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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 4, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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four times since winning election. but i'm gog to say let's go giants! >> that's it for us at "the >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news this hour, horrifying scenes out of syria. reports of a government crackdown turning increasingly deadly. now wait until you hear what the u.n. is not doing about it and why. >> gregg: a change of hearts from the komen foundation saying it will continue to fund planned parenthood, but this the end of all the backlash? >> heather: and a wrong number turns out to be a lifesaver. we'll explain how.
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>> gregg: we begin with a fight for nevada going on right now. voters gathering across the state for the caucuses there. mitt romney hoping to keep up the moment after cruising to victory in the florida primary given his strong track record in the state of nevada he could be in the driver's seat. in the meantime, his republican rifles may be looking down the road to the next round of political contests. ron paul campaigning in minnesota. rick santorum in colorado. for his part, newt gingrich is staying out of the spotlight even predicting that today really a battle for second place. john roberts is live in las vegas. john, is the outcome sort of a forgone conclusion? >> reporter: it would be appear to be at this point, gregg. the location we're at will give you an indication, as well. going into today's caucuses all
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indication is that mitt romney is going to win this this in a walk. four years he won with 51%. the really question today is how big is win going to be. with one notable exception all the caucuses have been completed. people started lining up 9:00 local time at high schools and community centers across the state. pretty good turnout at palo verde high school and watching the process unfold is an interesting exercise. four people were chosen, surrogates from each of the campaign to give a speech about why people should vote. people were allowed to come down and give their personal thoughts. in the end. evidence that we found was giving mitt romney a pretty good lead but only in a couple of precincts and rick santorum doing surprisingly well. we did talk to a couple. some gingrich supporters and the other a romney supporters why this is important to them and
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who they are voting for and why. >> i believe that he really believes in the constitution. he believes in the founding fathers were christians and they are god fearing. that is what makes him such a strong leader that he is. he believes in the constitution. >> i think i found my guy. i think, i mean i appreciate what the other candidates have to offer, but i think i stand by mitt. >> reporter: and already with one notable exception, there is a special caucus begins at 7:00 local, that is for orthodox jews who spent the day in synagogues. so they will hold the results until 7:00. so it will be a while before we know the outcome. >> gregg: how is newt gingrich expected to do there, john? >> he was polling second in every poll that i saw going in
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today. but ron paul has a very good ground operation and could do a lot better than his numbers suggest. did i speak with the former speaker last evening and here is what he told me. >> coming in second to romney, recognizing this is a very big mormon population and he did win by majority. we are working to come in second. they are all proportional and we want to pick up gel gas in maine and minnesota. >> reporter: we should hear results other than clark county but not until 10:00 tonight. so stay up late. >> gregg: that is past my bedtime. john, thanks very much. >> last time around more than 44,000 republicans took part in the nevada caucuses, mitt romney proving vir to beous back then securing just over 51% of the vote. paul finished with 13.5%.
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john mccain finished third. democratic caucuses saws more than two and a half times the participation. hillary clinton best ted obama scoring nearly 51% of the vote. >> heather: as you saw mitt romney did very well back in 2008 and victory today. it would be his second win in a row this year. but would it deliver a knockout blow to newt gingrich. byron york is fox news contributor and joins us with his insight. thanks for joining us? >> thank you. >> heather: romney swept the state in nevada in 2008 winning the caucuses with 51% of the vote. so there is the question: will a win mean a knockout to newt gingrich? >> gingrich says not. i think you have rick santorum in there and ron paul still in
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there. there is not a lot of incentive to drop out right now even if romney has two wins in a row and piles up more. next tuesday we have colorado and minnesota, but after that, there are 21 days, three whole weeks without a gawk and primary. a lot of time to reconsider and get yourself together. try to raise some money and build organization and get ready for super tuesday on march 6th. so it seems to me that all of these candidates, these non-romney candidates are looking forward to super tuesday. they think with the big break coming up they'll have time to get themselves together. >> heather: speaking of 21-daybreak, who benefits the most of all the candidates? >> first of all, romney makes a strong organization stronger. so she should strengthen himself during the break. clearly the candidates, santorum and gingrich never planned on getting past south carolina. they have done better than they
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were expected to do. they really didn't have any organizations in these places down the line. if they can get enough money together they can hire people in some of the super tuesday states and try to build organizations. they've got some time. this big gap it's where the florida primary was going to be until florida moved its primary. so there is time and both santorum and gingrich could make good use of it. >> heather: so back to nevada, gingrich is expecting to come in second but paul came in second place back in 2008, about 13.5%. how do you see his faring this i'm tiem around. we heard john roberts mentioned his ground operation is very good? >> his polling is little below he was last time, he does have good organization. interesting question here, romney is going to win. the question is will he get to 50%.
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he got to 51 last time. will someone be within 20 points. last time 51 and ron paul was at 14. there are things to look at, does romney get 50% and is there somebody sort of striking distance at least in the same zip code. >> heather: and state of economy takes on particular importance. it has the highest unemployment rate in the country, 12.6% rate and highest foreclosure rate. job numbers, great news for americans looking for work but is it bad news for romney's prospects in november? >> not in nevada. first things first. in nevada the news is so bad the situation is so bad that the one report is not going to make things a lot better. as far as november is concerned, you are absolutely right. if president obama can build a narrative that the economy is
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getting better. you could come down with a situation, i think neil cane said the election could come down to romney saying it could have been better and obama saying it could have been worse. if the economy is improving that would strengthen obama it could have been worse argument. >> heather: thank you for joining us. it's a long way to go until november. we have live coverage of the nevada caucuses throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, plus special report with brett baier. that is tonight just before 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> gregg: fox news alert. iran launching a new round of military exercises. this videotape from war games conducted last month by iran. tehran rolling out troops and weapons in a massive show of force. today's exercises taking place in the southern part of the country. coming up, ambassador john
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bolton weighs in on the new saber rattling and what it means. >> heather: now another fox news alert for you, u.n. security council failing to pass a resolution calling for the end of the assad regime. china and russia voting the measure, this, vetoing the measure. new reports of 200 people killed by mortar and artillery attacks. leland vitter is live in jerusalem with the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said china and russia will now have the blood of dead syrians on their hands for vetoing that u.n. resolution despite the okay cry. they are risking their lives, giving their lives to the chance of a better future are not going to get any help. in homes today, they buried some 200 people in a mass funeral. they had been killed by an
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assault on homes by assad troops overnight. there was a pounding of heavy artillery as well as mortars, more than 500 people were injured. a number died in the streets because there are no ambulances. there is not even any hospitals left. the french said essentially it was a crime against humanity but the syrian army went at it including today oftentimes using sniper rifles in trying to find survivors. around the world we had a lot of outrage including various syrian embassies. huge crowds demanding that president assad step aside. president obama says he stands with the syrian people. couple hours later, hillary clinton that is great. assad needs to go but we're not using military force to do it.
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assad's father 30 years launched an offensive against his own people, killed more than 10,000 of them. world waited, did absolutely nothing. it a appears now 30 years later, his son continuing that very same and tragic history. >> heather: leland vitter, thank you. >> gregg: violent clashes in egypt. reporting 12 people killed since the demonstrations begin. the violence coming in the wake of a deadly soccer riot early this week many protestors claiming the police failed to protect the people. meanwhile, shear brand-new videotape of two american women briefly kidnapped in egypt yesterday. they were abducted in broad daylight and then released hours later unharmed. >> heather: back in the u.s. before dawn, park police in riot
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gear on the move in the nation's capital. taking action against one of last remaining occupy camps in the u.s. inspecting tents trying to make sure they comply with rules. at the dismantled traps and tents and raid was peaceful. seven people were arrested. >> gregg: some new developments in the solyndra scandal, white house dumping more than 300 pages of documents related to a $535 million loan guarantee to the failed solar firm. now, the obama administration is pushing back against claims that the loan was politically motivated. doug is live in washington with more. >> reporter: standoff between the white house and republicans on the committee got more intense yesterday as republicans threatened to hit the white house with contempt of congress charges and the white house responded with another friday night document dump, 313 pages of solyndra related documents. they show among other things
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that the energy department made a conditional loan commitment to the solar company in march of 2009 months before the loan. white house maintains that was disclosed in earlier e-mails and the new documents show no evidence of any political pressure. in all the white house has delivered 1500 pages of documents and other federal agencies and 185,000 pages of solyndra documents. yet house republicans remain dissatisfied. in a statement they said last night, quote, having five or six pages a day is not acceptable in a situation where taxpayers are out over half a billion dollars. it's astonishing that an administration that held itself up as most transparent refuses and stone walls. >> with the documents sent tote committee a letter crafted by white house lawyers, the committee continues to geam in a wide ranging fishing expedition
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demanding more documents with minimal with any relevance to the committee's oversight of legislative function. republicans maintain if the white house doesn't have anything to hide they should hand over all the documents because they want to ensure, quote, the public is never left holding the bag on these risky bets. >> gregg: doug, thanks. >> heather: powerful winter storm leaving a trail of damage in parts of the midwest to show you. heavy rain in texas triggering float waters, sending cars down roads. tornado warnings in effect yesterday. snow and strong winds forcing drivers in colorado. parts of interstate 70 closed. the dangerous conditions making it difficult for professional drivers and emergency crews to do their job. >> it's horrible. just going down the highway, 35
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miles an hour, i'm in a skid. >> it's very hard for ambulances to truck on these roads. >> you can't change mother nature and you roll with the punches. >> heather: professional drivers having a problem. maria molina has more details. >> we did get quite a bit of snow. in denver, 15 inches of snow and over 50 inches of it being record in parts of the higher elevations of colorado. this storm is really packing a punch. it's still snowing out today. in parts of nebraska as an also iowa. the storm system is very large. we do have some snow associated with the system in parts of pennsylvania down through west virginia. we could pick up more snow. it's not that big of deal, one to two inches, locally even more heavy snow in parts in iowa and eastern nebraska. storm will continue to wind down
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throughout the day. by tomorrow we should stay generally dry. it could be up to a foot in some spots. a lot of snow out there. otherwise, in south, too warm for snow. heavy rainfall in parts of louisiana and also mississippi. there are a number of flood watches and flood warnings in effect across this area. we've picked up quite a bit of rain and additional three to five inches could locally fall in some spots so there could be concerns of flooding and continue to head east by tomorrow. drier conditions out there. ahead of this system, cold front we get the warmer air, 76 in new orleans. meanwhile, on the back side, 44 will be the high today in kansas city and that storm will head east. you know what, weather for indianapolis tomorrow, looking good for tailgaters. >> heather: i think there may be a game going on. >> a little thing called the superbowl. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate it.
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>> gregg: tailgating is hatch the fun. get out there and some of the these parties are so elaborated. >> heather: what is your favorite food? >> barbecued ribs and bratwurst add and beer. >> heather: i'm a chicken wing girl. >> iran does it launching new military exercises that putting nerves on edge. ramping up tensions in the middle east and coming up we'll ask ambassador john bolton to weigh in on the new show of force. >> heather: anything but a pleasure crews for cruise. it made people very sick. ... the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every rchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding.
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>> gregg: iran's revolutionary guard starting a new round of military examiner steisz, coming on the heels of iran launching a satellite into space adding to the tension. reports of a warning from our defense secretary leon panetta that israel is planning to attack iran within months. former ambassador to the united nations fox news contributor john bolton joins us live. good see you. >> glad to be here. >> gregg: do you think israel will launch a tactical site
1:23 pm
against iranian sites sometime this spring? >> i don't think they have made a decision. what is driving the analysis of how close iran is getting to achieving its long sought objective of a nuclear weapons capability. also as the israeli defense minister said last week, whether they've got to the point where their nuclear program would be sufficiently buried and hardened that is israel could not hit with its own military capability. there is dispute about some of the facts but it's the proximity that iran is achieving both those realities that would drive the israeli decision. >> gregg: did the disclosure by our secretary of defense made it harder for israel to act? >> i think it did. i am puzzled over the reason why the secretary of defense would be secretary late go down to the month when israel might attack. the only conclusion you can draw
1:24 pm
that it's consistent with the obama administration's pressure on israel these last several years not to take military action against iran. by saying publicly when the israeli attack might occur, i think it simply provides more warning to iran and thus makes the israeli military strike that much more difficult. you to have ask what comes next? as secretary panetta speculate on what ordinances to drop. it's worries the israelis. >> gregg: do you regard it as an irresponsible statement? >> i do. we're down to two untrack i have options on iran. most likely out come is that iran gets nuclear weapons and that is very undesirable out come. second is somebody takes military action against that
1:25 pm
program. it won't be the obama administration. nobody is advocate go military action but after ten years of failure of diplomacy and sanctions the military options is very much front and center now. >> gregg: if there were a tactical strike what would be the blow back toward israel? >> i think iran would take retaliatory action, unleashing hezbollah to launch rockets against civilian population in israel. that is one reason why it's so dangerous for israel but i disagree with that other nations in the region would come to support iran. that is opposite of the reality. most arab governments don't want iran to have nuclear weapons any more than israel does. there might be some rhetorical condemnation of israel but in private i think the arab governments would welcome the attacks.
1:26 pm
>> gregg: as you know iran would not permit this week the iaea nuclear inspectors to gain access to what we believe is a critical nuclear weapons site that they have. moreover, they wouldn't allow access to an important nuclear scientist. is that further evidence in your mind there is no doubt here they are trying to build a bomb? >> yes. look what this says, back in forth and with the iaea is to draw things out, buy more time, give the semblance of cooperation and transparency and thus protect the program against israel. it has nothing really whatever to do with disclosing what is actually going on. that would reveal that the program is weapons related and iran has no intention of doing that. >> gregg: let me switch subjects. as you know the united nations security council failing to pass
1:27 pm
a resolution today calling for the end of the assad regime in syria. china and russia vetoed the measure. what is going to happen there? >> i think there was never any chance the security council was going to do anything serious. russia has been unambiguous it did not intend to allow the council to pass any kind of resolution that may have an impact in the world. it's an embarrassment for the obama administration after everything they've tried to say about pushing that famous reset button with russia to have this happen and even more embarrassing to send secretary clinton to new york and still not get a resolution. i don't know what their next step is, but nothing serious will happen in the security council. >> gregg: ambassador, many thanks. >> four men vying for a victory in tonight's nevada caucuses.
1:28 pm
mitt romney coming into the state with a full head of steam and a strong track record. can the others pull off an upset. brett baier joins us next. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're ner done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> heather: time for check of the headlines. maine police saying someone vandalized the home of a missing toddler. two windows were broken with a bat. 20 mo was reported missing more than a month ago. >> raul castro presenting his two volume memoir. it translates to time warrior. a civilian pilot recovering from an emergency landing in utah. this damaged plane was supposed to be part of the display of the real blue angels performance in march.
1:33 pm
>> gregg: nevada caucuses, mitt romgsz making a strong showing in the polls in the run-up to today's vote. what the potential romney victory mean for newt gingrich and is the real race the struggle for second place. joining me is brett baier covering tonight's caucuses. good see you. romney may be expecting a victory there in nevada as big or bigger than what happened in florida. if that occurs, what is the path forward for newt gingrich? >> brett: i think a lot of people are asking that question. it deals with organization on the ground. there could be a battle for second between newt gingrich and ron paul. we'll have more data specifically when we get the entrance polls coming in a couple of hours.
1:34 pm
really within the hour. these are polls taken as people walked into some of those caucus sites so we'll get a better of picture of things. if there is a battle for second and gingrich doesn't get second going forward. we don't know how it will play out -- the gingrich supportsers are looking their candidate to lay out a path. greta van susteren asked him about that path last night on the record. take a listen to this. >> we're going all out to see if we can be a good solid second. then we're on to colorado, minnesota. voting has started in arizona and in ohio. we're going to be competing there. we're working our way towards super tuesday. we think we'll do very well in super tuesday, in alabama and mississippi. then we think we'll clean up in texas on the 3rd of april. our hope is 3rd of april to be even or slightly ahead of governor romney in total
1:35 pm
delegates. >> it's a southern strategy, southern states factoring heavily. speaker gingrich talked about oklahoma, texas where the texas governor rick perry has endorsed him. its go b getting delegates and the magic number is 1144. he envisioned a delegate ballot into april and he is ahead by mid-april. a lot of people say it's pretty optimistic at that point. >> gregg: clearly he is optimistic. look, in addition to florida and nevada, mitt romney is looking at maine, colorado, minnesota and michigan. he is strong favorite in each of those and he won each and every one of those four years ago. what is his challenge to maintain the momentum and maybe to try to vanquish his competitors to get them to drop out at least one of them? >> that is tough thing to do as
1:36 pm
well. a lot the candidates can get some number of delegates, it makes it longer for you to show up for nomination. technically, you couldn't get all the delegates you need until the end of april. romney's strategy is do a bulldozer and force candidates out either by lack of money or simply momentum and the way forward. ron paul is going to be in i the for the long haul. i just talked to him. he is in minnesota trying to get delegates. >> gregg: does he want to influence the platform at the convention, is that his goal, ron paul? >> he doesn't talk openly but privately, yes. they do want to have a major say at the convention, maybe a speaking role and prime time speaking role in tampa. they want to affect the g.o.p. platform. what it looks like is i think is a lot between now and end of august.
1:37 pm
>> gregg: rick santorum, how do you see it for him? >> he is in it, either mitt romney or newt gingrich don't perform, they implode, he is seen some success as far as money, rush limbaugh said he was a solid conservative. his fund-raising went up three times. he is going to compete heavily in missouri. unfortunately for him no delegates are tied to the missouri race but he is going to continue to fight. we'll talk to him later on tonight as well. >> gregg: thanks very much. we'll see you shortly. >> a reminder, stay with fox news, live coverage of the nevada caucus throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening. plus brett baier will be back and including a live edition of special report. it begins just before 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> heather: how about some good news. this is a great story. this there will be very special
1:38 pm
fan at the superbowl. bryce ramsey got a kidney transplant. news of the story, he donated his superbowl tickets to the boy. he is saying he can't wait for the game. >> i like the patriots because my school is like team name is the patriots. i like giants because of titans. >> heather: ticket donor says how important fun is especially in a child's recovery. >> gregg: best of luck to you. a colorado man celebrated as a hero for saving the life of a woman more than thousand miles away. she had a stroke but she dialed the wrong number and called kenny crater you tin stead. >> i kicked the dresser with my
1:39 pm
left food and telephone landed right by my hand. i started punching numbers. i thought way is calling my son. >> first thing she said i am having a stroke. i didn't know who it was. i didn't recognize the number, i was like, what is your address. i'll send an ambulance over to your house. >> gregg: doctors say his quick response and quick thinking help save her life. >> heather: great story. after positive economic numbers, president obama is taking congress to task but does his message hit the mark. our power panel weighs in next. >> just need to get it done. shouldn't be that complicated. now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our economy. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes.
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delivering a strong message to congress. president speaking a at a fire station? virginia encouraging job reports by saying congress must keep the ball rolling. now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our economy. now is the time for action. so i want to send a clear message to congress: do not slow down the recovery. do not must be it up. keep it moving in the right direction. >> heather: let's bring in our panel, k.t. mccar new england and angela and co-host of the five, kimberly guilfoyle. good economic news, good jobs report. 243,000 jobs in january. most jobs added since last april. so, no argument there, it's good news. no argument there and i can say this president obama.
1:45 pm
>> he gives great speeches. he is a great politician. it's what types of jobs. it's jobs of the underemployed. we have temporary workers and factory workers and restaurant workers, these are jobs that people wanting help them pay their bills. >> when i was in the reagan administration, reagan incidentally did not create couple hundred thousand, he created almost 19 million jobs. clinton created 22 million jobs. we never would have counseled the jobs they are counting. jobs created or saved. everybody has a job in america has a job they shouldn't thank barack obama because it was that job saved. >> 22 million americans are underemployed or given up. >> to make these or turn it into long term so we see people gainfully employed instead of a
1:46 pm
transition where they are doing temporary work. when you think about the numbers how far we have gone down. anything is good in terms going up. >> this is the problem with republicans. we're explaining this but perception is reality. he is a good spin master. can this take i am through november? you are not voting on some static. >> you are voting on whether you have a job. there are nine million people who have lost their jobs. >> president obama is smart. he a good speech giver. congress's approval rating is lower than his approval rating. so he kind of political speak there to say, congress, you better keep it up. >> right. >> heather: how can commander chief say he is an outsider. >> he is not a washington, d.c.
1:47 pm
person. oh, yes, you are. he can't continue to blame congress. what he had when he had majority in both houses. you want to see true leadership. what can you do for us. what kind of ideas. show us the leadership you can actually get bipartisan and ideas that work. >> and getting out the message. republicans unfortunately, communicators but we have liberals so it will be interesting. >> heather: another big topic. a dramatic about-face from the susan g. komen breast foundation. they will continue to fund planned parenthood after an avalanche of criticism. the decision to pull out was politically based, but can't you say the same for what has now happened. they are about-face. >> they have gotten caught in the crossfire of the abortion wars. it's a tragedy, breast cancer affects every family in the
1:48 pm
country. my mother had breast cancer. the poor -- here is a breast cancer foundation has gotten caught in the crossfire. planned parenthood is under investigation. >> you know, they lost it. they didn't have good p.r. but a lot of local affiliates lobby the national organization, hey, wait a minute you can't do that. planned parenthood, how many mammograms do they do and how much do they do? >> they don't need the money. >> it's ko mechb foundation adopted, the reason to wreold funding they did an about-face are critical of that. when you take a bold leadership position don't be afraid to stay with it. but they bowed down to political
1:49 pm
pressure. >> now everybody is mad at them. >> heather: it goes back to giving. you give money to. >> between tuesday and friday, the foundation raised $3 million. some people are saying it came from conservative pro-life organizations. they have done their about-face, what is going to happen in the fund-raisers. >> some people want the money back. >> if it was a conditional gift, there is statutory authority, if you put it in writing. you better have writing and it captain be implicit but spent it on the day. >> start out saying this is such a wonderful foundation and it's political because of what -- planned parenthood planned parenthood. >> but the message must be for breast cancer. >> and not be diverted. >> the whole problem is exactly what angela said they weren't on point with the communication and lots of disparity.
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
>> gregg: welcome back. latest crime fighting technology is going to the dogs. that's right. nypd is out fitting canines with thousands of dollars worth of
1:54 pm
high-tech infrared gear. >> following september 11th, nypd canine units have been growing in size. newest equipment is the same technology used by field team six to take down osama bin laden >> this the police! open the door! >> infrared cameras and either protection. collars and gps tracking devices and vehicles to transport the day nines is part of the anti-crime tactics. though have hundred dogs working and bomb squad narcotics and transit bureau. a lieutenant gave us behind the scene look at their training. >> we under we are high priority for terrorists we feel move five million people a day. we have been working diligently
1:55 pm
to harden the targets. >> reporter: new technology is paid for with federal funds, infrared cameras cost about nine grand. they are shock proof and water resistant and in critical situations the dogs can't go places where officers can't. >> it allows for a new capability. the ability to see what the dog is seeing remotely from a distance and enhances the security of the dog, people that support the dog and general public. >> the technology similar to what we use in ours our cars, gps allows them to catch criminals hiding in difficult place. canine unit says they are the prototype and other canine units across the country are likely to follow suit. >> gregg: infrared goggles very cool stuff, for people that think dogs are color lined blind
1:56 pm
they see more than black and white and gray and so forth. they see colors? >> really. >> learn something new every day. >> i can't imagine my dog, he would keep those things on. no way. >> gregg: i would like a pair of those. anna, good to see you. battle is on nevada. mitt romney riding a full head of steam. can he keep up the momentum? why the race for second place may be the most contest to watch. the latest from the first in the west caucuses, that is coming up. >> gregg: stick around. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8.
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>> hello everyone. i am gregg jarrett. glad you are with us. welcome to a brand new hour inside news headquarters. >> topping this hour a dangerous situation a u.s. security council failing to pass a resolution asking president has sad to step down. this one of the blood yis days. >> a dump raising more questions in the white house handing over more than 300 pages of information. what we are now learning about the failed solar energy company. some of our country's bravest returning home after
2:01 pm
months and years overseas. today's big hero's welcome. ♪ >> we begin with a fight for the silver state. just hours from now nevada republicans are set to make their pick for the president of the united states all four gop candidates are vying for their share of the state's 28 delegates. a significant reversal for nevada which has historically played a relatively small part in the presidential election process. bret baier is the anchor of "special report" and he joins us with more. hi, brett, how are you doing? >> hi, heather. good. romney is widely expected to win nevada. he won with 50 percent of the vote. do you expect the same thing for him? >> going in it shapes up to be a great night for romney. traditionally nevada has nanman
2:02 pm
mormons that come out to vote. the population isn't that significant in the state but when you look at the caucuses percentages mormons make up more than a quarter. almost all of them tend to go towards mitt romney at least they did in 2008. the whole environment coming in sets up for governor romney tonight. there could be a battle at second place between newt gingrich and ron paul. as you know caucuses are different than primaries. these are places where you go in, you stand up and make a case for your candidate and you try to sway your neighbors, other people who are in the caucus site with you and then they take a vote of all of the people there. it is possible that ron paul because of organization could pull off a surprise second here. polls going in didn't have him up that high but organization means a lot in caucus states. >> romney, if you go back to florida's primary he won there, so nevada would be his first
2:03 pm
back-to-back win. in terms of gingrich specifically, what would it mean for him if he doesn't finish second? >> it would be a tough night. he said as late as last night on greta's show he was really hoping for a strong second place finish. that is still possible. we should note. but if he doesn't that another tough night, two in a row. the gingrich campaign is really setting up for super tuesday and a southern strategy to try to pick up states like his home state of georgia, alabama, tennessee, oklahoma, other southern states he thinks he will perform well in. he will fight the battle at the end of the month february 28th in the primary states of arizona and michigan. those are both states where it does intend to look great for newt gingrich in the start but he can make a case. that's what his campaign says he is going to do. >> it is the final four. we have talked about paul and
2:04 pm
gingrich what about santorum? >> he is in colorado. he's going on to minnesota. he is going in predicted to come in fourth in nevada. that means that this night is in place. they are positioning the campaign is positioning for a really good spot in missouri. they believe they can make the case that they are the anti mitt romney candidate and if the two others stumble senator santorum will be there. he is making the case out on the stump and that hasn't stopped since the beginning. the question comes down to money. when you start running deficits campaigns it's tough to keep going. >> deficit is never a good thing. lack forward to talking to you through out the night. be sure to tune in through out the afternoon and evening for our live wall to wall coverage of the nevada caucuses. plus as we mentioned bret baier
2:05 pm
has a weekend edition of special report that starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern only on fox. one topic that is sure to be on the minds of all nevada voters tonight the economy. the silver state actually leads the nation with the highest unemployment. we are talking about 12.6 percent. that is 4 percent higher than the national average. it also has the highest home foreclosure fileings in the entire country. in the third quarter of 2011 more than 8 percent of properties with a mortgage were under water. from the moment he entered the race republican presidential candidate mitt romney held a steady lead among his opponents in the polls and at the ballot box. with 6 months until the republican national convention reports continue to lirng of gop concerns about romney's ability to create a solid loyal following. he's a senior advisor to governor mitt romney.
2:06 pm
thank you for being with us. >> thank you, craig. >> governor romney may win handily in nevada as he did in florida, but the exit polls in florida show what could be a troubling sign. nearly 42 percent of the voters said they prefer another candidate enter the race. are you concerned with that high level of dissatisfaction? >> no, greg. not at all concerned. in fact if you look at the results in florida you will see that mitt romney's victory there was a complete and total win. he won across all categories. he won low income, high income, tea partyyers conservatives and women. >> what about that 42 percent? they want another candidate. >> in a multi candidate field you are going to have people who will gravitate toward some of the other candidates. we still have four people in these contests. >> they meant another candidate other than the four who were on the ballot there. >> well, we won florida looking
2:07 pm
for another victory in nevada. you are seeing the party start to coalesce around mitt romney the reason is they see in mitt romney a nominee who not only has experience dealing with economic issues because he comes out of the private sector but a person who can go up against barack obama and defeat him in the fall. whether the victory was in florida or new hampshire or nevada these states are swing states. they are important to president obama's reelection. if mitt romney can demonstrate strength there it has to be concern for the white house. >> i want to talk about other polling. nationally governor romney's unfavorable rating is almost 50 percent while his favorable rating has no dived to a low of 29 percent among independents, eric. even worse an 18 point drop in positive sentiment couple withed a 17 point rise in negative
2:08 pm
sentiment. that's a 35 point swing. if governor romney is the nominee will it leave him wounded and the party divided? >> the polling i am seeing that shows a general election match up between mitt romney and barack obama, mitt romney is either tied with the president or beating him. if you look at the swing states like nevada, like florida, like new hampshire, if the president can't win there he's going to lose reelection. the reason he is having trouble and the reason mitt romney is showing strength in those states is people are fed up with the slow pace of the recovery. they want to see more jobs created. we have 27 million americans out of work. mitt romney has the skills and qualifications to lead a turnaround in the economy. >> you probably read fred barnes column he says romney lacks big ideas or a vision. the wall street journal pretty much the same thing. i will quote it. if mr. romney really wants to
2:09 pm
unite his party and rally a new america majority he needs a cause bigger than his business biography. americans will not follow him merely because he slav-- saved olympics or ran a privateic equity firm? does he loack the leadership tht inspires voters? >> i don't think so. if you look foels you are siting they consistently the number one issue on the minds of voters are jobs and the economy. that's what they are most concerned about. it's not going to be a referendum on romney it will be a referendum on obama and his handling of the economy. >> because of his business background and his plans -- let me offer one of his plans. governor romney's tax plan. let's put it up on the screen here. here are the five main components of the tax plan. it was studied closely by the
2:10 pm
tax policy center which concluded it doesn't really help the middle class, instead they said high income households would win big poor families would actually fair worse under president romney. if governor romney's main focus is the middle class why doesn't his tax plan do more for them? >> we disagree with that analysis. the central feature of governor romney's tax plan is a program that is designed to help the middle class by sparing them from paying any taxes whatsoever on dividends, interest and capital gains income. we hope that will encourage them to make more investments. it goes beyond that. he would make permanent the bush tax cuts. he would take cuts to 39 percent and hit a ball with tax. he would consider lowering individual rates creating a flatter fair ir tax code. that is what is required right
2:11 pm
now and it is one of the main ingredients in the 59 jobs plan. >> best of luck to you. important day in nevada for you. thank you very much. >> thank you, gregg. >> a new document dump by the white house related to the solyndra scandal. deliver add stack of internal documents and e-mails concerning the bankrupt solar panel maker and the multi-million dollar loan guarantee. doug kelly is live in washington. welcome. what do these new documents reveal if anything? >> they show among other things that the energy department made a conditional loan commitment to the solar company solyndra in march of 2009 months before the full loan. the white house says that was in earlier e-mails and no evidence of political pressure. the republicans remain convinced
2:12 pm
the white house has been stone walling. in a statement leading republicans say quote it is wrong for the white house to continue the charade insisting those advisors closest to the president were not involved in solyndra when documents show otherwise. larry summers, carol browner, david axle rod, dan pheiffer, jay carney and success teal yaw mo munos were part of the discussions. they want some of the questions answered. who instructed sol lynn draw to delay and what role did the white house play in the original loan and restructuring of the loan. >> long list of names there. where does the investigation go from here? >> republicans say they will continue the investigation. not done yet. they want to know if it was a case of krohn kneecap tallism or just plain incompetence on the
2:13 pm
part of the white house. the white house maintains it was neither. white house wrote the committee quoting in part the committee continues to engage in a wide ranging fishing expedition demanding the white house provide more documents with minimal if any relevance to the committee's over sight interest of legislative function. the white house ended the letter by saying it wants the committee to quote reconsider it's broad requests. diplomatic language, heather. >> thank you very much doug mckelly live in dc for us. gregg? >> a fox news alert a diplomatic and human crisis unfolding as we seek in syria. earlier today the united nations security council rejecting a resolution calling for syria's embattled president to step down. this while reports of nearly 300 people killed in one city alone. president obama accusing the syrians of showing quote a disdain for human life and
2:14 pm
dignity. leland is live for us in jerusalem. >> hi, gregg. right now the u.s. ambassador to the united nations say china and russia would have more blood on their hands of more dead syrians because they voted against the u.n. resolution. despite the fact that the world is condemning syria there are people risking their lives often giving their lives at a better future aren't going to get any help. today they buried more of their dead more than 200 killed in an assault by the assyrian army that assault continued with sniper fire on civilians searching for survivors. overnight you had massive artillery barrages hitting all over the town. they can't get the wounded to the hospital because they don't have any ambulances there. the french government called the assault by president assad and his forces a crime against humanity. assyrian industries from around
2:15 pm
the world united states united kingdom and europe and the arab region there were massive protests against the assyrian regime calling for assad to step down. president obama says the united states of america stands with the syrian people assad has to go. former senator clinton now secretary of state said well we are not going to use military force to kick assad out. there is a sad coincidence in this case. 30 years ago almost to this day president assad's father used military force to launch an assault on his own people killed more than 10,000. the world watched waited and did absolutely nothing. it appears president assad now three decades later is repeating that very sad history and the world is doing the exact same thing. greg, back to you. leland vitter live in jerusalem. leland, thank you. back at home heavy snow, strong winds forcing drivers off the roads in colorado the wicked
2:16 pm
weather shutting down stretches of interstate 70 for much of friday. the dangerous conditions making it difficult for even professional drivers like emergency crews to do their jobs. meteorologist maria molina is here to do her job and tell us the latest live from the fox extreme weather center. hi, maria. >> hi. this storm packed a punch across parts of colorado. in denver colorado 15.9 inches. that number has been updated. that's a total coming out of denver. just an hour away in pine cliff we got 50.5 inches of snow. that's a lot of snow. that's enough to bury me just standing out there. with these cities so close by we want to know why such a difference. about 35 inches more in pinecliffe and denver colorado. only a 40 mile drive away. up slope float is the reason.
2:17 pm
south of denver and pinecliffe flow around it is counterclockwise we see snow across northwestern parts of the areas of low pressure. when the wind was flowing east to west it crashed around the mountain range it is forced up all of the moisture gets squeezed out. you get more snow around the mountains than areas lower down. we picked up about 15 inches of snow in denver the foothills up to 50 inches in some spots. an incredible set up that happened across parts of the colorado rockies. because the moisture was squeezed out of the first round interior spots didn't pick up that much snow. that's how we got the setup. it is flowing into iowa and eastern nebraska. some totals about 10 inches in some spots. we will continue to update tohoe as the numbers cot out. we are getting very heavy rain. you will see severe storms
2:18 pm
across parts of louisiana and mississippi and alabama as the storms continue to head east. because we are seeing so much rain we have a flooding concern. there's a number of flood warnings across louisiana and flood watches. we are talking about rainfall accumulations between 2-3 inches generally speaking. locally 4-5 inches of rain. drive carefully and don't drive through any flooded roadways. >> up slope flow. thank you for educating us, maria. can you image 50 inches of snow? >> it is incredible. >> we got 20 inches here last year. >> if you live in buffalo that's nothing. >> police in washington, d.c. surprising dozens of sleeping occupy protestors during an early morning raid. we are going to show you what happened when some protestors refused to get out of the camp site. >> republican presidential candidates feeling the pressure apparently taking it out on each other. can we expect this race to get even uglier?
2:19 pm
>> governor romney trying to recover from his boo-boo as the elite media did exactly what obama will do this fall and kept replaying i don't really care about the poor which is not a clever thing for someone who is wealthy to say. talk about every possible example of what we don't want in a general election candidate. he then comes back and says he's really for indexing minimum wage to inflation. now this is just stunningly inflation naturairy idea. [ ♪ ]
2:20 pm
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2:23 pm
>> welcome back. new reports about the negative tone of the gop presidential race now worrying some party leaders. many republicans wanted the candidates to prove they would be fighters in a general election. the vicious florida primary helped settle that issue but could all of the infighting actually end up damaging the party will the campaigns tone it down going forward. joining us now matt slap a former political director under president george w. bush and former president of the media center green a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us.
2:24 pm
>> hi, heather. >> great to be here. >> the past few weeks have seen bitter campaigning to say the very least. the longer the primaries go on is the tone likely to change? >> not with this crop of candidates. health, i will tell you, i am a strong supporter of more states getting their say in the primary, getting to interact with these candidates, getting to know them on the issues. whether you are a democrat or republican i think they are good for politics in general. what just happened here the republican party wanting to see which one of these candidates could fight. they have run over each other. it has been a bare knuckle brawl in a way i don't think any one has imaged. what we are seeing is really unfortunate for whoever the nominee is going to be the more the republican primary voters test the candidates the less that they are liked actually by independents and the moderate
2:25 pm
voters that they are going to need a win. that's especially the case with romney. we are already seeing three fifths of the republican voters do not want any of the candidates. they want someone who is better than who is in the field right now. that's a problem going into november. matt. what do you think? is it going to get uglier? >> this is a primary prebattle. when you have primaries with candidates who don't have major agreements on issues it turns into a personal nature and attacks. speaker gingrich has issues with governor romney. they are going to fight it out. this process of awarding delegates on the republican side is more front loaded than it has ever been. we are going to come to the conclusion of who the nominee is going to be. the recent rasmussen poll numbers show everyone of these republicans in the race besides ron paul is nearly tied or actually beating obama in a head
2:26 pm
to head match up. we can focus on the republicans but president obama and his record is the frontrunner here. >> in his victory speech tuesday night in florida romney tried to turn this bitter fight that he has had with gingrich into a positive light. he said quote, a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us. in the long run who benefits? some say the tougher primary will leave the nominee more battle tested. we talked about that. but if you look at romney specifically, it is true his unfavor ability rating among independents as jahmu pointed out it has shot up 20 points between late november and late january. does that bowed well pore president obama? >> here's the deal. any candidate who gets this republican nomination is going to suffer attacks. the attacks they are receiveing in the primary is nothing compared to what they are going
2:27 pm
to receive. the idea that our nominee would have to fine tune his answers focus his message and be ready for the attack and maybe in the process the numbers get a little weaker with independents. when we turn to the general election it's the obama record that will be front and center. i believe our nominee whoever it is will be able to make the case. with the polls show with the gallop approval rating the president is incredibly weak rment>> jahmu i am going to give you the final word. his approval rating is low and only the congress is lower. >> president obama's approval rating goes up mitt romney's approval ratings are tanking. the general election folks are going to be paying attention where i am at heather i am in miami, florida. this brutal campaign that mitt romney had verses gingrich down here is going to cost him.
2:28 pm
it has been more sharp. it has been personal in a way i don't think the republican committee envisioned when they wanted it to be a spread out campaign. super pacts disgust me. what they have done with the race and what we will see closer to november will turn a lot of voters off. it will be hard for romney to come back down to florida after this brutal time he and gingrich just had down here and convince or inspire have any enthusiasm from thooese voters. >> it is a long time until november. >> i have to wrap you guys up. thank you for joining us, matt, jahmu, we appreciate it always. >> thanks, heather. >> major developments in the fast and furious scandal. eric holder facing possible charges? how much did he really know about the government's deadly gun running program?
2:29 pm
>> how many more border patrol agents would have had to diaz a part of operation fast and furious for you to take responsibility? >> that kind of question i think is frankly, and again respectfully, i think that's beneath a member of congress. comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
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>> it is bottom of the hour. time fou nor top of the news. police in maine saying someone vandalized a home where a toddler vanished. he was reported missing back in december. >> a cruise ship hit passengers with a another raw vnorovirus. it was princess cruise lines. >> fidel castro making a rare appearance to present his memoirs. he retired in 2008 after an
2:34 pm
illness he is rarely seen in public these days. >> on to nevada now that's where gop caucus goers are deciding who they want to face president obama in a general election. the four candidates will diff sri up the state's 28 delegates and the victory will give one presidential hopeful a momentum boost or possibly a boost going forward. john, what is the lathes? >> everybody is probably going to come out of here with delegates. only one person will come out with bragging rights. going into today's caucus it looks like that person will be mitt romney. some of the candidates are already looking for contests on tuesday. rick santorum never had much of an operation here. didn't spend much time here.
2:35 pm
in the last few days spending his time in minnesota, missouri and colorado where today he touted a new rasmussen poll that found in a head to head match up he is the only one that would beat president obama. >> we have 46 states and 7 other areas like district of columbia, puerto rico and others who will have a say in this. what you can do in colorado and in the west is stand up for somebody who represents the values of our party. >> if he hopes to become the nominee it looks like he is going to have to do it in states other than nevada. heather, going into this his numbers weren't very good. in fact there's a very real chance santorum could come last in today's competition. >> i'all bets since you are in vegas on romney to win in nevada. it is a fight for second place, isn't it? >> it is a battle for second
2:36 pm
place. who is that going to be newt gingrich who finished second in florida or ron paul who has a really great ground operation here which is important when you are talking about this caucus progress in getting supporters out there. people wondered what is ron paul's game here. does he think he could become the republican nominee? back in 2008 he told me he knew he wasn't going to be the nominee. he was trying to create a movement where he could get like minded individuals in races for congress in november. ron paul is doing better this time around than in 2008. has he changed his mind? i asked him about that. >> have you given that a second thought? is this more than a movement? >> i never separate the two sometimes you have to be real lis hick on what your odds are. odds were worse four years ago. the odds are still pretty tough. that doesn't mean it is inconceivable. many of the candidates this year they have been up and down and you don't know what will happen in a month or two or three all
2:37 pm
kinds of things could pop up. >> ron paul looking for a strong finish in nevada to try to propel him forward with those all important delegates. he appeared at a convention down the street that was modelled around ron paul and his movement. he would like to have a place on the podium speaking to this sum a er's convention in tampa. >> only 6 percent of the delegates have gone so far. we have a long way to go. >> joining us from vegas. that is fun, craig. >> love las vegas. i always lose money. you probably heard a lot about it this week mitt romney backtracking on controversial comments he made claiming he misspoke when he said he is not concerned about the very poor. first in proper context here is exactly what he said. >> i am in this race because i
2:38 pm
care about americans. i am not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. it needs repair i will fix it. i am not concerned about the very rich. they are doing just fine. i am concerned about the very heart of america the 90 shl 9-95 percent of americans that are struggling. i will continue to take that message across america. >> he was pounced upon by the far left and right. my next guest says they are missing the point. liz trod dau is a fox news contributor. what is the point? >> good afternoon, combshg r gregg. there is a little bit of back fire coming. maybe more down the pipe. what this misspoke enwords were, he likes to -- he has become a part of a pattern which romney has swarned slip on a baumann gnaw peel and get himself into trouble. that's also what campaigns are
2:39 pm
made of all of the time. there's another question. some people afeel and there's o editorial written in the san francisco chronicle about this that the liberal left media has disconnection from the public and from the middle class is what is emerging here. they are tired of hearing about the very poor and intitlements and i am grants who come here and are able to stay and not pay taxes, et cetera, et cetera. they like hearing someone is going to focus on the middle class for once. one of these quotes kind of indicates that from the houston chronicle. it says what romney has accomplished with this gasp is oppose the blinding effects of the left fascination with poverty. democrats and the poor too many republicans hyperventilating about abortion and gays the rest
2:40 pm
of the world is building better schools freer commerce and new ways to compete. we need to shift our focus oh stay ahead. good point made. i think the leftest media having shown a tan is now going to be able to look at this at a different angle. it may in fact benefit romney. >> really? when you are worth $250 million and hall off and say i am not concerned about the very poor, you have to know that quote is going to be used in an ad. there will be voters who say this is a guy utterly indifferentiated from my flight. he joked at one point about being unemployed. he hauled off and said he likes to fire people. that's taken out of context as well but as always taken out of context. he said corporations are people. all of this is fodder for president obama's campaign.
2:41 pm
>> that is the narrative the leftist media wants to deposit. he has left the indifferent to the poor candidate than he is the very indifferent candidate to what a t bone steak this is to the left. i don't think he fully grasps what these kinds of remarks which are totally legitimate when you think that our whole economic crisis. >> these are the people that are suffering greg. not the very poor. >> he's hanging to the left and right. the weekly standard wrote we should fangs policies that reduce the need. romney says i am going to improve the programs food stamps housing vouchers medicaid and
2:42 pm
others. >> it is really throwing a t bone stake to the press. he has put his finger on the problem. the middle class you need the middle class to win elections they are suffering and wondering why nobody pays attention to them. >> republicans and conservatives encounter by playing remarks to president obama 57 states and clinging to guns and religion there are a few others i can add to the list as well. then there's joe biden. liz trotta, good to see you. >> gingrich called it his boo-boo. >> newt gingrich has had a few himself. >> republican law americas pushing hard to get to the bottom of the botched gun running organization. eric holder in the process. how high up the ladder this scandal may go up next. >> new york police dogs are going high-tech these days. what they are now packing that will give their human partners a
2:43 pm
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>> what action are you contemplating? >> we have a series of actions. our last tool is in fact to hold as an attorney you know this very well. hold an attorney or a number of torns in contempt for not delivering information required and lawfully ordered by congress. >> that would you see congressman sounding off against the scandal. eric holder testifying before congress on the flawed gun running operation. holder saying charges against justice officials are likely.
2:48 pm
this while holder himself could face as you just heard contempt for charges. judge jeanine pirro host of judge janeane. good to see you. he said i am not going to turn over these internal documents to you because i am standing on separation of powers. >> here is a problem. you got some very smart people on this hearing who indicate, look, we have an obligation as part of the congressional oversight committee to monitor what you are doing. you have given us 8 percent of the documents you have requested. two-thirds of the subpoena categories have not been provided. we have laid the foundation. the chairman told me he will go forward with contempt of congress if eric holder does not
2:49 pm
provide him with what is cons he is constitutionally entitled to. >> i would say you better go back and re-read the july 1974 decision entitled united states verses nixon. richard nixon stood on everything from national security to executive privilege and separation of powers in refusing to hand over the watergate tapes. unanimously the high court said hand them over. >> that is what is great about you. you are so smart. at the end of the day he's got to hand this stuff over. but what eric holder is saying, look, we don't have to hand it over number one. number two you can't accuse me of anything. number three let's delay and litigate this for the next two years. what's disappointing is the fact i sat there at river i turn the democrats turned this into an issue of gun control. this is not about gun control. this is a department of justice
2:50 pm
that knew earlier than it said it knew and we know this because the internal department of justice e-mails, we know it because of a wire tap that was approved, the affidavits for the wire tap the whistleblowers with atf. now they are saying we knew nothing about it when they had to know something about it. we have got 2,000 guns in the hands of mexicans and many people murdered. >> holder already admitted he didn't tell the truth under oath. he revised his testimony. now he is saying look i did not authorize this operation. if there is evidence to the contrary what can happen to holder? >> clearly there are calls for his resignation by many. this being his 6th time before a congressional committee it is clear he is trying to falsify or change the facts -- >> he can be charged? >> he can be charged absolutely.
2:51 pm
>> john mitchell, remember him? >> mostly remember martha. >> she had a lot of gray. >> and a lot else. >> judge jeanine pirro catch it upon the 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we will be right back. would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. [ male announcer ] ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now, that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now.
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>> time for a quick check of the headlines. he was strapped under the tires of a 787. they were towing the train when the groundworker somehow got tangled in the tire. a person is dead two others injured after a campaign explosion in northern california. the blast happened last night at a home in a military hunit. actor vin gazara has died. the actor best known for his role as john casavet movies and the original cast of cat on a hot tin roof died of cancer. he was 81 years old. >> big welcome to sailors returning home an elaborate air show impressing the crowd at the air station. a sea of loving family and friends reuniting after ten long months. >> i have been waiting for this for months and never felt like
2:56 pm
it was going to come true and come to peru wigs but it is here. >> the biggest thing that keeps marines motivated is families. >> felt great to be home. months was a long time to wait for my wife. >> they were part of team supporting operations in if europe, africa and the middle east. welcome home. job well done. >> we tend to forget they are stationed all over the world. >> missed by their family. that's it for us. >> we will see you tomorrow super bowl sunday 4:00 p.m. eastern right here. >> get out your brats and beers everybody. >> or your chicken wings. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. delicious gourmet gravy. and she agrees.
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