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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 29, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and as always, unafraid. >> shep: this is the fox report tonight. a secret meeting of the failed congressional super committee. progress, plus reassessing. has the herman cain strain run out of tracks? -- train run out of tracks? herman cain, now taking another look at his campaign, just weeks before the first political contest of the season, he says all the accusations are taking an emotional toll on his family. tonight the state of the cain candidacy. american airlines bankrupt. >> this morning our company decided to file for chapter 11 restructuring. >> shep: just about every other major airline has done it. and that means we know what to expect. tonight, how this will affect workers, passengers, and prices.
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sentencing day for the man who killed michael jackson. prosecutors asked for prison. the defense demanded probation. now the judge decides. >> i believe he's a danger to the community. >> shep: tonight the sentence and what about that $100 million restitution request? but first from fox this tuesday night, the rip presidential candidate herman cain says he's reassessing his campaign after a woman said he had a 13-year affair with her. but no signs yet that he's ready to call it quits. in fact, he's been holding a campaign event this evening at hillsdale college in michigan, speaking about foreign policy and national security. clearly looking to refocus attention on his candidacy. yesterday herman cain denied the accusation of a relationship and vowed to stay in the race. in a conference call with staffers and volunteers today, we're told herman cain acknowledged that the accusation and the recent allegations have taken an emotional toll on his
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family and him. a republican rival is also now calling for herman cain to reconsider his campaign. the former utah governor jon huntsman tells the boston globe newspaper, you've got to be reconsidering based on how we've lost focus on the issues that really do matter. so pressure is clearly building. poll numbers are obviously dropping. and herman cain is apparently reassessing. carl cameron with the news, live in washington tonight. what too we know so far about this so-called assessment? >> michelle bachmann called it code for looking at cain's viability because in her view, the cain campaign recognizes its support dropped because of all these questions. cain today in this call told staffers, quote, we have to do an assessment whether or not this will create too much of a cloud in some people's minds as to whether or not they will be able to support us going forth. speculation is rampant that he'll drop out. he told supporters he'll let them know had a couple of days. his collapse in the polls helped newt gingrh h surge ahead of mitt romney.
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romney has a double digit lead over gingrich in new hampshire. but he picked up the lead everywhere else. partly as a consequence of cain's slip. >> shep: he really has and mitt romney is right there with him. there is word of a, i don't know, interesting endorsement for him today. >> the gop candidates have been duking it out over illegal immigration for the last few weeks. today romney picked up the endorsement of three prominent cuban americans in south florida. congresswoman, congressman mario diaz and his brother. romney has been bashing newt gingrich and rick perry for suggesting several of the 11 million illegals in country could earn a path to citizenship. but he said there should be no breaks. >> my view is pretty straightforward, for those people who have come here illegally, they should have the opportunity to get in line with everybody else who wants to come into this country, but they go to the back of the line and they should be given no special pathway to citizenship or permanent residency merely
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because they've come here illegally. >> both rick perry and newt gingrich say it's different from a path to citizenship and only available to those who have been in the country for decades and productive members of their community. >> shep: carl ram ron. thank you. in the wake of the attacks of 9-11, american airlines was the only major u.s. carrier that managed to avoid bankruptcy. today that ended. >> last decade has been extraordinarily hard in the u.s. aline industry. >> shep: american airlines and its parent company, amr, filed for protection under chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code today. that's reorganization; not liquidation. which means for now the planes keep flying. your tickets are still good, and they tell us your frequent flyer advantage miles are safe. they blame it on high labor costs and spiking oil prices. >> this year we're going to pay
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almost $2 billion more for fuel than we did last year. so that was a hit we didn't need. >> shep: the company released a statement that claims it's going to be business as usual. but that's not entirely true. the "fox business" network's jerri willis is with us now. passengers, though, will see some changes. >> they will see some changes. the new ceo of the company said hey, we'll have cutbacks in service, modest, but some. here is what you can expect given what we've seen in the past. look at this list of airlines that declared bankruptcy after 9-11, all the big ones have. delta, u.s. airways. what happens after that? let me tell you, all a lot of nothing. people kept booking flights. they kept paying for their tickets. planes still took off and the frequent flyer miles were still awarded and gathered. >> shep: you have to wonder if there isn't a massive consolidation coming a the some point. 78,000 employees, what happens to them?
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>> these are the people who get hurt. they lose jobs. they could lose pay. they could lose benefits. the retirees, their pensions are the things really at risk. this is what they're trying to reduce the size of. some 800 million in annual cost due to labor costs. that's what they're trying to reduce. the hubs here that will remain open and this is important for employees out there -- new york, l.a., chicago, dallas, you can see lot of these will remain open. >> shep: all right. on paper today op the stock market, american airlines is suddenly worth about the same as a good mcdonald's franchise. >> twenty-six cents. i think they call that a penny stock. it's down and down dramatically. over 80%. 80% over the past year. >> shep: in all, worth $78 million or something? >> which is nothing. >> shep: that's what i'm saying. all those old plane, they must be worth something. >> they want to upgrade and they can't do it. that's one of the problems for this airline, obviously. it's 52 week high, what to you think it was, under $9.
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>> shep: now how much? >> twenty-six cents. the fund managers will not hold that stock. >> shep: thank you. stock futures are down on some bad news for the big banks standard ask poors cut its rating on 37 banks around the world. and this move affects some of the largest banks right here in the united states. they include, jpmorgan chase, bank of america, citigroup, wells fargo, goldman sachs and morgan stanley, all s & p reports said grades changed because it altered the method it uses to rate banks. keep in mind the downgrades come amid a massive european debt crisis. some of the experts point out the ratings agencies caught criticism for being too slow to sound the alarms. that was about the 2008 financial meltdown. we're told today's move may make it more costly for the banks and for investors to do business. michael jackson's personal doctor today learned just how long he should spend in jail for his role in the late singer's
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death. and the judge did not mince words. >> the fact is, michael jackson died because of the actions of and the failures to perform legal duties on the part of dr. murray. >> shep: he killed michael jackson. so for killing someone, how long do you stay behind bars? that's next. plus the only suspect in the disappearance of an american woman on the island of aruba just walked out of a jail scott free. ahead, we'll find out why from the journalist of fox news on this tuesday fox report
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>> shep: he's a disgrace to the medical profession, a man who performed an experiment on a patient and killed him. that from the judge today who slapped the max on michael jackson's doctor. already found guilty, now he gets all the judge has and a trip straight to jail. >> dr. murray created a set of
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circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine. the practice of propothol for medicine madness. the court has determined that the appropriate term is the high term of four years imprisonment. >> shep: the max, the judge on probation said that could have happened, but not for this man. he laid into dr. murray in a lengthy read from the bench. he seemed most disgusted by the audio recordings of m.j., saying the doctor took advantage of his patient when michael jackson was most vulnerable.
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>> that tape recording was dr. murray's insurance policy. can't even imagine that happening to any of us because it's a horrific violation of trust. >> shep: prosecutors said dr. murray showed almost no remorse for michael jackson's death. referring to this clip from an nbc news interview to illustrate. >> i don't see guilty because i did not do anything wrong. i am very, very sorry for the loss. >> shep: well, outside court today, michael jackson's mother said the judge made the right decision. >> very, very relieved. >> shep: thought the judge was very fair. michael jackson died of an overdose of powerful medicines, including the hospital strength sedative, propothol.
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the trial itself a spectacle. prosecutors displayed the many drug viles and pill bottles they say dr. murray used on his patient. they estimated lost wages from jackson's planned concert tour totaled $100 million. and not one but three of dr. murray's current and former girlfriends took the stand. so now we know the sentence. but keep in mind, dr. murray will probably not serve all four years because of california's overcrowded system and new rules. the sheriff's department would ultimately make that call. not the judge. today a spokeswoman said the plan is to cut the sentence in half, less than two years for killing the king of pop. adam housley is live outside the courthouse in los angeles. the family thanked the judge. the defense team, not so much. >> not so much. one of the defense attorneys came out and said he felt the judge was hostile towards his client, conrad murray, even insinuating the judge might have been biased saying they will use that as part of their appeals
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process. inside the lead attorney made appear impassioned plea for his client, saying dr. murray was someone who came from nothing, he came from a dirt poor island background who put himself through school and helped so many people, including 35 letters of recommendation that were brought on his behalf for this hearing. even saying that no matter what happens, dr. murray will be branded for life. take a listen. >> dr. murray, whether he's a barrista for the rest of his life, whether he's a greeter at wal-mart, he's still going to be the man that killed michael jackson. >> of course, a judge didn't put up with any of that, giving him the maximum possible, four years. >> shep: the judge still has to decide about restitution. in other words, how much he'll have to pay. >> yeah, absolutely. it will happen in january. the judge was a little frustrated because the prosecution says there should be $101 million required from murray to pay. the defense team says there is no way he can pay that. a judge wants a more itemized. so they're going to come back in
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january and try to get through that. by any account, there is no way he'll be able to pay anywhere close to what could be awarded. the prosecution asking for $101 million in restitution. >> shep: adam housley, in downtown los angeles. the lone suspect in the disappearance of an american woman in aruba is out of jail scott free to leave the island. you'll recall 35-year-old robyn gardner went miss not guilty early august. she was vacationing with a man she reportedly met on the internet. that man, gary giordano, says they went snorkeling and somehow she never made it back to shore. but he did reportedly take out a $1.5 million life insurance policy with a convenient death benefit. last week, a judge declined to extend his latest detention past today's deadline. an appeals panel is scheduled to meet tomorrow and if the decision is reversed, prosecutors say they will
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immediately seek extradition. embassy under siege. protesters have stormed the british compound in iran. one american lawmakers says it looks a lot like the u.s. hostage crisis in 1979. this is serious and a live update is coming. plus, google maps, not just for driving anymore. now they can help you find your way indoors as well. that's ahead as fox report's live tonight capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50 percent annual bonus. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain.
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>> shep: outrageous and indefensible. that from the british prime minister david cameron after protesters in iran stormed the british embassy there in a scene very similar to the 1979 islamic revolution. they probing in, burned it and
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trashed i we're told hard line iranian students managed to get through the gate, then tossed the fire bomb, set fire to at least one embassy vehicle and reportedly stole classified documents. the london telegraph newspaper reports the attackers wrote a statement in blood, calling the british embassy a den of spies. today on studio b, the harvard professor nicholas burns said this was no spur of the moment protest. >> i don't believe it's possible for a mob to have attacked the united kingdom embassy in tehran without the active involvement of the iranian government and encouraging that attack and letting it happen. >> shep: the government let it happen. as you recall, a similar scene played out in 1979 when students took over the u.s. empassy host. to this day, the u.s. still has no diplomatic relations in iran. laura ingle is live with us. what do we know about whether
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the government might have been involved? >> relations between iran and britain has been strained for years and came to a dramatic head last week after britain's heightened sanctions on the iranian banking system following a report put out by the united nations nuclear agency on iran's nuclear weapons program. iran's parliament voting over the weekend to expel the british ambassador, which pushed the protesters into action. the british foreign secretary says the attack on its empassy won't be tolerated. >> we have made clear to the iranian government that they must take immediate steps to insure the safety of u.k. personnel, to insure the property taken from the embassy compound is returned, and to secure the compound with immediate effect. clearly there will be other further and serious consequences. >> we'll find out more tomorrow. the iranian foreign ministry put out a statement today saying it regrets the incident and committed to the safety of diplomats. >> shep: what's the word from american leaders tonight?
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>> u.s. has been working closely with the british and other european allies to try to reign in iran's secret into you can clear program. the attack on the british empassy clearly raises tensions. president obama saying today he's deeply disturbed by the incident and by the lack of response by iranian authorities. >> for rioters essentially to overrun the embassy and set it on fire is an indication that the iranian government is not taking its international obligations seriously. so obviously we're deeply concerned about that situation and we expect to see some sort of definitive action sometime very quickly. >> u.s. empassy in iran has been defunct since 1979. the iranian revolutionary guard uses it as a training center now. shep. >> shep: laura ingle, thanks. it's official, cyber monday was the biggest on-line spending day ever. the data tracking firm, com score, reports americans spent one and a quarter billion dollars in 24 hours, buying stuff on the internet. that's up 22% from last year.
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many web sites offered deep discounts to get folks to pie. amazon's new tablet during very well. targets report the kindle fire outsold apple's ipad on black friday. important to point out, the ipad cheapest model costs $300. more than the other. analysts say the new kindle is also beating the nook color from barnes & noble. google releasing a mobile feature. indoor maps. if you have an android phone or tablet, you can see interactive layouts of the mall of america and more than a dozen other places, including u.s. airports. the software uses gps and cell phone signals to guide you just like google street maps. facebook settling with the feds over charges it misled users about its privacy settings. facebook reports it will now get users' permission before making their information public and take part in independent reviews
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of its policy programs. a deadline for a deal on spending cuts has come and gone, but members of the super committee met again tonight. we didn't know this was happening. we'll get a live update from capitol hill. plus, finding the perfect christmas tree is, well, that's the easy part. finding your way out of the florist, apparently that can be a struggle. a family outing goes horribly wrong, plus the pom of the hour means the top of the news, next as "fox report"'s live tonight and in 1942, of course, they were sent away. after the war, as a japanese coming back from camp, he started a little store on main street in seattle. of course they needed some money, and bank of america was the only bank who would talk to my father. and we've stayed with bank of america. we have four stores now, three in the pacific northwest and one in oregon. my parents would not believe how popular it is now.
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>> shep: here in new york city, getting the perfect christmas tree requires a long journey to the corner. the rest of the country, the process can be a bit more involved. consider the fleming family of jefferson county, colorado. they went to the florist to buy their tree and they found it, but then they couldn't find their car, which meant hello, 911. >> where is your emergency? >> hi. my name is tracy fleming and we went out to find a tree and we're lost on the mountain. >> shep: and three hours later, searchers found them. and they left without their tree. but they say a deputy promised to escort them back to the forest to find another tree. i'm shepherd. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama scheduled to hit the road tomorrow to continue pushing his jobs plan and right
4:30 pm
now he's focusing on the part that tools with payroll tax cuts. they're set to expire at the end of the year. the president calling for an extension of those tax cuts which average about $1,000 per household. today the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said he's confident that the pill will pass, but -- bill will pass, but rejecting a plan from senate democrats to pay for it with a new 3% tax on millionaires. >> in all likelihood, we will agree to continue the current payroll tax relief for another year, but we believe it should be paid for. senate republicans will offer an alternative that would pay for it. >> shep: and this afternoon, the white house refused to say whether president obama would sign the bill if the tax cuts added to the deficit. ed henry is live at the white house and the top story at the bottom of the hour, this would be a hard one not to let go through around this time of year, an election year coming. >> that's right. it seems likely the president
4:31 pm
would sign it into law. what's significant is a bit of a shift that if he signed it into law without finding a way to pay for it, that's different from what the president promised in september when he first addressed a joint session of congress and the nation and promised the entire jobs bill would be paid for. pressed today on look, if this comes down to it at the end of the year, the president wants to sign it and there is no pay forces, if you will, will the president move forward and peak that previous promise? jay carney hedged. >> we don't know what the end game is yet and it is -- there is no value in this process or ultimately for the american people who want and deserve this tax cut to negotiate an end game here before we even had a vote. so i'm not going to go any further on that. >> so the bottom line is, it will be hard to say no to signing a payroll tax cut extension into law at the end of the year when people are suffering around the holidays. but the president may have to either accept spending cuts my the republicans to pay for it or
4:32 pm
maybe sign it into law and add to the deficit, something he said he would not do. >> shep: adding to the trouble in new york city, he will be here tomorrow night for some fund-raisers, at the same time they're lighting the rockefeller tree, so it's a gridlock. before that, he'll go to swing states. >> he'll be going o scranton, pennsylvania, to push this payroll tax cut extension. interesting is who might not be there. and that's the democratic senator, possible casey. his office tonight is saying it's unclear and the reason he might not be there with the president in his home state is that he has some important defense votes here in washington that might pin him down. what's significant is that somebody who is a personal friend of the president and also someone whose name is on the payroll tax cut extension, it's his bill. if he's not there, it will raise eyebrows about whether he's nervous since he's up for election about appearing with the president as we get closer to 2012. >> shep: ed henry, thanks very
4:33 pm
much. so you feeling more confident? u.s. consumer confidence is up slightly this month. the private research group, the conference board, now reports confidence jumped to its highest level since the middle of the summer. the dow up 33 points. s & p up about 3. the nasdaq dropped 12 on the day. a week after lawmakers on the so-called super committee failed to find a way to cut the deficit, there is word they may give it another go. they met again on capitol hill. a source telling fox news they are just trying to figure out the way forward. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill. i thought they had a way forward. they had a plan for if they didn't get things done. but what's a plan in that town? >> shep, the super committee republicans say a lot of their groundwork could be used in terms of future legislation. here is ohio republican rob portman after the meeting. >> maybe as important as those proposals is the fact that republicans on the committee and democrats on the committee have a much better sense of where
4:34 pm
each other are. we have a pretty good sense of what the differences were. we got close at one point. and frankly, i think then some members were pulled back by their colleagues when they found out how close we were. >> interesting hearing senator portman say they were close at one point. the differences, no surprise, raising taxes, what to do about those health care entitlements. but republicans do say that there was bipartisan agreement on corporate tax reform, lowering the rate to 25% and making sure that every corporation paid taxes. we will see if that resurfaces at some point. shep? >> shep: mike, they led us all to believe that there was a plan, that all these cut attention were going to go into face, if they didn't do a, b is going to happen. what is that, more hot air? >> that's right. the $1.2 trillion in cuts set to kick in, which is why you think the super committee members may be meeting. there is great concern for the pentagon about the 600 billion or so due to come out of the defense spending aspect.
4:35 pm
so there is some talk about perhaps trying to spread those cuts around a little bit more fairly in terms of doing it very carefully as opposed to just across the board cuts. so we will see if that is something they can work on over the course of the next year. shep. >> shep: we'll see. mike emmanuel, thanks very much. a week after police say they arrested four occupy protesters and used tasers on three others during clashes at the washington state capitol, thousands gathered there last night as lawmakers started a special session aimed at tackling the state's budget problem. officials say demonstrators refused to leave the capitol manage at the end of the day. that's when state troopers began physically removing them. tonight officials say there are about 200 protesters in the capitol and two dozen troopers ready to escort them out when the manage closes. the protesters say they're fighting proposed cutbacks to things like education and health
4:36 pm
care which they say would hurt the poor and the middle class. a nato strike on a pakinstani pace causing a serious rift in our relationship and america's top military officer says this is more serious than anything he's ever seen. his comments straight from him and a live report from the pentagon just ahead. plus have you heard about this? the social workers who yanked an eight-year-old child from his home because he's fat. >> when a child's medical condition warrants intervention by wle protective service, we respond. >> shep: but there are millions more owe piece children in america. is it time to pull those children from their parents, to? the national obesity epidemic.
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>> shep: we've committed a deliberate act of aggression. that's what a pakinstani general is saying about a nato air
4:40 pm
strike that killed two dozen pakinstani troops. a strike that could very well jeopardize our relationship with that nation and seriously complicate our war in afghanistan. the united states military maintains the cross border attack was likely a case of mistaken identity. details of this incident are still murky. and there are differing accounts of what exactly happened. that said, pakistan claims its soldiers did not fire first. while the afghan government reports that nato and afghan troops were the ones taking fire. regardless, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the general martin dempsey, says this is a very sticky situation. >> it's had its rocky moments in the past. this one certainly is more serious than any i've been involved with and i've been working issues with pakistan for the last ten years. >> shep: the pakinstani government has already retaliated, refusing to allow nato supply trucks to travel from pakistan into afghanistan and to our troops. this is serious because nato reports it gets one third, at least a third of its supplies
4:41 pm
through those very convoys. our conner powell is live in kabul, afghanistan with the latest. hello, conner. >> shepherd, pakistan also announced today that they are boycotting an upcoming international conference to discuss the future of afghanistan as a result of this attack. now, while the diplomatic fallout continues, the entire investigation also continues and details are extremely murky with several different accounts being offered. the pakinstanis insist that they did nothing wrong, that they were just fired upon when u.s. and afghan troops began firing on their troops in pakistan's territory. afghans provide a very different story, saying u.s. and afghan troops were patrolling along the renal of pakistan when they began taking fire and that they returned fire. the big question, though, is whether or not the u.s. and the afghans thought they were taking fire from insurgents or thought they were taking fire from
4:42 pm
pakinstani troops. that's still yet to be determined. nobody is providing a particularly clear answer one way or another. and it seems very unlikely that the u.s. would fire on the pakinstani military, but tensions have become so high along that border, that anything is possible. again, it does seem very unlikely. this all comes as the u.s. and international community announce that 40,000 u.s. and international troops will be withdrawing from afghanistan by the end of 2012. this will be 33,000 american troops and 7,000 international troops. u.s. commanders here say that despite the withdrawal of 40,000 american and international troops, there are still more than 300,000 afghan soldiers and police officers to handle the load. shepherd? >> shep: conner powell live this wednesday morning in kabul. vice president biden makes an -- made an un announced trip to iraq as u.s. troops get ready to leave for good. he's expected to meet with iraqi leaders about what happens after the u.s. pulls out.
4:43 pm
president obama has said all american forces will be home by the end of the year, except the marines who guard the embassy. officials say hundreds of civilian contractors will take over the job of training iraqi security forces. they're counting the votes in egypt's first parliamentary election. it's the second day of voting and the whole process will take six weeks. the head of the elections commission calling the turnout massive and unexpected. but protesters say the results will be meaningless since the military will still control the country and the new parliament. demonstrators are calling for the generals to immediately transfer its power to a civilian government. here at home, government social workers pulled an eight-year-old boy from his own home in cleveland and put him in foster care because they say he weighed too much. more than 200 pounds. eight years old. one official says she hopes the child can return home soon, but something had to be done.
4:44 pm
>> we've involved with this family for about 20 months before that action occurred. the medical community brought this situation to our attention. this is a medical neglect case. >> shep: doctors say an average eight-year-old boy, whatever that means, weighs about 60 pounds. that's according to government guidelines. the child's mother told the cleveland newspaper that she did try to control her son's weight. we're not showing his picture. he's eight-year-old old. but america's growing size affects everybody. the centers for disease control and prevention reports that health care costs tied to obesity total $147 billion nationwide in 2008. other experts predict that number will rise by 66 billion each year if americans gain weight at the same pace. of course, the extra pounds can trigger all sorts of medical problems, from cancer to heart disease. trace gallagher is live this afternoon. that mother in ohio, fighting to get the kid back.
4:45 pm
>> she is. but recent history suggests she may have a very tough battle on her hands. we looked back at a number of similar cases in a lot of different states and in all of those cases, the judges sided with the authorities, saying that it's parents who are accountable if their kids become obese. in this case, the boy was already having breathing problems, which is why he came in to contact with medical authorities in the first place. dr. mark siegle says he's almost always against government intervention, but he says there are exceptions. listen. >> a parent is a disgrace if a child weighs 200 pounds, in my opinion, without an underlying medical problem. that's about 140 pounds great were the average. i'm not letting the parent off the hook here. there is a deep concern i have here. what choices is the parent giving the child? what lifestyle are they teaching the child? how seriously are they taking this? >> look at these numbers just in the past 30 years, obesity rates among 6 to 11-year-olds has nearly tripled. look at that. and from 12 to 19-year-olds,
4:46 pm
they have tripled in just the past 30 years. >> shep: that is incredible. we adults aren't doing a whole lot better, though, trace. >> we are fatter than ever before, according to the journal of the american medical association, 68% of americans, seven out of ten of us, are overweight and apparently according to gallup, we keep getting heavier. back in 1991, the average weight for a man was 180 pounds. now it's 196. for a woman, 142. now, 160. we're in tenial because our ideal weight just keeps rising. it was 171 back in the 1990s. now it's 181. women were at 129. now their ideal weight is 138. here is more comforting words from dr. siegle. >> we are a lazy, sedentary society eating too much carbohydrates, too much dessert and too much fat. we are heading in the wrong direction. we're heading in the direction of the obesity, diabetes, high
4:47 pm
blood pressure, and heart disease. going to fill my office, but it's not what i want to see. >> bottom line, he's saying eat less and move more. shep. >> shep: sounds like a plap. trace gallagher, thank you. police have now identified another victim of a notorious serial killer three decades on. the family of john wayne gacy's victim is reacting, coming up. plus, this guy is a convicted kidnapper. and he's now suing his one-time hostages for six figures from behind bars. details ahead. protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average.
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>> shep: investigators in chicago say they've identified the victim of serial killer jan wayne gacy more than three decades after his i infamous
4:51 pm
killing spree. a court convicted gacy of murdering 33 young men over six years in the late 1970s. stabbing one victim and strangling the others. the detectives say most of those bodies turned up in a crawl space under gacy's own home. they never identified eight of the men, but today the cook county sheriff announced the identity of one more victim. he says he was 19 years old and worked in construction. >> this also, unfortunately, fits john gacy's pattern as well, when the primary is that he went after as far as targeting his victims were young men who he enticed with either offers of employment or in some cases, actually worked for him for some period of time. >> shep: john wayne gacy took on several jobs, including entertaining children as a clown. he died by lethal injection in 1994. mike tobin is live for us in chicago. and mike, i'm just curious how they finally identified him. it's been three decades. how did they identify this guy? >> it was all part of an effort
4:52 pm
we the cook county sheriff, tom dart, to reexamine this case using modern techniques and technology, including dna. that's what ultimately did it. so now the family of william george bundy knows sadly what happened to him when he disappeared back in 1976. >> just the fact that he had been working for someone that was a contractor and he was excited that he was learning electrical, you know, to be an electrician and he called himself an apprentice. i just -- when that happened and i found out that gacy was a contractor, i just knew it. >> seven victims are still unidentified. sheriff dart investigators reexamined the travel documents of john wayne gacy and they have determined around the time that he visited different cities around the country, even up in canada, there were young men fitting the profile of his usual victims who disappeared. so they have requested more dna swabs of family members. in minnesota, indiana, california and kansas.
4:53 pm
minnesota has returned the dna swabs, but the results are not back yet. so we don't have an answer to the question as to whether the murderous practices of john wayne gacy expanded beyond illinois' borders. you do know now that he killed 33 people, was ultimately killed by lethal injection. he once reportedly bragged to an investigator that he killed more than 50, shep. >> shep: you know, some other family members gave up dna samples. did they get to learn anything? >> four families were ruled out, shepherd. so they were told that their loved ones were not among the seven unidentified bodies. >> shep: that's it? okay. mike tobin. how do i know when you're through? mike tobin in chicago. thank you. the suspect in the case of the florida mom who disappeared after appearing on the program "the people's court" today hired a high profile defense attorney. you'll recall michelle parker's parents say she disappeared the same day an episode aired.
4:54 pm
they were arguing over the engagement ring. michelle's mother says the ex fiance is not cooperating with police, but the fiance's attorney, who is served as a legal counsel to casey anthony and tiger woods says there is no evidence to suggest his client did anything. >> there is no marks, no defensive wound no scrapes, no blood, nothing suggesting a struggle or a death. >> shep: and tonight the orlando sentinel newspaper reports the florida department of children and families removed the couple's three-year-old twins from their father's home. a man who held two people in their home while running away from cops is now suing his former hostages for more than 200 grand. the nerve, right? he says when he broke into their house near topeka in 2009, they all made a deal. he'd give them money if they hid him from police. instead, we're told the couple let him watch movies until he fell asleep and then they escaped. police ultimately found the guy and he's serving an 11-year
4:55 pm
sentence. the couple's lawyer says there was no deal between the kidnapper and the hostages and even if there were, i mean, he broke into their home. give me a rest. frosty the snowman had a corn cobb pipe and two eyes made of coal. but no criminal record as far as we know until now. oh, frosty. congratulations.
4:56 pm
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>> you're watching the fox report from america's news leader on cable. fox news channel. here is a holiday special you won't see. frosty the knowman arrested in chesten town on maryland's eastern shore. seems this frosty impersonator was taking part in the annual christmas parade when he allegedly scuffled scuffled wits and kicked a police dog. frosty says he's been taking part in chester town's parade for the last decade and he maintains he was wrongly arrested. but he didn't melt.
4:59 pm
the casey anthony trial was the top of the news story -- top news story of the year. that's according to the internet search engine, bing. osama bin laden's death, hurricane irene, and the death of amy winehoue. and on this day in 1942, the u.s. government announced the nationwide ration of coffee in appear effort to help our troops during world war ii. had nothing to do with the shortage of coffee. latin american growers were pull not guilty record crops. but the feds decided our guys on the front lines needed those cups of joe more than the people on the home front. they were right about that. the ration was also designed to make sure the remaining coffee was evenly distributed in the united states. of course, just as with sugar and milk, many rationed products were also available on the black market. but the government brewed up a battle plan 69 years ago today. and everyone had headaches. and now you know the news for


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