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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 25, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. fox news alert. lou gates, one. three students being held by egyptian authorities for throwing fire bombs at authorities last week is on his way home. the mother of one joins us on the phone t has to be news to you your son is headed back to the u.s.? >> oh, my goodness, i'm ecstatic. i can't wait until he's actually on that plane. >> what can you tell us about when he will be back with you to celebrate a belated thanksgiving? >> he will be back as 11:30 --
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11:25:00 p.m. on saturday night, tomorrow night. he will arrive at st. louis airport tomorrow night and we just can't wait. >> what was it like to have thanksgiving without him home and not knowing exactly where he was and when he would make it back? >> we weren't expecting to have him here in the first place, so it was pretty much what we anticipated it was going to be, a small mini gathering. however, we didn't even have time to think about thanksgiving once we found out what was happening over there. i just bought a turkey today." we are going to have thanksgiving on sunday. yes, thanksgiving for us on thursday didn't even happen. >> i can only imagine. >> we ate food but is wasn't a big thanksgiving feast. >> joy, have you been able to talk to him since he has been arrested to find out more of what happened? >> we spoke a couple times. the first time for like 90 seconds and that was wednesday morning about 7:00 in the
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morning. and basically just wanted to tell him that i loved him at that time and he professed at that moment that they didn't do anything, none of them did anything wrong. and then i told him about the outpouring of love and support. it almost brought him to tears. he was so grateful. and then the next time on thanksgiving day we were able to speak to him for -- my husband and i were both on the phone and at that point in time i was at home so he called on our home phone and we were both on the phone. it was great because kevin is like put it on speaker, put it on speaker. and derek chuckled because he was so happy that his dad was so excited to hear from him, like we wouldn't all be. and he told us a little bit more about where they were staying, the holding cell, the police station, and what was happening and how grateful he was that the release order was signed and he didn't know at that point in time that it may take all the way until sunday to get
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everything processed for them to go. he's like that's okay, you know, it's kind of like a bonding experience, the three of us in this one little tent camping out. >> joy, i know you will have a lot to talk about when he gets home. we wish him safe travels. >> oh, yes. >> and you have a fabulous be lated thanksgiving together as a family. >> we definitely will. we are so happy and look forward to t thanks so much. >> thanks, joy. >> yes. bye-bye. >> stay tuned for late breaking developments on this story. now we turn to the super committee, which turn out to be nothing but a super bust. after weeks of negotiations both sides of political isle came to an impasse and wasted no time to dive into the blame game. >> there are still too many republicans in congress who have refused to listen to the voices of reason and compromise that are coming from outside of washington. they continue to insist on protecting the $100 billion would recollect of tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans
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at any cost, even if it means reducing the deficit with deep cuts to things like education and medical research and so far that continues to be the stumbling block to reach an agreement to reduce the deficit. >> the president issued veto threats, he said any touch in obamacare had to be off the table, despite the fact over time that's a multi-trillion dollars, extraordinary waste of money and very ill-conceived program. he came in and said we ought to, in addition to everything else we were working on we ought to find a way to pay for his latest $500 billion spinning bill. the president was not helpful. >> despite the fact he had overwhelming majorities in his first two years as presidt of the suns about all kinds of things to my view turnout making things worst now his whole strategy is blame it on congress. it's unfortunate but i don't
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think it will work. >> so with congress home for the holidays and president obama on the campaign trail, who is going to find a way to get rid of our $15 trillion national debt? congressman brad sherman who sits on the house committee of national services joins us now. thank you for him in tonight, sir. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> we've heard a lot of accusations flying back and forth. the democrats say the reason we couldn't get a solution because the republicans were going to hold on to tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. and what do you make of where we are now? >> i think democrats are more willing to have a three-part balanced approach. spending cuts, entitlement changes and revenues. they got all the republicans to sign on the dotted line they would not do anything to provide for revenue and if there's no
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additional revenue i don't think the democrats will make concessions on entitlements. senator toomey did put forward a plan that brought forward 300 billion, he said, in additional revenue but that was tied to a $4 trillion decrease in revenue. and he insisted before they look at his plan they extend all the bush tax cuts. so it's hard to give republicans a lot of credit for increasing revenue when their only proposal was plus 300 billion, minus 4 trillion. >> does it matter how revenue would be raised? if you could find other ways to do it, closing loopholes, versus getting rid of the bush era tax cuts, would you be open to raising revenue in other ways? >> absolutely. one deals with the irish of, let's say television is designed in japan, manufactured in taiwan and sold for a billion dollars of profit on all the tvs here in the united states and the
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question arises, okay, where was that billion dollars made? the company's answer is always going to be the cayman islands because there's zero tax rate. the fact is if we shifted our system for determining what portion after multi-national's income is earned inside the united states, that would generate $1.2 trillion over ten years without taking away any corporate tax incentives, without raising any corporate or personal income tax rates, without cutting into any deductions. just stop the cayman island sham and that provides the $1.2 trillion. i think we would still want to cut some spending, we want to deal with entitlements but that would provide $1.2 trillion right there. >> what do you make by the commission put together by the president to find solutions. and now the super committee failed to come up with a solution. it's being supported by the republicans and democrats, folks on both sides of the isle. the goal to be to cut $1 trillion over ten years.
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would you support a vote on simpson-bolls coming to the floor? >> i would support a vote on quite a number of things. the simpson-boll didn't produce a statute for us. they have some rather vague language in there. they talked about the geographical approach to taxing multi-international corps by maximizes the amount they would ship overseas but it throws away a couple sentences, it doesn't add up in the proposal. i would like to see their proposal voted on, but the throw away lines ought to be taken out first. >> any worries about sequestration? those automatic cuts that kick in, a lot of republicans are worried, and also the defense secretary, leon panetta, worried about what it can do to the defense budget. >> i'm worried about sequestration but i'm also worried about the opposite. we didn't get a downgrade because the markets are convinced we will reduce the deficit one way or another by $1.2 trillion. but there will be so much
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pressure on us come 2012 to erase some or all of the sequestration that maybe the markets are giving us more credit than we deserve. i'm not sure you will see much of the sequestration at all. >> congressman brad sherman, thanks for being with us tonight. >> good to be with you. >> the race to be who will be the gop nominee and possibly the president who will inherit the giant debt continues to heat up. who is in the lead and who is fading fast? former assistant to george w. bush joins us. and along with a pollster. doug, i want to start with you. >> sure. >> you do not lone to a right, you are not a republican kind. guy but you have authored a piece telling the president he should eban done his re-election bid and make way for president clinton to run. are you for real? >>, i am. hear truman stood down in 1952 and 1968 lyndon johnson stood down. what we are hearing, and you
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heard it from brad sherman we irreparablably divided. we need someone who unify the country and that's what secretary clinton can do. she can build on the work i think she is a unifier. that's what we need. >> all right. at this point, i want to look at an interesting poll we get this week that said, who do you trust more to create jobs? jobs, president obama 46%, hundred cans in congress 32%. has he played this well, what didn't happen with the super committee. >> the president doesn't have a bush to blame nanny more. i think he's dangerously close to being unelectable. it's for the republicans really to lose the election. what we have to do is solve the tough problems, not blaming. solve the tough problems ahead of america u now he seeks to blame the rich, it's class
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warfare and blame the congress for their own failures. he's been absent on budget negotiations. he was overseas who he should have sent the vice president here. i believe it's right track, wrong track. over 75% of the american people, regardless of party affiliation, feel we are headed down the wrong track. that's a hard number to correct. >> brad said it's the gop's election to lose. tell me what we know about the gop candidates, any tracks for any of those? >> the only plan i think we have really gotten is 9-9-9 from herman cain and for a lot of reasons i think herman cain is a nonstarter. we really don't know newt gingrich's program. i think mit romney has got a 59-point program that at least i don't understand and i don't think too many voters understand. bottom line, the best asset that the democrats and president obama have, and brad is exactly right, the president is in a position where he's almost
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unelectable, but the best asset is the republicans, discord, lack of a message. >> brad, how do they do a better job of communicating what their plans are, what their vision is? >> we are in a primary season. we have 8 republicans running. we have frontrunners that come and go and then we have the steadies like mit romney who has yet to break out of the 25%. i think you will see a honing down after iowa and new hampshire. it will get nitty-gritty and the polls will be defined and there will be a stark contrast between the republican nominee and this president. i guarantee, and i promise you that the differences between the republican candidate and the president will be like night and day. >> doug, on the economy, who do you think on the gop side is the strongest contender? >> mit romney has a record as a businessman, and i think that probably he looks from the wall street journal polling to be strongest on that issue in that
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area. but that being said, he has been attacked in the past by senator kennedy when he ran against him for closing businesses, for not succeeding, for losing jobs. so i think he has vulnerabilities, and i think it's basically not clear that the republicans at this point or for a credible alternative to an already weakened democratic president. >> final word. >> help is on the way. we have great candidates and once we start witling down the field, i think again you will see some stars in the republican party that will be able to take on the president and win. >> all right. brad and doug, thank you both very much. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> thank you. >> black friday 2011 has almost come to a close and in a moment we will find out how well retailers did. first, here's a glimpse how the day got started. [yelling and screaming] >> oh, my god!
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>> is it necessary? >> senior economic writer steve moore is with us. steve, i don't have the stomach to do black friday but millions of americans we hope do. what kind of impact do we know so far? >> lets you and i start a movement we stop calling this black friday. let's call it green friday because people spend their money. what we know so far is that the stores were really crowded today. and last night, by the way. i was out at midnight at best buy and it was about an hour and a half to get in the store. >> was it crazy? >> incredible. >> did you get what you were after? >> no, the lines were way too long, couldn't get in. so i'll wait a few days. people are scouring for things. what we don't know yet, and we probably won't know for three or four days is whether people actually took out the credit card and spent. >> that's the important things. the majority of americans, they think the economy is going to get worse before it gets better.
10:15 pm
is that how you read it? >> boy, it's tough. i do think what happened and we were just talking about, the super committee failing, it's just another sign that washington is completely dysfunctional and it's kind of working against investors and businesses. i do think there's a perception out there right now that, you know, the economy just isn't working. it's not just jobs, it's also falling family incomes, peoples paychecks are more stretched and that's one reason retailers are worried what the season will be like. i do think if we can get the tacks and regulations down and have some certainty from washington, i really think the economy is prepped for a big recovery. we just haven't had it yet. >> i'm impressed that you went out last night. but it's still okay you didn't get what you want because we have another expert joining us now. michelle is the founder and ceo of if shoppers didn't get what they are after last night ordered to are there still deals to be had? >> there will be more to come.
10:16 pm
cyber monday is happening monday. it's all about online shopping i think. the super saturday isn't until the 17th. you will see more and more deals and you want to be able to keep track of what's going on. >> michelle, i think it's a lot less stressful to shop online but is it still a good bargain idea, a good bargain strategy? how do you go about finding the best deals online? >> one thing to get a deal but one thing that makes it more expensive is the shipping costs. i love the new service called it's a subscription service where you get free two day shipping and free returns with over 60 retailers. all the great once, pet smart, toys are sus, sports authority, lord and taylor, toys-r-us, the big one. how could i forget? you don't have to worry about paying the shipping charges. a lost places will give you the free shipping but not the free returns and their shipping is usually ground. if you are waiting for deals you
10:17 pm
want to have it in two days. >> i think i got four toys-r-us e-mails today with a coupon or offer. but black friday, or steve wants to re name is green friday, is that beginning to pale compared to cyber monday? >> black friday is number one and super saturday is december 17th one and then down the list. it's not the biggest sale day anymore but we are hoping for a big season and i think online continues to grow every year. more and more people are comfortable shopping online and more and more have their favorite stores online and media has made online promotions huge. >> i talk to one of the retailers and one of the things they are kind of nervous about is all people are going into the stores and look at the merchandise, the new iphones and all these things and then what they are doing and this is maybe why michelle is right, maybe it will be a big cyber monday because then people go online and buy the things online.
10:18 pm
there's a big advantage to buying on line that you didn't mention, in a lot of states you don't have to pay sales tax on that merchandise. >> and how quickly would we get some hard data? >> probably the next four, five days. you know, this is a big, big weekend. this is probably the biggest weekend other than the weekend right before christmas for retailers. so it's huge. they do an enormous amount. their business the next four weeks. >> steve and michelle, thanks for lending us your expertise. >> green friday. >> greene friday starting today. >> duly re named. state ahead, my in-depth interview with rick perry's wife, anita. and pam bondi takes on the supreme court. and plus where is missing florida mom, michelle parker? congratulations.
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presidential hopeful and governor of texas rick perry. he is criticizing president obama pour lack of foreig policy leadership to announcing his own plan for a part-time congress. i sat down and him and his wife, anita, that what drives them in
10:23 pm
this tough campaign. >> both you and the governor said he wasn't really excited about the idea of running for the president but you felt it was something he should consider, you encouraged him and you admit now that it's been a difficult process. knowing what you know now, do you think you would still encourage him to run? >> absolutely. it was the right choice for us to make. we have several people and many people were encouraging him to run. we discussed if as a family and our children are all in. you know, i really, really close friends are all in. absolutely i think it was the right decision and we would do it again because we believe in america. >> and you have said that you feel like you are fighting for the soul of this country. what do you mean by that? >> we really do. we feel like we are at a dropping off point, the abyss. and we don't like the direction our country is going. i think we need to get back to our founding fathers and the principles that our country was built upon. as a woman i have to tell you one of the reasons why i really wanted him to get into this race, i'm concerned about the safety of our country and the
10:24 pm
safety of my children and my grandchildren and i don't want to always have that worry. truly, i believe rick perry is the man who can keep us safe. >> part of this whole process that you have had to live through as a family is the debate process, which has been tough for every candidate. how do you encourage him afterwards? >> i think he's really done well. yes, he's made a couple of little blunders. i can't stand the key baits, i'm going to be honest with you. i'm so nervous as his wife. but i think he's really, really done really well and i think when he can articulate his message, as he's been doing very well the past few weeks, i think the american people will get to know him. after he struggled to remember the agencies he would like to eliminate, what was the conversation you had with him after the debate? >> it's just one of those moments in time you are human and i just told him i loved him.
10:25 pm
it's a word, i had no idea how big it would be. i told him i loved him because really i wanted him to do this and i believe in him. >> it's got to be hard as a spouse to watch the attacks on him and questioning his record, questioning his positions and where he stands. other spouses on the trail have had other challenges, mrs. gingrich, delving into her personal life with newt and gloria cane with the allegations against her husband. any advice to those women as you are out there on the trail together? >> it's truly giving back to this country and so many people don't get to see this through our eyes. i will have to say enjoy it as much as you can. don't look at the polls and don't need the negative media. it's not going to help you get through the day. >> and obviously people are vocal about their faith, in iowa they are vocal. what role does it play for you? >> faith is very important to us. i think that's how we get through the day, we rely on our
10:26 pm
faith. >> it is something you have all been very public about. it's no secret, but you say your husband has been brutized because of his faith. what do you mean by that? >> we knew we would be scrutinized. i wasn't so sure about the national immediate way adennings but i've learned a lot of things along the way and i've learned there's a camera on me most of the time now so i'm much more guarded than i would have been. >> you are a nurse, grew up the daughter after figures, do you think there's a immediate for healthcare reform in this country and how do you think the president's healthcare law is getting it right or wrong in is there any merit to what he's trying to do? >> i grew up and i loved my father because he was a one-on-one person. he was really a bedside figures. i want every american to have that same opportunity to have the choice that they want, to have that figures that they want. it's another reason i really encouraged rick to get into this race. i don't like socialized medicine
10:27 pm
and that's the path we are going. >> you mentioned the word socialism and that scarce a lot of people when that comes up. do you think this president is socialist or some of his policies encourage socialism? >> i do. my father said the moment we take the dollars from the federal government, they will tell us how to start practicing medicine. i've seen it as a nurse in a hospital, and in administration i have seen that. how we practice medicine by a book and how the diagnoses are related and how that you are paid by that and i don't think that's right. i think truly, you know, we need to be paying for the very best that we can get. so to me, yes, it is socialized medicine. people can call it what they want to, national healthcare or nationalized healthcare but that's what it is in my opinion. >> on this journey have you had a chance to build friendships with some of the other spouses that are the only people that
10:28 pm
know what you are going through at this point? >> i have. mary kay huntsman i were friends and we are better friends now and we will be better after this. and mrs. gingrich, i've gotten to know her better on the trail. i know all of the sowses except one, i met karen, and what a beautiful woman. there's no many. but interestingly enough i have saw cindy mccain the night before last and she said how are you? and i gave her a big hug and i said only you know. >> on that we thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, the showdown for the united states supreme court over president obama's healthcare law. florida attorney general pam bondi is leading the charge and she joins us next. also, could new clues help find missing florida mom michelle parker?
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>> according to the latest policy, if the election were held today president obama would remain in office. but the united states supreme court will hear the challenge to the health care reform law. will it affect his hopes? florida attorney general pam bondi joins us this morning. 26 states joined together, led by florida. how do you feel about your chances there?
10:33 pm
>> you know, shannon, as a lawyer you know we were given an unprecedented amount of time to argue in front of the u.s. supreme court. so we feel that that is a very good sign and we appreciate that they recognize the great magnitude of this case. they have allocated 5 1/2 hours for us to argue this case. you know as an attorney you typically get an hour before the united states supreme court. so this is truly unprecedented. we feel very confident because we are going into this with the best opinion in the country right now, with 26 states, the national federation of independent business and two individual plaintiffs all joined together. >> of course, the premiere issue is going to be about the individual mandate. it's the linchpin everyone thinks of the entire law, can congress require everyone to have insurance or to pay some kind of penalty. but even if that is struck down the court, of course, has agreed to hear the severe ability.
10:34 pm
can the rest of the law stand up without the mandate? >> the mandate, to answer one; the biggest part of it. if they can do this to us, they can do anything. meaning, if the federal government can force the states to purchase something, anything, just simply by being alive, so, yes, the mandate is so much bigger even than healthcare and they have recognized that by giving us two hours just to argue the mandate. as for the severe ability, we believe, the states believe a lot of different position the here, all the states believe that this rises and falls as one. without the mandate, the entire, the entire federal healthcare law is unconstitutional. now the federal government argues that without the mandate, the insurance regulations are gone so only a portion of it. the 11th circuit ruled, which makes it an interesting case,
10:35 pm
the 11th circuit ruled, if the mandate falls, the rest of it stands. so the court has come in and they have pointed -- appointed an amicus to brief that issue for the supreme court. they appoint add well respected lawyer out of degrees to -- out of d.c. to argue that point. a lot of different opinions but we feel confident, as we said that day one, this is of great national importance. >> and something that can affect the entire case are the call the for recusal by justice thomas and justice kegan for different reasons. both are pushing for more documents about justice kagan, whether also with justice thomas there are a number of lawmakers say he has a conflict of interest because of his wife's
10:36 pm
work against the healthcare law. how do you think that plays out? do you think either of them even considers walking away from this case? >> our case right now is pending in front of those justices and they are the highest court in the land and ultimately it's their decision. they make the decision whether or not to recuse themselves. all i'm going to say is they are going to do the right thing. they are the highest court in the planned that's why we have them there, and if they choose to hear the case, they will do the right thing. with justice thomas, however, these allegations don't even involve him, it's their wife's involvement so they are much more removed that justice kagan but we are confident that all the justices will do the right thing and here the case if they feel they can be fair and impartial. >> by the way, your gators match up with my seminoles this weekend so i wish for a good game. >> i know. >> thank goodness tim tebow finally graduated.
10:37 pm
>> i know. and he's doing so great. >> he's a great guy. i wish you a great game. thanks for your time, attorney general. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> will the voice male left by michelle parker help detectives mind this missing mom from florida? plus, is it true, will the suspect of the missing woman in welcome idaho, where they grow america's favorite potoes.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. the mayor 6 los angeles ordering occupy wall street protesters to leave city hall, citing health concerns, mayor an tone -- antonio villaraigosa says they have to leave. several protesters are already vowing to stay past the deadline. the nationwide movement is now in its third month. a u.s. businessman suspect in the disappearance of his
10:42 pm
traveling companion in aruba will be set free on tuesday, the judge ordering the release after prosecutors failed to produce enough evidence. robin gardner went missing on august 2. she is presumed dead, but her body has not been found. her companion said she was swept out to sea while snorkelling. for your latest headlines, go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. rafferty. now back to "on the record." >> 33-year-old orlando mom michelle parker has been missing for more than a week. she was last seen dropping off her three-year-old twins at her ex,dale smith's house. it all happened on the same day she appeared on people's court, fighting smith over a $5,000 engagement ring. >> what is it. >> i through it at him.
10:43 pm
>> he should have been a better catch. >> he should have and he shouldn't have put his hands on me or prior. he shouldn't have left me three or four times the last year and a half we've been together. took his truck and left me at seaworld. that was another one. for reasons i don't deserve. it's been a hell of a roller coaster ride and it's poison and we are done. >> parker's family does not consider smith a suspect and today they have released michelle's last voicemail in hopes it could bring knew leads to the case. >> hey, dad. 8:40. on wednesday morning. i know you are at work but call me when you have lunch or at the end of your day, okay? i love you, talk to you soon. bye. >> joining us to discuss the case or two, a florida's finest sex crime prosecutor, stacy and criminal defense attorney laura walters. welcome to you both. >> happy to be here. >> larry, a lot of people would think that the exis the obvious suspect here but the family doesn't think so. the police say they don't think
10:44 pm
so either. what do you make of this? >> the police know a lot more than anybody else does about this and if they don't think he's a suspect, then they have good reason to exclude him. now i don't think that anybody is actually excluded. i'm sure they are looking at everybody and looking carefully at all possibilities. you know, you have to consider that this person may not have been abducted by anybody. she may have disappeared on h own volition, suicide may be an issue. so there's not always going to be a suspect who is the focus of an investigation. the police have to consider all 'ths. >> her family said her boyfriend texted with her, the gentleman she's now dating, texting after she dropped off the children. that had taken place and they moved on. the family said there is no way she would have of left her children behind. she also has an 11-year-old as well. what do you think happened? >> well, i can't tell you exactly what happened. certainly it is a mystery.
10:45 pm
i think the first thing is the viewers probably think her ex-boyfriend, the guy she went to court with, should be a suspect. but it's very interesting. in this case he won in the courtroom and both of them had to consent to go on tv for this issue so they both knew that some kind of dirty andre was going to come out. i think that's why the family doesn't think he's involved. i think it is a mystery. they are saying that her car was found kind of on the wrong side of town so that's why the police now are investigating everything. the random possibility there was a random person that did this to her and really the police are keeping a lot of this -- a lot of the information close to the vest because that's what you do in an investigation. you don't want all pieces of the puzzle to be out there. >> now, we know that the reward money continues to increase. they found her car and searchers had been out there. what else can people do to help it at this point? >> well, there has been a pretty significant search presence. people have spent their thanksgiving day washing around searching. there are volunteers who are
10:46 pm
looking around. but i think it's also important for people to know, anybody who might have information, that if they are concerned about their information getting them involved in a possible crime, that they have the opportunity to go to a local defense lawyer and tell them and talk about their possibility involvement and how their information might help the police without going directly to the police. >> all right. let's move on to another mystery since we have two experts with us. let's talk about missing beauty robin gardner. she was last seen with an american in aruba. the judge just ruled that the 50-year-old businessman must be released next week. he will be free to leave the country. prosecutors have appealed that decision because they say he's still considered the lone suspect. but it seems like he could actually walk free. stacy, if there's no evidence against them, i guess the judge says no fair to keep holding him. >> that's exactly right. the prosecutors have gone and asked for extensions and they have gotten a lot of extensions because they are waiting for them to put forth evidence.
10:47 pm
the standard of proof in holding him is really a serious suspicion which differs from a probable cause standard that we have. and unless and until they can really pony up some evidence attaching him to the crime or this missing person then there are no grounds to hold him. prosecutors are appealing and they hope the decision will be made in their favor prior to tuesday. once tuesday comes he could be on a plane back and he's a flight risk. they are hoping to get it done and over with. but unless there's something for them to hang their hat on, he is probably going to walk out the door. >> his attorney says there has been no evidence that links him to the crime. there are circumstantial things they discussed, the fact he bought an accidental death policy on her before their trip. how does that affect it. >> in the united states he never would have been arrested because of the probable cause standard that stacy mentioned.
10:48 pm
here there is no evidence linking him to the disappearance, and they held him for as long as they could. they tried to come up with some evidence and they simply couldn't. calling him a flatteriesing is a bit of a stretch. he's going to go home and that's where he's allowed to go. he could always be extradited if they come up with some evidence but at this point he really does need to be released. >> stacy, what do you make of the idea of extradition? prosecutors talked about down the line if they discovered other evidence in aruba they would file new charges and try to get him extradited. do you see that playing out if he goes free on tuesday? >> certainly there have been issues where people have been released from other countries, come back here and extradition takes place. it just happened to l.a. a producer whose wife was murdered and said he was the murderer in peru or someplace else and they got him back. it's difficult but it could happen. if evidence does come about where prosecutors feel he can be charged, they will do everything
10:49 pm
in his power once he's back in the states to get him back in aruba. >> excellent point, stacy. stacy and lawrence, thank you to for your expertise tonight. if you thought solving the national debt crisis was tough, wait until you see how tough it was for arkansas shoppers to get what they were after this what they were after this morning. ( phone ringing ) okay... uhh. the bad news, it's probably totaled.
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>> you have seen the top stories but here is the best of the rest. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. the christmas tree was delivered and it got approval from the family. it came from wisconsin and was brought to the white house by a horse drawn carriage. we sold some of these big ones last year and i came out in the field before the customer came out and tagged this tree and said any trees but that one, maybe we will win the national and i think this is a good one for the white house, jokingly. well, it's not a joke anymore. >> today kicked off the holiday shopping season and what would it be without some sort of bargain-filled madness. at a wal-mart near little rock,
10:54 pm
arkansas, a retail riot broke out. what is the cause of all the commotion? a two dollars waffle maker. the only thing injured was the shopper's dignitity. you might want to think twice about what you are wearing before you board the flight. you probably have heard about people getting booted off planes because of their attire, wearing short skirts and even lingerie. remember this guy? because of this guy they are calling for rules outlining what you can wear on and off the plane. >> to me it seems i am polite of the airline to behave that way. >> the flight crew has to make judgments on what they think will make the safest, most comfortable flight for everyone
10:55 pm
on the airplane. >> the guy in the underwear, that would not make any comfortable. and that is the best of the rest. coming up your last call and a look how we can all help those in need this we know why we're here. to give our war fighters every advantage. ♪ [ man ] to deliver technologies that anticipate the future, today. ♪ and help protect america, everywhere. from the battle space to cyberspace. [ female announcer ] around the globe, the people of boeing are working togethe to givour best, for america's best. that's why we're here. ♪ [ male announcer ] take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. fixodent denture adhesive challenges you to a 12 hour hold test. ♪ thanks to its time released formula, you apply fixodent once, and it holds all day. ♪
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, because it's time for a special holiday last call. the last 99 years u.s. postal service has been helping families in need through a program called operation santa. this year is now different. new york city's is the largest in the country. officials expect two million letters to santa this christmas season z they're not just asking for toys this year, they need clothes and help paying bills. if you'd like to help you can go to a post office for a list of offices near you or visit us that. is your last call. lights are blinking and we're getting ready to close down


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