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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 26, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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rushed to safety. we got the story. >> wow. new details about the night demi moore was rushed to the hospital. what she was taking and what ashton kutcher had to too with it. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> it's a busy morning around here today. there's a lot of politics to talk about and, of course, everyone is steam rolling towards florida for the primary there. >> along with the debate tonight and we see some news in the polls for the president as well as for the candidates. >> so we got a busy three hours. starts with the headlines. >> ok. new details overnight about jessica buchanan, the american hostage rescued by navy seals in somalia. she's spoken to her father and her first words after three months in captivity. daddy, i love you and i'll be fine. i'm ok. it's not clear exactly when jessica will be back in virginia. she's being checked out by military doctors and has an
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undisclosed medical condition that was said to be getting much worse in captivity. she was rescued along with another aide from denmark in a daring raid by the same people who took out usama bin laden. the mission was secretly planned for weeks and executed perfectly. john buchanan says he's very greatful to the americans. the last member of the economic team planning to cash out. tim geithner says he has no plans to stay with president obama if he's elected to a second term. in fact, he's pretty confident the president won't even ask him. geithner still confident the president will win re-election, though, despite the 8.5% unemployment rate. remember when the president first took office, it was 7.8%. throughout his term, geithner has made both democrats and republicans see red. some say he's been too harsh on the big banks while others claim he's too comfy with wall street. not clear yet who would replace
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him. terrifying moment in australia. watch as the country's prime minister is attacked by an angry mob. you can see 50 police officers rescuing the prime minister from a rowdy group of protesters. they were reportedly rallying for indigenous rights when things got out of hand. at one point, the prime minister lost her shoe in the scuffle. fortunately, she was not hurt. >> bizarre new details about the night demi moore was rushed to the hospital. sources now saying she was high on nitrous oxide, a gas inhaled from empty whipped cream canisters. she's been abusing prescription drugs for quite sometime. that's one of the reasons she and ashton kutcher broke up. there was another reason, too. kutcher was seen leaving a nightclub in brazil this morning. he has yet to comment about
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demi's condition. it was a much publicized relationship that ashton had that might have led to a divorce. >> the thing that propelled the whipped cream out of the can. >> that's why we're a cool whip family. >> exactly. from cool whip to hot in the desert. it's the tif on the tarmac. yesterday, the president of the united states had the campaign swing to sell the country on what he talked about in the state of the union a couple of night ago. he's there in the phoenix area and down at the bottom of the plank is eventually he's going to shake hands, there she is, jan brewer, the governor of the great state of arizona. what's the first thing they talked about? her book. she wrote a book in 2011 called "scorpions for breakfast." she referred to the president as patronizing and he lectured me when they had a meeting in the white house. where did it go from there? she said last night on greta.
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>> let's hear what she said. >> i had written a handwritten note to him to deliver welcoming him to arizona and to thank him for being here and gave him the letter and he immediately took umbrage with the book that i wrote "scorpions for breakfast" and was somewhat disgruntled, if you will, about the way he was portrayed in the book. i said you read my book? and he said i read excerpts from it and the bottom line is the book is factual. the book is true. i want our border secured. i want our nation protected. he wants amnesty. and we're never going to agree on that. and we agree to disagree on that subject. so i don't know why he was surprised by my book. but he evidently is and he's very thin skinned in regards to it. >> you know when they finally
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meet, in her book she write that he tried to lecture her or did lecture her and his tone was patronizing and that's what he didn't like her portrayal of their meeting. >> well, as you can see from the still photos here, the governor at one point has her finger up when she's discussing apparently according to the pool reporters, the group of reporters with the two on the tarmac at the airport, that they were talking over each other in a heated exchange and actually that the president left when the governor was in mid sentence explaining her point of view. so last night, the governor had a chance to explain why she had her finger up pointing at him. >> i think he was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away from me and, you know, greta, you know me, when i talk, i am animated. i talk with my hands. and i suppose that the picture was probably shot maybe when i was moving my hands around. but, you know, it was just -- it was such a -- it was off -- in
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my opinion, it was a terrible encounter to bring up the book at this particular time. here we are talking about jobs and the economy. we're celebrating the growth and the comeback that arizona has made and he wants to go immediately to the book. >> on twitter, apparently a number of people support the governor for standing town the president and others berate her for doing that. >> i can't believe this will be even forefront on the president's mind fresh off the state of the union debate, he's getting ready for a re-election campaign and everything else is going on. i can't believe she would -- >> the book. >> i forgot she wrote a book. >> me, too, characterizing the meeting with all the meetings that the president has but it's not the first time. >> remember governor bobby jindal in louisiana reported something similar happening after the oil spill in the state. bobby jindal, remember, he thought they would be having a discussion about how to move the state forward and how will the
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federal government help me in that mission and he claims at that particular time on the tarmac in louisiana that the president got angry at him as well about something that had occurred before. >> and here's the encounter. he said "he wanted to talk about a letter that my administration had sent to the secretary of agriculture, tom vilsack one day earlier. the letter was rudimentary, bureaucratic and ordinary. for some reason, the president had personalized this and upset. careful, he said to me, this is going to be bad for everyone. and one of the things that were involved in that letter is request for food stamps that were suddenly out of work and possibly hungry. >> it's one of the pro forma things. when the president came down to survey the damage from the b.p. oil spill, he chewed out bobby jindal about writing the letter for food stamps. not one word was said about the oil spill. and also bobby jindal apparently told glenn beck on his radio show that the president said don't go on tv and criticize me. don't do it. apparently, according to bobby
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jindal, the president had just had it up to here with people going on tv criticizing him. >> back to the race for the white house now. the challengers who would like to take over the job of the president of the united states, there's another debate tonight and no doubt this issue is going to come up especially in florida where immigration is a very hot topic as well as in arizona and newt and romney are now fighting it out over this immigration ad that newt gingrich put out. now, eventually, he pulled it after he was scolded by senator marco rubio. remember, they both want his endorsement but he was on our show yesterday saying he's not going to give an endorsement before the primary. he calls romney anti-immigrant and rubio came to his defense and says look, we shouldn't be using any kinds of words like that in any kind of advertising. >> he says it was inflammatory and is not accurate to describe either one of the candidates. here's newt gingrich on why he decided to pull the ad. >> remember we're talking about in this whole conversation, we're talking about grandfathers and grandmother who's have children and grandchildren.
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ok? the idea that somebody actually would think about deporting grandfathers and grandmothers, strikes me as fairly inhumane. that's how the ad got developed. >> i have great respect for senator rubio. >> they took out of rotation. no long will that ad run until it's reedited they say. here's mitt romney reacting to mr. gingrich yesterday. >> actually, he was asked on the laura ingraham show whether he supported self-deportation and he said yes. unfortunately, for him, these are things he's already spoken out about and he spoke out about them in favor. it's very comforting to come to an audience and pander to the audience and say what you think people will want to hear. i think that was unbecoming of a presidential candidate and a mistake on his part. mitt romney said he believed in that kind of a policy where
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people would actually self-deport themselves. in other words, they would go to the police station and say hi, i've been living here for 20 years and i'd like to go home now. many people have said that's simply not realistic. that people won't do that. and in that particular clip there, mr. romney is saying that newt gingrich at one point had supported that same policy although newt gingrich is he more moderate on the immigration policy than mitt romney? >> absolutely. the e verify system would play into the fact that mitt romney eventually believes that a lot of them would leave because they couldn't get a job legally in this country. we'd be cracking down legitimately on employers. overall, the whole tone has two republicans very concerned. john mccain and karl rove. they say as you attack each other personally, your negatives grow for the general. >> absolutely. meanwhile, when you look at the very latest gallup national tracking poll, there is some good news in this for newt gingrich. for the first time in the new year, newt gingrich is now, as you can see, three points ahead of mitt romney. it is within the statistical margin of error.
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nonetheless, down in florida, real clear politics has mitt up by one and also within the margin of error but an insider advantage poll came out yesterday and it shows that mitt romney down in the state of floor nor right now is ahead of newt with -- by eight points. >> interesting, right? nationally, newt is gaining. where in florida, he's losing. >> right. >> got to figure it's the air war. down there, it's, you know, carpet bombing on tv. >> if they did a poll today, it would probably be totally different. we'll keep you up to speed as we move closer to the florida date that is next tuesday. in the meantime, florida has the interesting part of the voting system where you can vote early. you can vote absentee in the primary and vote early. let's give you the numbers on that right now. early voting update is early absentee ballots have been requested and that now is over. now, as far as how many of those have been returned, it's about half of those, i think, and then early votes as of yesterday, 349,111. so those are the numbers for that. >> all right. >> we're not going to open them
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up, obviously, until january 31st. >> we could but we got to have a surprise. >> showing up instead of bringing envelopes. >> shouldn't they be on a couch somewhere? >> i think so. >> it's 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. >> cue the p.c. police. airline dishing out prayer cards, why? because they make some people feel bad. >> a former bookie is fired. he's not only getting his old job back. he's getting a check for more than $100,000 in back pay. the taxpayers are footing that bill. stuart varney has the details on that in a bright blue tie. >> looking snazy. [ female announcer ] women move the world. and caltrate moves us. helping strengthen our bones. caltrate delivers 1200 milligrams of calcium
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>> could the fix be in in the state of illinois? after being fired back in 2010, a former mob bookie is back getting his old job back, working for the state's department of transportation and that's not all. his paycheck, the back pay totalling over $100,000. >> that's lance armstrong must be thrilled he's wearing his shirt. how did it happen? with us, mob expert stuart varney. eric shawn, go to bed. we got a guy -- >> good morning, everyone. >> what does the mob have to do with chicago? >> ok, ralph curly pelusso is a bookie in chicago for 20 years and gets mixed up in a nasty mob murder trial. couple of months after that murder trial ends, he's not accused of murder or anything else but he's mixed up in this thing. couple of months after it ends, he lands a job with the illinois department of transportation for $76,000 a year. >> what's the matter with that?
3:17 am
>> the teamsters wanted him in much the fox news operation in chicago finds out about this, publicizes it and curly is fired. whoa! hold on a minute says the union. you can't fire a guy just like that. it's got to go to around trags and -- arbitration and we influence the arbitrator. the arbitrator says you can't fire curly, give him his job back and give $103,000 back pay as well and leave him alone. >> why are you outraged about this? >> look, it's funny on the one hand and outrageous on the other. this is state of illinois. >> this happens all the time. >> i don't know about that. >> but illinois is bankrupt. they've had a massive increase in taxation. huge unemployment. they can't pay their bills and now they got to pay back pay to curly. >> curly who is a mob bookie. >> laughing at it. i don't know why. >> they must have a very good excuse. let's see what the illinois department of transportation says about this. despite the best attempts to remove an employee hired by the previous administration, an
3:18 am
arbitrator ultimately ruled in his favor. the state wrongly disagrees with the arbitrator's decision. it shows the department of transportation actually agrees with you. >> yes, that's what the union can do. in the state of illinois, unions hold enormous power and their work rules kick in to support curly and the mob. >> there is some hope and the way you've embraced his nickname is staggering. keep calling him curly. >> republican -- >> going to call you curly from now on. >> the state representative ed sullivan is asking for an investigation so he also feels your outrage. >> and look at -- it's not outrage. i'm outraged at what's going on in state after state after state where unions force near bankruptcy on public finance. and taxpayers have to pick up the bill. >> $76,000 a year. he's got a supervisor's job. >> and $103,000 in back pay. thank you very much. >> was curly ever qualified to do the job? >> that's a very good question. >> i'll tell you, i loved him on
3:19 am
the globetrotters. he was fantastic. >> he works in the transportation warehouse department in illinois. i don't know what he does but he was a bookie. but that qualifies him to work on the roads. >> i wonder if he did the bookieing operation during state hours which would clearly be a violation -- >> ah-ha! you've got a case, steve! >> he was a bookie before he came to department. >> i think was a full-time bookie. >> once a bookie, always a bookie. >> taking big bets on the street. >> curly, we got to run. see later on this show. >> varney and company. >> curly & company. >> coming up on our show, it's a good cause. schools adding more fruits and vegetables to the menu. two problems they see, they can't afford it and kids aren't eating the food. >> john travolta's stolen mercedes turns up. not much left to it. at least he had one. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you now. hidden airline charges now a thing of the past? a new rule requires airlines and travel agents to reveal all taxes and fees before you buy the ticket and check out these pictures. a powerful tornado tears apart a texas town ripping the roof off this gas station. there were no reports of injuries. steve? >> call it the world's most expensive weight loss program. president obama pushing for an overhaul of nutrition regulations that would put more salad into our school's lunches. the cost, over $3 billion. sounds great. but where's that money going to come from? joining us with more is kyle olson, the founder of education
3:24 am
action group and the producer of "a tale of two missions" with juan williams that you can see on the "fox & friends" web site. good morning. >> good morning. >> we want our kids to eat better stuff. the problem is the fresh stuff costs a lot more than what is currently being, you know, given to the kids in the schools and if the obama administration is going to have our kids eat the good stuff, they should probably figure out how to pay for it because right now, there's no way to do that. >> that's right. this is another example of the federal power grab that we're seeing in education and so what happened is they passed these new mandates. they're saying that kids need to eat healthier which as you said on the surface sounds like a good thing. but this is going to cost over $3 1/2 billion that local school districts are now going to have to pay for and the interesting thing is that examples are coming out from across the country where kids are revolting against these mandates. parents are revolting against these mandates. and so kids are actually eating
3:25 am
worse instead of better. >> sure. for instance, out in los angeles where we have done a story about how on their menu they're trying to have, you know, stuff like butternut squash, and things that kids love. they're not eating it. >> black bean burgers. >> exactly. they're revolting and not eating it and then in chicago, you look in chicago, i think there's a requirement now kids can't bring in junk food because once again the food police trying to manage what we eat. >> earlier this year, there was a school in chicago public schools that said kids could not bring a packed lunch from home. they had to eat the food from school. parents revolted, kids revolted so what we're seeing is these continuous dictates coming out of washington, d.c. telling local and state officials how to run their schools and parents and students aren't happy about it. >> yeah, it's one thing if they say ok, you'll have to have lots more tomatoes and here's how
3:26 am
we're going to get them to you. we're going to have a program and we're going to give them to you but just to say ok, you'll have to have more tomatoes and it's going to cost you $3 billion more, that's the problem because the cupboard is bare literally and figuratively. what would you like to see happen, kyle? >> well, i think the federal government ultimately needs to get out of the way and they need to leave education to the state and local level. and state and local officials need to figure out how to give kids healthy food but also make it be able to contain costs and be able to meet the other obligations that they have. >> all right. watching that pizza, i'm getting hungry right now even though it's only 6:26 in the morning. thank you very much. if folks would like to see "a tale of two missions" with juan williams, you can go to our web site and watch it right there. thank you, kyle. >> thank you very much. >> all right. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. as i just mentioned, coming up, the fight for florida heating up but is it already down to two candidates? seems like it. dick morris predicts how this is
3:27 am
all going to play out coming up next and then cue the p.c. police. did an airline ditch a decades long tradition of handing out prayer cards? yes. why? well, because the prayer cards apparently make some people feel bad. but first, you can hear it. happy birthday, eddie van halen. he is 57 today. happy birthday, eddie. [ toilet flushes ] i come in peace... i come in peace. but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. versus the ultra rippled brand. so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. i go in peace. yes, you do my little alien. [ female announcer ] we all go.
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exclusively from verizon. >> an analyst said that last night's state of the union address was written so that eighth graders could understand it. yeah. which actually explains the part where obama said "i wasted bin laden lmao." kids were yea! >> maybe the kids got the no choke, then. >> i think the president was -- had a few different themes going in his -- in his state of the union address and at one time, he thought he'd insert a joke. >> i'm not sure it was written for eighth graders but there
3:32 am
were some things that were a little disingenuous when it came to taxes. he needed some explainers to go along with some of the simplistic statements he said about taxes. >> maybe next time there will be some pop-ups. >> i used to love those books. thanks for bringing back the good childhood memory. >> got some headlines for you on this thursday. developing story overnight. witnesses say it felt like an explosion, a loud explosion and pieces of buildings raining down followed by people running for their lives. this all happened in rio, two high rise buildings. one 20 years tall came down. buried everything in rubble and dust. look at these pictures. at least 11 people feared dead. rescue workers scrambling survi free three people. >> california set to crack down on carmakers hearing testimony on harsh new emission standards
3:33 am
much the proposal standards set by 2025, all cars and trucks use 75% less smog producing pollutants. also required and even more controversial, by the way, a lot of truck drivers called the radio show and they're outraged by this. one out of every 7 car dealers must be a hybrid. some automakers estimate these new regulations could add up to $3,000 to the price of each new car and a lot of truckers aren't going to go there. >> no kidding. they're taking the face out of the friendly skies. alaska airlines passengers, did you know they did this? i didn't. here's what's been going on for 30 years. now they're going to change it. they're not going to get these cars anymore that you see on your screen. prayer cards with their meals. they decided to end the 30 year tradition out of respect of differing religious beliefs. some customers complained so the cards were only showing up on trays in first class but that still was a problem. so now that tradition is going bye-bye. >> got one of those once on alaska and i thought it was kind of comforting. meanwhile, john travolta's stolen mercedes found at a chop
3:34 am
shop in l.a. the actor's 1970 convertible 280-so picture screen right worth about $100,000. it was stolen back in september while he was visiting a jag dealership. at the time, cops tracked it down, it was chopped up. that's why they call them chop shops. not much left of it. just the seats, the speedometer and some scattered parts. two suspects are under arrest. those are the guys right there. they are charged with running a massive car theft ring. >> republican presidential hopefuls are fighting for florida's 50 delegates and it's a winner take all state so will this primary force it to become a two person race? >> dick morris is a former advisor to bill clinton and a fox news contributor. welcome, mr. morris. >> good to be here, brian. you know, i'm stuck outside of florida and i don't like it for more reasons than one. it's cold and rainy here in st. louis. >> why are you in st. louis? >> i'm here because of national school choice week.
3:35 am
the guy who was on right before me, kyle olson and i are working on promoting school choice around the country. and this is the week that we're talking about it. but i ought to be in florida. >> you'll probably be back there before tuesday when the big primary actually happens. >> i will. i can actually vote there. >> interesting. so let's take a look at how it's stacking up right there. according to this poll amongst 369 g.o.p. likely voters. romney is ahead by two points. 36% to newt gingrich's 34%. rick santorum and ron paul 11% and 9%. that could ying and yang, though, before tuesday, right? >> well, there's a debate tonight. and that's going to ying it and yang it a lot. particularly given how gingrich does in debates because he's so effective at that. but this poll does show a significant move for romney in the last few days. gingrich had opened up about a nine point lead over romney before the monday debate. but then i think on monday,
3:36 am
romney bloodied gingrich a little bit over the freddie mac and fannie mae issue and i think this poll reflects the closing of that gap. >> the interesting thing is, though, tonight, it's my understanding that the audience will be able to participate again in this debate. remember monday night, they were told -- >> is that spitballs? >> probably, but that's probably more effective and to the advantage of newt gingrich if he gets in zingers, right? >> yeah. yeah. probably is. the interesting thing about this -- romney has hit gingrich with the freddie mac accusation that he was part of freddie mac when the mortgage crisis was building. and gingrich has hit romney with the accusation that he supported romneycare in massachusetts. in that exchange, the reason that i think romney may be gaining the upper hand is that everybody has watched romney rebutt that charge over and over and over. either you believe him or you don't but it doesn't add much to the fray to put on an ad.
3:37 am
on the other hand, the freddie mac thing is brand new and that -- that really can cut into gingrich's vote check. >> remember last time after florida when john mccain won and mitt romney didn't, it was over. the whole thing is over. it's not going to be the case this time it doesn't seem even if newt gingrich is able to get a victory, especially because what's after florida. >> well, after florida, you have a series of states that are basically will be pretty good for romney. and i don't think that's coincidence. i think his guys probably helped set that up. after tuesday, you have nevada on saturday which is a third mormon and romney won it last time and should win it this time. you have maine on saturday which is -- he won new hampshire and probably will do well in maine and then on tuesday, a week from florida, you have caucuses in colorado and minnesota. and both of those states are caucus states and because they're caucuses, romney's
3:38 am
organization could be effective and romney won colorado last time. you have a straw poll in missouri, but that doesn't control delegates at all. and then three weeks later, you have michigan and arizona. and michigan was romney's father's home state. he was governor there. and romney won it last time. so if romney wins on tuesday, the race won't be over but it will be a strong advantage to romney. if gingrich wins on tuesday, romney will have a chance at coming back in february and the fighting will probably continue. >> and wouldn't you say, dick, thaurz a possibility that mitt romney has already got part of it in the bag because they've got the early voting down in florida. he has led for quite a while. during the early voting time as well and something like a half a million absentee ballots have been requested and 350,000 early votes already. >> yeah. i think that's absolutely true
3:39 am
particularly votes that were cast before the south carolina primary. because gingrich's win was really a surprise and might have influenced some of those votes. but really, in this contest, with two able, strong candidates, and don't count out santorum because if romney and gingrich mix it up with each other, santorum, nobody is going to be hitting him and he looks pretty good. i think that you really have a situation where the whole thing could hinge on tonight's debate. but by the way, i'll be tweeting during the debate. you can go to and read my minute to minute commentary which is sometimes nasty. >> i feel sorry for rick santorum in florida. it's hard to wear a sweater vest in florida. it's a little warm. >> up in north, it's not nearly as challenging. >> he hasn't had it on as much. >> if there's pressure on him after florida some have speculated. >> i don't think he'll drop. i think that santorum really believes and i think he's right,
3:40 am
that the more gingrich and romney attack each other, the better he looks. >> right. >> interesting. >> and i don't think paul will drop out because he should do well in the caucus states. >> exactly. >> because he's well organized and he's got highly motivated voters. >> all right, dick. we know you got a the lot of work to do there and we have to move on here. we will see you in the coming days. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> we'll look forward to your tweets tonight. brand new developments in the story of the american freed in somalia by navy seals. up next, a direct line to her family and found out exactly how she's doing. >> wow. and they are the three most asked questions of doctors. stick around because this guy, dr. sears has the answers to your questions. he's here to help somebody. acro, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat...
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>> quick headlines now. a few horrifying moments for a group of kids playing hockey at an indoor rink in slovakia. the roof completely collapsed under the weight of the snow. everybody escapes seconds before it comes down. new reports the iphone 5 will be released this summer. we're told a handful of sample models are already floating around. one of the biggest differences appears to be the screen size, the display about 1/2 inch bigger than the iphone 4s, the model you're looking at right now. i'll stick with the blackberry. >> thanks so much. listen up, parents, our next guest has the answers to some of the most pressing questions you have had about the health of your child. famed baby dr. bob sears is the author of the vaccine book and baby book and joins us live this morning. good to see you, doctor. >> thank you. >> i'm fascinated by these questions as most parents will be because these are things that affect a lot of us. the first one is colic. how do i know my baby has colic
3:45 am
and how can it be treated? >> colic is so tough. it's so heartbreaking and tough on the babies, the moms. it's tough on myself as a doctor because i want to try to fix it. so it's pretty obvious, baby is crying all day. hours and hours of painful crying and the tummy is in pain. tummy is hurting. i tell these parents, do everything i can to fix the colic. >> so now, you think or up until now we've thought that colic might be from the cow's milk protein. >> right. >> but milk sugars may actually be the problem. >> right. sometimes it's the protein but a new idea this year is some babies have temporary lactose intolerance. just like adults can be lactose intolerant so the baby can't digest the breast milk sugars or the sugars in the formula so we give babies digestive enzymes, lactate enzymes like you would give an adult that's lactose intolerant, you give babies coleaf with each feeding that will digest the sugar, they don't have as much gas, colicky pain, bloating. i'm seeing it help about half of
3:46 am
my babies in the office. >> wow. that's a big breakthrough and there's no side effect from giving this enzyme. so if parents want to ask for it from their pediatrician. let's move on to autism. studies show children can ought grow it. do you believe it? >> i do believe. autism is treatable. what made me mad about that study is they found about 1/3 of kids with autism will outgrow or improve so much that they lose their diagnosis which is wonderful! but they claim in the study that meant those kids didn't have autism in the first place. and i don't believe that. i think that's wrong. as a pediatrician, i've treated over 500 kids for autism. and i do see them lose their diagnosis. they have autism at the beginning, but they don't just -- they don't -- it's not because they didn't have autism in the first place. they were, you know, clearly autistic. and then we treat them, the parents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, you know, weeks, you know, years and years
3:47 am
of therapy, behavior therapy, developmental therapy, medical therapies, the kids improve and they lose their diagnosis. it's good news and then the researchers are trying to take that away from parents saying they don't have autism in the first place. >> very interesting. a little angry. >> big question is should i allow my infant toddler to watch tv? this is so important. and what does the new research say? >> yeah, this is big news. i'm sitting down with each one of my patients over the last year telling them no tv for kids under 2. no media at all. no ipads. no iphones. nothing electronic because kids especially boys, it's such an addictive quality to the touch games, the touch screen games. and television, we're finding, you know, two things. there's no evidence that even educational tv or educational videos helped kids and there's some evidence that it actually harms their development. video input isn't good. >> all these kinds of toys that aren't tv but are screen and music and you're saying no -- >> music is good.
3:48 am
absolutely music. anything musical. might push a button and hear some music playing but no, kids need to play with live objects. interact with the parents. hands-on objects, things that they touch and push and grab. >> tv is a good babysitter sometimes but i was fascinated and horrified to see that 1/3 of all kids under the age of 3 have a tv in their bedroom. >> my teenagers don't even have a tv in their bedroom. i've been very strict about it. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> still ahead, an american woman rescued by pirates from the navy seals. what really happened? our next guest is in contact with her family and says we're not getting alternative facts. he's been touting himself as the reagan candidate. it turns out that newt gingrich hasn't always been a fan of the president. are his words coming back to haunt him? we will report. and you can decide. i find the omega choices overwhelming.
3:49 am
then i found new pronutrients omega-3. it's from centrum. it's a smaller minigel. with two of the best omegas to support my heart, brain and eyes. new pronutrients from centrum.
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3:52 am
>> welcome back, everyone. it's the rescue mission receiving praise from the president and other officials. they say late wednesday, several navy seals parachuted into somalia rescuing two people being held hostage by pirates there. one of them is a 32-year-old american woman named jessica buchanan. >> jessica and a danish man had been working on a humanitarian mission and were taken at gun point back in october and they were held hostage. >> they were. joining us is the president of valley forge christian college, don meyer. we should find out that jessica graduated from that school back in 2007 and dr. meyer has been in contact with her family. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. good morning.
3:53 am
>> i understand you heard from her brother-in-law that is a student at the school that she had been saved, rescued by the seal team 6 and you told the students about it yesterday at a prayer service there on campus. to the best of your knowledge, how is she right now? we heard she had some kidney problems. >> you know, the word that we received is that her health is good and the family will be joining her shortly and we didn't hear anything about her health condition other than what the family shared with us and that her health is good. >> i know that she became interested in going to africa and giving aid after being at your college, correct? >> yes. exactly. she was an education major and as a part of educational experience, her final semester, she did student teaching and with our department chair, dr. maclure, they were able to
3:54 am
arrange a student teaching experience in nairobi, kenya, where she spent that spring semester. >> did she understand there was a danger in the region even though the mission is pure and without confrontation, others might look at it differently? >> well, i think in so many parts of the world, those who are engaged to help others are aware that it's not going to be as safe as their hometown. and i believe jessica would have been aware of that. and yet, that motivation to make a difference overrode any anxieties she might have and of course, her educational experience there. she so fell in love with africa, we described it sometimes of her, we don't know if her heart grew around africa or africa grew around her heart. she could hardly talk about africa without tears in her eyes. that passion to make a difference is what motivated her apart from my anxiety of what risks there might be.
3:55 am
she wasn't restless but at the same time, that motivation moved her towards the goal to help others. >> of course, she's been hostage by these pirates since october and how were you keeping her memory alive there on campus where she was -- she graduated back in 2007? >> sure. here at valley forge christian college, we're a small christian college with about 1100 students and we have a daily chapel service and we mainstream live our chapel on the internet. well, the day that we heard about this, we shared with our students and went offline because the authorities were telling us we should keep this rather quiet and we wanted to honor their requests as they were working behind the scenes but we shared this with our students. all of us have been over the days and weeks and now months been praying just on a regular basis. we asked our students not to use the social media, not to be on facebook. keep it private which is what we have been doing over this entire
3:56 am
amount of time. and, of course, then, the contrast of that when the great news came yesterday. >> you say that no doubt her faith is what got her through those three months she was being held captive. dr. don meyer, the president of valley forge christian college, thanks so much for your insights this morning. >> thank you very much. >> i love that seal team 6. >> again, not everyone on the seal team 6 is happy their names are out there again. we'll talk about that later in the show. she's just 7 years old but she did a very grown-up thing. >> what's going on? >> my dad, it's hard for him to breathe. >> coming up, a story every parent cannot afford to miss. >> i bet that's the dad. then they make her sound like your average middle-class american but there's nothing average about her salary. wait until you hear how much warren buffet's secretary takes home. it's a surprise. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
3:57 am
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4:00 am
[ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. >> hey, it's thursday. top of the morning to you. january 26, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. newt gingrich touts himself as the reagan republican. it turns out he hasn't always been a fan of the former president. are his words from the 80's now coming back to haunt him? we will report and you can decide. >> a securities scare for one of president obama's closest diplomatic friends. an extraordinary scene as this prime minister is rescued from an angry mob. >> meanwhile, tense moments on the tarmac. but this has nothing to do with the airplanes. look at that. president obama storms off after getting an earful from governor jan brewer of arizona. what were they talking about? we got details. "fox & friends" hour two for a rainy thursday in new york starts right now.
4:01 am
>> welcome aboard, folks. i don't know about you guys but i'm ready to go. i'm ready to go to the moon. newt gingrich said yesterday down in florida if he is elected by the end of the second term, he's going to establish a permanent base of americans on the moon. are you ready to go, folks? >> all right! >> he will finance the building of those with fannie and freddie stock. >> the minute that the space program collapsed after the space shuttle and the funding was pulled for the trip to the moon and then to mars, i thought, wow, for a candidate who wants to be president and win florida, you have to find to resonate with the people of nasa who have been totally -- they've been told to -- >> a lot of them lost their jobs because of the space shuttle program going bye-bye. let's do your headlines and get back to politics. new details overnight about jessica buchanan, the american hostage rescued by navy seals in somalia. she's spoken to her father and her first words after three
4:02 am
months in captivity, daddy, i love you and i'll be fine. i'm ok. it's not clear exactly when jessica will be back in virginia. she's being checked out by military doctors and has an undisclosed medical condition that was said to be getting much worse in captivity and according to a new report in "the washington post," you'll see more precision raids like the ones that rescued buchanan and killed usama bin laden. sources saying the obama administration wants the military to emphasize small scale deployments but critics say small raids should only be used against slightly armed and poorly trained enemies and remember this moment from the state of the union address? >> good job tonight! good job tonight! >> president obama praising defense secretary leon panetta for the seal raid in somalia. well, now, less than 48 hours later, panetta is detailing his massive defense spending cuts. this morning, panetta will give specific abouts his 10 year, $487 billion cut to the military budget. among his most controversial
4:03 am
ideas, cutting the army by 80,000 soldiers but he didn't really want the cuts, right? that came about because congress couldn't come up with a debt solution. a terrifying moment in australia. the country's prime minister is attacked by an angry mob. >> it took about 50 police officers to shield prime minister julia gerard from that group of rioters. at one point, she lost her shoe in the scuffle. fortunately, she was not hurt. the protesters rallying for the rights of indigenous people. that issue especially controversial because today is the anniversary of australia's independence. she's just 7 years old but she did a very grown-up and smart thing. >> what's going on? >> my dad, it's hard for him to breathe. >> can you look at your dad for me and tell me, do you think he's changing colors? >> not really. but it looks like he's thinking
4:04 am
about something. >> looks like he's -- >> and he's closing his eyes. >> wow. abbey's father was working on a construction project when he started choking on saw dust and glue. a pretty scary sight but the little girl didn't hesitate. >> i'm kind of nervous but i still did it because i love my dad so much. >> abbie's quick thinking earned her a certificate of bravery from the missouri police. congratulations, abbie. hats off to your quick thinking. >> what about this? how do you choke on saw dust and glue? >> by inhaling it, yeah. >> you should know from all the construction projects you're working on in your house. >> i was hired for destruction. they said take that wall down. >> take down that wall. we'll talk about gorbachev and reagan in a moment. first, i think it's the 783rd debate that will be down in florida tonight. good news for newt gingrich, the very latest national gallup
4:05 am
tracking poll shows that he and this is the first time he's ahead nationally by three points over mitt romney. that's within the margin of error. as you can see, they're around 30 for both of them. santorum has a dozen as does ron paul. >> and the thing to keep in mind, too, that mitt romney who had a big lead and watched that disappear for a couple of days after south carolina now seems to in the recent polls be up to or in a dead heat with newt gingrich. regardless, it looks like it's going to be very close. one topic that will come up tonight and one topic that has come up in florida, immigration. >> oh, yeah. >> and how both candidates feel about immigration because there's a huge hispanic population and somebody anti-immigrant, is somebody pro immigrant? according to newt gingrich, anti-immigrant describes mitt romney. according to senator marc rubio, gretchen, that's not something that's accurate and should not be portrayed in his state. >> senator marc rubio a very popular guy and he's decided not
4:06 am
to endorse any candidate or anybody else during the primary on tuesday. he came out yesterday and said he doesn't want either candidate to be saying anything with regard to anti-immigrant. those words were in a newt ad and now he decided to pull those words from the ad and keep the ad leaving those words out. here's newt gingrich explaining why he decided to do that. >> remember when we were talking about it, this whole conversation, we're talking about grandfathers and grandmothers who have children and grandchildren. ok? the idea that somebody actually would think about deporting grandfathers and grandmothers strikes me as fairly inhumane. that's how the ad got developed. i have great respect for senator rubio. >> in fact, senator rubio said of that ad, and in particular said, look, mitt romney is not anti-immigrant. and he said that that ad was more than unfortunate. it's inaccurate, inflammatory and does not belong in the campaign. also unfortunate for mr. gingrich is the fact that he has
4:07 am
belittled mitt romney for saying, you know, nobody who is in this country illegally is going to self-deport. unfortunately, newt has said that's actually a good idea and his spokesman has said in the past, a vast majority would likely self-deport so even though he's saying that's a dumb idea, newt gingrich has echoed that in the past. >> remember during one of the first debates, newt gingrich got a lot of criticism and praise for being more moderate on immigration and saying what you just heard him say which is do you really think that we should deport families who have been here and working and paying taxes, all of these years and, you know, he got applause and criticism for that. will that play better in florida for him? 12% of the likely republican voters going to the polls on tuesday are hispanic. >> yeah, that was during his first surge in the election. and after that debate, he really seemed to be resonating. all right, it's 7 minute after the hour. something else that newt gingrich had been relying heavily on is his relationship to the reagan years. and to the president in
4:08 am
particular. but today in the national review, a former assistant secretary of state, elliott abrams says not so fast, newt gingrich. you were extremely critical of the administration and of this president and to say you were shoulder to shoulder in part of the reagan revolution is not close to accurate. >> right. here's one of the -- there's elliott abrams right there and here's one of the quotations. he said back in 1986, they were fighting over how to fund the contras. he said -- newt gingrich said this, measured against the scale and momentum of the soviet empire's challenge, the reagan administration has failed, is failing, and without a dramatic change in strategy will continue to fail! president reagan is clearly failing. that's something he said back in 1986, he certainly hasn't said that any time since then. >> ok. we go back to 1985, before all of us were born, reagan's meeting with gorbachev. here's what newt gingrich apparently said. the most dangerous summit for the west since adolf hitler met
4:09 am
in 1938 in munich. so he appeared to not be in favor of that particular meeting. >> is he calling one of them hitler and one of them neville chamberlain. kind of sounds like it. >> what he was referring to, i guess, the summit when i think mikhail gorbachev said hey, let's get rid of all of our nuclear weapons. it almost happened. mitt romney brought this back up. he read the reagan diaries and didn't see newt there. listen. >> mr. speaker, it was -- you talk about all the things you did with ronald reagan and that reagan revolution and the jobs created during the reagan years and so forth. i looked at the reagan diary, you're mentioned once in ronald reagan's diary. and it's -- and in the diary, he says you had an idea in a meeting of young congressmen and it wasn't a very good idea and he dismissed it. >> also went on to say to abrams that newt gingrich during a very tense time when the iraq war looked like it was going south did not support the surge. said it essentially was a bad policy. instead, one of his suggestions was to increase the budget on the state department by 50%.
4:10 am
>> well, since then, of course, recently, newt gingrich has done a film on ronald reagan and he certainly is, you know, regardless of what he has said in the past and we're quoting this morning is certainly a fan of him today. >> and michael reagan has endorsed newt gingrich. he says that's the guy my father would be for. >> and who hasn't at one point in time said you want to be like ronald reagan? even president obama was talking a lot about how he was similar to ronald reagan in the last year that many people didn't agree with. >> right, the people on the romney side look, you hear newt gingrich and it sound like he was ronald reagan's vice president. you know, ronald reagan and i did this. ronald reagan and i did that. we thought we would throw grist in the mail and tell you what he's writing today. >> we didn't throw it. we're looking at it. still ahead, the mainstream media rooting for the g.o.p. candidates to fight it out. why they may want a brokered convention. >> tough talk on the tarmac. why president obama apparently stormed off after getting an
4:11 am
earful from governor jan brewer. we'll let you know what happened. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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4:14 am
>> the race for the g.o.p. nomination far from over. and may take until spring before a nominee is finally picked but take a listen to the mainstream media. it sounds like they're already looking not to spring but to
4:15 am
august! and here's one nbc analyst and correspondent floating the idea of a brokered convention especially if romney loses florida on tuesday. >> we're going to have to try to come up with someone as an alternative to newt gingrich who could be jeb bush, mitch daniels, someone because there is such a desperation by this so-called party elite. >> really? so is the mainstream media trying to plant a convenient story line or is there more to this? joining us is co-host of "the five" andrea tantaros and political analyst juan williams. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you're both in the storytelling business. is andrea mitchell trying to gin things up to make it a good story or something behind this, andrea? >> yes, the mainstream media has been trying to gin up stories on anything they can get their hands on! for the last two weeks, we've heard them talk on and on and on. speculating, hypothizing,
4:16 am
what's in mitt romney's taxes? there must be something bad and sinister. there was nothing bad. it shows this candidate actually is successful. so let's now demonize him on that narrative. i mean, poor mitt romney. he gives so much money to charity. he's a stand-up guy. bain capital never broke the law but the media is feeding into this frenzy in a way that they didn't do with barack and hillary. they did follow it. in all fairness, they did like that bloody battle but this time around, i mean, steve, we're dealing with subjects like contraception and swiss bank accounts. they're not focusing on the issues at all. >> juan, andrea makes a good point. barack and hillary were duking it out trying to bloody each other through may and i don't remember the mainstream media saying you know what? maybe somebody will have to step in the last minute and take over for these two. >> several things to say here. one, in that contest, you didn't have a majority of democrats saying gee, we wish someone would enter this contest like a magical man or woman on a carpet
4:17 am
and come to rescue us all and right now, most republicans feel that way because it's such a mediocre field. >> mediocre field? >> yeah. obviously, that's why people want someone else and it's not the case that it's just mainstream media. gosh, i read conservative magazines, you know, national review, weekly standard and they're talking about the possibility of a brokered convention and what it would mean and i must tell you, i think andrea is right on this point. it would be a full employment act for all pundits because everybody would get a big kick out of it. like the making of the president in 1960's. >> we love it on "the five." >> it would be great. >> andrea, you know, i read those blogs, too. they say look, there is no perfect candidate out there for, you know, if you're really conservative, there's no perfect guy. if you're moderate and what not, stuff like that. but mediocre field, sounds like juan is repeating what i've heard the mainstream media say. >> yeah, they have -- they have put these headlines in front of us.
4:18 am
i mean, remember, mitt romney, nobody likes mitt romney. newt gingrich, he's going to implode. that's the new one now, steve. newt gingrich is going to implode if he keeps going all these weeks. i mean, the predictions coming out of the media, they're creating stories that don't even exist. in all fairness, the rnc did last time around let the g.o.p. run amok with these debates and so the media is given its free for all to ask these crazy questions about issues that no one really cares about so that has perpetuated this. >> wait a second, can i interrupt? can i interrupt, andrea? let me just say this. at the moment, 3/4 of republican voters are not with mitt romney who i guess is the leader of the pack. >> that's ok! >> and look at the -- and people have -- the republicans have asked -- so many people have questions about newt. come on, that's just a fact. that's not elite media, mainstream media. that's what's going on in this contest. it's a fascinating contest. >> juan, i agree with you. there is indecision in the republican party but to say and
4:19 am
to speculate somebody else is getting in and nobody likes the candidates at hand, republicans are just taking their time. they want to see this thing play out and you see them eventually in each state making their mind up. they break at the last minute and i think it's a great process. let them have -- >> i'm all for the process. but i think right now, it's being driven by advertisings, divisions within the party and i think reporting on it has been accurate. i don't see any grand conspiracy on -- to the contrary, what i think is everybody says, you know, it would be good given that there's a vulnerable democrat in the white house if we had a strong candidate and could whip us. >> some of those debate questions were a little unfair, don't you think? did the bush tax cuts really fail? >> listen, you two, we'll have to end it right there. we have some bills to pay in a second. andrea and juan, always a pleasure. thanks for joining us. >> have a great day, guys. >> great debate. thank you, sir. coming up next, they've done it again. seal team 6 with another successful mission but should the white house stop putting the spotlight on them? our next guest, a former navy
4:20 am
seal says absolutely. plus they make her sound like your average middle class american, right? warren buffet's secretary. there's nothing average about her salary. wait until you hear how much she takes home.
4:21 am
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4:22 am
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4:23 am
>> time for some news by the numbers right now. first, $200,000. that's how much warren buffet's secretary reportedly makes each year. she's the same person president obama called a victim of a tax system, having to pay a higher rate than her boss. that's how much she makes? well, that changes things, doesn't it?
4:24 am
if true. meanwhile, $400,000. that's how much it's going to cost to conduct a federal study on honoring 20th century african-american calvarymen known as the buffalo soldiers. all right, $132 billion. that's how much is still owed to taxpayers after the financial bailout. are we going to get that money back? probably not. brian? >> thank, steve. seal team 6 has done it again. first be they took down usama bin laden, as you know, now the same unit being credited with rescuing two people from somali pirates on tuesday. here's the vice president acknowledging both those missions. >> one of my proudest possessions, the flag that the seal team took with them on the mission to get bin laden. >> the president personally authorized this. we have our special operations forces. i'm not going to go into more detail than that which are by the way the most incredible warriors this world has ever seen. they said it was the time and opportunity. jessica's health was -- in ang
4:25 am
concluded they should go at this time. the president gave the go. >> well, despite their unbelievable heroics, our next guest says those navy seals don't want recognition. in fact, they want their missions kept secret. scott taylor is a former navy seal and joins us now. scott, it's a great -- it's a great day for you and people that serve in the special forces. but you think it's a negative for everyone to know who seal team 6 is? >> absolutely. let me first say that we're all very proud of the men, of course, and their heroic efforts and the military in general as most americans are, of course, but, you know, i'd like to call upon the commander in chief whose office i really respect to enforce a policy that forbids any officials to publicly or officially acknowledge specific clandestined units for specific units. it really undermines the goals, the mission, and potentially the men themselves or their families and there's a growing frustration within our community
4:26 am
that we're kind of tired of that attention. >> and the fabric of what you do and the acclaim you should be getting. even though it might be natural to getting your praise, you could be hurting your next mission and make you a target for future missions. do you feel as though you're echoing the feeling within the community but they don't have the power to speak out? >> absolutely. as a matter of fact, i received a plethora of e-mails from active duty seals as well as former seals and even text messages from a widow that were speaking out and very happy that i had the ability to speak out on behalf of the -- not just on behalf of the community but on behalf of some of the folks in the community and the way that they're feeling and their growing frustration with this administration for acknowledging specific clandestined units for specific missions. as you know in previous administrations where thousands of missions were conducted, this never really happened. it was never brought to light in the public's eye for the specific team that completed a specific mission. >> and that's a great point. i never thought about that. you knew the navy seals were doing a ton of stuff and green
4:27 am
berets and everything else. you didn't know specifics like you did now. about the actual mission, we understand details. i know it bothers you a little bit but it's out there. they parachuted their way into the desert and worked their way into the camp. they were able to see the guards taking out all nine. did see some resistance in getting out the hostage. it shocks me this could happen anywhere without sylvester stallone cast as the lead character. does it surprise you when you hear about the details? >> no, it doesn't surprise me at all. i mean, these guys, they're very well -- well trained, they train every single day to execute these sorts of missions. and it doesn't surprise me a bit. i mean, their level of excellence far exceeding most and most special operations forces in the united states are just at a very elite level and they train every single day for these types of missions. >> right and unfortunately, there's going to be a lot more and even a greater need it seems as though in this age of terror. scott taylor, thanks so much. appreciate your service to the country. and enjoy your point of view.
4:28 am
>> thanks. my pleasure. thanks, have a great day. >> coming up straight ahead, we change gears. this story will tick you off if that one didn't enough. a convicted murderer, death row -- on death row bragging about his life of leisure behind bars and you know what? he's right! and tough talk and finger pointing on the tarmac. what happened between governor brewer and president obama? we know. we'll share. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade,
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>> time for your shot of the morning. president obama wants to be known for his memorable speeches. many americans will remember this week's state of the union address for a joke about regulations on the milk industry. if you didn't hear it, here it is. >> we got rid of one rule that could have forced some dairy farmers to spend $10,000 proving they could contain a spill because milk was somehow classified as an oil. with a rule like that, i guess
4:33 am
it was worth crying over spilled milk. >> all right. did it go over so well? some people said no. check out jason chavits, the congressman from utah and he even got caught on camera with doing a rim shot. he was doing a drum roll. >> is that what he was doing? according to one blog. >> i think it's also disconcerting even if it was the funniest joke ever to have it in that context i think throws people. >> out of nowhere. both parties can agree on one thing, that did not work out. there's a headline in "usa today" that says spilled milk joke fails. funny? no, not at all. >> you think he would have his back. >> note to presidents, don't try jokes during the state of the union. >> save it for the correspondents dinner and you won't have donald trump to kick around this time. the president did have a lot of viewers last night. but he didn't have compared to previous state of the union
4:34 am
addresses. it turns out, i think they were off 12% from last year's numbers even though we're in an election year and the debate ratings and all the republicans, you think, would have a lot more people tuning in. >> even though it was on 14 channels, only 37 million people watched the state of the union address by the president of the united states. that is, by the way, the president's lowest state of the union address numbers but in all fairness, the longer people are president of the united states, the fewer people actually watch. ratings erosion is one of those things that happens. >> from the state of the union, he decided to go on this five state swing through the united states to start the campaigning officially. >> in three days. >> ok. and so his first stop was arizona and wait until you see what happened when he was on the tarmac after he gets off the s aiwn ande's greeted by governor jan brewer of arizona. look at that. well, they did have sort of a
4:35 am
testy exchange, apparently, between the two of them because the president was very concerned about how he was depicted in the governor's recent book about a meeting that they had over immigration, of course, and that was the first thing he wanted to discuss with her when he got off the plane. watch here, let's see how this plays out. there's a handshake and now, look, here's some words. yep. got to wonder. got to wonder. >> watching the outside and saying this can't be about the weather. >> this is more than cordial and got a little heated and one of the things that was written in the book that we think is one of the passages that the president is upset about, when she characterized their meeting as being patronizing the president to her and for -- >> he lectured her. >> and for being -- for lecturing her, she didn't like that. she wrote about it and the president is upset about it. >> yep. and wearing the same red blazer she had on the tarmac, she sat down with greta van susteren last night talking about what happened much the tiff on the tarmac. >> i had written a handwritten
4:36 am
note to him to deliver welcoming him to arizona. and to thank him for being here and gave him the letter and he immediately took umbrage, if you will, with my book that i wrote "scorpions for breakfast" and was somewhat of disgruntled, if you will, about the way he was portrayed in the book. i asked him, i said oh, you read my book and he said i read excerpts from it and, you know, the bottom line is that the book is special. the book is true. i want our borders secured. i want our nation protected. he wants amnesty and we're never going to agree on that and we agree to disagree on that subject. i don't know why he was surprised by my book but he evidently is and he's very thin skinned in regards to it. >> ouch. >> you know what she did, she just sold a lot more books or the president did for her. how many people will scramble
4:37 am
and what's in that, why the president is so upset? >> in her book, she said the president of the united states was lecturing her and the picture that is flashing all across the blogosphere and everywhere is her with her finger like this to him. what was that about? she talked to greta about that last night as well. >> i think i was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away from me and, you know, greta, you know me. when i talk, i'm animated. i talk with my hand. and i suppose that the picture was probably shot maybe when i was moving my hands around but, you know, it was just -- it was such a -- in my opinion, it was a terrible encounter to bring up the book at this particular time. here we are talking about jobs and the economy. we're celebrating the growth and the comeback that arizona has made and he wants to go immediately to the book. >> so i guess that's his prerogative as president to do that. but we'll leave it up to you
4:38 am
whether or not the positioning of it was appropriate. remember, governor bobby jindal is the governor of louisiana. he has talked about a similar encounter after the oil spill happened down in his state and he said that he thought that the president when they met each other on the tarmac would be saying hey, congratulations on a great job and trying to get things back here and bringing jobs back here and the economy. instead, here's what jindal says. "he wanted to talk about a letter that my administration had sent to secretary of agriculture tom vilsack a day earlier. the letter was rudimentary, bureaucratic and ordinary. for some reason, the president had personalized this and he was upset. careful, he said to me, this is going to get bad for everyone." >> you remember, i thought this for sure would be a campaign issue but the president was very slow to go down and acknowledge the spill. first person to go down from the administration was the attorney general and all my memory serves me, the governor bobby jindal pointed that out and when the president actually did show up, this could be the exchange that bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana wrote about in his book. it amazes me that the president seems to be taking these things
4:39 am
so personal when everyone writes about every president for hundreds of years. >> absolutely. if you're going to write a book, that's something if you have an encounter with the president, you're going to do that. it's extraordinary and you figure he's flown down to talk to the people who are, you know, mobilizing the resources to work on the spill and all he talked about was the food stamps. the president never talked about the spill. he told -- bobby jindal told glenn beck that the president also said, do me a favor. don't go on tv and criticize me. do not do that because jindal felt that the president was feeling like everybody was coming at him and saying a lot of bad stuff. >> let's go to the news now. the last remaining member of president obama's original economic team planning to cash out? treasury secretary timothy geithner says he has no plans to stay with president obama for a second term. in fact, he's pretty confident that the president won't even ask him. gardner says, here's his quote. he would do "something else"
4:40 am
after leaving but he did not specify what he would do, erskine bowles could be among the potential candidates to succeed geithner. >> meanwhile, john travolta's stolen mercedes found at a chop shop in l.a. the actor's 1970 convertible, look at that. beautiful. it's worth about $100,000. it was stolen while he was at the jag dealership. by the time police tracked it down, it was all chopped up. it was in pieces. here's what's left. the seats, the speedometer and two suspects under arrest. >> this story will tick you off probably. a convicted murderer on death row in north carolina bragging about his life of leisure behind bars and he's right. danny hembry jr. convicted of killing a 17-year-old girl and accused of killing two other women wrote a letter to his hometown paper about his awesome life in prison. he bragged about the free medical care, three balanced meals a day, taking nance whenever he wants, the tv and air conditioning. he also says it's unlikely he'll be executed in the next 20
4:41 am
years. >> taxes or the g.o.p. presidential race, one pintsized new jersey resident asking governor christie about what really matters. >> the giants in the super bowl, is the parade going to be in new jersey or in new york? >> let me tell you something. the giants are gonna win. and when they beat the patriots and when they come home, you know where they're coming home to. new jersey. the only thing about new jersey is -- about the giants is the helmets. >> i still think they're going down the canyon of heroes should they be lucky enough to win. that was governor christie yesterday. if the giants decide to hold their victory parade in new jersey, they'll be right there to host it. even though we do know he's more of a jets fan. i think he's going to the super bowl, though. >> they both play in new jersey, right? >> they do.
4:42 am
>> i'm just bringing up the facts. >> new jersey. >> all right. meanwhile, let's take a look at the weather forecast for this thursday. check out this incredible new view of our planet from space. nasa releasing what it calls the most amazing high res image ever of earth. it's a composite photo taken by a newly launched satellite. that is really cool. meanwhile, take ti look. we got the doppler. down a little closer to earth and the radar as well. we've lumped them together and you can see we got a big storm moving through portions of the northeast. it's a little rain in some spots. it is some snow and some sleet in others. it goes back through the -- as you can see, the great lake states down through the mississippi valley and the gulf coast as well. we have some heavy stuff right along the gulf coast this morning. currently, the central plain states are dry. we've got 20's and 30's across much of the northern plains right through the northeast. then mid atlantic, mid 40's. 50's and 60's throughout dixie land. and we've got 40's across much of the great state of texas on this thursday.
4:43 am
>> coming up on the show, did you know thaurz a new law to turn taxpayer funded sports arenas, speaking of sports arenas into homeless shelters? where this is happening coming up next. >> it's going to be empty for the mets stadium. teenage girls' bold pregnancy project becomes a tv tale. actress alexa vega here to talk about the emotional role. >> first, your trivia question of the day -- i take a multivitamin, but i wanted more support for my heart. i found centrum specialist. a complete multivitamin enhanced for what's important to me. vision. energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible.
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4:46 am
>> 46 minutes after the top of the hour. a washington state high schooler made headlines last year when she faked being pregnant for seven months for a school project. it was her senior project.
4:47 am
well, now, her story is a lifetime tv movie called "the pregnancy project." >> i know what i'm going to do for my senior project. pretend to be pregnant. i want you to help me. >> you don't know what you're saying. fake pregnancy? that's not a school project. that's just plain crazy. >> well, the star of this new film alexa vega joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning to you! >> this must have been a fascinating role for you to play. this recently happened. >> i know, it just happened. my mom really -- she saw this on the news. i never saw it on the news and she explained to me the whole story and to hear about somebody faking anything for 6 1/2 months. i have it very easy. i show up on a set. a director yells action and i go through the emotions for two minutes and then i'm done. for somebody to live this day in and day out for 6 1/2 months, it
4:48 am
takes a toll on you and proves how much she cared about what she was doing. >> so the real life person, gabby rodriguez, the washington state teen in high school, she comes from a family where teenage pregnancy was pretty much the norm. >> absolutely. >> her mom got pregnant at 14 and had seven kids. three of her daughters became pregnant as teens and two of her sons got their girlfriends pregnant as teens. so gabby was in this cycle. >> absolutely. it was kind of the statistics said this would also happen to her. and i think she wanted to prove a point that she was not going to become a statistic but even, you know, to go further than that, she wanted to prove that, yes, you know, being a young teen mom is very difficult. but it does not mean it's the end of the road for you. you can still accomplish your goals if you work very hard. i think she really just wanted to set it up to go, you know what, we can't just judge these situations because they do happen and we can either be helpful or we could be damaging. >> i also hope that her message was to encourage teens not to get pregnant.
4:49 am
>> oh, my gosh. absolutely. this is not glorifying teen pregnancy at all. in fact, you know, it's -- we hope that young teens don't get pregnant. they have growing bodies. they need all the nutrients they can get. it's really dangerous for a teen to get pregnant because, you know, it's harmful for their bodies and the child. >> not to mention what happens to them later in life. it's hard to her get an education and move ahead. >> she was trying to prove if this does happen to you, you have support. you have people who are willing to help you. you just to work a lot harder and you have to want it. >> "the pregnancy project" premieres saturday, january 28th, 8:00 p.m. on the lifetime network and alexa vega is the star of that movie. >> thank you. >> great to see you in person. >> thank you so much. >> good luck with the movie. helping you get hired, the top five companies looking for help right now so get out your pen and paper. but first on this day in 1998, janet jackson's "together again" of the number one song. [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness?
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>> answer is wayne gretzky. the winner is cindy from missouri. congratulations. are you looking for a job? if so, "fox & friends" is here once again this week to help point you in the right direction. cheryl casone from the fox business network is here with the five top companies hiring right now. let's start with boeing. i know they're laying some people out eventually in wichita where they're stopping production on this stuff. they have openings in washington state and south carolina. >> in south carolina, remember the controversy with the nlrb. that plant is up and going to be going. that's going to be jobs going and they're hiring. they're expected to add 11,000 jobs total this year. a lot of that will be attrition but completely different -- a big range of skills, whether
4:54 am
it's cyber security, engineers, those that can work the production line and they have jobs in washington state. that was the big concern by the nlrb, they're going to be actually adding jobs in washington state. letting business do business. >> rosie the riveter, if you're watching, you can get a job at boeing. let's talk about nurse ratchet. >> these are popping up across the country, have you noticed that you can walk into these express care places around the country? if you've got, you know, strep throat, if you've got a sinus infection, people are going to these, they're expanding and they're hiring. you can be a doctor. you can do x-rays, you can do administrative. there's a lot of different options at these. hiring across the country. this is the first national franchise. they're going to have -- they're in 23 states. they're going to be in 56 new locations by the summer. so if you're interested in this, do it now. doctors can make $160,000 a year, great. but if you're doing x-rays, $4 e 5,000. marketing reps, $45,000. they need an administrator. so there's a range here for these. this is a very exciting opportunity.
4:55 am
>> absolutely. if they're going to open offices, they need all those people to do this stuff. train of truck stops called pilot flying j. >> now, this was pilot and flying j. they were separate, kind of truck stops/restaurants. you're out with the family and you're in the car. you want to have a decent meal. but again, with the down economy, more people are traveling by car. traveling across the country. saving money if they can. this is how they're doing it, pilot and flying j will be opening up, real quick about this one, they're very into benefits. look, you're working in a pilot flying j and working in the middle of nowhere maybe but you get health, you get medical, you get 401k. you have to think about that when you're looking at these jobs, what the benefits are. >> meanwhile, benefits of yogurt, it's taste ti and they're bustling. >> low in fat, high in protein. great with granola. they have got right now the biggest amount of market share in the greek yogurt market which is blowing up right now. they've only been in business since 2007. and they're hiring in particular here in new york state. this is a guy who is from turkey and he decided he wanted to maybe do yogurt a different way.
4:56 am
essex panning. and they are hiring right now. governor cuomo gave them $16 million to help them with tax incentives and oh, look, jobs. funny how that works. >> final stop, griswold home care. >> this is health care. this is a theme. i bring this to you guys all the time. this, though, is more like assisted care. not so much medical care in their home but a lot of people when they get older, a lot of disabled they need help with the basics at home. this is a company, griswold that actually does that. you don't necessarily have to have a nursing license to work for griswold but again, you know, it's -- i will say this, there's a lot of turnover in this type of industry and a lot of turnover at griswold. that's why they have jobs. it's emotionally difficult to care for the elderly and very taxing work but if you've got the heart for it, do it. >> you've got the heart for trying to help people find jobs, cheryl. you do it each and every week. we appreciate it. >> we're doing fox news radio, the blog going and "fox & friends." it's all good. >> ok. >> very nicely done. all right, cheryl, thank you. still ahead, former mob bookie
4:57 am
was fired by the city of chicago. now he's not only getting his job back, he's getting his check for more than $100,000 from the taxpayer. how did that happen? can you say union power? michelle malkin has details at the top of the hour. plus she's one of the women on "the view." elizabeth hasselbeck is here on our couch. she'll come in from the green room coming up. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪ helping strengthen our bones. caltrate delivers 1200 milligrams of calcium and 800 iu of vitamin d plus minerals. women need caltrate. caltrate helps women keep moving because women move the world. >> gretchen: top of the morning to you. it's thursday, january 26, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. it made the audience roar and his whole soar. >> john, it was repeated by your network, you chose to start debate with it. don't try to blame somebody else. you and your staff chose to start this debate with that. >> gretchen: according to michelle malkin, she says in florida, expect a whole new newt? what does she mean? she'll join us two minutes away. >> steve: meanwhile, a former mob bookie was fired, but thanks to the union, he's been rehired.
5:01 am
we're talking about curly right there. and he just got a lot more than simply his job back. he got a big fat check from the taxpayers. >> brian: did you know there is a new plan to turn sports stadium noose homeless shelters, those arenas paid for by you guys. we'll tell you where that's happening shortly because "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: good thing about a morning show is not only do we get free coffee, but today, free pulled pork sandwiches. >> brian: and who is pulling the pork? elizabeth hasselbeck. >> steve: she's in the kitchen. >> brian, you're fired. >> gretchen: no doubt with that comment. >> brian: the other thing that's important we're doing in our kitchen is labeling the coffee as yesterday's coffee. >> gretchen: we are? >> brian: so we're giving you the option. if you want yesterday's coffee, it's right there. you're not even tricked into it.
5:02 am
>> steve: i'm going with today's. >> gretchen: there is so much i still have to learn about what goes on around here. let's do your headlines. we have a fox news alert. new details just in now about jessica buchanan. she's the american hostage rescued by navy seals in somalia. she's being reunited with her husband and father and being checked out by military doctors and questioned about her three-month ordeal. it's not sure when she'll be back in virginia. according to a new report in the "washington post," you'll see more precision raids like the one that rescued her and killed osama bin laden. sources saying that the obama administration wants the military to emphasize these kind of small scale deployments. but credit iraqs say small raids should only be used against poorly trained enemies. remember this moment from the state of the union address? >> good job tonight. good job tonight. >> gretchen: president obama praising defense secretary leon panetta for the seal raid in somalia.
5:03 am
now less than 48 hours later parks net at that giving specifics about the $487 billion cuts to the military budget. among the most controversial changes, cutting the army by 80,000 soldiers. a terrifying moment in australia. their prime minister attacked by an angry mob. it took about 50 police officers to shield prime minister from that group of rioters. at one point she lost her shoe in the scuffle. she was not hurt. the protesters rallying for the rights of indigenous people in that country. that issue especially controversial because today is the anniversary of australia's independence. florida sports arenas soon to be the home of the homeless? two republican state senators introducing a bill that would force florida's professional teams to turn their stadiums into homeless shelters during the offseason or give back hundreds of millions of dollars they've received from the state. florida already has a law requiring teams to do that, but
5:04 am
not been enforced since passed 23 years ago. there is a law on the book that says you have to turn your stadium noose homeless shelters? who pays for that? >> brian: when the nba isn't playing, why can't you use lebron's locker to sleep? the orange bowl is empty, stay there. >> steve: why not? what are they doing in colorado? let's check in with michelle malkin. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: tonight we're going to have another florida debate. final chance that the candidates will be able to make their closing arguments, why people should vote for them. you think that tonight we're going to see a friendlier newt and a more animated mitt. >> yeah, possibly. i think the fortunes of these two men have swung wildly over the past several months and over the last couple of days looked like newt had a huge lead going into the florida primary and the numbers are shifting back to mitt romney and largely, i
5:05 am
think, it's because of some of the missteps of newt gingrich and overreaching in his attacks on mitt romney. so much so, of course, that marco rubio, who has been neutral rebuked him for plague the race card on some of these spanish language ads. i think you'll also see rick santorum, even though he's made some indication that he might pull out before the primary, make an even more concerted effort to make his presence known and to make sure that grassroots conservatives, activists know that there are other choices. >> gretchen: let's look at some of the polls. because nationally newt gingrich is leading in the polls now. 31% to mitt romney 28% and santorum and ron paul at is it%. it's within the margin of error. if you look into the florida poll, you are right that mitt romney gained ground. but maybe we'll see newt go back to how he was last week in the debates in south carolina because a lot of critics thought he was too understated in the
5:06 am
last debate and without any audience participation, that possibly could be why he's gone down in the polls. >> yeah. well, who knows? good newt, bad newt. i think one of the knocks against him by many people who have known him for many, many years in the movement, and i'm not talking about quote, unquote, establishment types -- but people who have worked with him in the trenches understand that you never know what's going to show up. i think at the very least what we can expect is some sort of audience participation. i don't know if it's going to be the wave or the macarena or what. but certainly i think the grassroots conservative, whatever team they're on or if they're undecided are fired up about the pack that these debates have been dominated by people who have no interest in promoting or defending conservative causes. that's been a big problem with these debates. i think it's a long-term problem that needs to be fixed. >> brian: michelle, here is the other thing. there is way too many debates, from the candidates' perspective and the audience. it's exhausting.
5:07 am
number two is, do you agree that the personal attacks are hurting the republican party like carl joe and john mccain were on record saying? >> i think it depends on how you define personal attacks, because for every campaign, of course, whether the attacks are legitimate or not, they're going to whine about them and call them all smears. i think we have to distinguish between and among the attacks going on. and i think what people are upset about, whether it's mitt or newt, are when you have attacks that mimic left wing tactics, that use the race card, for example. i think that this is in large part why perry is no longer in the race, because people are still smarting from the fact that out of the gate, this guy was criticizing people who believe in immigration enforcement as uncompassionate. i think this is the reason why jon huntsman is no longer in the race. and tim pawlenty never got anywhere, never got any air is because they did not connect
5:08 am
with the base of the party. >> steve: we'll find out who does, the results come in tuesday night. let's talk about this guy, an ex-mobster bookie, nicknamed curly. there he is, he has beautiful curly hair. he lost his job and a powerful union stepped in and now the taxpayers are on the hook for a bunch of dough. >> yeah, that's right. the powerful union, of course, is the teamsters. this all happened in illinois. it really is textbook chicago politics. what happened was the local fox affiliate in chicago started asking questions about this guy being on the state payroll. he was fired in 2010 and then with the help of the teamsters, his job was restored. who knows what was in that collective bargaining agreement? but i think it underscores just how ridiculous these civil service protections are and how they work to the detriment of taxpayers in chicago or illinois or any state for that matter.
5:09 am
>> gretchen: because the taxpayer high school to foot the back pay, over $100,000 that went to him. here is the illinois department of transportation statement on it. despite our best attempts to remove an employee hired by the previous administration, an arbitrator ruled in the employee's favor. the department aggressively defended its position and strongly disagrees with the arbitrator's decision. so it looks like even the governmental agency didn't want this to happen. >> yeah. that's right. and of course, what happened in the final determination was that it was determined that the state of illinois, despite knowing this guy was a mob thug criminal, did not have quote, unquote, probable cause to fire him. if that's not probable cause what, is? of course, on a serious policy note, this is why so many state leaders and officials are braving union and pension reform and collective bargaining reform for the long-term.
5:10 am
look what happens. >> brian: hey, i don't know if you've had frosted flake, but they are great. tony the tiger, by the way, is their guy, but there is a problem. he's got a new message. have you heard about this? >> yeah. tell me. >> brian: the message is, if you eat them, you're going to get fat like the tubby tony the tiger portrayed in this shot. >> oh, dear. this is really getting absurd. the food police have now recruited this guy to be the role model for health. i think it's not going to be too long before we see jobba the hut preaching the same message, yeah. >> gretchen: instead of saying kelloggs on the fine print, it says kills kids, sugar frosted fat. and it has -- it looks like he got blown up by one of those air pumps that you use on your bicycles. >> i don't know. i'm having a hankering for frosted flakes right now. >> steve: this is done by an artist named ron english. you go from it's great! you're fat! all right. >> brian: buy captain crunch, there is no sugar in that.
5:11 am
>> steve: franken berry. michelle, it's always a pleasure. thank you very much for dropping by. wide ranging topics today. thank you very much. >> yes indeed, wide. >> steve: you're great! >> gretchen: coming up, she's going to try to change the way you view super bowl food. elizabeth hasselbeck is here from "the view." >> brian: first, inquiring minds need to know. bob massi is on deck. he's dipping into his mail bag to answer your questions. maybe your name will get picked. bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?!
5:12 am
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5:15 am
>> brian: each and every week here on the show, we highlight the latest in america's foreclosure crisis, which never seems to end. this week bob massi, dipping into his mail bag and sharing e-mails from you, the viewers. joining us right now, the guy i just referred to as bob massi, he's bob massi. let's go to fort wayne -- excuse me, to wayne, west virginia, where paul is there. he writes this: i went through divorce and the court ordered me to sign my house to my ex-wife. i gave her as ordered a quitclaim deed. she passed in 2008. the lender foreclosed. i tried to get a new loan and the lender said i can't get a federally backed loan for three years. why was my credit affected? >> because whenever you get divorced, one of the most misconceptions people have, brian, is that just because the judge orders you to transfer the property, the lender was not a party to that divorce. so even though you transferred title to your ex-wife to be her
5:16 am
ex-husband to be, that does not take your name off of the mortgage. so after she passed or even if she wouldn't have, if she would have defaulted on the mortgage and there is a foreclosure, the spouse left behind that, in fact, quitclaimed the interest over, they never released from the debt. their credit is affected and the lender could go after them if they so chose. >> brian: another one, you mentioned a few weeks ago there are ways to protect your home if sued. i don't remember all the points. can you cover them briefly again, bob? >> very much so. one of the most common ways to protect your home in most states, we talked about homestead, the homestead act. basically that's just a form that you get. you can get it at an office supply store and file it with the county office. what it does, if you have equity in your home and most states it will give you protection of equity against creditors up to a certain amount. and that changes from state to state. it could be as low as $50,000 or as high as $600,000, depending
5:17 am
upon what state you live in. so you should definitely check with the lawyer in your area to see what the homestead protection gives you, if you homestead your house. >> brian: here is another e-mail bob, we're very close to a short sale approval. then we were served with a foreclosure. we then learned the loan was sold to a new bank. how will that affect the short sale and the foreclosure? that from trey. >> if there is one thing i want to bring home to our viewers today, you and i have talked about short sales for the last year. even if you're in a short sale trying o sell your home, that does not mean that the lender doesn't have the right to still foreclose on your property. i get e-mails from people all the time saying i was in the middle of a short sale, the lender took my home back. it's very important to understand, if they sell the loan to another servicer, which is what happened here, that servicer could start the process all over again. they could say they want new information. they want new financial information, they want new documents. but most importantly, understand
5:18 am
viewers, if you're in a short sale, don't think just because you're trying to sell that home that that lender still cannot foreclose. they still have the right to take that house for nonpayment. very important to get the right realtor, the right people involved in a short sale. >> brian: all right. and you can e-mail your questions to be on our show. bob looks at them and tries to help you out. thanks, bob. >> thanks, brian. take care. >> brian: bob massi in las vegas. the circus is coming to him. i'm talking about the primaries. it's a whole different way to view your super bowl grub. elizabeth hasselbeck cooking up a storm right here next, all for free. then remember how nancy pelosi said she had a secret about newt gingrich? guess what? she's changing her tune. now there is a new threat. got to hear this i find the omega choices overwhelming.
5:19 am
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5:22 am
>> brian: quick headlines and then we'll have some pork. customers whose money went missing when mf global lost billions of dollars may never get it back. a court fight is happening right now over whether the company was legally required to protect their money. and a government watchdog finds the company owes taxpayers fromle the bailout. the group also says some of that money will never be recovered. that's good. ♪ >> steve: look at that. >> gretchen: when it comes to dishing it, she can do it with the best of them.
5:23 am
elizabeth hasselbeck is always outspoken as co-host of the view. but today she's serving up something more personal. >> steve: a new cookbook. she's sharing great recipes for the super bowl that are all gluten free. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you're starting with one of my favorites! you're going to take one over to whoopie later. >> yes. >> steve: we're talking pulled pork. >> i think it's perfect for the super bowl. it just happens to be delicious and gluten free. one of my main goals with the book was get people back to the table, get myself back to the kitchen cooking and this is a recipe that is perfect for the big game day 'cause you can do it and let it sit. >> gretchen: in case people don't remember, you have celiac disease, which means gluten affects you in not a good way. so many people -- it's increasing. you are creating one meal for you and one for your family. >> not that that's odd for many people. it's going to be good enough so they're not going to know. >> brian: what do you have here?
5:24 am
>> this is a pork loin, brown it on all sides, cook eight to ten minutes. throw it into your slow cooker. or if you have a simmer pot, it will take six to eight hours once it's all in there. but let's talk slow cooker for now. you're going to use that same pan and then you just soften, glaze up your onion and garlic. assume that's not in there. it's already in the pot. throw your onions in to your slow cooker with garlic, of course, into your slow cooker. that's going to cook up a bunch. then actually add a little bit of brown sugar. >> brian: elizabeth, the game starts at 6:00 o'clock eastern. when do we have to start cooking if we want to do this? noon? >> the best thing i think for me is that i can make this ahead of time and let it sit. i can watch the game. everyone comes to the pot for more and then goes back and watches the game. >> steve: come on, kids, let's go back to the pork! >> my new strategy serve them
5:25 am
something good so when i'm making my point, they're enjoying it. >> gretchen: so they can't talk so much. >> brian: your husband was a giant you and went to college in the boston area. who are you rooting for? >> tim's dad played for the patriots. so we're all torn. we're on offense, whoever has the ball. you're going to throw wine into the pot once the onions are out. chipotle, gluten free barbecue sauce. >> steve: go to our web site for the recipe. >> yes. can i say one thing? >> steve: yes. >> the team is doing well. >> brian: we're not done with you yet? >> oh! >> brian: we have to find out how to pull the pork there. >> i'm not used to having so much time to talk. we have the pulled pork in here. all the ingredients in. you've got the wine, after the onions into the pot. barbecue sauce in here, gluten
5:26 am
free mix sure. chipotl in adobo. salt and pepper. you literally cover this. once the wine is in, wine for you, let it go. >> brian: we keep moving. >> then it's done. you let is sit. game is on. when people are hungry, they go right up, you get the pulled pork, you literally pull it apart with your fork. it's tender and tasty. marinate not guilty this great flavor all day is the best way to go and throw it on. they're a gluten free roll. duke it in lettuce cups or on tortillas. >> gretchen: i notice here you have some sort of potato that's been turned into a french fry. gluten free does not mean you can't eat potatoes. >> you you can have potatoes. gluten free -- gluten is found had barley, rye and other things. obviously you can have a good sandwich, barbecue chicken
5:27 am
sandwich. you're using alternate grains, which are better for you. >> brian: we had major -- paula was on, talk being general petraeus' book. together you're doing something important for the troops. >> yes, we are. we're actually both involved with a nonprofit organization called team red, white and blue. it's something that is so -- outside of celiac disease, it's a major cause of mine and should be for everyone. team red, white and blue, they are helping troops which we have 80,000 coming back in a draw down, with visible examine invisible wounds. we hear a lot about posttraumatic stress. and basically it's a buddy up. civilian to vet and how we can make them feel and get them back reintegrated. >> brian: what's around your wrist? >> it comes from a sock. but i run with this every day. >> steve: the pulled pork is delicious. but let me tell you something. it's a little juicy and i have destroyed my elizabeth
5:28 am
hasselbeck card. >> brian: we have no idea how to close the segment. >> steve: i think her new book is called "deliciousy g free." >> gretchen: i'm going to bring that home if you don't mind. >> i'm already late, i think. but it's worth it. >> gretchen: we'll catch you on "the view today" and every weekday. great to see you. have a great super bowl. >> i will. i'll say go giants. >> brian: you do that. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, they make her sound like an average middle class merge. but there is -- american. but there is nothing average about her salary. wait until you hear how much warren buffet's secretary takes home. >> gretchen: in two minutes, eric bolling will reveal the brand-new unemployment numbers. >> brian: show me! >> gretchen: show me the numbers and the money, eric [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self?
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> gretchen: fox business alert. >> brian: giving us this information, i'll share it. releasing the latest jobless numbers, 377,000 first-time unemployment claims that were filed last week. they were estimating 370, so it comes in higher than expected.
5:33 am
eric bolling, this is the first negative news in quite a few weeks. >> there were a few weeks where it started to trend down toward the 350 number. again, first-time unemployment claims, people walking in for the very first time. continuing claims, people on unemployment already approach 4 million. so it's kind of a litmus test for how the economy is doing a snapshot. the big picture comes the first friday of every month. we'll take a look. 8 1/2% unemployment. that number is higher than last week. >> steve: speaking of big picture, we had ben bernanke yesterday "meet the press," it sounds bleak. >> sounds bleak, but we've been for a couple of months now, saying that the economy seems to be turning around, making the turn toward the right direction. but that may be with a new unemployment rate. the old number under george bush, you wanted to see around 5% and he did it. ronald reagan got it below 5%. the new new, the new good may be 7%. so if you get below 7%, you say
5:34 am
hey, things are great. >> steve: we won't see that this year? >> maybe even through 13. >> gretchen: let's talk about the president because after the state of the union, he's gone out on a fundraising tour. arizona, nevada, iowa, colorado, and michigan. these states are picked on purpose. correct? >> he delivers a state of the union and immediately flies off and goes and hits five states. he picks five swing states, very important states, kicking it off in iowa, just like the gop primaries and caucuses started in iowa. it's very important. but let me -- air force one, $181,757 per hour to operate. so i just did a little math. i followed the money. i did the flight times between the cities. you end up with dc to iowa, iowa to arizona, et cetera, et cetera, back and forth. eight hours and 48 minutes and that comes to $1.6 million just to fly that airplane around the
5:35 am
country. forget security and the other things associated with it. so it's costing the taxpayer a lot for mr. obama to show up. >> brian: his message of let's adjust the tax code, freer, fairer, does that resonate with the people of those states? >> iowa has a low unemployment rate. nevada has extremely high. i don't know that it resonates or not. you want to make it very fair? go to a fair tax, flat tax or even most fair would be a fair tax, which is tax on consumes. >> gretchen: i feel like the republicans have to step up to the plate with tax reform and start talking about it as a defense to what the president said the other night because that might be a way in which americans will really start to focus on what is fair. >> what is fair? the buffet tax where everyone making over a million dollars gets an additional tax, a surtax or taxed higher, is that fair or is it fair that people, the lower half, 50% and below don't pay a dime in federal income
5:36 am
tax? >> gretchen: that's why a flat tax of 15% for everybody. >> flat tax is interesting, but the most fair of all taxes, eliminate all income tax. say good-bye to the irs and put a tax on or a vat tax, a fair tax on anything you buy. that means everyone pays. the catch phrase is, prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers will pay their fair share of taxes. >> steve: during the state of the union, you had warren buffet's secretary up with the first lady. "forbes" magazine -- the buffet rule is, it's not fair that that woman, debbie, right there, pays a higher tax rate than her boss, who is a trillionare. forbes has done estimating and debbie from omaha as his secretary could be making between a quarter and half a million dollars. >> right. and all they did was they had some assumeses based on the irs tax tables, that likely she
5:37 am
probably didn't have a lot of capital gains and dividend income taxes which is 15%, which is why warren buffet paid a low tax rate. if it was normal income and she was married, et cetera, et cetera, to get to a number higher than warren buffet's 15%, she would have had to have made at least $200,000 a year. at least. and we don't know exactly with she paid. she may have paid 31%. she could literally be a multi-millionaire working for warren buffet. the point being, the class warfare that mr. obama brought out on the state of the union speech, using becky as us -- becky as his example as a 99er, not a 1%er, might be completely blown out of the water. >> steve: she could be a 1%er. >> the obama administration has a problem vetting these things. they seem to throw these things out there before they vet. >> gretchen: are they work? because it's all about perception. and so will the average american dig into all these details or just see the image of the
5:38 am
secretary sitting at the state of the union? >> i guess the average american who doesn't watch fox may get that. but if you watch fox, you know we'll look deeper behind the headlines. >> brian: it's not even close in actual dollars. warren buffet pays so much more, but people think by the president's speech, that the secretary pays more. >> steve: if she's making couple thousand dollars -- >> gretchen: we'll catch you on "the five" today. california set to crack down on car makers, hearing testimony on harsh new emissions standards. the proposal mandates by 2025, all cars and trucks use less smog producing pollutants. also required and even more controversial, one of every seven car dealers, cars dealers sell must be a hybrid. some auto makers estimate these new regulations could add up to $3,000 to the price of each new car. >> steve: we played it four yesterday, nancy pelosi says
5:39 am
she's got some dirt on newt. >> he's not going to be president of the united states. that's not going to happen. >> why are you so sure? >> there is something i know. the republicans, if they choose to nominate him, that's their prerogative. i don't think that's going to happen. >> steve: she get a new hair cut? she's suggesting she was ready to expose some dirt presumably from an ethics investigation back in the 1990s. pelosi backtracking on those threats. that's not stopping the government watchdog group from stepping in and requesting documents from the probe. they say if there is dirt and it's secret, they'll be sure to find it and share it with everybody. >> brian: last remaining member of president obama's original economic team planning to cash out. treasury secretary timothy geithner says he has no plans to stay with president obama if he gets a second term. that's because he's pretty confident the president won't even ask him. geithner says, quote, what would he do afterwards?
5:40 am
quote, something else. after leaving, he did not specify what that would be, but keep this in mind, erskine bowls could be among the potential candidates to replace geithner who he wanted to attack the deficit and wanted tax reform. >> gretchen: that would be interesting because the president f he chooses him as treasury secretary, would have to listen to some of the recommendations. that did not happen with the debt commission. >> brian: can you imagine spending all this time coming up with conclusions anding totally ignored? >> steve: that hurts. up in demi moore in crisis. new details why she was rushed to the hospital and what ashton cup more to do with it. >> brian: then, what does one of the richest men in the world think about the president's push on class warfare and what do we need to do to fix the economy? we're going to ask bill gates next. i take a multivitamin,
5:41 am
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5:44 am
>> steve: quick headlines for you. new details about the night that demi moore was rushed to the hospital. sources now saying she was doing whip it. that's when you inhale nitrous oxide from empty whipped cream canisters. moore's friends say she's also been abusing prescription drugs for quite some time. french toast, taco bell open for breakfast at 800 locations across the country, including new items like breakfast burritos, french toast deluxe, and sausage and egg wraps. >> brian: minutes ago, fox business anchor liz claman had the rare opportunity to sit down with microsoft founder bill gates where he weighed in on the president's push for the rich to pay more.
5:45 am
>> the country has a gigantic deficit. we spend about 25% of the economy and we collect about 15% in taxes. that's a gigantic gap. even as the economy improves and you end the wars, you're going to have to raise taxes and certainly whatever form it takes, and i'm not an expert on this -- the rich should bare a larger increase than the rest. >> gretchen: liz claman is live from switzerland with much more. what a beautiful setting, liz. fantastic on the interview. >> oh, i know. >> gretchen: it's gorgeous behind you. my question is -- >> i'll tell you something -- >> gretchen: you go ahead 'cause there is a big delay. >> i'm so sorry about that. we are, it's afternoon in switzerland at the world economic forum where all the ceos and big world thinkers, such as bill gates, come and descend here to talk about solving the world's problems. he's the second richest man on
5:46 am
the planet and, of course, he's been spending, since he left microsoft as a day-to-day operator, he's the chairman. but he's been spending billions on things like solving the world's problems with infection. he's been coming up with ideas for vaccines, eradicating malaria, working on the sudden education system, which we know is very troubled ask very problematic in many regards. but today he's putting $750 million into something called the global fund where they work very hard on helping the poorest of the poor and he says, you know what? this global fund is actually saved human lives. i wanted to ask him who is going to be the real leader as we face all of these economic troubles in europe and in the united states? and he flat out said, looking at things like research and development, which, of course, spurs a lot of jobs, that it would be not china, you guys, but the united states. when i asked him, well, you heard the argument that if you tax the wealthy or millionaires who some believe are the real job creators because they own businesses, would that force
5:47 am
them to contract and not hire? and here is what he had to say. >> there is no strong correlation between job creation and what the tax environment has been at any point in time. at some point, you're going to engage in it. yes, there are tax rates that are so high that people may work less. but -- you have to get up in 50, 60% range before that's the case. >> here you have bill gates, who is a man who is a huge businessman, not to mention now a big philanthropist, he is definitely wearing his philanthropy hat. i asked him about the internet piracy issue, he said, i'm so look forward to helping solve the world's real problem, even though he owns microsoft and that is a publicly traded company but has the search engine, plus the software, which gets pirated. but i have to tell you, his focus is very much to really represent solving the world's problems and committing billions
5:48 am
of dollars to those issues. a lot to be held up as an example. but it was good news to hear he believes it's the united states, which will pull the rest of the world out. you usually hear china. but he said it's the u.s. and needless to say, i wanted to tell you, he showed up, no entourage. time and television had their cameras. he walked up, but i'm very pleased he spoke with fox business and fox news. >> steve: folks will be able to see the entire interview on fox business a little later on. thank you very much for joining us live from switzerland. we're all jealous. it looks beautiful there. thank you. >> thanks. >> gretchen: still ahead, from big bailout to food stamps, is everyone looking for a handout? why this election will determine whether we become a nation of makers or moochers. >> brian: let's check in with martha mccallum. what's on your show? >> that's what i'm here for. what's coming up on our show?
5:49 am
a shakeup in florida, folks. wait until you get a look at the new poll numbers that we have from rasmussen in florida. they're coming out at the top of the hour. don't give up on the keystone pipeline. that's the battle cry of some republicans right now. they see a path to victory on this. their fight is ahead. bill and i will join you at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
5:50 am
your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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5:52 am
>> my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> gretchen: of course, those words spoken by president john f. kennedy helped define america's independent spirit at the time. now over 40 years later, are we turning into a nation of moochers instead? listen to this.
5:53 am
>> higher education can't be a luxury. it is an economic imperative that every family in america should be able to afford. >> gretchen: joining me to talk about this is author of the book "a nation of moochers," charles sikes. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: it's an interesting disparity to show john f. kennedy and what the president just said the other night. is it a fair comparison? >> it is. it's a very great -- it's an indication of how we've turned things on its head. you have jfk saying ask what the country can do for you. barak obama is saying, look at all of the things that we can do for you with other people's money. this seems to be the theme. let's spend more money. let's give more freebies. let's have more bail outs and more transfer payments, more dependsy. >> gretchen: let's look at one of your first examples. the number of americans on food stamps. in some circle, newt gingrich
5:54 am
has been heavily criticized to bring out the real number, 42.6 million, the highest number ever on food stamps. >> yeah. that has exploded. i'm not critical of feeding the poor, feeding the hungry. but what we have had is this vast expansion of frenzy. milton freedman used to say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. we're testing the proposition of whether there is a free lunch, breakfast and dinner. you have the massive expansion of free food in schools. this is one of those tipping points where more and more americans are looking to other people's money to buy them stuff. that probably is one of the most dramatic examples of that. >> gretchen: the percentage of americans not paying any federal income tax. 45%! >> yeah. we're getting to the point, at the very moment when more and more americans are dependent on the government, we have fewer and fewer americans who are paying into the government. that's the tipping point. where people who are the makers
5:55 am
in society, makers versus the takers, when the makers of society look around and go, okay. i'm paying all of this money and yet, we're getting close to half of the country not paying anything at all, am i being a sucker? am i being a piggy bank for this transfer society? we reached a point last year where we had more americans for the first time since the great depression who are getting money from the government. sorry, we paid out more money in transfer payments than people paid in taxes. that's unsustainable. >> gretchen: very interesting. the third big example is the bailouts of the banking and auto industry. >> right. that's right. this is where you get into this culture of everybody is lining up at the trough. it's not just people getting food stamps. it's what happened on wall street. i think that's the central dynamic. i understand the president wants to make this about the rich and the poor, the 1% versus 99%. i think this needs to be about the responsible people who play by the rules and the people who
5:56 am
increasingly are being bailed out for their wrecklessness and irresponsibility. there is something to say for people who work hard, pay their mortgage and they're look around and going, hey, look at all of the people who are being bailed out for their recklessness, for their greed, for their irresponsibility. i played by the rules and am i a sucker in a culture in which we apparently are doing all these things to bail out the moochers? >> gretchen: this will be central as we move towards the election in november of 2012. i think it's one of the most central points in this election. very fascinating discussion with you. charles sikes, author and radio talk show host. thanks much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: we'll have more "fox & friends," two minutes away archoosing advil®. [ regis we love to play tennis. and with it comes some aches and pains.
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