdowell wins. >> i meant it. >> bill: should we give it to her. >> i totally knew. nail polish blinded her and that's what happens. >> bill: we will give you that one. maccallum. >> up by one. >> when i come back you better spot me next time. lyndon johnson became president after jfk's assassination. >> an assassin's bullet has thrust upon me, the awesome burden of the presidency. i'm here today to say i need
5:44 pm
your help. >> bill: he -- who is the only other person in the 20th century to accomplish this? >> bill: cards up please. fast, fast. the answer is richard nixon. >> bill: mcdowell, you win again. >> you a little smug over there, mccowell. >> i'm smug? i'm sitting in doocy's seat what do you expect. >> i got cooties too. >> bill: villain edition interesting questions about evil coming right up. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack.
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>> bill: great american news quiz, two individuals martha maccallum and "fox & friends" guy steve doocy. martha maccallum very interested in villains and bad people. she anchors with hemmer. there you go. what more can you say? all right. here is question number one. one of al pa chesapeake bay know's favorite characters is tony montana in scarface. >> okay. >> do you want to play rough? okay. say hello to my little friend. scarface is a fictional character. scarface is a remake of a 1932 film of the same name that was based on what real life gangster?
5:49 pm
al capone was star face. you both -- that was the easiest one. everybody watching knew that question number two the evil nazi physician committed documented atrocities during world war ii when he experimented on auschwitz what actor portrayed him boys from brazil? cards up, please. this is another easy one and maccallum blew it roll the tape. >> listen to me, i will not permit to you lay your failure or fear at my door. i am a scientist. i have done my job. you are an executioner. do yours. >> bill: excellent film boys in brazil.
5:50 pm
>> bill: get them mixed up. gregory peck is the correct answer. doocy leads by one. in the film last king of scotland forest whitcher won an oscar for his real life dictator amine. >> i wear the uniform of a general but in my heart i am a simple man. i you. >> bill: i say i'm a simple man, too. i better drop that amine was the dictator of what african country did he terrorize? >> bill: the answer is uganda, correct. all right. now we are rolling, maccallum. johnny depp's character in the pirates of the caribbean movies very loosely based on real life pirates such as black beard.
5:51 pm
>> the doll. [screams] >> yes. >> in addition to the skull and pros bones put what item on their flags to symbolize death and frighten their victims? >> bill: an hourglass. i don't know why an hourglass would frighten anybody. >> a burning tree. >> bill: i want to point out death in -- depp in all three pirate movies has more than maccallum. >> that's hard to do. >> bill: but not more than doocy in the morning. king the eighth had two wives beheaded. british invasion band had a
5:52 pm
hit song called henry the eighth. who is that band? the answer is, roll the tape ♪ i'm henry the eighth i am ♪ henry the eighth i am ♪ i am ♪ widow next door. >> bill: that was the dumbest songs ever recorded. henry, it was dumb. sold millions of copies. >> it was a simpler time. >> bill: very simple. >> you you lost it. it's okay. you gave a spirited defense. >> bill: in a moment. great american news quiz. how much do you know about awfulo behavior? the quiz is next. oh that is magical. [ male announcer ] some parties need a bowl of queso. made from creamy velveeta and zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles. it makes any get-together better. is all the wrapping a gift needs.
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... >> bill: popular segment. the great america news quiz, the corruption edition. how now, are you ready. corruption, corruption. question number one, during the monica lewinsky scandal, what he said about ken starr was misconduct. >> no serious objective observer doubts there was rampant, flagrant abuse of power. >> bill: now mr. star has told a variety of editions since the scandal. he is currently president of what college?
5:56 pm
judge starr runs what college, cards up, please. >> i know it's from text. >> bill: all right here is question number two. we hope you are smarter than mccallum. carl bernstein and bob woodward help expose water gated scamp and they did that with the inside source, deep throat. >> it was a word that he would implicate and, how high up? >> bill: and man came forward and identified himself as deep throat. what was his position during water gate scandal? >> bill: what was his job?
5:57 pm
cards up, please. the answer is "b". all right. following back. >> that is important. >> bill: question number three, bernie madoff opened the longest ponzi scheme in history. defrauding thousands of investors of almost $65 billion. he snared hollywood people, steven spielberg but which actor? >> bill: cards up please and the answer is roll the tape. >> assume the position. [ laughter ] >> what a great moment for kevin bacon? >> smells like bacon to me.
5:58 pm
>> ow! [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. both got that right. question number four, it was widely reported that president kennedy while in office had an affair with marilyn monroe ♪ happy birth, mr. president ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you. >> bill: excellent rendition. don't know if i want that in my kids' birthday card. his father a hit with at hollywood crowd. he had a lengthy afiaf l affair with which actress? >> bill: who was he messing around with? that is correct. gloria swanson. so we know all the tabloid stuff but the important stuff we're not quite sure of.
5:59 pm
>> right. doocy leads by one. this is it. question number five, ted kennedy got a slap on the wrist despite actions around the death of mary kopechene. >> i made repeated efforts by diving into the current and succeeded only in increasing my fate of iter exhaustion and alarm. >> bill: skeptical of that. some other women had been at the party the night of the accident were workers on whose political campaign? >> bill: cards up please. let's see it. mccallum can tie. cards up. let's go. that is it.


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