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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 2, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, a major announcement coming from herman cain. did he show his hand in advance? plus, handing over camp victory in iraq. this was once one of saddam hussein's palace compounds. then it became his prison. and american troops ran things here for years. today, that's all changed. >> it's a very significant and symbolic transition. >> shepard: now, as our troops mark a milestone, we will look back at some of saddam's secrets. >> shepard: this is the entrance to saddam's main bunker. and what next for iraq? country singer mindy
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mccready on the run with her son. investigators say this has now become an abduction case and she says she is willing to go to jail if she has to. tonight, a troubled celebrity up against the law. plus, something you never want to see when you are driving down the road. [squealing tires] >> shepard: but first from fox this friday night herman cain says he will make a major announcement as he puts it about the next stop on the cain train. the georgia businessman tells us he has been reassessing his run for the white house since that woman went public claiming she had a 13-year affair with him, a sexual affair. cain denies that and earlier accusations of sexual harassment from other women. herman cain says this new woman was just a friend who was having financial trouble so he gave her some money to help pay the bills. but he also reportedly did not tell his wife about this woman and didn't tell her about the money either which brings us to the reassessment.
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>> i many reassessing, because of this media firestorm stuff. why? because my wife and family comes first. i have got to take that into consideration. i don't doubt the support that i have, just look at the people that are here. we have got to look at what happens to contributions and we have have got to reevaluate the whole strategy. >> shepard: herman cain is heading home to atlanta, he did so today to talk face to face his wife about all of this and for the first time. carl cammeron is live in d.c. so, some reports indicate he may have showed his hand. what's your sense, carl? >> we know that mr. cain is opening his national headquarters in georgia tomorrow. that he just launched his supporters that it's full steam ahead. his polls and fundraising has taken a huge hit. his crowds are still enthusiastic, shoulder to shoulder. to some dropping out might look like admission of guilt.
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he says all the agencies are false. makes sense to call a news conference if he is staying in. not so much if he is bailing out, shep. >> shepard: newt gingrich informed us all he will be the candidate. he said so last night. did mitt romney weigh in at all. >> he tried to paint him as presumptuous and arrogant. -- what mitt said was that he was self-began dyeing about the polls and that's not the way you win. it was as the ultimate insider and wheeler-dealer. >> newt has had a long history of working in washington with various governmental and nongovernmental industries. i don't think that's the background that has s. ideally suited one to replace barack obama and number two to lead the country. this is not a matter that america needs better oises or lobbyists. i think america needs a better
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leader. >> a massive door-to-door organization to show he has nor organization than gingrich. >> shepard: today we learned that go two days after christmas on a network i never heard of debate of republicans by a man we all have heard from. >> donald trump. he has been invited by news max. jon huntsman says he is not going. we also know that the iowa republic party is not getting involved in this. listen, mr. trump can definitely attract a lot of attention. some the candidates might be reluctant to have the last debate iowa caucuses moderated by controversial reality tv host. mr. trump has the capacity to draw them. we will see if it comes together or not. >> shepard: he certainly does. carl, thanks. major news of unemployment in america today. new figures from the government show the unemployment rate has hit its lowest level than more than two years. the percent of unemployed americans unexpectedly dropped
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to 8.6 as this chart shows that's the lowest it's been since 2009. sounds encouraging on its face and in many ways it certainly is but consider this. a key reason the rate dipped so much is because 315,000 people gave up looking for work. basically they are no longer considered unemployed because they are not trying to find a job. that's how this measure always works. but we're headed in the right direction and investors clearly liked it stocks rose early ending the day virtually unchanged but the week is a better picture. overall 7% duane over the last five sessions ---gain over the last five sessions. the dow had biggest week in more than two years. ed henry is live at his post at the white house. different perspective on these numbers. >> that's right. i spoke to a senior white house nad private said even psychologically it's good news to get that rate under 9% as you noted because people have been so pessimistic about the economy. they know full well because of the long-term unemployment this number could easily tick
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back up next month. they are not going to celebrate. also interesting, mixed reaction from mitt romney one of the leading republic rivals to this president who said on fox this morning this is good news for the president. though he added this is still the worst recovery since herbert hoover, take a listen. >> the truth is that his economic policies have made us more and more like europe and high unemployment and low income growth, gosh, median income in america has dropped by 10%. he is going to have a hard time putting perfume on this pig. >> the white house pushed back on this said look the president inherited a mess. millions of jobs lost before he took office. is he cleaning up the mess but it's taking a bit of time obviously, shep. >> shepard: the president today looking for lift from one of his predecessors. >> yeah. bill clinton who is somebody who pushes green jobs. so the president was here with the former president in downtown d.c. at a building that is trying to be more energy efficient. they say that will create
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green jobs. if you listen closely to what bill clinton had to say even as he was praising this policy, he used an adjective that really wasn't on the white house talking points. >> we could create an unlimited number of jobs out of this even in this lousy economy, even with all this embedded mortgage crisis, if we can work out the financing. >> lousy not the word the white house wanted to use when that event ended i shouted out to president clinton do you have any advice for your friend president obama? president obama jumped in and said to me he gives me advice all the time and started heading out the door like we are done here. and bill clinton was not to be deterred. he went to the podium himself, spoke a bit more. as soon as he stopped speaking in his answer to me, various white house aides started shouting we're done. that's it. it's clear the white house wanted to move on. they didn't want him to go on and on. this former president bill clinton kind of misses the job, shep. >> shepard: he used to do that all the time on clinton standard time we used to call it remember, ed?
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>> i totally remember that he sometimes wishes he was back here. >> shepard: i'm sure he does. ed henry at the white house. great to see you there. >> great to see you. >> shepard: the president is threatening to make congress work on christmas as f. that is what it takes big tax hike next month. get this done and extend the payroll tax cut. as you may know it's set to expire at the end of the year. president obama says that would effectively raise taxes on 160 million americans and deal what he calls a massive blow to the economy. >> now is not the time to slam the brakes on the recovery. right now it's time to step on the gas. we need to get this done. and i expect that it's gonna get done before congress leaves. otherwise, congress may not be leaving. and we can all spend christmas here together. >> shepard: leaders of both parties claim they want to extend the tax cut but they cannot agree on how to pay for it. democrats pushing a new tax on millionaires. republicans suggesting a pay freeze and job cuts for
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hundreds of thousands of government workers. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. and, mike, last night they voted and as things seem to go they couldn't come up with anything. they voted down two bills. what's to say they are going to get this done? >> well, shep, the next step is going to be delicate negotiations, leaders here on capitol hill want to get this done. concerned about the political impact of taxes going up on 160 million americans heading into election year. here is the house democratic leader on the need to get this done. take a listen. >> christmas is coming. families are concerned. the deadline is december 31st is fast upon us. again, last month we sent a letter. last night the republics in the senate rejected their own plan. there has to be a better way to get the job done. christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. >> now pelosi suggests paying for it by taking money from reduced spending on the wars.
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in other words, spending money that we no longer need to spend, which is a budgetary gimmick used only here in washington by both parties, shep? >> shepard: no doubt. now, some republicans say they don't want to extend this tax cut no matter what. >> well, that's right. some suggest it hasn't worked. it hasn't had an impact on our economy. others are worried about spending money that is supposed to go towards social security and others suggest what if this turns out to be a tax cut that needs to be renewed year after year after year. here is republic congressman jeff flake on that. >> a lot of us said we shouldn't be doing that because we will be in this place next year having to do it again because nobody is going to want to raise people's taxes. that's where we are. i said it not to say i told you so but a third of those people in the room weren't here last year at this time when we made that decision. >> so the reality may be republic leadership cutting a deal with their democratic counterparts. that will require a lot of democratic votes to get this
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done. there is still a lot of squabbling days until christmas, shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. mike, thanks very much. experts say it's a showdown that could make history. congress demanding answers from a one-time senator named jon corzine. his former company suspected of misplacing about a billion dollars of its customers' cash. details on that straight away. the country singer mindy mccready accused of kidnapping her own son. now a judge has sent the cops after her. we will hear from the singer's family next from the journalists of fox news on this friday fox report. ♪
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>> shepard: a country singer who sold more than 3 million albums is refusing to return her son to florida and that is in direct violation of a court order. as you may know mindy mccready last week
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reportedly took her son zander from her father's home after claiming that her mother was abusing the boy. grandma has had guardianship of the kid since 2007 because the singer has a history of drug and alcohol abuse as well as domestic violence. in an email to the associated press mindy mccready claimed she is in nashville and cannot return to florida because she is seven months pregnant with twins. on this morning's nbc today show, the boy's father pleaded with mindy mccready to bring him home. >> i think she believes that she has a case and doesn't realize that she is pushing her luck on this one. >> shepard: grandma denies the abuse allegations and today a judge signed a new order allows police to go get that child. phil keating is in our south florida newsroom this evening. you spoke with the grandmother today, right? did she see this coming? >> well, the grandmother gail tells me over the years she has wondered whether her daughter would try to pull something like this off. but even tonight she still cannot believe this is
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actually happening. in an emailed statement from mindy mccready she writes this: quote i'm a mom first, no matter what happens i'm going to protect my kid. if i have to go to jail, so be it, the grandma just wants little zander home. >> absolutely. absolutely. i would like her to bring him to our home and, you know, and be with us. >> do you think it's going to happen any time soon? she sounds very defiant. >> well, you know, i don't -- i can't say for sure. you know, i mean, i'm always looking for change. >> mccready had a 5:00 deadline last night to return zander to florida. clearly she missed it so right now law enforcement nationwide are on the lookout for the singer and her son, shep. >> shepard: in essence they are in hiding somewhere and wanted? >> absolutely. if they go out publicly and a cop sees them, they are instructed to apprehend the boy right then and there her mother, the grandma says she doesn't know whether she is
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actually in nashville, tennessee or maybe in arkansas where she has been living. however, if she is listening to tv, watching this, she is, her mom, the grandma wants mindy mccready to hear this. >> you know, i would just have her know that we love her and that we would want her to submit herself to the authorities. submit herself to law enforcement and let them take care of this situation. tonight the fbi and u.s. marshall service is monitoring this situation. however, right now the top priority getting the 5-year-old boy back home where he belongs in florida. >> shepard: phil keating in miami tonight. experts say this looks like a first. congress is ordering one of its former members to capitol hill to testify about a federal investigation. two committees voting to subpoena the exsenator jon corzine today. he is also the former governor of new jersey. until recently the ceo of mf global. that's the brokerage firm that went bankrupt about a a month
4:18 pm
ago. and the feds say more than a billion dollars in customer cash is apparently now missing. the firm's last few board members have reportedly resigned now. that's according to the dow jones news wires which the parent company of fox news channel owns. the first congressional hearing on mf global is set for next week, no word on whether corzine will be there. parents of a 13-year-old boy suing a school that will not admit their son. not because of religion or gender or age but because he is h.i.v. positive. oh really in the school is responding. plus a history in massachusetts. a chunk of metal just fell out of the sky. where did it come from? i don't know. space shuttle? no one seems to know.
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>> shepard: the family of a boy with h.i.v. after a boarding school denied their son admission. he is 13 years old. is he trying to go to the milton herbie school in herbie, p.a. officials say he could present a danger to the other students. >> we have to balance our desire to help the individual student against our obligation to protect the health and safety of the 1850 students already on our campus. >> shepard: protect the health and safety. government scientists say h.i.v. is not transmitted ever through normal day-to-day contact. you cannot get it by shaking hands or drinking from the same cup or most anything. the student's family says this is discrimination plain and simple. greg jarrett is in our newsroom. the boy's lawyers aren't being very helpful here. >> the lawyers claim they have violated the americans with disabilities act. it requires private schools
4:23 pm
like the milton herbie school to undertake quote an individual assessment of whether a student poses a direct risk to the health and safety of other students before an application is excluded. >> is there something about him that makes them think he is a risk? is there something in his history? is there something in his behavior? is there something particular to him? they didn't do that assessment. they didn't ask. they don't have any of that information. they just declared he was a risk. >> now, the attorney says if the school had done all of that they would have learned that her client is at low risk. the school says it did learn that from medical records. it didn't matter anyway because they say the close living quarters of their boarding school presents a risk that cannot be predicted in an interview. >> as any parent watching your show can tell you, you know, teenagers, you just can't predict what they are going to
4:24 pm
do. and you can't be 100% sure that this child will not engage in sexual activity on campus. >> now, the law also requires the school to try to make reasonable modifications to accommodate an h.i.v. student but, shep, the school says no amount of modifications can change the risk of sexual contact among teenagers who are, well, determined. >> shepard: one school representative is said to have uttered or proclaimed even we don't take kids like that. >> yeah, shep. the plaintiff's lawyer claims that this was said to the boy's case manager at children's hospital of philadelphia even before the boy applied to this school. and if that can be proven, it could change the legal equation in the boy's favor. i did ask the spokeswoman for the school whether anybody there ever said we don't take kids like that. she could neither confirm nor deny that it ever happened. shep? >> greg jarrett in new york tonight.
4:25 pm
greg, thank you. camp victory. it was once a virtual city of its own in baghdad. an enormous base where u.s. troops carried out the business of war. today our forces took an extraordinary step there and we'll show it to you next. plus, it seems the powerful winds that caused all of that damage in the american west aren't done yet. meteorologists say this sort of trouble only comes around once a decade. gusts near 100 miles per hour. strong enough to knock down power lines. >> oh my god. >> and take down trees. >> it really sounded like a bomb going off. >> just ahead, we're watching the wind on the west coast. or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities.
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that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more whelp make opportunitpossible.
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>> shepard: mysterious hunk of metal came to the earth this week. federal aviation inspectors report it was not part of any plane and local police seem stumped. >> at this particular point we can only speculate what that is from to get through a warehouse roof there would had to have been some significant force and velocity to cause the damage. >> it looks like a piece of heavy machinery but they can't explain how it came to be falling out of the sky. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
4:30 pm
the end of an era in the war in iraq. the u.s. military today relinquishing full control of camp victory in baghdad to the iraqi government. it was our largest military complex in that country. the place where for nearly nine years u.s. generals direct the war effort there. a sprawling facility where hundreds of thousands of troops have relaxed, loved ones, go fishing in several man made links. it is also where saddam hussein spent most of his final days in a military jail cell. back in january of 2005, i was in baghdad ahead of iraq's first parliamentary election. one of the first major steps towards a transition of power and my crew and i visited saddam's secret underground bunker. this is the entrance to saddam's main bunker. command and control. i'm telling you this is a vault door that's heavy as anything you have ever touched. three levels down now and this
4:31 pm
is the decontamination valve. if there sachem call attack or whatever saddam and his folks were ready saddam could have lived down here for years. like i said, it's like an underground city. these halls remind you of the pentagon up underneath except the pentagon is a lot cleaner. the water is pretty much everywhere. these carpets were very nice and they have sort of held up but they are nasty these days and it is hot down here. the furniture, same sort of stuff that you see in all of his palaces. this is a palace underground and check out the bathroom. two years after the bomb the water is still running. eventually all of this will be torn down, kind of a tourist attraction for us today everything went off with very little fanfare, no parade, no ceremony. the chief military spokesman in iraq. honor commitment. >> i think it's a very significant and symbolic transition because it represents how the u.s. forces are going to, in fact, do
4:32 pm
exactly what we say. >> shepard: so what happens to camp victory now? we don't know. but the iraqis tell us it could one day become a park or a museum. it was a big day for symbolically, at least. james rosen has the details of it live in d.c. hi, james. >> shep, good evening, what was officially titled victory base complex was under iraqi control by 3:05 eastern time this morning. at its peak this complex housed 43,000 people. transfer part of complete withdrawal of u.s. forces by year's end. the iraq war cost the lives of 4500 americans and hundreds of thousands of iraqis and left scores more wounded for life. it was not without noble and enduring accomplishments as vice president biden noted in iraq yesterday. >> as a result of our joint efforts, we toppled a murderous dictator and after grave struggle gave iraq both
4:33 pm
the time and the space for a society that has long suffered, long been stifled. >> for americans, the battleground now shifts to history, books, films, ph.d. dissertations and consensus on the bush administration's decision to invade remain allusive as long as iraq's long-term stability remain uncertain. leon panetta told a think tank audience in washington less than an hour ago the u.s. will maintain a troop presence of 40,000 strong. shep? >> shepard: james rosen in washington. james, thanks. forecasters here at home are now comparing the intense wind storm slamming the western u.s. to hurricane irene. and today's second round of powerful gustings is going to cost folks big time. the damage stretches from california all the way to utah where this trailer and some big rigs were obviously no match for the winds up in the triple digits. this happened north of salt lake city where county officials put the damage
4:34 pm
estimate at $3.5 million. in los angeles, crews cleared uprooted trees and fallen branches in grift park home of the famed hollywood sign. east of there, some power lines took a major beating. more than 250,000 people are still dealing with outages tonight which officials say could last several more days. let's get to pasadena and adam housley. an area that took a big hit over the past two days. they still have problems, don't they? >> yeah, shepard, all over the place. reminds me what you see after a hurricane. you drive down streets and literally trees toppled like dominoes and snapped in half like twigs. amazing how many streets like this one right here that has power lines down, cable lines down. obviously shepard a lot of clean upis and dangerous areas. power lines that haven't been assessed yet by the city, shepard. >> shepard: there, adam, the worse is clearly over. i don't see a lot of wind now. >> no. the worst is clearly over. the issue really now is the clean up but also there is
4:35 pm
wind coming back this weekend. not expected to be nearly as bad as we saw wednesday into thursday. but even at 40 miles per hour, you drive around here, a lot of trees are on 45 three angles. the limbs like that one up there are kind of broken so even smaller wind poses a danger the more this stuff is going to come down or come down on houses or schools. >> shepard: adam housley live in pasadena. adam, thanks very much. a dangerous day on the job for cops patrolling the streets. this dash cam catching a close encounter with a treevment police just released a video. the officer just driving along when bam, there it is. the branch snapped, slammed the car, slowed that video down so you could see the windshield crack when it hits. just a few minutes later the cop called it in. >> 2420. -- 5200 block of lamar, just got in a 1047 tree branch
4:36 pm
fell. >> they say he escaped without a scratch. obviously not the case for the car. and the fox weather alert as we keep an eye on these western winds. we're also tracking a nasty winter storm moving across much of the west of the midwest. folks in the southwest and midwest should be preparing for freezing rain, ice and some serious snowfall december after all. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with us. it's shaping up to be kind of a rough weekend for a lot of folks. >> it is for a lot of people. it's december so i guess we have to start getting into the mode for this kind of thing. california you are going to get better as we were just hearing from adam, still a mild to moderate stind event this weekend. that rotation you see across the southwest, it is going to stay there for a while. bits of the energy are going to move out across parts of texas. already seeing some of that rain. i will tell you over the next few days some big stories are going to be had here. the four corners dealing with the snow. you see the stripe that goes up across parts of the brains
4:37 pm
and northern great lakes. that is snow to the tune of 3 to 6 inches for some places around kansas. stretching eventually up towards wisconsin. that is saturday and sunday. take a look what happens right behind that though. a monday storm that brings snow into the texas pagez. snow -- panhandle. eventually around indianapolis or so. the good side of this i have got to tell you we are going to get some rain across parts of texas and louisiana. good any time we get rain in texas for about the next year. going to get some. you don't want to see that much in parts of arkansas. they had a lot of rain last week. they will be dealing with a little floody. >> shepard: the mid south don't need it either. have a good weekend. >> you too. >> shepard: a showdown on capitol hill over a controversial bill that would let the military detain suspects indefinitely without a trial. the democrat led senate passed it by a wide margin. why is the white house threatening veto. images of the attack on pearl that have been hidden away for
4:38 pm
decades. now and for the first time we are all getting to see them. newly discovered footage. we will show you a bit of it. that's ahead as fox reports live tonight. like... plus check out for amazing daily deals and free shipping. flavored with real honey. powerful cold medicine that leaves out artificial flavors and dyes and instead uses something more natural, honey. new vicks nature fusion cold & flu. ♪
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chance to win the perfect gifts from tempur-pedic-including the bed of your dreams! our snuggle up and win sweepstakes starts soon. enter at today. tempur-pedic, the most highly recommended bed in america. >> shepard: white house is threatening to veto a defense spending bill over the way it would force the united states to handle suspected terrorists. the bill passed in the senate last night. it provides new funding for the wars in iraq and afghanistan, among other things. and the sticking point is a controversial rule that would send terrorist suspects with links to al qaeda into military custody. indefinitely with no right to a trial. of course, the white house has been working to move terror cases from military to civilian courts and the white house says that rule would tie the president's hands. >> our position has not changed. any bill that challenges or
4:42 pm
constrains the president's critical authorities to inexas state dangerous terrorists and protect the nation would prompt his senior advisors to recommend a veto. >> shepard: supporters of the bill point out it does protect the rights of u.s. citizens but the question remains do we treat terrorist suspects like prisoners of war or like criminals and actually they're suspects. so suspected terrorists and suspected criminals. catherine herridge is live in d.c. this is a weird one, catherine. how did the vote break down. >> the vote was 93-7 in favor. supporters say there is plenty of flexibility because the executive branch can use what's called a national security waiver to send a suspect picked up overseas or here at home into federal custody. >> i would argue that the homeland is part of the battlefield and we should protect the homeland above anything else. >> groups say the provision oversteps congressional authority and actually undercuts the u.s. constitution. >> the government cannot take from you your life, your liberty or your property
4:43 pm
without the process of law. >> and next up is the house version. typically the house has gone even further than the senate on these issues, shep. >> shepard: there are protections for u.s. citizens. how strong? >> well, in the 11th hour compromise says existing law must apply to american citizens or legal residents. >> i want to be able to assure people in the united states that their rights under american law are protected. >> but remember jose pa dea, the u.s. citizen who was picked up in chicago and held by the military without charge? before the supreme court could decide pa dea's case, he was transferred to a criminal court and human rights experts say the law is actually unsettled. >> i think the president really has to veto this bill because codifying indefinite detention inside the u.s. mandating military detention for all terrorism suspects found inside the u.s. would really set the u.s. back, you know, decades. in terms of how we approach terrorism. >> and analysts say this issue
4:44 pm
is headed for that classic showdown between the white house and congress, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in d.c. tonight. thank you. never before seen images and film of one of the most historic events of the 20th century. the attack on pearl harbor. and these new images come to us less than a week before we mark 70 years since that day which shall live in infamy. take a look at this, december 7th, 1941, world war ii memorabilia collector in florida says he found it through a newspaper ad. and that it was basically just gathering dust in some garage. the navy photographer is dead now. but he was on a ship in pearl harbor during the attack. there was also a stack of photos here is some of them. we are told some of the material will be on display in the museum in zephyr hills outside tampa. a fighter jet crashes in a village after takeoff and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds.
4:45 pm
india. the indian air force mig 21 slammed into a field. it was reportedly on a routine training flight. the pilot quickly realized he was in trouble and steered the plane away from a populated area. police say he ejected safely. mixed reports on whether he got hurt in the wreck. somalia, britain's royal navy detained seven suspected pirates in the indian ocean. a ministry of defense spokesman says the spanish fishing boat sent out a distress signal after some pirates attacked it. nobody hurt in the operation. belgium. [whistles blowing] [cheers] >> tens of thousands of protesters marching in brussels. it's yet another mass rally against new government cut backs in response to europe's financial crisis. three trade unions reportedly organized the demonstration which choked the capital city center. a transportation strike across the country adding to the mess.
4:46 pm
china. rescue workers racing to help a 3-year-old girl with her finger caught in an escalator at a shopping mall in eastern province. the team wound up removing part of the escalator's landing platform to help free the little girl. emergency workers rushed her to the hospital. no word on how the toddler got her finger trapped in the first place. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. a trucker now has to pay a big fine for making a big sticky mess on parts of the pennsylvania turnpike. you may recall last week this thick black go stopped traffic and messed more than 450 cars and stretched across more than 40 miles of highway outside pittsburgh. today the guy hauling that driveway sealant in a tanker truck went before a judge who slapped the driver with a $1,000 fine because he didn't properly secure the load. well, after years of grim
4:47 pm
unemployment news, we're now hearing that many companies have thousands of jobs available and nobody to fill them. we'll tell you how that can be next. plus, forget the woods and the christmas tree lots, there is another option for buying a tree. no need to leave home. we'll show you. congratulations. congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon.
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>> as we reported earlier in this hour. the nation wants up employment rate fell below 9% last month to lowest level in more than two and a half years. that's partly because many americans have simply given up looking for work. the department of labor reports more than 13 million people are still looking. yet, employers in cities like chicago and detroit say their problem is they have thousands of well-paying jobs available
4:51 pm
right now but they can't find anybody qualified to do them. our mike tobin is in chicago. can't find anybody? really. >> yeah, shep. you have heard people say there is a problem with american manufacturing. we checked around with manufacturers and found the problem they are complaining about is that they want to expand but canned punt to people to fill the job vacancies. the kind of jobs we are talking about are things like welders, pipe fitters, machinists, skilled labor things that require training but can pay as much as $80,000 per year places like michelle foundry and machine can't find people to do the job and receive the paycheck. >> we are getting billboards. we are having job fairs. we are spending enormous amounts of money just marketing the fact that we are hiring. and we can't get the employees we need. >> now experts say the reason for the deficit of skilled labors is a long standing perception that the work is dirty and with outsourcing there is no future in labor.
4:52 pm
manufacturers are returning to the next generation of laborers, going to the high school and busing the high schoolers to job fairs, taking them to factories and selling them on the idea that skilled labor is a way to earn a solid paycheck with benefits and they say a secure future. shep? >> shepard: mike tobin in chicago tonight. mike, thanks. facebook is doing some hiring of its own. we are told a social networking site could double the size of its workforce in just the next year. facebook's chief operating officer announced today the company plans to hire thousands more workers to expand its offices in new york and seattle. and its headquarters in pal alto. that official reports many of those jobs will be in web engineering. betting the farm on wall street. the maker of the poplar online video game farmville announcing it plans to take the company public. it could be the largest ipo for internet company since google went public way back in 2004. hard times for the makers of blackberry let me tell you. company research in motion or rim announced lower
4:53 pm
expectations for its earnings by the end of this year. you will recall those global blackberry outages in october meant millions of folks couldn't send or receive emails for days. rim is also reported very weak sales of its playbook tablet. and there is now another holiday chore you can knock off from the comfort of your home. web sites for retailers including target and cosco are now selling freshly cut christmas trees for delivery almost anywhere in the country. well, they are trying to boost dad's campaign to the tune of sexy back. ♪ the rest of them is one big circus act. >> shepard: but at that points some staffers for the presidential candidate jon huntsman do not appreciate his daughters' creativity. the sexy back backlash presently.
4:54 pm
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>> shepard: you are watching "the fox report" from america's news leader on cable, fox news channel. didn't ask daddy. jon huntsman's daughters reportedly did not get the okay from their father's campaign before releasing a music video to promote his causes a one source told the "the washington post," the girls have gone rogue. we played a little bit of that tune for you last night. here is another part where they go after some of their father's rivals. ♪ you know we're gonna bring jon huntsman back ♪ take it to the bridge ♪ herman cain ♪ we like your pizza but you can't explain how 9-9-9 would get us back in shape. >> shepard: little modulation. huntsman daughters have put videos on the interwebs but they reportedly released one without authorization. can you crack the code? that's what a british spy agency is asking in a new
4:58 pm
campaign to recruit hackers. last month the agency launched a cryptic web site that appeared to be a code. now it admits it's trying to find folks with a keen interest in code breaking and ethical hacking. a spokesman says more than 50 people have successfully cracked the code so far. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. new study reports what most of us already knew. many of us go online for no good reason at all. brittany spears star of the daily brittany seeing segment on "the fox report" turned 30 today. it plans to close the jaw's ride for good next month. come on it's been two decades. number two the nation's unemployment rate fell from 9% all the way to 8.6% last month. in part because 300,000 plus people had to give up looking for work. and number one, herman cain says is he planning to make an announcement tomorrow in
4:59 pm
georgia about his presidential campaign. i'm sorry. it's really not the same, is it? and on this day in 2001, the energy trading giant enron filed for bankruptcy protection and set off one of the biggest corporate financial scandals in our nation's history. one year earlier, enron had been among the most powerful companies on the planet. 21,000 employees. $100 billion in annual revenue. then the bottom fell out. and as the stock value plummeted enron's ceo ken lay sold his irshahs while at the time encouraging his employees to buy more shares. the company's pension fund went up in smoke. thousands of employees lost everything. several went to prison. ken lay died just after his conviction. enron became the corporate -- poster child for corporate


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