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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 17, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> i agree with jim and hank stewart from what the "washington post" wrote. she wants to make a difference but that is not what television is all about. >> jon: that is wrap for this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. you -- ♪ ♪ >> greg: hello, i'm the hobbitt-size host, greg gutfeld, andrea tantaros, suspenbobbeckel, eric bolling aa perino. it's 5:00 p.m. in new york. 2:00 p.m. in needles, callous. and this is "the five." the show is packed tighter than japanese subway. let's tack the truth. this show starts as soon as i stop thinking about unicorns. okay. done. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so i wanted last
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night's debate to get ugly. how ugly? really ugly. we're talking joy behar after an all-night bender ugly. no such luck. still, it served as cliff note for the campaign. mitt played it safe even his training wheels wore a helmet. smoother than a shorty robe made of gravy. ron paul proves again for everything sensible thing he says he ads something kookie. like opening steak topped with necco wafers. ron, it's 2011. you can't be an isolationist in crowded phone bull, especially if it's crowded with nuts holding handguns. then newt defend his profits claiming he was a private citizen back then. that is like a cop saying yeah, i punched you, but i was off-duty. who won? america. that is the last debate. but let's not forget it's a great one and this is how democracy works. all the candidates endured more scrutiny and is now better known to voters than the mystery man the dems put
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in the last edirection. can you seriously imagining in any other country? russia, it would be putin debating six other cardboard cut-outs of putin. china, what would they debate? how much we owe them? europe, they couldn't even afford the podiums. say what you want but this was a uniquely american experience, like the super bowl or vegan pet food. >> dana: they have that, owe know. >> greg: i know. i tried it. donald trump is going to join us in the next -- >> bob: wow! >> greg: try to control yourself. keep your pants on. any coverage of last night's debate that struck you as odd? , weird orbiter? >> dana: yes. i have been feeling nostalgic, because my old friend, "new york times," front page story about the debate. picture of newt gingrich. the whole story here. never once mentioned that fox
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news was the host of the debate different mention any of our moderators. it's amazing what they can do with selective editing at the "new york times." >> greg: see, the "new york times," fox news doesn't exist. just like the midwest. >> dana: unless they have a negative article, then they know everybody's name and know how to spell it. >> greg: why do you think they did that? >> bob: why do they do it? fox got terrific terrific reviews from main stream media people. they did a terrific job. questions were good. they probed severity deeply. debate itself, there are certain debates that should make a difference. and move the needle. this one kept everybody standing in place. when you walked out you said i am where i started. >> eric: i noticed unplanned resignation at the times, too. did i not notice that? >> greg: i believe you're right. >> eric: what was that all about? >> greg: got me on the spot.
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>> eric: editor, dana? >> dana: i don't know. >> eric: didn't they lose a high-profile editor? >> dana: someone who resigned to spend more time with his family? i saw something like that. >> bob: where are you going with this? >> eric: here is my point. i don't read this paper anymore. everything you need is "wall street journal." that's all you need. >> andrea: they have had fox envy for a long time. last night's debt bait was. great they had courage to ask questions that others haven't. the questions were unique. they went out of their way that they cross out fox picture and cross out the low ge of fox knew. -- logo of fox news. >> andrea: last night's debate was perfect. i thought it would be nasty. they went out of their way not to make it nasty. they didn't just sensationagize, pitting the candidate against each other.
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fast and furious, we finally got questions about fast and furious, and answers which is about time. >> bob: the mistake they needed to make it uglier debate. >> greg: you're right. >> bob: romney, your description of him is right. that is why he will be a lousy general election candidate. he doesn't know what he stands for except for nice hair. he has nothing to say beyond that. newt on the other hand played it safer than he should have. bachmann, of course, threw her bombs in the middle of the room, but she had to. outside of that, do they think they are holding on to a lead? they are not. >> andrea: newt, i know why he didn't do it. >> eric: but he can do it and not throw the bombs. >> eric: he was spending the whole debate fending off a lot of attacks by everyone,
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including some pretty tough questions. i think on the hare hand, mitt played it right. i said he should tack right. he played it so smart. he looked and sounded presidential. >> dana: you must have have -- >> eric: see what happened today? haley coming out, south carolina governor who has been a tea party favorite backing mitt romney. this guy has got it going on right now. >> dana: they did a lot of -- i think that the romney campaign has done something that gingrich campaign wasn't able to do, just because of the circumstances. which is lay groundwork in a lot of states. they talked to nikki haley for a long time and she made the decision on the merits who she thought would be the best conservative to win and be the president. gingrich campaign hasn't had the organization or the money hasn't been able to lay that groundwork. so they are playing catch-up. i don't know if it's enough to get across. i think mitt romney explanation about how the free market work was solid.
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you say he doesn't stand for anything and i thought that was good. newt gingrich showed he has a solid base of policy. >> greg: one person we haven't mentioned at all is rick perry. >> andrea: clearly he got debate coaching. >> greg: he seems looser, not saying much. that is like saying gore got looser. but i think, can we just roll the little, probably the most famous thing he said last night? roll it. >> let me tell you, i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> greg: that is like saying free lip gloss to teenager girls. sure to get applause. >> andrea: we're fox news hosts. >> bob: the guy could fill in for forrest gump. >> greg: hedy good. >> andrea: he did better. >> bob: better, but from what? anybody will do better from where they started.
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romney he looked presidential and all of a sudden, he has ken doll looks and he can answer the free market stuff. god knows he should be able to talk about that. but the reality is he is a guy with obama healthcare plan and a guy who says she a progressive and he was for gay rights. that is not what the republican party is about. >> andrea: from a tactical perspective, i thought romney did very, very well last night. i get the sense and i think other primary voters are getting the sense, conservatives this is turning into an arranged marriage. we have a walk and need the guy at the altar. we're not psyched about it. but i guess we learn to love him. >> greg: sometimes arranged marriages work. >> eric: do you know that? >> andrea: it worked with my aunt. >> eric: romney did sound presidential and he was the only one, or the one who most often went after obama's failed policies. that is frankly what most of the people on the right want to hear.
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conservatives right now are going who can i vote for. two choices and neither one are conservative. i need someone to beat obama. >> bob: you spent three months on dump on romney and now you're accepting him. >> eric: allow me to say this again, whoever it is, anybody but obama. >> bob: i understand. nikki haley, the thing about south carolina is there is a problem with her and gingrich. it's been that way since she ran in the primary, number one. number two, she is not -- if mitt romney -- i mean newt gingrich can win in iowa, i don't care how many nikki haley you have, romney will be bludgeoned in south carolina. >> dana: can i say something about mitt romney and the other candidates, he can't help how he looks. you make fun of him for ken doll looks. greg can't help it that he is this ken doll barbie man of mystery. >> greg: i've lived with this all my life. >> dana: you can't comment on obama's looks but we can make fun of romney?
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>> andrea: i think he looks like the president. that is one of the best thing he has going for him. but the problem is he is too stiff. they say he is like a used car salesman and answers don't come from the heart. >> greg: the ken doll is not about the looks but the functionality of the ken doll. fact he can't move -- if he gets the nomination it's against barack obama. it is like the cast of "america's next top model." good looking young men -- >> bob: he is going to try -- they say he turns, he turns his head like this. when he is talking to the staff. but -- >> andrea: that is -- >> bob: i'll take a shot every chance i get. >> dana: do it on the merits. >> bob: okay. he has nod answered a question on substance about the tour as governor. >> eric: obama's hair is getting very gray. have you noticed that? >> bob: he is working hard. unlike you have been. you can keep your hair, all you do is criticize. >> greg: we have to take a
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break. i think newt probably run. he seems to reenergize the reenergizing force on the right. >> bob: last half of the debate he won. first half he was on the offensive a lot. he should have smacked bachmann back. why he let that woman get away with that, i don't know. >> andrea: "that woman." >> bob: that woman! >> greg: okay. so donald trump will join us after this break. hopefully bob won't storm off in a huff. plus, the students were suspended for honoring tim tebow. is that fair? we'll debate it. also, i'm hiring elves for my santa workshop. it's actually my basement. i'll be painting it red. send your e-mails to malia. mail --send your e-mail to ♪ ♪ everyone have their new blackberry from at&t?
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>> dana: we have a special guest. i'm honored. author of "time to get tough" donald trump joins us on the phone from florida. donald, welcome to "the five."
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>> i have to admit, you have a great show. >> dana: thank you! what do you like about it? >> i tivo it and i watch it. i think it's terrific. >> dana: we are honored to have you. we talk about you quite a bit because you make news lately. >> bob has gotten nicer in the last month. >> bob: that is because your lawyer threatened to sue me. >> is that true? >> bob: no. i want to say several nice things and then tell you what i really think. you are one of the best promoters -- i mean you make p.t. barnum look like a schmuck. you do well and i made mistake saying you had bankruptcy in your business. >> i never did. >> bob: i know you never did. it find that out, here to apologize for you. >> that's okay. >> bob: you are developer and you do a lot of things, tv talent. what you ain't, don, is a politician. i don't know why they keep seeing you. do you give them money when they come up? >> they do come up but i represent a lot of people tired of seeing what is
12:17 pm
happening. if you noticed yesterday an article that says china is charging us 22%, tax of 22% for us to sell cars and trucks in china. it should have been a front page article. it wasn't. but how ridiculous? we talk about free trade and we don't want to disturb. they are charging us a tax of 22% to sell product in china. they are selling their stuff all over the mace. it's very sad. >> bob: ridiculous. >> i do respect you, but they are laughing at us and they are laughing all the way to the bank. >> bob: i have said a long time there is nobody more dangerous to the united states than the chinese. >> andrea: so mr. trump. this is andrea tantaros here. >> i know. >> andrea: why didn't you run? >> well, i have a thing called a show. it's "the apprentice." you know about the -- >> andrea: wait, wait "the apprentice' more important than the. >> no, it's not. but i will say this, it is a big prime-time two-hour show. clint eastwood is a friend of
12:18 pm
mine. what he is doing to reality show, in all fairness andvy a two-hour show, number one show -- >> andrea: they can handle it without you. >> i am precluded from running after may 20. the show ends may 20. >> andrea: c'mon. >> i'm not precluded from running. >> bob: as an independent, right? >> it would have to be as an independent. >> eric: can we get you to weigh in -- i assume you watched the debate. >> i did. hi, eric. >> eric: how are you? weigh in. what do you think of the debate? who do you think did well and hurt their cause? >> well, i thought huntsman using my name to try to get gravitas was ridiculous. it didn't go over very well. he is a lightweight. i think that ron paul is really an interesting guy, but cookie, very cookie. interesting. but man he is out there. i thought that frankly newt did well. i thought romney did well. a pretty even, i would say
12:19 pm
even. i thought the governor did well. rick perry, by far his best, i think. i would imagine. >> bob: it would be hard to do worse. >> you cannot do worse than he has done. no question about it. it was by far his best debate. i thought he did pretty well. >> dana: mr. trump was there a question you would have asked if you had been a part of the debate last night? was there a you think wasn't asked that you would have like to hear the candidates answer? >> the thing i don't understand, i watched all of the debates. i don't hear the word "opec." i don't hear it and they are ripping us like no one has ripped us before, including china. i don't hear the word china to any great extent. nobody is doing a number on us like china. between the two of them and other countries they are staffing our wealth. taking wealth away from us like candy from a baby. unless we're going to do something about opec, unless we can do something and we can
12:20 pm
start drilling oil in our country, that will help with opec a lot. unless we are going to do something with opec or china in particular. this year, china is going to walk away with $350 billion call it profit off the united states. $350 billion. we can't do that. there are many, many countries that are walking away. we don't walk away with profit from anybody. we used to be the king. we're not the king anymore. never mentioned in the debates. they are sapping our wealth. i'm a big medicare guy. i am a big social security guy. i want to keep those things. that is where bob and i are more alike than anyone else on the panel. >> bob: for sure. >> we can only do that if we are a wealthy country. >> dana: i agree with that. >> we are having the poor country because we have the worst deal-makers in history of the world making deals for us and we lose money, tens of trillions of dollars. >> greg: this is gutfeld. had a great time last night. thanks for everything.
12:21 pm
>> sounds good. i don't know what we did, but it sounds good. >> greg: i don't remember any of it either, frankly. it was that wild. do you feel you have settled the questions of the origins of president obama's birth certificate? >> look, simple. barbara walters, i was on her show but she cut the hell out of my answer and let the last three words and people don't know what it meant. honored to be on but she cut the answer. asked me the same thing. >> his mother to the best of everyone's knowledge was never in that hospital. the document may have been tampered with according to many, many people. okay. you have grandmothers and people in the family that say he wasn't born in this country. okay. forgetting all of that, do i think he was born here? vy no idea. i personally cannot say one way or the other.
12:22 pm
i do know that the -- there are no records. no records that the mother was never the hospital. >> greg: doesn't that. >> with all of that being said, folks. i'd rather focus on the economy and jobs and how to get the country back. >> bob: okay. >> but if you ask me was he born, i really can't tell you. >> andrea: when are you going to endorse a candidate? >> probably -- >> andrea: you watch the debate. who do you like now? >> you know the greatest thing -- i'll say this for all of you, i always have to give a lot of money to candidates. now they don't want my money, they just want my endorsement. i'm proud of that. >> bob: we are supposed to tease you. you agreed to come on a second segment. we appreciate it. but then we're going to be the six. not "the five." donald has become part of the. >> i'd love to be part of the show. >> bob: we have a question. go to you. >> i love it. very good. >> dana: you are going to stay with us. >> i'll wait around. dabs he will be with us after the break and we'll talk about nancy pelosi claiming that paying people not to work is good for the economy.
12:23 pm
i can't wait to hear how bob tries to spin that one. "the five" will be right back. ♪ ♪ the droid razr by motorola. the droid that wirelessly pulls files, music and movies, all at 4g lte speeds. and introducing the droid xyboard. with an 8 inch hd screen and adaptive surround sound, a home theater for your hands. powered by verizon 4g lte, these droids are too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. buy a droid razr and get $100 off a droid xyboard.
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." nancy pelosi has a brilliant idea on how to create jobs. take a listen to this. >> the tax cuts that the president proposed would put $1,500 in pocket of 160 million americans. macro economic advisors have stated it will make a difference of 600,000 jobs to our economy. >> eric: oh, boy, and i thought obama had fuzzy math. we have donald trump here.
12:28 pm
>> bob: mind if i say something? donald will have something to say about this for sure. what she said, you have 160 million people getting $1,500 . that is a lot of money. it is going to create jobs. >> eric: that is not what she said. donald, what she said if you listen to the second half of that if you extend unemployment benefits macro economists would say it would create 600,000 jobs. i on the other hand -- let's hear what you have to say about that. >> i don't care that they do it. i think it's wonderful they do it. the pipeline should be approved by the way, you it's wonderful they do it. i don't see it create so many jobs but nevertheless, it puts money in the pocket. the concept is people would go out and spend the money and therefore people would make product. the product is probably made in china. >> eric: people who are unemployed if you extend benefits longer, they will spend it? that is how democrats will create jobs? >> it's a little bit of a fuzzy math situation. but and i know the republicans generally speaking are against
12:29 pm
it. but a lot of people want to see it happen, whether it creates jobs or not. >> dana: i think the republicans are, they can support it except for what we have seen is that in practice, it doesn't work as much. last week i read a report only 22% of the funds are usually spent in the economy, used to pay off the debt. which is important. or replenish savings to save for a rainy day. that is not money -- >> bob: i understand that. but listen, the fact of matter is we did this yesterday saying if you get unemployment benefit you ought to be drug thtested, the most ridiculous concept i've heard. they need work. even if it's only a third it's better than paying nothing. >> andrea: let me get in here. >> bob: don't hit me again. >> andrea: i didn't hit you. >> bob: you did, too. i'm going to human resources. >> greg: you can't go to human resources. >> andrea: don't go to human resources. there is social reason for providing unemployment benefit but jobs and economic growth is not one of them. that is what pelosi is talking
12:30 pm
about. this is the same lady that said providing birth control would be stimulative and that obamacare would create 4 million jobs. obamacare is supposed to cost $2 trillion. so that would be hmm, $5 million a job. >> greg: can i just -- claiming that extending unemployment benefit creates 600,000 jobs is like saying you should drink your way through a hangover. >> eric: sure. >> it's probably going to happen and maybe it should happen. republicans want to have it happen also and put things with it. whether it creates jobs or not, it is going to happen and a lot of people could use the money. i see things i have tens of thousands of people that work for me. i see things that are really bad out there. there is huge unemployment. i was really surprised when the number went down. the number went down but it was fictitious over 300,000 people quit. they don't include that in jobless numbers. >> andrea: as a job creator,
12:31 pm
why wouldn't it create so many jobs when they passed it last year at this time? >> bob: what is the alternative? do you want them out of work and no money? >> eric: as you extend the unemployment benefit, people stay on it longer. >> bob: they want to stay unemployed? >> greg: there are studies that show it. >> eric: there is an important debate going on later in the debate. neil cavuto asked about the xl pipeline. it is important to point something out. last week, the iranians have one of our drone, they knocked down one of our drones. obama went and said i am asking you, begging you, pretty please, please give us our drone back. square with us where on one hand we have the opportunity to make us more energy independent with the xl pipeline and the other hand we have apologetic president to iranians who have us over a barrel? >> i have never seen anything quite like the way he asked for the drone back. like can we please have it back and it would be nice. i don't understand. it i will tell you, i watched
12:32 pm
jimmy carter and i watched ronald reagan with the prisoners. and if jimmy carter was still president, they would still be there. >> bob: if you were president when you invade it to get it back? >> i tell you, what you might drop a missile on it or something. you may do something. look, it's really serious. they have all of our technology. it took them 20 years to develop this thing. they have all of our technology. they are giving it now to the chinese. these are serious enemies of ours. unbelievable what is going on. the way he was spoken to and the way obama said give it back. i have to agree with eric. it was horrible. almost like begging. >> bob: can i ask a final question? after the debate last night, everybody here, let me ask you here, do you not think that the republicans could have better candidates than what they've got? >> eric: yeah, he is on the fine. >> bob: fine. seriously. do you not think the people are remorseful and excited not to run if they look at the people. >> i think a couple of pretty
12:33 pm
good to be honest. i won't mention who, because you will hear about it. you have a cup of people who are good. >> eric: c'mon! >> bob: got me waiting on the answer. >> i'll do your show in a month and maybe i'll mention it on your show. >> eric: tell you what. >> you have capable people out there. >> eric: throw two names out there now and we'll look back in a month and see how you did. >> without anything. if you look at the people up there, certainly mitt is a smart guy. certainly newt is a smart guy. i mean, they are all in their own way smart people. in different ways. you know, we'll see what happens ultimately. >> dana: before we go, greg has elevator pitch while we have him on the phone. business idea. >> greg: what was my pitch? elevators? >> dana: the elevator pitch, which is what you try to sell it in 20 seconds. >> greg: bonnnets for amphibians. if you have like a pet amphibian, i'm creating a line of fashion bonets. how much would you give me on
12:34 pm
the ground floor? >> one of the best ideas i've ever heard. >> greg: excellent. >> put up all the money. >> dana: >> and romney now calls her husband hair force one. if you get in the race, you have better hair than romney? >> i have to sue him for the name. >> andrea: do you have hair force one? >> i don't. it don't think i'd use that. before i get off,vy to say again, i really like your show. i really like all of you. i really like bob lately. i am telling you, something happened a month-and-a-half ago. something happened and i like him much better now than i did six months ago. >> bob: three guys came up to me that work for you with guns. nice of you to be on. we appreciate it. >> great honor and great show. you guys are doing great. congratulations. >> donald, can we tell them the secret we talked about? no, i guess we won't do that. you guys think about it. we have an idea. donald trump, thank you for joining us today on "the five." i guess we'll hear from you
12:35 pm
again. >> great honor. thank you. >> andrea: thank you. >> eric: president obama losing support of young voters can he win without them? we look at the numbers coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ knock on door ] coo you found it. wow. nice place. ye. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postagenline and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally stayinsane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ]
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they are saying the tax holiday should be extended for all of next year. congress also approved a one trillion dollar budget deal to avoid a government shut down. mccain smacking the administration saying a waste
12:40 pm
have money. a suspected serial killer outside new york city. bones found in a marsh are the remains of shannon gilbert. she disappeared a year ago while working as a prostitute. they also discovered ten other bodies in the area. now back to the five. i'll see you again at 6:00 for all the headlines. for all the headlines go to ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." all right, sow much should candidates' personal lives and their marriages matter in politics today? barbara walters sat down with president barack obama and decided to ask him what he thought. listen to this. >> you know, i'm not big on people's personal lives. being poked and prodded. i think what the people care about is what kind of job can
12:41 pm
you do. >> andrea: do you think he is saying that because he has a decent personal life himself and they can't seem to find anything on his marriage? or his personal life has been poked and prodded in the past. by a man named donald trump. >> greg: i think obama needs to do more tv interviews and go on qvc and sell class warfare in six easy payments. but let's be honest. that is what any president is going to stay because they're not going to do -- they are not going to do the poking and prodding. their proxies will. he will say this is disgusting. somebody else do it for him. >> bob: very few people poked and prodded by the right wing than barack obama. >> greg: the media doesn't do it. >> bob: even eric will give him credit for that. they seem to have a good family life and good marriage. >> greg: of course they do. but talk about about relationship with bill ayers or reverend wright -- >> bob: that is the best you can do?
12:42 pm
>> if newt gingrich becomes the nominee, they have had more marriages than barack obama. >> bob: only one. >> andrea: newt. >> bob: he had three. if newt is the nominee, this doesn't take the issue off table. nobody believes that the campaign is going to -- >> bob: of course. greg is right. surrogates will do it. newt's personal life will be brought back up if he gets the nomination. i am beginning to feel now like you said. it's exactly right. for a democrat, romney thing is forced on us because anything else, all the rest of are terrible so we are left with the milk toast to be the nomination. >> andrea: you are in an arranged marriage, too? >> he will get beat. >> you want a tougher candidate to give obama a tougher fight? >> bob: no, i'd rather have him run against michele bachmann or rick santorum.
12:43 pm
>> eric: so you are happy. >> andrea: i want to get back, we had this debate. get to the personal life. how much do the candidates personal lives, the marriages matter? >> dana: i don't know. i don't know about the marriage thing. we don't really have that many examples. the media didn't do a lot of poking and prodding with the previous presidents where things were accepted. then we had a blow-up in the years of the clinton administration. president bush and mrs. bush had been together for years and had two lovely daughters. i remember when president elect obama came to the white house to meet with president bush for the first time after the election. they privately and then i had a chance to watch with the president later. he saidvy to tell you, the first thing he asked about was advice for raising his daughters in public. they had a bond over their families. that is where they started. so yes, character matters. gingrich has to deal with the facts. but he already has. he is not hiding it.
12:44 pm
hep has been open about it. there will be brutal stories. but he will get through that. >> greg: did you remit to the bush daughters? >> dana: i didn't. i'm old. >> andrea: in a country that most americans are divorced do they care now? ronald reagan was divorce. most presidents we expect to be perfect. but the economy is not doing well. most of the country is divorced, whether it's good or bad thing, a reality. that i look at newt gingrich to say don't care. i can't find a job. who cares? i'm divorced, too. >> eric: i don't think it's the divorce that is the problem, it's the stuff leading up to the divorce that is the problem. that is what the media has done. the mainstream media as rush would say, doing anna anal examf the candidates. where is the examination of obama? >> bob: give me a break.
12:45 pm
>> dana: can i say one thing, i think some people would love for the president to be perfect but they also like someone humanizing. one of the questions is would you like to have a beer with that candidate? someone like president bush who was admitted alcoholic and stopped drinking after 40 and able to talk about it he gave comfort to prisoners, prisoner of ministry program. i think that actually helps them to be humanizing. the ad that ran today about romney was trying to make him be more human. relate to people. >> bob: that would take movie length. we ask a question when we do polls -- this is good question. who would you let your kids go home with overnight? we asked on fox polls. eric, all due respect. >> dana: let's ask it right
12:46 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bob: we're back and you can probably tell it's near the end of the show because i'm here now. we have talked about tim tebow a lot this week. the 17-year-old twin brothers tyler and connor carol -- is that them? no. all the kids were praying. over tebow at the riverhead high school. in long island. a lot of people were upset they did this. what are you laughing?
12:51 pm
>> eric: they weren't praying over tebow. they were tebowing. >> bob: don't come up with the -- don't. if it wasn't for tebow, they wouldn't be praying. >> eric: absolutely. >> dana: 40 of them. gathered in the hallway, they have been doing it all week and teachers told them we get it and knock it off. they didn't. they kept doing it. disrupting the school. i have been for tebow the whole time but i think students were wrong and it was the right thing to do. i am for empowering the administrators and teachers for taking action to make sure the students are doing what they are supposed to do, go to class. >> andrea: typically they give them a warning but the articles we got, they didn't even get a warning. the teacher said get up from the floor and they were just suspended. >> dana: that is not how i read it. >> andrea: they said they didn't get warning. i think suspension is harsh. >> greg: the war on christmas is now replaced by the war in tebow.
12:52 pm
what would be great for sus someone in florida had to take down a tebow tree. >> bob: what if all the kids blocked the hallway for a muslim thing. you wouldn't upset, would you? they are blocking the students at school. they ought to be thrown out of school. >> eric: can i speak as a parent of a 13-year-old who has kids going to school? there are so many bad things going on that the kids could be involved with. they go to a knee and pray and you say it's okay to suspend them? c'mon. >> that is my point, suspension, really? they don't give them detention or anything less than that? i mean, look at the other -- >> eric: they should get extra credit. >> andrea: other athletes are beating their girlfriends and doing drugs. tim tebow is praying. >> dana: look, we weren't there, so we don't know. the students said they weren't warns, the administrators say they were warned. if i had to come down on something i would say the
12:53 pm
administrators are probably right. >> bob: i did you a disservice today. >> dana: what? >> bob: i jumped all over that story about not mentioning fox on the front page of the "new york times" before we got into it and the fact they did. >> dana: you got me riled up. >> bob: sorry. it was my fault. i take responsibility for it. so you think this is okay? >> eric: i not only think it's okay, i think more kids should be doing that instead of going to the back parking lot and instead of lighting up the things they really should get suspended for. >> bob: something worth suspending for is a brawl in west sacramento, california, high school. a teacher stood by with his hands in his pockets watching a fight between two students outside the yalo high school last month. watch this? >> that is the teacher with his hands in his pocket standing there.
12:54 pm
>> andrea: this is not my inclination to always side with administrators and teachers. a lot of time in my high school, i'm product of public school, if kids would fight, the teachers just stood there. >> greg: the teacher in the green and white pants. >> bob: he is probably a coward. >> greg: everybody is worried about touching the students. if you grab student the student's parents will s he note this by standing there? maybe someone else wants to jump in. >> greg: maybe placing a bet. >> bob: i got to tease. coming up, some kids torture their fellow students by playing justin bieber music. this is an interesting idea. we will tell you the rest of the story next. ♪ i'm burning out this useless telephone ♪
12:55 pm
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12:59 pm
a way to get you to donate to charity. two students thought it would be a great thing to blast his song baby and they donated enough money. did it work out? i didn't read the rest of the story. what song would drive you crazy. >> macarena. >> my is jeremiah was a bullfrog. but my daughter loves justin beiber. >> i asked him what he did for a living? >> he didn't know. >> had he ever heard of jimmy carter. >> i think it was the new kids on the block. >> i went with, it's achy braky heart. >> i would love to see you as a country music dj. we're going to play in song so i picked this and i wanted to hear this. i t


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