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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 26, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> the first of three american students arrested and they are back on u.s. soil tonight. and the nba a deal worth millions to start playing on christmas day. perhaps the winner all of the average americans who can now go back to work. i am harris faulkner, we are live as fox reports . pakistan. punishing the u.s. after a nato air strike flares the strained ties. >> this incident had implications. how the latest fall out could
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affect the troops in afghanistan and drones searching for terrorist . the woman who pepper sprayed a crowd of shoppers turns herself in. >> and your eyes are not fooling you, this is a person flying in formation with jets. tonight ride along jetman's latest stunt. >> new fall out with a deadly air strike in pakistan blamed on nato. they are told to leave the air base in 15 days. they are closing the crossing that is used for the troops. this in retalation for the deaths of two dozen pakistani soldiers.
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the pakistan military is stationed there to keep taliban militants to stay away from the border. it is likelyy to that coalition air strikes caused the casulties. if confirmed it would be the deadliest one since the beginning. >> here's the reaction. pakistani government cannot tolerate such actions with the army. we'll take it up in the forum. we will not only protest but prove that the talibani government cannot tolerate such kind of actions this is a blow to the u.s.. and molly what has been the nato response. >> hi, harris, the helicopters and fighter jets were called
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in by afghan and coalition troops. general wants a thorough investigation and offers his sympathy. >> he expresses his condollences to the familis and loved ones to any member of the pakistan security forces that may have been killed or injured. >> general jacobson said it happened in pakistan and afghanistan where the border is not always clear. >> i read and talked about the border confusion. pakistan is disputing that that played any role in this attack. >> a spokesman insists that nato should have had information on the military checkpoints that were attacked. major general arthur said when the other side said there is a doubt about it, there is no
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doubt about it. the army posts were clearly inside of the pakistan territory. and that is what nato will try to determine in the investigation according to one military analyst. >> where were the pakistanies and afghans and where were they directed in the ordinance. if all of those come out okay. it is an error of judgment. if the bombs didn't land where it is supposed to land, it is it an error in technology. and a white house spokesman said civil and military officials were in touch with pakistani counter parts and express our commitment to the u.s.-pakistan partnership. harris. >> molly, thank you. >> and former vice chief-of-staff of the army and retired four star generall jack key will join us. beilget his insight on many
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things and including what it could mean for the military operation in afghanistan. and thousands of u.s. marines are expected to leave afghanistan next year. according to general amos, the commandant of the marine corp said the number of marines will drop marketedly and the taliban stronghold in 2012 and the role of those who stay will shift from countering the insurgent to train advising security forces. he has begin a series of pep talks. and that is as much as two years before the december 24th deadline a year ago for troops to leave. fox news. it is america's election headquarters and gop candidate newt gingrich dominating the spotlight and pushing gingrich to the top of the pack and a
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support by vores and signaling it is anyone's race and all of this as a republican rival goes on the attack and calling him out on a key campaign issue and where he stands on the immigration issue. peter. >> congressman michele bachmann came at newt gingrich with guns blazing and saying that the ideas he laid out in the 2004 wall street editorial journal where he wanted to keep a door open with the will and heart to those who get here equals amnesty. >> obama couldn't get amnesty in through the congress. the american people were opposed to it newt gingrich was forefor it. he came out with the policy that he stands for amnesty for illegal alyeans. >> newt gingrich's will said
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the congresswoman is lying or does not understand immigration reform. either way it is sad to see from a presidential candidate. and gingrich does not support amnesty. he had the biggest crowd in florida. 750 strong and pollsters said romney is the front runner, gingrich could be the one to knock him out of first place. romney does have a number of liabilities as a candidate and so while he's more electable now, it isn't clear to me that that's necessarily going to be the case for the long hall. >> and the former speaker and current threat to mitt romney rush rush will spend half of the week in south carolina. >> peter, there is a deadly showdown between the government and its own people. the arab league stepped up pressure to end the deadly crack down on protestors.
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the 22 nation league working to put economic punishments in place. and decision on the heels of the government and stalled response to a piece deadline and that puts observer in the country. and the 4,000 people have died in four months of uprising . a major breakk through in the nba lock out. will it mean game on. >> and it is a man who answered the craig's list ad for a job found dead. investigators say he's not the only victim. what police are doing to find the killer behind the murderous scheme. >> and a message for occupy protestors there. you don't have to go home. you can just stay here. coming up, preparing for eviction. los angeles style .
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right now three american colleges out of egypt is in the united states. and gregly philip areiched. a friend said the family is thrilled he is home. the three students catching a flight out of cairo today. we spoke with joy sweeny, the mother who said she is estatic and plans to cook a dinner. they were studying in the american university in cairo. they were accused of throwing fire bombs in a massive protest in tahir square. and the latest on egypt's
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second uprising this year coming up. and right now, the guys are coming home. >> and a man who responded to a job posting on craig's list turns up dead. a medical examiner i'ving him. he was buried in a shallow grave in a mall and acron edgar allen poe. howeverhours later officers discovered another body. and a south carolina man a third victim. he applied and was shot when he showed up for work and later managed to get away. two people are in custody tonight as the f.b.i. is
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investigating the shooting and 16 year old is held . a man held on one million dollars bond. beesely was looking for a older single divorced person to watch over the farm. someone who would not be easily reported missing. timothy kearn's body was identified today with multiple gunshot wounds. he had answered a craig's list adfor a farm hand. he turned to craig's list to provide for his family. >> he told me, that he wanted to better himself to get a good job. and where he can support and get the kids things they wanted. >> that ad, authorities say led to the shooting death of a 51 year old norfolk virginia residents.
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a white unidentified male was found in a grave. they were asked to fill out an application for the $300 a week job. but the farm substaniate exist. others are thankful someone alerted authorities. there is very few details because of a gag order in the investigation. it is unclear how long it was on line or if there were more victims out there. and if you information, contact the f.b.i.'s cleveland office. harris. >> nba owners and players are close to saving the season. we are learning that they found a way to end the lock out. after months was negotiations they reached a tentative deal over how to handle the revenue. we are told they are ready to get back to business as usual.
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on you the literally thousands of people who are dependent upon the playing of our games and arenas and parking lotts and restaurants in the stadium. and we resolved that despite even bumps this evening, that is the greatest good required us to knock ourselves out and come to understanding. >> the most important key thing here is that our fans and the support from the people and the patience through a large part of the process. you know, that is where the goes to. >> still bumpy tonight they are saying. david stern and the union director billie hunter said they are confident it can be approved and if that is the ways, they would start their
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season on christmas day. the playiers are not the only ones unemployed in the lock out. thousands of seasonal jobs in arenas across the nation were lost. we hope they will come back. >> the potential agreement got the president's seal of approval. he gave a quick thumbs up after shooting the hoops. they went to marry lanted and caught a college basketball game. he his brother in law is a coach there. >> they are coming prepare ed for the mad dash on friday. how hane were prepared about this and now the follow up on a woman who pepper strayed a crowd. all of that to get to item she craved. new word she turned herself in to police and what the police
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>> a woman accused of firing pepper spray to beat back other black friday shoppers surrenders to the police. this was the scene after the doors opened in the los angeles area walmart. the store brought out a crate discounted video players and the crowd formed aroundd them. the woman's identity began
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spraying people to give an advantage. the accused pepper sprayer turned herself in. but the police let her go. we understand that she could face battery charges. >> and competive shoppers not the only stackle. protestors taking theirr message to store in san francisco. they are facing off with the demonstrators. they are spreading an anti-consumer message and telling shoppers to avoid corporate retailers. they say major store chains is part of the one percent. and protest caused massive traffic jams in frann fran. >> perhaps they would be happy with the theme. small business saturday. the goal to encourage people to help mom and pop shops and
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even president obama took it to heart. they attended a college basketball game. he took his daughters to a locall book store not far from the white house. early indication is looking pretty good. initial returns for blackk friday shows sales are up this yearr. shopper track that gathers data said retail sales were up and buyers spending 11.4 billion bucks and biggest amount ever spent on black friday. occupy protestor in one part of the nation on the verge of eviction. midnight monday for people to pick up the tents and leave city hall park there. 485 tents take up the grassy areas next to the building and
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the mayor said it is time to go. >> from the start, weaversaid a long-term encampment is not sustainable in the city hall park. this is true for public health, public safety and security of the encampment itself. it is time to close the park and repair the grounds so that we can e tore public acess to the park. >> did you hear the shout back from the people in the room and peculiarly for you. >> and the tents have been this 50 days now. >> turning to the fast and operation and the impact on gun laws. it is a botched gun trafficking program. a lot of those weapons went missing and briantery was murdered last december in
4:25 pm
arizona. it is dividing them in a weapon floe over the border. william in life for us in los angeles. wiliamm? >> this began when one agency blew the whistle it is a washington and democrat cover up. they blame the lack of gun laws. 38,000 dead in mexico. whose fault is it. >> so many of the guns, come from these gun stores on the border. >> they blame the lax gun laws and republicans blame the cartels and obama administration for helping to arm them. >> that is gun trafficking that may have been the approximate cause of the death. >> there is new life to an old
4:26 pm
debate. democrats said cent accept percent of the guns come from the u.s.. and we know the guns go in thes of the cartels and we have how they are used. and it it is not the total number recovered. it shows that they are duplicates and they suggest they may come from u.s. military sales in the 1980s . gun stores fea that the administration condoned fast and furiouss as a pretext to regulate sales. >> president obama is working for gun control with alternative methods. >> i hope this is not one of them. >> and democrats down lay play the scandal . they are requesting many
4:27 pm
implicated in washington. >> and thank you very much. fox top story. u.s. military told to vacate a drone base. pakistan sending the u.s. a strong message after a newuation escalates the attention. and what it could mean. soaring in formation with jet. he's not in the plane, people. how fast is he going.
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>> ties between united states and pakistan said to be in a crisis point. it happened on the border of afghanistan. at least two dozen pakistani soldierrs killed. nato investigating the incident and said it is it likelyy that coalition soldiers are responsible for the hit. pakistan said it is unprevoked. and shutting down the major supply routes and ordering u.s. troop to vacate an air base in 15 days in
4:32 pm
southwestern pakistan. the white house issued a statement affirming its commitment to a partnership with pakistan and expressing a desire to figure out what happened. for more on this. i am joined by retired four star generall jax king. thank you for being here tonight. c>> good to see you. >> nato saying it is investigating. why does this happen? >> they are mistakes of war and devastating as any act of war can be. it is demoralizing. and because it is a loss of life. and huge suffering that we take place. they will get to the bottom of it. but it is devastating
4:33 pm
c-- and an army chief said the attack is unacceptable and what does that mean? he's pointing the finger and using harsh rhetoric and it accents what is happening between pakistan and the united states. and that simply is, we have a deteriorating relationship between the two countries. highway trimental is the supply route. we node to get supplies in to our troops. in the near term it will not impact whatsoever we have reserves and if it continues on for weeks and months. it would impact and we would have to form a air bridge and
4:34 pm
rely on the europe route which is more expensive . they have done this to us in the past and the friendly fire incidents like this. and after a period of time and after we apologized and the investigation determines what the facts are. they put it back in operation. we'll put the case aside. it existed before the incident and after the killing of namely osama bin laden . how complicated are things. >> our government officials are literally fed up with the denials and lies that they are not aiding and abetting the sanctuaries in pakistan which attacks occur on a daily basis
4:35 pm
in afghanistan. we know they are providing the training and money and a safe haven in which stoconduct the attacks. and you may ask yourself why are they doing it? they don't believe we are going to see it through in afghanistan. cwe violated their sovereignty and did not ask their permission because they are not trusted. and we are frustrated that he lived there five crors and anybody looking at that situation knows that couldn't have happened would you say
4:36 pm
the pakistan military leadershiping aware of that. >> and your history and combat and strategy, general, how much do we need pakistan. if you can't trust them do you need them? >> it is a country of stradgic consigence. they are a large plus lim and have over 111 nuclear weapons. and so we need a relationship with pakistan and i think what is happening, the conditions are changing before our eyes. and it is a soft diplomatic approach with pakistan in the pated. you we should be stepped up and forcing them to admittt
4:37 pm
and set the conditions on this relationship. we provide a significant amount of military and civilian aid. >> that is the talk with the republican candidates. i think it will be opened once we determine the facts of the situation. we'll try to put it back on a even keel. but we'll have huge fiction with the pakistan thereto ies. >> thank you, sir,
4:38 pm
they were arrested in egypt and appears to be the country's second uprise: they are battling for count control. protestors are not happy with the men from the cabinet to be prime minister.
4:39 pm
it came from behind and ran over him twice. by the time we picked him up. it was overr. >> 41 were killed since last saturday. >> muslim brotherhood hasn't been protesting because they are expected to use the army to end the untrest. >> numbers are not as as earlier in wuke. >> - on week. >> and dead low day in iraq and a famous protest in u.s. and south korea. irack, 15.killed and ay series of discussion.
4:40 pm
three bombs can two others dent the >> and south korea. more than 2000 protestors charbing with police in central seoulangered for the fe fretrade. and saying it favors america. use -- australia, a brush fire destroyed 40 homes . heavy rain causing deadly flooding and a three year old boy drawning after getting swept down the storm rain. >> venezuela, shipments of gold.
4:41 pm
and first guarding the conwoy. a missing mother of the three was harbing it out with herex. and now authorities are looking for her. the latest on the search coming up. >> and same time next year. beautiful bald eagles returns to their sport. ♪ [ knock on door ] coo you found it. wow. nice place. ye. [ chuckles ]
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>> a mission to mars underway. lift off withat las five with curiosity and conclude about life on mars. >> i wonder who writes for that guy. love his voice. >> and it blasted off from the kennedy space center. the robotic recovery nicknamed curiosity. it is expected to cover more than 350 million miles and when it arrives, the labratory that is about the size of the car will look for proof that mars may have been once or suitable for life. a mom who appears on people's court missing for a week. our top story on fox trip across america. florida, a weekend only deal
4:46 pm
from an anonymous donor offering a $50,000 for michele parker's safe return by sunday this as the search for the 33 year old mom continues in orlando. >> i am a mother of two children and this could have been any one of us. >> parker last seen on people's court and fighting with her exfiance. she vanished the same day. police have not named suspects. >> missouri, a dangerous day on the water for one man whose boat took on a beating on a lake outside of st. louis. >> it was a quick sail and got a gust of wind and rolled over. they rescued him and pulled the bow upright and toing it back to show. >> and bald eagles returns to
4:47 pm
the same situation in witchita. they are preparing to mate. why did they go back yearav year. >> they fell secure with the trees or body of water or maybe bird love. >> utah, a wild thanksgiving and annual feast and we are told that casey act cyst urging them to brush up. >> would you administrator business. he, he is making knowy. i upon it the i did not know
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jetman soaring over the alps few feet away from the real deal. it was four engines strapped to his back and jumpping from a helicopter and free falling in formation with a team of real jets and reaching speeds of 150 miles per hour. he is 51 years old and using his body to perform students in midair. the latest on the impressive list of feats hurling over the
4:52 pm
grand canyon and crossing the england channel. >> a man trying to get in the booming do nut industry. i didn't know there was one. >> alisia has the story. >> it may look like a fried piece of hen to you or road to clogged arteries. it is working. >> i went from banker's hour to armani and levies. he had had enough and one day told maureen they were making a change. >> and it is just very surprised. >> what do they know about doughnuts. i don't know. we'll figure it out. >> they figured purchasing an established 25 year old business and a large clientele was a good start and they did
4:53 pm
a little retail and it on stand out in a eight billion a year industry they had to go big. >> honey maple and prestel and peanut butter and jelly. and while the learning curve was huge. for all of the fancy treats. folks like tradition. >> they got to have the staples and glaze. >> don't bother saying you are one of those people who want to eat the do nuts. they are fibbing when they say that. when this is in front much you. you will eat it. >> he learned a lot about the food business in his dad's grocery stores. >> it fares well in tough times. >> it is an opportunity to build something they say. there is less sleep and more smiles. >> i am not letigous.
4:54 pm
it is a warning. >> in green wood village colorado. fox news. >> and a quick programming note for you. tomorrow, chris wallace will talk to two senate leaders about a failure of super perportion. and when thea be could not agree on cutting spending. and democrat senator dick durbin and john kyle will join them for a time. >> white house reacting to the deadly air strike in pakistan. two dozen troops are dead and now pakistan is retaliating. and plus, this man told to cut the calories. by a judge.
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>> it is not easy to slim down in the holiday season unless you have a reason like this man in florida. threnn year old george mccovery if he lostt weight from his 340 pound frame he could get out. he got out nine days ahead of schedule. he said the tasteless prison. and the judge's lose a pound a day worked, too. >> and recapping our fox top stories. white house expressing condollences with pakistan and offering. pakistan saying they were killed in a nato air strike as a result they have cut off vital air routes and use troopps are ordered to leave a base within 15 days and one of three american students
4:59 pm
arrested in cairo is back home now. gregory porter landed in philly airport. he and the students were accused of throwing fire bombs in the protesting in tahir square. the other students left on separate flights . on this day in 1942, classic world war ii casablanca premiers here in new york stee. city. it is a freedom fighter turned court. he is forced between helping her and saving himself. they didn't expect it to be a success. but won three academy awards and one of the most greatest and quotable movies of all time it was a beginning of a beau


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