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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 7, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. mr. bill will receive now. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i want to thank speaker pelosi for what i regard as early christmas gift. >> bill: newt gingrich on the offensive against nancy pelosi who threatened him saying she might know things that could be hurtful to his campaign. >> he loves jesus christ i will like him better. >> he any time i have the opportunity to give the lord some praise, he is due for it. >> bill: tim tebow, jesus, and football. this is developing into a national controversy as the quarterback continues to praise the lord on the field. we'll have two opposing points of view. >> i have got this thing. and it's [bleep] golden. and i'm just not giving it up
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for [bleep] nothing. >> bill: say goodbye to former illinois governor robb blagojevich, is he going to prison. megyn kelly with the inside story. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the iowa vote four weeks away. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. those four weeks are going to fly by, christmas, new years on the horizon. so, let us assess this evening where we are in iowa. a new des moines register poll revealing. the register asked iowans is your mind made up. 27% say they are solid in their support of a republic contender. 60% of iowans say they their minds are oopen. 11% no choice. and then second poll asks about the candidate and their
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viability. which candidate is the most negative? ron paul 19%, perry 16%, bachmann 9. which candidate is best able to bring about real change, newt gingrich 27. ron paul 18, mitt romney 14%. which candidate is most electable in the general election? romney 38, gingrich 22, perry 10. which is best able to turn the economy around, gingrich 22, romney 20%, ron paul 17%. anything is up in the air. that is good thing as republic candidates will have to get very specific to earn votes in iowa. this time around problem-solving not ideology should be in the forefront. president obama is wobbling right now, chances are he will get stronger as the economy is likely to pick up some in 2012. if the republic party wants to challenge the president must do two things clearly define how mr. obama failed in
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economic vision but most importantly solving complicated problems like national debt and immigration. talking points is lookinged for spirited debate in iowa and then in new hampshire. as we said 2012 will be the most important election in our life times. nancy pelosi threatening newt gingrich. you may remember mr. gingrich was embarrassed when a video of him and nancy pelosi sitting on a couch talking about global warming surfaced. apparently that didn't warm up ms. pelosi much toward mr. gingrich. this week she told a web site she knows a whole bunch about gingrich and ethical problems investigated in the 1990s. that obvious threat did not sit too well with the speaker. >> if she is suggesting she is going to use material that she developed while sheet was on the ethics committee. that is a fundamental violation of the rules of the house and i would hope members would immediately file charges against her the second she does it. i think it tells you how capriciously political that
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committee was she was on it. tells you how tainted that committee was the outcome was she was on it. >> bill: reprimand $300,000 fund because he used a political action committee to help teach some college courses low level beef to be sure. with us now our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. how do you see this threat thing here? >> what is she polywalnuts pelosi. trying to do this to -- this is speaker vs. speaker. remember spy vs. spy? this is speaker vs. speaker. actually i do metaphorically politically. >> bill: it was pretty nasty though. >> polywalnut. so here is what i think is going on. first of all, he yes, would she like to take out newt gingrich? of course, she hated his guts. a lot of people in congress really loathed newt gingrich when he was speaker. that includes republicans who have serious problems with him and his leadership. what i think is more important here, this is sort of the
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subtext of what she is doing. she is trying to resurrect the wars of the 1990s where gingrich is right in the center. he was a hot rod of controversy. this was the war surroundings the clintons, the wars in congress. contract with america and so on o. she thinks by doing this even though she had to back off of it because under the ethics rules she can't present anything in the public domain. she is trying to remind voters, look. do you really want this guy? this guy is so tainted he had all of these issues. >> bill: you don't disagree with that right? >> everything on the show so far i agree with. >> bill: you disagree with everything? you don't think pelosi is trying to divert attention back to the 1990s. >> she is doing what anybody would have done in a political situation. talking about publicly available information. furthermore although you minimize it. >> bill: hold it, colmes, you are not allowed to do this on this program. close the mouth and i will tell you what she said. all right? >> i will close my mouth. she said that she, nancy pelosi, at a time to be designated later, would reveal
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things that she, nancy pelosi, learned. >> yes. >> bill: in an undisclosed location. >> she didn't say undisclosed. >> bill: yes she did. >> she was not revealing information that was not already made public however. although you minimized it, the other part he was confused and convicted of by this bipartisan ethics committee for which he had to pay $300,000 is lying to congress about it it's up to the voters to decide with f. what happened then was relevant. it isn't just that he used against federal law moneys he shouldn't have used but he lied about it. >> bill: the threat was lodged by ms. pelosi. look, these people don't like each other, we all know that very rarely do you get people at this level threatening each other. >> wait a minute. >> ll: that threat was lodged like i know stuff that isn't in the public domain and at a time down the road i'm going to tell you. >> it was made clear, although the next day or a few hours later by her spokesperson she is talking about stuff in the public domain.
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>> bill: that's not what she said. they can revise it later on. >> she did not indicate it was private information. let's blame the messenger. do we go and blame pelosi because newt may or may not have done something? >> bill: i'm not blaming anybody. i'm saying this was a direct threat. i think monica is correct. it's being used now to remind people that oh he didn't have a real good time. >> bill: you think if a democrat ran for office and there was a ethical problem in the past would republicans ever bring that up in the course of their campaign? of course they will. >> bill: wouldn't do it in this way. >> that's a point where nancy pelosi's comments inappropriate? yeah. former speaker and minority leader inappropriate for her to do. this politics -- especially presidential politics. newt gingrich and mitt romney are the two leaders. they better be prepared for all manner of attacks including ones like this. they better be prepared. if they can't take -- >> bill: gingrich -- the
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advantage for gingrich is this, if he is set up a fight with nancy pelosi, he wins in the republic precincts. you know that so, for gingrich, he was right. this is an early christmas gift. >> absolutely. better that it happened now for somebody like nancy pelosi. prepared and got the thick skin. god knows what obama and axelrod and plouffe. >> he knows he is run fog president got up to the top tier this stuff was clearly going to come out. >> it's all old stuff. >> it's not old stuff. >> 20 years ago. >> you know we never talked about what obama did, community organizer, who he went to church with. who he went to coffee with. >> that stuff was never investigated. >> this stuff happens. >> it was talked about for years. are you kidding me? that's all we talked about during the entire presidential campaign who his preacher was. whose house he went to for coffee. come on. >> if this is all that the democrats have on newt gingrich stuff that happened 20 years ago he is in pretty good shape. >> $300,000 fine for lying to congress and misusing funds, fine, that's up to the public if they feel that is someone
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they can elect as president of the united states. it's all out there. >> the other thing about this race is that the republicans should not get sucked into these kind of conversations. this election next year is about barack obama. not about the republic candidate. >> bill: barack obama will have to make it not about him and the economy. that's why i think they would rather run against gingrich than romney because if they can run against gingrich, you already see it's going to get real personal and a lot of this stuff back and for the. that is what is going to happen. romney is a harder target, would you agree with that? >> yeah. keeps moving. >> for conservatives too, right away. >> he has more positions than a suture. >> i don't know what that is. >> sure, o'reilly. >> bill: next on the run down marc lamont hill on president obama and the black vote. is there some trouble in those precincts. later quarterback tim tebow devoted christian, causing trouble on the field in the
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bell bill our pal marc lamont hill recently wrote a column saying that newt gingrich is an intellectual heavyweight that may hurt him in his run for president. please explain this in terms even i can understand. i read the claim. i didn't quite grasp it but you cede he is smart guy. >> very smart guy.
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>> understands policy and how the government runs. >> every debate. >> bill: you recognize his frame of reference is solid. >> absolutely. >> bill: then you say republicans don't like that? >> no, newt gingrich has been around for decades. republicans don't pick the smart guy. >> bill: how come he is leading in the polls then. >> they are deeply frustrated with romney because he he is as liberal as i am at least in his history. romney inflamed out. rick perry can't debate. he is the best option they have. >> bill: how did you arrive at the conclusion that republics are antiintellectual? >> because every time someone comes up who congugates a verb properly. they beat up on perry for speaking french and -- whenever someone speaks intelligent and nuances to argument they say he is not good enough.
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republicans want a cowboy. >> bill: you came to the conclusion by doing what, a national poll? i don't think you know a republic. i don't think you do. >> some of my best friends are republic, bill. i have even had them in high house. >> bill: not one republic at columbia university. >> some of my best friends are republic. bunch of poor white guys who vote republic. >> bill: so you -- how did you arrive at this conclusion because people don't like john kerry? >> i didn't like john kerry. that's not enough of an argument. look at republic nominees are the ones who people like. they like people who are down to earth. the guy you can grab a beer with. >> bill: that's the democratic party, too is it not. >> we tend to nominate smart people. barack obama was a law professor. we have people like john kerry very smart. even bill clinton was smart. the way he was able to endear himself to the right playing the bubba role. >> bill: bush was a harvard school grad and yale undergrad, okay? what are you laughing about? better than colombia. >> that was white people's
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affirmative action. he was a legacy. >> bill: did okay there though. maybe he got in by the strings but he didn't get booted out. >> two standard deviations below the norm. that means he was two spots lower on average than the average. >> bill: not in grad school he went to yale. >> that's a pretty big deal. >> bill: he was doing cheerleading and diverted from his studies. republicans like dumb people? >> that's cheap, bill. i didn't say republicans like dumb people. they like people who don't intellectual in public places. >> bill: there are republicans like me and you don't become more intellectual and this "the o'reilly factor." that dashes your theory. there is is outreach i don't know what that means by the obama administration to african-americans. what does that entail? are they going to be on soul train? >> oh, you know you are going to be on media matters for that one right now. soul train? >> bill: what's the vehicle --
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soul train is a poop larr program. >> no, it's not? when in 1964. >> bill: syndicated isn't it? isn't soul train still on. >> cancelled. >> bill: i must be watching the reruns, i really like it. so what's the outreach? what is it? where are they going? >> reaching out to where black people are. >> bill: how? >> community centers. meeting with african-american leaders. there was a big leader with african-american leadership about three weeks ago. >> bill: yeah. >> where i couldn't make it i was invited but couldn't make it talked about reaching out it voters. talking about major -- >> bill: calling the black leaders to the white house and having lunch with them? is that what what he is doing. >> the actual meeting was people in president obama's administration. people connecting. >> bill: intellectuals? >> every day people who are doing policy work. >> bill: so obama's guys and gals are now inviting selected african-american leaders to come to washington. >> that's one piece of it. but also going into
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communities and actually talking to every day people to find out what their key issues are and to make sure the people are registered to vote and come out to vote and understand the issues at stake. >> bill: that won't matter this yr though because republicans are blocking the votes by asking for i.d.s at the polling places. >> i know it's tongue and cheek to you. voter suppression. do you have an i.d. >> you have to an i.d. to buy wine. republic beverage suppression? you have to have an i.d. to buy beer. you don't want an i.d. to vote. >> it's not necessary. it's not voter suppression. whether or not felons can vote. >> bill: felons can't vote. >> that's very untrue. most states felons can vote. most states it's a very short window. that type of misinformation is what keeps poor people out and black and brown people out. >> bill: are you saying most felons are black and brown is that what you are saying? that's outrageous. media matters, hello, did you just hear that. >> most people incarcerated are black and brown, that's a
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fact. people targeted tend to be poor black and brown people. coming up a serious point that the obama administration is making an attempt to contact local black leaders to get them in to get the vote out. >> among other groups. >> are you sure soul train is not the on anymore. >> i love that harold mehlman and blue notes. >> i'm impressed. you seem more like an elvis guy. i think you are overrated white people. >> i like elvis and smoky robinson, too. don't give me that jazz. >> directly ahead. letters, bill,. >> i can read. directly ahead, tim tebow praising god. later on more bad stuff surrounding the feder fast and furious gun scandal coming right back.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. as you may know denver broncho quarterback tim tebow believes it is his duty to spread the word of jesus. so many times after a successful football play mr. tebow will praise god on the field. that's causing a lot of controversy. not only among fans but also some players. >> tebow, regardless of whether i wish he would just shut up after a game and go -- teammate. i think he is a winner. i respect that about him and i think that when he accepts the fact that we know that he loves jesus christ, then i think i will like him a little better. >> i respect, you know, jake's opinion. and i really appreciate his compliment of calling me a winner. but i feel like any time i get the opportunity, you know, to give the lord some praise, he is due for it. >> bill: with us now former nbc broadcaster lynn behrman author of the book the greatest moment in sports. nice christmas gift. and from chicago, sports
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attorney kelly -- counselor, let me begin with you, you don't think mr. tebow is acting appropriately when he goes down on one knee and says a little prayer? >> no, i don't. excessive celebration is not allowed. i don't think that he should be wasting people's time advancing his beliefs. he should be focusing on football. that's what he is getting paid to do. that's what fans are wanting to see. and i think that he is just propagating his opinion and if he was praising allah, a lot of people would be outraged. i think he needs to focus on the game and that is what he is there for. that is what he is getting paid to do. >> bill: is he not violating any league rules. this doesn't bring him sanction from the nfl. he isn't publicly praising anybody. is he not saying anything. is he just demonstrating. i don't know whether he is facing mecca or not. but it really doesn't matter he is an american even though is he a football player. if he is not violating team or league rules, certainly has a right to do that, does he not?
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>> whether or not he has a right to do it, does it make it offensive and is that what he is there for? do people want to watch that? do people want to be forced to watch him. >> bill: they don't have to go to the game in the mile high stadium they can go home. >> i apologize for interrupting you. i agree they have the choice to stay home but they also shouldn't be subjected to that we no longer have displays for the national day of prayer because there were lots of people outraged they were advancing our own president won't recognize. >> bill: christianity is not a religion it's a philosophy. now you say it's okay, leonard. >> i'm not a big fan of religion in sports. when they review athletes after game an they praise god i always say god wanted the other team to lose and god has more important things to do than who wins or loses a football game. putting a knee down. a couple weeks ago orchestrated celebration in the end zone where buffalo player was pretending shooting himself in the leg mimicking
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the other who did shoot himself in the leg. for a guy to simply put his knee down, i think is he genuine, god bless him. >> bill: kelly, what about? you watch football games kelly? >> i do. i'm a huge football fan. >> bill: you know in the end zone, what about that? some people think that's ridiculous and then demeaning to the other team and shaking the booty and all of that. does that bother you? >> absolutely. sometimes it seems very unsportsman like. >> bill: unsportsman like. >> sometimes it's very unsportsman like. >> bill: penalty if you taunt and go overboard in the thing. >> right. >> bill: i'm coming back to the freedom of expression here thing. i don't think it's offensive for tim tebow to do what he is doing to the majority of people. now, if you hate religion, if you really, you know, if it's on your mind, it might be offensive. i think it's just exercising his right to do what he thinks is right. let me ask you this question, lynn. >> i want to see you boogle.
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>> bill: i could do it but i need a little me area here. tebow's philosophy, not only his philosophy but his life is that when he accomplishes anything, this is his belief system, because i interviewed him here. he was in. is that he has to give praise to god. everything that he accomplishes, you say god doesn't pick the winners of the jets, oakland radars game and absolutely right. however, tebow firmly believes that whatever he does something well, it's because he was given the talent by god and he gives what they call glory to god. so there is a consistency in his behavior and it goes in with his religious belief which, of course, is protected by the constitution. >> i happen to agree with you. i also found amusing that some people took offense that he rallied his team before a recent game and quoted a few versus out of the bible. i'm thinking to myself players took offense to that? i'm wondering how many good books some of those players have read lately. >> bill: as long as tebow isn't it imposing himself kelly on other people isn't
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forcing people to listen to him or whatever i don't have a problem with it. you see my constitutionality point. the philosophy of tim tebow is to give praise to god for everything that goes well in his life because he believes that his talent was directly given by god. so i don't know. i don't know why anybody would be upset by that you don't have to believe it. and what about those players mocking him? that was pretty offensive when the players from the detroit lions mocked the deity. those players turn to salt shortly after that game. did you know that? >> did i not know that but thank you. >> i'm sorry for you secularists. >> not only dance he does standup. >> you could do it all. >> bill: anybody remember that. poor lot's wife sitting there in a salt shaker and i'm getting what they turned to salt? we will end on that high note. thank you very much. millions of dollars being made in the medical marijuana
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industry. john stossel has some thoughts on it later charles krauthammer on the u.s. post office possibly going bankrupt. what does that say about big government? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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this is how trade strategies are built. tradearchitect. only from td ameritrade. welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account. >> bill: it the stossel matter segment we interviewed two guys who run medical marijuana operations. those operations gross tens of millions of dollars a year. >> i'm not making a lot of money. harbor side is a nonprofit organization. i make a salary there just like anybody else. >> bill: what's your salary. >> we don't release individual salaries but we do submit our books to the city every year and certify we are operating in a nonprofit way. >> bill: just your harbor side health center grosses $20 million a year. >> that's true. >> bill: that's pretty good. 20 million bucks. the federal government is now cracking down on medical marijuana across the country overriding state laws. here now is john stossel. you are a drug -- you want to legalize drugs as a libertarian point of view. we debated that we don't want to get into that again.
2:32 am
surely you see this as a reuse what these guys are doing out there with the medical marijuana and they themselves tell me they don't want marijuana legalized because it would cut into their 20-million-dollar year operation. >> they actually say it that way? >> bill: yeah. they did. both of them sat there and i don't know whether they were stoned or not. we were trying to give them a drug test. they wouldn't take it but they said we oppose legalized marijuana for recreational use. >> that's too bad. you are right. for many cases it's a reuse. people go to a doctor. sure, i will say that you need medical marijuana. they use it to go get high. so what? >> bill: they have anxiety. >> okay. >> bill: do you have anxiety, stossel. >> i do. >> bill: right before you come on this program. >> and right now. every minute i'm around you. >> bill: you can get as much pot in california as you want just by telling them that. it's a reuse. >> so what? >> bill: not a somewhat. the medical marijuana law was set up to help people with glaucoma. >> some people cheat.
2:33 am
the real reuse is your drug war. presidents who smoke marijuana now lock up other people for doing it. >> not a lot of people locked up for smoking marijuana. >> 750,000 arrests a year. lots of people get locked up. >> bill: weight dealers, too, they deal other drugs. not somebody smoking pot in their basement. but, anyway. >> about them, i say so what, too? he they are selling a product. >> bill: why do you think the federal government even taking an interest in. this overriding the state law, okay? and arresting these guys because they are obviously a reuse. they are obviously not doing what they should. why is washington, attorney general holder, barack obama, why are they spending taxpayer dollars doing this? >> because prosecutors prosecute. >> bill: why is that a priority at all. >> it shouldn't be. >> bill: i know but it is. have you figured out why? what is behind it? >> no. explain it to me.
2:34 am
>> bill: ah-ha. there you go. there is a big, big government study that says marijuana is a gateway drug for kids into hard drugs and that is what they don't want. >> come on. so is milk. kids drink milk and later some smoke marijuana. [ laughter ] gateway drug stuff. >> bill: did stossel just say that? did you just say that? >> president obama, bill clinton, almost every candidate for office has smoked marijuana. but now we lock up other people for doing it? this is wrong. >> bill: we don't lock up people for smoking marijuana, only selling marijuana. do you understand once a child smokes marijuana, gets drunk on alcohol beer or whatever it may be, that childhood is over the whole thing is changed. >> no. i don't understand that. >> bill: you don't believe that. >> some have problems but most don't. the government says 100 million people have dried marijuana. 17 million say they used it in the past month. so most people try it and give it up. >> bill: i would say that's probably true. but 10% of the population is
2:35 am
addicted to substance in this country and they don't want to make it worse. they don't want to make it easy to get. all right, stossel, at least you know it's a reuse, stossel. at least you know what they are doing out there medical marijuana is a reuse. megyn kelly on the justice department reeling under fast and furious accusations. former governor, illinois governor i should say robb
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. the justice department on the defensive on the fast and furious investigation as you know. you may remember federal agencies under the supervision of attorney general eric holder sent thousands of guns down to mexico to try to track where they were going. well, the feds lost track of the guns and a border patrol agent was killed because of the screw up. now congress zeroing in on the justice department and with us to update the situation attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. holder has to go back in front
2:39 am
of congress on thursday of this week. >> yes. in advance of that he had to submit a bunch of documents to congress that had been subpoenaed. >> bill: what committee. >> house judicial oversight committee headed by darryl issa. is he going to go before that committee. on last friday they did what's called a document dump of almost 2,000 documents related to this scandal. and it shows the back and forth about from a lot of super high level doj officials and atf officials in arizona. all in response to not -- a lot in response to senator charles grassley who had written a letter at the beginning of the year 2011 saying what's the deal with these whistle blower allegations that you are intentionally letting guns walk into new mexico and putting them into the hands of bad guys. everybody is saying how are we going to respond and say, blah blah blah, they end up writing a letter in response on february 4th of 11 saying we never let guns walk. atf doesn't do that we interdict weapons, blah blah
2:40 am
blah blah blah. >> bill: it was a lay lie. >> it was completely false. i don't know whether it was a lie. >> bill: i think they are the same thing. >> misinformed. people on the top level say we relied on bad information. >> bill: they can say whatever they want to say. first letter they wrote to grassley wasn't true. >> they had to withdraw it is wrong they said we have to withdraw it. >> bill: it looks to me and you correct me if i am wrong that they are in trouble. they already got rid of the atf chief, right? he is already out of there. >> no one has been fired. the one -- >> bill: they removed him, right. >> everybody is still collecting a federal paycheck. moved him to other parts of the doj or other federally taxpayer positions except for the one u.s. attorney who oversaw in arizona. he resigned. no one has been fired. we still have not one person who have actually been held responsible for this. >> bill: is there any smoking gun that shows attorney general the. >> no. >> bill: nothing to disprove that let me tell you what the documents do show.
2:41 am
they tightened the focus on a very close holder deputy named lanny brewer who heads up the criminal division of the doj. this is no laughing matter. this is guy is high up in doj. he went before the u.s. senate in november. a month ago. and testified that he could not remember whether he had ever seen a draft of that critical letter which now so wrong they had to withdraw it. i don't remember whether i ever saw a draft. he doubled down on that testimony in written form. to the u.s. senate. well, these documents that just came out on friday show that it was sent to him. and not only was it sent to him at least four times. at least four times. he forwarded it from his doj email to his private g mail. >> bill: is that fair? >> you tell me. when he is forwarding to private g mail is he praising lt. who is heavily involved in the drafting complaining who him this is worse than drafting the magna car attachment forward to the private email. big deal on doj and other agencies. he doesn't remember?
2:42 am
he doesn't remember ever seeing the draft? >> take the fall then? >> i don't know i don't know whether he is going to take the fall or not. they have good reason to be pressing on this because the information from doj is coming out in drips and drabs and has been all along. this organization first told grassley and everybody else never happened. they kept pushing and kept saying this is a witch-hunt. >> grassley is the hero here. >> on this from the beginning. >> okay. all right. so holder comes in on thursday. of course, we will see what happens there. now, blagojevich we know he is a thug, right? he is a thug. >> i think it's fair to say is he a thug. >> bill: the reason we say that. >> the jury has spoken on that. >> bill: we say that because blagojevich did what a lot of illinois politicians do. once he got elected he looked for ways to make money for himself. >> what about me? what about me? >> bill: either by putting money into his campaign or direct this, that, and the other thing. >> people who want contracts with the state and appointments. yes, i will give you appointment or contract give me some money.
2:43 am
>> bill: when obama left the senate that seat was open. he wanted appointment. he wanted something for it? >> give this thing away for free. the first year he was hung and thrown out. whatever. >> guilty on one charge. then the second one came back. >> guilty on like 18 counts. >> okay. so i say he is going to get five to 10. is that do you think? >> i think it's probably going to be a little more. probably 10 to 15. >> 10 to 15. has to serve, what,. >> virtually all if not all of it. he is the -- the prosecutor -- >> that's a big stretch. the prosecutors want between 15 and 20. he wants about 3 to 5. and it looks like he will get between 10 and 15. the other guy rezko he got 10 and a half. i don't think they will be giving blago less than rezko. 10 to 15. >> bill: 8 a% on the federal level? so he is out for a while in prison? >> yeah. intesting. going to be a long time. have a lot of time to contemplate. >> right there on your
2:44 am
broadcast at 8:00. >> thank you for the prom mow. >> appreciate you coming on. in a moment, the u.s. post office on the verge of collapse. what does this say about big government? charles krauthammer will tell us. then, chris christie hammering the "the washington post" because that paper made fun of his weight, uh-oh. coming right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. big changes coming at the u.s. post office that may go bankrupt. saturday delivery could go and other cut backs are coming. recently i talked with patrick done who the post master general. >> you are about $9 billion in the red this year. you lost 20 billion in the last four years. i guess it's email and all that business that's doing this to you? >> there is two things, bill, number one, you are right, we lost a lot of volume to email.
2:48 am
people pay bills online. the other thing is we are required to refund retiree health benefits to the tune of $5.5 billion a year. >> bill: all right. paying $3 billion a year in retirement health pensions, not health but pensions and 8 billion in health benefits for whopping total we saw it in wisconsin. we saw it in ohio. and now we are seeing it with the post office. i think the post office as we know it is going to vanish in the next five years. >> it should vanish because of the other reason the post master general spoke about they're obsolete. we have email. we don't need them. they are not talking -- are
2:49 am
now talking about cutting out overnight first class mail. if they can't deliver overnight mail who needs them? we once had the pony express, very romantic, wonderful stories. we don't have it anymore. we actually got the railroad and it took its place. the email now the internet is the new railroad. and it is simply absurd. what we want ought to do is privatize the delivery of mail. there is one objection to it and that is you have these little outposts. you have a post office in a rural area in idaho that wouldn't ordinarily be economical, fine. let the federal government adopt those orphan post offices. you want to have the country knit together with mail, that's fine. but have it subsidized private industry. you hand this over to fedex, to u.p.s., i assure you they will be able to run an efficient mail service and they would either make a profit or break even. >> bill: who picks up the pension and health costs of the retirees though.
2:50 am
>> that is something you have to decide. >> bill: the u.s. government is going to be on the hook for that no matter what because of priffization they don't want to pay this. >> no question they will pick it up. no question to some extent if you make promises you have got to keep them. >> bill: you have got to keep them. >> it's a lot of money but if you stop the ridiculousness of having a postal service that essentially as you know and i know delivers junk mail, that's all it does. ifou end that today, then over time there will be attrition and the cost of retirement will decrease overtime but, yes, the government has to accept responsibility but it doesn't have to keep increasing the deficit. and the debt and the nonsense every year. >> bill: trend in america with the election of barack obama was to expand the government, to have the government come into other industries, like health care. to run health care. all right? and to run the banking industry, and to run this industry and i submit to you that the government should have recognized that the email
2:51 am
and the computers were going to cut into the post office profitability. they didn't. they let the problem fester. why is the united states of america. why do so many americans want the big government to run things when they can't run them? they just can't do it. >> i agree with you entirely. although i must say there were a lot of americans who were fooled by obama when he ran for office in 2008. he was a row shark rorschach test. >> bill: he was clear to me and other interviewers that he was a big government guy. the government has to takeover everything and run the show. >> i wasn't taken in. you weren't taken in. a lot of americans who were and that's why a lot of americans who supported him in 2008 are not going to support him in 2012. but there is one other thing. it isn't just that we have
2:52 am
learned our lesson on expansion of big government from our own experience with the post office and other areas. the meltdown of that whole idea of the government charge of the economy of energy of health care is happening in europe in front of our eyes. europe is where obama wants america to go. europe is where -- what he thinks is sort of the ideal society of the entitlement state. now, you could have a theoretical argument over whether it works and obama could argue oh yes it works. the problem is we have the imperical reality in front of our eyes. we have the advantage of being about half a decade behind where europe is. and enough time to save ourselves. the irony is that obama and the democrats want to continue. >> bill: they don't want to diverted. that's why the say the 2012 election is the most important election in our lifetimes because it defines which way the country is going to go.
2:53 am
whether it's going to continue to expand and spend or it's going to go back down to a smaller, more self-relintd situation. all right, charles, thanks very much. we appreciate it as always. pinheads and patriots on deck. chris christie going after the "the washington post." p and p moments away.
2:54 am
>> pinheads and patriots in a moment but first we will like to give you a gift for christmas or hanukkah. but there's a catch, and you knew there would be one.
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the factor words book is free if you buy a copy of "killing lincoln." it is nice because both are nice gifts. when you buy stuff at, we are able to give a huge amount of money to charity to help a lot of people. that's why we do it. we want you to check out our restore the usa gear. hats, shirts, mugs, pens, all with our campaign logo, restore. i love my restore the usa pen. the charitable aspect is why we are doing this. now the mail. from the dominican republic. >> jerry, fort worth, text. texas. >> lawrence from new york.
2:56 am
>> billy, missouri. >> there is a humane way to hold everyone accountable which is caused by our own government's failure to secure the border. michael from texas. >> mary mcmahon, clinton, tennessee. >> you have to relax, mary. i simply gave her age.
2:57 am
madonna is 53 years old. >> that's what we are aiming for, denise, thanks for reading the book. from fort benning, georgia. >> bless you for your service. i hope the books do that for you, and please don't hold them against me. and finally. >> post attacked christie recently because of his weight so he threw it right back at him. >> when there are people talking about the idea of me running for president, you had columnists in this newspaper writing that somebody that is overweight can't possibly be president. >> what did you think of that?
2:58 am
>> it's idiot tick. because what these guys got, well, because he'sover weight, that means he's undisciplined. >> but governor, that's not why they wrote it. it's because you are a conservative republican, that's why they wrote it. they don't care if you are overweight or not. so for calling out the washington post, he is a patriot. check out the fox news website which is different than bill also, spout out about the factor anywhere in the world. the word of the day. when writing to the factor, don't be quixotic. if you are writing from somewhere quixotic-not exotic-write us here. remember, we are definitely
2:59 am
looking out for you. >> what? hey, good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, december 7th. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. gosh! the president reveals his new populous pitch. listen. >> this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot! when everyone does their fair share. competition is fair. everyone gets a fair chance. gets a fair shot at success. >> i think he's talking about fair. >> and balanced. >> there's a theme there. anyway, there's more. will his strategy of class warfare really work? >> meanwhile, he tried to grill chris christie but he didn't see this coming. >> answer mine! where did you get the understanding from? if i planted the question, why the hell did i call on you? give me the microphone back. >> love that guy! a governor putting the protester in his place in a town hall, mr.


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