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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 29, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with leslie marshall, eric bolling, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." we have a busy show for you. we are five days to iowa. and the nives are out for ron paul, let me tell you. plus, could harry reid and nancy pelosi be on the out in washington in 2012? what is what karl rove think. are the girl scouts trying to indoctrinate our young girls to lin ral ideology? we tell you what they are up to. a pro-abortion blogger campaigns against tim tebow. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: our top story, bad news for white house. rasmussen report has mitt romney with a six-point lead over president obama in a 2012 matchup. to make matters worse, obama is upside down in the gallup daily tracking poll, a couple of days after bob beckel was down right giddy. only 41% approve of obama. 50%, i don't think so. all right, andrea, what do you think about the numbers? >> andrea: he is in big trouble. he saw a very short-term bounce. democrats were starting to rally around him in payroll tax. the optics of that fight helped him because he stayed out of it. now, he has to deal with an economy he hasn't fixed. contrary to what democrats say, it's still in the gutter. i also think the reason for this is mitt romney hid in the tall grass for a long time. he remained unscathed. in iowa, everyone else is killing each other, which is why i think he has been able to hold his position. so that benefits him. something is interesting. mitt romney is now committed to do interviews the day after
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the iowa caucuses, which i think is telling. it shows he is feeling confident in his campaign. that they will place first or second. even if paul happens to win, romney is going to go face the press the next day going in new hampshire saying okay, it's either me or him. >> kimberly: internal polling numbers look good in terms of tracking day-to-day. leslie, welcome to the program. great to have you again here on "the five." >> great to be here. >> kimberly: what do you think of this? >> i always said romney is the republican candidate. people being polled love him but the republicans don't love him. he is guy most difficult for obama to beat. he appeals to the independents and appeals to centrists and appeals to who will determine the next election. i'm not worried about the poll numbers. last week, bob and i did the happy dance. i think i might do it next week again. >> kimberly: eric, happy dance? >> eric: obama is doing a happy dance. he had a three-hour dinner after a four-hour round of golf. >> kimberly: are you following him around?
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>> eric: goup will poll that bob doing the happy dance, it's two days ago he was doing the happy dance. i think he turned it down because of the hawaiian trip. people are going my god, really, really, obama? i'm very dissatisfied. let me point one thing out. a poll released today about the likely republican voters, the desaltsf with the whole field. came out at 46%. this time four years ago it was 11%. there is clearly room for someone who may not even be in the lead or hasn't been in the lead to take over and get a big percentage point. >> kimberly: greg, i see a smirk on your face. >> greg: obama job approval poll, not that interested in it. the fluctuations are this way, and this way. it's like watching gramps try to parallel park. >> broken glass? >> kimberly: wait until gramps hit the cush an curb ande car behind him. >> greg: mitt is a can of beer. in the morning you're not
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ready for it. by lunchtime, it looks good and by dinner you want the can of beer. america is looking at romney saying he's can of beer. >> andrea: a lot of people are looking for vodka. they don't want to chug the beer. if beer is the only thing left on the table, i'm going to funnel that beer. the other choice is barack obama. >> kimberly: can you tell we're getting ready for new year's? >> eric: time out. you said the other choice other than obama is ron paul. do you see funnel the beer? i'm not. >> greg: what drink is that? ron paul drink. >> andrea: i wouldn't funnel ron paul. >> greg: shot of jagermeister. >> kimberly: speaking of ron paul. let's take a listen to this. >> i think ron paul's views are totally outside the main stream. virtually every decent american. >> ron paul would make a very
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dangerous president because of his foreign policy. >> one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. i don't. >> the second term with barack obama, i'm not sure it wasn't that different than ron paul administration when it comes to national security. >> kimberly: a lot of ron paul. what is going on? >> eric: here is what is going on. ron paul had great ideas regarding the fed and fiscal policy. but the other stuff is so big and so blatant, it is a chance to become a president and certainly, maybe even republican nominee. this whole controversy with ron paul hiring michele bachmann's campaign manager is huge. it's getting bigger. the campaign manager said he never told michele bachmann he was offered money from ron paul. if he was offered money from the ron paul camp, which they deny, a controversy. >> andrea: bad protocol in politics. that is really bad. the controversy around the news letters, the racist newsletters, anti-homophobic
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newsletters. we haven't covered them a lot on "the five" but they are despicable. a lot of people in the g.o.p. are turned off by it. it's a big problem for him, too. not just foreign policy it the things he says, stay in the closet to gay people, it is disgusting and ridiculous i think. >> greg: to use another food or beverage metaphor -- >> andrea: i'm getting hungry. >> greg: i'm starving. there is food in the green room, i can't eat it because it's on atkins. then there is a cake, because it's your birthday tomorrow. i can't eat it either. >> andrea: okay, angry, hungry person. >> greg: ron paul. like ripping candy on the dish from your grandmother's house. you finally taste it and go ohh. that is ron paul. he has been around forever. he has good things but then there are blood things that leave a bad taste in your mouth. >> one thing that leaves a bad taste in many republicans' mouth, he is not a republican. he's civil lib bertarian. this is a protest vote. this is like okay, we don't
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have gingrich or cain. we don't have perry. who is left? anyone but romney. >> kimberly: what about the rick santorum? >> andrea: rick santorum is surging in a new rasmussen poll. third. in december, fifth place. 5%. now at 16%. >> greg: in iowa. >> andrea: in iowa. right. which is good for him. he has been all counties in iowa. he moved his family there. >> kimberly: worked very hard. >> andrea: very hard. social conservative. look, leslie brought it up. the conservatives have been searching. they have been on dates with all the candidates. they are not thrilled. someone like rick santorum, though it's unlikely, there is a chance for him to place in iowa. possibly come out, maybe not in new hampshire but in the south he could do very, very well. >> kimberly: go ahead. pops them in the third place position, which predicting. that will be a big victory. >> greg: i think people are starting to move on from, i guess the way the campaign has been so far, like a giant game
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of whackamole. someone comes up, pound him. somebody comes up. you pound him. we have to move away from that. i don't think we can say it's great santorum went there and brought his family there. we have to move toward a game like candyland. moving around and getting toward the finish line instead of beating up on each other. i love candyland. >> kimberly: santorum comes in as third place. what does it mean for michele bachmann who has taken hits? >> eric: a great question. by the way, newt gingrich, i think he released numbers today. he raised $9 million. that is a big number. it's interesting to find out how much the other one. michele bachmann, specifically asked about her, if she raised a lot of money, i don't think she did. i haven't heard she was going to. if she did, she could stay in longer. i asked her point blank are you going to stay? she said i'll wait. it won't matter. they all tell you that. rick santorum, 16% in iowa. love the conservatism. but santorum, bachmann, perry splitting the conservative vote. >> this is a conservative
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issue, social issue. the number one issue is not unemployment in iowa. they have a decent employment market. the social issue, immigration drives it in iowa. >> andrea: these polls we should be clear, too. the polls are so tough in iowa to tell because of the complicated nature of the caucus structure. >> kimberly: holiday week. >> andrea: the polls are tough and chunk of undecided we talk about all week on the show. >> kimberly: they will all come out. see if there is good weather. i want to listen to this. listen to charles krauthammer and what he had to say. criticism for the g.o.p. >> eric: charles. >> i think with some of the sort of embarrassing candidat candidates like cain and others along the way, the president, who is by who he is, presidential, look better. i think that explains the reason his numbers are up. >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: what he is saying is after this bizarre game of the bachelor, people are starting to look for mr. right. and people are starting to get
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serious. that is why mitt romney seems to be the guy that everybody is going to. that's what i think. krauthammer is always right, too. >> andrea: he's also dana's boyfriend. he is married, but secretly hers. >> kimberly: he is dreamy and smart. we love him. >> greg: i don't think he is dreamy. >> kimberly: okay. >> greg: what is wrong with you? >> kimberly: smart guys are dreamy. >> i'm not buying in to dreamy. >> eric: greg and i on a table with three beautiful, smart women. >> andrea: you're smart as krauthammer. intelligent. >> kimberly: a brunet caucus at the fox news channel. oh, yeah, you like it? we've got more. coming in. karl rove thinks maybe the end of the road for harry reid and nancy pelosi. bye-bye. his 2012 predictions are next. shoot us an e-mail complimenting all the brunettes on the show. tell us what you think at stay with us. ♪ ♪ xñ?x0x
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♪ ♪ >> greg: that is -- >> eric: sorry. gene simmons. karl rove making bold predictions for 2012. much of them, in fact, in the latest "wall street journal" column, but the one that is getting the most attention by far is the harry reid and nancy pelosi will leave the democratic leadership by year end. ahh. ain't that a shame? leslie, what do you think of rove's prediction? >> charles might always be right, as greg said in the last segment, but mr. rove is wrong on this one. even though nancy pelosi's
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daughter says my mother wants to get on with her life, she is very clear she will stay true to her constituents and stay true to her donors and stay in d.c. also, you have senate, like seven seats, seven democrats running. that has me excited on the other side. seven people leaving. nelson is retiring, too. i just don't see her doing that. harry reid works so hard. it's really tight. his latest campaign. i think he is in it until the end. >> eric: nancy pelosi, carrying the gavel around the halls of congress. she loves that thing. >> andrea: she likes props just like you. she can be in your calendar, too. >> eric: no. my anti-calendar. what do you think? is rove right about either one leaving the leadership? >> andrea: pelosi is one i'd put my money on. her daughter said today she would retire right now if she didn't have donors putting pressure on her. she knows better than anyone she is not going to retake the house. the democrats are not going to retake the house. i think it might happen that
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she might go. >> greg: here is the thing. predictions are great, because the only time you remember them is if you get them right. the person making the prediction comes on and says remember when i said this? bob, yeah, if rove is wrong, nobody is going to bring up that tape. so, why did rove say this? rove is an evil genius. we all know that. this was a clue. why is harry and what's her face -- >> kimberly: nancy. >> greg: why did he say those two? they're the same person. that is what it was. >> kimberly: she was my congresswoman in san francisco. i used to be related to her. >> greg: you used to be related by husband. >> kimberly: yes. so i think she has probably had enough. i know other things about people who moved in that district. >> eric: wait, guys. don't you remember when the republican, boehner got the gavel and she said i'm going
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to get thatgal back soon. all right. karl rove also predicted 2012 would be a tough year for the economy. he said a little slow. sluggish economic year nil. thoughts? >> andrea: what are your thoughts? you are the guru. >> eric: see, things seem like they are getting better. the unemployment numbers are getting a little bit better. a little bit. no thanks to obama. >> of course not. >> eric: it's four years of a recession. eventually, it will turn itself around. i think things get better. any other rove prediction we like -? >> andrea: i want to agree with him. >> greg: does it mean we still have to buy gold? i have so much gold. it's all over the place. my garage is filled with gold. >> kimberly: i sleep on a gold mattress. >> greg: really. i'll pretend like i don't know. >> i was told on the show tonight you're giving it away. >> jewelry from the ex-boyfriends, you just melt
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it down. >> big pot. just stir it up. >> greg: i am putting my money in soil and burying it in my backyard. >> eric: soil is right. farm land has been the most productive investment over the last 20 years. >> andrea: there is one prediction that came out today i found interesting. robert wright, a former clinton guy came out and said it's likely, it's very likely -- leslie is jumping up and down. it's likely that president obama will boot joe biden. joe's got to go. and bring on hillary clinton. i just think this is akin to a family adopting the menendez brothers. there is no way the obamas are bringing on clintons. i talked to one democratic source. i said please tell me what you think? he said unless he really, really needs it. this would be a total hail mary. >> greg: this is the most forced marriage since michael jackson and lisa marie. >> kimberly: remember how awkward it was when they
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kissed? >> greg: but she would help obama because she gets no blame for the domestic policy because she is out of countries where cats have voting rights. >> eric: isn't she the most desired -- what is it? we did this yesterday. >> admired. >> greg: one day ago. >> andrea: what do democrats really think inside? just be frank of joe biden. do they think he is just like a bumbling. >> speaking for all of them. sometimes he needs to keep the mouth shut because he puts his foot in his mouth. certainly i, kimberly i shared this with you. i have a girl crush on two women. an andrea, you can be number three. but kimberly is one as you know and hillary clinton is the other. >> kimberly: i don't wear pantsuits. >> but the obama-clinton ticket would be awesome. i do agree it would only be if they are really that desperate. 11th hour desperate. i would divert from the
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economy to foreign policy. and president with the current secretary of state has done well. >> kimberly: she has higher approval ratings than obama. there are plenty of people that talk out loud about it. no secret. they prefer to have her in and think they have a better chance of re-election with hillary at the helm than obama. >> eric: it would be a show of weakness saying we have to get rid of him and bring her on to win. >> he wanted to be secretary of state for a decade. you know, it's politics. it's like wife swap. you say a vote for obama is a vote for the clinton economy. vote for romney is vote for bush economy. >> kimberly: it's interesting and complex. >> greg: rice is a little guy like me. he has to be careful with the trial balloons. float away. >> andrea: message to biden. get your act together or we'll ship you out. >> eric: arizona judge says
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tucson school district ethnic studies program teaches racial resentment. that is great music. >> greg: i know. >> eric: details coming up. ♪ ♪ it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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2:25 pm
specifically designed for one ethnic group. that is excluding the others. it's an interesting ruling. administrative law judge. the question is whether or not this is going to be, you know, have far reaching implications. i mean, a lot of discussion on both sides about it. >> greg: wait. didn't they say the class promoted resentment? >> yeah. the judge said that such teaching promotes activism against white people, promotes racial resentment. advocates ethnic solidarity. >> kimberly: right. we have had some cases like that are similar. the judge is trying to make a point. why are you going to favor this one particular mexican american studies to the exclusion of others? it should be impacting on other students in the class if they don't have ethnic studies program. are you favoring them? >> one of the problemsvy with this, it says specifically, the law permits obstruction of the oppression of people that may result in ethnic
2:26 pm
solidarity. we have classes around the country the african-american studies. they talk about whites demonizing. i'm white. we do a lot of horrific things. slavery was horrific thing. holocaust was a horrific thing. there are holocaust and african-american studies. i have a problem with this because he is a republican who voted in favor of this when he needed the latino vote. but now that he has head of the school and he doesn't, now he says this is not a good idea. >> kimberly: are you calling him a flip-floper? >> gosh. >> eric: there are school districts, we had the texas school district that required arabic studies. parents pushed back because they said what if i don't want my kid indoctrinated to that keep of thing and they move back. you're from california, leslie. that place is riddled with ridiculous rules and regulations. if i'm not mistaken, i could be wrong, i believe california just passed a law that requires gay and lesbian studies in every public school.
2:27 pm
>> andrea: yes. we talked about it on "the five." begs the question whatever happened to reading, writing arithmetic. is this going to help us with the overseas studies? >> greg: i hate diversity courses. i'm half elf and half -- [ laughter ] >> kimberly: i thought you were a women studies major. >> greg: i don't need a special school because i'm half pygmy and half elf. the courses encourage people to think about who they are instead of what they do. if you talk to kids these days, which i do. race doesn't enter the picture. they're too busy sexting. they don't see color. they don't. if you talk about bigotry, kids in their teens, they look at you like you're crazy. >> eric: you talk to kids these days? >> greg: i am disgusting by your laughter. >> andrea: the larger question is, though, should taxpayer dollars be spent on this type of education? homosexual education, hispanic-american? what do you think?
2:28 pm
>> in tucson, you have to remember a large hispanic population. in tucson they may say yes, we like that. in addition, what bothers me about this arizona specifically is this is just april 2010, arizona never passed immigration bill. this would not be an issue. we wouldn't be talking about it tonight. >> kimberly -- >> kimberly: absolutely. throughout the appeal hearing they take it up to the superior court. they are saying the only way to rectify the situation is disband suspend the program entirely. and then rebuild the entire thing. fosters the resentment or hostility. >> greg: kids don't need to be told they're different. they don't. they need to have fun and learn real things about life. >> yes, the judge ruled it's pitting one race against the other and promoting racial resentment. that becomes a question. do taxpayer dollars go to racial resentment? speaking of hispanics, a new poll out showing that obama
2:29 pm
slipped with the hispanic voters but still trounces republicans when it comes to getting that critical vote with latino. his approval is at 54%. disapprove, 32%. no opinion, 10%. what do you make of thise, leslie? does he have the constituency locked up? >> si. bueno. absolutely. no question. quite frankly, this whole decision in tucson with the school doesn't help the republicans with the latino voters. >> greg: i don't understand that. generally latinos are more conservative. they're more religious and family oriented. look at kimberly for example. stop looking at her. it could ruin your brain. in a good way. they are generally more conservative in terms of family value and religion. they are republicans. but you just don't know. >> hey! >> when the latinos are here
2:30 pm
who can't vote, they have done the process to become citize citizens. why are they in favor of amnesty program? look, i did it, you should do it too. goh through the process -- >> kimberly: are you saying all? >> eric: the democrats on the left say latinos are in favor of amnesty but maybe they are in favor of getting more votes. not the reason for it. >> andrea: the number one issue about latino is not amnesty. it's economy and the jobs. i agree. republicans have a huge demographic. they could go after. george bush did it well and got the highest percentage out of any president. the message of the president, why aren't they doing it. rick perry has done. >> kimberly: do you know what i do after hours? after the show? >> andrea: what do you do? >> kimberly: a lot. community outreach. la raza. >> andrea: out reach.
2:31 pm
>> kimberly: outreach! >> andrea: who out of the g.o.p. field would be the best to challenge obama with the hispanic community? >> eric: maybe rick perry now. >> jeb bush. >> andrea: rick perry. mitt romney up against president obama when it comes to latino. 68-23. romney at 23%. >> kimberly: abysmal number. >> andrea: it is. but i think it's possible to make end roads. you are shaking your head. don't tell them. the g.o.p. won't leave anything on the table. coming up, researchers out in berkeley claim poor people are better than rich people. greg, california guy will try to explain that ridiculous comment. next. [ male announcer ] with the new year comes resolutions.
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i'm chris wallace in washington. the big story here today is the continuing count downtown to the iowa caucuses five days away. tonight on "special report," chief political correspondent carl cameron talks to newt gingrich about his drop in the poll and what comes after iowa. we also take a look at how the candidates have been trying to sell themselveses in the advertising campaign. steve brown has reaction from the voters. u.s. and iran are continuing to issue warnings over the strait of hormuz. we examine what is behind the war of words. and we are with president obama in high and we report on the economic challenges that the president is facing heading to election year. on the grapevine, source close to nancy pelosi has a surprising opinion about her future. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00
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p.m. eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: kimberly dancing. i guess it was worth it. welcome back to "the five." new study, pour are more compassionate than unpour. author from berkeley claims it's culture that is born out of the well-being. so the poor are nicer from the rich. that is as predictable as my sunday hangover. by this logic, we should re-elect president obama because we now have more poor people than ever, so that could only be good because they're good. anyway, there are holes so wide in this, you could wheel michael moore lake house through it. the culture of compassion doesn't explain why crime is poor on poor. my brain tells me muggers don't live in beverly hills. why does this junk get
2:37 pm
published? class warfare requires all progressive forces, politician and media academic, the utaupic society is right. i think class warfare is real. but the war that professors wage on students in classes. forget the rich. professors are the most coddled creeps on earth. as someone who was once poor, the notion that the rich were never poor or face obstacles overlooks the fact that the america is'siest place to move across classes. if i can make it, anyone can. >> kimberly: true story. >> eric: michael moore's lake house. very nice. >> greg: beautiful house. since you're already talking, eric, okay, imagine -- [ laughter ] >> eric: is this going to hurt? >> greg: imagine if the researchers found the opposite result, that the rich were more compassionate. would it -- >> eric: yeah, no.
2:38 pm
obama must be thrilled with this. they are great people under the obama administration. >> greg: leslie? >> i make that we have more compassion with less capitalism. okay? >> obviously, you can't -- obviously according to the study from berkeley, because the poor people don't have the money. they can compassion. rich people have money. >> eric: smart people from berkeley really rich? >> greg: excruciatingly wealthy. we're not all poor people. people who give money, a lot of them are rich. you just said more compassion. you are confusing me! now you're saying it's not important. kimberly? >> kimberly: can i tell you where you went wrong with this?
2:39 pm
>> greg: what? >> kimberly: berkeley. my are you giving this study credibility whatsoever. i agree with you in the introthis is ridiculous. this is what they come up with berkeley because they have so much money and so much time. >> greg: i did the story because it practically writes itself. >> andrea: i don't like these. we are taking the bait. every time the left gets the right to talk about who is better, rich or poor people. the left jumps up and down and they win. this is a false debate. this is ridiculous quantitative. >> honestly, i think it's common sense. poor people identify with people who are down and out because they are poor, they have been poor. rich people have not.
2:40 pm
>> andrea: that is the biggest line you ever heard. look at someone like my dad who was homeless and super poor, one of the most compassionate man. because he was poor-poor. >> eric: can i throw in partisan politics in this? >> greg: absolutely. >> eric: gallup poll, the latest study, the very liberal people, 1.2% of their income. the liberals 1.5%. moderates around 3%. go to the right, conservatives, 3.6%. very conservatives 4.5%. if you take conservatives on the right, liberals on the left, conservatives give 300% more, percentage of their income than the liberals. >> they have more money. we liberals like to get on a plane and go to haiti. >> eric: it's not how much money. it's percentage of the income. it's their givability. >> financially, absolutely. what about time? what is there to give? >> greg: i don't want to
2:41 pm
give my time because that would make their life worse. if i wanted to volunteer, somebody would die -- >> kimberly: opposite of helpful. >> let's not forget. the rich pay majority of the taxes that go to fund the welfare programs. a lot of them are compassionate and take care of the poor already. >> greg: move quickly to this. local activists calling on -- [ inaudible ] and jim jordan change the way they sell the shoes. they were highly sought air jordan, i don't know anymore. but some of the activists talking about how they should have more responsibility their product. >> is it the responsibility of michael jordan and nike to stand up and be part of the solution. it's public safety issue with children wearing the sneakers. >> what happens at a result of
2:42 pm
that? >> trying to make it logical. saying that all of us collectively to take responsibility for making a change. >> greg: does that make any sense at all? >> i don't know -- >> greg: nike, maybe they should make their shoes less attractive? >> kimberly: >> because they are desirable and people want them, they are dangerous. how about crack or methamphetamine? how about, you know, all the litany of drugs that could kill someone. this is a sneaker. they like the sneakers. kids like music. >> kimberly: people like ipods and ipads and anything made by apple. right? >> andrea: how dare they, nike, create a product that is number one. >> kimberly: outrage segment. >> andrea: how could michael jordan put his name on something people want to buy. >> greg: the argument is the minister said the shoe was unaffordable to people trying to buy it. then you saw the violence there. so what did the poor compassion argument come in?
2:43 pm
>> this isn't just about air jordans. in los angeles, black friday, a woman pepper sprayed over 20 people to get electronics and she is still at large. so this is, this to me comes from the parents and comes from the home. i know it's creepy when i sound like a conservative. but seriously, this comes from parenting. if michael jordan can get up there and say stop this violence, you know? when i lived in chicago and people were shooting their guns in the air when the bulls won their victory and he did and dennis rodman and others got on television and said stop the violence. they didn't stop. this is about teaching kids -- well, first, you shouldn't buy your kids $200 sneakers. not in a good economy. >> andrea: they shouldn't rioting. >> kimberly: personal responsibility. i don't understand the entitlement to air jordan. everybody thinks they should have them. even kim jong unwho loves them. give me a break. send him some. a case of them.
2:44 pm
>> what happened to compassionate poor people? they can't afford the sneakers. i don't have money. i'm not compassionate. i'm ticked off. >> greg: same here. i was squatting in that house. i won't get in that story. coming up, are girl scouts are indoctrinated? where the heck are my samoans. and we have more coming up. if you leave now i'll burn the photographs we took in spain. those were good times. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five." daily caller has an article about what they say is indoctrination of american girls. the girl scouts of america was using literature that says media matters a very liberal group sets the record stuff about stuff the -- straight about stuff the girls might read in the media. the girl scouts said they will no longer use the material. i was a girl scout. hard to believe. i was kicked out at 12. that is a story for another time. as amore -- no, no, no. as a mother of a little girl, i have to say that girls this age, six, seven, eighth grade, they shouldn't be given links about media. i don't care what network, et cetera. it's awesome to -- awful to talk about the neltive stereotype and images that the young girls see and teach them about this. this is not the girl scouts' responsibility. this is not about the media matters, et cetera. this is about the girl scouts
2:49 pm
overstepping their position. >> kimberly: exactly. this is why i chose to be a blue bird. we would never link to media matters. this is improper, it's indoctrination and ridiculous. i don't know what is going on with them. they are trying to pollute mind of young girls. >> what is media matters? >> irrelevant. it never heard of them. >> eric: what is a blue bird? >> they had cuter outfits, costume. blue with little red and gold buttons. we sell cookies, too. it's girl scout, another alternative. >> did you tell is cookies? >> i was going to say maybe you want to be a girl scout but you weren't. >> eric: they do great things. boy scouts do fantastic thing. they venture in an area likely
2:50 pm
they probably shouldn't have. i have a son but i wouldn't want my daughter to be learning about where to go for media training and media correctness to media matters one of the most biased left wing liberal rags on the planet. maybe they should have vetted it better. >> andrea: i never heard of them. i don't know what they are. >> greg: this is part of a merit badge for social justice. have you seen that? no. media matters had a cookie it would be called bitter nut. >> "the five" called the girl scouts today to get a comment from them. the girl scouts said, "they review material based on feedback and suggestion we receive from the members." blah, blah, blah. "as a result we will not include media matters anymore." they never said why they initially did it. >> kimberly: that was in the blah, blah, blah. >> andrea: never explained
2:51 pm
it. >> greg: that was one person that worked there that thought in that kind of ideology, thought i'll just put this on there. >> maybe somebody googled something. some people were offended. i don't think the girl scouts is supposed to give that information to media. >> greg: i'm boycotting the girl scouts. >> no cookies for you. let's talk about sensitive issues. there is an abortion blogger urging bloggers to donate to planned parenthood when tebow scores a touchdown. some of his supporters are urging boycott of hbo. i have to tell you, i just learned about him recently. i'm not a big sports gal. even my husband is like he's a good looking guy. to me, let me tell you. he and i may not agree politically but what he does is great in the sense he gives a lot of money. this is what i want to say. you know, this is an opportunity for pro-lifers to rather than be offended, take
2:52 pm
out their checkbooks. what i think is america, if they want to get on board with this, when he scores a touchdown, everybody give to your, talk about donation, left or right, to where you think the money should go. >> kimberly: that is kookie. >> cookie to give money -- kookie to give money to charity? >> andrea: i love tim tebow but what i love most he reveals the hypocrisy of the left. the left says that the right is intolerant. why can't the left just let tim tebow be tim tebow? and be tolerant if the left is so tolerant as they say they are. his mother didn't give him up. and have an abortion. what i get from this, the left is against the kids. they'd rath ver the mothers abort children when they are told due to a faulty medical test, and that is sick. >> kimberly: i agree. >> i think it's unfair to say. though i'm pro-choice, i would never make that choice. i have had a son that died.
2:53 pm
i had 13 mistak 13 miscarriages3 cycle, i went through hell to have my kid. >> eric: isn't this disgusting? isn't this a pro-choice person using tim tebow just to get, to call attention to -- like bill maher. he is on hiatus and he trashes tim tebow. nothing to do with the ideology. everything to do with using an athlete, conservative christian as a method to "a," raise money ; "b," raise eyeballs. stop it. >> first of all, bill maher would say this. you know he is an atheist. >> eric: would he say this if tim tebow was a muslim and praying to allah? would he say that? i don't think he would. >> he believes in nothing. i don't care if he believes in nothing. i don't care about bill maher. why does he care that tim tebow believes in something?
2:54 pm
>> kimberly: he is desperate to associate himself with a winner. >> greg: the more you talk about maher, the better maher does. stop talking about maher. please. my head is going to explode. >> kimberly: then go to break. >> speaking of, coming up, guess who thinks paula dean, fried chicken and southern cooking is not good for america? we tell you when "the five" returns. ♪ ♪ if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
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they called southern cooking undignified. what is wrong with them, greg? >> greg: i love fried chicken. my diet doesn't allow me to eat. it >> kimberly: you're starving over there. >> greg: if it was
2:59 pm
african-american chef it would be authentic southern cuisine and the "new york times" would be more dignified than they were toward white southerners. it's easy to spoke fun at white southerners. even white southerners do it. >> eric: you did that well. >> greg: thank you. >> eric: that comment. >> kimberly: you did do a nice job. greg am i missing something here? >> eric: wow! >> kimberly: andrea? >> andrea: it's a total class issue. i think the "new york times" looks down on anybody they view could be, you know, back water governor let's say or somebody who just isn't eating arugula and sitting at the green office of the "new york times." they're snobs. >> greg: you will find southern restaurants in new york and it will be a hit. >> honey, i had fried chicken over holidays. love fried chicken. >> kimberly: that is it for "the


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