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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 25, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> a dog or a cat, that is where we draw the line. right? all thanks for watching, everybody. >> "studio b" with greg here for ship starts now. >> this is "studio b," the revolt in egypt intensifying this hour after that country's military generals pick a civilian leader but then refuse to turn over power. >> detail on the sense abuse scandal at penn state. we hear some of the alleges victims may go after sandusky's charity. details coming up. >> and black friday madness. police in a city say a woman used pepper spray to get what she wanted first at walmart. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but first the white house today throwing its weight squarely
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behind the protesters in egypt who are calling on the interim military to "get out," step down, a week of demonstration against egypt's military generals have led to violent clashes that left 37 people dead parliamentary elections set for monday but protesters accuse the mill carry of crafting plans to extend their grip on control. and the demonstrators want a civilian leadership. they want it now. in a statement today the white house stepped up the pressure saying "most importantly we believe the full transfer of power to a civilian government must take place in a just and inclusive matter that responds to legitimate aspirations of the egyptian people." and now the news like from jerusalem. raymond, what is the scene lying tonight in tahir? >> the numbers are growing. by some accounts these are the largest numbers since the protesters began on saturday.
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the anti-government protesters believe the set backs they have had are all because they have not seen what they realizeed when mubarak fell and feel this current military council is the same as the old regime and they want the military council to transfer power to a civilian authority. >> how might this affect the coming elections, are parliamentary elections, which are supposed to begin on monday? >> right, it is a long process that will take place over three or four months and end in march. but they announced, the military, that they will citizen the beginning of elections not just to monday but to monday and tuesday. there are some concerns that people could be intimidated and not age to come to the polls and to vote so we saw for the first time since the protests began on saturday, pro army demonstrators taking to the streets in location a couple of miles away from tahir square. they believe the military
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council is the only ruling authority that is giving up power to a civilian government will not keep the country stable. so she came out in large numbers. a problem we will see with elections if they take place on monday, the legitimacy of the elections will be questioned because the military and the police who are expected to safe far the elections are the exact institutions that the anti-government protests are demonstrating against. >> thank you, live, from jerusalem. and egyptian police accuse of throwing molotov cocktails during a clash, and a student's mother says her son is coming home very soon. lots of developments from the middle east today, the government of syria is possibly
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facing stiff economic penalties and leaders will meet to decide what punishment syria should face. this coming at the same time as new allegations from the united nations reports mass of human rights violations including the torture and mutilation of children. the chief correspondent there, jonathan, is syria at a tipping point? >>jonathan: close to it. this all started as a relatively peaceful protest back in march but now the protests are becoming violent themselves but some members of the syrian army are now siding with protesters and turning their guns on the former colleague in the military so there is a great fear we no may well be witnessing the beginning of a civil war in syria. that is a frightening prospect
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in that country in that position. >>greg: the outcome does matter? than it does, of all the protests we have convenience in the region this protest in syria has the possibility to completely reshape the region and u.s. policy in the middle east. if president assad falls, what happens is iran loses its greatest ally in the region. that could have all sorts of implications to iranian leader, mahmoud ahmadinejad and have great implications for the supply of weapons that goes through syria to groups like hezbollah if lebanon, so what happened in syria matters greatly to everyone of us in the united states. greg greg -- >>greg: for more on that the former director of the white house homeland security security council. we will begin, sir, with syria. if the united states, though, is
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viewed as trying to influence the events there, could that prove counter productive? >>guest: absolutely. that is what we have to be careful of. we have turkey taking a leadership role. the arab league is putting on sanctions and putting five in there. it is slower than what we would like to see but we need not to have u.s. finger prints on it because of iran and syria be closed. >>greg: do you think in the end assad will creed control -- cede control? >>guest: that will happen. he is digging in but june let what happens at some point their people turn on them or they run out of steam and people decide the future is no more with that family. the family has been in family for 40 years and they have a lot of interest and he is digging in his heels. they will run out of money and
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the public will not tolerate it with already 3,500 people dead. >>greg: the violence continues in egypt and we getting conflicting reports that the military has named the new prime minister who is under mubarak but know we hear they refuse to give up control. it is a mess. >>guest: it is a mess. one thing that we see, throughout the arab spring, that it is a real challenge to america in terms of our realism and our idealism. we want to support the people and see change and the flowering of democracy but we need stability. the military kept it stable. so we do not agree with the decisions but the stability opposed to having someone like the muslim brotherhood come to power, stability sure is nice. >>greg: back to jonathan hunt who has coughed egypt. the word is that the new prime
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minister was under mubarak and will he be under the military, in other words a puppet? >>jonathan: certainly for now. presidential elections which are the ones that matter, they are not going to take place until the end of june next year. the presidentialed election is the key election and until that happens, the military will retain almost complete control and that is what the protests are against. greg greg -- >>greg: the united states fears they could use this as a base for radicalism. can we stop this? >>guest: america is a nation of action but you have to sit back and let it play out. a challenge here is that take, for example, turkey, they changed their constitution and tripled the size of the supreme court and all folks who are
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appointed to the new supreme court are fellow islamists and the ruling party so there are radical changes as the new power structure emerges. in the united states interests at the end of the day is for something stable like the military to have change but over the next 12 to 18 months not to just hand it over into utter chaos. >>greg: thank you both. well be watching. romney could be holding steady in the polls but a consider average amount of republican voters say they have one major problem. i habe a cohd.
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>>greg: fox is america's election headquarters. romney may have a trust issue with some republican voters for
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months now. the former massachusetts governor has been near the top of the republican presidential field. but he has had trouble getting above that 25 percent in national polls. the polls show him behind gingrich. some g.o.p. voters say they just don't trust romney claiming he changes his views to suit the political mood. why now i have chairman of the republican new jersey assembly campaign committee and from nashville, democratic strategist, as well. >> look, you know this: flip flops and pandering are endemic in politics but it is something that is sticking to romney. >>guest: he is over 40 percent in new hampshire, and been around 30 percent or 25 percent
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and in a crowded field that is a good number. this is not a sprint but a marathon. he has held up very well. >>greg: romney advisors avoters will not care about this because what they care about most is fixing the economy and little else. >>guest: well, overcoached and, really, overinhibited is the problem romney has had. the challenge here has right now is the qualities he needs especially what republican primary voters have found lacking, they need someone who is interesting who is principled and why think he has communicated he is those things. to some degree we could have an overreaction, a son trying not to make the mistake of his father. his father made some monumental gapses in the failed candidacy and he is trying to rerun the
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campaign of nixon. >>greg: i was brain washed by the generals in vietnam, that did him in. but gingrich said this about romney. this is no point in beating obama with somebody who is confused about who they are or what they believe. well, isn't gingrich guilty of, maybe, even more back flips, cap and trade, the individual health mandate, and the libyan intervention, and paul ryan's medicare plan? those are all flip-flops. >> take anyone under a mike scope and you will find inconsistency. the candidates have subjected and fallen back but romney has been consistent. the subjects back and forth, i don't think that is the answer. who is presidential? who can beat president obama? and romney is the guy. >>greg: john rowley, 40
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percent of voters say romney has the best chance of beating president obama compared to 21 percent who say gingrich does. as a moderate, romney may stand the better chance of winning over the independents that are critical. would romney pose the toughest challenge to president obama? >>guest: possibly, but newt is a ticking time bomb. as soon as he gets to the top he makes a gaffe and falls to the bottom. that happened in 1995. >>greg: so romney is more appealing to the independents and moderates? >>guest: he, romney, needs to do something memorable and gingrich needs to take a page out of romney and while on top, maybe, take another mediterranean cruise and not say figure for a couple of weeks. that is the besthing he can
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>>greg: fox news just spoke to the father of derrick sweeney who is one of the three americans arrested in egypt and he says the three american students are now headed to the cairo airport. they are en route.
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they are under a protective escort by the egyptian police and will board planes to the united states tomorrow. derrick's mom is out celebrating right new as are the rest of the family members. we will keep you up to date on what is happening. chicago police have married an arrest in the fatal shooting of a woman inside a hospital parking garage. authorities say the attack happened last night at the university of illinois at chicago hospital. university cops say the 47-year-old suspect took off after officers pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. they caught him a few blocks away and police say it was a domestic-related shooting. >> the former penn state defensive coordinator sandusky facing 40 counts of child molestation including rape and reportedly he could be behind bars soon. his lawyer has told the newspaper, one of two new accusers is related to
12:22 pm
discussioncy and the attorney jazz the new allegations could lead a court to revoke the bail and send him to jail and there is word that state children and youth services has opened an investigation into the two new cases and reports indicate all this came to light in the last 60 days. after a grand jury started looking into the allegationses against sandusky. and early this week attorneys for one of excusecy's alleged victims went to court to stop the charity he founded from transferring money. and now i have criminal against attorney and former prosecutor and the sports managing editor for "the daily national." bail can be revoked if a defendant is deemed to be a "danger," to the community. might the new charges qualify? >>guest: absolutely they will. first, what needs to happen is new charges need to be filed and he can be rearrested and taken to a bail hearing where the
12:23 pm
judge will have several factors. the defense will argue that he is tied to the community and not a flight risk but on the other hand he really is a danger to the community. the new charges involve children and allegedly they happened recently. >>greg: his attorney is denying the allegations and he is a quote from what he said. "we believe there would be a number of copycat allegations people really not had direct contact with jerry but try to jump on the band wagon." it does happen? >>guest: that is a concern when something gets this much press there will be those people would want to be involved in that spot light and try to get their two minutes of fame. that doesn't mean it is not possible these are not true charges and that is yet to seen but it is important they allegedly occurred before, although it is in the last 60 days no one is saying the events occurred the last 60 days but
12:24 pm
there are potential family members there could be custody dispute at play. >>greg: not allegations of abusing his grandson are true it would break the pat end st. patrick's day -- the pattern of going after kids in the charity. >>guest: that would break the pattern, taking the kids on trip having them in a private setting and it would break the pattern of going after the underprivileged kids and have them in his house. this breaks the parent. >>greg: you know, the allegations of abusing the grass, they are chilling but when you say using a charity as a way to grooming young boys for a pedophile, what about the liability of the charity which has as sets of $9 million? >>guest: they can absolutely be held liable which is why they tag about dismantling the
12:25 pm
charity and why, as you mention, the victim's tones are trying to make sure that the assets will be had for damages if they are successful in a lawsuits. but the theory would be negligence of supervision of sandusky. which charity new seven years ago he was showering with little boys but they let him go on one-on-one trips alone. >>greg: our people or are saying everybody knew what was going on. and it does really sound like a conspiracy to cover up, to protect the football program. that looks like what the case is and now there is even more appear in addition against joe paterno saying from the get go, ten or 15 years ago he had a pattern stopping any sort of investigation into the players and now into the coaching staff and that seems to be the pattern. >>greg: and joe paterno is not out of the woods. if evidence surfaces, and
12:26 pm
uncoughed with other witnesses what he told the grand jury was, really, softballing the whole thing and he did not tell the truth he could be charged. >>guest: with perjury and lying and with government obstruction, and interfering with the investigation. a variety of things he could be charged with. it is clear at least there was quiet that was kept here to raise funds and keep their football program going. >>greg: do you go after mike mcqueary because the e-mails are inconsistent and if you disbelieve part of the story you can disregard all of it? >>guest: that is a common charge given in the jury instructions. so the power will evidence is in 2002 shower incident that was eyewitnessed by mcqueary and the defense is trying to attack credibility saying he saw a child getting raped and he never called 9-1-1 and continued to social i've with a child rapist?
12:27 pm
does that make sense? that is what they will say. >>greg: thank you, good to see you and thanks for joining us. as protests rage on in egypt we are waiting word of three american students' arrest and release from a student's mother. and the latest troubles in europe that have stocks finishing the work week in months. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪
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>>greg: this is "studio b" and the united states upping the pressure on egypt's government as protesters call for change grows deafening. tens of thousands rally in tahir square demanding the military rulers hand over their power. now. and today u.s. officials backing up the protesters' urging the military to turn over the government. and three american students arrested during the protests prs have been released and are on the way to the airport in cairo to fly to the west. a mother talked to "fox & friends" this morning. >> hopefully by thanksgiving they would be free, however, the paperwork process ... still, it
12:32 pm
has not been completed but we are, we did get to speak to our son last evening and that was such ... such a high point of our thanksgiving. >>greg: the students will fly out of cairo in the next several hours. and now the news like from washington, dc. jennifer, where are the students at the moment? >>reporter: i spoke to the boy's father and he says his son and the two other students have been released and they are en route to the cairo airport and they are being escorted by the egyptian police. this morning on "fox & friends" the mother of the 19-year-old told us she just heard from another one of the boy's fathers and this is the plan. >> powers called and said that they were able although it is the weekend, it is like their sunday, they were able to get him, get all the brings
12:33 pm
released, all the paperwork they needed, to finalize and able to get it completed, and get it directly from the police stay they will go to the airport and the university will ship this stuff home and if all goes as planned her son will be home in missouri at 4:50 p.m. tomorrow when the flight lands. she is buying the makings for a thanksgiving dinner which her husband husband will celebrate. we spoke with the father of luke and he said this by phone. >> we are ecstatic, just so happy, so happy, and so happy for the other boys, as well, and their families. >> couldn't be a nicer thanksgiving. >> absolutely not. >> you have a lot to be thankful
12:34 pm
for. >> very much so. >>reporter: the bad news is we have two new reports today of two prominent female journalists being sexually assaulted in that hard square, a french television journalist who says she had her clothes and undergarments ripped off by a crowd of teenage egyptian boys. and a prominent american columnist, says she was sexually assaulted, beaten and blindfolded yesterday near the square by the local egyptian police reminiscent of the protests in february. >>greg: thank you, jennifer, from washington, dc. the failure of the super committee expected to cause trouble for state officials as we told you earlier, the members of the committee could not come up with a deal, but the fair may not have much of an effect on federal spending in the coming year, it is a much different story for state budgets.
12:35 pm
and now the news like on the north lawn. >> you can bet the obama white house and re-election campaign will be paying very close attention to see how governors and state legislatures will adjust to the coming slash in federal funding because this slash could impact the electoral college. the failure of the super committee means an automatic cut in federal spending of $1.2 trillion to be spent between the pentagon and domestic programs but governors and the state legislatures as the "washington post" pointed out must approve their budgets by the spring and the state budgets will overlap with the 2013 spending that the super committee was eyeing. so in virginia, a swing state, dependent on the defense industry officials are bracing for pentagon spending cuts of roughly $600 billion. they expect federal contractors to trim their payroll and prepares accordingly and that
12:36 pm
will translate interest further layoffs and budget strain in a state that president obama carried in 2008. >> half of the cuts come in the defense area. a window that many states have a large defense establishment, including virginia, maryland, florida, and many others. those cuts have a significant impact on the state economy as the defense spending is rolled back. >> the states without a significant military food print will feel the pinch as the other $600 billion in automatic spending cuts will reach the states in the sense that the federal government steers this to the state in the form of block grands. >>greg: in the worst week on the stock market in two months, wall street traded higher during the short holiday session on the hopes that black friday could basketball retailers but the gains were wiped out by more
12:37 pm
trouble in europe as downgraded the debt of belgium. and, the dow closed lower, falling 5 percent this week alone. and now, from capital investment management. is it primarily because of the european debt woes? >>guest: stocks move up in advance of earnings because they are expected to achieve the earnings but now people worried. people are seriously worried the companies are not going to achief earn ensure so stocks are starting to sell off and it is real but it is something everyone needs to be aware of. i think this is going to spread. for the first time in the last 20 years, i am very, very worried. it will spread through the world. europe represents 21 percent of the g.d.p., and if we start to seeing the brush fires pick up in the different countries, we are going to see it spread and the united states will want to do trade in europe but the economies are not that strong
12:38 pm
and our companies will be hurt. we have a serious issue. >>greg: when italy has to pay 7.8 percent on its two year debt to borrow money, that is not sustainable. what do you suggest the investors do? get out of any investment in jump? >>guest: get out of investment in europe and at the same time what investors are doing which is troubling, two things. shortening the timeframe. remember, you are an investor and there are only two ten year time periods going back 200 years where investors lost money in the stock market. because we are always watching the news which we should, but, at the same time, we are reacting to news events and we need to stop that and be an investor and the other thing out today which is troubling, a lot of investors are plowing into bond funds. >>greg: quickly, it looks as though the planned messager between at&t and t-mobile usa is beginning to coe -- collapse?
12:39 pm
>>guest: yes the theme of too-big-to-fail with the banks and now we do not want companies too big and the administration is really looking hard a some of the big companies. >>greg: they said the deal will not lessen competition under antitrust rules and, in fact, it will create jobs and it might actually lower prices. 70 that a good thing? >>guest: well, i agree with that and i am sure you agree but obviously the government must know better, right? >>greg: the obama administration and the justice department and the fcc? >>guest: that's right. >>greg: a new study linking canned soup to potential health problems. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>>greg: millions of shoppers rushing into stores across the country on this black friday and many stores opening doors last night ahead of the most anticipated shopping day. take a listen. all right the crowds are peaceful and happy but there were a few exceptions including this mess at a los angeles walmart. look at this. police say a woman pepper sprayed a bunch of shoppers to keep them away from the stuff she wanted to buy. we told 20 people were injured. and now the news from los angeles. >>reporter: at the sale we have seen the trampling and the fighting over the discounts. but, today, at this walmart behind me, a new weapon was introduced. a woman reportedly pepper sprayed other customers if order
12:44 pm
to get her hands on an xbox 360, offering at half price. now, police are looking through surveillance video and cell phone videos to figure out who this woman was that injured 20 people in this store and they did not go to the hospital and incredibly, the sale here at this walmart continued. in fact, there are shoppers in there right now still taking advantage of the democrats. so, business did not slow because of this pepper spray attack. now this woman is being sought after by los angeles police. >>greg: thank you from los angeles. according to a new study by harvard, eating canned soup could significantly increase your level of bpaa chemical that some health experts say this could put you at greater risk of heart disease and diabetes and obesity and is found in the lining of many food cans used to
12:45 pm
prevent corrosion. researchers were concerned about the results and some suggesting that manufactures eliminate the bpa from canned products all together. and now to a member of our fox news medical "a" team from staten island university hospital. doctor, i have three cans of soup on my desk in my office. i eat it all the time. how dangerous could it be? >>guest: well, it is controversial because the american chemical society said this is no danger but the f.d.a. has some concerns. most of the concerns have to do with children and babies regarding brain development or behavioral development and that is why they are concerned. there are studies that show there is an association between that and deed beats with bpa but we need a hot of research to work that out. the other question is, how much bpa is a problem? how long do you have to be
12:46 pm
exposed? and that is where the republican needs to come. >>greg: the research here said someone who ate the canned food every day for a week and the level upped 1,200 percent. >>guest: a striking number, so if you take it to work, and it is easier for busy families to use the canned products so something can be said about reduce the asked food. what does that mean? does it matter to we have that spike in bpa and the f.d.a. says this could be a republican to be concerned. >>greg: if you want to be ultra careful use the plastic bottles and containers hospital do you know if it is bpa free? >>guest: the plastic bottles will say with a code to indicate if it has bpa but usually manufacturers are advertising bpa free and you need to be concerned about babies, baby bottles and the cups and use the
12:47 pm
bpa-free products and do not microwave, and use glass and in the meantime reduce asked food intake. >>greg: i microwave plastic all the time. you are taking the fun out of my life. and now, another subject. centers for disease control is confirming three cases of a new flu virus that is now being transferred from pigs and transferred person to person. is this a so-called swine flu threat? >>guest: no, so far everyone, we just come down. even the centers for disease control is saying it does not seem to be a major threat. three children were identified they were not exposed to pigs so they got it from person to person and they did not see it progress beyond that. and the children had mild symptoms and symptoms with a fever and did not require hospitalization so far it does not look to be too bad.
12:48 pm
>>greg: i got a flu shot and so did my kids. where are we? >>guest: the best way to protect ourselves but some say it is only 59 percent to 60 percent effective but that is better than zero. so get the vaccine. now, everyone seems to be under control but nothing spiked up. >>greg: we have flu hysteria and it has calm down. >>guest: for now, but we will see an epidemic again as we get closer to the flu season. >>greg: doctor, thank you. what to wear this the air? some are asking airlines to come up with a dress code. come on. what you may not be able to put open before board a plane. coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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>> look at the incredible pictures this is a water main break in south san francisco, california, emergency crews on the scene trying to fix this thing. it ruptured several hours ago creating the huge geyser you see shooting water about 50' not air. it is in south san francisco. the water service in the area is disrupted. likely there is extensive flooding. what pictures. police say several streets are blocked off because the water is pouring down close to that break. this could be plenty of damage as a consequence. we will keep an eye on that. >> another grizzly massacre in mexico's drug war with at least 26 bodies found dumped in the
12:53 pm
city center, the fourth mass dumping of bodies in mexico over the last two months. authorities say drug gangs tied up the latest victims and shot them in the head. according to local media, the drug cartel claim responsibility in a note found along with the bodies. the mexican president calderon has deployed the army to crackdown on the gangs that killed 45,000 people sense he took office. >> the lone suspect in the disappearance of an american woman in aruba could go free on tuesday. the 35-year-old robyn gardner went missing in early august from the same town where natalee holloway vannerred vacationing with a man she met on the internet and he says they went snorkeling and she never made it back and he took out $1.5 million life insurance policy with an accident am death benefit on her and tried it cash
12:54 pm
it in, in the days after she vanished. authorities have been holding him but today a judge declined to citizen the latest detention beyond november 29. the prosecution says they will appeal the judge's decision. >> it wasn't that long ago people wore sunday best to board an airplane but lately, you know that is no longer the case. to the by a long shot. you reasonable have seen the stories of flight attendants booting passengers who say they are not dress correctly such as baggy pants, short skirts and lingerie but some passenger rights groups calling for airlines to adopt rules on what to wear in the air. and now the news like in san francisco. claudia, why do some folks want a written dress code? >>guest: well, you are right, it is not the airline calls for this but fliers' rights group who say the lack of this leads passengers exposed to the jut of
12:55 pm
the crew who could take offense as something that is not considered indecent east plane but leads to an argument and ends with a passenger getting kicked off. those passenger whose, ad became a risk, and credit ins contend if that is the case it is the fault of the airline. >> the airlines should step up and do to on their own just so passengers can predict an repeatedly dressed person if there is a requirement to wear a certain type of clothing or not, tell us. >>reporter: it is an issue because people can be left stranded and embarrassed without specific guidelines coming from the airline. greg: what do the airlines say? >>guest: well, most airlines do prohibit what they call "offensive clothing," but it is subjective as evidenced by us airways allow this man to board a flight in the summer wearing
12:56 pm
lingerie. and airlines say specific dress code would be hard to enforce and could expose them to lawsuits. airline operators leave it saying to they dress appropriately and flight attendants are tolerant everyone can have a night flight but advocates want it in writing. >> and the woman in the boots and blue, that was lingerie? >>reporter: it wasn't a woman. greg really? really? very report really. that is a man. a man. >>greg: okay. claudia, thanks very much. that is not a good look, is it in the idea the world will end in 2012 has been the subject of books, movies and internet rants but now doomsday believers may have new evidence to back up their claims. think again.
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12:58 pm promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago. we should get him a present. thanks for the gift basket. you're welcome. you're welcome. did you see hr just sent out new... rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake! there's some leftover cake. [ male announcer ] the new htc vivid. stay a step ahead with at&t 4g lte, with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. ♪
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