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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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going to be here. >> dave: harold and kumar. >> alisyn: you have a little something, right here. right here. join us for the "after the show" show. >> eric: a "fox news alert," escalating following the alleged nato airstrike in pakistan, u.s. relations left hanging in the balance this morning. protests are erupting in the streets of pakistan, as they mourn the deaths of two dozen soldiers killed in the apparent attack. angry crowds shouting, down with america. good morning, everyone, on this sunday morning, i'm eric sean and welcome to america's news amie: i'm jamie colby,gonger wh happening in pakistan, they've closed off two main border crossings, cutting off the central supply routes for our troops in afghanistan. there are now hundreds of nato trucks, left stranded and they are vulnerable to militant attacks because they are sitting there.
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take a look. now, pakistan also booting the u.s. from an airbase that has been used to service drones and despite the measures, some believe pakistan has not gone far enough. >> this... the reaction was not enough. we've taken enough abuse from u.s. and nato a we have taken enough insult and now we have also, now, had injury, big time and i think, there is a time, one says, okay, enough is enough. >> jamie: peter doocy live in washington with the latest. concern weather a capital-c this morning. >> reporter: and the last hour a spokesman for isap, international security assistance force said the ground lines of communication with pakistan now are closed and because of the area, how it is and how dangerous the area is, the cross-border attack, where it took place, close
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communication lines only benefit the bad guys. -- closed communication lines only benefit the bad guys. >> this is the area where terrorists are operating and terrorists operating on either side of the border, use it for safe havens and use it for migrating across the border and for firing at us as well, as at the pakistani forces. so, it is a vile area, dangerous area andds to complications or lack of communication in this part of the world... >> reporter: long lines of the supply trucks backed up at the borders, closed in two key places would be easy targets for insurgents and the brigadier general says it is important to return to normality and reestablish communications with pakistan as soon as possible, hillary clinton and leon panetta offered pakistan their condolences but pakistan said we
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need to stop flying drones out of a key base in their country and, jon kyl said if they do that, we should think of stopping giving them money. >> there's a lot of diplomacy that has to occur and it has to be tough in the sense they need to understand that our support for them, financially, is dependents upon their cooperation with us. but, it's not the kind of situation where you can just cut off all assistance, because we do need their support in the region. >> reporter: and, jamie, the latest information we have is that the investigation is ongoing but there is no timetable for how long it will take. >> jamie: or how long they'll be sitting there, the trucks with supplies, thank you, peter, live in washington and the question, what could pakistan's decision to cut off the nato supply route mean for the war in afghanistan? nato currently ships nearly half of the nonlethal supply for the troops in afghanistan through pakistan and the u.s. the largest member of the nato forces there, 30% of our nonlethal supplies will pass
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through pakistan and, they need to get through and those supplies, nonlethal ones are things like fuel and clothing and spare parts and food. for our troops. eric? >> eric: jamie, the alleged nato attack pushing already strained u.s. relations with pakistan further. the white house vowing to work with pakistan, to find out why nato allegedly fired on the military checkpoint, but, just how much damage has been done by the debacle? and what does it mean, going forward for our often strained relations with the pakistanis? joining us now as he does every sunday, this time is fox news contributor and former united states ambassador, to the united nations john bolton, ambassador, good morning. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> we heard from a pakistani analyst who brands the attack, quote, premeditated murder and says pakistan has taken enough abuse and insult and injury from the u.s. an nato and shouldn't he talk about the taliban instead of blaming americans. >> the analyst was
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completely wrong and it was obviously an accident but you can see the feelings inside pakistan when you have people who say that and are respected and will get picked up in the press and shows the kind of feeling in the population, that we need to be concerned about, because, if that feeling expresses itself in elections, works its way up through the military, we could see the whole country go in the wrong direction, which would not only be a problem, respecting the supply of nato forces in afghanistan, but, would have very bad implications for pakistan's nuclear weapons arsenal. >> eric: we talk about our relations with them. in the pakistan observer this morning, there is a headline that says u.s., a friend and an enemy. talk about those feelings... are they legitimate at all, when you have these type of tragedy? >> well, look, it is a tragedy, and, we have apologized for it and we are trying to find out what happened and the pakistani military should, although it
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won't, stand up and say it is a terrible tragedy and we expect the americans to acknowledge it, but, we're going to go on, because of our common interest. the fact they are not saying that. neither the civilian nor the military side of the pakistani government, shows they are intimidated fight feeling and, that is why, while it is tempting for many people to say we ought to throw the pakistanis over the side and stop giving them aid and the rest of it, as long as the country has nuclear weapons that could fall into the hands of radicals and be a threat worldwide they have got incredible leverage and that is why i agree with senator kyl and i think we need much more extensive diplomacy than we have had and it has to be a presidential-level priority and can't be focused as he is far too often on domestic policy exclusively and needs to get into the mix here, along with the secretaries of state and defense. >> eric: do you believe it is a presidential priority or president obama. >> no, i don't think he's focused on anything in that part
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of the world, other than withdrawing american forces from afghanistan as soon as possible. i think he'd just as soon find a way to declare victory and get out. and i think it is a -- symbolic of his failure to understand the threat of nuclear proliferation, obviously here in the case of radicals taking control of pakistan and his inability to constrain iran and deal effectively with north korea. it is a kind of walking past the graveyard for our country, that we need to correct and sooner rather than later. pakistan is a good place to start. >> eric: you have a lot of experience in the issue, the secretary of state for nuclear armaments and proliferation. how vulnerable are the pakistani nuclear arsenal and we heard michelle bachmann talk about six attacksdiscredit. >> a small number of nuclear weapons, falling into the hands of terrorists or being taken off of pakistani basis, though that
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is not a trivial prospect. i'm more worried about the entire cray falling under the control of radicals, pakistan, taliban, al qaeda or radicals inside of the military. because, then, once that happens, whatever the status of the physical security of the weapons, politically, they have fallen into the wrong hands and all of our fears about a nuclear iran become immediate, with nuclear pakistan under radical control. >> eric: and, finally you talk about the fear of that. but, look at their react as you point out, they are not saying we're going forward and going to investigate this in good faith, they are cutting off supply lines and they want to kick us out of the drone base and what type of reaction is that and what does it say about the friendship with pakistan? >> well, it is a bad reaction, and the only good news i can see there, they've cut off the supply lines many times in the past and this is not the first
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time, our forces do have stockpiles on the afghan side of the border. it is obviously something that needs to be corrected but there is no immediate concern. with rec to the drone base, at least some american officials have said, anonymously they haven't used the base for drones in some months, i don't think that is particularly difficult at this point, but if the pakistanis don't find a way to deal with these situations without the government itself attacking the united states, our relationship with them can only get more and more difficult. >> eric: and there's last words of warning from ambassador john bolton, ambassador, thank you so much, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> jamie: to egypt, now, three american students arrested during protests there are home this morning and speaking out about their week-long ordeal. 19-year-old derek sweeney and gregory porter along with 21-year-old luke gates were all accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces. fighting with protesters in
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cairo's tahrir square and this morning sweeney told "fox & friends" he and his friends were threatened and tor insured. >> we were threatened with force-feeding gasoline, hit in the face, back of the neck, had our jackets and shirts pulled over our heads so we couldn't see where we were goin and ultimately spent 7 hours, in the fetal position, with our hands handcuffed behind our backs, while people with guns stood behind us and said if we moved that we'd be shot. >> jamie: they are home and, meanwhile, egypt's military ruler is warning of extremely grave consequences if the current political crisis doesn't end there. the warning coming as another massive demonstration gets under way, just one day before the start of parliamentary elections, the protesters want the military to hand over power to civilian leaders, before any elections are even held. and back here at home, in
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america's election headquarters, g.o.p. presidential candidate newt gingrich landing a major endorsement from the highly influential new hampshire newspaper, the manchester union leader. it is knuhis first big endorsem since the surge in the polls and suggests the former house speaker could be competition for mitt romney in the first-of-the-nation primary seen as a must win for mitt romney. and, david drucker joins us. good morning. how big a deal is this? >> for somebody like newt, who's coming on and wants to be the not mitt romney, but the consensus not mitt romney where everybody is auditioning for the role i think it is a boost for him and maybe can create the kind of momentum he needs to convince people to drop the other candidates and coalesce behind him. on the other hand, the union leader rarely picks the winner of the new hampshire primary, so, it might not mean much at the end of the day.
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>> jamie: this particular endorsement is in a state, the first primary state. how much attention -- that is in january, how much attention do you think voters there will pay to the endorsement coming at this time? >> well, they'll pay some attention and the endorsement gets a lot of publicity and a lot of play. the thing about newspaper endorsement, most voters don't care what newspapers think. and, look i work for a newspaper, but they just don't tend to care. i think the only reason it could matter for newt in particular is the timing. nobody who has challenged mitt romney to get every -- get all of the other votes, to be the conservative alternative, to mitt romney, has had any staying power. and, maybe this is the kind of thing that can make people think that he is for real. he also needs to raise a lot of money and translate the surge in the polls into campaign strength on the ground, nuts and bolts of campaigning and maybe it helps him but i don't think it should be overestimated, either. >> jamie: it differs from the polls in new hampshire, we have
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looked at, in terms of newt being that far ahead, in fact, mitt romney still doing well, but let's look at specifically what they said, because i think the words chosen are interesting. the paper in their endorsement says "we don't back candidates based on popularity polls or big-shot backers. we look for conservatives of courage and conviction, who are independent-minded, grounded in their core beliefs about their nation and its people and best equipped for the job. now, they admit there are certain things that newt did when he was speaker of the house they may have questions about but feel he's in the best position to get in there and get the job done the way the country sits right now. do you agree with their assessment? >> i think, there is certainly no more candidate, that is more knowledgeable or has a lifetime of experience as a conservative thinker, as a republican thinker, if you will, than newt gingrich. of all the candidates, he has been in public life in a sense just about the longest.
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and clearly has flaws, there are many concerns from republican circles he is not electable and maybe we'll beat barack obama in his state but will not be able to win the election and is often polarizing and could have trouble with the female vote given his past and he's not always the most likable guy in the world and may be in a sense the most consistent conservative out of the bunch running that doesn't necessarily mean he can actually end up in office doing conservative things, you know, you have to win in order to govern and i think that is the big question, with newt, can he overcome that hurdle? >> jamie: what i think is interesting, former president clinton came out in support of his position on illegal immigration which he took a lot of heat for in the last week. and seems to be getting traction in a number of areas and what does mitt romney need to do after the endorsement if he wants to maintain the lead he
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has seen in many polls. >> i don't think mitt romney needs to do anything different, everybody knows everything about him. that is both a blessing and a curse. they know everything about him and wherever he is in the polls, we're probably not going to learn something new to sink him on the other hand, we know everything about him and he's 25, 26% and, all he can be is who he is. somebody with a good private sector business background, that is very appealing, people really believe he knows what to do about the economy and they have questions about his conservatism and consistency and would he govern the way he campaigned and beyond trying to reassure people that he would, there is not much he can do. i wouldn't overreact to the newspaper endorsement. but i think the race in new hampshire will tighten and he'll have to make adjustments down the stretch. >> jamie: and we have a little bit of time to see what happens, between now and january. thanks. david, great to see you. >> you, too, thank you.
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>> eric: as you have heard, leading senators from both parties, sounding off about the latest blow to the u.s.-pakistani relations. senators dick durbin and jon kyl sit down with fox news sunday. coming up next, chris wallace will fill us in on what they said. in america, we believe in a future
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>> eric: america's relationship with the key ally in the the war on terror now, extremely tense. following reports a nato aircraft killed 24 pakistani soldiers, stationed near the afghan border, in an apparent accident. senators jon kyl, a republican and dick durbin, a democrat, on fox news sunday gave their take on where we go from here. >> a lot of diplomacy has to occur and it needs to be tough in the sense they need to understand, our support for them, financially is dependent upon their cooperation with us. but, it is note kind of situation where you can cut off all assistance because we need their support in the region. >> i think it is an argument from my point of view, moving us toward the day when or american soldiers come home. this is a terrible theatre we have been unable to find a clear path to reducing terrorism and have to leave it to afghan forces, to meet the challenge,
7:21 am
and bring american forces home. >> eric: joining us now is this anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: did you get a sense that diplomacy will work and the tensions we have had with pakistan that have had so serious can be assuaged or will it go downhill. >> our relationship with pakistan is stuff it cannot go downhill. you are not just talking about a country where, which provides a safe haven to some of the terrorists who come across the border and attack and kill americans. but, you can't ever forget this, they have a set of nuclear weapons and, if they fell into the wrong hands we are talking about the nightmare scenario for american national security and we can't just wash our hands of pakistan, you heard two different approaches, though, on the part of senator kyl, number 2 republican in the senate. he's talking about tough diplomacy, continued foreign
7:22 am
aid, staying engaged. on the part of dick durbin, pulling our troops out, a tough part of the world and i would suspect, though we didn't have time to go into full depth with senator durbin about that, even he'd say you can't wash your hands of pakistan. again, it is one of the most dangerous parts of the world and have the world's most destructive weapons. >> eric: what is your sense of what will happen. >> we'll find a way, i guess and muddle through. there is almost no alternative. to allow pakistan to completely cut off relations with gravely -- first of all, they have cut off at this point at least temporarily, shut down the two main supply routes from pakistan into afghanistan, and, nato gets 40% of the supply, and we can't allow that to happen, and, on the other hand, you know, as i say, once again, the nuclear weapons, so, they have to find
7:23 am
an answer somehow, but i suspect it will take tough diplomacy and a lot of apologizing for what teams to have been a tragic accident. the killing of more than two dozen pakistani soldiers, but, continued diplomacy and engagement and both as a carrot and as a stick, the use of u.s. foreign aid. >> eric: and sadly muddling through may be the watchword. chris, sounds like a fascinating interview. and with more on the interviews with senators durbin and kyle, tune into fox news sunday, airs at 2:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. eastern, right here, and, he has one of the presidential candidates, john huntsman of utah, is also on the program. >> jamie: i hope you had your apple today. they say an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but these days, most folks think you need to take a bill. can your multi-vitamin be that one? we'll tell you the truth about that, and, speaking of morning routines, did you have your cup
7:24 am
of joe in coffee may do more than you think, our medical a team explains next in "sunday house call." we'll be right back. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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♪ >> jamie: get outer pad and pen, because "sunday house call" starts right now with dr. samadi and dr. siegel. dr. david samadi, chief of row box at the mt. sinai medical center, i'll do a carol merrill, he's right here. >> eric: and dr. marc siegel at nyu's medical center and, author of "the inner pulse" unlock the secret code of sickness and health" and if you are carol merrill, did it date me with jay? >> jamie: i'm dating myself,
7:29 am
strike it from the record and i'm one of those people who needs a cup of coffee in the morning to get going. a new study finds drinking two or more cups a day can lower a woman's risk of developing uterine cancer. doctor, tell us about this. who wouldn't want to try that. >> it covers 67,000 women and is a great follow-up, they have about 26 years follow-up, which is incredible and you think who would fund a study like this and it is nih and we told about the fact, coffee can reduce the risk of cancer and, coffee, how many cups do you need, start counting, 1, 2, 3, 4 cups a day, the magic number in order to get the right amount of caffeine and we understand it is note caffeine that is causing it. antioxidants actually can interfere with estrogen and reduces it and reduces the rate of endometrial cancer and can
7:30 am
affect the insulin regulation and we have seen diabetes and depression and alzheimer's and so i like it. >> jamie: i see you like it. they drank all four. let me ask you, it sounds good, a lot of things coffee can benefit, is decaf also good enough, and, is it beneficial to men? >> first they look at 67,000 patients over two years and that is a big deal and, there is a study that says it is not as bad for us as we thought and it added decaffeinated coffee and they said, maybe it isn't the caffeine and maybe it's the antioxidants but the problem i have is, it is not a cause and effect and doesn't prove, if you drink, more than four cups a day, driven move that you will have endometrial cancer, and, as a practicing internist with people in my practice every day, who say, how much coffee should i drink, is it too much, for me,
7:31 am
four cups of coffee is way too much, it raises heart rate and blood pressure and is bad for your stomach and wherein i like that we are saying something good about coffee i'm not jumping to the conclusion -- take two a day. >> jamie: dr. siegel says four cups, dr. samadi, 2. >> the thing is, with milk we take milk and sugar and that is a lot of calories but with two cups, my friend, you will not get the full defendant of the coffee. if you take one or two you will only get 7% advantage and with 4 you get 25%, based on the study. >> but i would say, with 4 you get less caffeincaffeine. >> jamie: and heartburn. >> and we have caffeine issues with four cups of coffee, 400 milligrams of caffeine, too much.
7:32 am
>> eric: speaking of magic, how about a magic pill to make you invincible to the dangers of smoking, overeating and new research says people who take a daily multi-vitamin can do that. dr. seeka siegel, the flintston vitamins work? >> i don't think so. the study took place in taiwan and it was with smokers. now, the smokers i take care of already think they are invincible and the problem with smoking is you think i can keep smoking, maybe nothing will happen. this guy in taiwan says, go a step further and give smokers a multi-vitamin. and see if they think they are even more invincible and you know what happened, they smoked more. and were asked in a second study, are you smoking more because you think you are inv s invincible and they'll keep you safe and they answered yes. there is a myth somehow a multi-vitamin will make you healthier and david and i both
7:33 am
take supplements of some kind but, some vitamins are good for you, but in general, you get what you need from the food you eat. >> eric: should you take a multi-vitamin? you fell better thinking it will do some good. >> i personally take a multi-vitamin, because, you know, i worked hard and i'm under a lot of stress and multi-vitamins actually helps me, i may not get all the fruits and vegetables from the dietary, but, the prescriptions from my end, is coq-10, and fish oil and flax and multi-vitamins and that is my formula. vitamin d, we talk about a lot but the answer is, because you take the vitamins, it doesn't mean that you can just stop working out and start smoking and drinking. you have to do both. if you are not getting enough i think vitamins will help. some people, pregnant women need b 12 and vegetarians need vitamin b 12 and folic, it's. >> i disagree slightly. vitamin d, i agree, we both take that, coq-10:i'm for that also
7:34 am
and folate, also, but the mutt vitamin, not necessarily. and, vitamin b12 if you have a deficiency, you should be taking it and i think we physicians are under estimating the amount of b12 deficiency there is. >> eric: and don't forget, baby aspirin. >> jamie: taking the children's aspirin along with your flint stone chewables, eric? eric is so honest. new attention on how we deal with bacterial infections and viruses, a difference between the two. federal officials are warning decades old antibiotics we're used to may not be cutting it anymore. dr. samadi, you'll tell us about that. there is a difference between viral and bacterial? >> there is and for years we've used antibiotics to treat bacterial infections but, there is higher resistance now acase and the question is where are we going and the concept of nanotechnology, we are hearing about that and i believe covered it in the past, in detail.
7:35 am
what is nanotechnology. what i have is one of your hairs. and you can zoom in and i found it without... here's one hair, i have and could you puts it into 100,000 pieces, now we're talking about the nano meter, 10 to the minus-9, the federal level, the genetic level. why is that important? instead of giving antibiotics or chemotherapy for the system, we are talking about target therapy. using the nanoparticles that get into the bacteria or the cancer cells and then can, with infrared, see them and zap them, without removing it. it will change the future of medicine, and will change the future of surgery and we are excited about this. >> jamiedo we have it already. >> i agree with david, totally on this. it is brought to you by the same people that brought you penicillin in 1940, the department of defense. the right people to be studying
7:36 am
this and may need it in combat. you know what is exciting about this? it is targeted, antibiotics we're running out of use, and getting more and more resistance, and they target only the cell wall or certain proteins, bacteria figure it out, they figure out the combinations of the vault and you get resistance and we need a new technology and this uses genetics. sliced into the cell and goes right for the tissue that is affected and bam, you know, there is already a case of primates who had the ebola virus and were given nanotechnology and survived. this is an amazing technology. >> eric: when will it be available. >> they have been working on it 5-7 years and it is moving technology, and, for example, in diabetes, they are going to put nano pellets under the skin and, you can see your sugar level and, instead of injecting yourself with the needle. amazing technology.
7:37 am
>> five years for widespread use and before that, we may see certain use, this is the wave of the future. not science fixes. >> jamie: sun strand of fair, all of that information. thanks. >> eric: take a shot of those energy drinks? you know caffeine can land you in the emergency room, warnings about the dangers of those drinks before you gobble them down. >> jamie: and if you are one of those people, if you wake in the middle of the night, who doesn't and you can't get back to sleep? there is a sleep aid that turns out it doesn't help. we have details of a new kind of drug, that will give you that good night's sleep and the doctors are the ones that will bring it to you, when "sunday house call" continues, stay where you are. and, boy, are we in for a doozy.
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>> eric: back to sundays house call, the popularity of the nonalcoholic generally drinks, continue to skyrocket. have you ever had one? well, so do the problems with health, a new study finds emergency rooms, get this, are treating ten times more cases, and reactions to these energy drinks, and, dr. siegel, people take them to get a boost but what is happening. >> 13,000 case is a year. eric, the problem is caffeine and it is mostly teens as you say and people mix it with alcohol and drugs and that is -- i see it all the time, people think they can have energy drinks and monster rock star and red bull and maybe you can use it instead of coffee for a boost but it has a variable amount of caffeine in it and some have five times more than a cup of coffee. >> eric: some people, as you say, are mixing them and... >> the point of this is that a five ounce of coffee, will be about 80 to 100 milligrams of
7:43 am
caffeine and some of the drinks will give you 500 milligrams of caffeine and that is a lot and you are drinking coffee at the same time and next thing you know, heart rate is racing and you are dehydrated and that is really the big thing. i actually -- for the first time, it is true, for the first hour i was fine and started getting a rapid heart rate and, sweaty palms, almost like anxiety and it doesn't work well with me, especially with the four cups of coffee i have in addition. >> you don't know who has an underlying medical problem out there, you take this kind of caffeine, i don't want to scare anyone you could have a real problem. >> jamie: if you drink it before you go to bed you will not sleep but if you have problems going to sleep, there is the first of its kind sleeping drug that could hit the market, the fda approved it. if you wake in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. great news for a lot of people. >> it was approved by fda not
7:44 am
long ago and, is half of the pill ambien, for people waking in the middle of the night and the key is you need to have nor four hours left in your sleep before you take this. what i like about it, fda rejected it twice anded that to go back and figure out exactly what to do with it. they are worried about being drowsy the next day while driving. don't take it if you only have two more hours left. if you have four, that is the key, four hours left and the medication works well. >> jamie: you know what it is called. >> intermezzo, sexy sounding and you put it under your tongue, and don't swallow it. it only has been tested in 367 patients so far and the problems with the other ones, zopadin and what we call ambien caused people to walk in their sleep, sometimes and people would wake up cooking and don't know how they got there and we don't know if this will cause the same
7:45 am
problem. >> jamie: ask your doctor. >> eric: getting prostate surgery involves risks for patients but new research suggests the risk goes down if done at a specific hospital. a medical team will explain that, next. >> jamie: this woman going to extreme lengths to get plastic surgery at a cheap price, what was she thinking? the growing dangers of underground cosmetic surgeries, wait until you see the picture how it turned out. we'll show you, next.
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♪ >> eric: back with "sunday house call," new research on process indicate cancer finds better outcomes for people at teaching hospitals than private practice. how important is this. >> it is a landmark study in the field, previous studies have not shown that academic centers necessarily have the advantage in terms of outcome, you go there and you will get better. not necessarily. but i believe with a high technology like this, it has to do with where you can do the most cases and where you can hire the best people, and where you can use the most advanced techniques. now, i don't want to make my partner here blush, but, there is a reason that he has well over 3,000 cases and has an
7:50 am
incredible team working for him and does it himself and that is how you get' better outcome and i laugh when i see, the studies that say, this technique you live longer and, first of all, it is quality of life and it depends who you go to, the art of medicine and in this case with the prostate, this man is intern to go to but he teaches his technique. >> marc is kind when he comes to this. i think with any kind of technology you really need have a team that are dedicated to this. and, as you said, the centers of excellence, are dedicated to this, have large volumes of cases and also the patients have to really do due diligence and find out what is doing the surgery, is a doctor going from room-to-room and i'm an advocate of a one-team approach, knowing open surgery and laparoscopic surgery, is a benefit to us and the institutions are doing it day in and day out and that
7:51 am
means a better outcome for patients, location, location, location. >> eric: and you should ask, how many times have you done the operation or the team or the hospital. >> jamie: and they track mortality and complications on different procedures. >> but it is hard to put on paper and takes a long time before the statistics back up the actual performance. >> jamie: that is interesting, there could be a lag, and, 3,000 procedures, doc, that is prim y -- impressive, how many times did this fake doctor do this, plastic surgery, you get what you pay for, the shocking story came out of miami, we saw the pictures and it made national headlines, one posing as a doctor, fills the woman's buttock with a combination of cement, mineral oil and flat tire sealant and she wanted and got a bigger bootie.
7:52 am
what to do. >> this is a follow-up to what we spoke about, want the quality job and find a certified doctor to do it and do research and find out who the plastic surgeon is, and the fact she was injecting cement and crazy glue and the minerals, it is a crazy thing and this is what you get for 700 and she went to the hospital, and was embarrassed to say she had the flu symptoms and the sores and when the police were involved they realized this is what is going on and she went on for a year, doing this and they found to the. so, ask your doctor, are you certified? exactly what marc said. >> jamie: wait, let's face it. a lot of people travel to other countries, go and find doctors who advertise, that may not be board certified. i mean, also, is there really a booty-busting surgery or
7:53 am
injectable? is it really happening. >> it's a huge trend them. butt is becoming "in" and, before it was 300,000 breast augmentations and now it is 3 to 4,000 butt lifts and if you self-subscribed, like a breast implant it is safer but here they are injecting something right into the rear end and no matter what you inject there, you will cause an im inflammation and a wound and can travel to your lungs, cause a blood clot and pneumonia and is so dangerous to even inject silicone into the butt, it is a wake-up call not to have it done. >> eric: she's lucky to have simply survived it. >> she had all the symptoms of infection. you know, and, exactly what you said, you can have the flu-like symptoms and mrsa and severe infection could be lethal and if you have any issues, make sure
7:54 am
and go to the emergency room and see your doctor. >> jamie: good warning. >> eric: up next, not a warning, a tip, healthy monday tip to start your week off right. >> jamie: weeks until new hampshire's republican primary, newt gingrich scores a major endorsement. big news on that, ahead serving and police in florida conducted a house raid in the search for a missing mom, michelle parker and we'll tell you whose home they went do and now we're learning about what they found. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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7:58 am
>> eric: welcome back to sunday house call. before we go, one healthy monday tip to help us start the week off right. >> i would tell people, if you want to avoid reflux, and it's one of the biggest problems we have in the u.s., before you get to pills or med ications, drink more water, don't eat close to when you go to sleep, lose weight, cut down on dairy products and coffee, cut down on alcohol, cut down on fried foods, cut down on nuts, cheese. and as i said, dairy. and increase the amount of water you take in and you may be able to avoid medication. >> there's the coffee again. >> he's not going to get over the coffee. look, i think he's absolutely right. when you are talk about this
7:59 am
expert in the field. but the main issue is that we are eating big portions late at night and going to bed. that puts pressure on the stomach and pushes the acid up. have three hours before you go to sleep. obesity, that will put the acid -- put the pressure up. moking, same thing. chocolate, tomato sauce, alcohol, all of this will keep the valve open and push it up. try to stay away from this -- >> oh, man, coffee, chocolate. >> he makes a great point, the acid comes up because the sphincter loosens up. >> absolutely. good to see you. >> thank you. >> coffee. >> jamie: we are not giving up our chocolate, i can diagonal you that. thank you so much. >> now woe start a new hour. a major presidential endorsement announced this morning. republican candidate newt
8:00 am
gingrich getting an enormous boost in new hampshire. he received a backing of that state's largest newspaper. they have a long history of major political endorsem, a plum for any politician running for president in the granite state. good morning and welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn and i'm jamie colby. >> jamie: just six weeks before the state's primary. is it enough to keep gingrich in frontrunner status? good morning, steve. >> reporter: yeah. the man chester union leader, always an influential force, has thrown its support behind newt gingrich in a boost for the newly resurgent house speaker and a snub to mitt romney. here's part of what the front-page editorial said about gingrich. we don't have to agree with him on every issue, we would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who
8:01 am
tells us what he thinks woe want to hear. here's what another g.o.p. candidate said this morning. >> a month ago, for newt gingrich to have been in the running to capture the man chester union leader endorsement would have been unthinkable. so i think it reflects the fluidity and the unpredictability of the race right now. >> gingrich is behind mitt romney in new hampshire, where the first presidential primary takes place on january 10. he has been under fire from the most conservative republicans on immigration. he favors a path to citizenship for certain immigrant who is have been in the country a long time. candidate herman cain se things quite differently. >> the illegal immigration issue is four problems -- secure the border for real, enforce the law, i don't believe we need special exceptions, we need to clean up the bureaucracy.
8:02 am
>> mccain -- cain says the states should be empowered to deal with the millions of immigrants who are already here. >> jamie: thank you. >> you bet. >> eric: the battle for iowa rages on. newt gingrich holds the lead in several polls. mitt romney within striking distance, despite spending relatively little tomb in the state. tomorrow, conservative leaders will be there to discuss who will be the anti-romney candidate. why is there so much resistance to romney? joining me is the publisher of safey review dot-com. and justin, doug, welcome. doug, the perception has been that eventually romney will get it. but, you know, he has a lot of baggage, it seems. there is the anti-romney movement just refuses to go away. why? >> well, because romney's not a social conservative, eric.
8:03 am
he has flip-floppedflopped on an and on climate change. he is somebody who, as the union leader endorsement put it, is somebody who tells you what want you want to hear, rather than what you believe. with 62% of iowa being social conservatives, mitt romney is in a much weaker position today than he was last night. and i think it's likely with this endorsement that the anti-romney sentiment will begin to galvanize around gingrich if only because he's the last man standing in that camp. >> doug, i mean, justin, could that happen and translate from new hampshire to iowa? >> you know, it's remarkable because on the republican side of the field, we have had candidate who is have gotten trendy from time to time. first it was donald trump, then it was michele bachmann, then it was rick perry and then it was herman cain. now it's newt gingrich. it's personal possible.
8:04 am
but newt gingrich will have to withstand the scrutiny and the spotlight that's going to come with him being the frontrunner. only time will tell whether he has the capacity to do that or whether the republican base will continue to search for someone that they feel comfortable supporting. >> what do we look for when we consider him the actual continued it frontrunner? >> we look for mitt -- >> no, no. gingrich. >> a couple of things. first, will the poll numbers stand up? he is leading in four or five states and leading nationally. will the immigration comment that he made in the foreign policy debate hurt him? will the ties to freddie mac hurt him? if he can hold that position, eric, for a couple of weeks and not have what jord arnquite correctly described as happening, which is a flavor of the week sentiment. if newt consolidates that position, he's in a very strong
8:05 am
position to be the anti-romney and to be the republican nominee. >> eric: well, he's trailing romney by 30 points, 42% for romney and 13% for newt gingrich in new hampshire. can he being make -- >> first, that will change, if he wins new hampshire. realize that's a big if. but those polls will almost certainly tighten. and second, that's the only place that mitt romney has over 25%. if you look at south carolina, florida, iowa, you see that gingrich is tide or well ahead. so romney is in frankly real, real trouble now. i suspect his campaign is having emergency strategy sessions as we speak. >> eric: justin, they put a lot on new hampshire, the romney people have. but mccain won new hampshire in 2008. he came in number 2. >> right. well, look, mitt romney is going to -- i think right now the poll's showing that even though
8:06 am
we have had the flavor of the months and mitt romney has always been strong in new hampshire. in iowa, look, you will have michele bachmann, a native daughter, rick perry has his campaign, he has a lot of money in iwa. aco for newt gingrich is to do well in the iowa caucuses and don't forget ron paul. ron paul's did very well in the iowa straw poll in early august. so for gingrich, he needs to do well in iowa, but he will have a lot of competition. romney, it will be tough to unseat romney in new hampshire. and then once have you new hampshire, you come to south carolina, then you come to florida and you could have two different winners in both of those states. but watch romney in iowa. he stays at the front of the polls there and he could do well there. >> justin, iowa? >> iowa prediction? i'm sorry. that's a tossup. ask me 1 month from now.
8:07 am
>> eric: okay. new hampshire? >> new hampshire, i think you have to say mitt romney. there is no evidence that anyone will overtake him. >> eric: doug, your turn? >> newt gingrich and then, in iowa and then a real horse race in new hampshire. and if newt gingrich wins iowa and new hampshire, you have a fundamental change in the republican race. >> eric: wow. thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> eric: what a race it is. >> indeed. thank you. >> eric: we have a fox news alert. egypt a military ruler is warning of, quote, extremely grave consequences if the country did not pull through the current political crisis. here's the square where the demonstrations continue. another mass protest, as you can see, underway right now. that's the warning on the eve of elections. we go to cairo with greg for the
8:08 am
latest. >> reporter: yeah. we are just above and beyond that demonstration. you can see behind me, we anticipate 10,000 people have followed this place, again, just before crucial landmark elections in this country. first, let's give you a feel of what it feels like down on the ground in the middle of that square. here's what we saw. here's what we heard earlier today. take a look. it's been 10 months since i was last here in cairo. in some ways, think thises haven't changed, banners, slogans and anger. president hosni mubarak is gone, landmark elections are set for tomorrow and the population is divided between the old guard and islamists who are set to do well, and the liberals, who say that military officials have hijacked the reforms. we have clashes and they say the revolution's unfinished. many look at the situation and they say there is more trouble to come. >> we have been seeing some ambulances and hearing some
8:09 am
fireworks tonight here. but no real sign of violence. but there is no sign of what is going to happen tomorrow, no one is sure. extra security has been laid on. the partiesville their own observers. remember, there have been over 40 people killed in clashes here just in the past week. and this is just the beginning. tomorrow's elections are just the first round of several rounds in a very complicated process as egypt learns about democracy, as it creates a democratically elected parliament. a lot of chances for a lot to go wrong. >> eric: greg, with all of your brave reporting, especially considering what happened to you last time you were there, good to have you back. >> reporter: thank you. >> jamie: very disturbing video,
8:10 am
protests in cairo and these are happening in pakistan. thousands of these folks are gathered outside the u.s. consalate in karachi, protesting against a nato cross-border air attack that killed 24 pakistani troops. afghan troops called in the nato airstrikes that killed two dozen pakistani soldiers. afghan forces reportedly made that move after coming under fire, insisting from the pakistan side of the border. now, pakistan has cut off nato supply routes routes into afghan because of the incident and hundreds of trucks are stranded? dangerous territory along the border. the airstrike enflaming tensions and leaving already troubled u.s. relations with pakistan in even greater jeopardy. >> we are absolutely capable of fighting the war on terrorism by ourselves. we don't need the nato support.
8:11 am
the government needs the support. >> that's a pakistani defense minister saying enough is enough. but we need the cooperation, don't we, of pakistan? to battle terrorism? let's bring in a senior fellow at the heritage foundation and former deputy defense security for detainee affairs. thanks for being with us. >> sure. >> jamie: it's a very serious situation, heightened by the protests outside the u.s. consalate. have we lost pack sustain's cooperation? >> we need theirs and they need ours, even though this gentleman insists that we don't. this is internal pol particulars, h comments. the relationship with pakistan has always been strained. it's been strained further since the raid. but the fact is that we need their cooperation. they do share intelligence with us and vice versa. the taliban is in pakistan. despite their claims to the contrary, they need us and we need them.
8:12 am
>> there are some taliban left in pakistan and few al qaeda operatives and the raid you referenced for folk who is don't remember is where bin laden was killed. there is a question about what pakistan knew about that. so at this point fwe are sharing intelligence and if we apologize, which there have been condolences and now a claim that it was in self-defense, is that enough foritous move forward with the pakistanis? >> i think it's a good question. i look at it differently, jamie. i think that this requires presidential leadership. president obama needs to personally appeal to the leaders, the top leaders in pakistan. they need to cool things down here. the fact is the military-to-military relationship between our military and the military in pakistan is quite good. that has been built up over decades. it needs to continue. there have been strains, yes, as you mentioned that osama bin laden was found in a top
8:13 am
military compound, a training site. but this requires presidential leadership because there are nukes in pakistan, they're spread throughout the country. they move them in unconventional ways from one place to the next. and this if those nukes got in the hands of the taliban or al qaeda, that would be a disaster. so wecan't let that happen. >> jamie: we are seeing tremendous anger. this is new video in to fox, very disturbing, outside the u.s. consalate in karachi. these are pakistani citizens, protesting the united states and nato. yelling things like down with the united states, down with america. what's your impression what have we are loong at? >> i mean, that's very real anger. as we know, 12 to 15% of pakistanis support the americans. so it's going to take a lot to cheamplg the man on the street's attitude towards america. and so, look, this is a
8:14 am
long-term investment on our part, in the region and in the country of pakistan. we need to continue the diplomatic relations with them. we need to condition our aid to pakistan on their continued cooperation... on a variety of fronts, intelligence sharing, military-to-military relationships, soft power. >> jamie: right. >> sending their students to our universities and vice versa -- >> jamie: but you are an expert in detainees and terror. can we win the war on terror? >> we mitigate the threat that radical islamists pose and delegitimize their ideology through a long-term, sustained, hard power/soft power effort. >> jamie: your expertese is essential today. >> great to chat with you? coming up, the fox news voter fraud unit, looking into new allegations of absentee ballot
8:15 am
fraud. officials arrested in georgia. how could this happen yet again? the state district attorney who is prosecuting the case will lay it out for us live. there are new developments in the search for a missing florida mom. police raiding the home of her ex-fiance's father. what they found and what it could mean for the case. >> jamie: we have a consumer alert for parents this. holiday season, we are going to tell you how to spot which toys are safe and maybe ones have you at home -- summer you don't want to put them under the tree. [ alarm rings ] [ male announcer ] take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. fixodent denture adhesive challenges you
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to a 12 hour hold test. ♪ thanks to its time released formula, you apply fixodent once, and it holds all day. ♪ take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. guaranteed, or your money back. ♪ and for guaranteed freshness try fixodent cleanser, plus scope ingredients.
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8:19 am
>> jamie: welcome back. the holiday shopping season is certainly underway. but it came this year with a warning, a report actually, that there are dangerous toys still on store shelves. in our take charge consumer protection segment, wetake a look at how to tell if what you are buying is safe and whether the toys you might own at home
8:20 am
are dangerous. joining us is ed mirskinski, thanks for being with us and happy holidays to you. >> same to you. >> jamie: a lot of people are shopping already. how do they know what they are buying is safe? >> toys are safer than ever before. but we still find toys that could harm young children. cpsc, the government agency doesn't test all toys, but a new law does require the manufacturers have them tested. we are finding toys on the shelves in our searches around the country that could pose hazards. >> jamie: tell me about the report. it just came outer this week. >> right. every year, there is a report available at toy safety dot-net and they found a number of toys that contain small parts or balls that could pose hazards to younger children. we found toys with excessive lead and a chemical called
8:21 am
phthalates that pose developmental hazards to children. we are still finding dangerous toys. >> it is not just toys for young children, although they are the most vulnerable. so as parents -- eric and i both have kids -- what do do you? >> parents and toy givers need to use common sense, toys with small parts or balls should be kept away from children who put things in their mouths. you will notice a warning: this toy contains small parts, keep away from children under three. that's okay foroler kids -- >> jamie: but parents can probably figure that one out, honestly, you wouldn't -- i a good parent wouldn't want to give a child something with a small part. but the lead is particularly troublesome. how do they get away with that? and what can we do about it? >> the new law bans lead at a much better level.
8:22 am
but you have to be careful. i would keep any cheap metal jewelry away from children. i would watch out for toys that kids chew on that have bright red or orange colors, just stay away from those. plain wood toys or cloth toys are better for kids that chew on toys. >> jamie: look over what your kids get, like halloween. you have to check the toys. i have to leave it there, but i would ask everyone to go online and in a search engine, nut toy and recall and you will find out a lot of things before you go shopping that you shouldn't bring home. thanks so much, ed. >> toy safety dot-net will give you everything you need to know. >> for more on how to take charge of consumers, we are trying to help you out. go to to and click on the america's news headquarters page. you will see a link for many take charge consumer protection segments from this show. >> eric: great advice,
8:23 am
especially with the holiday coming up. >> jamie: thanks, eric. >> eric: a voter fraud scandal erupting now down south. more public officials, accused of stuffing the ballot box. how easy is it in our country to try and throw an election isn't prosecutor will tell us. a new police raid in the search for michelle parker. she was last seen after appearing on the episode of "the people's court." what happened after police searched her florida home? >> car come pulling up and all i see is the s.w.a.t. coming up in the gate. there are fire extinguishers, dual flash grenade. broke the door in. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes.
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8:27 am
>> eric: here's stories making headlines. a plap crash has kill aid father and two daughters in illinois that. aircraft going down in a field
8:28 am
near chicago. the roman catholic church unveiling a new english language translation of mass. the changes are designed to be closer to the latin text. what they call the monster truck of mars is now on the way to the red planet. it's nasa's big evaluate rover ever built. once it arrive, it will search for evidence of life. >> jamie: there are new developments in the search for a missing florida mom. police conducting a raid on an orlando home just an investigators try to figure out what happened to 33-year-old michelle parker. she disappeared hours after appearing on a taped episode of "the people's court." julie banderas is here in new york with the latest. julie, the police are not saying much about the raid. do you know whose house it was. >> reporter: apparently, you should property records, according to property records, it is owned by dale smith sr.,
8:29 am
dale smith jr. is the father of the three-year-old twin and it is last person to see michelle parker alive and also happened to be her ex-fiance. so they raided the home. 12 law enforcement officials knocked on the door saying they had a search warrant. and they went in and they led dale smith sr. out in handcuffs. we don't know why. we do know they didn't find michelle parker in the house. there were a couple of other adults inside at the time, as well as two children. they asked them to get out. they had them stand in front of the house on the front lawn while they searched the home. fbi showed up and they took several pieces of evidence out of the home. but we don't know exactly. they have been very tight lipped from the very beginning because of a gag order set by a judge. the law enforcement officials are not saying much, but they say they have gotten numerous tips, but have no idea of her whereabouts. but law enforcement officials
8:30 am
stress they believe she's alive and they say to the parents that they intend to find her. listen to the neighbor who is were nearby last night when they saw 12 guys basically raid this home. >> after i heard the bang, i came outside. and i see... police and the s.w.a.t. team, just fire extinguishers, dual flash grenade and broke the door in. >> jamie: we should remind that you it happened 10 days ago when michelle parker and dale appeared on a taped edition of "people's court." they were fighting over a $5,000 engagement ring. she apparently tossed it in the middle of an argument. he believed she should have to pay for the ring. the judge said they should split the ring. that's how it ended and within hours, she dropped her two twins off at his house. that's the last time she was seen. she has been missing now 10
8:31 am
days. >> jamie: in an effort to get those lead, the family did something very interesting with the reward they are offering. tell us about it and if anyone want its, they should call. >> reporter: it's a very smart tactic. the parents said that michelle is worth millions to them, but they have offered a limited $50,000 reward for just this weekend. they feel if somebody knows something, they don't need much time to call anonymously and collect the money. $50,000 for saturday and sunday for any tips that lead to her whereabouts, so that award expires today. so we are waiting to hear if they do get any leads and trying to determine what it is that led them to the home of dale smith sr. at this point, we do want know. but the father has not been named a suspect nor a person of interest at this point. >> jamie: maybe not connected and thanks so much.
8:32 am
>> reporter: sure. >> eric: now to the fox news voter fraud unit. more arrests of officials in another absentee ballot scandal. this time in georgia. more than four times the usual number of absentee ballots were filed in brooks county, in the southern part of the state. in fact, so many flooded in, it set off suspicions of possible hanky panky. so, just how easy is it to commit voter fraud with absentee ballots? we have seen it before. we have joseph mulholland, the south georgia district attorney prosecuting this case. welcome to fox newschannel on sunday morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> eric: so what happened? >> well, basically, we had 12 individuals, three of them were the elected officials on the school board in a local election, in a primary-level election that had allegedly committed a malfeasance, rigging the absentee ballots to win and
8:33 am
take office for the three candidates they had supported. >> eric: so basically, stuffing the ballot box in. >> there are two charges and various counts for each individual. three were the elected officials, nine were friend ors family members that aided and assisted in this contrivance and scheme. what occurred was, sometimes they would interfere with the ballot itself and mark it or helping the person mark it. in georgia, you are only allowed to do that if you are a family member. or the other thing they are allegedly charged with is taking the ballots themselves and delivering them to the board of elections, which again, you are not allowed to do that. that ballot -- you are the only person who can deliver it to the board of elections or mail it yourself. >> eric: you raise a great point. the ballot is sack -- sacrosanct. in new york, they faked absentee
8:34 am
ballots. we have allegations in indiana, allegedly forged 150 signatures on a presidential nominating petition for the presidential race, back in 2008. what message do you want to give to elected officials and others at board of elections, who potentially have done this or potentially could do this? >> yeah. you know, it's unfortunate, when you are talking about elections, that's one of the greatest thing this is country has. we don't ask a lot of our electorate. we ask them to serve on juries and to find. when they see that corruption and they see this malfeasance in office, it leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. we are going to do everything we can to make sure that those people are held accountable if a court of law. >> eric: but also, they are hard to prosecute sometimes, we have seen cases where there seems to be evidence and prosecutors either a., don't do what you are doing, go after them; or b., they throw their hands up.
8:35 am
>> it's difficult. people get elected for a reason. they are fairly popular. unless you get a federal case or get a large jurisdiction where you don't have as much home cooking, it's difficult to prosecute on the local level. that being said, we are going to do what we need to do to make sure they are held accountable. we will forward to the governor. the governor can appoint a special commission with the attorney general and also two members of a commission to look at suspending them until the special election can be held. we are going to forward that to our governor. >> eric: shockingly, two years ago, 10 people were arrested, similar charges with absentee ballots. you are an elected official. finally, what does this say about the system when we see this case and case, time and time again? it almost seem its doesn't go away? >> yeah. unfortunately, that's -- the one great thing about our country is that we have a democratic society and that we can put
8:36 am
those people that we feel like should be in office, through our votes. there is not much difference between us and a socialist network or a tyrannical country when you talk about ballot corruption. so making sure that those people are held accountable and they serve their time, if that's what happen and they are convicted, it's important to make sure that it doesn't happen in the future and get that effect out there so we can stop this, especially on the local level. >> eric: it is the tenet of our democracy. joe mulholland, the district attorney in this case a., we thank you for your service and b., we thank you for coming on and explaining this case on fox newschannel. >> thanks so much. have a great morning. >> eric: you too. if you suspect voter fraud, we have a site, voter fraud@fox
8:37 am black friday shoppers turning out in drove this is year. did they open their wallet this is year? we have the numbers. we are going to tell you how it will impact our struggling economy. also, los angeles's mayor, telling up on protesters, you better move this, or the -- are the holdouts ready for the consequences? that's next. >> why slap us in the face with a petty offer of 50 beds? you might as well not offer us anyone anything. >> i'm going to take a stand. they are not going on move me or my wife.
8:38 am
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>> up on los angeles protesters have until midnight to clear their city hall camp downin downtown l.amplt or face arrest. l.a.'s mayor announcing the deadline on friday. as of last night, very few demstrairs were breaking down their tents to leave. many say they do not plan to move. los angeles' police chief says
8:42 am
he expects police will make arrests. the mayor's office claims the camp of nearly 500 tents poses a public health and safety risk. >> jamie: let's get back to the holiday shopping season. it's off to a record start. according to shopper track, black friday sales were up nearly 7% and online shopping, a whopping 24%. it is not even cyber-monday. buyers spending $11.4 billion at stores and malls, up nearly $1 billion from last year issue the biggest amount ever spen on the day and the biggest year over year increase since 2007. how can this be? is it a sign that things may beaturing around? brenda butner joining us. brenda, it seems like just good news. how many days do we need to turn the economy around. >> reporter: the early birds were no turkeys, that's for sure. everyone laughed at the fact that so many stores were opening
8:43 am
up on thursday evening and it looks like it turned out to be the way to go. because people were lining up and ready for deals. but we need a lot more of these days. the problem is that there were so many deep discounts that retailers really need a lot of volume to make up for what they're charging, essentially, they're really taking down the price. and they need a lot of people to come into the stores and spend a lot of money. >> jamie: what does it say about consumer confidence and sentiment -- i have been reading in a lot of research over the last two days that people are buying more for themselves. they are spending more than they thought they would. will they do that in other sector, other than retail? >> reporter: it's very, very interesting. consumer sentiment is at lows in some levels. it's near recession lows, which shows that consumers think that
8:44 am
this is no time to spend. but they're out there, spending, and buying, yes. sometimes for themselves. but a lot of times for others and they're out there early. they're out there shopping early. not waiting until the last minute, which traditionally happens during hard times. it does, you know, auger well for a good season. but we really do have to wait. >> jamie: we are looking upon christmas. i'm so curious whether or not retailers and other stores are hiring, brend awhen i see this kind of traffic, where people are knocking people over to got to the store, i wonder, will there be more jobs? >> reporter: there is a lot of foot traffic. 152 million. record foot traffic. a lot of them were rookies, coming out on black friday, especially for the early sales. so that could mean there could be hiring. does that -- is that temporary? does it turn into permanent
8:45 am
hiring? all of those are questions that will be answer in the next couple of months. >> jamie: although it seems like any job is a good job right now. >> reporter: absolutely. >> jamie: we are blessed to have ours. >> eric: newt gingrich got a major endorsement by new hampshire's largest newspaper we have more on the mainstream mediaa interest in newt. and how students at one university are helping a former inmate stay out of jail.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> generally, when you are released from prison, your future is an uncertain one. but there is a group of young folks who are trying to change that. they are students and they are hoping to make a big difference with ex-cons. we go to atlanta. hi, elizabeth. >> reporter: hi, jamie. good to see you. various studies show the unemployment rate of former convicts is 50%. the national average is around 9%, which why some students at belmont university are working to get former convicts back to work to reduce the chances they will end up on the streets can or back in prison.
8:50 am
one professor we met with does a class at belmont where the students and inmates get weekly lessons, inside prison walls. she says, as business owners employ inmate, tell build up the community and save money in the long run. >> when we look at the expenses of recidivism, the financial expenses of recidivism and when we look at the monet and resources from our societies that are going into upholding the prison system, you know, we have to make choices as a society, where do we put our resources? >> reporter: keith wilson, a cook alta posh burger joint is a living example. he has been out of prison more than a year. he's come from being a dish washer to having his own item on the menu. he says he is not back in prison because he was given a second chance special now he wants to
8:51 am
spread the word. >> i feel good to have a job and bible to pay my bills and call myself responsible. i feel good to have a bank account. >> reporter: he says, he hopes to lead by example, showing people they can make positive choices and prevent the chances of going to prison. jamie? >> jamie: great story. thanks so much. >> eric: newt gingrich is enjoying a surge in the polls. but with that comes increased scrutiny in the media. up next, liz trotter has her commentary on how newt is being treated. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose.
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8:55 am
>> newt gingrich making his way to the front of the g.o.p. pack in many recent polls and we are seeing his career once again come under the media micscope. he had a big newspaper endorsement nahalf hamp this morning. but how is the rest of the media treating him? liz trotter has a commentary, as she has one every sunday morning at this time. >> reporter: good morning. >> eric: he got the man chester union leader endorsed him. they have had some history in presidential politics in that state over the past decade. >> reporter: well, i don't believe much in endorsements, however the bad news is the worse news, shisay is the knives are really out for newt. a survey just reading the copy all week and the postings all
8:56 am
week about his candidacy, are really eye opening. there is no question the liberal mediaate out to get him. let's take a look at one sample from despite his press narrative, newt gingrich isn't intelligent, but he's articulate, cunning and extremely manipulative, that's what passes for smart in today's republican party. it has become a party of pred ters. if that's not enough and another salon piece, they headline their stories by saying, the ultimate beltway swindler. so they are not bothering to pull punches. the nation is criticizing reporters because they are covering, they say, the publican contenders like a sports event, instead of a political event. politico, is newt as smart as he thinks he is? that's one of the thicks a lot
8:57 am
of writers are going after, they are saying he's a fake intellectual. he dazzles people with anecdotes and snippets, but he's know a true academic, which could be in his favor. the daily news says, the worst thing about newt is that he is unembarrassed by his transgressions. in other words, the money he got from freddie mac for he says, not lobbying, but advisory work and his two divorces and three marriages and reports of infidelity. but let me tell you who is reaching the farthest, eric -- mother jones. remember mother jones? reaches back to 1984 and reruns a profile of newt gingrich which is just devastating. so i think it's required reading if you really think that newt gingrich is going to become the candidate. my god, the president of the united states. >> eric: you know, it's
8:58 am
fascinating to have mother jones going back to 1984. it seeps to be for reporters, a lot there between the consulting, lobbying, his income, divorces, spending, the tiffany's account. >> they brought that up many times. yes. >> eric: how far and how long does this go. >> reporter: how long does the history or the criticism go? >> the coverage, criticism, whatever you want to call it. >> >> reporter: >> reporter: i think you are going to see up to the end, wherever the end is. he does have the longest record in public life, after all, among the republicans. and so there is more to go after. but he's seeking redemption. people do have second lives in american -- in the american -- in the american scene. ybe even second and maybe even third. i mean, here's a man who was speaker of the house and was pushed out of his job because he couldn't play well with others. so i think this is going to -- it will only get worse.
8:59 am
the washington post this morning has a long, long piece on the paper -- very much on the things we have been talking about now. and we are really looking at how much money he has made and it's a great deal, since he stepped down from being speaker. but i want to quickly add, he wasn't robbing banks? >> finally, you know, some would point out that this is legitimate because the public record is the public record. if you are see seeking the highest office in the land tshould all come out. >> reporter: right. to their credit, they say that. but that doesn't prevent them from writing a long piece on the perils of supporting newt gingrich. >> eric: all right, liz. i'm sure it will not end as long as he's in the race, certainly. good to see you, as always. >> reporter: thank you. >> eric: that's it for us. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. keep it here on the fox newschannel. a lot more news ahead. we go to washington and america's news headquarters


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