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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 13, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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underscore if you are following. you are still following tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. it's o'reilly time in america. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> since he took money from fannie and freddie, do you believe he should give that money back? >> i sure do. >> governor romney would like to give back all the money he has earned from bankrupting companies, i would be glad to listen to him. i bet you $10, not 10,000 that he won't take the offer. >> bill: feistiness breaks out between romney and gingrich over money. we will play you the sound bites. brit hume and juan williams and mary katharine ham will analyze. >> i was disappointed in mitt, i really thought that he would go out and had courage. >> donald trump will be here. his upcoming debate looks shaky. we will get the inside story. >> tell me why you think these pinheads are fascinating. >> who are the most fascinating people of 2011, well, barbara walters think
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the kardashians are in the group. i respectfully disagree. ms. walters will be here. >> stop giving me a hard time, billy. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. voters who don't know anything. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. right now more than 200 million eligible voters in the u.s.a. i don't want to be supercilious. i estimate that at least half of those folks no idea, none about what's going on in washington. and their vote counts as much as your vote and my vote and we take the time to study the officials. presidential candidates know they can get some votes with rhetoric alone. here is the president on 60 minutes last night. >> what did you accomplish?
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>> not only saving this country from a great depression. not only saving the auto industry, but putting in place a system in which we're going to start lowering health care costs and you are never going to go bankrupt because you get sick or somebody in your family gets sick. >> bill: now, according to a new cbs news poll which is usually friendly to the president. 54% of americans do not believe mr. obama deserves to be reelected. just 41% say he does. but in the same poll, 44% approve of the job the president is doing. 46 disapprove so you can see the poll numbers don't add up. my conclusion, anything can happen next year. anything. because many voters are confused. the president himself would rather run against newt gingrich because then the democrats can make the election about newt rather than the economy and leadership of barack obama. if mitt romney opposes the
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president it's harder to do that and romney would pound economics all day long. last night the president said this about his competition. >> it doesn't really matter who the nominee is going to be. the core philosophy that they are expressing is the same. and the contrast envitions between where i want to take the country and where they say they want to take the country is going to be stark and american people good choice and going to be a good debate. >> that is absolutely true. americans will face a stark choice next november. president obama obviously doesn't want to cut government spending very much despite the fact we have more than $15 trillion in debt. whoever the republic nominee will be will have to slash and burn at the federal level. and by the way, if any american thinks taxing the rich is going to bring down debt clueless is the appropriate word. it is all about core philosophy. democrats want social justice. they want american power and money to subsidize those who
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do not have very much. not only here in america but all around the world. republicans are big on self-reliance. therefore, president obama does have a constituency that will vote for him no matter what because they want stuff from the feds. and mr. obama is banking on that, despite the fact that there isn't any money left in the federal bank. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. on saturday, republic contenders slugged it out once again this time in iowa with 7 million people to watch on tv. here now is brit hume in washington this evening. winners and losers. big winner, brit? >> newt gingrich, i think, came out the winner in this debate because of two things. one, he had a lot to lose in that he is now the frontrunner clearly. particularly in iowa. and he was under attack. he weathered the attack, it seems to me with equitynimity
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he comes out ahead. >> what does it mean? >> when one -- one should use he can owe owe equitymity. >> he was calm. didn't get russelled. rough feld it handled it all with a plumb. >> no matter what they threw at him? >> i think he got a little shookup when bachmann called him newt romney. >> i thought he handled that fine. bachmann has a problem and i may be skipping ahead here to her a little bit, in that she can be effective when attacking other candidates doesn't reflect well on her. tim pawlenty struggling for showing in the iowa straw poll way back then. went on the attack against him while she won the iowa straw poll she collapsed after that
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attacking another politician in a multicandidate field is risky. gingrich has refrained from doing that refrained basically from doing that in this debate and i think that was good for him. >> now romney, the headline was, you have got to explain this to me. do this all the time on the factor. rick perry, his whole campaign has given romney jazz now. gives romney jazz every time you turn around. perry brought up again in romney's books there is a difference between the health care and the hard back and the health care and the paperback. and romney says look, i bet you $10,000 there isn't. and perry did not take the bet. to me, that's no big deal but apparently that was -- >> well, here is the problem with that debate was on a saturday night. if you saw the whole thing in context, it probably didn't strike you that much. but, it made headlines. and the headlines and the sound bites, i think, are what a great many people saw out of
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this debate particularly nationally. people don't sit around on saturday nights. >> bill: he believes he is right. >> because it was a large sum of money suggested he handy the way. >> everybody does. everybody knows he is a gazillionaire. >> i understand that i'm just saying that the critic critique of him bill that he has been out of touch. he doesn't identify with regular people. and the guy who has got -- look, i don't buy this particularly myself. i'm saying i think this is how it played and played rather badly for romney. >> bill: i don't think the folks care one whit. i think that's a media concocted thing. now, the "the washington post" today truth -- they do that little truth squad thing and they said that if the bet had been made, romney would have won the bet. let's just throw that out there. how did romney do otherwise than the $10,000? >> he he did fine in the way that he always does. he knows a lot about the issues. he is articulate. is he polished and in that sense he had a confident
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performance. so far i would have to say i thought he has handled himself pretty well in these debates. does not seem do. catch on with people. to connect with them. to get them to relate to him. >> bill: they are never going to buy mitt romney as one of his own because he isn't really a conservative. ron paul has got 10% in iowa. probably that's what he will wind up with. >> he could do better than that in iowa. >> bill: you think so? >> yeah, i do. i think. >> bill: i think he is going to take at lo of his support. >> i think that may be true. ron paul is an interesting guy to watch in these debates. he doesn't vary his performance and trim his sales. people admire that. certain core of people in the republic party who believe the things he believes about the fed, about foreign wars and about all of that. he has got those people and they are going to stay with him and he, i think, probably rally them again the other night although i don't think he probably added measurablably to his level of support. >> bill: all right, brit. fox debate is thursday night
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9:00. that will be the big one that will get the largest audience. >> probably have large err rating thursday night and because it's us. >> that's right because it's us. brit hume, everybody. things got testy today between gingrich and romney. it all has to do with money. barbara walters on her fascinating people once again i have a problem with some of the selection
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>> bill: mitt romney went after newt gingrich who struck back just a few hours later. >> do you believe that since he took money from fannie and freddie the defunct, pretty much hated agencies now, do you believe he should give that money back? >> well, i sure do. he was on a debate saying that politicians who took money from freddie and fanny should go to jail which is outrageous in itself. >> if governor romney would like to give back all the money he has earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees, over his years i would be glad to listen to him. i bet you $10, not 10,000, that he won't take the offer. >> bill: boys, boys. [ laughter ] joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. who won that skirmish. >> the thing about that skirmish it's clear that newt gingrich is the leading candidate as brit was just telling you. romney is looking for ways to bring him down to say that he is not really a conservative which is, i think, newt
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gingrich's calling card. and so he is saying to conservatives here, here is a guy who was all comfortable and cozy with freddie mac, real target for conservatives and somewhat a group that contributed to the housing bubble that's caused us all economic trouble. yet, gingrich wants to say conservative. >> is that a valid point to bring up because gingrich was in the private sector, he advised people. got people together. that's what these guys do. they form their own consultant companies. so romney inbounds to do that. >> yeah. he was inbounds to do it. as romney pointed out there is a difference between someone who is just a consultant and someone playing on conservative republic credentials to get freddie mac in capitol hill offices so they can continue to do business as usual which was objectionable to many conservatives. but i will say. this the whole thing just reminds you that both these guys from the $10,000 bet to the millions they both made.
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romney at bain capital when he was doing what newt gingrich said closing american companies to the money that freddie mac was paying gingrich, they are all makes the republic party look like the party of the rich. >> bill: they are making a living. >> obama so little money, too. >> bill: what do you say mary katharine. >> i think despite the very romneyesque tony -- tone i think he should return the money he landed a good punch. >> bill: you think gingrich should give the money back 1.2 million. >> i don't know if he should give the money back. this is extremely vulnerable position for him. most insidery looking cushy relationship with a organization that americans really dislike. >> did he reply newt gingrich reply in a relevant way. >> i think the reply is worse for gingrich than the original attack was. it showed he doesn't have a great answer for why he was
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working. he actually also said some very positive things about fannie and freddie. it adds to the problem. it wasn't just the working with and advising. when he replied he took a very left leaning attack line on romney that i think some conservatives are going to say hey, whoa, you sound like -- >> when he takes the attack and says he would like to give back that he made bankrupting people and firing, in many cases bain expanded companies in many cases had to cut down. >> okay. >> bill: not all companies have the luxury of being bailed out by taxpayers. and so they have a lot of companies by bain created to turn them around. romney has the guy from staples who is won of the companies that bain worked with and invested in come out and investing hey does newt understand how the economy works. gain jobs. i think that the attack that newt made sounded very unconservative. >> bill: i don't think people care about this very much.
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>> they likehe fighting. the fighting is exciting. bain capital. fanny and freddie, 10 years ago. do they really care? >> right now newt looks like teflon and it's rather incredible because the baggage he has goes way beyond fannie and freddie. >> they want -- people want problems fixed. >> you know what, over the weekend what you saw was to move this story forward you saw that romney was sending out surrogates that were saying you know what? remember republicans were rebelling against newt gingrich when he was speaker. they couldn't -- they said you know this guy is self-began aggrandizing. >> normal times it might. right now americans want a problem solver. that's what they're looking for a problem-solver. republican want to get as far as away from barack obama as they can get. that's romney's problems. he is not as far away as
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gingrich is i'm going to give mary katharine the last word because she hasn't been on for 17 months. 30 seconds mary katharine, go. >> i think people do care about fannie and freddie. it is true that none of the stuff has stuck to gingrich yet. frankly he hasn't opinion been at the top of the pile for very long. he has a lot of money to run ads. fannie and freddie in iowa. wouldn't make a dent. he has done well staying above. >> bill: i wouldn't do it that way. if i were mitt romney i would say this is why i'm better than newt gingrich. is what i can do for you now. that's what i would do. >> very conservative. >> bill: listen, i'm telling you though, it's all about now. i have got to run guys. directly ahead: donald trump. going to be right here and i have no idea what the man wants but he will be here. and then barbara wall tergs will also be here. she wants you to watch her
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, our pal donald trump has a new book out called time to get tough making america number one again. in that book, mr. trump wants the u.s.a. to kick some serious butt all over the place. he joins us now from his lavish offices in new york city. all right? so who should we kick first and hardest? who should we really go after? >> bill, we have to take care of our country from the inside and we have to fight the people from the outside. if you look at what other countries are doing to us, it's an absolute outrage. whether it's india or china or the opec nations or many others, south korea, everybody is beating us and they are sapping our wealth, they are taking away our wealth. we are not going to be able to afford to do anything. from the inside we are not cutting costs. this isn't about taxes. this is about cutting costs.
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they set up a super committee because we have no leadership in obama like zero leadership in obama. they put a super committee and they fail and instead of talking about 4 trillion or 5 trillion, they are talking about 1.2 trillion and even that they can't solve. so, i talked about it in the book. the book is doing great. you asked me to be on this show. i didn't ask to be on this show. >> bill: you have got to lighten up, man. you have got to get a sense of humor. >> okay, bill, i only say that because you are my friend. is it okay that barbara chose me to be one of her top ten? >> bill: i mentioned that in the lead. barbara choosing her as one of her top 10 fabulous people totally destroys her credibility. that list is nothing now because you are on it. >> i actually told her that. >> bill: are you the most sensitive guy in the world you? want to kick somebody's butt somebody makes fun of you and you are all over the place. come on. you dish it out. you have to take it. >> okay. fine. i don't think i'm that sensitive. >> bill: you are sensitive, all right?
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come on. how long have you known me? 35 years? >> too long. >> i know, it is too long. looking how you are aging. [ laughter ] if you were elected president, trump, you would have to kick somebody's butt first. you can't kick all their butts at once. who is the biggest offender? the biggest target, the person that really ticks you off the most? who is it? >> well, what you would have to do is meet with the politicians, the republicans and democrats and start cutting costs but what i would do is meet with china. i would say. >> bill: china number one. china number one. >> i would say china number one. i would say opec probably number two. the opec nations. what they are doing with oil is unbelievable. over $100 a barrel in a bad economy. they monopolize what they are doing with oil. anywhere else it would be illegal. >> bill: on the chinese premier, okay? the guy you didn't want to go to the white house by the way and i'm still steamed at you for making fun at me when i
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got a white house dinner. you they're in your lavish new york studio and i'm in beijing, all right? and you come in and you say to me, hey, have you got to kno it off with the currency. you have got to do a quid pro quo on the import, exports. you have got to be fair in trade. you know what i say to you? we are holding about $2 trillion in debt. chinese. if you give me a hard time, trump, i'm going to sell it all. i'm going to flood the market. i'm going to bankrupt you right now. that's what i'm saying to you. and you say? >> we have all of the power. all of the chips are on our side. the trillion, it's actually 1.1 trillion. forget it, that's peanuts compared to the overall economy. now, what i would say very strongly, you don't start behaving, 25% tax on every item you sell in this country. 25% right now. by the way, based on what they are doing, it should be 41%. >> bill: out of business right there. >> no, no. it went put anybody out of business.
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it will china out of business. we have all the cards and chips. if that ever happened, they would have a depression. the likes of which you have never seen. they cannot play that game. we can. >> bill: people got hurt in the united states if that tariff went on. >> very little. and you know what else would happen, bill? we would start producing our own products. >> bill: hopefully. but manufacturing here is gone because the labor costs are so cheap in china. >> yeah. because it goes to china. >> bill: they don't pay them any money over there. that's what happens. >> excuse me. it goes because they manipulate their currency. bill, it's going to china and other places and instead of having it in alabama and what ia and lots of good places in this country we are sending it overseas. it's horrible. >> bill: they can make it cheaper because they don't pay their people anything. they there are no unions over there. >> that's not really the reason but that's okay. >> bill: newt gingrich is showing up and santorum is showing up. are you going to show up to this debate? is it going to happen. >> i am going to show up. maybe we will just have a chat. we might discuss the world and
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we will discuss it with ourselves. i have a lot of respect for newt because he came in and he said, you know what? i will do it immediately. he said immediately. i must say i'm disappointed in mitt romney because he has been up to trump tower. we have great relationship. i think he is a nice guy. i was shocked he didn't do the debate. i think he should. >> bill: 3200 debates. might be sick of it i don't think it's about you, can you? >> you can't be tired at this point. time to be tired. >> frankly, he really should have done this debate. i think it would have tremendous viewing. what i would say maybe we will just do a chat. newt and i will talk about what has to be done. >> you are going to ignore santorum get out of there. >> no. he will be there. >> bill: be there? >> he is not doing great in the polls let's put it this way but he did accept. >> bill: you have got to ask him the questions. >> he has been very nice and gracious and i would absolutely have him there. >> bill: buy trump's book time to get tough.
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anything else you want to say? are you still a little sensitive. >> you asked me to be in the program. i asked. and other than that, i love you, bill. >> bill: all right. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. fox news attacked by a republic. we will play you the offending sound bite and bernie goldberg will analyze. who are the most fascinating people of 2011 beside trump and doocy. barbara walters has the list. we will check it twice. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. each we're we invite barbara walters on t factor talk about abc special to talk about the 10 most fascinating people that airs on december 14th. trump is one of those people so the whole list is up in flames. here now miss walters. >> first of all i want to say 18th year we go on at 9:30. 90 minutes long so we have
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even more time. >> bill: to spend with the kardashians, great. >> okay. you want to discuss it? >> i do. first i want to get to somebody who is on the list. pippa middleton, is that a hockey player? who is pippa middleton? >> you are so out of it. amazing to me. >> bill: who is that? >> do you remember last year kate middleton married prince william. >> is pippa the cocker spaniel? >> bill: she is the one, take a look at the dress. she is the bridesmaid who became famous and now she is the new it girl. >> fascinating. extremely interesting, charming and glamorous. >> bill: that sounds like me. [ laughter ] >> you are just mad billy because you are no on the list. >> abc would never put me on that. you are jealous on me. that's an abc network show. i'm going to read you this whether you like it or not. >> pippa middleton, right? not even an american. >> so what? >> bill: only thing she has ever done in her life has held
2:32 am
up her sister's dress. that's the only thing she has ever done in her life. >> we picked a lot of people made impact last year. by everybody talking about her. by becoming, you know, what did she wear? what did she do? you don't mention simon cowell. >> bill: for good reason. >> katie perry, derek jeeter, donald trump, you tell me i shouldn't have them on. you is have them on all the time. >> you say fascinating. that shows i have no credibility. whether you like them or not. >> what's wrong with you. i am joking back, billy. >> i'm serious about the kardashians. >> what are you serious about? >> i want you to take this question seriously. i think the kardashians represent all that's wrong with america. >> do you? >> here we have ladies who are making tons of money who have no talent at all. they do nothing. they can't sing. they will can't dance. they don't write. they don't act. all they do is sit around and whine. now, you can give them credit
2:33 am
for becoming wealthy whining, but why are we lion eyeing them? >> we are saying they are an interesting phenomenon. they will be the first to admit and they do on the show. i said you are famous for being famous. you have no talent. >> did you say that? >> yes i did. >> bill: good. >> you cannot totally disregard pop culture because you know nothing about it. >> bill: i know about the kardashians. >> no. these are people who have made a big impact this past year and that's why we pick people. >> bill: how have they made a big impact. >> they have perfume and clothes that sell. they have television programs that sell. this girl gets married for 72 days. 72 hours. you would think it's the biggest thing that happened. you cannot disregard pop culture. >> bill: take it as a business story then i kind of understand that attle a little
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bit: why do you think some americans care about the kardashians? what is it about them that attracts people into their layer? >> first of all, there is nothing about their life that isn't private. they find that interesting. secondly, i know you will find this strange, but they are a family and people relate to that. they like each other. and also, young people especially can relate to them because there is a little bit of them in each of them. last year was a very big year for them. and so we chose them. i think it's a very good job. if they wanted to come on this show tomorrow, billy, would you turn them down? >> bill: on the factor? i would take them. but i'm not going to go oh, you are so fascinating. i would go you are a pinhead and here is why and listen all the reasons. i don't think they set a good example to young american women. i think they are self-absorbed. i don't think they are working for a living. they are running around. >> i asked them that too. i said you don't work and famous for being famous.
2:35 am
they said we work very hard. just being likeable. >> bill: tough sitting in the makeup chair three hours. i know how tough that can be. i have to do it. >> a lot of people do less. the point is in the whole complexity they are when it comes to television this past year fascinating. >> bill: okay. all right. i'm not going to argue with the fact that they have become world-famous for no reason. in the special we only have 30 seconds left. >> i just have to pick you. >> bill: if you pick me, my career is over. >> you know what, there is a thought. >> bill: you want to get rid of me put me on your list. >> no. i love you. you know that. >> bill: you always keep the most fascinating people secret. do you want to give us a hint. >> we have never had anyone like this person before. >> bill: never had anyone like this person before. >> in the category inhich we put him. >> bill: glenn beck? >> wrong. >> bill: beck is really counting on it too, man. is he really counting on it? >> well, that's the drama of
2:36 am
the show. we always appreciate you coming in and taking all the nonsense from me. you know? >> i always like -- >> bill: i appreciate it happy holidays to you. >> to you, too. >> bill: a republic saying fox news is in dishonest. we will play you that sound bite and goldberg will weigh in. bernie is next. @xóx
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie. david forum who once wrote speeches for bush the younger is a lifelong republic but not a big fan of fox news. >> you can always find good people doing good work in bad situations. you can find people doing bad work in good situations. the question is what is the impact on the viewer? we know, for example, the people watch a lot of fox come away knowing a lot less about important world events. >> you are assuming a cause
2:40 am
and effect there. >> that's the correlation that we know. >> bill: who is we? a nationwide pew research study shows viewers of "the o'reilly factor" are 16% higher than the average knowledge than. who is we? with us is bernard goldberg. i'm not getting this guy's beef. not that he is an important guy. is he a contributor on cnn and this and that other conservatives i have heard say that as well. they seem to be mad at fox news. i'm getting letters about the campaign. getting mad at us. what is the beef? do you have any idea? >> i think i do. first, i want to make clear that i'm going to answer with you equanimity. >> that's always good. >> that's myoimage to brit hume. first of all to agree with what you said in the lead. i bet you $10,000 that there aren't two people watching us tonight who care what david forum thinks about them or just about anything else.
2:41 am
as far as what the beef is. i think there are two kinds of conservatives out there. david frum fits into a category of intellectual conservative or something close to that i think that group not all the people who are intellectuals feel that way but many do. they don't like the riff-raff, you know, who they sees a the riff-raff. they don't like the tea party people for instance because they think they are dumb. now, here is the beef, bill. could you imagine how frustrated it must be if you are intellectual and you realize that the riff-raff have more influence on the culture and on politics than you and your incident electric actual pals have? that must be really frustrating. i think that's what the beef is with some of them. >> bill: they resent fox news now being in the middle of the campaign because absolutely we are. >> they resent the facts that fox news is an important
2:42 am
player in the culture and by and large they are not. >> bill: that makes sense to me. >> lots of resentment from fnc both sides of the political speck couple. we are the go-to place in the presidential election. there are two people and this is what frum is referring to who believe stuff they hear becae they want to believe it we have discussed. this obama is a muslim. all right? oh yeah, is he a muslim. and then they want to believe it. they believe it and dick cheney got us into war in iraq because of halliburton. getting paid off by hall burton. no evidence about either of those things. people will believe it because they want to believe it and that's that not going to blow them out of there. that's what these guys are referring to. i'm saying to myself, look, if you don't know that this ideological position is everywhere in everything. >> independent and libertarian. you are crazy. you don't brand a network any
2:43 am
network because of what people think. >> i agree with every word you just said. let me give you one specific example that speaks to that in a slightly different way. i don't care what any of these polls say about viewers of fox news. i don't care about the ones that say they are smart. i don't care about the ones who say they are stupid. i will give you one example as to why. there was a poll by a university that said fox news don't know what's going on in the world because they -- this is the word in the poll because they erroneously believe the economy is getting worse. they erroneously think the economy is getting worse. that's why they fit into the category of stupid viewers. well, it's true that we're not on the brink of a depressio anymore. it's true that the banks aren't about to collapse anymore. but the unemployment rate is higher. the national debt is a lot higher. so is the economy getting better or worse? this tells me about the liberal professor who
2:44 am
conducted this poll a lot more than it tells me about the people who are watching fox news. that's why these -- you know, bill, unsolicited advice. if the white house unfairly attacks fox, go after him. if the "new york times" unfairly goes after fox, go after them. if somebody important in the culture goes after fox, same thing. if an intellectual who is frustrated because he doesn't have the clout that you have, he is not worth going after. >> then i wouldn't have this very fascinating segment with you, bernie. >> that's a very good point. >> bernie goldberg, everybody. reality check on deck. al sharpton big financial trouble and a college basketball fight that's hideous. check is next. confidence, with depend in color. now available in gray. looks and fits like underwear.
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same great protection. depend. good morning. great day.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check, we begin with al sharpton who apparently owes more than a million dollars in back taxes. this has been going on for years the reverend saying he is paying off the obligation, none the less, a very serious situation. less serious is "saturday night live's" take on sharpton's tv program. >> jim have and der heho of period com. >> it's vandehei. >> a big vandehei back to you. let's go to jim vander he haw. >> van der high. >> sharpton high. those in the g.o.p. want to talk about helping people. wrong camera? which one is it? the red light? there is red lights everywhere. on the top? okay. so this one? now, you just switched it on me now.
2:49 am
that's what i need to be asking you, have you ever been on tv before? >> check 2. also in the snl zone alec baldwin. >> this was very important for me to come here tonight and on behalf of everyone at american airlines issue an apology to mr. alec baldwin. [ laughter ] >> alec, are you sure this is the right way to handle this? >> yeah, yeah. keep going. [ laughter ] >> mr. baldwin is an american treasure. and i am ashamed at the way he was treated. i mean, what harm would it do to keep letting him playing his game. not any game but a word game for smart people. >> alec i don't care this is. >> keep going. >> didn't alec baldwin getting kicked off the plane delay takeoff. >> it did. it was the first time in the history of american airlines that one of our flights was delayed. come on! >> bill: in case you just
2:50 am
returned from batswana was kicked off a plane because elm wouldn't turn his phone off. basketball game between xavier university and cincinnati. >> and now an altercation and this is the last thing you want to see. the bench is cleared. [shouting] with nine seconds to go in a blowout mark lyons and glen those two squared off at the start of the game during the national anthem they were at one another. >> kenny free got hit and hit hard in the middle of that sacrum as -- scrum. >> eight student players were suspended after that fight. check four michele bachmann had a good line yesterday on face the nation. >> when you take a look at people say this is a two-man
2:51 am
race i would agree but the one man is newt romney and the other man is michele bachmann the only proven consistent constitutional conservative. i'm the only one that can take the debate to barack obama and win and be elected. >> bill: newt romney. check five. ladies and gentlemen, megyn kelly and donald trump. >> what's the deal with the hair? >> tell me, is it that bad? >> i didn't see bad. i said what's the deal with it. >> i get more -- i don't know, i just get killed on the hair. it's been this way for years it is mine. i want to keep that hair line as low as possible. it's not that bad. >> it's not feathered i see. everybody thought it was sort of comb over. >> it's no comb over. i actually comb it back. >> there is no receding hair line. >> it's a tiny tiny. >> it looks good. >> i gm getting older. >> not that bad. you are a little surprised. imgetting killed on the hair.
2:52 am
>> investigating reporting on the finest. check 6 got this letter from kelly who lives in california. my husband and i went to see you and miller on saturday night. as we were walking into the theater, scalpers were in the parking lot selling tickets. you are now officially the rolling stones. miller is jagger and i'm charlie wants. because of the presidential primary upcoming we can't do very many live appearances in 2012. miller and i are set so be in santa barbara on february 25th ivelgt i will be in durham north carolina february 3rd. tampa florida march 12th and naples florida march 12th. tickets make great christmas gifts, of course. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck. jay-z in the zone.
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2:56 am
over the country. a very long list. they supply the columnists and editors with information, the campaign does. there will be plenty of info about newt. plenty. and you're right, any other g.o.p. candidate. but, mr. gingrich is a much bigger target. so that is what the democrats will rye to do, make newt gingrich the focus, not the economy. jaycee duncan, sen tenial, colorado -- that would be a very good interesting debate. rick, from chicago -- >> bill: $10,000. no, he's not paying me
2:57 am
anything. from charlotteville -- >> bill 6'4", ben. and from california -- we sent 10,000 copies, alice. we thank everyone who participated in that. rich clark, a combat veteran and civil war buff i was captivated by "killing lincoln. it" i appreciate that, rich. and mike johnson said, "i recently discovered the factor goes down better with a large glass of irish whit i can." you just recently discovered that, mike? people knew that from the jump. jay-z a rapper often associated with the far left so we were surprised when he said this. >> i wouldn't mind paying more taxes if it went to the things that really mattered. if it went to education and people in poverty and, you know, if it went to the right things.
2:58 am
i wouldn't mind. i think it should be clearly defined. clearly defined, where all the money is being allocated. you can understand paying so much for taxes and then things not improving. where is everything going to? >> bill: right non, jay-z. you must be watching "the factor." tonight you are a patriot. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. talking points, memo posted there even evening. we'd like to spoutout. o' name and town if you want new word of the day. new word alert. do not be a knighting. when writing to the factor or anything else. a great word! again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly.
2:59 am
the spin stops right here. definitely looking out for yo >> top of the morning to you. it is tuesday, december 13th, 2011. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for sharing part of your morning with us today. newt gingrich and mitt romney exchanging shots in new hampshire. look at how the crowd responds when newt calls for a cease-fire. whoo! >> are they playing nice or aren't they with each other? newt explains the rules coming up. >> but newt has more to worry about than mitt romney. one very famous conservative offering him $1 million to get out of the race. we'll tell you who it is and why they want newt kaput. >> all right. plus alec baldwin had his chance to go after american airlines on "saturday night live." now, flight


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