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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 25, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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special great american news quiz edition of "the factor tonight. i am bill o'reilly riley. remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> the o'reilly factor is on. we had some of the best moments in the past year you don't want to miss. >> wait. dennis miller. >> i don't think of that as ste stealing joe thighs man figures that one out. >> motor skills the first thing to go. >> john stossel. >> you just destroyed all of your credibility. the best of the factor. right now. caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> i am bill o'reilly riley. thank you for watching "the factor" this evening. great moments from the last year. we start tonight with a memorable barack and a hard place segment. >> as you have said on the broadcast you want more federal spending. >> according to moody's an letic it brought in 2.10 for every dollar spent on the stimulus. moody said it work, bush's office said it worked. to say obama doesn't want to cut spending he had a $4 trillion bargain he is ready to enact. john boehner said no. it isn't fair that say he wants to cut spending. >> if the huge stimulus worked why did unemployment go up? >> the stimulus wasn't just about employment fwfz xeeping the state solvent.
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you can do a number of things like an infrastructure bank. >> i am not understanding. you are much smarter than i am. you said spending worked unemployment went up. and the federal debt rose to record levels. >> unemployment stayed pretty steady. about 9.1 percent. roughly the same. statistically the same as it has been. federal stimulus a point nach. >> big numbers. >> the fact is without this, without having spent this money the money that brings money back into the economy we would be in better shape. >> how do you know that? >> that's what every economist said. >> there is not one economist working at the fox business network that says what you said. >> that may well be the case. you are thinking one slice of america the fox business network. i am telling you the economist bender a number of people. douglas e eagan.
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douglas was mccain's chief economist. >> these numbers are pretty shocking wouldn't you say? >> yes. >> what is it? $410 million an hour. >> an hour, yes. >> everybody but colmes, maybe the wall street protestors, but everybody else who is not ideological is going to say you have to put a lid on it or we are going to be greased. no matter what spin or excuse you use you have to go back it was 161 billion. they were worried about 161 million in spending. that's how crazy it is. you put this budget reverting back to 2007.
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whatever they were getting then they get now. that cuts all of that out. why don't the pin heads in the republican party just say that? >> you are exactly right. i have no explanation for it, bill, as a conservative i have been screaming at the republican party for years about the big government big spending policies. we have the last couple years the liberals controlled the white house. we have run their experiment. we have the numbers you have laid out. we now have the evidence that none of it worked. western europe would be booming, united states would be booming. >> instead what we have is nonuse. >> we have to have common ground. the united states is not prospering economically.
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we are either going down or staying the same and the same ain't good. at the same time we are running up record deficits more than any other president in the history of this country has. so got to find a different way. right? got to find a different way. >> i think we have to do more. >> as crazy as you are you say more government spending>> it is not working yet you are going to gamble again. >> that's your opinion. >> of course it's my opinion. >> if you do what you say and it doesn't work -- who do you think will win the presidential election next year? 37 percent said obama 55 percent say the republican candidate will win unless it's allan colmes that includes 33 percent of democrats.
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do you agree with me about mitt romney. >> without going head to head con fron station if they were to fast forward you might be right. >> you see president obama rising up in the campaign? >> yes. >> like a phoenix? >> phoenix might be a good analogy. >> rising up>> riding on what? >> he does well against unnamed -- >> if he is going to raise he has to rise on something. >> rises on the fumes of the republican party. we have a bunch of voters they are like people having one night stands. like daters having one night stands how did i that i can ma choice? one minute it is perry. they go back to romney when they are done with their fling. >> you say democrats will rise because republicans can't mount anything. >> perry fall bine the wayside
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bachmann running by the wayside. christie is not running. the only one that could go against obama is christie. >> i think that 55 percent, i hope that actually translates as a conservative. it reflects widespread discontentment and disappointment. economic policies haven't worked it took a bad situation and made it worse. i also think that this reflects the state of the economy. a year is an eternity in politics. they can be an teernity. >> i don't buy that. i disagree with you on you'll that. with all of the primaries we are really on the train here. it's roaring down the track. the reason christie didn't run. number one he didn't want to lie to constituents to say what do i have to commit suicide? people told him i have inside information. you can't set up your
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organization state by state. >> you can't. >> what i am saying is does the situation go internally domestically in the united states. whether it's the economy or something else it's an external event that could turn around eat con me. >> given the oppressive suffocating economic policies of the administration where the president is not changing course in any direction in any way the assumption is the economy will be back. >> doesn't it make you a littlen easy that the president in an interview goes, you know what? everything just doesn't work out. sill len draw # $528 million. it is kind of like you spill soup on your tie. you know it's hot. >> we want to compete with other country that is are heavily sub dieding the industries of the future. we have to make sure our guys in the united states of america
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have a shot. there are going to be failures. >> you were getting warnings not to back that company up. >> hindsight is 2020 people thought it was a good bet. >> the two big guns are saying hey. >> wait, wait. >> whenever you speak you lose your head. >> as an american not like a crazed left wing. the president goes on. the two gig guns always disagree. we have an administration that one span investment out of many. they invested in solar power nuclear power wind power the loan program that republicans voted for brought in dividends on everything else. you took the one company that
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did well. >> it is unfair. >> if you want to drive tomorrow you have to put gas in your car. you want to heat your house you have to do it with igas. all of these investments we are not close to this. >> you are thinking one investment going crazy on one investment out of hundreds of investments. >> colmes will not see that it makes me nervous. it makes me nervous. i am saying to myself look p until this point you have to see. there has been no scandals. >> also they have been on the level with the american people about their objectives. >> they did. they did. tans forming sectors for what's half a billion dollars really. the bigger project is polls not a big mister rehere.
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we were in addition to the -- now that can be like -- we could be discussing marilyn monroe. you look at marilyn. >> coming up the best of the warriors and president obama steal one of miller's jokes right back with that. get the technology they love, on the network they deserve.
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helps make nutrition possible. >> i don't believe any new york city construction will participate in the mosque. there's a park 51 project. here now is market hoover and breton carlson. >> park 51 the group that wants
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to build this mosque community center slash whatever it is is in a court battle with con ed utility center. they want to buy two buildings to put up the mosque the one they purchased the second one they have been leasing from kco ed. they owe 1.7 million in back rent and they are in a court dispute about that figure. >> what's the dispute? >> they were supposed to retro actively go back and pay the rent. the calculation argument. here is the update. now this guy in charge of wanting to build a mosque has said maybe we won't really build a mosque there we will do condos. he needs to raise money to pay -- >> condos for al qaeda? >> no. >> that was a joke. everybody knows tftz. >> why did he want to build condos? because he needs to raise more money to pay it this off.
7:15 pm
nobody is going to give him money. >> bottom line it's not going to get done as i predicted. these people down there have a right to do what they want to do. we have always said that. we believe it's wrong and insensitive. i can't poke a little fun at them? i can't poke a little fun at them. >> come on that's negative about that. >> you are as bad as me. >> if i was as bad as you i would walk off the set right now. >> you knew what i was doing. >> poke a little fun back. >> she knew what i was doing and didn't stop her little dissertation. she ran right through it. when you, here's you. come on. >> people are so tired of this pc bs. >> in lower manhattan the majority of americans told about this think they have the right
7:16 pm
to build this. >> i demonstrated the inappropriate remark to bring home. >> as long as we all are on the same page about that. >> there is a study that says mean guys i don't know too many bean guys make money in the marketplace than nice guys. >> if you are one standard deviation more mean than the average mean person at work you are going to make 18 percent more than average meant. the interesting thing is it doesn't apply equally for women. if you were a mean woman in it the workplace you only get 5 percent higher pay. >> both genteders if they are meaner than cohorts get rewarded with more money. what do you think about that? >> not shocked at all.
7:17 pm
>> is this the attila the hundred? >> it will be a reputable journal. >> i worked with a lot of divas and jerks through out my career in television i see them be commended more. i had a boss say i needed to be more like them to rise up. >> you are not mean girls are you? >> you are not mean either. you are doing pretty well. >> you just destroyed all of your credibility. >> come on. everybody goes oh, god. >> i make a lot of money, so i don't know. >> making bee you should be meaner. >> the more you ask forki something the more you get it. doesn't necessarily mean you are mean, that means you asked for it. >> many of us are misunderstood and then rewarded. liz cheney steps into the no spin zone.
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with no blackout dates.
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oo former vice president dick cheney has a book a political memoir. we have provided ms. cheney on the program. his daughter is a different story. >> ms. cheney is the coauthor of the book. your other coauthor he is not here. >> am i chopped liver? >> i have never talked to you father the former vice president. i don't believe he likes you very much. you know i am a little perplexed. >> he could be saving the best
7:22 pm
for last. >> it is something you ought to be grateful for. >> there are two deficits that went down the drain at the end. cheney was taken by surprise because of all of the sub mortgages. >> snent a lot of time and made efforts during the bush administration to reform fannie mae and freddie mac and the efforts were blocked by most of the democrats in congress. we came to a point that was an economic crisis. >> i still don't understand why there wasn't a louder cry about the danger of selling these sub prime mortgage tajs. >> the crisis is deeper than anybody anticipated or could image. >> they didn't know how bad it
7:23 pm
was. >> the steps are important. >> i am on the record of supporting the enhanced interrogation the patriot act, guantanamo bay. consistently across the line. there was a historical record. the historical record is americans were not aware of the big threat that al qaeda was posing. >> the record was al qaeda that before 9-11 we treated it as that. >> the president vice president bush and cheney understood after 9-11 there is a war. we have to do what keeps the nation safe. >> here is what president he said. >> my belief is we will be greeted as lib greeratorliberat.
7:24 pm
>> we were greeted as liberators then we saw a massive flooding dangerous insurgency again. it wasn't frankly until we were able in 2006 with the surge to adopt the counter insurgency strategy to turn things around. >> pre weren't greeted as liberators we were greeted as tentative. >> no it's not true. how many people were out there when a statue of sadam hussein came down. you know how man snee? >> couple hundred. not thousands. right after the statue came down they were looted and terrorists came in and they took all of his arms. >> i know how much you care about no spin. i think it's really important here. sadam was an incredibly oppressive dictator. the iraqi people were glad to see him go.
7:25 pm
there were elements from his regime that stayed in place elements from al qaeda and iran who were there who launched a very bloody insurgency. >> it was not anticipated by us. >> it was not anticipated by everyone. when we removed sadam hussein we knew he made weapons of mass destruction we knew was supporting terrorists. by the way as soon as sadam was gone got a call from moammar qaddafi. the motion we have in the heart of the middle east a democracy that is not supporting terrorists. it is not perfect but they liberated afghanistan. >> i disagree in the sense that it could have been in different
7:26 pm
way. >> i would have gone the push the elder way the president's father. i would have strangled them with a blockade. no fl-fly zoned it. >> look at the reports that were done by the iraq survey group for example. it was clear when we came into office in 2000 that sadam was a stretch between the time of the first administration and bush administration completely ignored 16 u.s. resolutions that the regime was crumbling. he was in a box we could have strangled him. after that they were going to share technology with the enemy. >> i don't expect you and your father to agree with me. what they spent in iraq has now come back to our country in a negative way.
7:27 pm
>> we need more time. >> thank you for coming in. >> we are hoping the vice president will reconsider. at least it will be fun. >> coming up dennis miller may have been a victim of theft. from of all people president obama. we will explain right after these messages. ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance?
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resolve to give to the american red cross. because the red cross provides hope, help and compassion, not only during disasters, but every day. donate to the red cross and give something that means something, before the new year. visit today. last week i asked miller will
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the debate whether there are too many of them. >> what is it should be like survivor. every week those guys should put one of those off. >> jay leno asked president obama about the debate. >> have you been watching the gop debate? >> i am going to wait until everybody is voted off the island. >> he didn't way win no but he was close. the white house know jackson? -- bounced checks? >> i don't need any more bounced checks in my life. i see the 16 muffin as stealing. but know that's an easy sitter than that. >> i am going to admit i could be absolutely wrong i am going to submit they saw that
7:31 pm
subliminally it sucked. here's what happens with jay leno. he has been on the show many times. he goes on in his scene jeans and shirt and says this is what we want to do. >> i am sure they feed him a few lines. you got the president on you want him to look good. i wish i could be as calm as barack obama on television. >> they smooth. you are calm. i am calm. >> i sometimes get a little ants see. he is so smooth got out 10 seconds nothing secret in hollywood after it occurred.
7:32 pm
mccartney wasn't there. these were serious people. oprah wasn't there. it was behind the scenes people and they were formulating a strategy. i don't see anything wrong with that if you have allies in powerful positions you get to them, right. >>? you have an oscar on your shelf the next is close proximity to the ultimate power which is the president of the united states at any given moments. when you look at the picture they always look like they are hon me noon -- mooning in the niagara falls. i guess fete the photo taken with some of those guys. he was like a monk that's the
7:33 pm
way hollywood has always been. >> he /* it wasn't a financed razor. it was a very, very close race. that is why they are spending so much time with them. >> if he gets past he can scream yahtse. the econ mow gomy gets better i consider voting for him. if he gets out of iraq and afghanistan that seems foolish to me. when he has somebody in the cross hairs he is a killing machine. >> he will go out fighting no doubt about it. 48 percent of americans say if he is re-elected they are going to leave the country. it seems to me it is very very tough for him to come back. >> 52 percent of the people vote for bash rack obama.
7:34 pm
48 should know the country is leaving that not vice versa. >> this is really panic. this isn't we don't like him. if he is re-elected we are going over. >> the governor make a comeback? >> i thought it was the best he has looked. that heartless thing was really, that is like newt quinning rich with paul ryan. when they shoot themselves in the foot they are really accurate. i thought he did really well on your show. first time i looked at it i thought what is this guy all about? i thought he did really well last night. >> i thought he was okay. he still has problems on the illegal immigrations front. and the tea party people who were his main supporters i don't know if the governor, governor perry is going to be able to get the people back the tea party people the hard right people who want a conservative elected
7:35 pm
president. it is perri against cane rather than perri against romney. >> i am not sure he can do that. >> i would say this i think he stabilized last night. he had gymble as they used to say when it was spinning out of control. lived to fight another day. >> it's the military edition with the quiz kids themselves steve and martha.
7:36 pm
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>> question number one. world war ii xhantder general george patent was be trade by george c. scott. >> americans play to win all of the time. >> i wouldn't give a hoot in hell for a man lost and last. that is why americans have never lost and will never lose a war. >> what was patton nicknamed? eeled iron son, old ethel, the bastard of back stone? what was his neicknamenickname? ed aulgz i-- the answer is c an you both got it wrong. it was easy. >> that was in can stas. >> you and dorothy. >> you got that wrong and you both should be ashamed. >> benedict arnold revolutionary
7:39 pm
war making his name forever cinnamon nows with being a trader. which american force did arnold unsuccessfully attempt to hand over to the britt fish in exchange for a money bribe? which fort did arnold sell out? roll the tape. >> in the predawn air force benedict arnold said farewell to a young british officer and headed back home along the banks of the hudson river. major general arnold commander of the american fortress of west point had just handed over information vital to the enemy's planned attack of the port. a west point. >> i was going to say west
7:40 pm
point. >> i used to use those excuses. i really knew it. >> take that from the urchins. >> the movie top gun featuring tom cruise as a navy pilot was a huge hit. >> i feel the need for speed. >> ouch. >> what aircraft did the character fly in top gun. f what did tom cruise fly? >> started with an f. >> just guess. >> a is correct. >> tom cruise tom cat. twol to go. geddesburg one of the bloodyest battles of the entire civil war.
7:41 pm
>> gettysburg address was delivered the battle site to xhem yat the battle's one year anniversary the battle's one month anniversary the end of the civil war a cemetery dedication. >> most famous speech in u.s. history. the answer is b. i was lukey enough to get to see lincoln's handwritten copy which is in the lincoln bedroom. >> you know who showed me? >> president obama. >> i am sorry i bored you all. are you okay? >> you are down by one with one to go. the movie "black hawk down" in
7:42 pm
mogadishu somalia. >> 611 going down. he is hit. he is hit. >> fallout from the somali disaster led to the resignation of president clinton's first secretary of defense less aspen. dick cheney, c william how hard taft, fourth casper wine burgei. >> the answer is dick cheney. very few people know that. >> that's a very interesting one. >> you only got one right. >> oh two. >> it was just fun being here. you win. >> the 3406 sri portrays a dramatic military triumph.
7:43 pm
>> did you order the code red? >> you don't have to answer the question. >> i will answer the question. you want answers? >> i am entitled to them. >> you want answers? >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> cruise plays a lawyer in the jag joint ak air regarrison, judge advocate what does jag stand for? judge advocate general. uc lost his -- hey. didn't have to be coordinated to be on fox and friends. >> motor skills the first thing to go. >> here is question number 2 the japanese surrender agreement 1945 ending world war ii. the signing ceremony was held in
7:44 pm
tokyo bay on the deck of what u.s. ship, uss massachusetts, uss missouri, uss abraham lincoln, uss pearl harbor. cards up, please. the answer is... >> the battleship missouri takes her place in tokyo pay for the official surrender of japan the end of the greatest war. here is question number 3. audi murphy was the most decorat decorat decorated soldier during world war ii. what was the name of the 23i8 am where he stars him he have. o >> thatwhat's the name of the m murphy starred in?
7:45 pm
cards up please. the answer is, roll the tape. >> to hell and back. the true story of audi murphy the most decorated soldier in the history of the united states. >> i remember watching "to hell and back." audi murphy if you don't moe about him that was amazing. >> which hall of fame baseball player won the most valuable player award. his first year back in the majors after returning from serving in world war ii. jody image yo. mvp right back from the military who was he? cards up, please. the answer is... >> pitch and swing. a high drive going deep, deep. it is a home run. automatic oo oh there's another
7:46 pm
question? >> you have no idea where you are tonight. >> all right. >> i love the o'reilly factor. wake me up when it is over. >> it is over but we will do question number 5 anyway. here is the last question. during world wash 2 american cartoonists were enlisted by making propaganda film. which famous disney character had a nightmare about working for the nazis. mickey mouse, goof knee, donald and daphe duck. we will roll the tape again. >> ahead richard dawkins and i duke it out over science and religion. later john stossel on a mission to find more jobs.
7:47 pm
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>> the new book called the magic of reality. i talk to do him earlier this week. now you wrote this book and this book is marketed some what for children adolescents, correct? >> you want them to not only believe in science which i think is a good thing but reject god and religion. >> this is a book about science. it doesn't talk about god. >> it mocks god. come on. i went through that book and you basically are saying that
7:51 pm
everything can be explained by science. correct? >> well, everything about the natural world. where does it mock god? >> it says these things are s-- myths they are not really true. >> every chapter begins with a myth. egyptian myths. >> you know what you are doing. you are trying to get to the kids and say you are an idiot if you believe in god. >> it has nothing to do with myths. judeo christian myth is one of the myths. >> judeo christian myth , it is myth. >> nothing to do with eighth yichl. >> stalin. >> my hypothesis is religion is a constraint on society. goodwill toward men, treat be
7:52 pm
everybody as jesus thought. the same as you would like to be treated the ten commandments they are constraints against bad behavior. >> which of the ten commandments? >> thousand shall not violate the sabbath. >> thou shall not kill. >> thou shall not kill is a widespread belief. >> not by josef stalin. they all had one thing in common they didn't believe in god. >> has nothing to do with whether you believe in god or not. >> you don't see relis gone as a constraint on bad and evil? >> i don't want to get into a shouting match about who is more evil than who. >> are we shouting. >> there is a logical connection between the believing in god and sometimes doing evil things. >> sometimes. you see that in the holy war in jihad but there's no logical connection between being atheist and doing evil things. >> last time you were here you
7:53 pm
were honest enough you don't know the origin whether it was a meteor or something like that. we are working on it. i said to you when you get it let me know. that is how we left it. >> i am talking about the origin of existence and planned existence. >> how can it help to populate a divine intelligence to complicate in believing like that. >> if you believe in the teachings of jesus or buddha or something like that who wants people to be peaceful and to love each other that is a good thing. >> yeah, but what does that have to do with the origin of the moon? >> i don't believe a meteor crashed into the earth and made everything happen. just a footnote to that interview. last time dawkins was on the factor he told the press he was yelled at bhie. that was a violation of the 8th commandment because this never
7:54 pm
happened. i brought him back anyway because forgiveness is a christian thing. >> stossel asks the question, where are the jobs. we will find out. if you have high blood pressure, like me, and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right here. it's the only cold and flu brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. what is it about taking a first step that we find so compelling? is it because taking a step represents hope? or triumph? at genworth, we believe in taking small steps every day to keep your promises, protect what matters, and prepare for a secure financial future.
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>> john is in times square asking the question does government create jobs? >> i looked around for some of those jobs president obama created. no jobs here. any jobs here? where are the diop jobs?
7:57 pm
>> the government create jobs? >> how is a politician going to create jobs. >> does government create job as soon as>> who do you think cleans the streets, collects taxes, runs the schools, cleans the snow. government is great. >> obama supporter right there. she has a good point. she was pretty good. >> she made her point. >> the government creates a certain level of jobs. can't run an entire economy. that's the problem it wants to. >> when they make $16 muffins or dig holes whatever the government does government has no money of it's own. we don't know what might have been done with that money. >> none are real jobs in the sense that they perpetuate
7:58 pm
themself that is they create jobs beyond cleaning the streets. >> basically you say the key to a vibrant economy is expansion. >> only to the private sector. >> what the government does is fills certain jobs under the mandate but there's nothing more than that. then it trains to pay for the jobs and healthcare benefits and retirements. survey an survey the countries that ahave relatively small government you got singapore in hong kong kept people from stealing from each other or killing each other. leaving people alone allowed them to move from third world to first world in 50 years. why do you think he does not understand his only hope for turning oot co moeconomy aroundd
7:59 pm
be to unleash the private sector. it's not going to happen in the public sector. >> it wouldn't necessarily happen quickly enough. no confidence in the economic leadership. would you agree with that? >> the stock market drops for hundreds of reasons. >> is there confidence on the president's economic leadership? >> i don't care. the president doesn't run the economy. >> there is no confidence they are not doing anything. >> that is not about confidence in obama? do i understand law is in the next year. there is fear. >> that goes back to the president. >> thank you for watching this special edition of "the


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