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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 28, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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night. makeure you go to greta and just talk to us. good night from washington, d.c.. go to in c, institution and in life. see you then. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino with greg gutfeld, bob beckel, kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling. we're in a different studio for the week and it's still 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." tonight, report of democratic want to abandon white working class voters in 2012. we have details. plus -- >> i seen him smoking weed over there in his lunch hour. union workers caught on tape smoking dope and drinking in their lunch hour. guess what? they have not been fired yet. then miley syrus caught on camera talking about drug use. we will play you the rest of
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the tape. it's a good one. we promise. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: our top story tonight, democrats point to the message to the white working class. the "new york times" reports today, "democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class." let's just say, greg, if you are the press secretary, and you wake up and that is the lead, that is the quote in the "new york times," you probably think it's not going to be a great day. >> greg: i would immediately go to and see if there are openings and jobs that aren't as stressful. this is a great strategy. what they are talking about is semily pairing white academics with poor minorities. so what you are doing is pairing people on government assistance with people who want them to stay on government assistance. this is how it works. beneton ad.
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>> dana: one thing that has been happening in america over the past -- this feels weird to see this. [ overtalk ] >> dana: we'll have an interrogation of you. this is what this is about. let me ask about -- before we get to bob, because we definitely want his take on what the democrats are thinking and how they took this article. manufacturerring jobs in america. the declining over time. not necessarily coming back. they have a little bump here and there. but the one thing that could really help is good strong energy policy. but yet, we keep stumbling on that as well. >> eric: you make a good point. the only real strength in manufacturerring has been in the energy sector. you talk about north dakota, over and over again, a shortage of people to fill 20,000 jobs. rick perry has the right idea. he selike this is what we need to do. the only comprehensive energy policy to create jobs. that is probably one way to go. we also have, dana, friday they will release the latest unemployment number. it will look like 100,000 new jobs created only.
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not enough. unemployment is probably going to stay at 9%. clearly not doing the right thing. >> dana: the "new york times" report they're wrote this piece about the democratic strategy, he talks about how do you try to go after the hispanic vote? and is it a good strategy to try to pit the white working class voters against the hispanic voters? >> kimberly: i wouldn't necessarily do that. i think you are treating them as if theyre two separate disrate groups that won't have things in common. believe me, they will have a hard time with hispanics and working class families that value traditions, value having a job, having a hard time with unemployment. these are the same type of people. they share more in common than you think. they would like to get votes from both sectors but they're being realistic they might have to modify their approach. i don't believe for a minute they'll try to abandon them all together. >> dana: bob, take us through, if you were in the
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campaign headquarters, obama campaign headquarters this morning what do you think the reaction to this article was? >> bob: first, let me say i'm dressed in black, black friday was the greatest black friday i had in history. this is the beginning of the obama recovery. >> eric: you're opening a pawnshop. >> bob: that is correct. let me just say the "new york times" is known for printing all the news that is fit to print. let me tell you, times, that is not fit to print. the reality is let's go back to when this happened. the democrats lost white blue collar worker in '84 and tried periodically to try to get them back. it became clear in the 1990s we were never going to get majority of the voters back again. they voted the republican enough times that once you voted enough times you tend to setle in that vote. the key here is not abandoning the blue collar voters. what we call, what we say in the political business is you minimize a demographic group against you.
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so we tried to keep the losses among blue collar white democrats between 15 and 19%. if we do that, we can survive. we have a big enough number of the minorities and single women. but we have never going to get majority for the foreseeable future, but the key is in 19 -- excuse me, in 2010, the democrats lost that group by 30 points. that 30 points we could not sustain. i don't care how many votes we got in the other group. the idea that the suggestion by edsall and these people we are abandoning the blue collar voter is silly, uneducated, uninformed and doesn't deserve to be put in the "new york times." it's wrong. i'm giving you a little tutorial there on the only thing i know. refer to the rest of you on that. the idea that somehow you dismiss an entire demographic of that is silly. >> greg: the closest thing democrats get to working class people is the guy that emptied
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the waste paper basket in the teacher's lounge. >> bob: is that your contribution on a serious discussion of politics? >> greg: it's accurate. >> dana: the best weapon to get the single woman vote is bob beckel. >> kimberly: i thought it was bill clinton. >> bob: the reality is we still get around 44% of the blue collar workers. >> eric: do you mean abandon -- do you mean abandon or focus money on other -- >> bob: they said in the story abandon. >> dana: probably too strong a word. >> kimberly: erroneous. >> eric: you spend as much money in the campaign minimizing your losses as you do maximizing your wins. >> bob: we'll spend as much money on blue collar democrats as we do on hispanics. because we can't afford to lose one set. >> bob: bob has it figured out. that article is erroneous.
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it doesn't make sense. you are not going to abandon a group and telegraph, hey you, we don't care. c'ya, wouldn't want to be you. they want to replace it with the college educated socially liberated, progressive come out and give them the cash. >> greg: they join the upper middle class socially liberal with the down scale group. that is what they used. the fact is the down-scale group embraces repressive norms the other group doesn't. the people are more conservative. >> bob: they refer to the democratic coalition, roosevelt coalition built around the heavy blue collar majority votes. that's when the nation was 34% union. now you have to put together with the democrats and the various group of demographics, are the fastest growing demographics. the ones shrinking are the republican demographic.
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>> eric: hispanic, the americans in poverty. that is what we are seeing here. that's what it is. if you watched "60 minutes" last night you see explosion of children in poverty. >> kimberly: true. >> eric: if the blue collar worker, white or non, isn't pushing away from barack obama, nobody is. he should be. >> bob: they are. poverty is something that our party focused on for a long time. the sad part is there is a rule that people who are unemployed or uneducated don't vote. they are making mistake abandoning that group. you need to say if you, you know, if you say 17 million or 14 million people out of work, it's true historically that a small percentage of them will vote. >> dana: another group everyone wants to go. awant to get to another subject before break. colin powell said a tea party candidate wouldn't somebody
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who could win. let's listen to him. >> compromise is how the country was founded. unless two people who disagree don't find a way to reach out and make compromise you don't get con sense sus allowing you -- consensus allowing you to move forward. tea party view of no compromise whatsoever is not a point of view to eventually produce presidential candidate who will win. >> dana: i found that curious, because a couple of examples are if you look at the healthcare bill, and how it pushes through, there was no reasonable compromise offered for republicans to have input. then the free trade i greement served on silver platter on obama administration for three years to get a compromise. when the republicans passed it, they decided not to do a signing ceremony on it. last week, the super committee, what the democrats could have done, missed an opportunity to take the republican word and say great, you want more tax revenue? you're willing to close the
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tax loopholes? great, we will take you up on that. if you want to say that the tea party is not willing to compromise, fine. i don't think you can say the democrats have been willing partners. >> greg: also, what is he talking about? the tea party has been on a coffee break for a year. they haven't -- they are not on the street defecating against the cop cars. that is another group. >> bob: 65% negative. you cannot win with a tea party platform that is instranzient and refuses to move off their position. if i could say this, the democrats did make some mistakes in the super committee. but the idea that the republicans offered up a revenue. we'll give you revenue if you keep rich people tax break from george bush. >> eric: you want to see a tea party win? by the way, romney is 20%. newt can't get over 20%. that means a group of conservatives out there waiting for the right candidate. what is bubbling up, i don't know if you listen to this. conservatives for sarah pac,
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trying to get her in. i tell you who would give romney a run, sarah palin. >> bob: obama would crush her. >> dana: when president obama says you shouldn't increase, you should not end the bush tax cuts because it will hurt small businesses and six months later changes his position, that is bull. maybe we'll debate it later. coming up, newt gingrich takes the gloves off and calls mitt romney a liar. we'll play you the tape. don't forget you can e-mail us at ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: sorry. eric paid for that seat, by the way. welcome back to "the five." this morning, from charleston, south carolina, newt gingrich took the fight to mitt romney. >> i wouldn't lie to the american people. i woun't switch my positions for political reasons. it's perfectly reasonable to change your position, the facts change if you see new things you didn't see. everybody has been there. ronald reagan did it. it's wrong to go around and
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adopt radically different positions. based on your need. then people have to ask well, will you tell me next time? >> bob: eric, i think you are as good a co conservative as anybody. does he have a point? >> eric: this is like rosy o'donnell telling oprah she's skinnier than she is. all i can think of is newt on the couch and nancy pelosi saying everyone should get together and consider climb change a problem. two nonconservatives. >> greg: but oprah has been struggling with her weight. she has been trying. rosy accepted her weight. that is not a fair comparison. >> bob: if you have two people who have had a history of rel tevly moderate republican positions including romney on immigration -- i
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take it that newt is trying to position himself to the right of romney. romney is trying to get to the right himself. neither has substance to get there. >> dana: many conservatives sit there holding their heads in their hands thinking can this be happening? the endorsement is a big deal for newt. it gives him validity. maybe helps the fundraising. the paper hasn't always picked the winner. they only got it right two of the last seven times but i think there is somebody hurt here more than anybody else. perry. >> eric: why? >> dana: romney didn't expect to get it anyway. >> eric: in new hampshire? >> dana: they didn't endorse him in 2008. they editorialized against him. perry back in august, rember he came out and he spent time in new hampshire. he was there.
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perry was the conservative and he was not even mentioned in the article. >> why would they endorse newt gingrich? >> one of the newspapers that matter still in american politics. the reason is starting today, they write editorials every day until election day. they take someone else on. i think they will make mitt romney's life miserable. it is -- they are, the front page. front page. we have been through it. on the wrong or right side of it. but it's free public tisty. >> dana: it's significant because -- >> kimberly: he has to have the daily things to deal with. strong voice. well respected. they didn't choose him last time. they have editorial credibility and they said we didn't like you last time. we're not picking you this time. they went with mccain before. now with newt. it's significant. >> bob: the other question is i assume that gingrich got
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himself a pass. he does this thing and in iowa it's a big issue. >> eric: it's an issue everywhere. >> bob: but in 60 days we have votes there. less than that. so i guess my question is he does it and then he has thanksgiving and then the "manchester union leader." he got breaks here. >> dana: everything is going his way. >> greg: what is pushing newt gingrich there is a desire to see him debate, not necessarily win. when he made the joke that obama can bring teleprompter he will need an imax teleprompter. newt gingrich is going to school him. it will be so bad he will deliver enough sympathy to win the election. >> bob: somebody elig said nice things about newt. do we have bill clinton up here? >> he is articulate and tries
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to think of a conservative version of an idea that will solve a legitimate problem. for example, last night, i watched the national security debate last night. newt said two things that would make an independent voter say i've got to consider that. >> bob: that is the key. newt made independent voter statements. we would prefer to run against gingrich than romney. i think bill in his own way there is a good old boy, he's just fine. from my stand point, newt is terrific. >> eric: i think you're right that the obama administration would rather run against anybody but romney. seen the mitt versus mitt ad? >> dana: the white house is exciting they are going to run against romney so that's why they're making time and money ads against -- >> bob: i'm not sure it's
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wasting. >> dana: it's too early.>> all of us know about, know a lot about gingrich over the years. when they saw the nancy pelosi it might be the first time they saw it. >> bob: i'm told to tease. we're off here. the studio is too hot. eric is in the anchor chair. coming up, finally justice on wall street. fat cats may not get as big a bonus this year. poor baby. thank you, eric. appreciate that. p@?ñm ñoy÷ó if you've just signed up for medicare or will soon,
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well, tonight's most controversial story, ohio officials have removed a 200-pound 8-year-old boy from his mother's custody. social workers placed the boy in foster care and said the mother was not doing enough to control his weight. so greg, you have a special affection for what? >> greg: no, i just, i think that our nation's backbone is chubby kids. maybe the kid is too big. or a 45-year-old massacreraiding as 8-year-old boy. we have seen it happen before. who is to say that foster care in ohio is superior than a parenting environment? the kid is going to be a bengals fan. >> kimberly: my goodness. great point. that would be a big problem. look what happened to hemmersh right? bengals fan. >> dana: i don't know enough about her or the mom, to say whether or not she was being neglectful. but one thing that the medical authority says, the state authority said she was not following the medical advice and her son lost some weight and gained it rapidly back.
11:27 pm
but taking them out of an environment where he is loved with the mom and siblings would probably be worse. >> bob: i think this is exactly the right thing to do. no different in my view if they caught him doing crack. the mother was warned. they should have taken him to my house. i was around that at 8 years old. but they didn't. look what happened to me. these kids cannot be left at that weight and get the kind of illnesses they were projecting he is going to have. why not take him out? unsafe environment. no different to have him in a house of crack addicts. >> greg: the problem is the criteria. how big is too big? >> bob: there was medical studies done on the kid and they warranted the mother if they keep the kid at this weight he will begin to get very, very sick.
11:28 pm
>> eric: what about a kid that eats a lot of junk food? isn't that just as dangerous as obese kid? maybe kids that are lining the arteries with plaque? the bottom line, this is the parent's responsibility, you can't leave that to a government official. >> dana: if the kid was starved together we wouldn't even have a segment obit. the controversy is obesity. >> bob: people argue it's just as dangerous as starvation. >> kimberly: that is what she is saying. you're in agreement. >> kimberly: but they have standards, height, weight, and percentage. >> greg: that is the point. the kid goes to 300. maybe the next kid is 250.
11:29 pm
>> bob: i bet doctors said if you continue at this weight -- >> kimberly: diabetes, heart disease. short life span. >> bob: you have a responsibility as a social worker to get him out of there. >> greg: this is an unusual thing to see. >> kimberly: part of the supersize me generation of fast food. >> greg: there is probably mental illness in the household. >> kimberly: or be depressed or problems at school or being bullied. i don't know. >> bob: in the segment we are going to talk about the obama recovery. that's next. >> kimberly: we are going to talk about the super rich. they are spending lavishly an enjoying life. the survey of affluence and wealth in america. yes, it exists. produced by the harrisson group and american express, people charging on their card. wealthiest americans define
11:30 pm
668,000 families with median income above $950,000 a year. this is what they spent on average. $10 fun on fine jewelry. $69 on the last year. $17,800 on vacation. $6,500 in home furnishings. >> dana: does this bother you? it doesn't bother me because i don't care what they spend their money on. but if it bothers you, this is why we need sales reform in the country. if you want fair tax you would capture revenue based on that. >> kimberly: then you'd be happy that people spent money. >> eric: more for a flat tax. >> bob: these are eating dinner at french restaurant owned by the french. who cares. buying the lamborghinis owned by italians. who cares. these are rich people doing what rich people do.
11:31 pm
>> greg: but the fact they build the boats they sail on. thanks to the modern phenom no of enemy. instead of wanting to get rich, we now want to get the rich. >> kimberly: you despise rich. >> greg: example of demonizing the wealthy is the top 1%. occupy wall street group. >> dana: wealthy people hired them. >> kimberly: good thing eric got out of wall street. they're compensating 30% this year. 40% out in the nick of time. >> bob: that is terrible! >> kimberly: it's getting better. got the black friday outfid on. greg gutfeld is on deck, people. he is talking black friday madness. that's next. ♪ ♪ 6:00
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eastern. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." convulsion of capitalism known "black friday" was a huge success, resulting in $52 billion spent. up 16% from last year. now some say this is the start of the obama recovery. and by some, i mean bob, bob only really. the fact is if you look at the antimarket message of occupy wall street and then suddenly embrace capitalism when it helps obama, it's like john travolta's hair. >> kimberly: yousome? >> greg: no one buys it. black friday spreads the wealth, but that's not the way the left likes it. in the latest "new yorker"
11:38 pm
piece the true goal is overthrow of capitalism. they take it after you make it. which has the enablers. see how the media handled black friday focusing on chaos. but the fight over the waffle irons, which i totally get. those were worth $5. i wish the press with the mayhem of the roaster thes like with the shoppers. dream on. let's face it. reporters share the protesters' assumption so that is why they forgive them their ascention. they help the economy, unlike the protesters who tried to stage a boycott. i wish that would have work because i'm positive that bob got us all waffle irons. >> kimberly: i hope so. >> dana: when who makes the waffles? >> kimberly: aunt jemimah or bisquick. get the premade. >> bob: it was on this show last week with great fear and
11:39 pm
loathing that the occupy wall street people would shut down black friday. i think the producers thought that was a big story. what happened? not a single store was shut down. they use pepper spray. get over there and get the waffles. that was me -- >> greg: ioticed by the back tattoo. >> bob: right. [ laughter ] the economy does work. people who are buying -- >> dana: a $2 waffle iron. >> bob: wait a minute. the middle class re-entered the consumption market on friday and they got to be there and stay. face reality, obama is going to be -- >> greg: that is what you hated and why you wouldn't support occupy wall street. blind consumption. >> greg: i have something important. you see the line and you see people camping out. you see the doors open and they are flooding the wal-mart and flooding the shelves for the $2 waffle iron. the economy is so bad, people
11:40 pm
are hurt something badly they have to fight for stupid sales they probably don't even really want. >> kimberly: excuse me. >> bob: they were trying to get -- >> kimberly: did you see what they did at neiman marcus, too? disgraceful. >> bob: that's my point. you start targeting wal-mart or whatever it's called. costco. >> greg: it's a great superstore. >> bob: that is -- they don't haveny bags. >> dana: but the other point on twitter i put out a tweet that said i cannot imagine anything that would get me out of my house and to a black friday sale at midnight on thanksgiving. there were a lot of people that responded quite pointedly toward me saying you don't have to worry about getting your kids something for christmas. it was a good eye-opener for me. a lesson that i -- >> bob: i guarantee you that all the people in the lines are not a bunch of poor people barely making it day-by-day. >> eric: are you leaning
11:41 pm
back in the flame suspenders you have going on -- by the way, obama economy victory lap? am i hearing this right? this is what your -- >> dana: this is the summer we've all been waiting for. >> eric: 48 million people on food stamps in america. >> greg: if you think obama has the election wrapped up? >> kimberly: i was trying to bring you in and you were trying to bring me in. really sweet. i think he will get re-elected at this point. i feel like what bill clinton was saying in the "new york times," look, we can probably take it together. they can't even figure it out for the primary. decide who they want. >> dana: do it for 2016. >> kimberly: exactly. okay. governor christie, romney surrogate and probable candidate for 2016. it seems like the leapfrog ahead. up next so what is the point? huntsman will be president. >> dana: you can say that.
11:42 pm
it wasn't just black friday. the idea of small business saturday. president obama did something i thought this is what you do with presidents. he went to kraemer books, which is where i used to go to buy books when you bought hard copy books. you went shopping. showcase small business saturday. >> eric: what do you do for the american people? >> bob: the fact of the matter is -- i know you, but eric said the "communist manifesto." the reality is the obama has been late in coming. but you argue about the -- >> eric: late in coming? >> bob: this economy has le legs. >> greg: a big development today. barney frank will not be running for re-election. he has like 700 terms as a lawmaker.
11:43 pm
where will he go? is he going to be sitting at bob's spot when bob is on vacation? >> kimberly: not contributor on o'reilly. >> bob: when his i.q. leaves the tea party candidate doesn't ad up to his i.q. >> dana: mark this day. >> bob: he is a great man. >> eric: i wanted more time to spend with my wife. he wasn't ready for another term. >> dana: but i like that you knew what you would get. he had great interviews >> kimberly: big housing and loan mess. thanks. bye. >> greg: directly ahead. i'm teasing, people. union workers caught on tape. smoking pot and boozing during their lunch break. something bob does every morning. but that is not the most controversial part of the story. we'll tell you what that is
11:44 pm
next. stick around. @xóx
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." 17 more reasons to hate the -- [ inaudible ] investigative reporter caught up with the union workers smoking pot and drinking booze at lunch. take a look. >> this is a factory in detroit. here is what they make parts for in the factory. these are some of the people who work in the factory. >> you already got two felonies, man. i know you're a pot head. that's you, though, right? >> that's me. >> last year, the "new york times" did an article on them. >> they're making parts for humvees and stryker vehicles, tested for afghanistan and iraq. here is a humvee. here is a stryker. here is one of the guys that works in the factory on his lunch break. some buy grub, some smoke bud. day after day it was a party in the parking lot. out in the open. within sight of the factory.
11:49 pm
>> oh, boy, can you imagine your sons and daughters getting shot at wearing body armor assembled by cheech and chong aerospace? bob? >> bob: did you get an e-mail from a friend of ours? >> bob: he said bob looks like he is dressed for a funeral. >> bob: let me guess, this was the infamous, famous, my friend, honorable mark levine. let me just say that the answer to your question is i'm dressed for the funeral of the conservative party. >> eric: oh! >> dana: nice. >> bob: you can go to any factory in america and you find people outside smoking dope. having beer. that is 17 people that were there. all 17 of them have been now on their path to being out of work and the guy that did that story is sure one of your favorite. a right wing, the guy has gone out of his way to be a right winger. a wing nut. did you notice there are no
11:50 pm
white people around? >> eric: he went to a parking lot, bob. caught people smoking pot and drinking. first, he did it at a chrysler plant twice and caught them twice. >> bob: any plant they're drinking and smoking dope. >> greg: let me make an interesting point. imagine if a journalist went to a place of journalism and did the very same thing. >> eric: exactly. >> greg: how many reporters and now anchors are drunk or doing drugs? the reason they can do that is because there is no heavy machinery. the worst thing you can get is send an erant tweet. i am high right now. i use computer screen cleaner. >> eric: this is a product our kids wear to be safe. >> greg: you're right. >> bob: there are thousands in the factory. >> dana: the company does not want to lose the contract. last week, bob, you asked a good question, why do we have so many jobs in america that
11:51 pm
are being left unfilled? hmm. well, maybe that's why. the company that went to work, went there, manufacturerring place in detroit, rehabilitated, hire the worker and now they are caught. if this happens it every factory -- >> eric: thank you. this is about the union. talk about the last time he caught people. at chrysler plant. remember, chrysler, $17 billion of our money, the taxpayers money. that is what they do with it. >> kimbey: outrage of the story. these aren't actors. these are real people working. you think they would be careful to not lose their job. but there are hard-working union people that value their job. they should fire people who behave this way. >> bob: the way it's pitched by eric in the conference this morning and people who buy in to this stuff.
11:52 pm
this is somehow the unions were protecting the people. they represent one-half of 1%. >> eric: stop it. you are making that up. >> bob: management said so. >> eric: management is trying to get them out -- they are rolling it up in the paper. >> dana: what is there to work on? >> bob: on their way out. it's a union issue. outrageous. >> dana: i think the environmentalists get after them for littering. >> greg: to show them the work incapacitated is expired all over the place. >> kimberly: you brain was frozen. >> greg: this is a fraction of -- >> bob: this is a fraction of the workforce.
11:53 pm
unized shop. yes, there are unions. it didn't stop them from taking responseability to get rid of them. >> eric: they are wrapping us. are you done? >> bob: no. pick a small story picking on union. >> bob: turn off your cell phone on the airplane? guess what. it might change and be totally unnecessary. we have details next on "the five." we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation,
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five" in the home stretch here. we are finally getting an explanation as to why you have to turn off devices while on planes. we have talked about this on the thanksgiving show. it turns out that the faa just wants to err on the side of caution. the study says nothing that shows there is conclusive evidence that there could be a problem but nothing to show there ever will be a problem. it's nonsense. i understand caution but this is annoying. >> eric: this is all about the angry flight attendants that want to mess with you and give you a hard time. i could zillionth next to bob and get in a fistfight and
11:58 pm
they would be okay. but if the cabin door closes i have to turn it off. >> bob: let's assume that this -- >> dana: this is not just the phone. but any electronic devices. so if you have an e-book you have to turn it off. >> bob: you will be looking at the twitter account. >> right. >> greg: i don't care if it's real or made up. if it keeps them from talking on the stupid phones. i don't worry about the issue. if i'm on a flight i control the landing and take-off with my brain. >> kimberly: wow! >> dana: while we are on the topic of greg and his brain. you had an interview in the "l.a. times" this weekend. >> greg: you can probably find it online at a nice interview about "the
11:59 pm
five," great success of "the five." >> dana: she said what do you say of critics that complain about fox news? your answer was good. >> greg: i like what when she said what do you say to critics? as opposed to i don't like it. reporters say what do you say to citks, which is cute. >> bob: "the five," 95% of is it on you. i thought it was terrific and good. i got six copies of it from you. >> bob: my mom got it. >> very nice about the five. the other 43 about greg's life. if anybody deserves it, greg does. we should congratulate the fact that the ratings for the 3:00 in the morning "red eye" show are bigger than any other network prime time show except for one.


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