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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 3, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PST

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♪ our host ♪ greg gutfeld >> that's okay. we're done. >> bret: the unemployment rate goes down. why the mixed reaction? we go inside the numbers. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama is characterizing a nearly half percentage point drop in unemployment as evidence of an ongoing recovery that needs to be accelerated. still, chief white house correspondent ed henry reports it is hard to find genuine optimism about the current state of affairs. >> we could create a limited number of jobs out of this, even in this lousy economy. >> lousy was probably not the adjective president obama had in mind when he invited former
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president clinton to tout another initiative to create green jobs making buildings more efficient, especially on a day the white house finally had positive news. the unemployment rate ticking down to 8.6%. the lowest level since march 2009. >> despite strong headwinds, the american economy created private sector jobs for the past 21 months in a row. >> even when the rivals used the phrase good news. though mitt romney quickly added this is still the worst recovery since hoover. >> his economic policies made us like europe. high unemployment and low income growth, immediate income in america dropped by 10%. he has a hard time putting perfume on this pig. >> you can see why clinton's total hesitation. 30315,000 left the workforce.
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simply stopped looking for a job. the white house case for 2012 is that he inherited a mess, and slowly cleaning it up. >> the hole was so deep that the recession caused. the job loss so significant that even though we are now at 3 million jobs created, private sector jobs created since positive job growth began, that is not enough when you lost 8 million jobs in a terrible recession. >> that's why the president warned congress he will keep them in session over christmas unless they pass the payroll tax cut extension. >> now is not the time to slam breaks on the recovery. right now it's time to step on the gas. >> separate democratic and republican versions of tax cut failefailed in the senate last night, bottom line 70 senators in both parties now on the record supporting the tax cut in some form, republicans privately admit that shows compromise will eventually pass. the only question how do you
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pay for it? bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. there was little reaction either way on wall street. the dow and the s&p 500 gave back less than a point today. nasdaq finished three-quarters of a point ahead. we will not have to wait much longer to find out whether republican presidential candidate herman cain is going to stay in the race. carl cameron is here to set up cain's big announcement. >> hours before herman cain planned discuss the future and the campaign with his wife amidst what he says are false allegations of 13-year affair with an atlanta woman he scheduled a news conference. >> tomorrow in atlanta, i will be making an announcement. but nobody is going to get me to make it preachievemen premat. he opens an iowa in georgia tomorrow. >> stay informed. there is a lot of garbage out there on the in the and out
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there on tv. there is a lot of garbage out there about me. don't you know. >> cain collapsed and gingrich leads polls everywhere except for new hampshire where mitt romney remains ahead and shifted to attack mode. >> newt has extensive long record of working in washington with various governmental and non-governmental agencies. i don't think that is the background ideally suited to replace barack obama and number two to leave the country, not a matter that america needs better lobbyists or deal-makers, better insiders. america needs a leader. >> i will be the nominee. it's hard not to look at the poll to think i will be the nominee. >> but not to look cocky, he dialed it back to look deferential. >> in the end, they have to make the decision but it is moving in the right direction. for a guy who was dead in june, this is exciting. >> unless on "fox and friends"
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romney cast gingrich as presumptuous and arrogant. >> to win the election, you have to earn it. get out and campaign, see the people, shake their hands. self-aggrandizing statements about polls don't win elections. >> far back in the poll, rick perry approved an ad out thing his faith in iowa. more than half of caucus goers are evangelicals. >> when you run for president you get a bunch of question about your faith i'm rick perry. i'm not ashamed to talk about my faith. i approve this message. >> that ad could matter. romney is mormon and some are suspicious of the faith and gingrich has admitted sinful lapses and pointed to conversion to catholicism as part of resumption. >> bret: we have full coverage of the cain announcement tomorrow. thank you. presidential candidates to participate in a debate two days after christmas will look at a different moderator. donald trump says he signed on to host the event. sponsored by the conservative website news max.
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i talked with the donald a cup of hours ago. >> the folks at news max and lots of other republicans have called me and they really wanted me to do it. they said would you moderate. i thought about it. it certainly something different for me. said yes, i'll do it. >> bret: will you endorse one candidate after that debate? >> sometime after the debate i'll probably endorse somebody yes. >> bret: several republican candidates traveled to new york to meet with donald trump. newt gingrich is the next to make the trek. monday. you can hear all of my conversation with trump on our home page at the u.s. military no longer control what is was its largest base in iraq. the americans handed over camp victory today. milestone event in the troop withdrawal process. world affairs contributor dominic di-natale has the story from baghdad. >> it was the closest to official handover as it could come but it wasn't billed 24
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hours before the sign-up. the u.s. leadership met at camp victory with the baghdad government to commemorate shared sacrifices in the war. prior to iraqis awarding him medal of commitment. >> we kept our confirm. to withdrawal the troops in iraq city in 2009. we kept our promise to end our combat mission in the summer of 2010. and now we are keeping our promise we made back in 2008 to remove our troop from iraq by the end of this year. they will be removed. >> it grew so large that it went 27,000 miles.
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awe tentatious symbol of the power. >> they're garish. tremendous resources were put in to building the polss. many of them, i just highlight. how ego centrist saddam hussein was. his initials are all over the architecture. most of the people never saw the places and never knew what went on there. >> for friday quiet handover was about one of the steps to return the sovereignty. the taking control of one of the most strategically important bases, not just in this country but arguably while the u.s. held it in the middle east. >> bret: dominic di-natale live in baghdad early saturday morning. thank you. there was further evidence today of how strongly islamists candidates fared in the first round of egyptian
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parliamentary elections. senior foreign affairs correspondent has specifics from cairo where it's early saturday morning there. hello. >> it's a complex and lengthy process. planned for next week. according to one newspaper, according to one measure, islamists could gain as much as 67% of the piece and if it happens there could be big changes. >> they called it biggest turn out to the time of the pharaoh. 62% of those allege to believe vote participated in the landmark parliamentary election. islamist party led by the political wing once banned muslim brotherhood. many fear they were tilt the country in a more conservative religious direction. this official tried to be reassuring. >> i mean -- [ inaudible ] >> the results will produce people with new ideas, he said. i expect there will be harmony.
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fearing less the liberal secular parties, claim the ruling military council has been working against them. so anger returns to tahrir square today, where symbolizing those killed in the recent clashes with security forces. >> we don't know how to build a country now. >> elsewhere in cairo, not clashing with the tahrir square crowd, there was an bigger noisier rally in favor of the generals. >> it's that egypt, the real egyptian people. >> still not clear whether tonight's announced results will calm anger on both sides. >> the islamic officials are already saying if their mandate holds up, they will want to replace the current prime minister hand picked by the general. egyptian political fireworks. >> more on this with the panel. greg palkot live in cairo. we'll be back in 30 seconds
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with more news, including historic summons for a former senator. >> bret: former democratic senator and governor jon corzine subpoenaed by to congressional committees probing the collapse of mf global. corzine resigned as ceo shortly after the company filed for bankruptcy protection. insiders say it's extremely rare for a former member of
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congress to be summoned to testify about a matter under federal investigation. late today we learned that all of the firm's seven remaining directors are resigned. german chancellor merkel is pushing for tougher rules against government overspending in the face of the continent debt crisis. british prime minister david cameron met with french president sarkozy today. cameron said his country will help the euro zone. even though his country does not use the euro. after the break, is the administration playing politics with a potential jobs creator? when is a military reservist on duty? life and death question coming
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>> bret: china's commerce minister says he has a plan to create jobs in the u.s. deming said today they want to convert the debt in invest internet road and railway. they are the largest foreign holler of u.s. debt. republicans say the keystone xl pipeline project is a big job creator. yet, the obama administration says it will not make a decision on it, until after the election. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports on a house hearing about that. >> the administration decision to postpone the pipeline project pleased environmentalists and ageered the labor units. the representatives today said it isn't a pipeline.
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it's a life line for workers. >> we believe the benefit are too many to be derailed by extremists. it will create good paying jobs in united states and canada. >> it's shovel ready. as soon as the presidential permit is granted, jobs would be created. jobs that our country, jobs that our members desperately need. >> unions argue the pipeline would create 20,000 direct jobs and 115,000 indirect jobs from suppliers and the like. republicans argue the administration have the final decision to avoid angering part of the political base. >> is he going to blow off his supporter and in organized labor or is he going to blow off friends on the environmental left after the election? >> administration postponed the time decision after the environmentalists objected to the pipeline running through a sensitive area of nebraska. the state itself agreed to find a new route. house republicans push legislation to take the final decision away from the president in the state department, giving it instead to the federal energy
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regulatory commission. which regulates the pipelines in hoping of taking the politics out of it. democrats made clear they oppose the pipeline in part because they don't like oil. >> we should reduce our oil dependence and using cleaner fuels. keystone is a big step. in the opposite direction. >> environmentalists said she wants her kid to know we fought for green energy. >> we want them to revitalize the environment. not putting it at risk. >> we can't keep saying no to everything and that gasoline is $4 a gallon and we're beholden to hugo chavez and the saudi royal family. nearbygel is disappoint in the the administration that it is time to decide one way or the other. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> we may be heading toward a showdown between the president and congress over how and where terror suspects are detained.
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chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has an update. >> with more than $600 billion in military funding hanging in the balance, the white house spokesman indicated the president would veto the defense authorization act, detainee provisions remain in the bill. >> the senate has unfortunately engaged in political mike low management at the expense of the national security policy. our position has not changed. >> by a vote of 93-7, the ad cleared the senate thursday night. under a controversial provision every terrorist suspect captured overseas or on u.s. soil would be sent to military custody unless the executive branch issues a national security waiver. >> i would argue that the homeland is part of a battlefield. we should protect the homeland above anything else. >> detractors say the provision oversteps the congressional authority and undercuts the u.s. constitution. >> the government cannot take from you, your life, your liberty or your property. without the process of law.
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>> council shared the committee and had 11th hour compromise and said illegal residents must be handled in accordance with district law. >> i want to assure people in the united states that the rights under american law are protected. >> human rights group say existing law is unsettled, sending al-qaeda members that were captured on u.s. soil and held by the military without charge. whether the case reaches the supreme court they were transferred to federal custody for trillion trials. >> the president has to veto the bill. codifying indefinite detention inside the u.s., mandating the military detention inside the u.s. will set the u.s. back. decade. in terms of how we approach terrorism. >> national intelligence as well as the c.i.a., f.b.i. directors are on the record against the position. critics of the white house argue congress had to step in, because three years after taking office the obama
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administration still has no clear detention policy. bret? >> bret: thank you. up next, hillary clinton was a woman she says represents a dream.
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>> bret: in world headlines now, more protest in pakistan today over the nato airstrike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers last weekend. fox news has learned u.s. forces had come under fire. and were told there were no pakistani troops in the vicinity before the airstrikes. the u.n. human rights council approved a resolution criticizing syria's crackdown on decent. four people were reported killed in violence today, including an 11-year-old syrian girl struck by a stray bullet across the border in
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lebanon. iranian diplomats left london a few hours ago. earlier they were busy packing after being ordered out by a british government. that was in retaliation for tuesday's mob attack on the british embassy in tehran. two female political leaders displayed sisterly solidarity today in burma. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is traveling with secretary of state hillary clinton. >> she greeted secretary of state clinton at the home that was her prison for most of the past 20 years. after an hour of talks, burma's most popular opposition leader remembered the thousands still imprison for their believes. >> two weeks ago they denied there were any political prisoners. on this day, mrs. clinton spoke of her host with phrase. >> we told the dream that you have so long represented to many of us around the world. >> the two women seemed general lin wi close and
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u.s. officials say she asked mrs. clinton advice on what is expected to be her bid on the burma parliament. the night before, secretary clinton toured the temple and the aid privately outlined the policy changes intended to encourage further democratic reforms in the country. the u.s. will stop blocking international loans to burma and support the united nations help to the hundreds of thousand of refugees and provide $1 million worth of exchange programs to help the ethnic minorities especially victims of the long running civil conflict. fox news channel, secretary clinton admitted the offers are modest. >> there is a modesty to them, because we are at the beginning of a process. as i said before i came, we are here to cast and assess. >> still, the offers are too much for some experts who feel burma's government hasn't earned a softer policy. >> the human right situation there is still deplorable. there is still political prisons being held.
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so until that situation changes in a dramatic way, we should be cautious. >> the obama administration is trying to offer just enough incentives to get the government here to commit to truly unprecedented openness in democratic reforms but not so much the congress to object since the leaders here are quite repressive. secretary clinton hopes the message will tip the scales in her favor. wendell goler, fox news. >> job site that prohibits listing real jobs. wait until you hear what one group is forcing santa claus to mov
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. in what national journal is causing a sign of the times, a democratic congressional candidate is attacking his republican opponent for supporting president obama. charlie wilson lost the re-election campaign in 2010 largely because republican bill johnson tied wilson to president obama and washington democrats. now it seems wilson is using the same tactic. "i am disappointed that congressman johnson supported president obama free trade agenda this year." the agreements will ship more of our jobs overseas." speaking of jobs, $230,000 contract awarded wi the energy department is going to web
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site designed to provide information to those interested in a green energy career. yet it prohibits the listing of actual jobs. the aesp will have a gateway to find way to enter the energy field. association says there are plenty of jobs but not enough skilled workers. the heritage foundation calls at it waste of the taxpayer money without real jobs lis listed. finally, a climate group from canada says santa has to relocate from the north pole due to global warming. it promptous to save santa to donate money to david suzuki foundation. an often is purchase gift like north pole snow globe. but the site clarifies the buyers won't actually receive anything. temperatures at the north pole observe story were 14-degrees
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below zero fahrenheit. we have the latest to clarify military death benefits for reservists and it has grown from one particular case. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us with the story from the pentagon. good evening. >> good evening. catch tan sampson luke was on a two-day training mission with the the arkansas national guard on january 9, 2010. his supervisor gave him permission to go home to sleep at night in his greenwood arkansas home 12-miles from fort chaffey after a grueling day of heavy labor with his unit. his heart stopped that night and he died. the military won't pay the death benefits because he was not technically on base when he died. this wasn't any soldier. it was 34-year-old father of four. he had deployed twice to iraq and was given the bronze star for bravery and heroism.
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>> i would like them for to do what is right, and not only give me and the four children the benefits that my husband died for. he lived for the army and died with the army. >> they assigned assistance officer to her after her husband died and three weeks lateer the officer was withdrawn and miranda was told she would not be given benefits because technically her husband died at home. the army spokeman says payment is authorized for soldiers dying in training or traveling to or from training. arkansas senator mark pryor proposed amendment to the defense authorization bill to tighten the language of benefit due to national guard families. including the family of captain luke. that amendment passed yesterday in the senate. >> i'm fighting on behalf of him and his family and others
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in a simply situated circumstance. where we clarify when you are on ordinaries and doing national guard training you are entitled to the benefit where you are laying your head down that night. >> captain luke buried on his 35th birthday, january 18 two year ago without military benefit. the defense authorization bill as we reported is under a veto threat because of the detainee procedure and must be taken up by the house. >> sad story. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. a friday afternoon document clarification from the obama administration. the justice department today formally withdrew a letter it sent earlier to congress claiming the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, fire average and explosives tries to enter district guns and would not ever knowingly allow them to be smuggled to mexico. the department admitted that was false. it blamed the u.s. attorney's office in arizona and top
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officials of the atf for lying. we will continue to cover the investigation. and development of fast and furious on "special report." the environmental protest agency is easing rules aimed at reducing the toxic air pollution from industrial boilers and incinerators. the epa says it will place emission limits on the largest and polluting boilers. the smaller ones will only be subject to routine tuneu . we will get reaction to today's jobs numbers from the fox all-stars when we come back.
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our economy added another 140,000. private sector jobs in november. the unemployment rate went down. despite strong head winds this year, the american economy now created in the private sector jobs for the past 21 months in a row. we need to keep the growth going. >> the jobless rate in our
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economy is unacceptably high. today marks the 34th consecutive month of unemployment above 8%. as you may remember, the obama administration promised that unemployment would not exceed 8% if we passed other stimulus bill. that promise has gone unfulfilled. >> bret: november jobs report out. unemployment rate falling to 8.6% as you see there. 120,000 john farm payroll employment increased by 120,000. it's not on this graphic but 315,000 people left the workforce. essentially stopped looking for a job. so mixed reaction. as you heard from the administration and the republicans. bring this the panel about this. sam youngman, national political correspondent for reuters. nina easton for fortune magazine. syndicated control loumnist krauthammer. fair to say a mixed bag? >> a bright spot. best unemployment number in
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two-and-a-half years, that is a bright spot. republicans have to be careful not to look like naysayers like they are rooting against the economy. so i'll playgirl instea play gr. half of the reduction is due to people leaving the workforce. the other thing economists point out is thanksgiving came early, start of the holiday season is early. so a lot of hiring came early. most of the drop was in retail jobs added. so, actually, you got an artificial boost early in season. you will probably see less hiring in december. the other kind of bad news in the numbers is the wages tip down. there wasn't good news there. that said, i really this what we are in a quasi recession is confidence quasi recession if nothing else. when you talk to the business people, it's so much of the reason they are not hiring is the fear of the future. the lack of confidence about
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where the economy is testing. any kind of good news like this. we got it below 9%. that has to help the psychology of the economy. that is important. >> bret: sam for the psychology of this administration this was important. even though you couch the overall workforce number. still the rate going down that much is at least a perception thing that the administration is going to grab on to. >> without question. look, this november, meticly used to gauge economy. it's flawed in a number of ways. but for better or worse, the number we use. number that is hang around his neck as we move to the election season. moving down is a good thing. however, it's a potential setup. a lot of this is retail work. not only that, a lot of this is because people left the market. quit looking for jobs. if people start looking at this and saying hey, the economy is recovering. i'll start looking for a job. you might have more jobs and the employment number goes back up. that is a political danger for
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the president. >> bret: charles, the president was at an event with former president clinton today in clinton's remarks he said that we can create jobs almost unlimited number of jobs even in this lousy economy. then intropresident obama. that was a tough setup. >> he didn't exactly get the home mow, the white house memo on how to describe all this. of course, he is bill. he says what he wants and he is not running for re-electio re-election. i agree the hidden trap in the number is you get this sort of unusual drop. half of it, attributed to the people dropping out. which means when the economy speeds up again and the people who dropped out of the forest, are going to start back in, you are going to get it. also, unwarranted increase in the unemployment rate next year, precisely in a time when the president will need all
1:43 am
the help he gets on unemployment number. but second, i think the problem here is that this is happening with the economy on steroids. stimulus, from the fiscal and the monetary side is almost unprecedented. $1.3 trillion in deficit spen spending. we are borrowing the money. the unprecedented stimulus. borrowing rate for short-term loan is zero. you add on a payroll tax holiday. at some point the stimulus has to stop. >> politically the white house is betting not just on lower unemployment rate but trajectory. to get it so country looks
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like it's going in the right direction. >> that is why is jump down could change in trajectory. >> bret: we should point out there was a revision of increased number of job for september. the payroll tax cut holiday and back and forth over that. listen to comments from that from the president and spea speaker. >> the senate republicans voted to block the payroll tax cut. that would raise taxes because they want wealthiest americans to pay their share. >> we are trying to ask american families to keep what they earn. the other side can come out with the rhetoric they want to come out with, but facts are
1:45 am
the facts. >> last night we reported that the senate killed two plans. democratic plan and republican plan for this expansion and extense of the payroll tax cut. the house republicans are struggling over whether to do payroll tax cut at all. where are we on this and politics of it? >> this is the second piece of good news the president got. 8.6% in unemployment being the first. he is winning the battle and putting republicans on defense by tying the payroll tax cut to the tax cut holiday to tax cuts for wealthy. >> bret: tax increases above millionaires. >> right. that is the thing. this is where the rubber meets the road. if people in middle class see taxes go up $1,000 it will get them paying attention. this is right now the president is in a politically advantageous position. >> bret: do you agree? >> i agree but a meaty discussion should be had about
1:46 am
who really pays the bulk of taxes in this country. millionaire tax rate, super rich getting out from under paying taxes. no the salary making people. particularly in a $250,000 range, but even the millionaire taxes the average is 30%. the average tax rate they pay, the people escaping taxes make most of the income on capital gains. forbes 400 players. >> bret: we talk about the question about the stimulus effect of a temporary payroll tax cut holiday. anyway. but politically do make that argument is tougher. >> the president may to the be griffin at governing but he knows how -- great at governing but he knows how to campaign. he showed it in 2008. he can run on ideology after the cap-and-trade and stimulus
1:47 am
can't run on stewardship that economy that clinton calls lousy. running on class war and it is working. devises a clever way to say either cut for class or the rich, he wins on this in. the end he is not running against congress or presidential opponent who won't fall in the trap. >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round including insider trading in congress. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur.
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alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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>> bret: every week, viewers vote for your choice online in this the friday lightning round poll. this week, insider trading won with 31% of the votes. senator scott brown from massachusetts was up on capitol hill earlier this week talking about this.
1:51 am
>> until the "60 minutes" piece came out i had no knowledge that something like was allowed. by prohibiting the use of material of nonpublic information for personal gain, will vastly increase transparency that everyone talks about here. sometimes it just doesn't get done. >> he is the cosponsor of the piece of legislation that increases transparency and prevents lawmakers from trading on information they learn on capitol hill. back with the panel. charles, a big deal. what is the deal? >> is it a big deal. on wall street, inside trader goes to jail for 10-1/2 years. apparently, i'm not sure there are a lot of people in washington, that have any idea that it is legal on capitol hill. exactly the same thing, completely legal. surprising that the news of that hadn't ever come out. >> there was a time when the laws did not apply to
1:52 am
congress. the republican came to change that. legislation in both houses with broad bipartisan support. for the reason that charles mentioned. good legislation, and it's appalling they can trade on nonpublic information. a lot of it comes their way in the course of negotiations and lobbyists so forth. coming in their halls. and it's in their political interest. with their rate something low. >> for devil's advocate out there who says there is a whole cottage industry of people learning information about ma is going on, on capitol hill for hedge funds and elsewhere, they say it isn't a huge deal. wrong? >> i think so. you can't have people writing laws that are not obeying the laws. this is a clear case of
1:53 am
congress getting caught with the hand in the cookie jar. this isn't new. louise slaughter trying to pass legislation on this since 2006. in fact, i saw a tweet from her. she joked she didn't know where the new cosponsors were coming from. watchdog group try to knock it down. when it's at 9 or 12% if you don't pass this you risk to go in tegtive. >> bret: next topic, iraq. handover of camp victory. the biggest base there in baghdad for the u.s. military. handing it over to iraqis that stayed at this place. ten times. in my career. pretty amazing event that this has happened. >> it really is. this is a symbolic end to the war in iraq. this is joe biden handing the keys over. but it's also a good chance i think for united states and iraq to sort of extend the
1:54 am
symbolism to say this is the beginning of our relationship. >> bret: nian? >> what struck me the most about the episode was vice president biden warning iran not to cause trouble. stir up and try to take advantage of u.s. troops leading -- leaving as if they are going to heed his suggestion. i think this is a dangerous move. iran is sitting on the sidelines waiting to jump in. i think that is what is going to happen. >> bret: charles? >> the warning in and of itself is a sign of weakness. he would haven't to deliver warning like that, had we retained residual force. as we did after the second world war. successfully helping to maintain support and defend democracy. i think this is a gamble, a high gamble. not sure we will be happy in a decade or so looking back. especially when you consider how much was lost in iran. and how minimal investment it would have required. trying to stay at least in a
1:55 am
small way. and guarantee success. >> bret: call an audible here. herman cain has a big announce in the atlanta form. prediction, in or out of the race? >> he is so down i'm not sure it matters but i think he will be out. >> opening a new office through me today so i'm going to say in. >> i don't know that herman cain knows yet. flip a coin. we'll find out tomorrow. >> we should ask mrs. cain. >> bret: the meeting is happening tonight in atlanta with mrs. cain. and that is obviously the big, according to what he said on the trail, moment for him and his family. >> it will depend how it registers on the richter scale. that meeting. >> bret: we shall see. we will follow it here on fox news challenge. of course, all of the 2012 news throughout the weekend. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see a star-studded event. 
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>> bret: finally tonight, the annual victoria secret fashion show aired earlier this week with some unexpected guests in attendance and they really seemed to enjoy the show. ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> bret: okay, a little edgy for a friday night. a little edgy. if you have a problem with it, just send me a tweet at bret underscore baier, most


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