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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 29, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> if she endorses newt gingrich, which is what i heard, she could be dispositive in this election. >> really? >> yes. >> it's good to see you. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> tonight a very significant development in the battle for the white house. president obama hit a new low. he now has the worst job approval rating of any president at this stage of his term, just 43%. so what will the gop candidates do to cash in on the president's unpopularity? we spoke with governor rick perry earlier tonight. governor, nice to see you. >> greta, how are you? >> good. i'm going to help you out on one. here's the quiz. voting age in this country is what? >> it is 18. [laughter] >> i know you are getting -- you are getting grilled on that one. >> i know. anyway, from time to time i will make a mistake. >> all right. i'm just teasing you anyway. >>.
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[laughter] >> having fun with you. now for some real questions. you say that the federal reserve chairman, bernanki, and geithner should be retire or resign. why? >> when you look at $1.7 trillion that secretly was transferred over to wall wall fe ears, that's unresponsible and unprofessional. if they worked for me they would obviously -- i understand the federal reserve chairman has terms, but i would ask them both to step down. i mean, that's what is wrong with washington d.c. it's why i have talked about the idea that we need to overhaul washington d.c. you can't just be nibbling around the edges. this place needs an incredible overhaul, starting with making the congress part-time. i have not had as big a response from people of all of the things
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that i have laid out, whether it was my energy plan, whether it was my 20% flat tax, whether it was the balancing the budget by 2020, as i have by calling for a part-time united states congress and cincinnati the -- and senate, the way our founding fathers called for and looked at. >> you talk about the lone that was done to big banks by the federal reserve. that was done in december of '08. in that gray area, after president obama was voted president, president elect and before he became president of the united states in january. does that fall on the plate of governor -- i mean of president bush or is that president barack obama? >> i think that falls on the plate of washington d.c.. listen, all of washington was at fault here. from my perspective they should have been talking about reducing the tax burden and reducing the regulatory burden, not baling out wall street financeers.
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this is not a democrat or republican problem, they are both at problem when it comes to the tarps, the bailouts. all of that has made americans lose confidence in washington d.c.. >> you know what i don't like about it, the whole thing, it took so much, it three years of pry to go find out who got loans and we still don't know which banks got. it the federal reserve has the job of lending money for about 100 years to banks but the thing that actually sort of catches my attention is why does it take so much to get transparency in our government to find out what they are doing? >> and you see that from top to bottom. people that are so recalcitrant to be transparent. it's one of the things i'm really proud of in texas, is we've received awards for the transparency in our agencies. again, i want to bring that to washington d.c. when you are not transparent, you can go work somewhere else.
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from my perspective, trying to cover up those types of transactions is incredibly unprofessional, irresponsible, and it's not the type of people we need leading this country. >> all right. immigration. i have been on the board with you, flown in the helicopter over the mexico-texas border, and i know that you want to secure the border. but i'm curious, what are your thoughts about the 11 million people, just so i'm clear, the 11 million people in this country estimated that are here illegally? what would you do with them take one, day two, day three of your presidency? >> the issue, and i know it's one people and a lot, and the fact is it's just an intellectual conversation until we secure the boarders. >> assume we do. i mean, that's a real problem. you can't just say secure the boarder and ignore the fact because i think the american people want to know, are you going to let those 11 million people stay? are they going to have a path to
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citizenship, you are going to deport them, what's your plan? >> one of the things we are not going to do is support amnesty. there's not anybody -- i don't care if you have been here 25 days or 25 years, there's not going to be amnesty involved in the program. americans have made it very clear they aren't going to support amnesty. there are a host of ways to address the issue. >> what would you do? what would you do. >> but i'm not going to sit here and go through and talk about all the different options because there may be some ideas that haven't been talked about yet. so i'm going to stick with the folks like sheriff apayo who is with me today and endorsing my candidacy and work on securing the border. because until you get the border secure, all of these issues about immigration reform are frankly just intellectual engagement. >> governor, with all due respect i think that's half an answer because i accept the fact you want to do it in a two-stage process, first secure the border. i understand that's your first thing. but i think the american people,
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the voters want to know what your sort of long-term vision is. once you do secure the boarders, some people, voters, may want you to have amnesty and some way want a path to citizenship, some may want deportation, but the american voters want to know what would your presidency do? >> i this i that's exactly the process we ought to go through. we ought to have that conversation with a part-time congress and with the people of this country of how do we want to deal with this? are there people we are going say, you know what, we are going to allow you to pay a fine. are there people that we are going to say this is how we are going to deal with you. are there people that we are going to say, listen, we are going to send you back to your country of origin and you apply for a new type of immigration program that we are putting into place to speed up the ability for people who have certain skills to come in and be engaged. but the idea that i can give you a piece of legislation today -- >> i'm not asking for
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legislation. i want your vision. there are very different things that could be done and i am trying to understand what it is that you think would be the right thing to do. i mean, you must have some idea in terms of the 11 million. because it's not an insignificant matter, eye not a hypothetical. they are really here a lot of them have children here in the runs, born here in the united states. some are good citizens -- not good citizens, but some are good neighbors and some are not good neighbors, and i would think that you would have some idea about once you secure the border as you want, what are you going to do about the 11 million? >> and again, i think i've laid out a number of concepts and ideas. i don't know which of those the american en want, and that's the reason we need to have this long and lengthy conversation. not necessarily long, frankly, but a conversation and a discussion, debate about how do we deal with these 11 million people. i don't know that if i have all the right answers.
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and one thing i have learned, that on this very volatile issue of immigration and immigration reform, we need to talk to the american people. we need to get their input. we need to listen to them. i'm sure there are a lot of people that would say here's exactly what i would do, but the american people would say, no, that's not what we are going to do. so rather than put myself in a box and say here is exactly what i would do, i am going to sit and have conversations with the american people. we have plenty of time to do that because we are not going to secure the border with this administration. it will take a new president. and i have the background and the track record to secure the border. again, the sheriff of mericopa county believes of all the candidates running, i'm the best one that can secure the boarder and keep americans safe on our southern side. >> and the british embassy, there are protesters today at the british embassy in tehran. hard to tell if it's just a
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one-day deal with protesters, but they took down the british flag, they ransacked the building and there's been a lot of destruction there. if you are president of the runs, who would you be talking to tonight to about eye san francisco what would you be doing? >> the first thing i would be doing, as i said last week in the debate, was i would sanction the iranian central bank. there needs to be clear and powerful messages to iran that what we are engaged in is unacceptable. the idea that we are going to let the president of iran and those that run the country get their hands on a nuclear device is just unacceptable. so we need to put all of our options, covert, overt, and obviously the military option is on the table, as well. we cannot afford for this country to continue to be the destabilizing impact that it is on the middle east. >> in terms of sanctions on the bank, the british have put
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blanket restrictions on the central bank of iran, which has been very provocative in iran. i'm actually not clear to what extent we are sanctioned. we have lots of sanctions. is it your understanding that we have not sanctioned the central bank of iran to the extent the british have? >> that is my understanding. what i'm talking about is that you shut down their ability to do transactions, and at that particular point in time, iran's economy really comes to a halt. at that time they know we are serious about dealing with them. >> how about pakistan when nato forces over the weekend striking and killing about 26 pakistani soldiers, which is now jeopardized a very poisoned relationship with pakistan. what would you be doing about that? >> that's a complex part of the world and frankly we don't know all the details on whose aircraft, who called in the air strike, what have you. so i think trying to make a statement with any definitive answer relative to that event is a bit premature.
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but we know that that entire part of the world, particularly you have a political -- you have politics and the political side of, it you have the military side of it, then you have the intelligence service side of it, and their relationship, particularly the intelligence service side with the terrorist network, a great concern. as i've said in my remarks before, i would start every country's foreign aid budget at 0 and then let those countries and their state department, allies, if you will, make the case for how much foreign aid is going to go to those countries because that is one of the greatest ways we have of influencing policy in some of these countries. pakistan is a huge problem. with afghanistan and india, both working together, we may be able to have some leverage on pakistan that we didn't have
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before. but it is a -- it is a terribly complex and difficult country to deal with. >> i don't dispute it's enormously complex, but i'm so curious we were on a trip with secretary of is state hillary clinton about two years ago she announced the runs would be giving about $7 billion in humanitarian aid to pakistan. they are very resentful because we wanted to know how they were going to spend it. my point is, that enormous amount of money from american people with aid, now fast forward we have a bad relationship with pakistan so it's very curious to what extent did we not give enough, did we give too much? why hasn't that improved relations? >> greta, here is the mistake we've made historically. we've given, and all too often this aid comes in the form of money that the government then decides how to dole out. i would require those countries to take that aid in the form of
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american companies coming in and helping them to develop, whether it's their infrastructure or some other type of economic infrastructures in their country, and it does two things. number one, it allows for our american companies to be able to be doing business in those countries. i think it helps export american values and american way of life, if you will, democracy in some forms. so i think changing the way that we deliver foreign aid rather than just all too often money going to a central government and them deciding how that money is spent, could substantially be changed where american companies using american no-how on the ground can substantially help america's interest in those countries. >> do we run the risk, though, of further engaging a population that already doesn't like us by seeing us trying to bring our business interests? a lot of those countries just want americans to go home. they don't like us and they have
7:14 pm
not been very receptive to our generosity. if we do it your method by sending american companies, for instance, to pakistan, are we not likely to sort of make the 'stillty toward us greater? >> well, listen, i think you have to have the approval of those countries. and the fact is if they don't want us there, then we need to go home. i mean, it should be that simple. if we don't -- if we are not meeting an obligation, if american interests are not being addressed in a proper way, then forcing ourselves upon these countries should not be in our game plan. >> there's a lot more so if you would like to see our full interview with governor rick perry, go to greta now the senator rick santorum who is down in the polls is not out. they said once the voters learn more about the other candidates, they will defect to his camp. he said i may not be the guys
7:15 pm
the girls are officially attract tod when they walk into the dance hall, but ultimately once you get to know all the folks, i'm the one that you want to take home to mom. senator santorum joins us. good evening, senator. >> good evening. let me ask you the question i asked of governor perry. am i right you want to secure the border? >> absolutely. >> once you secure the border, which you do it in a two-step process, we still have an estimated 11 million illegal people here in the united states. do you have a plan or a vision of what you would do with the illegal 11 million here? dove stay, have a path to citizenship, work papers, deport, what? >> what i would say first we bull the fence. number two, we enforce the law and that is that we don't allow people who are in this country to work here illegally. and when we do find people here illegally and we go through the process of deportation, that is it not mean, as someone
7:16 pm
suggested, that i want to send bands of people out to find everybody here illegally but we enforce the law that's in place. and if people want to stay in this country, then they have to go through the process of entering -- and i'm talking about people who came here illegally in the first place. as we know, about half the people in this country, according to the statistics i have seen, about half the folks in this country who are hear illegally, did not enter the country illegally. they actually came here legally, and are here on overstays, they were students who found work. and i think that is a different group of people than folks who came here illegally in the first place. i think if you came here illegally in the first place, then you have to go back through a process of entering the country in a legal fashion. that's what i would require. >> all right. it used to be, and i don't know if it is still the same, if you are one of those who overstays it, you don't just stay here, you have to go home and tag u almost like a baseball player. you have to go home and try to get back in. it's not that easy to get back
7:17 pm
into the united states once you have entered illegally and overstayed a visa and then maybe you have the problem the person has children who are born here in the united states and they are american sit sentence so it's quite complex. >> i will say a couple things. i'm for a system that allows people to come here, if they come here on a student visa or they come here on a visa where they are getting some sort of higher education or they are learning some great skills that are good and necessary for the country, my feel is, you know, if they graduate and to well, we should have actually give folks the student to have a green card and to stay here and work. so i have a little problem with actually folks, you know -- i want to encourage folks who can contribute to the economy of the country to stay here in the country. so that's one of the things i would say. but you are right, if people do come here and they do have to go back and they have to tag in. and finish, if people who came here legally and are out of status have to go back now in order to come back, then why wouldn't we treat anybody who came here illegally in in the ft
7:18 pm
place any differently? >> to iran where the british embassy was under siege today. we don't know what will happen when the sun rises in iran tomorrow morning in a couple hours. if you were president of the united states what would you be doing or not doing about iran tonight? >> i laid out a four point plan on what i would be doing. it was based on work i did when i was in the united states senate. i was someone who called out this problem early on way back in 2004 and authored a bill that we had president bush and president obama follow-through with. it would be a very different situation in iran if we did and that was to help out the insurgency in iran, fun the movement. and but they can't do it for long because, of course, they need the money. but if we could, as we did in poland, try to help out in of the labor unions and the like, we could do some things to undermine the regime and strengthen the resistance.
7:19 pm
we haven't done anything of that. number two, i would are try to use all covert activity that's humanly possible. you saw there's an suspected explosion. we don't know what it was. it was at a missile facility. i would think if that was not a mistake on the part of the iranians, whether it was the israelis or the runs, about we are doing things to disrupt their technology to deliver a nuclear weapon, staffs 20 disrupt the production of a nuclear weapon. covert activity is another thing i would step up. a third sanction. i agree with governor perry, sang the central bank, stop the flow of oil. it won't stop it completely. china will still be able to -- >> you have to cut off because you know we are going to a hard break and if they cut us off we go to plaque and we are in big trouble. which will come back and finish the talk. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and anything can happen in
7:20 pm
2012. herman cain facing controversy and both mitt romney and newt gingrich facing attacks. is anybody gaining ground? britt is here to go on the record. ♪ imagine me and you, i do ♪ i think about you day and night ♪ ♪ it's only right ♪ to think about the girl you love ♪ ♪ and hold her tight ♪ so happy together
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>> the accusations are flying and the gop candidates are
7:24 pm
dodging daggers from all sides to the. former speaker newt gingrich leads the polls right now but congresswoman michele bachmann is blasting him over immigration and mitt romney is hoping he will be the last man standing. political analyst brit hume joins us. it's a rather fluid race but if you are a betting man tonight who is in good shape? >> gingrich is certainly the present holder of the nonromney lead and nothing has happened lately, including the attacks on immigration will change that very much right away. but beyond that, who knows. we've had polls and all this stuff going on and nobody has voted yet. when that starts, we will know a lot more than we know tonight. >> it's interesting how everybody has been saying today whether mr. herman cain was in or out and i just got an e-mail from one of my colleagues the
7:25 pm
cain campaign paid $10,000 to participate in the nevada florida caucus. he may not be out. >> he may not be. and it would be completely understandable if he were so close now to iowa, that he might feel that he might as well stick around and see if something magical happens in iowa that could propel him back into serious contention but i don't think there's any doubt he's been pretty badly wounded. the big charges are the ones by the women but also the difficult he's had with the world affairs questions in debates. that's something someone qualified as press has to be able to speak fluidly about. >> and speaker beginning rich says he does not support amnesty, that he's being smearedpy it. is he going to get a fair shake on that one? >> i heard what he said in the debate and what he sounded like he said is a passed citizenship for a certain category of immigrants who may have been here illegally but have been
7:26 pm
here a railroad long time and have established themselves and are part of the community. i don't think that's 11 million people and i don't think it's a full outcall for amnesty. you can make the argument that if you got got ill legally to stay, maybe that's amnesty but i think the attacks are unfair. >> on the one hand during the primaries you want to get the base. but on the other hand, you need to be sort of practical about problems you face as president. much of the republican base may want to throw out all of the people here illegally, but we can't do it. it's i am practical. we don't have the law enforcement to pick up 11 million people. >> and when it got down to it, for the kind of people gingrich was describing, i don't think we as a nation would do it. but the idea still sticks in the craw of a certain number of conservatives. it's remarkable that this issue,
7:27 pm
which is really not as big an issue as you might think, after all, illegal immigration is down from what it was, the economy is overwhelmingly the major issue. there are many other issues. immigration has risen to the top of the list because it was a place from which certain candidates could be attacked, mainly rick perry, who was attacked by romney on the issue and nogging being attacked by romney on the issue. i don't believe that romney really believes that newt gingrich is really supporting amnesty. i think he's to go what he thinks he needs to do to take on the person who is his biggest rival right now. >> the president is not doing well on the approval ratings. down to 43%. that's lousy. that's tonight. something could change but that's pretty lousy. >> that's bad but i think it tells because we may have already known, that this president is very vulnerable in his race for re-election. and if the election is about the incumbent and the incumbent's record, this president is exceedingly vulnerable.
7:28 pm
what you will see now and you are beginning to see it coming in the democratic national committee is to see it be about the republican nominee. the president and his team can succeed in making that happen and everybody focused on whether or not the republican nominee is a suitable candidate, that will greatly help his chances. i'm not sure they can swing it, but that's what they would be trying to do. >> there's so much finger pointing. i would think if i were running. the thing i would look at are trends s it getting better? i would like at housing starts, unemployment, all the indicia of the economy and look at the trends. instead we have a lot of finger pointing and nasty things said back and forth about what people said, at any time say, and even people are misquoting people. it's really ugly. >> it is ugly because when you have a race as you do in the republican party where the difference between the candidates, even the difference between mitt romney, say, among thesen terrorists in -- among te
7:29 pm
centrists in the group, they will have a debate. they have to argue whatever they can find were you don't have big argument between them on the issue of taxations, for instance, and the need for regulatory change. they are all pretty much in agreement over that. they are fighting about the things they can find to fight about. >> the one thing most americans agree on, there's a horrible logjam in congress. if i were running, i would try to come up with an idea why i could be more persuasive or more able to navigate congress and no one is even talking about that. >> that's an interesting question. the president clearly is intend to go base his campaign on kind of running against congress. >> not look at the great job i'm doing with a tough congress. >> well, that's right. and you would think that if somebody had a good idea, say i can work with this congress. now you will hear occasionally,
7:30 pm
i worked with a legislature wherever it was. but mitt romney doesn't want to say he was successful working with the legislature because the legislature in massachusetts was democratic, overwhelmingly, and he had to yield to them on some key points which he doesn't want to emphasize in his race for the republican nomination. rick perry says it to some extent but i think rick perry's moment may have come and gone. >> britt, thank you. >> thank you. >> new controversy over the occupy protests. this time the tea party is calling foul. why are they targeting the occupiers? that's next. and governor chris christie is not holding back. he ripped into president obama. what was he so angry about tonight? you will hear. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] sometimes a hint
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>> smoking hot battle brewing tonight. pitting the tea party against the occupy movement and the mayor of richmond, virginia. the tea party chapter in richmond, virginia claim the city and the mayor are giving special treatment to the occupy richmond protesters. the tea party movement said unlike the he protestors, they were force today pay thousands of dollars to hold rallies and they don't like the protestors are not asked to pay a time. when they complained and asked for a refund, the city slapped them with an audit. double standard?
7:35 pm
and colleen owens joins us. you are happy about this? >> well we had to challenge the city on this because we paid for our rallies for the use of the park. and then when the occupiers came they were welcomed into the same park, they were provided services and port a potties and everything at the spend of the taxpayer while we were made to jump through hoops, fill out all the permits, pay for all the permits, pay for all the police. we had to pay for everything. but the mayor gave the occupiers a free ride basically. >> all right. give me an idea of time. how long did the tea party have its rally and how long have the occupiers been having their rally? >> for the last three years we had a tax day rally for one day each year on april 15th. we paid for the use of the park and all the permits and
7:36 pm
everything. and the occupiers were in the park for two and a half weeks, i believe, before they were thrown out. >> how much did you have to pay to have the privilege of having your rally? i guess exercising your first amendment right? >> it was -- we totaled it to be about $8,500 and that's what we sent the bill to the city for. >> what is the city's response why you have to pay $8,500 to use the park for your rally and the occupiers don't have to pay anything? >> that's a good question. we went to the mayor's office, and he wouldn't come out and meet with us. so we had to hand the invoices and the letter to a staff member. we went to the city council meeting, and he did not -- whenever the public forum came up, he got up and left before we
7:37 pm
could speak. >> where does it stand? you want your money back and you made this petition. you are getting an audit, by the way? >> yeah, two weeks later we did receive a let they're we were being audited by the city. so i guess that's the response. >> yeah, i guess that's your response. so where does it stand? what are you going to do? >> well, we are consulting with some attorneys and, greta, i just wanted to -- and we are going to see how far this -- how far we need to take this. but basically this is an infringement on our rights, an unequal application of the law. and since government abuse is one of the things the tea party rallies against, we couldn't just stand by and let this go. it's not about the money, it's about a government official picking and choosing who has to follow the law and who doesn't have to follow the law.
7:38 pm
>> well, chances are, i mean, chances are a lot of the viewers aren't going to be happy you aren't getting at least an answer and explanation from the mayor of richmond, virginia. maybe they will help you out and send some e-mails just to get an explanation why the different treatment. we will see what happens. colleen, let me know what happens and i hope you come back and tell us. >> thank you, greta. >> coming up, protestors storm the british embassy in iran. is this the beginning of very big trouble? a report from the volatile region is next. and donald trump says president obama will not be well tom in new york city tomorrow. why not? donald trump explains coming up.
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>> let's go to new york for the other headlines. >> thank you. a u.s. businessman suspected in the disappearance of his travel companion is now free. new video shows gary leaving a
7:43 pm
jail after there was not enough evidence to keep him detained. he claims robin gardner was swept out to sea of a snorkeling. but police became suspicion after they learn he took out an insurance policy on her. and zimmerman was killed in a january shooting which severely injured the arizona congresswoman. now the house of representatives is going to vote tomorrow whether to name the room after him. the shooting at the tucson event held by congresswoman giffords killed six people and injured others. now back to greta. [chanting] >> there's a crisis and no one knows at this hour where it is going. militant iranian students stormed the british embassy in iran chanting death to england. we ransacked offices and tore down the british flag.
7:44 pm
british prime minister calls the attacks outrageous. he said the iranian government will face serious consequences. it comes after they imposed severe sanctions on iran for suspected nuclear development. they severed contacts with the iranian national bank, a step not even the united states took. we are joined by phone. what happened and what do you expect when the day starts? >> it is a very common thing that has happened in iran, actually. a rowdy demonstration in front of a western embassy. what happened to seems to have been very, very out of hand. usually they just toss a few eggs at the embassy. the police come, intervene, and the so-called students, as the media refers to them in iran,
7:45 pm
they are actually not students, they are pro regime enforcers, generally sort of politically motivated rent a crowd, they will go away but in this case the police seem to have allowed these guys, at least some of them, to pour into not only the embassy, which is in downtown tehran, but the british embassy residence, which is all the way up in northern tehran. a park-like compound that the president bush have held for and owned since like the 19th century. and gone in there and ransacked the place and even apparently held a few people -- no one are calling them hostage -- but holding them for a little while before letting them go. not exactly sure where things stand exactly right now, whether the so-called students have
7:46 pm
vacated these premises or not. but i imagine that the brits, who enjoy having a presence in iran in terms of keeping an eye on what is happening there, will not vacate, but they will refer this matter to higher authorities, the u.n. security council, and see where they go. >> well, it seems to me, though, what is really different this time and it harkens back to what the americans went back in 1979 with our embassy there, what has changed is they have -- by putting the sanctions on the iranian central bank, what the british government has done is put the squeeze on iran in terms of their finances. is there a risk that this is sort of not just a spontaneous one-day thing but this could be more demonstrations, people getting angrier at the brits? >> you know, greta, i don't think -- i think this is not --
7:47 pm
i don't think it's going to escalate that much higher. i tend to think that this will cool down in some respects. there will definitely be consequences. what happened in iran in 1979 with the u.s., you know, was kind of a direct result of domestic politics there. back then the ayatollah saw a ance to relinquish international crisis and allowing the crisis to fester. you don't have that same sort of dynamic going on, although there are some domestic considerations in what is happening with with . >> thank you. >> it's been a pleasure. >> straight ahead, chris christie launches an all-out assault on president obama.
7:48 pm
what got him fired up? we will tell you next. and which of these big name performers is about to add more star power to flee? and a lucky m hits the jackpot twice. see how he did it, next.
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>> you have seen our top stories but this is the absolute best of the rest. new jersey governor chris christie tearing into president obama, accusing him of not doing his job. he said the nation is frustrated that nothing is getting done in washington. he said he's also angry and that the president is to blame. >> i believe that the occupy movement and the tea party movement come, they their geness from the same feeling, which is an anger that government can't get things done. so now that is the last similarity between the tea party moment and the occupy movement. but i believe that the cause for their anger comes from the same place. they look at washington d.c. and they look at a president who is a bystander in the oval office. i was angry this weekend listening to the spin coming out of the administration about the failure of the super committee, and that the president knew it
7:53 pm
was doomed for failure so he didn't get involved. then what the hell are we paying you for? >> governor christie urged president obama to return to the senate where he can be just one of 100 legislators. and big news for "glee." singer ricky martin will play a musically inclined spanish teacher. he will appear in two musical numbers. it's set to air in late january and "glee "last big star was paltrow, and she was a huge hit. and they say lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place but an atlanta man proves them wrong. he won a million dollars lottery jackpot again. it is the second time he's won in three years. he won both prizes from instant games. the single father set aside some winnings for his children's education, but now he plans to donate some money to charity, too.
7:54 pm
and there you have it. the absolute best of the rest. but coming up, your last call, thousands flocking new york city for a holiday ritual, but donald trump said president obama is about to mess it all up. donald is next. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people archoosing advil®. [ regis we love to play tennis. and with it comes some aches and pains. and one way to relieve them all is to go right to the advil®. tennis is our game and advil® has become part of our game! [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. and advil® has become part of our game! ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that
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to make sure you get the medicare coverage you need. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. with some plans, you can enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call now. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. donald trump says president obama is about to ruin a holiday tradition. mr. trump took to you tube to make his point. >> thousands and thousands of people come to new york city to see the lighting of the tree. they bring their kids. everybody is having a great time. and they love it. it's a big, big occasion. now, we have a problem. we have a president who doesn't give a damn about inconveniencing people. and i want to talk about inconvenience, you will never see a mess like this tomorrow night. president obama is holding a
7:59 pm
fund-raiser. another of his fund-raisers. hundreds of them, every day, holding fund-raisers. he doesn't govern, all he does is raise money to try to get reelected to put the country further into the hole. he's having a fund-raiser light near rockefeller center where thousands of people are coming to see the tree light up. isn't that a shame? the streets ever going to be closed. everything is going to be closed because of his security. he needs security. let me tell you. this president is a much different person than people know. he's a very inconsiderate guy. stop with the fund-raisers and start running the country. you're doing one hell of a lousy job. >> bill:. >> greta: i guess we know how donald trump feels. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. make sure you go to greta let us know what


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