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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 26, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PST

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pup. i'm willing to go 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until i get her back. >> well, by the way the high in la jolla is expected to be 74, not exactly freezing. kelly and jamie are standing by. have a great day. >> jamie: this is a fox news alert. pakistan cutting off key n.a.t.o. supply lines to afghanistan where our troops are and the move has triggered-- was triggered by what pakistan believes is was an n.a.t.o. air strike. killing dozens of soldiers. this is a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby, kelly, there's concern about this. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. a strike at a military outpost tribal area in northwest pakistan, as the incident further stressing already freyed relations to between the u.s. and pakistan. molly henneberg is live with reports in washington about
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this. >> hello, pakistan is demanding answers from n.a.t.o. and afghanistan, and asking how and why n.a.t.o. helicopters and fighter jets fired on two separate pakistani army check points in the middle of the night, killing at least 24 pakistani soldiers and wounding 11 more. a spokesman for n.a.t.o. called it a tragic development and offered heart felt condolences to the families of those killed and said that n.a.t.o. commander in charge in afghanistan had pledged to thoroughly investigate and determine the facts. and here is what the spokesman says so far. >> the incident in the early hours of the night, and it's-- so, it was called in the development of the tactical situation and caused pakistan casualties. >> general jacobson says that afghan and coalition troops operating in the border region
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called in the air strikes and some military officials say it's difficult to determine where the the border is between afghanistan and pakistan, but a folksman for pakistan military sails that's not what happened here. major general abbas says today, quote, the other side of saying there is a doubt about this, there is no doubt about it. these army posts have been marked and handed over to the other side for marking on their maps. and are clearly inside pakistani territory. and pakistan's army chief of staff promised that a response to quote, this irresponsible act. pakistan, as you were saying in the intro, already is closed two border crossings into afghanistan along a route that supplies about a third of the material for the n.a.t.o. mission in afghanistan. and kelly and jamie, back to you. >> kelly: molly henneberg reporting live from washington with more details now, jamie. >> jamie: well, thank you so much. this is a very important border that's been closed and the question is how will it affect our troops. this route is key to supplying coalition forces in afghanistan. and there's another important question that we have to
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consider here. and can pakistan and the ruu.s. get on the same page when it comes to fighting terror. general, good morning. >> all right. >> good afternoon, i should say. this has been going on since early this morning, there's so much concern about the supply lines, we have to get our troops what they need. how critical are the closures? >> and well, it's not that critical for right now, jamie, about 30% of all of the nonweapons materials that traffics in afghanistan, they have sufficient reserves for about 10 or 15 days and the big issue is really fuel, a fuel and so, it's not an extreme emergency right now, what's important is that general, general, the pakistani leader, chief of staff and general john alan, the commander in afghanistan, get together, work this out and come up with some way to offer the proper apologies and
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get the, get these supply lines built because the u.s. and n.a.t.o. command 50 days, critical, but not-- >> beyond that even an apology, sir, if in fact n.a.t.o. is responsible for this and the investigating is continuing, how do we get pakistan's cooperation, is that not a critical element to us having success with the mission in afghanistan? >> that's absolutely right. jamie, remember now, as kelly can tell you for the time in the military, in war time all initial reports, we need to wait until we hear the rest of the story. you're absolutely right. this trans border region is really the tactical operation and center of gravity. remember, the enemy always attacks us and against the u.s. forces in order to mitigate and the air support and use of heavy weapons and so it's not unusual for many of these to occur at the border region and the there's also a great deal of confusion
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because the borders, all the time pakistani forces, particularly k in the morning look like enemy forces, everyone times exchange fire and we have to be very careful before we get too precise in our definition of what happened out there. >> yeah, i have to-- i'm not a military person, but i have to agree with you, before we resort to the blame game. is it not possible there might have been justification for this? >> it's hard to say, and i've talked to commanders on the ground out there, and they are constantly frustrated with trying to understand where pakistan is, and afghanistan begins. it often times, the taliban understands the border, better than we do and even though we have precision guided weapons, gps guided weapons and great technology in our targeting systems, if the maps are inaccurate or if the pakistanis are acting aggressively or accidentally the afghans stumble across the border, often times fire fights will ensue, what's unusual about this, jamie, the
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fact that the strike was so large. i mean, any precision weapons that kills that many soldiers is, is extremely lethal and dangerous and sort of changes the whole complexion of this. the last time it happened 2008. three pakistani soldiers were accidentally killed on the border and this time apparently the number is 24 and this instance it's more serious and six months after the killing of bin laden, the arrows were pointing between pakistani and u.s. military cooperation for something like this to happen is very, very unfortunate. >> general, before i let you go. should we prepare for any type of retaliation? >> oh, i don't think so. i think the pakistanis, and the american forces will work this out. we just have to be extremely careful in the uls of very lethal fire power in this area because the last thing we need to do is inflame pakistani sentiments more against the united states, particularly as the united states begins to pull out of afghanistan. these are very, very crucial times. >> jamie: major general, one
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of my military heroes, thank you so much. >> thank you, jamie. >> kelly: you heard the general talk about critical times in the area. and iraq right now, a series of explosions in and around baghdad have killed at least 15 people there. the bomb striking an area filled with markets day laborers gather for work and challenges the iraqi security forces will soon face when they take over alone. all american troops are scheduled to pull out of the country in a matter of weeks. >> jamie: three american students that were arrested during violent protests in efwi egy egypt. they're out of the country and all arrested on the rooftop for allegedly throwing fire bombs and a course releasing them two days ago, the tensions remain so high much, the protests continue to range in egypt and take a look at this, the crowds are demanding that the military leaders there announce exactly when they'll hand over power once the civilian government is elected and the obama
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administration is pushing for a quick transfer of power and what you can expect to see out of egypt with former ambassador holiday coming up. kelly? >> the super committee of super funds, wow, and somehow president obama gets himself out of the mix. once again, washington can't seem to find common ground, however, so should the president have done more or was it out of his hands? and what needs to be done once congress comes back? let's bring in our political panel, chris hahn former aid to chuck schumer and democratic strategist and angela mcglowan, political analyst, thank you for joining us. let's get to it. should the president have done more to get the super committee to stop or keep them from becoming a super bust, angela? >> you know what, kelly, leadership and diplomacy was in the president's hands to show leadership.
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he missed an opportunity and that's why his leadership poll numbers have gone down and the bottom line is this, next year when we have an election in november, i think they're going to be many changes in washington d.c., on both sides of the oil and in the white house. >> kelly: you say that his poll numbers have gone down and that's not across the board, however, because you have some conservatives, for example, at the conservative for america enterprises saying that president obama was wise to distance himself from the congressional snafu that was going on with the super committee. so, chris, when one conservative is acknowledging that, what do you think the president should have done? >> well, i think he was right to stay away from it, let's face it, congress doesn't work well if it doesn't have a hard deadline and the really deadline is january 1, 2013 when the bush tax cuts expire and the president understands that congress kind of works like college students. they don't do anything unless they have to and wait until the very last moment to get it done. so nothing was going to happen
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here. at the end of the day by congress doing nothing, we save 4 trillion plus because the bush tax cuts expire and will save another-- >> the bottom line, his bol numbers were at 60% dealing with leadership and gone down to 54% and he's still the leader the of the freeway world. he kept his hands off of this, but i think the american people want solutions and results and tired of the blame game. >> kelly: the american people have a lot of angst and anger toward all members of congress right now. and allowed to be specific. so, the president has a little bit of a majority over them right now, but the bottom line right now. no one is getting anything done. so to my point. what has to happen to bring congress back to the table to have them act like grown women and adults to get the job done to help the american people? >> congress needs to do its job, kelly. and instead of playing partisan politics, they should
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pass policies to create a better america. that's why the american people hired them and they're not doing their job with approval rating at 9%. >> kelly: did i hear you say partisan politics, that what they're playing there, chris, partisan politics? >> i agree with angela 100%, and do something, but, yeah, let me give you this, kelly. again, the only thing that's going to make them come to the table and act is the calendar. and when the sequester has to happen in january, they have to to it, everybody loses something. the republicans don't want to see the bush tax cuts expire and neither do the democrats. you'll see a huge battle sometime around this time next year, as we get ready of a question. >> and isn't it sad though, chris, that we have to have a deadline, a time frame to have congress act? i mean, we're electing them to do a job every day, even when there's in the district they're supposed to-- >> why isn't that job getting
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done? that's the bottom line here. earlier you both agreed there is partisan politics out there, but it has to stop because the american people at the end of the day are hurting and they want something and need something done. so they're looking for leadership, not only from the president of the united states, but also from every representative from their place of representation. >> no, you're exactly right. >> and see the big change, we're going to he see the big changes next year, both from, you know, i think in the house of representatives and the senate. you're going to see some really changes and i think the american people are tired with this congress, tired with the way they do nothing p. and that said, the system was designed to move slowly and this process was put on a fast track. >> come on, christopher. >> all right, angela, quickly, we've got to go. >> it was not planned to move this slow. they need to get something done, they haven't gotten anything done. >> and angela and chris, good to see you as well. have a great day. >> thanks for having us. >> kelly: and down in
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washington. >> jamie: remember the talk about fast and furious. we thought maybe coming to a close, not yet. there may be new fallout. and we'll tell, but it. wait until you hear how the botched gun sting could impact gun laws. >> kelly: i'm looking forward to that as well. and nasa launches the largest ext extraterrestrial explorer. >> jamie: so cool. >> kelly: mission life beyond earth. details next. >> the atlas five with curiosity concludes a planetary puzzle about life on mars. ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that
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>> welcome back. nasa's largest mars rover ever, blasting off to the red planet. zero and lift-off of the atlas 5 with curiosity, concludes to the planetary puzzle about life on mars. >> and science fiction becoming reality. the rover nicknamed curiosity is headed on an 8 1/2 month
10:18 am
journey to mars and the six-wheeled one armed explorer will search for evidence that life once existed on the planet and the mission costs 2 1/2 billion dollars. >> and the fast and furious scandal is now shining a spotlight on gun laws along the u.s., mexican border, an issue for both democrats and republicans and the question is how to keep american guns out of the cartel hands and they're divided how to put an end to the weapons flow across the border. william la jeunesse live in los angeles taking a look at that, hi, william. >> well, jamie like any scandal in washington, you have the facts and the spin and sometimes it's hard to follow the evidence without being confused by the rhetoric. fast and furious, one example. consider eric holder's recent appearance before the senate and republicans tried to drill down and find out what the attorney general knew and when, democrats attempt today shift the blame. away from the administration, and to u.s. gun dealers and
10:19 am
gun laws. . when the administration and atf say they want multiple long gun sales to be reported, so we can identify the purchasers and prevent the flow into mexico, we shouldn't have the congress stepped in trying to prevent the administration from he requiring the reporting of these long gun sales. >> and democrats say the the answer is tougher gun penalties for trafficking and a law requiring gun stores to tell the government whenever a person tries to buy multiple rifles in a five day period. republicans say that rhetoric is a diversion from the real story. >> the federal government certainly aided and abetted gun trafficking, which then may very well have been the proximate cause of a border patrol agent's death. there is plenty of moral
10:20 am
culpability to go around. >> reporter: so, jamie, in essence, you have both parties talking past each other. democrats down playing the scandal and not accepting responsibility or republicans go head hunting and zero in on the stakes and you will see this actually december 8th when the attorney general scheduled to appear before the house judiciary committee. back to you. >> jamie: thanks, william. >> and diabetes or adult onset diabetes is an epidemic in america, a time bomb waiting to explode. african-americans and hispanics are disproportiona disproportionately affected by debeats. we want to talk about your health, all of you. the united health group and ymca have joined in a plan to help all battle this disease. >> ellen and nancy are exercising to reverse a
10:21 am
troubling diagnosis. they are both pre-diabetic. to prevent the onset of full-blown diabetes their doctors prescribed them to enroll in the ymca's why diabetes prevention program. >> i eat a lot and i have to keep control of that, but i've learned how to control what i've been eating and just getting, trying to get into better eating habits. >> more energy, my knees feel better he, my hips feel better and my back feels better and have an overall better sense of being, on a daily basis. >> the y diabetes prevention program is a course that puts together small groups of people who team up to learn how to reverse their pre-diabetic condition. they are taught how to lose weight counting fat grams, and how to read food labels and portion control and dealing with obstacles and exercising five days a week. >> they can take control of this and stop themselves from becoming very ill.
10:22 am
and i think that that is so important and when people get that message, they are empowered and they feel good about it, they're doing it, and as a group. >> among the overwhelming number of people with diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions, african and hispanic people lead the way. the cause can be linked to how the groups cook, what they eat or genetic disposition, the y program can help them learn how to reverse that. >> my mother is pre-diabetic and she's much older. she's diagnosed with a few months back and i just found that going with her, helping to support her and helping to change my eating habits. i found that the being able to track my food was actually helping me a lot because i didn't realize how much i overate. >> at the ymca in washington d.c., dr. ann albright for the center for disease control and united health groups are sounding the alarm about
10:23 am
diabetes, both agree that americans love her super sized meals and lack of exercise is courting disaster. the doctor says if diabetes is not reduced health care costs will keep increasing. >> in 2010, we were at 194 billion dollars and by 2020, if we do nothing, we'll be the at 500 billion dollars a year. and over that decade, that's 3.4 trillion dollars. >> and that's staggering. the y is making a significant intervention to reverse at that costly trend and the c.d.c. and united health group are recruiting more organizations to help limit diabetes and united health group will make the diabetes prevention programs available to medicaid recipients for the first time, initially starting right here in the new york area and then spreading out. >> plenty of folks will benefit. >> yes, 79 million people pre-diabetic right now.
10:24 am
>> incredible news, thanks so much. >> presidential contender newt gingrich is taking heat for the stance on immigration displayed at one of the debates. it's a two horse race for the republican field and we're going to tell you who is now on top. . >> and the revolution is ended, but the bloodshed continues in egypt. protesters demanding to see their government put back into civilian hands. so, what could we see happen there. a former u.s. ambassador will join us next. congratulations. congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply.
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>> a fox news alert. the death toll rising in egypt from violent political protests there. the latest fatality, a 19-year-old man struck by an army truck and that brings the number of people killed in the past week to 42. protesters demanding military leaders step down, allowing
10:29 am
civilian government to take control. and the obama administration is among those calling for faster transfer, to civilian rule, parliamentary elections begin on monday, so, what can we expect to see unfold in egypt in the coming days and months? ambassador stewart holiday is the former u.s. ambassador it for special political affairs and ambassador, always good to see you. this is a very difficult time in the middle east, as it contains egypt. what's happening there? what can the united states do to quell the unrest? >> well, as you know, egypt is a critically important country for the united states, and with its 85 million people sort after bellwether for the whole region. the military is in a tough position for a couple of reasons, first of all, the electoral system, the process that's been set up is a very complex one that actually plays out over a six week, six week period. there's going to be a lack of clarity, even though the
10:30 am
elections in alexandra and cairo, two most popular cities takes place monday, we likely won't know what they'll be. there's a lot of pressure and a lot of dissatisfaction with the interim appointment of that the 78-year-old sort of technocrat. what is going to happen, really, is that the egyptian military has to hope for a reasonable turnout to show there's a sort of silent majority in egypt that people that don't represent protests tahrir square and kind of keep a dialog open with political party leadership and they've sent pledges to transfer power by june of 2012. >> so, ambassador, that means the united states is likely washington in particular is likely waiting on pins and needles to see how it will play out. consider the fact that ten months ago, hosni mubarak was in power until he went for his
10:31 am
powerful position and a fair player in terms of citing the united states and helping to broker peace there and making sure that no one went into israel. what concerns do we have about israel and its future with what's going on in egypt? >> well, of course, part of the follow onto the camp david process was the development after very close relationship with the egyptian military between the u.s., and the egyptian militaries and we of course, look to the military and have looked to the military as a really, a force for stability in the region. and so, the obama administration has to not look too operaportunistic from abandoning the functional country and while at the same time not being caught flat-footed as it might have in the transition from mubarak, the speed for control and popular participation is not moving, it's moving quicker, really, than the
10:32 am
political process that was put into place. >> i don't want to cut you off, but my time is running short. do you think the obama administration, as well as that matter, members of congress. do they have situational awareness, what's going on. a bird's eye view of what's taking place there? >> we have an outstanding ambassador in ann patterson who served in a number of critical countries. she's terrific and we have a very good presence there, with -- there are not as many international election observers, that people hoped, but it's obvious that people in washington are keeping very, very close tabs at the pentagon and the state department what's unfolding in egypt. >> ambassador, i have to stop you there. thank you for joining us and sharing your perspective what's taking place in egypt. >> thanks very much. >> all right. >> back here at home on the campaign trail. michele bachmann coming out swinging, attacking newt gingrich for his stance on
10:33 am
immigration and there are new polls that show, guess what, it's newt gingrich versus mitt romney for the g.o.p. nod. and live with that is peter with that. >> reporter: hi, jamie, former speaker of the house newt gingrich had his biggest crowd. 750 people in naples, florida and this morning had a big target on his back. >> a even barack obama couldn't get amnesty through the congress because the american people opposed it, but newt gingrich is on a letter saying that he was for it. even as recently as less than a year ago before the beating of the americano, the latinos in the united states, he came out with the same policies that again said that he stands for amnesty for illegal aliens. >> reporter: that was this morning on foxx and friends and the beginning grinch campaign says two things are going, she's either lying to people or doesn't understand immigration reform and sad to
10:34 am
see from a candidate. and he says i'm for deporting all unattached illegals and for a citizen panel for certification for 25 years and community and law abiding and tax paying and could get what the foundation developed as a red card and be legal, but with no path to citizenship and no write to vote. despite this, pollsters are starting treat gingrich with staying power and may most electable with romney and-- >> romney has a number of liabilities as a candidate while he's probably more electable now it isn't clear to me that that's necessarily going to be the case for the long haul. >> and with all of this going on, gingrich is going to spend a lot of his time this coming week, jamie, in south carolina. >> jamie: peter doocy live in
10:35 am
washington. peter, thank you. >> kelly: an update now on the black friday pepper spray incident at a los angeles area wal-mart. we told, but it earlier. and fox news confirming now that a woman who allegedly used pepper spray to get an advantage over fellow shoppers has turned herself in. this is video shot during that incident, the woman, whose identity has not been released could face battery charges and 20 shoppers suffered minor injuries in that incident. >> jamie: hard to believe the length people went to get the goods at a good price, but turned out to be really good for stores. the early numbers are in on holiday shopping and sales seeing a jump this season even with our struggling economy. online shoppers, well, those sales have soared 20% weeks' not even at cyber monday. what sort of impact will this have and take more than one good black friday to get out of the red? here now to break down the numbers. chief bell point asset
10:36 am
management. good to see you. >> jamie: did you partake. >> i did not. >> jamie: most people wait until monday, but the sales even online started on thursday. >> i'm not surprised at the online numbers, that's getting better every year, and it's convenient, it's cheaper, and for a lot of people like me, that's where i'm going to turn. >> jamie: what does it mean for us? will there be more hiring, let's say, for example, and do the sales have to continue beyond the holiday weekend in order to really boost the economy? >> really, you know, jamie, a strong holiday season it's really one leg of the stool and i suspect a strong black friday, it's probably a bit overdone. the discounting was quite heavy, and in some cases once in a lifetime pricing, and it's going to be interesting to see how, how profitable these sales are at the end of the quarter and how big the margin cut is. >> jamie: how bad after situation were some of the major retailers in or were they doing steadily okay, up
10:37 am
till this weekend? >> i think even up till this weekend, it's been decent. and i think, obviously, you know, the holiday season is all important. and, but let's be clear here, you know, our economy is struggling, and we tail sales are certainly important, but we're flying close to stall speed, but nevertheless, we're in the air, there are other issues outs there dragging down this economy. >> jamie: i can guess at some of those, but why don't you tell me and if we're seeing the boost in retail sales, will we see it, for example, in housing? >> i think that ousting is a long way off. i think there are three things that are holding back the economy. horrific headlines coming out of europe, basically a dysfunctional government here in the united states, and there's a total absence of job growth. until those three items are off the front page, our economy is really just going to muddle along and we're going to probably have to look to beyond maybe the election to see much relief. >> jamie: the obama administration would argue
10:38 am
wsome jobs are created. >> i'm sure that's true, but many jobs are also being lost and we're, we're hovering like i said, at close to stall speed. we need more than that. and you know, i did a survey amongst our clients many of whom are strong business leaders and they're saying, they're holding back and they'd like to expand, but their concern about a lack of direction out of government and we can clearly see that everywhere. and they're uncertain and when they're uncertain they don't make decisions and don't spend money. >> jamie: what's the future of mom and pops? >> i think mom and pops will always have a future if they have an enterprising perhaps new product. but, obviously, big retailers have driven them out of business for years and will probably continue to do so, but if you've got a new idea you can develop it and many in fact are doing so. >> david nelson, thank you so much. happy hunting to those brave enough to go out there. >> kelly? >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. we're now just learning at
10:39 am
that pakistan has ordered the u.s. to vacate an air base in the country within 15 days. the decision coming after reports of a deadly n.a.t.o. air strike, pakistani officials claimed killed dozens of their soldiers, as we mentioned earlier, pakistani officials have already cut off a vital supply route for american troops stationed in afghanistan. we will keep you updated on the very latest in this breaking story. >> jamie: well, it's top speed is over 230 miles per hour, but we're not recommending that and it's got a price tag of nearly 2 million dollars. it's called the zenvo st 1. it's coming to america and so gary gastelu got into the passenger seat in this week's car report. >> when you think of the words denmark and transportation, visions of well dressed people riding bicycles around copenhagen comes to mind. this might change that. this is a 1250 horsepower
10:40 am
super car with limited top speed of 233 miles per hour. it's coming to america. powered by a turbo and super charged 7 liter v-8, wrapped in a carbon fiber body. the highly individualized zenvo staggering 1.8 million dollars. surprisingly, there are a lot of million dollars sports car. who is going to buy one of these? >> i don't know if they'll buy it instead of. because the potential customer for this car, they probably have at least, a couple of the others. so, it's collectors or people who want to try for-- >> what is it about this car that makes it stand out from that sort of competition? >> the client should say, and top speed of a horsepower or anything else, for us it was the look ever the car. we want today bring back, some of the you, know, crazy from the superstars, what looks
10:41 am
like super cars. >> pretty much handmade and specifically designed for car. if i buy this and need to get it fixed, for rhea pairs or you're able to do that. >> the two years warranty on the car and we'll have what we call flying-- pick up the phone and say, listen something wrong with my car i need it serviced or whatever we fly in to service the car so the customer doesn't have to do anything. >> if you're interested you might want to act quickly only 15 of these will ever be built and three of them are coming to the united states. one red and one white and bone blue. very patriotic. >> jamie: you didn't say it comes in red. sign me up! >> if you want to learn more about it, go to fox car >> kelly: a big zen. there are new developments in the robbery scheme that went on. what police it ohio just found that they're now linking to the case. a live report straight ahead.
10:42 am
i think it's a matter of time before they find more bodies. i think it's probably something he they started a while ago. and it just took one guy to get away and put a stop to it. looking good! you lost some weight.
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>> police in ohio discovering two new bodies that may be connect today a deadly craigslist robbery scheme. one was found in summit county and the other in noble county. and investigators are now trying to determine if these victims are linked to the death after man who answered a phony job listing. julie banderas live in the new york news room with more details. >> kelly, the two new discoveries could bring the death toll to three in total and investigators are not sure if there are more victims out
10:47 am
there undiscovered. according to the fbi, a body found friday in a shallow grave near a mall in akron may be that of a missing man who answered the ad and a sheriff in rural county later in the day, the body of a white unidentified male was found in a shallow grave about 90 miles away. the fbi is investigating. >> and searching the whole area and collecting any evidence, and making sure that we're not leaving anything behind. >> investigators suspect the body found near akron may be that of 47-year-old timothy kern. who hasn't been seen in more than a week. and kern answered that same ad for a farmhand that authorities say led to the shooting death of a 51-year-old norfolk, virginia resident in an area south of akron. a south carolina man reported answering the ad and being shot on november 6th and escaped and alerted authorities. two people are in custody. 52-year-old richard beasley seen here in jail on unrelated
10:48 am
charges and a high school student who has been charged with attempted murder. according to police, beasley was looking for an older, single or divorced person to watch over a 688 acre farm in southeast, ohio, someone who wouldn't easily be reported as missing. all three victims were divorced. the men were asked to fill out application for the $300 a week job and turns out the farm advertised craigslist does not exist. lawmakers released few details because of a gag order from a job. if you have any information, contact the fbi as cleveland office with that. back to you. >> kelly: thank you for the update. >> jamie: fascinating new study out finding what you weigh may have a major effect on your chance of survival if you have surgery. now, you may think it's if you're heavy. we have a surprise for you. what you need to know in our medical a-team segment. that's next. [ courier ] the y of whether bovine heart tissue can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise.
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>> you know, we all know the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet and life style. but could being underweight put you the at risk after surgery. >> jamie: that's unbelievable after all we ate at thanksgiving. individuals who are
10:53 am
underweight have a 40% risk of dying after surgery compared to those overweight or normal weight. and here chief of division mount sigh nier, doctor, member of the a-team. le dpit? >> i was surprised when i reed this and it's interesting, even the authors that found this were surprised with the news. let's first define exactly what is skinny and overweight. in surgery what we use, body mass index. weight in kilograms divided by hate and if you or your body mass index is less than 25 that's considered normal weight. between 25 and 29 you're overweight and over 30 it's called obese, personally as a surgery, when i see a person with obese, i'm more worried because blood clots and clots
10:54 am
to the lungs. patients have body mass index less than 23, really, really skinny people out there are high risk at death after surgery within the the first 30 days after surgery by 40%. >> jamie: what happens? it's harder to operate on a person that has fat, isn't it. >> that's true. i think hypothesis, they may be malnourished. some of the the patients have can and may be immuno compromised and risk factor such as diabetes. most are these are colorectal or abdominal surgery and as much as they minimize the amount surgery, there's he trauma to the body and some malnourished some of the patients that are really like low he weight, you have to be careful. what's the message to the doctors? i think the art of medicine is not to operate on everyone, it's to really select your patients very carefully.
10:55 am
you put them through extra tests, to find out if they're really set for surgery or not and you've heard me say this to some of my patients before. you're not a good candidate for surgery, i'm not going to operate on you and you have to choose and pick which would be having a good outcome and not. so-- >> if your doctor doesn't do that though, what are your recommendations? >> i'm sorry. >> jamie: what if your doctor doesn't ask those questions? and refuse to operate. >> a good point. one of the reasons why you need to talk and get second opinions and always, there's robotic surgery. if you don't make any decision, it's-- >> that's right, you're the chief robotic-- and i hear you saying you can be too thin and you can be too obese. >> that's very true. we're talking about very, very skinny. the body mass index of less than-- very skinny so the risk of complications during the surgery in skinny patients are really high. the answer is not to go out and gain weight, 20 pounds before the operation. exactly what jamie said, talk
10:56 am
to your doctor, find out if you're a good patient to go for surgery, what do you have to-- what do you have to do to anticipate in preparation for operation, that's really the key, interesting finding. >> jamie: very. >> and i think the authors were surprised by this. >> jamie: a better idea, stay healthy before you need surgery. >> kelly: or go to dr. robotic surgery. >> jamie: thank you, doctor, appreciate it. >> thank you, jamie. >> kelly: that will do it for us, aim kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. so much more on the fox news channel. the journal editorial report is next and we'll see you next time, have a great day. >> kelly: bye-bye. [ male announcer ] wake up, sleepyheads. there are tools to be had. this weekend, the sawdust-makers, the hole-drillers, and the get-it-done machines all cost less. a lot less. so let's load them in our sleighs and call them by name. on ryobi. on dremel. on dewalt and makita.
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