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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 29, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>>neil: is herman on the verge of quitting? welcome, everybody. a former pizza king in a box, telling us he is now reassessing his campaign. this after a businesswoman claimed she had a 13 year affair with the g.o.p. candidate and he denies it but still telling the staff the allegations are indeed taking an emotional toll on the family and a financial one on his campaign. now, we will talk to herman cain himself tomorrow about all of this. first, to republican fundraiser on whether the former business titan can buns back from this. what do you think? >> you know where there is smoke there is fire.
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i hate to say this and i don't know anything to be true but if i was working for the cain campaign i would probably stop making calls at this point to see what clears. it will hurt him financially and a lot of people wonder who herman cain is and this is not good. and another thing happened. if herman cain does decide to get out of the race, a lot of people are wondering, who are the big supporters going to go to? i think they are probably going to inch over to gingrich because they have a lot of similarities in the way they are in holds barred when they get into the topics and tell it like it is and they have a way they don't like to go against the other g.o.p. candidates that are running. they try to be fair. >>neil: to be fair to herman cain he has not dropped out, and these are just allegations and it has in the been proven but the woman yesterday coming forward and not at all connected with the harassment charges in
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the past, was another sort of a drip, drip, drip that has been dragging this campaign. if you are a fundraiser and you know about money, the chase is a sure thing and steps back from a not so sure thing. is that what is going on? >>guest: you can see it will be hard. think about it. what if i worked for herman cain, and i asked him, neil cavuto, for money, aren't you going do make reference to the fact he seems disorganized and the campaign seems iffy, with another allegation? this is not just another sexual harassment allegation. this is someone coming forth saying necessity had a 13 year on-and-off affair. this is a little different. and the fact that he is back pedaling and saying, that, you know, reanalyzing everything, this is something to think about, so, would you be wanting to write that check? or would you be hesitant?
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>>neil: i guess we reading the tea leaves, and one of the things that interested me today from herman cain was the comments attributed to him at a conference where he said he is considering the emotional toll on his family include his wife of 43 years. this is the first time he has at least in a setting with his campaign staff, acknowledged that and gone on to state that this could be a factor. what did you make of it? >>guest: like i said where there is smoke there is fire. you can tell whatever the relationship was, he said he did not her but said it was not a sexual deal, and the fact this woman has come out, you know, and has done in to herself. who would come out there and do that? >>neil: well, keep in mind, she has a history of money problems, you -- i'm not trying
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to blast her i'm just saying this could be a case for making a case, financial or otherwise. i understand what you are saying, but i do agree at the outset here that, where there smoke there is fire. the damage is done. >>guest: we don't know how much more is out this. the fact that he is one of the only candidates that has this pow, pow, po. he has now put a halt on raiding money because a donor will probably ask the campaign in confidence, what's next? what is going on? >>neil: how do you know they will not get that if they run to gingrich who has other personal issues? >>guest: newt is the old dog in the race. a lost his stuff is out. herman cain, a lot of people did
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not know herman cain. and the fact that herman cain really ignited the grass roots, the tea party, people were all rahrah herman cain. she a great guy and made fan nasa tick points. he may continue but right now it is hard to get the message out, neil, and raise money on the message and his issues when he has this black cloud looming over his head that is not pretty. and a lot of people did not like the fact that he is married and the allegations of him having sexual liaisons, whether true or not, keep popping up. >>neil: we will watch it closely. thank you. and 24 hours from new we could have an answer to all of this because herman cain will be my special guest and we will get his assessment of where this stands, where the race stands, the accusations, is there smoke? herman cain. up close and personal on "your
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world," tomorrow. the hits keep coming for herman cain is gingrich in next? a tweet from a blogger from "washington post" looking for outlandish, incorrect predictions and "from gingrich's past," any ideas for me. and now, bret i thought of you, it is one thing to do this under a blog, but under the auspice of writing essentially the "washington post" ... all information of impartialness goes. >>guest: that is right. the "washington post" has one of two choices: either fire this man or acknowledge that it doesn't have any objectist left for under its name for something like that to go out. this is what we have been saying for a year, the obama team can't run on its message. the only thing they can run on is character assassination. that is politics. that is something that the obama
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team might do. but for the media to be complicity this this? for the media to be participating in this and now we have this person, just putting it out on the internet in open, help me crucify gingrich? we want him next. it is, you feel like they have fangs or something and they have blood --. >>neil: it is like help me get some dirt. if you had those who might be loyal to then president bush or the republicans, get some dirt on president obama, people would be going nuts but there is a pattern. i remember when they tried, sarah palin, remember, released all of the papers as governor, and the "washington post" and a blog was saying, let's get as much research on these as you can, anything outlandish try to research it. >>guest: neil, think of the lack of coverage of president obama in the 2008 campaign
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versus sarah palin and the nine fact checkers to try and find anything they could of what she did wrong in her book. a complete double standard. if the reporter of the "washington post" said this about president obama, he would be fired. this is "business as usual," but the public is seeing through this. i agree with the last guess saying what is none about gingrich is known. and what they will do is they will try to make rubber bounce. i don't know it will have an impact because people are just sick and tired of these two face journeyists who are nothing but character assassins. >>neil: if you could just let us know how you feel it would help me out the i noticed in this case, looking at gingrich, we and those who follow this know about the allegations, and
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the relationships and everything else, and i don't think it is that well-known in the general public. it is out there and innuendoes but a lot of it way overstates some of the alleged we we romances and the like but having said that, do you think this will the way they operate? tearing down. we have had this theory on the candidates, they rise, knock them down and make them all look ridiculous. >>guest: this could dispell myths about gingrich, and everyone has heard the story about the death bed divorce that he got from wife number two. it is a terrific story. but the only problem is it is not true and the person who said it is not true is his former wife. she has come publicly and said that so there is a lot of up
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truth said about gingrich. my advice would be, if you have skeletons, come out with them and if you did something wrong, acknowledge it, and what gets people in trouble because of the hubris of washington, always, always, always, it is not the mistake you made but the lie when you deny. america is a forgiving country if you show you are repentant. >>neil: very good to see you again, thank you. a major airlines wings are getting clipped. are you now about to get zoomed?
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>>neil: american airlines is bankrupt and the stock goes bust.
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shareholders wiped out as they blame expensive labor contracts and pricey fuel for combining to knock it out. but if you think you are off the hook, charles payne says get ready. sky-high airline fees are going higher and charles, do you think it could be much higher? explain. >>guest: i have to give the airline industry, really, just before inflation, if you go back two or three decades they are not up that much adjusted for inflation. that is why they have to go up. this nickel and dime thing, it is ridiculous. two dynamics, deregulation in 1979 and since then, 189 airlines have gone out of business and they have killed themselves with the crazy price wars, and i'm telling you it is nuts. but adjusted for inflation, the fees are not up that much and if you add fuel, forget it. >>neil: whether you like the fees are not just to stay
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athreat, the airlines have to sock it to you? >>guest: yes and it will be tight. if you become a flight from that guard i can't to montana at 1:00 o'clock in the morning it will be packed because they will use all the seats. they are trying to make money and we can see how difficult it is. they have amazing pension obligations to pay and they are union. they would have last -- they are the last of the big airs not to file for bankruptcy. they are paying so be more to the rivals. >>neil: i understand your point but the airlines, in general, bankruptcy is an option, right? the question is, do they get the costs under control? obviously, continental tried this two or three times and it worked. going way back. so, they are all under the same pressure, to varying degrees? >>guest: everyone watching get used to the idea of higher fees,
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not just the hidden fees. i hate the idea that they have made $3 billion just on changing tickets. i can't leave monday i will leave tuesday. those things seem like a p.r. disaster, and ultimately, just raise the price. tell me what you want me to pay and do not get me with the hidden pays using the soda and using the bathroom. >>neil: you would be a nightmare passenger, where they stop the traffic, and boot you off the plane. so regardless, it will are more of a pain. >>guest: prices will go much, much higher, and this is the explanation point. some of the airlines are making a little bit of money but this is a terrible image. they are not making a lot of money and there will be some school dangerous and i interviewed an analyst in the
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industry and he thinks there will be massive putting together of companies. >>neil: thank you, charles payne and now the big labor issue and whether it was among the factors that brought american airlines down. they are the highest of the major airlines $600 million on average more than the rivals. so forget the fuel, it is the labor that grounded this carrier. james, what about the other carriers? where do they stand with labor? >>guest: well, what has happened with the other carriers they went through bankruptcy and the airline does not have the money, the judge recognizes that and write as new contract that cuts the labor costs so the other airlines have gotten them out of the union contracts and american has not been able to do
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that. that is killing them. on nonlabor they are competitive but it is the union contracts that pushed them over the edge. >>neil: when you file for bankruptcy all contracts are generally null and void. not all, but most of them. so you renegotiate with your pilots and this was very acrimonious with american. how do you think the talks go? what happens? >>guest: well, the union just got greedy. what they wanted in a down economy when the airlines lost minute for the past four years, they did not want to accept cuts and are asking for a 10 percent signing, and 7 percent bonuses in each of the next three years. when the airlines are already hurting, it was unreasonable position. >>neil: a lot of the pilots say they were not getting increased in three years and were due back graded pay and now you say the message to the airline industry workers is you are going to have to suck it up, or other airlines will be doing
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the same thing? >>guest: well, the other airlines have done this. and it is hardly a hardship. the pilots are in most cases earning six figure as year, and they are hardly low paid workers. it is just a question of, well, how high is the pay? and the union, they wanted too much. when the airlines can not pass the costs on to consumers and make the american flying public pay more, if you can shop around the airline cannot pass it on, they have to be competitive. >>neil: we shad captain sullenberger on, and one comment he made at the time because he obviously brilliantly handled that, not a direct swipe at management, he was saying about, well, you get what you pay for. quality is something that is worth paying a premium. are you saying that is not the case? or what? >>guest: well, the unions are trying to basically inflate pay
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above and beyond what you are paying for quality. and it is understandable. they want to do that, of course, but in a competitive economy they cannot get the companies to do that if the competitors are paying the market rate and your union is trying to get you 7 percent raises each year and 10 percent signing and it will not give you improvements in productivity, well, then, you are kind of stuck and you don't have the money coming in and you cannot pay it and bankruptcy unnestable and it happened to general motors and now american airlines. >>neil: if we had do this to general motors and chrysler, we might have saved ourselves a whole bunch of money. >>guest: of course, the taxpayers lost almost $50 billion in the bailout of general motors. >>neil: good to see you, james, be well. forget worry about retaking the house, now barney frank is out, should democrats be worried about their not so great hold on
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>>neil: everyone is focused on the race for the white house in 2012 we forget there are other things. try the race fort united states senate. republicans need to pick up four states to take the majority away from the democrats. and high ghost wants to be one, the republican nomination in a crowded field to challenge a democrat in missouri. we reached out to the senator and she has been on before and we hope she will be on again. her folks say that will happen. you are consider the one of the folks right now who has a very good chance of picking up this seat. what will be the signature issue? what is, already?
1:25 pm
>>guest: well, neil, the signature issue is spending. and jobs. until we stop spending money we do not have we are not going to get control of the budget and the economy. and the senator and president obama continue to put the wrong policies in place that have driven this economy into the ditch. we have to stop spending money we do not have. it is just that simple. >>neil: but both sides do. would you talk to fellow republicans if you get in about their penchant for not walking the walk. many of them were willing for sign on a deal adding $9 trillion over nine years. that does not look brave. >>guest: you are right. there are as many democrats and republicans as guilty over
1:26 pm
spending habit. washington is just broken. and it is not working, the debt deal was ridiculous, it did not work, they form a super secret committee nobody knows what the negotiations are going on behind the closed doors and what do they come out with? nothing. >>neil: here is the latest going on, talk of, as you probably have heard, of extending the president's payroll tax cuts extending it to employers so they can save a little money, too, and the big bone of contention is democrats want to slap a surtax on those making $1 million or more to pay for it. how do you feel about that? >>guest: i am for lowering taxes but the fact is this is just a political gimmick, they want to get republicans to vote nor a tax increase to pay for this cut in the payroll tax and neil, i ask you, if it is good
1:27 pm
enough to temporarily lower rates, why isn't it good permanently to do that? we are too used to in this country, and what congress keeps doing, is putting band-aids on the solutions. look at permanently lowering tax rates so the people can plan into the future. i know what works, as an economist by training, what works is permanency. you do not get that with the temporary tax decreases. if it were a stand alone, i would vote for it, if it was just a cut in the payroll taxes. >>neil: but do you fine it odd that some of your republican colleagues leaving aside the tax on millionaires, have made a big deal before that idea came up of making sure the payroll tax cut was paid for, this stands in stark contrast to the prior
1:28 pm
position on marginal tax rate cuts for the upper income, that they didn't really have to be paid for but on this payroll thing they say it should be, are they inconsistent? >>guest: everything about washington is inconsistent because they say one thing and do another which is what my opponent is very good at. and, the fact is, we need to look at reforming the tax structure if this country and we have a good opportunity to do that right now. but they are failing to do it. and we know that washington doesn't work because there is in incentive in there for people in washington to want to cut spending, to want to close corporate loopholes in a tax structure that doesn't work anymore. why? because they get to reward their contributors, they are a special interest group, with either tax subsidies, stimulus, different kinds of loopholes.
1:29 pm
>>neil: both sides do play that game. >>guest: they do play that game and that is what causing all the problems. and the people in this country get that. the people who don't get that, that is washington. that is what i am running against. i will tell you i am the candidate that is the status quo who is feared. i am a conserve stiff who will do what i say. we need to cut right now cut spending. stop spending money we do not have. >>neil: we will watch very closely. thank you very much. by the way, will we put that call out for senator to join us. she has been joined us before. and now, why is buddy roemer looking to buddy up with someone
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1:34 pm
i have again through this republican process and at the heart of my strategy i don't take big chances. i'm $100, no pac money, never taken pac money. it is hidden. you don't know who gave it. >>neil: you would not take pac money? >>guest: i don't take it. i didn't take it running for governor or for congress when i got re-elected. >>imus: what would the ticket be for you? >>guest: a democrat associated with me, a unity ticket, called americans elect is the idea. it wasn't my idea. they have developed it for months. we would pick a democrat who believed in my economic values which are conservative, would believed in growth, who believed in fair trade with china, and who believed that campaign reform is the most important issue in this campaign. >>neil: what would you hookup with? >>guest: i'm not prepared to say yet. i need to give that more in the.
1:35 pm
however --. >>neil: obviously i thought you would have done your homework. you mentioned joe lieberman? >>guest: joe lieberman. >>neil: not a liberal democrat. more moderate. , yes, erskine bowles, someone who you could count on. that is who i am looking at. >>neil: i talked to bloomberg and others and it is such a heavy load to get on the ballots and even when you do far from guarantee. >>guest: no question, it is a hard way to go, but look at me now, as a proud republican, i have not been invited to a single debate, there have been ten national debates. my average donation is $60. i need to be on a national debate. most people in america do not know i am running. i'm the only guy running who has been a congressman and a congress and i have balanced the budget. i've done tax reform. we took on employment in
1:36 pm
louisiana down from 12 percent down to below 6 percent, these things can be done. but you start with the corruption. and i don't get the powers that be in my own party want to hear that message. >>neil: so you are ticked you are not invited to the debates. i can understand that, we had former new mexico governor johnson and he has been invited only to two. normally third party candidates go outside the mainstream to challenge are ticked off because the party rejected them? >>guest: gary has expressed that to me, that he was ticked off at what the republican party had done for him. i didn't expect much. i'll be honest. i'm not ticked off or surprised. east just reporting the fact. here is a candidate who has been in private business for 20 years and very successful, a bank approaching $1 billion with no bailout and profitable, a man
1:37 pm
who --. >>neil: yourself? >>guest: talking about myself. a congressman, and a governor. >>neil: so you are gasoline to -- going do do it? >>guest: i will do it. >>neil: you will siphon votes from republicans? >>guest: from americans what put the country first who think we need to create jobs and who are tired much washington being bought and sold by special interests neil. they own washington. >>neil: we will watch closely, governor, you are powerful. spending more time at work but don't think of spending your cash this, the smack down that has ramsey saying "lighten up." you see someone who is saved because of this technology, you know that the things that you do in your life matter. if i did have an opportunity to meet a cancer survivor,
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>>neil: americans working harder and longer but companies are saying do not shop access
1:41 pm
online. and dave ramsey says cut the workers a break, and that is why they are not working today they are shopping. and he lost a ton of money. good to have you, dave. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: you are saying, you can get too dictatorrish about it? >>guest: same thing with facebook and twitter and all the other things people do on the job. we have a balance around our place, i lead a team of 300 folks and we allow access to youtube, access to facebook but be freakin' getting your work done, too, because if you spend all your time on that stuff and shopping instead of getting your work done you are stealing because i am paying you while you are here to work. and when you don't work when i am paying you, you stealing and i will let you check in, but i don't want to walk up behind you when you are supposed to be working and see you spend 25 minutes on facebook, we will have a discussion. we treat people like adults
1:42 pm
rather than children. i have been to your office and they all like you. they really like you. when you say you are open to them doing this but they better make sure their work done, how do you know if you are walking around and monitoring them that sally has her work done and tom has his work done when they are on amazon, shopping. >>guest: we don't know at that moment. but, over the pattern of their work and you look at quality of their work and we see if they are executing what they are supposed to be executing, the way we look at it, everyone is self employed. everybody at the end of the day is self employed. if you don't get your work done the marketplace punishes you. if i spend all my time on facebook and twitter and i don't return phone calls and help me get radio stations and execute publishing deals and those things i don't get my work done,
1:43 pm
i don't make money. everyone has to think that way in the marketplace and when you get a team member that thinks that way bass you are able to treat them with that level dignity now you have a quality workforce. >>neil: but if you working too hard, you have to work, work, work, work, work, you can burn them out. maybe let them shop a little. >>guest: we close at 5:30 and you need to go home. have a life outside of here. we don't work 60 and 80 hour work weeks bun we have a project or problem people are willing to work the secretary hour week. we don't have a culture of work alcoholism, so it is not asking too much when we need them. >>neil: a common sense way of handling this.
1:44 pm
>> a slow down to speed up union elections, the national labor relations board will not take up a vote on a controversial union rule not right away. the group was supposed to vote on this tomorrow. and now the latest from washington, dc. the democrat chairman pushed aside a controversial part of the proposal that deadlocked the board since june calming the environment at the national labor relations board for now which has been considered a brenham to shorten the time between when unions can call for an election and when they can hold them and now the board will possibly consider that issue at a later date. the nlrb democratic chairman says the loan republican threatened to walk out over there and without him the nlrb is short the number of members it needs. so if he is out, the board is paralyzed. >> this is, really, tragic, many of us who have green to love the
1:45 pm
board despite all of its imperfections and warts are really distressed by the manner in which the current two member majority are ignoring board process, and ignoring the tradition. >> the republicans in the house of representatives, for whatever reason, seem to be intent on turning the board into a symbol of the obama administration's supposedly job killing agenda. >> the fact that we continue to discuss the national labor relations board is a testament to how political it is. republicans say the board has moved far left and democrats say republicans only seek to use the board as a scare tactic to push anti-union agenda. neil? >>neil: if they don't decide it this soon the further they push it back the more of a political issue it becomes, so, i guess both sides it is? their interest to see something done in the next few weeks, tops, next couple of months. >>guest: absolutely.
1:46 pm
and, remember, this resignation, possible resignation open the horizon, that could paralyze the board because then you only have two members members and you nee. when the senate recesses, a recess agreement by president obama, there will be more deadlock ahead. >>neil: thank you, rich, very much. first they claimed the jack pot and now dodging pot shots because they were already rich? isn't that "rich."
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
>>neil: ain't it a bitch being rich? three wall street money managers winning $254 million in the record setting connecticut powerball lottery.
1:50 pm
but the winners taking a month to come forward and grab the loot. and now, it could be a face of the rich feeting guilty. they does wait 28 days to come forward. what was that about? >>guest: and the lottery commission put out bill boards, where are you in saying we want to hear from you. this is going to be, they were going to get screwed whether they waited another six months. they were very quiet. they shut have had a stretch limousine, fancy suits they walk in and keep their head lows and they had to suspect, though, they would get quite a bit of media attention off of this, with everything going on, the finger-pointing and the occupy moments and now they come failure, look, it is great, god bless them, it is wonderful, however, i am sure there are a lot of others that envy them. >>neil: i thought the delay, that it was guilt but how they would present themselves and they wondered if they could
1:51 pm
accept it anonymously. can you do that? maybe when you won that $10 million how did it do you? you >>guest: you have to be there. maybe show up in a pinto. or, perhaps, wait until after the 1st of the year, rule is you do not necessarily want to she up now toward the end the career but defer the taxes as long as you can, they are taking the payouts, going into a trust but we did not know their circumstance. i don't what kind of money managers they are. they are in connecticuts i know that. but it does not give them the license for us to feel that these guys are part of the 1 percent already. >>neil: but there is something to it, we always have the view we want the underdog to win, the single mom or the janitor, to pick up the prize, it does seem in this environment the wall
1:52 pm
street titans win ... do we just have that were of a problem with wealth that we put these guys on the cover of newspapers to say look at these folks? >>guest: how ironic they won it, now? if this was ten or 20 years ago, we would have thought about it and it would have been headline news for a couple of days and that is it but this is on the cover of the "new york post," and it will continue because of the feeling of envy, of the have's and the "have nots", the 1 percents we talk about, and this is one of the cases, again, and, yes, it exacerbates the situation. >>neil: they say, well, the rich do get richer. how maddening. >>guest: but they did not break any rules and you have every right as an american to make as much as you want and unlimited potential no matter how many people push back they did nothing wrong.
1:53 pm
>>neil: i thought it would be great to they did an ad. most people who win, in any state, they tend, they are not the ones who are wealthy. >>guest: and in southern new jersey there was a yes that one $1 million off of a scratch off ticket three years ago and he won another $1 million. but, he still had the right to continue to play just incredibly lucky. >>neil: someone you want to be with. todd came in second, by the way. but he is still here. anyone but, think this is the first time a primary frontrunner has faced the challenge? think again.
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
president who once looked unbeatable, but whose sliding poll numbers have some pondering, wow, the unthinkable, we can beat this guy, we can beat this president. but not with this guy, not with our guy. surely there must be other guys, guys with less baggage, guys with more credentials, guys who don't pander or smooth talk over double talk, guys who -- well, i don't know whose hair isn't owe perfectly or tightly staged media events so precise, guys who are politicians, but don't seem so political. we don't need a chameleon who changes colors, but a candidate who proudly shows his stripes. we can pull this off, if only we find a way to bump this frontrunner of ours off. before we dig in, maybe throw this bum out. you know, i'm not talking about republicans and their frontrunner in 2012. i'm talking about democrats lamenting their frontrunner in 1992, because there was a time when bill clinton was not the democrats' best hope, more like their last resort, the tallest
1:58 pm
of seven dwarfs challenging an unchallengeable king george until king george didn't look so unchallengeable or so, well, vulnerable. and democrats' chances suddenly didn't look so laughable, but not with bill then. surely they figured someone else then kind of like a lot of republicans view mitt romney now, can't win with this governor, not against this president. sort of like what they said about that governor against another president. beware those some call pariahs in their party. there was a time they said that of ronald reagan, too. before that pariah darn near became a prophet. and bill clinton became a powerhouse. funny thing conventional wisdom. funnier thing, history. speaking of history, something historic, growing talk that herman cain is getting nervous about his campaign, and rumors he might quit it. he is here tomorrow in the flesh
1:59 pm
on "your world." where does he stand? what's he going to do? what now for the pizza king who's in a world of political hurt. in one hour on fox business, we have tea party members in richmond, virginia, who are claiming retaliation. they cute th accuse the city of supporting occupy protesters. now they're being yachted. we've got the head of that group on fbn. i'm thinking to myself, you don't get fbn? >> come on down, stand right up and demand it. >> where's the beef? >> demand it. step right up. >> would you do that at the cable operator's house? would you go to the front and -- >> yeah, the front door. >> what a


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