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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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thanks for having us into your home. 12 nights until christmas. wow. making a list and checking it twice. if you can't get them to be good now, just turn them over to this guy. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i get depressed and scared when i look at the republic debate. >> should voters be frightened by the republic candidates as jane fonda is? we will ask alan colmes why jane is so scared and if he is nervous as well. >> the only reason you didn't become a career politician is you lost to teddy kennedy in 1994. >> wait a second. >> some establishment republicans do not like newt gingrich. they believe he cannot defeat barack obama. charles krauthammer will analyze that. >> some in the city of san francisco celebrating christmas the natural way. kind of. [cheers]
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caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. voters who know nothing, part 2. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we discussed that many american voters have no idea what's going on. their vote counts as much as your vote or my vote. presidential candidates count on that that they could razzle dazzle the electorate with rhetoric. certainly president obama would rather talk about his vision to the country rather than what's happened economically the last three years. enter jane fonda like a gift from god. ms. fonda made my point about uninformed voters on cnn. >> when you look at the republic race and you see these debates and all the candidates and so on. what do you make of the intellectual level of those debates? who impresses you and who scares you?
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>> they all scare me, frankly. i get depressed and scared when i look at the republic debate. >> i mean, even someone like a newt gingrich or a mitt romney? do they scare you? >> i'm worried about anybody getting elected to office who says we have to do away with or privatize social security. we have to reduce medical health insurance. we have to not raise taxes. i don't think that we can get out -- and there is no problem with the environment. you know, this is all made up by the left. >> bill: let's take ms. fonda's concerns one by one. no presidential candidate wants to do away with social security. those who suggest privatizing would give americans options to do that there would be no force used as there is in obama care. ms. fonda wants her taxes raised and that's fine. she can pay as much as she likes to the feds right now. then there is reducing health care costs. a nice goal i hope it happens.
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there is absolutely no evidence it will. my health insurance premiums have drastically increased since obama care has passed and i bet yours has to. global warming, jane wants it to stop right now. apparently she missed the chaos in durbin, south africa last week where once again nothing was done about global warming on the international level. things are so bad even canada is pulling out of the treaty. i think most americans want a clean environment and gladly embrace green energy if it were viable if we could afford it now, i'm just not picking on jane fonda though she is the poster girl for american liberalism. ms. fonda doesn't know very much with all due respect. we would have to have e.m.s. standing by. however, she is a true believer. no matter what the evidence is. when porter berry confronted her about communists killing americans in southeast asia after america pulled out of vietnam. she wouldn't blame the communist killers. she said it was the u.s.a.'s
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fault that happened. that is called if a that if a ft sism and narcissism. there are people who will not make their decision based on issues and the truth. that is not a good thing. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. with us our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. are you terrified. >> shaking in my boots. can i say one thing? it's fascinating that we are still getting all crazy, jane fonda makes conservatives crazy, still. >> bill: poster girl. >> she still drives you nuts. >> you like her, right? >> i happen to like jane fonda. >> bill: do you think she is a great thinker. >> i don't know about great thinker i happen to agree with her. >> bill: don't laugh, crowley. >> how do you define a great thinker? >> bill: right here. i'm looking at one. >> excuse me i don't mean to laugh. >> bill: you see she is not a great thinker. >> other than dr. crowley.
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>> bill: you admit that she really doesn't know what she is talking brvettle i admit she has good points. >> bill: okay. what was the good points she made in the diatribe about the republic candidates. >> interesting word. privatizing social security would be a step toward getting people into a much more insecure place for retirement. >> bill: it's their own choice. >> in the beginning. that's a slippery slope we would go down. the goal is really to get it off the public books. to get the federal government out of this. >> bill: the goal is to get it in solvenciy. >> raise it above 106,000. raise the age. >> bill: only way to make it solvent. not enough people to fund it? >> the notion we are scared of there being a republic president. >> bill: she just said she was scared. >> no more than. >> bill: she just said she was scared. did you hear her. >> she is fightenned. i feel bad for her. >> some of the conservatives are frightened about barack
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obama being in the white house, too. double standard. >> bill: all right. jane upon darks you don't want jane to be frightened, do you? >> i do not want jane fonda to be scared, i don't think she should be scared. i'm terrified that barack obama could get another term. >> bill: you and jane have something in common. you are both frightened that the other side win. there is more radical strain of leftism that has come from this president over the last few years that frankly does terrify me and terrifies most of the american people based on his poll numbers. >> bill: that's poll numbers. base example of radical leftism. >> i will give you four examples. >> bill: just one only five minute segment. >> relentless class warfare, redistribution, socialized medicine and u.s. -- >> he has cut taxes and the
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health car plan is not a government takeover. it's not socialized medicine. >> we have seen the most government intervention in the public sector and in this economy since governor roosevelt. what he has done over the last few years is changed the balance between the private sector and public sector. if you are giving this man another four years, i don't care if the republicans do get big majorities in the congress, he goal around the congress as he has already started to do through executive fiat. and if he is given another four years, bill, this nation is lost. >> bill: genuinely worried and so is ms. fonda he though. she is genuinely worried if the republicans take over, particularly if they have the senate and the house. you had republicans across the board. that they would dismantle the national health care which jane fonda and alan colmes revere. they revere t socialized medicine. >> bill: listen, when you have these debates, have you got to be reasonable about it, colmes. i understand your point of view. that you want people,
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'0 million of them, who don't have health insurance, and who can't afford it or just don't want it, you want them to have it. >> right. >> bill: you don't understand that crowley, me, people watching don't feel it's our responsibility to pay for those people's health bills. >> we are pay fog -- paying for that now. >> what we are paying for it to the tune we will pay for it when the government runs the show. >> i disagree with that. >> bill: i'm for safety nets. i would have a federal government clinic system where people could get treated for free. i would put that in. but the government running the health care industry, that frightens me. i don't want the government running that they can't run the post office, colmes. they can't run the post office. >> they can run the military. >> bill: they can run the military because it's civilian. >> we have a civilian government.
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the commander and chief is a civilian. the government runs the military well. >> bill: that is wrong. the pentagon calls the shots on how the military operates. >> that's the government. >> bill: the pentagon is military people. >> it's the government. it's still the government. >> bill: it's overseen by the secretary of defense. but the generals, the joint chiefs call the shots. >> they work for the government. it's a government run military. >> bill: you have the last word. >> whether it's barack obama or nancy pelosi or jane fonda, you are dealing with very committed leftist idealogues. liberalism, socialism, communism, in whatever form anywhere in the world. >> they are all the same, right? >> these are people who refuse to see they have failed because they believe in it so much and like to import it into the united states. barack obama has done a fine job so far in importing that alien belief into the united states. what the republic. >> where has he done that. >> excuse me, what the republic candidates are arguing for is the return to first principles, limited government. fiscal responsibility. and strong national defense.
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>> bill: choice that has to be made. i have got to go. >> foreign alien guy. come on. >> bill: interesting debate as always. next on the run down, most americans believe congress is not trust worthy. talk to two congressman about that later, get ready for a naked christmas in san francisco. i don't know how you slide down a chimney with that. we're coming right back. we are coming right back. urney , i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> bill: new gallup poll says 64% of americans rate the ethical standards of congress low or very low. 64%. are these folks correct? is congress corrupt? joining us from washington republic steve king from iowa and democrat keith ellison from iowa. are you surprised that most americans think you guys aren't trust worthy. >> no, bill, i'm not surprised. as a matter of fact, it's something that worries me quite a bit. measures should feel proud of their government but the fact is they really don't. they feel that, you know, their interests are not being represented by the rich and powerful, get everything they want and the average citizen gets ignored. that is the reality. >> bill: you think it's -- the rich and powerful get everything they want. i don't know if it's ideological thing but this 64% cuts across both lines. you have a lot of republicans saying we don't trust these
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guys. if we're all getting the rich getting everything they want. all the republicans in your state say that would be swell. disenchantment in all quarters. i think it's because you guys don't get much done. >> well, you know, bill, there is a lot of republic voters who feel that they are locked out of the process, too. i mean, they have different solutions for the problems that i would propose but they still feel outside the system. i mean, i think that's part of what explained the whole tea party movement that people kind of felt like they, the average american regardless of party affiliation weren't given access to the system. >> bill: that's an excellent point. >> how do you see it, mr. king, why do so many americans don't trust congress. >> i think a lot of times we congress uses language that uses and confuses the issue. for example, we have three different ways that we describe our budget and our spending. if you want to declare baseline spending that says to
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me that's flat. instead that's a projected increase in spending. budget allocations and actual outlays. how could anybody in the street figure out how congress is doing. nice utility if you want to make an argument on either keith's side of the aisle or my side of the aisle. >> bl: you both know i'm a simple man. when you have a 15 trillion-dollar debt and you have got to borrow money to pay the interest on that debt to the chinese. people say whose fault is that? and it's right in your lap, both of you and all the other members of congress because you guys allocate the funds. that's why they don't trust you. 15 trillion-dollar debt speaks for itself and congress is the one that hoisted it on the nation. am i wrong, congressman ellison? >> you know, in a way i do think bill something do on your point of view. that is let's say we want to cut the budget or let's say we want to get rid of loopholes. that's all fine.
5:16 pm
folks in your audience will say cut all the loopholes. not cut that loophole. >> bill: that's not the point. the point is we have arrived at a juncture in history where we have a debt that's unsustainable that every american is in danger because because of this debt and you guys for the past 50 years have imposed it on the american people, congressman king. >> bill, i will just speak to that you have made an important point here. one of the reason that the public doesn't distrust congress as much as i think they should is because congress has demonstrated that we don't collectively within us have the will to solve this budget problem. it doesn't exist in the white house. it doesn't exist in the senate and it doesn't exist on either side of the aisle. we are looking at a national debt in 20 years. now only 26 trillion with the debt ceiling deal. it was going to be 23 trillion under ryan but that went out the window with the debt ceiling deal.
5:17 pm
now they are wondering there is no balanced budget in sight and they know we cannot go 10 years without some kind of an economic crisis. >> bill: that's right. that's a very -- you put it very well congressman king. the american people even those that don't pay attention very much know that this train is heading for the cliff. and that the guys in washington from the president on down have not been able to get together and say, you know, we have a crisis. and we have to act to solve the crisis. it's still he said, she said, those are i idiots. pinheads, this, that. people are saying enough, solve the problem congressman ellison. solve the problem. >> but, bill, you make a good point. here is the real problem. how to solve the problem is a lot easier than saying solve it however we solve it, somebody will get. >> bill: look, you solve the problem by going back to spending levels five years
5:18 pm
ago. that's number one. all right? you just go back five years because we were all living okay before this recession hit. not all of us but most americans were. you take those spending levels of 2007. and you start there and then you start to cut and cut and refine the entitlement programs. everybody is going to get hurt a little bit. but that's the price of saving the nation. let me give congressman king the last word because -- >> we have this polarity that exists this congress too. i agree with substantially what you say. this polarity exists this way. some of us want to cut this budget. i want to cut it deeper than my colleagues are willing to do. the other side of the aisle has invested in the expanding the dependency class. those two things are not compatible. we will not get to a compromise that resolves. this there has to be a winner takes all that comes down on the side of the budget. it takes the next leader of the united states to get it done. you are not going to find it in this congress. >> this is why we cannot
5:19 pm
agree. >> bill: that's exactly right. the american people are going to have to solve the dilemma by their vote next time and that's why this election is vital. >> congressman very good debate. directly ahead, more than a thousand people a day being apprehended on the mexican border. down from last year. we will tell you what's going on. john stossel opening a business selling lemonade. are things that bad, stossel? are things that bad? up ahead.
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>> fact tor follow up tonight. new statistics from the border patrol. apprehensions from the border stood at 325,000. 1,000 people per day. that is down big time from the year 2011 years ago when one million 6 auto thousand folks
5:23 pm
were detained on othe southern border. drug seizures are up down there joining us from washington dr. james car van know from the heritage illegal immigration. we assume that the bad economy is one of the reasons that people, there aren't as many jobs there used to be. and then we assume that because the border patrol has been beefed up down there and the national guard a few of them are backing up the border patrol that's helped out. is there anything else in play? >> no. i think that's right. it's mostly the economy. look, we have been putting more money into border security since the 1990. and what we saw was for 20 years we kept putting more stuff on the border and the illegal population kept getting bigger. people kept trying to come here. when they got here they stayed instead of going back home. this is the first time we have seen dramatic reversal. it's about jobs. >> bill: also has to do with border fence in sectors in arizona. in california, very heavily
5:24 pm
populated factors that put the fence up. that worked. they moved the national guard finally. presidenbush moved them down there. president obama. then they took them out. now they are putting them back. in now they may take them out again. all of these inhibiting factors. i'm sure you know, this doctor, the price that the coyotes, the people who smuggle these people into this country has tripled. a lot of them can't afford it. a lot of the people who like to come here can't afford the price to get smuggled in here because every detriment that you put on the border makes it more difficult and riskier for these people to be smuggled. in all of these things have formed a perfect storm to get it down. still when you have 325,000 apprehended, how many got in. how many got what is it 4 to 1, 3 to 1? what's the ratio. >> don't forget about half the unlawful population comes on visas and oversays. the problem with just looking at those numbers is it can give you complacency. it's a symptom.
5:25 pm
it's not the problem. >> bill: i thought it was three or four times for every one caught. >> we can't tell you that. pretty were good data. they can tell you who is here. what they can't really tell you is how many times people try to come here and how many get through. >> bill: you have got to assume that most get through and they detain those down here. narcotics is a big problem coming through the southern borders because the mexican drug cartels control most of the flow of all drugs, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine coming through. no shortage in the nation's cities and towns of drugs. they still getting through the way they used to get through? >> well, drugs still moving big problem. not just drugs often call them drug cartels. criminal cartels. they move people. they move drugs, they move money and they move guns. they branch out into other kinds of criminal activity. really a criminal cartel. run from the southern border of mexico into latin america
5:26 pm
all the way into the united states into canada. >> it doesn't seem like the border fence and beefed up border patrol and national guard inhibited drug smuggling all that much. it seems all these narcotics are still getting in here. am i wrong? >> that's right. because product for them is not the cost driver. they can lose product and they don't care. so they will run a shipment of a ton of marijuana through and then they will actually call and give themselves -- say hey, we are running this shipment through. because when everybody runs to get that shipment. they move even more stuff through some other place. they can lose 50% of their product and they don't care. >> bill: has to be secured from brownsville to san diego no matter how the government has to do it, they have to do it. the toll that drug trafficking takes on this country, 70% of the crime. 70% of the child abuse and neglect. all of the chaos that it causes, the social problems, far and away more than it would to really seal that border down. doctor, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the
5:27 pm
factor moves along this evening. in san francisco they are celebrating christmas with no clothes on except for hats. there they go. is it legal is going to investigate. next, john stossel sets up a lemonade stand to make a point about big government. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. it's hard for my crew to keep up with 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. 2% cash back. that's setting the bar pretty high. thanks to spark, owning my own business has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? this guy's amazing.
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stand, lots of food stands all over new york city. what would you have to do to have that little business open? what would you have to do? >> well, your show isn't long enough for me to list all the steps. i'm still waiting to receive some food protection certificate we applied for three weeks ago. you have to take a test. you have to get all these tax forms. you have to get your government approved fire extinguisher and so on. and this is one reason there is less job growth in america. >> bill: you have to get a government approved fire extinguisher for a lemonade stand? >> they lump it all together. >> bill: they want you to jump through hoops and pay them every step of the way i'm sure. what about these guys who are out in front of the news corps building selling stuff they are grilling and they seem to be able to navigate it. >> well, one reason the thing they sell costs more is that they pay some well-connected lawyer to jump through all
5:32 pm
these hoops. >> bill: they hire lawyers who handle like a thousand of these guys. lawyers get them the permits and they pay the city and all of that. >> the little guy can't be an entrepreneur. >> the guy is a little guy. >> he is not independent. >> there is a million of these guys and pool their money and get some lawyer to do it for them. now, the business regulation all over the united states, not just here in new york city is pretty much the same. they make it painful for people to start up, right? >> whatever there is a problem, the politician says we have to fix it. we have to pass a law. they never take the old ones away. i have some ceos from staples, best buy on my show recently. they created a quarter of a million jobs. they said they could not build the companies they built under today's regulations. there are just too many. >> bill: when you present this to the big government liberal people and the obama administration that you really harming the economy by all of this oversight. by all of these regulations.
5:33 pm
they say well, the consumer has to be protected. because there might be arsenic in stossel's lemonade and we have to stop that. >> that's right. and you might have had a restaurant which had cooking and you need that fire extinguisher. >> bill: so they have a point, do they not? >> they have a point but they are killing entrepreneurship. they should pass the stossel rule for every new regulation they pass they repeal two old ones. they never repeal anythg. >> bill: here is what i would like to see. i would like to seat rules ease so you can have your lem mob made -- lemonade. >> i did this because they have been shutting kids down. >> bill: all right. i would like to see that i also want some rules to say if we do give you the license and we lou you to do that, and if you abuse the process by, for example, not selling real lemonade but selling some, you know, sugar water or something like that, the penalties are fairly strict. so you get them on the back
5:34 pm
end. you give them the benefit of the doubt. allow some start up. they have to obey some quality control rules is, that fair. >> that's fair. if they poison somebody people can sue them. >> bill: insurance agency takes care of that bank roll in all of these bank things. >> if you weren't counting on government and private agencies, "consumer reports" underwriter laboratories. the o'reilly supervisor lemonade stand would be out there and we would know who to trust. >> we can't do it. the government has to hold them accountable if they abuse the process. i agree with you they have to make it easier to start up. >> they are not doing that. >> bill: john stossel, everybody. there he is. when we come right back, is it legal on celebrating christmas naked in san francisco and the supreme court hearing the controversial immigration law. charles krauthammer on why establishment republicans dislike newt gingrich. moments away. the markets nevertop moving.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight, celebrating christmas in san francisco natural. first the supreme court announced yesterday it will hear challenges to arizona tough anti-immigration law. the decision could come down next summer influencing the next presidential election. here now kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. when the supreme court hears this, this is a big law. >> long law, right. >> bill: what are the issues that they will have to rule on? >> several issues of the ninth circuit blocked. that's what they are going to have to rule on can an officer pull -- who has pulled somebody over for something completely unrelated to immigration ask them about their immigration status. that's the first thing. do immigrants who are registered. do they have to carry documentation of that registration all of the time. >> that's two.
5:39 pm
>> if they're arrested for something, can local police figure out what their immigration status is before letting them go? and then can police arrest people without warrants if they have probable cause that they are here illegally or doing something to make them deportable under federal law. that gets a little complicated. >> bill: the last one the supreme court is not going to go for it's too broad. >> it's very broad. that's the problem. >> bill: they will say the police powers can't -- you can't be stopping anybody without a warrant or going to their house. >> you can't go further than. >> you think they might be from guadalajara. >> that's the problematic prong of it. >> bill: if the supreme court throws that out but says the other things are okay. that's what they will do. >> sure. this is unlike the obama care where the whole separatability thing. they can say boom boom boom boom boom. three blocks here we will block out two. the rest of it stands. >> bill: that's probably
5:40 pm
what's going to happen. >> i doubt it's going to be straight across sweep for arizona the law will be upheld. couple provisions problematic. >> bill: kagan one of the supreme court justices is has recused herself. >> rightly so. she was solicitor general during the time that the obama administration filed the original lawsuit against the arizona law. so she was the solicitor general. she was the main lawyer for the administration. >> bill: she did the right thing so she is out. >> absolutely did the right thing. >> bill: perry knows. he must have known that she was going to roo could you -- r. if it's a by then the ninth circuit wins. >> obama administration. on each of the counts they will take a vote. it could be five to three on one. four to four on one. 6 to 2 on one. right? >> put it out with respect to the provisions. is the ninth circuit of appeals very liberal court upheld on each one.
5:41 pm
>> bill: they are not going to vote on all of them. >> all together they could not answer all of them. >> bill: together arizona is going to lose i think. >> could very he well be a four, four. >> that's why kagan was smart. >> bill: you think what is going to happen. >> they will uphold three of the four. >> it could also be a four four. >> yeah. >> sandusky former penn state football coach charged by 10 people now with child molestation. he could have had a hearing today said. no he is going to go right to trial. was that a smart move as former prosecutor? >> if i was his defense attorney because i would never be a defense attorney. that's just me. basically a smart move in that they don't want this information out there again and have the ten accusers go and repeat the same lured allegation they already had a grand jury, right? >> they will do a discovery on this thing and all of that. they will know what the accusations are. >> they already have that
5:42 pm
grand jury transcript and testimony. they will proceed forward to trial. >> bill: was that smart for sandusky to waive. >> the only reason to go through it was a fishing expedition. nothing to fish for because the judge was going to cut it down. >> bill: is he toast. sandusky is done. >> 10 counts right now. more could be coming. there is a strong likelihood. >> bill: i don't see this guy ever getting out of jail ever. child molesters, you are going to do that you should never get out. >> is he under house arrest right now. enjoy that. >> bill: guilfoyle i will have to go to on this one. guilfoyle used to be the first lady of san francisco. >> okay. >> bill: wielded tremendous power. >> i wore more than a santa hat. let me tell you. >> bill: i hope so. why are these people in the street with santa hats and nothing else. why are they there? what did they do. >> santa con thing. tradition. this isn't even against the law in san francisco to be nude.
5:43 pm
>> bill: tradition of what? what are they trying to do here? >> trying to get in the guinness book of world records. >> world record for naked santas. i know that sounds ridiculous to you. for some reason they are inspired. >> bill: want to get in the guinness book of records who shouldn't even have that category by the way. >> it should be banned. >> bill: i don't think guinness has a naked santa record. >> trying to make one. >> bill: these people are exhibitionists, they want to do this because they want to tweak people who find it offensive, i guess. >> yes. people are also eating in the nude in san francisco recently. and they weren't prosecuted for that either. >> bill: these loons run out in little santa hats, frightening the reindeer which is not nice peta should get on that. they can't. right? >> completely legal in san francisco unless you are out there doing it for a lewd way, yes. >> bill: so it's legal in san francisco. >> to run around nude like that, yes. >> bill: just to walk to the store. >> if you go to a restaurant.
5:44 pm
you have got to put a towel down. other than that. >> bill: no restraint on that at all. >> unless it rises to the level of lewd and lascivious conduct. >> bill: just want to be a naturalist. average temperature is about 52. >> catch a breeze. >> bill: you can do that. >> by the way, this is in england. remember we talked about last week where kids aren't allowed to sit on santa's laps. >> it's too cheap but i will say that most of those people out there will get coal in their stocking on christmas morning. >> what happened to my pound. >> bill: san francisco, everybody. book your flight now. by the way, just in time for christmas. lis wiehl new book out "the truth advantage." wow. coming right back, coming right back with charles krauthammer. the question tonight why do some establishment republicans dislike newt gingrich? then, can we overdo our christmas displays? ♪ ♪ where at least i know i'm
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>> bill: back of the book sellingment tonight, reports all over the place some establishment republicans will not support newt gingrich even though the former speaker is one of the most prominent republicans in the country. joining us now from washington fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. so, does gingrich have a g.o.p. problem, charles? >> well, let's define our terms as establishment. are you a member of the establishment, bill? you are an influential guy. >> bill: not registered independent, maverick kind of guy. by establishment republic, i mean the people who wield
5:49 pm
power, fundraising power and our lifelong g.o.p. members. >> i guess that's the reason you haven't been to the monthly meetings that we hold at the masonic temple full moon at midnight. you have got to bring a live lamb and carl rove brings the incense. so i'm sure you would enjoy the chanting and also the pledge of allegiance to the try lateral commission. >> bill: all right. stipulate establishment is mostly elected republic officials people who have been in town or watching him working with gingrich for 20 years. okay? let's stipulate that. there are two reasons why i think they are against him or at least a large number of them. number one, worried that is he too erratic or macurial. unreliable. in a way sort of a victim of his own creative intelligence. he wakes up with seizing on a
5:50 pm
new idea and these people wonder if he will wake up one morning the way he did in the past individual mandate or global warming seize with a new idea as president. and surprise people by being rather unconservative. so that's number one. the second is i think they are worried about if he can be elected. >> and a lot of them are worried that if he were on the ticket, he would do so badly that he would hurt the house and the senate even. i have heard some talk about. >> bill: why would he do badly if he has got momentum in the republic precincts and republic systems in the primary poll. why would he do badly in the general. >> here is the thinking. of course, we don't know right now. it's a good question. and we will get impercale evidence over the next few months when we see especially how newt does in the primaries that are open, that means that independents and democrats are allowed to vote in. so that will tell us a lot.
5:51 pm
but the reason that they, quote, establishment is worried today is that they think that newt's baggage, i'm not talking about the personal. i'm talking about the fact that he got the money from freddie mac, other kind of ideological and if you like, commercial problems. he said in the past. they are worried that even though the conservative electorate in the primaries will overlook that. and not care about it because he has been a his or hero to the movement. he brought them back to power. after 40 years of democratic control. they are afraid that independents and disaffected democrats on whom the election will hinge will not be as accommodating to newt's problems. >> all right. because of his history of going against the democratic party and a little bit strident in some of the public policy areas. you on their show yesterday
5:52 pm
took gingrich to task for the bane remark for criticizing romney and saying yeah, i will give the money back to fanny and franny -- fanny not franny. when romney gives the money to the people he fired when he ran bane. you thought that was out of line. >> that's the classic critique capitalism. that's the critique from someone you believe capitalism is equivalent of a system in which the rich lay off the working stiffs without any consideration and steal the money. i mean, in a capitalist system, you have what's called creative destruction. everybody understands you are going to have losses, bankruptcies layoffs. think of this recession. about every company in america
5:53 pm
has to slim down as a way to protect itself in a recession or it goes under. it's not because there is malice towards the workers. they have to get lean if they are ever going to stay alive and recover later when the economy recovers. and. >> you thought it was a cheap shot. >> it's the rhythm of capitalism and his attack is an attack from the far left. i'm not even sure he believes it. but he said it. >> he said it he said it pretty adamantly. charles as always, thank you. pinheads and patriots on deck. can we overdo the christmas celebration? don't miss this one right back. goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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>> bill: i'm happy to hear that non-americans are interested in abraham lincoln. >> bill: he is on the bubble.
5:58 pm
mature 11-year-old will like lincoln, dopey kids, perhaps not. i was a dopey kids and i understand their frame of reference. >> bill: i hope you had a great experience, queen mary college and i recommend the program for all students. >> bill: if we don't get old guys in, that means we can't show up. and pinheads and patriot. darrell and courtney have been busy decorating. ♪
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