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tv   America Live  FOX News  November 30, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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jon the top secret just revealed. you took wood shop. jen i did, instead of home ec, and my husband wonders why i don't cook. i'm good with a saw! other than that g. luck! jon: thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on the economic crisis in europe, the united states today taking the lead in a drastic effort to reduce the threat of a global financial meltdown. we are now hearing that billions of dollars in new credit is only going to buy the world roughly two weeks of wiggle room. welcome to "america live", everyone, i'm megyn kelly, the dow soars as the federal reserve and other countries' central banks flood, struggling with the american dollar but now we're hearing this mayor far from a safe bet for us since the threat to the economy around the world is as bad as it was 24 hours ago. charles payne joins me now. charles, look, let's keep
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this searchel. europe is hemorrhageing money. it's trying figure out what it is going to do to save their currency, the euro. they sent two top guys to oversee the -- who oversee the censy to meet with president obama, hillary clinton, tim geithner, ben bernanke, just yesterday and the day before and we've done a temporary measure to help them through our fed, and it only buys us two weeks. let's first talk about the temporary measure. is that taxpayer dollars, are we giving it to europe, and are we likely to see it back? >> it's a loan. it's what they call a swap. and they give us a euro, we give them a dollar, or the equivalent of like 1.50, for each euro. so you know, they needed a trillion dollars, and they would give us a trillion -- a little less than a trillion euros. it's called a swap, but essentially -- this is one of the things you've got to be careful of, because the fed will tell you this is not inflationary but they have to come up with these dollars from somewhere.
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i do believe it will be inflationary. this goes out to i think february 2013, so it's a long term program, and the reason it's having such a huge immediate impact right now is to the point you were making, megyn, they have about ten days, actually, to figure something out with the euro. yesterday the s&p told france we're going to lower your credit rating from aaa to maybe aa. if they do that then i think the entire thing falls apart. they're going to have meetings every single day for the next ten days, culminating with a giant meeting in brussels about ten days from now. they must figure this out. i think today's move gave them breathing room. it was suggested that america will come to the rescue in a bigger way. mig how much money is going from the fed to europe? >> we don't know the number yet. last week the ecb -- >> megyn: european central bank. >> had to borrow the $500 million from the fed. the demand is mind bloing. for them to borrow money in the free market, they can't. interest rates are too high. megyn: is it a blank check
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from the fed? do taxpayers need to worry about it? we're always told don't worry, they have the printing press. >> absolutely you have to worry. this is dangerous stuff. what it means for the viewer is everything is going to cost more. right now, the stocks in the market that are doing the best is everything associated with inflation, gold is soaring, commodities are soaring because the more dollars we print, the less they're worth. mig let's move on to step two. what's what happened today, the fed has stepped in with other central banks to stave off the crisis, while europe figures out what to do. you've got italy that needs $600 billion to bail itself out, greece is a mess, the countries over there, completely fiscally unsound and there's a real question about whether or not the united states and others need to step in to say they're too big to bail, we're very tied to europe, we can't see the economying going awry, the -- can't see the euro fail. in ten days, two weeks, we should know whether the euro will fail. should the united states try to do more to save that currency and if so, what
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should we do? >> my answer is no, but i think that won't wash. i think the politically correct answer will be yes in washington, hence, the meetings that you refer to when the -- between the president and other members of the staff. the main problem here, megyn, is that europeans don't want to bite the bullet. they want to have their cake and eat it, too, they want to have the lavish lifestyles, pensions, to be able to retire at age 50, the things we don't do, that they take for granted, they don't want to give it up. they must give it up. listen, they were in china for the last couple of weeks, hat to hand and china so far has turned them around. ultimately i think we will come to the rescue, including america, but they're going to have to do it with tough strings attached. megyn: it's interesting to think about some sort of bailout that america participates in of european countries. americans could barely stomach the bailout of our own american banks that employ american employees, never mind in gries where they say if you pay taxes
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over there, you're a chump! so now our taxes are going to go to -- they're not necessarily but this is what one of the things some are calling for. >> in greece, they have a tax on swimming pools and no one ever paid it so they used google maps and airplanes to see who had swimming pools. the hottest selling items were tarps! no one wants to pay those taxes. megyn: but we pay ours and now we know where they might go if europe gets its way. thank you charles. >> you got it. megyn: by the way the white house is saying it's not going to happen but there are questions about why our top leaders were meeting with heads of the european currency. we'll continue to follow it. of course, it is not only big countries that are facing the credit crunch. so are big financial companies, including some of the largest ones right here in america. remember credit rating agency s&p? it downgraded america's aaa credit rating in august. that was unprecedented. well, s&p just downgraded the credit ratings of 37
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global banks, including the american banks you see right here, bank of america, goldman sachs, morgan stanley, citigroup, wells fargo, s&p says those downgrades are in response to how companies are managing this economic stress. as you may know, credit downgrades often raise borrowing costs, and no one wants to see them happen if they are the ones being affected. an alert coming in now. france is now recalling its ambassador to iran for, quote, consultations. after an attack on the british embassy in tehran yesterday. we're also now learning more about the group of students accused of storming the british embassy in iran. you watched the tape on fox news channel yesterday morning and afternoon. this incident sparking international outrage, even prompting great britain to recall its diplomats and demand that tehran do the same. they were outraged over there about tehran letting this happen. well today, we're hearing some of the alleged attackers may have been members of an iranian
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militia. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg has more, live in london. amy. >> reporter: megyn, it's really more of a paramilitary organization, part idealogue, part heavies. we have seen them attacking protestors, prodemocracy democrat straighters, over the last two years, they can also be students as well, but they are known for organizing antiwestern demonstrations, often busting people into the event. they're called the baath seige. what was different about the demonstration to the other death to britain, death to america, demonstrations is this one got extremely violent. the private headquarters of embassy staff were vandalized and looted. now, britain has always been a particular target of the hardliners' ire who call it, quote, the old fox because then believe britain is wilie and involved with everything that goes on in the world.
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antibritish sentiment last week spiked. it's the first time the u.k. has cut off an entire country's banking sector from its financial sector, and iran's parliament voted to expel the british ambassador from tehran so britain holds the iranian government responsible for the attack on its embassy a few days later and decided to get everyone out of town and close the embassy down immediately. >> the idea that the iranian authorities could not have protected our embassy or that this assault could have taken place without some degree of raging content is fanciful. >> now, megyn, the british foreign secretary said that all iranian diplomats in london have to get out of here within 48 hours, this iranian embassy in london will be closed. iran's foreign minister just issued a statement calling the closure of britain's embassy in tehran, quote, hasty, and said there would be further appropriate action taken. back to you megyn. megyn: hasty!
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hasty! what were they supposed to do, sit there and wait for the entire building to be burned down? unbelievable. amy, thank you. >> you're welcome. megyn: well, england is dealing with another headache today, one of the biggest walkouts in british history. two million public sector workers, trying to bring great britain to a halt in a rare nationwide strike. nine out of ten schools closed today, because there are no teachers. mass transit is not running. and hospitals are in skeleton staffing. government workers are upset over cuts to pensionings as the parliament races to cut that nation's growing debt. sounds like a theme, right? a new twist in the occupy wall street saga, some 200 protestors arrested in los angeles overnight but it turns out the l.a. mayor's office offered the occupiers some free office space for the movement, and even a plot of land to start a garden! adam housley, live in downtown l.a., adam, really? >> reporter: yeah, megyn.
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he also offered the protestors an area, a city lot, basically, they could move some of their tents. now, that was all dismissed by the protest movement, now you're left with this because the protestors have been taken out of here. it happened at 12:15 local time. they dismissed anything the mayor offered. i had chance to ask the protest movement, one of the spokesmen a couple of minutes about that, said hey, you had a chance to move this to a vacant lot, had a take to take -- chance to take up the mayor on this offer and he said it's not about that, it's about making sure the money from the big banks goes to the community banks. that's another message they've passed along. there are a number of messages they continue to tell us, everything from banks to the fact that the 1 percent is taking all their money. moving on from that, back to the operation here, you had about four or 500 people that wouldn't leave, 200 were arrested, 1400 l.a.p.d. police officers came in this morning to ensure there were no problems, only five or six minor incidents reported, the police chief right afterwards spoke about
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it. here's what he had to say: >> 1400 police officers came to this encampment today, and removed what we think is -- probably resulted in over 200 arrests at this point, with minimal use of force. absolutely minimal. it was an operation that was planned and conceived by my command staff. they did a fantastic job. >> reporter: planning and conceived, all those police officers staged at nearby dodgers stadium before they came in, and again, they came in in massive force. they expect to hear from the mayor's office. a press conference was scheduled for about 15 minutes ago, it still hasn't started but will momentarily. the cleanup is expected to go on for weeks and cost by some estimates, two, three, $400,000 by the time they clean it, replant everything and get this park next to city hall back to the way it used to be. megyn: wow. adam, thank you. america's doctors are facing a massive pay cut from uncle sam and this time
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congress may not ride to the rescue right before the deadline. in three minutes, what this could mean for your next doctor's visit. >> and this marine received the country's highest military award for saving 36 others during an ambush in afghanistan. it just happened last september, when he was awarded the medal of honor. now medal of honor recipient dakota meyer, armed with a lawsuit, after an attack on his integrity and reputation. who he is suing, and why. plus attorney general eric holder firing back against those med demanding hes resignation in the wake of the fast & furious scandal, the botched gun running sting. that story, just ahead. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ won't you leave me alone. >> ♪ >> ♪ please leave me alone. >> ♪ >> ♪
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megyn: congress has just a couple of weeks left before the end of the year and doctors say the health care system is about to take a huge hit if lawmakers don't find money to fill a shaijor -- major shortfall in medicare payments to doctors f nothing is done, doctors will see a 30 percent pay cut for treating medicare patients starting the first of the year. think that might have an impact on care? our next guest says that could. joining me now, dr. marc siegl, who is part of our fox news and medical a team. all right doc, we go through this every year, right? it's called the doc fix, where they're going to make huge cuts to medicare payments to doctors, unless congress swoops in at the last minute and says oh no, we won't, and you have real concerns this year about whether underdog is going to come to the rescue. why? >> every year it accumulates more and more, it's actually 27 percent this year but that 3 percent difference doesn't make me happy, rounding it off to 27 percent.
10:17 am
the problem is they're in trouble this year because everything is frozen. what they're looking to cut, $1.2 trillion, so how are they going to find a way? $300 billion would be the doctor's fix. in other words, if instead of cutting us 27 percent, they got rid of this idea all together, that we shouldn't -- we doctors shouldn't be penalized when they go over the amount of revenue that they anticipated, by ordering too many procedures. i get penalized for it. it's now up to 27 percent. if they got rid of it all together it would be $300 billion. if we goto they got rid of it for a year, it's going to be $22 billion. but how are they going to justify increasing the the decifit by $22 billion at a time when they're trying to cut it $1.2 trillion? >> megyn: i will tell you how. they don't care about you, the doctors. >> that's for sure. megyn: but they care about senior citizens and those are the ones on medicare and they don't want to tick off the senior citizens in an election year. >> let me talk about that for a minute. you may very well be right and they may hide that $22 billion the way they've
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done in the past. last time they stuck it in an unemployment bill. they'll hide it. i'll tell you why you may be right. the doctor's office is already a mess for senior citizens, they already wait too long, they have too many medications, that's good news, keeping them a live a long time. very high tech solution toss medical problems. it takes a lot of time to implement, takes me a long time to take care of nana, used to take a shorter amount of time because there was less for me to do for mer. with that in mind i can't do it for less money, i'm sorry -- megyn: especially a 30 percent hit. >> and i'm not taking any increases, my office expenses are going up, my income has been going down. 27 percent cuts means doctors are going to flee from medicare. megyn: let me ask you about that. does a doctor like you, an internist who helps regular folks with regular problems, does a doctor have to take medicare? >> no. but actually, that's great point, because if i opt out of medicare, i can't see medicare patients, period. they can't pay me outside of
10:19 am
the room. i just can't see them. so that's something that a lot of doctors keep in mind. once they walk away from medicare, if the patient is taking medicare, they're not going to be -- >> megyn: so could that lead to a decrease in the number of doctors available to medicare patients? because you get to the point where you say it's not worth it to me, i can't see all these medicare patients for what i'm being paid now, never mind what i'm being paid, minus 30 percent. >> i'm going to tell you a statistic that's going to knock you flat. did you know that last year the center for medicare and medicaid services found that 28 percent of patients already couldn't find a primary care physician to take care of them? what's going to happen wa 27 percent cut? it's going to double. and you know the elderly are going to be left with the same problem that medicaid patients have now, they're going to go to the emergency room for services at a time when omabacare is increasing the number of insured by over 30 million people. this is a total perfect storm. megyn: if you're in vegas right now and you got to bet on whether they're going to pass this doc fix as it's called and avoid that cut to
10:20 am
medicare payments or not, what do you bet? >> i'm going to go with megyn kelly over dr. siegl because you are very sharp. i think for political reasons they're going to find a way to get this done. they don't care about us. >> of course they don't, but they care about nana, but nana is not sure about it. >> if nana votes. megyn: nana votes. she's very -- she is very up to speed on the issues of the day. she may be watching us now. >> nana, if they cut me, i don't want you voting for them! megyn: dr. siegl, thank you. she's not very political but they does -- she does pay attention. >> we told you how police are planning a new search for baby lisa irwin in part because of a tip from a psychic. that psychic joins us live with her theory today, the one that police are acting on. and attorney general eric holder doing a little finger pointing. why he is so upset with one media outlet and what led to this scene you see right
10:21 am
here. a woman has come forward to claim a one three-year affair with herman cain, he has adamantly denied it, but without a so-called smoking gun, does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? a debate, just ahead. >> now, i don't think herman cain is going to be our nominee, but he is a magnificent man, a great man, he deserves to be defended and the media deserves to be attacked for this and he should have a prominent speaking position.
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megyn: fox news alert. we've got some breaking news coming in on the case of this missing mother, michelle parker, who disappeared down in florida about, well, ten days or so ago after an appearance on the peoples court. we are just learning about a custody battle and the
10:25 am
outcome. this woman michelle parker appeared on that show in a dispute with her ex-fiance, dale smith, arguing over an engage mentoring and police now say smith is the prime suspect in connection with the disappearance. she disappeared an hour and 15 minutes after she dropped off their three-year-old twins at his house. well, twins of child and family services went into court and challenged his custody of those twins, citing a long history of domestic violence that he had, dating back to at least 2002, i know there was an incident, but a judge has just ordered that the twins will remain in his custody, saying those incidents happened long ago, and there is no evidence in the judge's view that this man poses a danger to those young children. he was awarded the nation's highest award for valor, the medal of honor, for saving 36 lives. he was just 21 years old
10:26 am
when he did it. and for his trouble, he says he wound up getting ridiculed by his employer. marine dakota meyer says he was called mentally unstable and a poor worker and lost the job because of it. now he is suing the employer who he says defamed him. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us with more, live from theentagon. he just got the medal of honor in september and we watched it "america live", jennifer. now an extraordinary allegationby this decorated marine about what his employer said to somebody else to whom he was apply -- he was apply fog a job. >> reporter: we've obtained the defamation complaint filed by dakota meyer in san antonio, texas. dakota meyer says in an e-mail to his former boss at bea systems, he complains about the fact that they are selling high tech sniper rifles to pakistan. here's the e-mail, quote, i think that one of the most
10:27 am
disturbing facts to the whole thing is that we are still going forth with the paf-13 optic and issuing the outdated subpar optics to our own u.s. troops when we have better optics we can put in their hands right now but we are willing to sell it to pakistan. he added we are taking the best gear, the best technology on the market to date and giving it to guys known to stab us in the back. these are the same people killing our guys. that complaint set him on a collision course with his boss, another former marine at bae systems. meyer says that when he went to apply for another job with the defense contractor in california, he was told that his former employer had told them he was, quote, mentally unstable, and had a drinking problem. bae obviously is aware of the public relations challenge this case represents for the firm and continues to refer publicly to dakota meyer as a hero while defending their position to provide sniper
10:28 am
rifles, the just department not bae makes decisions on what defense-related products can be exported. when asked about the the sale of the arms to pakistan yesterday at the briefing -- >> i am aware that an in august, we have -- or we did approve a marketing license that allowed bae to temporarily export up to 20 thermal imaging rifle scopes to pakistan but that was for a sales demonstration, and none of those scopes were sold. >> reporter: pentagon and marine officials are not commenting on this case, they say that dakota meyer is not active duty anymore so they're leaving it to the courts, but privately, those who know meyer say that he's not someone who follows the rules. that's what led him to go back in and disobey orders from his higher ups in the marines, go tbhak and save those 36 lives. that's the kind of guy he is, and that's what maybe has led to this situation with his former employer.
10:29 am
megyn: and there was a real controversy at the time about why they weren't ordering -- why did they not order dakota meyer back in there to save those lives and there was discipline handed down to others. he was the brave one that said i'm not letting those guys die, i'm going back in there, we saw president obama at the white house and this incredible ceremony and now you've got this employer saying he's a war hero but mentally unstable. we're going to have a debate on this in kelly's court, we'll talk about this case and what is likely to happen in it, we're also going to talk about the fact that this is why so many employers won't give you a letter of recommendation, they say anything that is considered faint praise, never mind criticism in it, they can get sued. we'll talk about how it might affect you and talk about this particular case in kelly's court. attorney general eric holder lashing out at a reporter over the calls for his resignation in the wake of the botched gun running sting, operation fast & furious. ahead, what was the question that led to the finger
10:30 am
pointing by the attorney general? and the cain train will push on, despite new accusations of a, quote, casual 13 year affair. herman cain insists this is a lie, and it's part of a conspiracy to get him out of the race. does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? we'll debate it, next. >> they are attacking my character, my reputation, and my name. in order to try and bring me down. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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megyn: embamghts dollars attorney general eric holder is now pointing fingers at the media and one website in particular. when asked yesterday to comment on increasing calls for his regs nation over the botched fast & furious gun running scandal mr. holder accused the reporters' bosses of trying to bring him, holder, down. trace gallagher has this story from our l.a. bureau. trace. >> reporter: it's interesting, megyn, because the attorney general eric holder has largely ignored calls for his resignation, he's hardly answered questions about it at all, and there is no sign that he's considering stepping down, there does not appear to be internal pressure from the administration, bhu the daily caller, the conservative website of tucker karlson, asked for holder's reaction to 51 members of congress calling on him to resign, here's what holder said to the daily caller. listen: >> you guys need to stop
10:35 am
this. >> it's not an organic thing, you guys are behind this. other liberal sites have chimed in saying this is not a grassroots movement of conservatives calling for holder to step down, so we did research and here are the facts as of this morning fifty-two members of congress, including now one senator from 28 states have now called for eric holder to resign. we should note that not a single democrat has called for his resignation. in fact, the number -- a number have come out in full support of eric holder. we had just contacted some conservative lawmakers to ask if they feel like they're being driven by the media. they have not yet returned our calls, megyn. we should also point out that eric holder appears before a house panel, investigating the fast & furious scandal next week. megyn: trace, thank you. well, new reaction now
10:36 am
from a fiery herman cain in the wake of a new scandal. right now the republican presidential candidate is on the campaign trail in ohio, vowing to push ahead with his campaign. last night, on hannity, ann coulter said mr. cain deserves the benefit of the doubt. >> and we find out she's got the whole combo platter, bankruptcy, a sexual harassment suit in the past, she hasn't paid rent all year, this year she lost a judgment against her for defamation and stalking! she's an unemployed single mother. you have the whole combo platter of an unbelievable witness. megyn: joining me now, radio talk show host monica crowley and terra dadell, founder of the terra dadell group. does ann have a point that this woman has credibility problems in her view, given her legal history, and she also went on to say the media she believes has been way too quick to pile on to herman cain, to accept these allegations as true, write him off and so on, and some have drawn a contrast
10:37 am
between the may he's been treated in the media and say, for example, john edwards. >> both points are true but you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. the bigger picture, during a presidential campaign, if you're a candidate subjected to this drip drip drip of allegations, whether those allegations are true or not, the question becomes how does the candidate and his campaign handle it. and i think a lot of conservatives are saying look, if herman cain were a really strong candidate that we felt could win the nomination and could beat barack obama we could overlook some of this stuff, we would give him the benefit of the doubt, but the fact that he in his campaign -- remember megyn, he's been running on this platform that he could run america because he's run all these businesses very successfully and can fix our problems. well, if he can't run his campaign very well and can't fix his own problems, whether these allegations are legit or not, it raises questions in voters' minds whether or not he's prepared for prime time to go into a general election against the
10:38 am
axelrods plus obama machine. megyn: do you think that the media has been too quick to believe his accusers? i mean, you know, we've talked about how one of them was sort of a serial plaintiff, had filed a couple of sexual harassment allegations. i mean, we've covered that, right? but that doesn't make her necessarily now the truth teller. now obviously ann is pointing out this woman, this woman claiming a one three-year affair with him, she's got some history. i mean, stalk, that's not good, defamation, that's when you make things up. you know, should the media be more doubtful, you know, about these women's' claims rather than just sort of jumping on it, even the washington times, saying he's done? that's not a left wing publication. >> exactly. well, i think what's interesting, though, is that the media has always loved a sex scandal, so it's not as if the herman cain sex scandal is the first time they've piled off. this is a consistent pattern in the media. megyn: john edwards. only the national enquirer
10:39 am
was covering that. >> at first, because that was a real hot potato and if the media was wrong about something of that magnitude, they would open themselves up for lawsuits. megyn: they could ruin a presidential campaign. what's happening here? >> i have to say i never thought herman cain was a real serious candidate. he's been promoting this book. even in ohio, in the midst of this drama, even in the campaign, everyone is focusing on iowa and new hampshire, he's in ohio promoting his book. i never thought that herman cain was a serious candidate. the problem is even while these women have credibility issues, he has credibility issues. his story keeps changing, and nine the bottom line is the truth does not change. megyn: how much can you blame this on herman cain, how much can you blame this on his advisers? because there's a scathing piece in politico today, talking about how, you know, even on the latest allegation, the campaign came out through the lawyer, they said he's not going to comment, his private life is his private life, in the meantime he's on cnn saying it's not true, i positively deny everything, and there
10:40 am
are so many examples, and the political article goes through a lot of them. is this a problem of mismanagement? or is it just too much smoke? and there might be fire? >> my original point, which is crises will blow up, in anybody's campaign. remember barack obama with the jeremiah wright and so on. it happens, and the question is does the candidate and the candidate's team, do they handle it well, because that will give you an indication of what kind of manager they would be when international and domestic crises happens here, and the problem for heman cain, time and again, you just raised the latest example of this, tile and again he has not handled it well. his team is on one page, he's on another page. look, if these allegations are false, my heart goes out to herman cain, because where does he go to get the -- >> megyn: he's certainly been the target of many. >> if the allegations are true, he's in a world of hurt. either way, his campaign has suffered because of the way he's handled it. mig on the substance of it, are we in a place now where an affair, an affair, let's
10:41 am
talk about that, is no longer a deal breaker for somebody who runs for office? i mean, it used to be like you couldn't even be divorced, that was a big deal, but now, you talk about an affair, newt gingrich, he's the republican frontrunner, he's got two affairs under his belt that he's publicly admitted to. >> no. i think we are in a place where that's become less of an issue in this country. it's never been a big issue in a lot of countries but here it's always been. to monica's point, she's exactly right, that if people feel the voters of either party feel the candidate is a strong enough candidate, they're willing to overlook personal issues. even myself, as much as i'm not a herman cain fan, i'm a democrat, i really don't care who he slept with. now, if he's crossed the line and there was in some of the allegations inappropriate touching that goes beyond -- >> megyn: that would be unlawful. >> unlawful or unethical, if those allegations are true, then that's a different metric. that's a different bar. but i think just an affair, sadly, we've become very de sensitized as a nation.
10:42 am
>> in the republican field you do have a lot of social conservatives that are upset by these kinds of allegations that will not take a second look at a candidate based on it. megyn: you've teed up my guest perfectly, tony perkins is head of the research council which is arguably the most conservative group in the country speaking to family values, he wl join me and we'll talk about whether this matters and is it a deal breaker. thank you very much. >> thank you. megyn: you don't want to miss this, coming up on your world with neil cavuto, herman cain is here, the first interview since these allegations and that will be a segment to watch. up next the search for a missing baby girl taking a new turn. police getting ready for a new search in part because of a tip from a psychic. in three minutes after that break, that psychic is here live to tell us what she saw. and president obama, sharing a polling distinction with former president jimmy carter that cannot make the white house rest easy. what could it mean for his reelection effort?
10:43 am
>> plus, the toy used to be free. but not anymore. the epic battle between the golden arches in one city and the golden state over the happy meal. and who comes out on top may surprise you. >> ♪ >> ♪ happy days are here again. >> ♪ >> ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
megyn: her visions of what happened to baby lisa irwin sparked a new investigation for the little girl, leading dozens to comb through the property of a former casino after she said she had a vision of a person with a baby and police say they're preparing a search of their own. all stemming originally from this woman's vision. joining me now, self-professed psychic, stem knee almagere. thank you very much for being here. we've confirmed with the police that they are in fact
10:47 am
planning on following up on the search of a well which was found on the property that you saw in a vision. now, i know a lot of people have doubts about psychic abilities soond on, they won't believe this segment but for those who think it's a possibility, tell us, what did you see, what vision came to you? >> you know, it started off the day that the baby went missing. my daughter saw her on facebook and asked me if i would do a reading on it, i have a blog where i just post my own thoughts and in that blog, i had posted names of people that have come, to date, and i guess that's what got it started. somebody saw that, they were like how did she know that, one thing led to another, and my children do this as well, and they help me, and -- >> megyn: you live in dallas. of course, baby lisa went missing in kansas city. >> i do. megyn: according to those who did the searching they
10:48 am
said you had never been to kansas city but yet, you described this spot that you thought they should search to the tee. >> exactly. well, right. and i didn't know where this spot was, then they started saying, you know, you're describing everything that's in this area, and they started sending me in google maps, and i have to say, i was as shocked as they were. i mean, i believe in what i do, but it's not -- you know, it's really, really hard to get things sometimes, especially in a missing person. mig what did you see? what did your vision tell you happened? >> i saw -- what do i see happened? >> megyn: what do you think happened to her that night. >> i do believe there was an accident in the home. unfortunately. and i believe that baby lisa was found deceased. megyn: i know you wrote on
10:49 am
the blog that you thought there was an accident, that she was deceased in the bathtub, removed, placed on the carpet where the dog picked up on the scent, because there was a ca dafer dog hit. that all comes to you sequentially? >> yes. yes, ma'am. megyn: stephanie, i know there's been some sort of dispute about whether this was in fact your vision or somebody else's vision. >> i know. megyn: you know, what do you make of it, to the doubters throughout and to the skeptics? >> you know, i did this the day she went missing. a great portion of it. and i think, just in reading that, and all of, you know, the things that i said, i said that they're going to find out there was alcohol and drugs involved, i said that -- i actually gave some of the names that have come to pass. i believe that in itself
10:50 am
gives me credibility because none of that had been said. and i believe that -- or i now that once this got as big as it did, i have to say, i didn't expect this, that there were going to be people coming out saying that's my idea, that's my idea, and i'm okay with that. megyn: it's sort of warring psychics. >> and it's sad. it's sad. megyn: we're short on time, and i want to ask you, have you ever helped law enforcement before? is this something you've done? >> i have never helped law enforcement and -- well no, i take that back. i unofficially have. and on another case. for a very, very long time. and i did not find this child. however, the area that was searched -- or i actually went to this area. megyn: yeah. >> and the odd thing is, where i asked the captain, the person that i was working with to take me
10:51 am
somewhere, he was like this is exactly where we searched. megyn: that was shocking. i got to leave but i appreciate your thoughts. we'll be right back. stephanie, thank you. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] re pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it.
10:52 am
we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kid [ baby coughing ]
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10:54 am
megyn: new developments today in the battle between the food police and mcdonald's' happy meal. san francisco recently passed a law requiring fruit and vegetables to be served with meals that include toys, the law obviously going after the golden arches. the burger gang has found a way around that. trace gallagher has more from l.a. they will not be denied, trace! >> reporter: from the san francisco city council, the argument was the kids only want the toy so they order the happy meal and to get to the toy they eat 600-calories of junk, so the
10:55 am
ordinance says if you're going to put a notice with the happy meal, health it up, put fruit and vegetables in there, not including ketchup, so mickey d's took a page out of the book and took out the toy! so now you order a happy meal and want the toy? you have to pay 10 cents extra, though the dime does go to the ronald mcdonald house for charity. but here's the big catch. if thents didn't want the kids eating the burgers and fries before just to get the toy, they could buy the toy separately for two bucks. now you can no longer buy the toy separately. to get the toy, you have to purchase the happy meal, then pay the extra dime for the toy. so now we're poorer and still not any healthier! which goes to show that ronald mcdonald apparently caught on to the government's game and said we've got one better for you, and now the issue is a dime for the happy meal, not much healthier. by the way, mcdonald's has put apples in happy meals across the country, anyway.
10:56 am
megyn: and no one is buying them! >> reporter: and no one is buying them. megyn: i don't know. did you eat mcdonald's a lot growing up? >> absolutely, i did. of course. megyn: me too. it was delicious. i would go in high school and have a quarter pounder with cheese. it was awesome. my only goal was never letting a boy see me eat it. as it turns out, i eat, and i eat burgers, and they're delicious! even the california boys were eating them. how about that? well, the man who shot president reagan is trying once again to get out of jail. john hinckley has asked before, and failed. this time, will it work? flush president obama is making his case to extend unemployment benefits beyond two years. yet, just a few months ago, his brand new economic adviser said that was a really bad idea. which is the better course? we'll have a live report. plus, we've all seen that guy or gal, some of us have been that guy or gal, walking and texting, not
10:57 am
paying attention, and bam! you run into something. ahead, how a new app can save you from impending disaster. flush [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz,
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11:00 am
♪ ♪ megyn: fox news alert. president obama's latest call for cutting payroll taxes and extending unemployment benefits. the president is expected to speak moments from now. extending long-time job benefits. one economist says extending those benefits may discourage people from looking for work. that man is allen kruger and he's the president's right-hand man on the economy. ed henry questioned kruger yesterday when he called for the same mention these benefits that
11:01 am
he criticized the just a few months ago. >> reporter: you did a study suggesting the longer people are out of work the less time they spend work for work. how does that square with trying to give people more benefits and stay unemployed longer. >> i hope you have read the study. >> reporter: it was written about extensively. >> there is a lot of research. there is a fair amount of consensus in the economics profession that there are tradeoffs involved. particularly if you look at normal times when we are close to full employment, that higher benefits or spending benefits do have some effect on search activity. that effect is greatly reduced now when we have over four job seekers for every vacancy. megyn: ed, that was an
11:02 am
interesting exchange. >> reporter: in fairness to allen kruger when you look at the reasons he cited in the study. one reason he cited was that people could have run through most of the good jobs already. they already applied for them. secondly they get better at searching for jobs because they have been unemployed so long so they do not need to devote as much time to searching for a job. and the third reason, they could get discouraged and stop looking for a job. and obviously we should note there are many people unemployed and are legitimately looking for a job, man this tough economy can't find it. in allen kruger's own study he suggests the longer people are unemployed the less time they spend look for work and that toss raise a question then how do you keep giving unemployment
11:03 am
benefits? does that sort of discourage people from actually looking for work? and after that exchange yesterday, i had some people on twitter attacking me and suggesting i was suggesting people should not be getting unemployment benefits. i was not doing that at all. by was citing a study the president's advisor put out a few months ago. one of the challenges he will face is people holding up the study his own economicked a advisor wrote just a few months ago. megyn: if you pay attention to the negative things people say but on twitter you will have no time to focus on your job as the chief correspondent for fox news. >> reporter: you get a few of those. megyn: thank you, sir. pennsylvania a key target for president obama's reelection team. today marks his 17th visit to the state since moving into the oval office. 7 of these trips have come since
11:04 am
april when he officially announced his reelection bid. the commander-in-chief may feel lonely in the keystone state. bob casey not likely to attend today's event. his office citing a scheduling issue. speculation swirling that casey is afraid of losing critical votes in next year's election that he's facing. vice president joe biden also a scranton native is also traveling overseas today. presidential candidate and the question of character. on the republican campaign trail that's what we are talking about. herman cain pushing ahead tes spite new claims he had a 13-year consensual affair.
11:05 am
this as the political analysts are point out newt gingrich had at least two extramarital affairs an' the front runner. does this disqualify these guys as presidential candidates? both men measured in the single digits when voters are asked which republican contender has strong moral character. mitt romney is far out in front. the next in line is michele bachmann. tony perkins is president of the family research council. we touched on this a bit the last time you were here. you have got gingrich with two affairs he admitted to. he left his first wife when she was struggling with uterine cancer. and he left a second wife after she had been diagnosed with m.s. and had affairs on both of them. now you have herman cain denying the affair. but there is a woman claiming a
11:06 am
13-year affair with him. are these deal breakers for with you either of these candidates? >>' interesting to see how people are responding to herman cain. i think his numbers have been dropping. but what sealed it with people was the way his attorney responded to this latest allegation saying this is private consensual behavior and should not be considered by people. that doesn't work. voters don't look at it that way. i think they both at both the personal and professional life. in the poll you just showed, mitt romney is far out front when you look at his character. he's been stablely married, good family, no moral qualms about the way he has been conducting himself. but in his professional life there are inconsistencies when
11:07 am
you look at his policies. megyn: rick santorum is at the bottom of that poll. >> he's the only one who has yet to have his day in the spotlight and wilted under that bright light. i don't think newt gingrich is out of the woods when people analyze his background. having said that, especially among evangelicals and social conservatives they understand and embrace the story of redem shurn and forgiveness. but there is a difference between accepting someone's apology saying i was wrong and placing in the trust as president and commander in chief. those two things don't necessarily go handle in handle. i think the next two weeks are telling for newt gingrich and whether he can be the alternative to mitt romney. megyn: he said he sinned and he's human asked for
11:08 am
forgiveness. i'm not saying herman cain had this affair with this woman. but if he did do you think he would be better served to come out and say i messed up, i'm not proud of its and do you think that would help him with social conservatives? >> i think at this point there are so many allegation that have been made. it might be beyond ability of herman cain to pull this out. but i think what really turned a lot of conservatives off was the way his attorney responded to this by saying this is a private consentual matter and beyond the scrutiny of the public. that's not going to sell. voters want to know they are electing a politician with character, not character as a politician. that's unfortunately what you see with the shenanigans people are accused of being involved in. megyn: do you think, tony, as i say, one of the country's conservative leaders, do you think you could get past the
11:09 am
newt gingrich past? i have talked to conservative women who have a real problem with the way he behaved towards his sick wives. >> there is no question that is a major fanninger to. but that's not only factor he has to overcome. if you look at his new contract with mayor kate's devoid of social issues. what he makes a priority of is -- their issues are often absent from that. he's not an outsider. he was the speaker of the house of representatives. what did he do when he was entrusted with that power and authority. did he do the things he's promising today? i think the next few weeks will be telling for his political future as scrutiny is placed on his personal and professional record as speaker of the house. megyn: we see what happens when
11:10 am
scrutiny is applied and we see where they wienld up weeks and months later. europe spent itself into a financial disaster and today uncle sam extended a line of credit. what that means for our financial future. and the tea party had to pay $8,000. and the occupy wall street took it over for free. dakota mire is suing his former employer about a scathing report about him. >> we were making sure we went in there and tried to get them out. artphone's most powerful trading app ? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes. whether you check your investments every day
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megyn: a tea party across if i vift crying foul over what they
11:14 am
say is a double standard. they had to pay $8,000 to occupy the work and the pock pie protesters paid nada. the city said the tea party may owe taxes on tickets and food sales. back now to our top story. the u.s. appears to be taking the lead in a drastic effort to reduce the threat of a global financial meltdown. but we are hearing billions much dollars in new credit is only going to buy the world two weeks of wiggle room and critics are asking if we are giving hah by stiewl overspenders -- if we are giving habitual overspender a blank check. there is a huge crisis looming.
11:15 am
they are trying to figure out how to fix it. one the temporary fix the united states got involved in and the big fix that's being negotiated. what is the temporary fix and why should americans care. >> european banks are having trouble getting dollars because no one wants to lend to them. the central banks of the world got together including our own fed and said we'll give you short-term dollars. megyn: where does the fed come up with that money? >> the fed can print it. megyn: back to the money tree. >> they have assets they can lend to other central banks. megyn: we worry about that because we can cause inflation. >> not in this case. this is a short-term liquidity fix. megyn: you don't have concerns what the fed did? >> not today. in the short term this is
11:16 am
addressing the inability of the banking system to supply needed money and credit to finance itself. this is a useful exercise today. megyn: in 10 days europe will have to come up with a decision what to do. their currency is failing and their countries are i am ploalgd. greece is a mess. italy needs $600 billion. where do we come in? >> the big issue is the countries of southern europe, greece, italy, spain, portugal in particular are bust. they are insolvent. they can't finance their deficits. lenders are saying we are going to raise the price if we are going to lend you any money. you are a bad risk. so what they are saying is germany, you are a solvent european. you have been behaving well. you have been doing well.
11:17 am
so please base out. write us a check through a central european fiscal fund or get the european central bank to buy our products. megyn: i don't want to not without having greater control over what to do in the future. explain how the united states gets involved in this. we saw the two guys who run the euro meeting with our president, with our secretary of state. with geithner, with bernanke, why are we so involved in this and what are we going do? >> what we are worried about is a european recession. a big chunk of our exports go to europe. megyn: we understand that but we don't want to cut a check to italy or to greece where they don't even pay taxes. >> what our administration wants and i disagree with them is they want the germans to write the big check. megyn: it's better than us. >> will it soft problem?
11:18 am
because if you don't fix the southern economies -- if they don't have the reforms in their labor markets and fiscal policies. if they don't start spending less they will ultimately not be able to grow. megyn: you are giving a heroin addict additional heroin. >> obama would like to make sure there is no crisis so's willing to say to the germans. give the credit now. kick the can down the road and we'll worry about it later. megyn: there is any chance of the united states -- >> indirectly there is. that's the international monetary fund. we are the biggest shareholder with 17% share. we provide money through the fund and i think it will be asked to play some role in bailing out. megyn: the fun does not have
11:19 am
enough money to bail them out now. they would have to come back and get more. >> they have contributed to other countries like greece fan portugal. italy is too big of an economy. megyn: too big to fail. >> not too big to fail. they could default. megyn: we have a veto on that imf? bernanke and geithner is on that board. we are not going to put any more money in there, but are they likely to do that if we are talking about global economic collapse in an election year? >> in my view they would say yes. megyn: paul, thank you. i think i got it. that was very well done. >> i tried. megyn: you can catch paul on his own show. it airs saturdays, at 2:00 and 11:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. a brand-new poll that could
11:20 am
spelln worries for the white house as president obama's approval rating dips below that of former president jimmy carter at this point in this term. when john dodson blew the whistle on the "operation fast & furious" scandal his boss promised he would be protected from backlash. but dodson today says that promise did not hold up. >> any attempt to retaliate against them for their testimony today would be unfair, unwise and unlawful.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
megyn: the man who targeted president ronald reagan appealing for his freedom.
11:24 am
john hinkley junior tried to assassinate president reagan. he was found not guilty by reason insanity. today a judge began hearing arguments. he has been granted more and more time away from the facility. government lawyers say hinkley's request is premature. in the past he has been allowed visits of up to 10 days at his mother's home in virginia. he wants to extend that. back to our breaking news from last hour. a bra-new twist in the search for a missing florida mom, michelle parker. parker's 3-year-old twins will remain with their father. parker is her ex-fiance and is considered a person of interest
11:25 am
in her disappearance. >> reporter: orlando police search teams launching a brand-new hunt for either the body or any new evidence or clues that could help solve this missing mother's case. just about 3 or 4 miles south of downtown orlando proper. the dive teams went into the water searching underneath it looking through lake eleanor for any clues. we are told they didn't find anything to advance this case at this point. but, two, this was not based on new information, no new tip, just making sure every logical place has been thoroughly searched. all this happening after that custody hearing when the judge agreed with smith's attorney. dale smith says police are focusing their suspicions on the wrong person. claiming after michelle parker
11:26 am
was last seen dropping her kid off at their father's, what happened this a mystery as well. >> there is not enough evidence to arrest him and for that you want to take away a person's children? >> reporter: smith's attorney says the ex-fiance wants to find answers. that's why they want texas equusearch to come in and launch a search. as for the kids, michelle parker's family also wanted custody. but they lost. >> in regards to their concerns to dale smith, that's secondary. they want to remain hopeful that he had nothing to do with this. and they want to remain hopeful michelle will be found soon. >> reporter: the state of florida presented evidence
11:27 am
against giving custody back to dale smith ii saying he has a long list of violence against women including michelle parker. but the judge in the end ruling all of that happened long ago and it did not pose a safety threat to these two young boys who right now are without their mother. anything * the new gal. megyn: a new gallup poll shows president obama's approval rating falling to a record low. he's the recipient of the nation's highest military honor for saving dozen of lives in afghanistan. why is this war hero locked in a legal battle with his former employer houma lined his reputation?
11:28 am
that's on the docket in today "kelly's court." when john dodson blew the whistle on the atf gun running stan today his bossed promised him he would be protected. >> every time you question that order, you know, there was punitive action. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] get an aleve coupon in this sunday's paper.
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11:31 am
megyn: brand-new developments in operation fast and furious.
11:32 am
the botched gun running scheme that put weapons in the hands of drug car fells. whistle blowers who first brought attention to this operation were said to be protected but that's not what happened. >> reporter: at the time they called dodson a wing nut and transferred him. they transferred him. there is no evidence that anyone has been held accountable. >> any attempt to retaliate against them for their testimony today would be unfair, unwise and unlawful. >> reporter: yet atf agents claim that's what happened to the fast and furious whistle blowers. >> they risk everything, knowing everything they worked for are going to be ruined.
11:33 am
>> reporter: eight agents took their stories up to capitol hill. for moist's been down hill since. >> every time we questioned the ordinary they are was punitive action. >> reporter: john dadson was forced out of phoenix, leaving him with a house he can't sell. he now lives in an apartment in south carolina. agent purcelli was black bald and demoted to a desk job. >> the department of justice would never retaliate against whistle blowers. >> reporter: none of the executives who oversaw fast and furious were fired. some were promoted. supervisor now chief of the tobacco division. the former acting chief ken nelson to the office of legal affairs. coordinator bill mcgann
11:34 am
promoted. >> reporter: dodson is not complaining. i'm only reporting what i know through my source. as you know, megyn, the last thing the d.o.j. wants is to anger these guys. megyn: has one person been fired? in the wake of "operation fast & furious"? >> reporter: zero. one person voluntarily resigned. the u.s. attorney in arizona. he's working at arizona state in a program we are told is partially funded by the department of justice. megyn: a new gallup poll could hold ominous signs for president
11:35 am
obama's reelection chances. it finds his approval sinking below jimmy carter's. lower than any president in modern political history with a year to go in his reelection effort. mr. carter was at 51% when it came to job approval. mr. obama, 43%. leslie marshall and rich lowry, editor of the national revue. you look at them as a harbinger of things that may come. when you see the lowest in modern hit. what does it tell you? >> when you are lower than carter is a phrase you never want to hear. that's enough to keep your political consultant to awake
11:36 am
from now until 2012. carter had been lower in his third year. then there was a rally around the flag when our hostages were taken in iran. so he bummed up into the 50s. but president obama flat lined at 43. you look at gallup the last three, four weeks. flat at 43% approval rating it many hard for an incumbent president to win when he's down that low. megyn: most pundits say you have to be over 47% to win. the problem for president obama, his trending is not going to the right direction. it would be one thing if he were down low, and he was trending up. but it may be the opposite for him. >> we are a year away from the election. and politics that's a lifetime and a lot of things can happen. this is a president of firsts.
11:37 am
first african-american, first president with the name barack hussein obama will be. he will have the employment rate where it's at and approval rating not where we would like it. we have a different voter population and the gop does not have a ronald reagan standing anywhere near that platform. megyn: also a different candidate. who could forget how he sailed to office last time with the hope and change message. and the oceans are going to stop rising. just this enormous message of hope. america is going to change and we'll get back to the way we used to be. it won't be as partisan. none of that is something he can run on. we have seen him running a different race. >> now he has a record. you can make vague and grandiose
11:38 am
promises in 2008 and people sooned. now we have had three years of the dreary reality. republicans may not have a ronald reagan, but 1980 no one knew ronald reagan was a ronald reagan. he was running even with carter right to the end and didn't break until right to the end when the public decided ronald reagan was acceptable and they would take him. i think that will be the test for the republican nominee. megyn: do you think the standard is are you acceptable? >> yes. if the election were held today that's all the public would want to know. they concluded president obama, they may like him and think he's hah nice guy, but he hasn't gotten the job done and he's not particularly competent. megyn: it's interesting to look at the independent. you sort of expect the republicans to say one thing and the democrats to say the opposite. but the independents according to this gallup poll are
11:39 am
departing from president obama. in january of 2011, 40% approved. now it's down to 30%. that is a tough number for a president who folks on the left has said has reached out too much to the middle. >> the numbers aren't good there, however, i don't put huge stock in the polling numbers. but the reality is we have a movement in whether you have tea party on the right, occupy wall street on the left. and you don't know how these people are fare when it comes to 2012. except for mitt romney, every single republican candidate is too extreme and too far to the right. independents who consider themselves for centrist, maybe they are fiscally conservative but socially more liberal.
11:40 am
>> in 2009 and 2010 democrats lost independent disastrously. these are independents, they don't lean towards the democrats or republicans. they are down the line independents. president obama is at 30%. below freezing among them. that's a devastating number, and he's got to get that up as well. megyn: and he has to gin up support from his base. thank you both so much. a fox news alert. president obama is starting to speak right now from the battleground state of pennsylvania. these are live pictures from scranton high school. the president is making his pitch for extend and expanding the payroll tax cut that's set to expire december 31. he may teak about the possible extension of unemployment benefits. you like you can watch the
11:41 am
president's remarks live. they are streaming on dakota meyer received the medal of honor for performance under fire on the battlefield. the heroics he went through to save the lives of 36 men are flabbergasting. you would think he would be a topnotch catch for a major league defense contractor. why then is he suing a former employer for a job recommendation that went way south? "kelly's court" takes that up next. >> it's a great honor to be getting the immediate after honor. it's not for me. it's for the marines serving and the marines that will serve.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
megyn: dakota meyer receiving the medal of honor in september. he drove a humvee into an enemy
11:45 am
ambush five times, saving 36 lives in afghanistan. after he returned home he spent three months working for a defense contractor called bae systems. that was until he complained about bae systems selling top of the line technology to pakistan while u.s. troops got outdated equipment. he decided to leave bae systems an was on the brink of a new job until bae allegedly told the new employer he was mentally unstable and had a drinking problem. now the 23-year-old meyer is suing. dose have a case in let's ask our panel. david, does he have a case? can he go up against bae systems for what he says is defamation for saying these things? he has a drinking problem, he's
11:46 am
mentally unstable and on and on it goes. >> if he's mentally unstable i want to be. that man has had some extraordinary accomplishments in his life. and on a scale of 1-10. this an 11. there is no question about it. there is no evidence he has a drinking problem. his family members commented the exact opposite. he's an in control personality. as far as his mental instability goes. no evidence of that whatsoever. and do you think they vetted him and did a background check before they awarded him the highest medal in military -- in the history of the military? of course they did. what this is is retribution for that email he sent about the pakistanis being provided top of the line equipment when the american soldiers did not have it. megyn: he claims this is not about any drinking problem or mental instability, this is about bae being upset that he complained about them selling
11:47 am
top-of-the-line weaponry to pakistan while our soldiers get the crappy stuff. >> that's rights. megyn: jonna, bae says we have a problem, we have a medal of honor recipients siewk us for defaming his sterling, sell a character. >> i agree, once you receive a medal of honor you should be able to x everything else out on your resume. but if i'm representing hits former employer the first thing i'll try to argue is he's a public figure so that even if the comments were made to a pro speckive employer without the malice element you can't go after me. megyn: david says you have got the malice element because they are doing this to retaliate for raising concerns about their sales. >> let's not forget -- the second thing i'ming if to honor is our medal of honor recipient
11:48 am
quit the job. he got so upset about what they were doing that he quit the job. megyn: he's not stiewg get his job back. he's suing because when he submitted -- he wanted to get a new job and they needed a recommendation from his old employer. instead of giving a good recommendation, they maligned him. this is why so many employers say even though you were the greatest employee ever, we are not giving you a letter of recommendation. we don't giver them when you are good, we don't give them when you are bad because we'll get sued by somebody. >> let's assume he is a public figure. i can see that. but this was particularly vicious. they go up to the new employer and say he's got a drinking problem and mentally ill. in these cases where it's defamation in the employment of a person who has been defamed. damages are resumed.
11:49 am
this is going to be a slam dunk. my guess is there will be a settlement, make this go away quietly because this guys an air can hero. megyn: could this become a spectacle in the guy who fired him at bae is a former derek rated marine sniper. so you are going to have a decorated marine sniper up against a medal of honor recipient. does it cancel each other out? this former marine sniper can back up his claims, then the defamation suit will go away. >> truth is a defense always. i would hate to see that be the public battle, whether he has a drinking problem. whether he's mentally unstable. define mentally unstable? what does its mean? it doesn't have an objective definition. megyn: you come back from war. you save 36 lives.
11:50 am
you have taken so much fire. if you haven't read what he did, look it up. there will be a little bit of residual effect on you. but maybe it does. maybe they will prove that. >> maybe they would. i don't want that to be at forefront of this lawsuit. there might and settlement. no employer should say anything i don't care how good or bad employee is. i think this guy is a hero and that's going to save his former employer. megyn: when they ask, you want to say no to and that's where you get problem. the one you say no to, they get upset and you are getting sued. i agree with jonna, don't do it. >> the good part of this equation is there has got to be more offers. this guy is a hero. i can't believe any employer want wouldn't him on the payroll. megyn: president obama called
11:51 am
him to congratulate him. he couldn't take the call because he was working. >> a construction job. megyn: we'll be right back with why you should never text and walk at the same time. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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megyn: the national association of real towards saying the number of americans who signed contracts to buy homes jumps to the highest level in a year. contract signings usually indicate where the housing market is head. let's hope that's true now. we heard a lot about distracted drivers. how about distracted walkers. you have seen them on the street.
11:55 am
pedestrians who text, keeping their eyes glued to their phones. now there is an app that can help them be safe. >> reporter: this application may save your life it's called walk safe. you are walk on a busy street, and this gives you a signal that you are about to get mowed down by a car. it uses the camera and what they do is it goes down to about 150 feet. only going 30 miles an hour, because if a car is going faster than 30-mile-per-hour, you will get mows down anyway. it sometimes only works when the car gets really close. if you are walking and talk on the phone, you better hope the car is coming from this way, because there is no camera on the phone going this way. here is the other thing.
11:56 am
there is no water element on this, so it will not protect you in this case. play it. if you walk into a fountain. you are on your own. you get mows down by a car you better hope your reactions are quick. you have got about a second and a half. if you think someone is beeping in on you you could be in trouble. megyn: even though the camera only works one way, i have the perfect solution. eyes. it's so annoying it's like they are looking -- it's like you have got to move. you have to move because they are so busy texting they are not watching. >> reporter: exactly. the car could hit them anyway. megyn: remember back in the olden days and we didn't have cell phones and we would walk to school barefoot in the snow both
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