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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 7, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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islamic extremists rising under his watch and he not doing things. he ought to be dropping buncher buster bombs on iran's nuclear site. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight. minnesota congressman michele bachmann is here. and win tonight for rick santorum in missouri. will he do well in colorado and minnesota. we'll bring you the numbers plugs senator john mccain. he is heading to egypt to help diffuse the crisis. 19 americans are facing the trial. senator mccain is telling us how dangerous this is. but first. >> bret: i'm bret baier in american election headquarters. update, voters in missouri and minnesota participated to today. let's begin in missouri, they named rick santorum the winner in this beauty tir contest.
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it's santorum's win of the campaign season following his victory at iowa caucuses. it's a big win. missouri is a beauty contest, sweater vests are in. take a look at minnesota, rick santorum had a big lead light now but only 13% reporting. as you go to the next board, ron paul is in second. romney in third. in colorado, very early in the night, you can see that rick santorum with big lead but less than 1% reporting. we'll bring you complete results and analysis of today's three nominating contests, 11:00 p.m. eastern. let's go to greta van susteren, on the record. >> greta: right now, we're closely watching the election results come in. minnesota is one of the states picking a candidate. michele bachmann joins us. >> good evening. >> greta: it seems like a very big night for senator rick
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santorum. he has won the state of missouri. he is leading in minnesota. i'm curious. >> it's not binding. it's a grassroots state. minnesota, anybody can show up. anyone can show up. you can caucus but from there, a very few people will go on to the senate district convention and then from there, fewer people will go on to the congressional convention. from there even fewer people together state convention. people who showed up tonight and voted tonight won't necessarily be the people who are voting on the final night. >> greta: when the state convention likely to be? >> it's later on in the spring. a long time from now. we won't know for a long time. this is a good indicator of like a beauty contest. it's not binding but we'll know later, much later.
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>> greta: so theoretically you could win tonight. rick santorum is likely in minnesota, but the time the state convention, there could be another candidate that could win the state convention delegates? >> it could be because you could have slates of romney, ron paul or santorum where everybody is committed to one candidate and it may not be reflective of tonight. >> greta: it doesn't make any sense. why would you campaign in minnesota for tonight? i gets it symbolic but it could be very painful. >> it's a great system. each of the candidates have an opportunity to recruit anyone they want to to come out. then it's up to them to recruit go of the numbers that are there they have to continue their slate to go to the next level. it's four levels. it's very involved but if you are highly motivated and
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grassroots like you, they will stick with you. this is interesting. if you look at minnesota, santorum is at 43. 55 in missouri, 50 in colorado. he is having a great night. it really reflects what is voters' minds. in the last week. this reflective of president obama and big mistake he has made on obamacare with the contraception and mandate that go the catholic church and other organizations have to make these purchases of healthcare decisions based on reproductive rights. if that is case. i think you'll see a lot of people react against president obama's policy. >> greta: you think this is largely determined in the last few days, this whole issue of contraception has a arisen? >> we haven't a social issue in the election yet is the first one and that may explain the results. president obama has done himself no favors on reelection because the people are upset.
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i will tell you that is why we saw the results in 2010. that is house gained majority over obamacare. people are very upset about it. president obama that signature issue for 2012. he could be in big trouble because that is issue not popular to voters. >> greta: minnesota gone to obama and democratic? >> it's democratic longer than any other state. >> i was the first republican to win in minnesota. >> greta: if he does poorly, down third or fourth, what about governor pawlenty who has been out there for him. is that a slap in the face to governor pa pawlenty? >> the number the vote tonight is not necessarily reflective of the final vote. it's an indicator but we have
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long ways to go. >> greta: if you come in fourth tonight. >> you still have a chance. >> greta: would you feel very good? >> of course, you want to be a winner tonight. you've got a lot more hurdles and gates to go through. it depends. the candidates are going 50 states, how much energy you want to expend. >> greta: energy often means money, right? >> here is the great thing about minnesota. it is actually a few night pool of people. you only have to go through a few thousand. it's no longer about buying expensive tv ardz, these voters might get knocks on doors. it's very personal. >> greta: you don't know who they are. you don't know who these people are. >> there will be a list of
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everyone that comes and recruited to the next level. a lot of people fall off. so it's up to each candidate to do the recruiting. it depends on what the issues are important to the people that get recruited. tonight i think there is a very strong reflection the issues like standing up for pro rights, standing for traditional marriage. you are seeing a strong reaction bad news for president obama tonight with these results. it shows the strength of the pro family movement. >> greta: according to my notes, last time in 2008 there were 62,000 votes in the primary. so i mean it's down to 62,000 and figure out who they are as you go on to the state convention. >> it will get down. all that data is collected tonight. it sounds complicated. it's within owed down to a few thousand and then a few hundred. it's nice for the candidates
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because they only focus on very few people. >> greta: if santorum takes minnesota as an missouri and he also took iowa, it looks like he plays pretty well in the heartland. is that something that speaker gingrich and congressman ron paul and governor romney you would be a little disheartened tonight? >> it says to them that the message the voters are sending. the voters from the hard land believes strongly in traditional values and pro-life. what the voters are saying by the person they are choosing that they see, that rick santorum is reflective of those views. i think that is why they may be going in that direction. >> greta: is this a huge boost to his campaign? will he get money over after tonight if he does very well? >> it very well could be but it
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depends on where the sources are. is it small donations, large donations, every campaign needs money to fuel the mother ship. >> greta: al hunt was asked who the true conservative is. i wanted to ask you. >> voters have a choice. >> out of the four remaining, who is the truest conservative? >> that is what the voters are going to decide. >> greta: what do you think? >> it depends on what they are looking for. >> in your opinion? >> i thought was the true conservative. what are voters looking for. they are looking for someone who is a true conservative on national security. president obama has been a disaster in national security. they want now who is a core conservative on conservative issues, standing you up for family and for life. obama has been a disaster and fiscal policy. they want to know who is the true fiscal conservative. depending on the issue, people
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are looking one issue over to another. they want the whole package, then i think that will be --. >> greta: who is the least fiscal conservative out of the four? >> that will be voters to decide. i'll tell you why. i want to be a unifying voice to this party. because under no circumstance can barack obama have a second term. it can't be. what i want to do is make sure all the factions come together. we are factionized because the american people have to win. >> greta: do you miss being it on race? >> i get more sleep but i loved the debates. they were fascinating. in every respect. we could put out the comparing contrast and tell the american people why barack obama has to
7:11 pm
go but to get a solution to get the country back on the right track. >> greta: the debate has turned into a slug fest and isn't a chance for the party to go after the political opponent, president obama they are going after each other and there is blood on the floor? >> i enjoyed it. >> greta: the blood on the floor? >> i enjoyed the debates. it allows us to make our positive case. but also to demonstrate very clearly what it is t that barack obama has failed. and in c-pac on. he is trumping getting osama bin laden. we are thrilled that he got him. but he has made one disastrous decision after another like jimmy carter. >> greta: big night for senator
7:12 pm
rick santorum? >> so far. >> greta: good to see you. straight ahead, john mccain a crisis is developing egypt. 19 americans are facing prosecution by the egyptian government. he is heading to egypt. and obama reelection campaign getting heat tonight. these do with a mexican casino czar and money. the latest coming up. plus rush limbaugh is taking on clint eastwood. wait until you what he has to say about eastwood superbowl ad. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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>> greta: a big night for rick santorum, he wins the missouri primary and right now the results are still coming in from colorado and minnesota. so far senior santorum is leading both of those states, too. it's not over yet. we'll keep you updated, senator john mccain he would like to see the primary process end as soon as possible. we spoke with him earlier at any time. are you surprised the republican primary is where it is right now in terms of we're going into march? >> i think it's expected since
7:17 pm
the process has been strung out and number of primaries where winner take all from a pure partisan standpoint i would like to see it over as soon as possible. the sooner we focus on president obama i think the better off we're going to be. >> greta: you have endorsed governor romney but you have taken a stand on his immigration stand? >> there are some people that may want to return. i'm he is emphasizing the humane side of this issue. we've got be humane about it. there is also, i feel very strongly i'm tired of drugs coming across the border and up through the mountainous area of my state into phoenix to be distributed around the country. i'm tired of people being held in drop houses and held for
7:18 pm
ransom by coyotes. sometimes you don't hear that side of the story, too. which is gross violation of human rights and drugs being brought into our country which is killing american citizens. >> greta: so how do you capture the vote and how do you protect the country? >> i think you obviously to have place the priority of getting our borders secure. there have been significant improvements. you have things where fast and furious where a border agent is killed with a gun -- you know all about fast and furious. we also ought to embark on an effort to try to have a guest worker program. you'll never hear the liberal democrats talk about because the power of the unions. we need to address the issue of 12 million people who are in this country illegally in a humane fashion. we also have to give the american people confidence that it's not going to happen again. ronald reagan we did amnesty of
7:19 pm
3 million people, secure the borders we would never bother about it again. now, we have 12 million. i don't want to revisit this issue ten years from now. >> greta: what wrong with santorum and gingrich and ron paul? >> in the case of ron paul. we have strongferences on national security issues. in the case of both senator santorum and speaker gingrich, we have strong disagreement on earmarks. its gate way drug to corruption. that is tom coburn's phrase. there was a dramatic increase in earmarks under speaker gingrich. there was the corruption that members of congress in prison and cunningham and may and others. i fought against it. speaker gingrich called me and those that fought against it, the perfectionist caucus, i'm proud of being a perfectionist.
7:20 pm
>> greta: will romney carry out your view on earmarks? >> yes. i respect anybody who is running. i respect santorum and gingrich and ron paul. i just have a strong belief that mitt romney's background, knowledge and experience and vision of this nation's requirements both economically and national security wise qualify him as being president. >> greta: the president doesn't like the super pacs? >> the president back in 2008 when he first ran, he was going to take matching funds. i did. we are still being audited from 2008. he has been trashing super pacs until he finds out he needs them. now, the word out, cabinet people and supporters go out there and crank up the super
7:21 pm
pacs. the decision of the united states supreme court will go down the worst in history. it has unleashed this non-transparent that is flowing into campaigns. i predict there will be scandals. there will be scandals. there is too much money we don't know where it came from. >> greta: is the president being a hypocrite on the super pacs? >> of course. he said he was against them and now she for them. >> greta: it looks like you and other senators were snubbed by egyptian generals this week. they were in the united states and 19 citizens are facing trial in egypt. were you snubbed by the egyptian generals? >> i'm not sure snubbed is right but they cancelled a meeting. they realized the situation has reached a crisis level. egypt is important to us. egypt is the heart of the arab
7:22 pm
and cultural and historical center of the arab world. this crisis we're this is not in our interests or theirs. our first responsibility is to our u.s. citizens. these people have worked with these different groups, they do good. they go in and tell people how you can run a campaign. how elections are held. how you have a constitution. they are just basically mechanics. they are not --. >> greta: of you met the generals what you would have told them? >> i would have told them $1.3 billion in military aid that is in jeopardy here. they need to get their act in. >> i was in munich over the weekend and they said it's matter of judiciary but this is an issue that is not tolerable.
7:23 pm
i hope they will reverse their position very quickly. i hope will diffuse what could be a very serious rift in u.s.-egypt relations. >> greta: is this something we're going take up with them and what happens if americans are not freed? >> i hope it's resolved, but if so, obviously we will tell them, american congress and the administration feels. obviously members of congress are very upset about it. they have every right to be. you know, i've been over to egypt so many times. i know have known the military leaders. i frankly do not understand how they would let this situation literally get out of control. >> greta: how is the white house and state department handling it? >> i think pretty well. i think i have been more
7:24 pm
forceful but i think they are working hard. i think they are working on hard on behalf of the 19 americans and the entire idea that these people should be arrested or prosecuted for what is clearly, they should be glad they are there to be honest with you. >> greta: and massacring your their own citizens, in syria and we should arm the citizens. >> i think we should explore a range of options including with our countries in the region. that means dividing these people resisting with intelligence, providing them with medical supplies, supplying them the turkish foreign minister told us that they will welcome any syrian refugee. that is an excellent statement on their part. obviously, the use of weapons, supplying them with weapons
7:25 pm
needs to be examined. it's hard to do. libya, we had a center of resistance and this is widespread. but you have to find out the way to get the weapons and use them in the right way. that is real challenge. we can provide medical aid. there is all kinds of assistance if we can provide working with the arab league which i'm very impressed and also with other nations in the region including the turks and the russians we have to keep pounding that reset button. >> greta: sanctions in iran, there would be a veto in the security council by china and russia. are sanctions working? >> i think they are causing grave distsd to the iranians but it has not deterred the iranians from the path they are on. with the israeli prime minister
7:26 pm
this morning, mr. lieberman and he believes they are still on that path to the acquisition of nuclear weapon. they are feeling the pain of many of these sanctions so that is some good news. >> greta: thank you very much. you have a big party to go to tonight? >> my mother's 100th birthday tonight. >> greta: we wish her happy birthday. >> big question surrounded do major donors to president obama's campaign. and controversy over a superbowl ad and rush limbaugh is jumping in. what does rush limbaugh think about it? you'll hear from rush coming up. often the real problem is swelling, not mucus. advil congestion relief reduces swelling
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>> bret: i'm bret baier with an update. first we'll take you to the caucuses in minnesota, it looks like rick santorum is on his way to a big victory in the caucuses. there you see his big lead over ron paul. then the next two candidates there, mitt romney and newt gingrich. now, he did win the associated press called it earlier tonight a missouri. 30 points over mitt romney in non-binding primary. as you look at colorado, very early in the caucuses out there.
7:31 pm
rick santorum with the lead out there. let's bring in analysis. we got joe trippi and charles krauthammer. joe you look at this, what do you see? >> a huge night for rick santorum and a bad night so far for mitt romney. we're not sure how colorado is going to go, but if that were to go to santorum it could be a big problem for romney. >> bret: they say the minnesota caucuses will go to rick santorum. he will win two out of three so far tonight. >> minnesota is a huge win because he is now ahead of romney by about 28 points. this is caucus that romney had won by 19 over mccain four years ago. the missouri, 30-point lead, its mathematical cue by santorum, he
7:32 pm
gets all the gingrich support which makes him a for your dabble one on one romney. >> bret: two out of three wins for rick santorum. you'll see it live. we have a full hour of coverage american election headquarters here on fox. we'll send it back to "on the record" with greta. >> greta: president obama's election campaign will give back $200,000 to major fund-raisers. why is the campaign giving back that jumbo sum of money? it turns out the fund-raisers are linked to a fugitive mexican casino mogul. he is a suspect in the assassination of a business rival. the obama campaign donor said the american brothers of mexico casino czar pepe cardona. he fled to mexico.
7:33 pm
then there is another strange twist. four years after the guilty plea u.s. prosecutors convinced a judge to quash an indictment against cardena. so what is happening? what is the story shear guy who is wanted in texas and his brother is bund lars for president obama? >> he has turned out. he was convicted of fraud in iowa. he jumped bail then. went down to mexico. came back and then captured for smuggling marijuana. >> greta: new mexico or mexico? >> mexico. he federal prosecutors he jumped bail again and goes down to mexico here at the he is involved with a large casino down there.
7:34 pm
>> greta: and other allegations that he was illegally funneling money to mexican officials as well and rival assassination. >> state department cables that were released last year. they found that he totally was involved in a number of criminal activities. in doing so, he kind of cast out further things. >> greta: let me ask you about his brothers, two brothers that live in chicago part time. last fall they show up a as fund-raisers to the obama campaign. this had he been fund-raisers before that? >> the democrats we talked to never seen the brothers before. they just appeared. and they funneled $2,000,000 to the obama campaign.
7:35 pm
obama campaign said they will return to the money now the link to the fugitive brother. >> greta: is there indication that the money is dirty money from the guy in mexico xoe who is wanted here in united states? >> there are clear business ties between family members here in the. you and pepe down in mexico. he supported political candidates in mexico, hired his brothers' advertising firms to do political ads for them. he owns websites by his brother. >> greta: they tried to get a pardon for the state charges in iowa but they have not made any approach on the obama administration. there is nothing to be pardoned for because federal dropped it? >> it was fraud charges would have to be done by the governor of iowa. what is interesting after donating money to the iowa
7:36 pm
democratic party, the governor of iowa was approached and asked to consider a pardon. he ended up not giving it to him but clearly there was some sort of influence behind it. >> greta: this the weirdest thing out of this whole story. besides the facts he is very shady fellow, is that he skipped bond in 1994 and he is hiding out in new mexico. feds want him and four years later the press don't say extra date him back to the united states. they say quash the indictment. prosecutors were never so like that? >> normally you have a bounty hunter if that happens but for some reason, federal prosecutors went the stretch to asked him to quash it. >> greta: something is funny. maybe he is an informer or there
7:37 pm
is a money exchanged. that was in 1998. >> you have to remember during that time in the clinton administration was very tied into mexico's financial health. the casino industry was one of the industry there has. clinton administration made a multi billion dollar loan to help clear a financial crisis of their own. there is the potential there was an interest in building legitimate businesses in mexico. >> greta: thanks very much. this is a fox news alert. there is breaking election news, rick santorum is the winner of the minnesota republican caucuses. santorum has won the missouri primary and we are awaiting results from the state of colorado's. we'll bring you more information as we have it. g.o.p. candidates are launching a scathing attack. this time it's not about the jobs or economy or bu what is
7:38 pm
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>> greta: g.o.p. candidates are taking turns blasting the president about a new health care rule. it requires all workers to cover birth control pills and now they are taking to the campaign trail. >> remarkably under this president's administration there is anment is on religion, an assault on the conviction and religious beliefs of members of our society. right now, the president's team has done things i find extraordinary. >> many of you may have noticed that the obama administration has declared war on the catholic church and other religious institutions. i want you to know on the very first day, i will sign an exclusive order repealing every
7:43 pm
anti-religious act of the obama administration. >> this is what happens when you give elite power. the whole idea of power corrupts the more power you give to this government. less freedom you have. >> greta: so how will this highly debated issue had impact the vote? nice to see you. is there any sort of measurement how it's going to be affect the catholic vote and how big the catholic vote? >> about 27% of electorate is catholic and it's big in states. a lot of growth in the catholic population has been hispanic and arizona and states like that. it's not exactly clear that catholics are going to be voting based on this particular issue. president obama ran as pro-choice candidate in 2008 but
7:44 pm
he won the catholic vote. i think the administration is doing a pretty good job of making this as a women's right issue and healthcare issue and it's possible that the catholic voters will buy into that. >> greta: so to galvanize and get people revved up in the women's movement. so it's almost like a good fund-raising issue? >> yeah, we're seeing that happen actual liot left. today a lot of democratic senators went on the senate floor and talked about that issue. me the are putting this as an assault on women's health. it allows them not to have to talk about the economy which is not a winning issue for the president. >> greta: and republicans are coming out swinging. i haven't heard from congressman ron paul but govern romney, santorum and gingrich they are hitting him right between the eyes on this one. >> there is a potential for this to blow up.
7:45 pm
religious freedom issue on the conservative side. you see the national association of evangelicals believe it's an assault on religion. i think the candidates are seizing that opportunity. it's about as much about fighting eep against each other as fighting president obama. romney wants to show she strong on this issue so some of the conservative voters that support gingrich or santorum will be more comfortable supporting him. >> greta: and catholic bishops are very distressed by this. the issue to what extent they can hold catholics in the fold on this issue or not? >> they are very powerful. they got this letter writing campaign. a lot of church going catholics, they heard the priests read out letters about this issue. they do have a lot of weight within the catholic community. really the question is, is that going to be the issue that voters vote on in november. >> greta: on capitol hill, the democratic catholics who are
7:46 pm
democrat. as they struggle with issues like pro-choice? >> there are a lot of catholic democrats that would say birth control is okay or is up to woman to decide. it's so correspond in this country, people don't see as contentious as abortion. >> greta: hispanic vote, hispanics a huge population of catholics, which way are they going to go on this? would they go wait democratic or vote with their religion? >> hispanic catholics are socially conservative especially on abortion and birth control, but there are so many other factors. we're talking about immigration, jobs like we do with any other group. it remains to be seen. >> greta: is there any swing state, name the states with the huge catholic populations, i guess states like missouri
7:47 pm
pennsylvania, these are important states? >> and even illinois which is the president's home turf a huge catholic population there. we are months out from november. i don't their the issue will stick out long enough. >> greta: what is the provision? >> the provision requires universities, hospitals, nonprofits that are run by religious groups like the catholic church have to provide birth control, subsidized birth control in their employees health plans. churches itself and churches are exempt from this requirement, if you are running a university who are lot of employees that are not catholic, funding the institution, the administration is saying you have to play by the same rules as any other private company. >> so notre dame or catholic schools, they must comply with
7:48 pm
the rule and obama administration but catholic institution we don't want to do it. >> there are a lot of states that have the requirement. there are many that abide by the rule. administration is saying, hey, this is the middle ground. this is not an extremist stand on our part. >> greta: huge night for senator santorum, right now he is speaking to miss supporters in missouri. let's listen in. >> conservatism alive and well in missouri and in minnesota! [ applause ] >> thank you all so very much. it is great to be here. i can't thank the people of missouri. we doubled them up here and in minnesota. [ applause ] >> i want to also thank, always
7:49 pm
thank, first off let me thank god the grace to persevere through the dog days and blessing us. my wife karen, what a rock. what a rock through these last few weeks. we have had.... [ applause ] >> we have had more drama than any family really needs. she has just been an amazing rock and great blessing to me. i want to thank you for all you have done. [ applause ] >> i love you so much. >> i wanted to thank my kids, elizabeth and john and all the kids at home, i'll be home in a couple of days. it's been a while. i just want particular little note to bella who is watching me looking at her daddy. i love you sweety, getting
7:50 pm
healthy. [ applause ] >> your votes tonight were not just heard loud and wide across the state but loud and louder all across this country. particularly in a place that i suspect maybe in massachusetts, they were heard particularly loud tonight. [ applause ] >> tonight was not just a victory for us. tonight was a victory for the voices of our party, conservatives and tea party people who are out there every single day in the vineyards building the conservative movement, building the base of the republican party and building a voice for freedom in this land. thank you. [ applause ]
7:51 pm
>> probably another personwate.c we>> gretau
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
and in fact would not be the person to fight for your
7:54 pm
voices for freedom in america. ladies and gentlemen, i don't stand here to claim to be the conservative nalt tiff to mitt romney. i stand here to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. tonight, tonight we had an opportunity to see what a campaign looks like. when one candidate hasn't outspent five or 10 owe one.
7:55 pm
by negative ads distorting their record. this is a more accurate representation of what the fall race will look like. governor romney's greatest attribute is well, i've got the most money and the best organization. he's not going to have the most money and best organization in the fall, is he? no. we're going to have to have someone who has other attributes to commend himself to the people of america. someone who can get up and make stark contrasts to president obama. someone who can point to the failed record of this administration and say that barack obama needs to be replaced in the oval office. people have asked me what is
7:56 pm
the secret? how, why are you doing so well? is it your jobs message? yes. we have a great jobs message talking about everywhere we go, but particularly here in industrial heartland of missouri they still make things here in missouri by the way. and the message of the "wall street journal" called our economic plan, supply side economics for the working man is resonating in minnesota and here in missouri and across this country. and you see when you have a republican out there talking about growth, talking about growth for everybody. right? and americans respond because i do care about not 99%, or 95%. i care about the very rich, and the very poor. i care about 100% of america.
7:57 pm
the real message, the messages we've been taking across this country and here in missouri, message of what the is at stake in this election, the most-important election in your lifetime. this is the election we've seen it so evident just here in the last week. this is an election fundamentally not the kind of country you're going to hand off to your children and grandchildren. whether they're going to have the level of freedom and opportunities you had, if we have a president of the united states as i mentioned someone who believes he knows better. and we need to accumulate more power in washington, d.c. for the elite in our country to be able to govern you because you're incapable of liberty.
7:58 pm
that you're incapable of freedom. that is what this president believes. and i understand -- americans understand that there is a great, great deal at stake. if this president is reelected and if we don't have a nominee that can make this case and not be compromised on the biggest issues of the day and make the case to the american public this, is about founders' freedom this, is about a country that believes in god-givenen rights and a constitution limited to protect those rights. the president does not believe that. the president over the last few years tried to tell you that he, in fact the
7:59 pm
government can give you rights. the government can take care of you and provide for you. they can give you the right to health care. like in obama care. look what happens when the government gives you rights. when the government gives you rights unlike when god gives you rights, the government can take them away. when government gives you rights, the government can tell you how to exercise those rights. and we saw that just in the last week. with a group of people, a small group of people just catholics in the united states of america. who were told you have a right to health care. but you will have the health care that we tell you you have to give your people. whether it is against the teachings of your church or


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